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#thancred waters

Thancred: my girlfriend is too tall for me to kiss properly how do I fix this

Alisaie: punch her in the stomach and when she doubles over in pain kiss her!

Lyse: kick her in the shins!

Y’shtola: climb her.

Constance: oh for the love of—JUST ASK ME TO LEAN DOWN???

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Y'shtola: *watching Alphinaud & Alisaie* I can't believe they're hanging out.
Thancred: Ha! Maybe he'll be a good influence on her.
Y'shtola: Or maybe she'll corrupt him.
Au Ra WoL: It won't last. Brothers and sisters are natural enemies; like Miqo'te and Au Ra, or Lalafells and Au Ra, or Lupin and Au Ra, or Au Ra and other Au Ra. Damn Au Ra! They ruined the Steppe!
Y'shtola: You Au Ra sure are a contentious people.
Au Ra WoL: You just made an enemy for life!
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THE EIGHTH ASTRAL ERA. Over 2000 years ago, the Warrior of Light forged a way to peace and balance in Hydaelyn. One of many commemorative gestures to celebrate the beginning of a new Astral Era was the Alliance’s formation of EORZEA UNIVERSITY. This University, with its campus a short drive away from Ul'dah, was formed with a mission: to encourage growth, stability and innovation for all Eorzea and its surrounding nations. A NEW GENERATION, born in a time of peace.

But just because the world is calm, campus doesn’t have to be. 

Eorzea University is a FFXIV COLLEGE AU roleplay group, set in modern-day Hydaelyn, with your favourite NPCs and OCs reimagined as university students and staff!!

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Summary: As the Warrior of Light, the impact of your actions upon all of Eorzea and its future cannot be denied. By your accomplishments and failures, ever so slightly and significantly does the fate of the world change.

The same could especially be said to those who see themselves as your ally, your mentor, and–even so–your enemy.

But you need not slay a primal to leave those particular individuals at a loss for words.

This collection will document the many ways that you, the Warrior of Light, have wrought flustering havoc upon some of Eorzea’s most notable men.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Reader/Thancred

[Previous Chapter - Haurchefant]

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Deidre on the Scions during the ARR patch quests like: Thancred’s fine, ev'ryone else can choke. Papalymo specifically can rot in'a ditch.

Arenvald, who’s been helping her kill the hard/extreme primals: :’(

Deidre:… Thancred and Arenvald are fine.

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Losing Control
Ascian: *takes control of Nora*
Nora: *freezes and gasps*
Alphinaud: Nora..?
Nora: *dark energy swirls around her as she faces Alphinaud with a blank expression*
Alphinaud: Nora... *sides steps to the right and summons Moonstone Carbuncle to his side*
Moonstone: *goes to Alphinaud*
Nora: *summons Emerald*
Emerald: *looks at Nora noticing who she wants her to attack*
Nora: *looks at Emerald* Go
Emerald: *let's out a small cry and attacks Moonstone*
Moonstone: *cries out and begins fighting*
Alphinaud: Nora please don't do this
Nora: *steps closer to Alphinaud preparing to cast Ruin III
Alphinaud: Nora...
Nora: *blinks as the light returns to her eyes but it quickly goes away*
Alisaie: *blocks Ruin III*
Nora: *tail bristles and she growls using Deathflare*
Alisaie & Alphinaud: *get blown back*
Y'Shtola: Thancred! *begins casting Blizzaga*
Thancred: *uses quick shot*
Y'Shtola: *casts the spell*
Nora: *jumps back and summons Bahamut-Egi*
Ascian: Your no match against your own Warrior of Light it seems!
Urianger: We must get her back
Y'Shtola: We shall but the question is how?
Alphinaud: *takes a deep breath in and runs to Nora*
Alisaie: Alphinaud!
Nora: !
Alphinaud: *slams Nora down to the ground, pinning her as he whisks away her Arcane book*
Nora: *glares at Alphinaud*
Bahamut-Egi: *uses Akh Morn*
Y'Shtola: *summons a barrier to protect the two*
Nora: *growls*
Alphinaud: This isn't you Nora! Wake up! This Ascian has no control over you and I won't let you go down like this!
Nora: *struggles against Alphinaud* Let.. Me go!
Alphinaud: *wraps his hands around her wrists and stops her from moving her legs* Listen to me! Your much too strong to be controlled, I know you!
Nora: *struggles* YOU KNOW NOTHING!
Bahamut-Egi: *disappears*
Emerald: *comes back and starts using wind slash*
Moonstone: *takes the hit and body slams into Emerald*
Emerald: *cries out and escapes from Moonstone, running to Nora*
Alphinaud: Nora please!
Ascian: *increases the power*
Nora: *groans and shouts as the dark energy spreads*
Thancred: That's enough! Alisaie come join me!
Alisaie: Got it!
Emerald: *cries out and takes the Arcane book out of Alphinaud's hands*
Alphinaud: !
Nora: *reaches her hand out to her Arcane book* Give it to... Me!
Emerald: *tosses it to Urianger*
Urianger: *grabs ahold of the book* Thank you kind friend
Emerald: *squeaks*
Nora: *growls*
Alphinaud: Nora, please!
Nora: *groans*
Alphinaud: (I need to distract her somehow) ... *hugs Nora tightly and pulls her close to him* Stay with me
Nora: *struggles to get out* NO!
Ascian: *bleeds out and disappears*
Nora: *stops moving*
Alphinaud: Nora? Oh Gods please don't be dead!
Y'Shtola: She's merely sleeping
Alphinaud: *entangles his hands into her hair softly* Thank the Twelve
Alisaie: That was brave, rushing head in, did you even think on that?
Alphinaud: Honestly, not at all
Nora: *holds onto Alphinaud as she shifts a little bit*
Alphinaud: *smiles* I'm glad your safe, now let us bring her home
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