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Don’t think about what would have happened if Jason hadn’t put the handcuffs on Bad Janet at the end of S4x4. Don’t think about Michael blowing up and Eleanor realising, too late, that it was the real him. Don’t think about Bad Janet hiding her smirk and feigning sadness as the rest of them look distraught. Don’t think about Tahani not wanting to talk to Eleanor as she was the only one who tried to stop Michael while his supposed ‘best human friend’ said nothing. Don’t think about Jason feeling bummed out and not having his girlfriend to comfort him. Don’t think about real Janet still trapped in the Bad Place and no one coming to save her. Don’t think about Eleanor trying to get all of Michael’s goo in the container and then she sees his broken glasses on the floor and breaks down in tears because the two men she loves have both sacrificed themselves and left her, and she’s left feeling like shirt for not trusting Michael after everything he did for them.

Tl,dr, that episode could have ended really forking dark.

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I just had a huge epiphany about Tahani from The Good Place.

Obviously Tahani is always trying to be the best and be noticed. Shes trying to find worth in other people the way Kamilah has (and we aren’t even talking about her parents and that issue cause that’s a whole other thing).

Anyway, I was rewatching season 1 when I realized that as Tahani keeps trying to connect with Jason who she doesn’t think is Jason, she just is struggling for self worth. But she only knows how to find self worth in everyone else (a similar problem that I myself struggle with)

So by the end, when she focuses on herself and doing what she wants and finding worth in herself so much that she isn’t relying on a romantic relationship for her self worth or rather, ANY relationship other than her relationship with herself.

I fucking LOVE tahani. She stands for so much more than face value. She is someone who loves herself for all she is and doesn’t need others to have worth in herself by the end of the show.

One day. I hope I can find self worth the way Tahani did by the last season. Idk where I’m going with this. I just loved this realization and it made me love Tahani even more.

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Just rewatched The Good Place’s finale and it still fucks me up and turns me into a mess months later. I miss this show so much 😩😩

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The good place was really a show about morality huh but also about how the system isn’t always right and can be corrupted even if it doesn’t always look like that from your perspective, and even if you speak up when you know you’re right you’re still going to face so much backlash about it before something is done, if something is even done, but it’s so important to make your thoughts known anyway because you can make friends in the most unlikely ways from it, even if you don’t feel like you belong or they’re people who aren’t even supposed to be friends with you in the first place, and you might spend the entire time doubting yourself but you’re going to have to learn how to be brave and strong and resilient to push back the systems that have been forced on society since before you were born but “the answer is friends” and that can teach us so much even when we don’t think about what humans have been saying for hundreds of years, anyway the answers are simpler than we really know all we have to do is embrace our humanity in its base form because we are an inherently good people and everyone has the capability to change and accept themselves for the better

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This may sound weird but one thing that i really liked about The Good Place is that Elenor and Chidi never got married.

Because while I’m not against marriage in any way (i really want to get married one day) i don’t think every fictional couple ever needs to get married by the end of the story.

For a lot of fictional couples (especially main couples) it always seems like marriage and kids has to be apart of the story somehow. But in reality lots of couples spend the rest of their lives together and never get married or have kids. So it was kind of nice to see this alternative represented.

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