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#thank me now
hermitcraftheadcanons · 8 hours ago
Joe Hills? Not real. Hes just a collective hallucination. When ever somes close to discovering this they disapear for a few days.
If I don't post for a while you'll all know why -
- Mod Shade
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katsuhera · 3 hours ago
horny thought of the night:
toji tying your hands together and holding them above your head while using his other hand to hold his cock and tease your clit, rubbing your sensitive spot over and over, lathering his cock with your juices as you spasm uncontrollably
he’s relentless, even when tears form at your lash line and you look at him pitifully, silently begging him to hurry up and put it inside, but all he does is smirk because he can take it the teasing, and he knows you can’t.
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raycinnamonrollpalmer · 22 hours ago
I just have to say, I'm OBSESSED that when Amity blushes, it usually turns her ENTIRE face red and not just the little cute dots on the cheek. As someone who has very pink tinted skin where my face will turn BRIGHT red at any minor inconvenience, I have never felt so seen.
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heyimboredtalktome · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
nico in artbreeder!
WHOOOOOOOOOO he looks kind of Asian and MSNJSJSJWK that's gorgeous 😳🥺
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genshin-obsessed · an hour ago
my thoughts during this:
also never heard zhongli's line bc he never gets that low-
aww mona's first line ;-;
diluc saying "damn you"-
lmao lisa's last line "welp there goes another pair of gloves"
omg klee ;-; her va has the most adorable voice and i wont take it back
aaand kazuha's first line ;-;
oh im very accquainted with xiao's lines ALSO LAILA BERZINS DID SUCH A GOOD JOB! I sometimes forget he's voiced by a woman
o: some were real sad, others made me simp more (zhongli) ;-;
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good-beans · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Shimamine Week Day 1: Hero
I thought a My Hero Academia au/screenshot redraw could be a fun way to kick off the week!
Screenshot reference and some little drabble to go with this under the cut :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Hey, Minegishi!” Shimazaki called from down the hall. The roar of the Sports Festival spilled down the corridors to where the young student was waiting. “Looks like we’re up against each other in the Tournament, eh?” He ran to catch up to them. “You scared?”
Minegishi rolled their eyes. They’d been hoping for a moment of peace and quiet to prepare for the one-on-one fights. It seemed Shimazaki was as intent as usual on following them around. They couldn’t tell why he was so obsessed; Minegishi had made it clear from day one that they weren’t here to make friends.
“Aw come on,” Shimazaki prodded, “even though I kicked ass in the Obstacle course?”
They snorted. “You mean, you cheated.”
“Cheated? It’s not my fault my quirk is better than everyone else’s.”
“You just teleported to the finish line -- there’s no way that’s allowed.”
"Says the one who tied all the teams to the ground in the Cavalry Battle with vines.”
"That’s totally within the rules.” Minegishi’s nerves were too scattered to argue any further at the moment. Why were their nerves so scattered? “Unlike you, I’m going to become number one hero, fair and square. And it’s going to start with my victory here, at the Sports Festival.” They couldn’t help the little shine in their eyes as they said it. Despite everything they treated with apathy, this was the one goal they constantly cared about. They were going to change the world one day. And they weren’t going to let anything or anyone -- especially Shimazaki Ryou of class 1-A -- stand in their way.
Shimazaki was just smiling like an idiot. “Well, I just wanted to say I thought it was really cool how you fought in the Cavalry Battle.” Before Minegishi could even process the compliment, he had moved on to arrogance once more. “And hey, make sure you give it your all, go Plus Ultra and all that. I wanna look good in front of all those people.” His dark eyes gave a wink. 
"Oh trust me, you’re not going to at all when I win.”
“You wish!” There came an uproar as the next battle was announced. Only one more until their turn. “Whelp, good luck out there!” Shimazaki sang, once again leaving Minegishi confused whether the conversation was supposed to be encouraging or threatening. Then the boy was gone, his quirk taking him god knows where. 
“As if I wasn’t going to give it my all,” the student muttered to themself, oddly flustered from the encounter. They fidgeted with their brightly colored uniform, trying to get Shimazaki’s smile out of their head. “I’ll show him Plus Ultra…”
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zhuhongs · 22 hours ago
god i love being a sentimental little thing thats full of love in my heart i just 🥺🥺🥺😘😘🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂💚💚💚💚 all of u im giving u a rlly nice long hug. take care of yourselves please.
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johnsimms · 20 hours ago
you should watch drillbit taylor! idk why no one ever mentions how fucking hot he looks in that film 😩
Full disclosure, wasn't planning on watching because it sounded like the exact opposite of a movie I'd enjoy 😅 Don't have a copy to check out atm (would make you some gifs for fun if I did, apologies!) but since you brought it up I got curious, saw some screencaps and
Tumblr media
apparently that's all it takes to reevaluate my life choices, officially going on the watchlist 😔
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mothernatures-sons · 23 hours ago
someone on this hell site once said to me something along the lines of “do you want to be George Harrison or marry him” and i have never stopped thinking abt that
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bnmxfld · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Drake / Thank Me Now
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qvotable · a year ago
How long they choose to love you will never be your decision.
Drake // Thank Me Now
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Tumblr media
#selfie bee#a big thank you to everyone who is drawing characters who usually do not wear black nailpolish with black nailpolish!!#it's very good!!#I always feel very cool with black nailpolish#my fingers might be greasy as the iPad repair man said last month#but they can be greasy and cool#friends I am now officially graduated!!#I could finally pick up the certificate this week#I have technically been graduated for a while now but when I asked the secretary people when the certificate would be done they just said#that they don't know because they just got a new computer system and don't know how to do certificates yet#but they figured it out last week and said that I could come#but not go inside#because this certificate office is in like this cellar underground#and because of Corona no one is allowed in there which is understandable#I can stand outside a cellar if they want#but people are also not allowed to stand outside the usual door#I had to find a different special door#and they wrote to me that this door would be locked and that I should call them so you know they could open it#and then I would be led to a different door that would also be locked#there was no further information about what to do with that door#so I was at the building but I had problems finding the special door and I got scared because the time to pick up the certificate#was almost up for the week#and then I found the door! and a man was going inside it#so I just yelled 'CAN I GO INSIDE TOO' and he said '...yes?' so I went inside#I felt a little bad because now I was in the cellar and had not called anyone#so I was just about to call them and tell them 'sorry I am kind of in your cellar'#but then a girl found me and just asked me what I wanted and I told her and she said 'okay'#then she opened a door to the hallway nearby#went inside#stopped at an open office door
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