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rckrchica03 · 5 hours ago
Not Me Character Alignments
Lawful Good: acts with sense of duty and honor, and follows their code for good — Nuch/นุช
Tumblr media
Neutral Good: believes doing the right thing requires breaking some rules — Dan/แดน (UNAR)
Tumblr media
Chaotic Good: does whatever is needed, often with disorganized methods, for good — Yok/หยก & Gram/แกรม
Tumblr media
Lawful Neutral: follows concepts like honor and tradition but for their own personal code — White/ไวท์
Tumblr media
True Neutral: neutral on both axes and doesn’t lean towards any alignment — Gumpha/กุมภา
Tumblr media
Chaotic Neutral: abandons rules and pursues their own desires [...] — Sean/ฌอห์ณ
Tumblr media
Lawful Evil: uses well-ordered systems and strict code of conduct for evil [often through exploitation] — Tawi/ทวี
Tumblr media
Neutral Evil: sees no value in order and has no passion for chaos; has allies but will turn on them if they see fit — Todd/ต๊อด
Tumblr media
Chaotic Evil: has no respect for rules or others; pursues their own, often cruel, desires and freedom — Black/แบล็ค
Tumblr media
Not Me The Series + character alignments (credit for alignment explanations)
inspired by @absolutebl
*side note: these alignments can—and probably will—change as the series progresses 😉
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goodie-sam · 2 days ago
hi yes gramblack and danyok being love at first sight is everything i needed for my soul thanks for that
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luna-the-shooting-star · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I really love this show
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heretherebedork · 2 months ago
"Whoever falls in love first loses' is not a bet when you've both been in love with each other since high school.
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ppatpranss · 2 months ago
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cute dimples you have there
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sseomoonjo · 6 days ago
We often talk about how the bar for GMMTV BL dramas was on the floor before Bad Buddy swooped in and raised it right up to the roof and completely changed the game. But we also need to talk about Not Me series followed right in and actually MET the new standards. I cannot believe that we're actually getting high quality bl dramas from fucking GMMTV of all. Times are really changing.
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the-happy-fujoshi · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Me to myself, while watching bl series..
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notronanlynch · 26 days ago
the fact that I’ve had two men offer to watch Thai BL shows for me bc I don’t stop talking about them is so insane to me. each time I’ve had to go “look u need so much context and like 10 disclaimers also be ready to utilise the skip button and generally ignore a lot of the stuff that happens in these shows I promise I’m not insane for enjoying this genre please don’t leave after watching these shows I promise I’m actually normal”
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moviesstoriesandbooks · a month ago
Thots on Bad Buddy ep 8 ( In no way organised but)
1) wai is the only one wearing the headphones. The other sound guy isn't wearing them and wai isn't wearing it on his head. Even though it seems obvious that wai did it , there's still a possibility that it might have been someone else who did it. Possibilities!!!!
2) ink isn't against them. Stop saying she is.
3) korn is a dumbase , but i didn't see that he was angry at Pat when he realised. And never trust the previews they arent the full story. Till ep 9 , i will wait.
4) wai was , is and most likely will be a shitty friend. But it's not from the like preview , it's who he is as a person.
5) the engineering guys do try to stop Pat when he tries to beat up Wai and unlike any other fight , Pat seens deranged. What in HELL did Wai do to piss him , the literal definition of a lovey dovey puppy , act out like THAT?!?????
6) Toto , i think you're a very nice character. I hope to see more of you and i hope your play succeeds.
7) there's literally no way NO WAYYYY, that Inkpa isn't endgame.
8) Wai already ISN'T a good person. Although it's highly likely that he'd the one who tells Pran's mom , it's also likely that Pat's dad finds out through the faculty people. All of us tend to think of the most obvious route first , but I'm more scared of Pat's dad than Pran's mum.
9) what about the other parents??? Where's their voices in this?
10) It's shown multiple times , throught the series that Pran needs time. He needs it to open up, to get used to , and to flourish. He comes alive when we wait for him, and he does it his way when he's ready . He's a hardcore romantic but he needed his time to embrace his love for Pat even between the two of them. He's doing so so well. His shoulders always scream like there carrying the weight of the world , but it disappears whenever he's having fun with Pat. How heartbreaking is it that his time has been taken away without his consent? It's shocking to watch , and Pat looks at him almost scared to see his reaction.
11) ohm is so good at acting. Yes his titties were jiggling but his eyes were screaming and i couldn't NOT look at the anger , realisation, pain and love in them. He looked like a wounded puppy in the scene where pran drops his hand , he looked like a lonely depressed puppy when his phone dropped and hr looked like a kicked puppy when his dad confronted him.
12) the contrast in Pran's face when he's away from Pat and when he's with Pat. Is like day and night. Of course their friends are assholes , but they also haven't seen how Pran lights up and comes to LIFEEEE around Pat.
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ourplacetobefree · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
You see this right here, this tells me that when they officially start dating, Pat is going to see Pran as his baby. We already knew he, Pat, liked to take care of Pran, with his love language being acts of service, but with THIS scene we get to see an example of the care being shown with obvious affection being displayed behind the care he is giving.
This rubbing of cheeks and the nose scrunch that says,"You're so precious" and I can't wait to see more.
Side note, I'm not referring to any top and bottom dynamics, only the way a person shows affection.
Gif by @heretherebedork
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amillionquestions · 7 months ago
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— oh boy
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x-exo-l · 4 days ago
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goodie-sam · 9 days ago
okay okay but Gawin playing a cop who’s actually Bansky who makes anti government art and anti cop art and anti capitalism art and First playing an anti capitalism anti cop anti government activist and them being a couple is actually something that can be so personal and amazing and in this essay i will-
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luna-the-shooting-star · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sooo I was watching bad buddy the series and when I saw this scene all I could think about was the spider-man pointing meme😆 sooo I decided to draw it and her is what I made..😳
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heretherebedork · a month ago
Pat giving Pran a safe place to explore their feelings for each other by giving him the familiarity of the competition and bet is one of the most beautiful acts of love I've seen in a long time.
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ppatpranss · 2 months ago
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let’s look at it in a different perspective. the perspective of lovers.
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sseomoonjo · a month ago
Just woke up in cold sweat thinking about the possibility of Pat exclusively referring to Pran as "Dimples" once they start dating and, oh my fucking god.
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skyasma · a month ago
Tumblr media
When your little sister does help you with the chores but she is savage AF.
Drama: Bad Buddy Series
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prinsongi · a year ago
throwback to this iconic and masterpiece moment created by prem🤩✋🏽 and a shy boun 👍🏽
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moviesstoriesandbooks · 11 days ago
Thougts on bad buddy episode 11.
Tumblr media
That's it.
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