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strungoutheart · a day ago
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solisaureus · a day ago
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big three more like big tree or some other plant pun
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simpingforpjo · 2 days ago
Thalia: What do you think butterflies taste like?
Grover: They taste bad
Annabeth: How do you-
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More random riordanverse headcanons I have because you guys liked the first one??
Percy doesn’t know how to tie a tie properly and at first Sally helped him but then it transitioned to Annabeth helping him (she knows how since she went to private schooling)
Hazel likes adopting stray cats
Grover likes using his reed pipes to make plants (primarily flowers) grow so that he can give them to Juniper
Nico likes painting his nails but he always gets annoyed by how quickly they get chipped
Percy and Thalia like to talk about music a lot bc they have similar music taste and sometimes Nico joins in
Speaking of, once the campers at CHB found out Nico didn’t know any modern music, they all bombarded him with it (his favorite is MCR bc ofc it is)
Back to Percy and Thalia, the two mainly argue about genres because Percy is more into classic rock and Thalia is into punk
The two will also get into very heated arguments about music and not speak to each other for a while before they eventually forget why they were fighting in the first place
Travis and Katie are a couple (this still isn’t canon for some reason?)
Speaking of, Katie and the majority of the Demeter cabin definitely grow weed and the reason she gets so pissed at the Stoll brothers is because they keep almost busting her by accident
Annabeth and Piper introduced Taylor Swift to Hazel and now she’s obsessed with it and the three of them have Taylor Swift singalongs, sometimes joined by Percy and Frank
Piper loves Paramore
Jason often loses his glasses (Leo loves to hide them as well)
Rachel refuses to get a driver’s license
Leo pretends to like coffee but he always has to drink it with lots of sugar to even tolerate the taste
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lov3leov · a day ago
percy taking annabeth to swim with sharks and annabeth giving him a whole list of cool shark facts that she randomly read in a marine biology book.
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ruewen-and-rising · 2 days ago
so i thought of something today
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thinkingjasico · a day ago
Nico is a reclusive prince and Jason is a rebel raised by wolves
Jasico but in a mix of french revolution and greek mythology (no country or exact year for this story)
Maria di Angelo is a queen who never married and had two children with Hades: Nico and Bianca. Maria is known to be a tough and merciless queen, and the identity of her children has always been a mystery because whenever they went to parties or diplomatic events the two children wore all black clothes and veils covering their faces because Maria went a little crazy after she had a second child with a god and she thought her children were also gods and should be feared and worshiped. Not even servants were allowed to see the children's faces. They were to leave the food for the children in a private part of the castle that no one was allowed to go to. The maids who bathed or tended to them were all blind.
Meanwhile, Beryl was a famous beautiful duchess daughter of a duke; she has two children with Zeus. She starts talking about having more powerful children than the queen's children, but queen Maria tries to discredit her, and before Beryl can even do anything about it, Hera claims Jason. As punishment for zeus' betrayal, the boy is raised in the forest by wolves all his life. Already 17 years old he returns to the city, he has no idea that his sister Thalia is part of the court and that he would’ve had a different life if it wasn't for the goddess' punishment. Jason starts working in the city and gets involved with a group of revolutionary rebels against the monarchy.
With the country on the verge of a revolution, Maria marries Bianca with a prince who will inherit the throne of an important country and so Bianca leaves. Bianca's presence in his life was the only thing keeping Nico in the castle, so after that he starts to feel completely lonely and trapped in his private and isolated part of the castle. He knows he can travel in the shadows but that was forbidden and he had never trained much, at that moment he sees that he has no other way out. Nico steals a servant's clothes and begins to shadow travel to "real life".
Maria never misses Nico because she never visited her children, she was much more committed to making her subjects worship the temple that she made for the children of Hades. Nico then starts to go more and more to the city dressed as a servant and even at first being afraid, he learns to defend himself in the streets and learns to fight. So he get the attention of the rebels for being merciful to the poor, a good fighter and intelligent.
One day Nico is in a home for women who were abandoned with their children and ended up flocking there to support each other. Nico is helping with the kids and has taken some money for them, when Jason comes to visit to see how they are doing. Jason finds Nico's behavior strange, he may have been raised by wolves, but he knows it's not normal for a servant to be so refined and have so much money. Jason tries to ambush Nico to get him to tell him the truth, but they end up fighting each other. By instinct to defend against Nico's attacks, Jason ends up discovering his powers with wind and lightning in his hands, so runs away in fear after hurting Nico more than he intended.
After giving some thought to what happened, Jason tells his group that they should call Nico. but what he really wants is to find out who Nico really is.
At first, Nico thinks of not accepting it because he would be betraying his mother, but seeing the state in which the country is, he ends up allying himself with the rebels. Over the course of many struggles, the group notices that Jason has a savage power that is unparalleled, and they turn him into the leader of the revolution. Because he is the most educated there, in the meetings Nico always gives important tactical observations, Jason hates having to agree with him because he still distrusts him, so in these meetings they often end up discussing in a veiled (or not so veiled) way. After a very important meeting about an attack on a visiting court from another country that would give a week of festivities for the court while the people starve— Nico gives important opinions and Jason and he argue again, because Jason wants to follow his own idea that it was a little more "attack" while Nico's plan was more lenient but would put them inside the party. Nico leaves frustrated and tired of Jason not listening to him "that idiot wolf cub", and everyone says Jason is wrong.
For everyone's sake, Jason ends up giving in and going after Nico. They talk and Jason apologizes but says he can't trust him, Nico says it's ok because he doesn't trust him either. They then opt for a mixture of their plans and the attack is successful. After that, the rebel movement gains more supporters and even investment from businessmen who agree with its ideas. Jason remains the leader and now places Nico as his advisor and strategist.
The two gradually develop a very close friendship. With each battle won after spending sleepless nights talking about their plans, they feel more confident and their friendship grows more and more. At this point, since Bianca left and Nico started going out and Jason went to the city, it's been two years.
And so their friendship and partnership grows to the point that it's not just friendship anymore, they fall in love with each other but they both think it's wrong. So one night after a battle won and happiness on the surface, they end up kissing. Nico flees into the shadows, frightened. Days later he comes back and they talk and end up kissing again. So they start to have this relationship hidden from the rest of the rebels— but actually everyone suspects.
One of the rebels, Daniel, has a problem with this (read: homophobic) and he wants to take Jason's place in the lead and says they missed the last attack because Jason followed his boyfriend's plans without thinking. What is not true. Some rebels died or were captured in the last attack by an eventuality that their plan, or no other plan, could have foreseen. Jason begins to feel pressured by the rebels and comes up with a risky plan. Nico says he shouldn't do it but he moves on anyway.
The attack will again be at a court event, Jason tries to follow a more attack plan, and at first everything is going well, but the rebels are ambushed in the middle of the party, so Jason uses his powers to save them. And that makes Thalia recognize him.
He and Nico argue why Jason shouldn't have used his powers in public. Jason apologizes and says that at least now he will stay in the lead and not Daniel, who can be crueler than all the kings and queens put together. He and Nico make up and everything is fine again.
Thalia disguises herself and manages to get in the middle of the rebels and talk to Jason. He in turn attacks her and wants to hold her hostage, but she shows her power with the lightning in her hands and Jason believes her. Nico arrives and sees the scene, Jason calls him to stay with him and they listen to Thalia's story about how their mother died by an Hera trick shortly after she delivered Jason to the wolves, and that Thalia was raised by a cruel family in the court that did horrors to her. They realize that the goddess has managed to punish the whole family for Zeus' double betrayal. Thalia stays with them from that moment on and also helps Jason and Nico in the tactical part.
Nico begins to wonder if now that Jason knows he would have been a noble too, he would accept the truth that Nico is a prince. Thalia and Jason begin to use their powers with each onslaught of the rebels and become known as The Wrath of Zeus. Because they have two children of Zeus against the monarchy, people start to think that the queen is wrong and that her son is not even a son of a god since he is not fighting for her. Maria goes after Nico and finds that he's barely been around the castle because the maids say the food they take stays there for weeks. Maria investigates and finds out what Nico is doing. After that, she starts to spread around the city that her son was taken hostage, even though she knows the truth And through her convincing speech people are moved and turn against the rebels to retrieve the queen's son.
Jason and the rebels don't understand what's going on. Nico knows it's time to speak up, but before he can do that, Daniel finds out what's going on and exposes Nico in front of everyone. Jason doesn't want to believe it's true, but amidst the attacks Nico ends up exposing his powers to defend himself. Jason is shocked and the rebels want to arrest Nico.
Jason is so unresponsive that he doesn't know how to act, whether to go against the rebels and defend the person he loves, or to go against Nico and abandon the rebellion. Thalia tries to talk to Jason calmly after Nico is arrested by the rebels, but Jason is angry because Nico lied to him all this time. Thalia manages to make him see that Nico did it for fear of exactly what happened, and that Jason has to think about whether he loves the revolution more than he loves Nico. Jason says the revolution is more important than his personal feelings.
And Nico remains in jail for a few days. The atmosphere in the city is tense because the population is going against the rebels. Daniel practically took control of the group because Jason was completely messed up and tired. Daniel makes a terrible plan to attack the civilians before they attack them, and Jason doesn't even know about it. Then a large group of rebels leaves with Daniel for this attack. Jason and Thalia discover it, but the attack is already underway. He gets desperate, and goes to Nico asking for help. They start to argue over Nico lying and Jason letting him get arrested. Finally they decide to wait to resolve this and go to the city to stop the attack since all the queen wants is to weaken the population and make them fight each other.
Jason, Nico and Thalia arrive in town and it is a pandemonium. They manage to put a stop to the confusion, but the queen takes advantage of the moment when they are weak and sends her soldiers to finish off the rebels, and if some civilians die, so be it. But the three demigods manage to master an entire army. They are using their powers to the fullest and their auras are more powerful than ever. Thalia with a silver aura, Jason with an electric blue aura flying across the battlefield, and Nico wrapped in darkness and cold.
After they manage to overwhelm the army and what remains of it retreat out of fear, Jason and Nico talk to the people about uniting now or never. Everyone understands the queen's plan and how little  their lives are worth to her. They unite and take the castle and arrest the queen. She begs Nico for mercy, and when he thinks to answer, the people attack and kill her before he can do anything.
Exhausted from using their powers to the fullest, the three are hospitalized for days and days. Jason recovers sooner because Nico was already very weak from being arrested days before the attack. Jason visits him and they talk about everything. Jason says that Nico is going to be an important political leader now and that he's going to be a general, that they can't be together. Nico says that's the biggest bullshit he's ever heard, and that if he had to get into another battle like that just so they could finally be together in peace, he would.
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thaliasthunder · 2 months ago
logan lerman as poseidon this, logan lerman as paul blofis that, blah blah blah. have u ever considered this dude as hermes?
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silima · a month ago
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secret full version of this post that i never posted cuz i was like ooooh im gonna color the sketches 🤡 lol that never happened but its fine in this house we post unfinished art
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biancadiangelo · 2 months ago
alright all I know is that this show better stick to its timeframe. I don’t want any of this modern day slang or technology— give me Grover playing ‘so yesterday’ and Thalia talking about Green Day- it is 2005 in the year of our lord thank you
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Thalia: if you ever want to just scream into a void, I recommend talking to Percy about his quests before the Titan War.
Jason: What do you mean?
Thalia: Watch this - HEY PERCY! Can you tell us about what happened on the quest for Artemis?
Percy: Artemis? I never went on- oh, right. The Annabeth quest.
Leo: wow
Percy: why do you want to know? You were there
Thalia: I just like hearing your point of view (: you can just skip to the end (:
Percy: sure, I guess. Ummm we got there, fought Atlas, freed Artemis and Annabeth, I held up the sky, Zoë died, and you kicked Luke off a cliff.
Piper: I’m sorry what?
Percy: what are you confused ab-? Oh, right. Luke was a Son of Hermes on the Titan’s side-
Leo: No, that was not the most bewildering part of what you just said
Jason: You held up the sky??? The literal sky???
Percy: Annabeth and I did, yeah. Luke, too, but not when we fought Atlas.
Leo: bro.
Percy: what?
Leo: you gotta give a little more flourish when you tell these stories. This matter-of-fact thing you’re doing is kind of creeping me out.
Percy: oh….sorry.
Thalia: uh-huh. Let’s try again. Percy, can you tell us about what happened in Mt. Saint Helens?
Percy, with Jazz Hands: I blew up a mountain
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paunchsalazar · 5 months ago
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prophecy children
(i put all my PJO/HOO drawings together in a pdf)
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solisaureus · a month ago
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cant believe rick hid the best big 3 kids scene in the demigod files
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anotherpjofan · 2 months ago
There were literally so many reasons for Percy and Jason to have beef instead of the whole macho thing they had.
Like how about Percy being annoyed that Jason was only asleep for three days while Percy had been asleep for 6 months? How about Jason being jealous that Percy got his memory back in less than a week while he still doesn’t remember everything?
How about Percy being jealous that Jason woke up with two other demigods while he had to wake up in a forest alone? How about Jason being jealous that Percy turned praetor in less than a week when he had spent years training to get that role?
How about Percy being jealous that roman demigods have a sanctuary where they can grow old and resenting Jason for it? How about Jason being sad that no one bothered to look for him and that he was replaced and taking out his frustrations on Percy?
Like there are so many possibilities instead of the whole I’m the leader bullshit they had going on when literally neither of them wanted to be leaders 
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roxyaddams · 5 months ago
in honor of percy jackson show being greenlit, have a big three kids art!
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rinadragomir · 2 months ago
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let me know if you wanna be added ✨☀
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moon-axolotl · 22 days ago
What the FUCK is wrong with this fandom????!?
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amesliu · 2 months ago
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more red carpet shenanigans
annabeth in elie saab ss21 #20 and percy's band Blackjack in like some fuckin clothes i guess
(fixed a mistake if you saw the first one no you didn't :))
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life-wise-girl · a month ago
Piper: BEHOLD, the field in which I grow my fucks! Lay thine eyes upon it, thou shalt see that it is barren!
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Saw a post about Dionysus keeping older campers in line by threatening to sleep with their parents. Your thoughts on this.
lmaooooo. I mean. This would work for some, but probs not all. Consider:
Dionysus: Watch it Jackson. Keep up this attitude and I might bat my pretty little eyelashes at your mom.
Percy: Ha. She's out of your league. Try again.
Dionysus: How is your stepfather doing these days?
Percy: .....okay, I'm going to need you to stop right there.
Will: Dad, Mr. D said that if I keep acting up he's going to seduce my mom :(
Apollo: Absolutely ridiculous.
Will: Oh, good. You would have an issue with that?
Apollo: Of course.
Will: Thank the gods-
Apollo: Your mother is into WAY more wild stuff than he is. There's just no way Naomi would be down.
Will: I- wait, um.... huh. How upsetting. I just.... you.... More wild than Dionysus? I just- you know what? Nevermind. I have chores to do. Apparently. Goodbye. Forever.
Kayla: omg your mom is a freak. Is that hereditary? Should probs give Nico a heads up for the future-
Will: Get tf out of my face
Dionysus: You know, Grace-
Jason: Do not sleep with your dad.
Jason: My mother's dead, which means you're going to threaten to sleep with my father... who is also your father. Please do not do this.
Thalia: Freak.
Dionysus: I-
Thalia: Disgusting.
Dionysus: I wasn't-
Jason: Pls think it through.
Thalia: I'm telling Hera.
Dionysus: DO NOT-
Dionysus: Watch it, McLean. I can stop by Hollywood whenever I want.
Piper: omg you have a crush on my dad?
Dionysus: No. But I could sedu-
Piper: lmao are you a teenage girl? That's so embarrassing for you.
Dionysus: I could do it.
Piper: Okay.
Dionysus: What?
Piper: I said okay. Do it. Sleep with my dad. You two would make a cute couple.
Dionysus: Maybe I will.
Piper: I'll see you at the next family dinner, step-dad.
Dionysus: I've changed my mind.
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