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t-lostinworlds · 11 hours ago
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Revenge Is Sweet | Social Media AU (Tom Holland)
️⚽️ Part 5.1 ⟶ charm & persuade
➽ SYNOPSIS: Skeptical about his ludicrous offer, Tom tries his best to persuade you in the way he knows best. Well, by laying out very valid points, and of course, by using his charm.
⊱ ─────.⋅♚ *。・゚.★. *。・゚✫*.
A/N: my summaries i swear ahahahah anyhow, gotta love that lil bit of a cliffhanger but also partly because i genuinely can’t fit the whole part 5 into 10 photos so asdfghjkl. anyways!! i hope you guys enjoy!! <333
✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚♛ *.
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©️ t-lostinworlds, 2021
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jewels2876 · 17 hours ago
Introductions - Neighbor Tom series Part One
A/N: So not only do I have photo inspiration I also worked in the Idioms challenge from the HBC, which is bolded below for @the-th-horniest-book-club
Summary: Tom has moved in next door but the two of you haven’t met...yet
Word Count: 863
Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf​
I would love any feedback/reblogs/love in general but my work is *NOT* permitted to be used in any other way, on any other sites, nor translated for other sites without my express permission  
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Is the lawnmower sitting outside?”
“Yes, but I don’t see him yet.”
Your best friend, Sarah, tried to push you out of the way to get a better look. “I’m jealous you can stare from your window. I would have to set up a chair in my front lawn.”
“And prove to be the stalker you are?” You chuckled as you took a sip of your coffee. 
“Damn straight! If I weren’t married with kids…,” she sighed wistfully before bumping your hip with hers. “Why aren’t YOU trying to climb him like a tree, like everyone else in the neighborhood?”
The subject of your gossiping stepped out of his garage, a loose t-shirt hanging off of his lithe frame. He saw you and waved, offering you a generous smile to boot. You smiled and waved back as Sarah stared at you in awe. “Seriously?? Come on, you need to GET ON that!”
You turned away from the window for a moment, letting the fantasies run rampant in your head as you spoke. “Leave me alone! I barely know him except to say hi or wave. I’m not desperate enough to throw myself at him, like other people we know.” A few neighbors’ names crossed your mind at the comment but you held your tongue.
“Nancy and Jill have moved in for the kill.” Sarah rolled her eyes as she held the curtain back. “Wanna go rescue him?”
You turned back to the window, watching as the two mentioned neighbors held his attention, talking animatedly and brushing their hands on his arms. You watched as his gaze looked back towards you for a moment before pulling back from the two women. They seemed oblivious to his discomfort and pressed in on him. You rolled your eyes and backed away from the window, heading towards your side door, throwing caution to the wind. Sarah waved her arms over her head silently cheering, as you exited the house.
“Hi, y’all!” You plastered your best smile on and approached the group. You tried not to stare at your hot neighbor as you turned to the other women. “Nancy, Jill! Haven’t seen you guys in a while! How are the kids? Nancy, how’s Don feeling; I heard no one saw him for a few days last week.”
Nancy gave you a once-over then sniffed before turning back to your handsome neighbor. “If you ever need anything,” the words dripping from her ruby lips, “call me.” Nancy gave him a wink then trounced off, pulling Jill along with her. Your jaw hung open at the brazen implication; you rolled your eyes before turning to him.
“I’d apologize for them, but I’m not sure there’s an apology large enough to cover… well...,” you sighed. “Hi, I’m y/n. Glad to finally meet you.” Your gaze landed on his moss-green eyes and you tried not to swoon.
He stuck his hand out in greeting. “Nice to finally meet you too y/n; I’m Tom.”
Your tongue darted out to moisten your suddenly dry lips. “So what brought you to Atlanta, Tom?”
His grin was easy as your hand met his; his grip was firm yet gentle. “Acting. I’m taping a few things downtown. I fell in love with the neighborhood on a drive not that long ago. So here I am!”
Before you could think of anything clever, Sarah burst out of your side door. “Whew! I thought those two would never leave! Hi! I’m Sarah, I’m on the other side of y/n. She and I are best friends.” Sarah stuck her hand out that Tom quickly took, glancing between the two of you.
“One of my sisters is a Sarah so you will be easy to remember,” he teased, his eyes sparkling. “I hate to be rude, but I would like to get this yard into some shape before the rain starts.” He pointed to the northwest, the light grey clouds gathering.
“No problem!” you answered quickly. “It was nice to meet you; I’m sure we’ll talk again soon.”
Sarah shot Tom a quick smile. “I should get back home too; Derek is picking the kids up from soccer practice and should be home before long. See ya, Tom!” She turned to you quickly. “Drinks Saturday?” You nodded and she walked down your driveway and towards her house.
Tom chuckled and shook his head. “Does everyone around here have a big personality?”
“Not me,” you answered honestly. “Unless I’m drunk.”
“Well maybe I should join you two for drinks this weekend?” he teased. “It was lovely to meet you, y/n, and thank you for the rescue.” He started up the mower, an easy smile still plastered on his face. You smiled back and waved, heading back inside.
Just before the side door slammed shut, you turned back around to watch Tom peel off his shirt. Your breath caught as you stood there, staring at his pale torso, muscles clearly defined from his pecs to the tight v-formation just above his jean shorts. You bit your lower lip as your eyes traveled back up; you locked eyes with him and you felt your face warm in embarrassment. You waved sheepishly and let the door close. Tom chuckled to himself and started mowing.
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snuckeys · 16 hours ago
I haven't been keeping up too much with the tumblr fandom but please tell me y'all still prefer Max's name being Maximillian instead of Maxwell. I fought a revolution over this don't let me down
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c-kiddo · 10 hours ago
have you read ‘a little breeze tossing a leaf in a circle’ by fadewoods on ao3? it’s an autistic cad fic and it is so lovely,,,,, i started it while in the middle of my discovery of me being autistic and it touched me in a way that has stopped me from finishing it so far. it is just so,,, genuine and honest and real for me and really helped me a lot in connecting to myself and unmasking, i think. very good and lovely caduceus just. existing in exandria, i recommend! :3c
aa yea, i have ;o; !!
i have rambled about this fic before i think but,, i am so happy for you, that you had that experience reading it :''3 it means a lot to me. like, its funny to me in a way, that the best representation ive ever seen for myself as an autistic person is a fanfiction. i rly love it a lot... just.. the loneliness and strangeness of being autistic and not masking as much, the going in circles trying to figure out how to do multiple tasks at once (more of an adhd thing but, still .. nd thoughts). also!! the way routine is portrayed made me feel rly seen. it wasnt like, super organised or something.. just the expectation that fjord would be there, or that people would have tea everyday at certain times :'o ack.. it just is important to me. ive read it many times haha :'')
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thinargo · 8 hours ago
y’all romanticize the fuck out of eating disorders yet all we wanna do is be fucking normal. and not think about food 24/7. i’m literally sitting here balling about how i ate 200 calories today and couldn’t throw it up. it’s literally so draining. i’m so tired and weak and mad all the time. i’m constantly yelling at my family when they do absolutely nothing. i’m so tired of this. i just want to be normal,, but i know im not going to get help and that’s what eats me alive.
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seathesilverlinings · 23 hours ago
Someone please tell me why I tried to write “thighs” instead of “things” ...
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a-flickering-soul · 23 hours ago
crucially loki enjoys the miettification of his character!! he enjoys being fridged and deep down he likes knowing that if he "dies" thor will sob and then do whatever he wants when he miraculously resurrects and crucially-- crucially-- thor knows this too and has at this point just accepted that his little brother will pop up like clockwork and demand a play written about him
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grimsreblogs · 2 months ago
gender of being a funny little guy. a he/he/he , if you will.
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peri-shambles · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my friend and i binged gravity falls over the past couple days and like its made me want to do serious art but ive gotten burnt out from art fight so all ive been doing is these stupid doodles
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valdrift · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
an ungodly amt of effort for a joke comic abt a post that lives in my mind rent free
the post in question:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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