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#thank you

La gente me han preguntado.

que quieren una historia de infinity y vanilla!!!!


Enserio, nunca pensé que la gente le iba a gustar este ship,

Y nunca lo publiqué y me he guardado este ship para evitar críticas (aunque la opinión se respeta) pero ya saben como son la gente, son místicos en gustos agenos.

empezaba a publicar dibujos de ellos poco a poco, y mi reacción fue otra cuando la gente me empezaron a pedír MÁS! de ellos, osea… le encantaron! Que ya me piden historia

desde que salió el juego sonic forces hace 3 a 4 años me empezó a llamar la atención el personaje infinity, y vanilla siempre fue una personaje especial para mi porque es una madre hermosa que se preocupa por su hija cream y de sus amigos.

Y de la nada me dio por juntarlos y cuando vi el resultado me enamoré de esta pareja !

Probable mente haga historia, aunque sea muy corta lo tratare de hacer (mis dibujos son tradicionales) a si que no esperen que quede tan perfecto, pero se verá bonito.




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Your reputation is for having an incredible understanding and characterization of your muses. You have a reputation for being one of the sweetest muns one could have the honor of knowing and befriending. You have a reputation for endless quality plots and excitement and dedication to those plots. You have an excellent reputation and you are so, so loved.

meme || accepting


•| plz excuse me while i ugly cry at how nice this is. |•

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i'm not the requesting anon, but i'd be happy to share the guest episodes if you say which ones you need and maybe how to do it -- i mean, some site or whatever!

Aw thank you anonie this is so very kind of you ;__;

Finding the episodes isn’t a problem, I know where to get them, it will just take some time (downloading 16 episodes isn’t the same as 1 or 2). Also, anonie’s request is one where I have to skim through most if not all of the episodes to collect the scenes I wanna gif so yeah I do need all of them for this and for rewatching purposes too.

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You’re a beautiful woman. I hope one day you find the love and support you deserve! Please never give up hope and never forget who you are. You are important and you are amazing! Be true to who you are and never accept anything less than what you deserve!

😭❤️ thank you so so so much

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2, 10, 11, and 22 for the meme!

2. which character do you want to be most like?

Oooohhh… this is a tough one and honestly my brain was kinda running around a few picks but I think… Obi-Wan.  I mean this poor man’s life is just one stop in Hell after another yet he still remains kind, loving and even hopeful.  Yes I’m aware he lied to Luke (I don’t think even Lucas could’ve imagined what his changes would mean for that one line) but I’ve never seen it as done with malicious intent.  He’s not perfect but I think his quiet strength is something I could achieve.  He’s a great warrior, but war is not his first option.  He’s more laid back but easily jumps into the fray when needed.

Not to mention he is a sass master.  I mean if I could sass half as good as him, I would’ve failed many an enemy in school long ago without ever swinging a punch.  That said, my other two choices were Padme and Luke, the former for her leadership skills and fierceness towards her enemies while still trying to do so much good and the latter for his amazing examples in compassion and devotion to his friends.

10. do you think the jedi were right or wrong?

For the most part?  I think the Jedi were right.  Now right is not the same as perfect.  No one is, real or fictional.  But I came in late to the wider fandom and was shocked by the Jedi bashing. I think a good chunk of it is undeserved and is based on misinterpretation or fanon that is taken as canon.  

That said however, I’m happy to discuss it further and in detail.  I think they were right but am not opposed to constructive criticisms.  So feel free to put in another ask or if you want people who are better with words than I, search the ‘Jedi or Jedi Order’ tags in my blog.  That should bring you to some great posts that discuss the matter further and in great detail.

11. who is the most underrated character?

Um…. my first thought was Shmi Skywalker.  The Matriarch of everyone’s beloved space family.  I mean she became a slave after her and her parents were captured by pirates, suddenly became pregnant with Anakin during this time with no explanation, raised and loved him like a good mother should, was willing to let him go despite her own worries and pain, then after she’s freed and welcomed into a new family, gets tortured by Tusken Raiders for at least a month, barely hanging on long enough to glimpse her now full grown son briefly before she died.  

I mean… the woman has been through some stuff.  You can tell she raised Anakin so well despite their horrible circumstances, which were no doubt harder because he’s the most powerful Force-Sensitive ever.  I mean just what we’ve glimpsed with Baby Yoda alone means raising a Force-Sensitive child is no easy task.  Doing it as a single mom and slave?  Where your child could be taken at any moment especially if they discovered what he’s capable of?  That doesn’t sound like someone weak or easily bowed.  As a fandom I think we are all guilty of taking for granted this woman who at the very least gave us the most infamous name in Star Wars. A mention of her in the ending of TROS would’ve made me or at peace with but oh well.  I’ll stop rambling. :)

22. favorite droid? 

R2-D2 hands down.  One of my clearest memories of seeing the prequels in theaters was when we first got to see R2 in The Phantom Menace.  I right around 8 yrs. old and I can still recall the great cheer that went up in the cinema.  As far back as I can remember I liked him for being cute, loyal and stubborn.  The last part I can really relate to lol. ^^  It’s even better when you realize he, along with C-3PO has witnessed a vast majority of the events throughout the Skywalker Saga and could be a great historian on that alone.  When rumors were spreading about a ‘mind blowing end’ to TROS I was hoping we’d glimpse him and possibly Threepio telling what they’ve witnessed to the Whills.  Implying that’s how we got the story as well.  I even think this might’ve been Lucas’s idea at one point.  So I was disappointed when that didn’t happen but considering the Whills Journal is still canon because of the anthology ‘From a Certain Point of View’ I like to headcanon it did happen off screen at some point.

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I do have a wish today / A one which would highlight my day / For your big heart a comfy home / Friends who assure you're not alone --- I'm so happy to count you as a friend and my wish for today is that you and all my friends have such a place. Thank you for all your kindness for me. Have a wonderful day! *Hugs*

Awww, I’m so happy and lucky to have you as a friend!  You’re such a sweetheart.  Thank you so much for all the lovely poems!  Have a wonderful day.  *Hugs*


Originally posted by teenager-stuff

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Get to know me game

Thank you @maragent and @joliepetitelou​ for tagging me

Name: Easy

Nickname: Easy, E

Zodiac: Capricorn

Height: 150 cm

Lenguages: English, Filipino (and the native dialects of my hometown and where I live now)

Nationality: Filipino

Fave season: Summer

Fave flower: i love all kinds of flowers

Fave scent: my cats’ scent (haha), but also buttery summery scent

Fave color: green, black

Fave animal: cats

Fave fictional character: Patrick Jane (The Mentalist), Michael Scofield (Prison Break), Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Coffee

Average sleep: 5 hours

Dog or cat person: cat

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1, but i always sleep on top of it lol

Dream vacation: Spain

Blog established: around 2015

Number of followers: close to 600

Random fact: I have 9 cats

Here’s one telling you to stay home, and stay safe and well.


Tagging @a-vohais​ !

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Purple: we don’t speak but I enjoy your presence on my board

Dang thank you ❤️ I respond to messages that aren’t gross so feel free to send a chat 🤙🏻 or if you want to keep it the way it is I respect it

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When my wisdom teeth came in, my jaw HURT right at the joint, like it was hard to open and close my mouth. Eating on that side of my mouth (it was one side at a time for me) hurt too. Not sharp pain, just aching.

I don’t have any pain right now, just a lot of popping. All the dentists are closed for anything but emergencies and I don’t think this qualifies 😔

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Tagged by @fairytalespond 💋

  • Name: Mary
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Favorite musician or band: Katy Perry,Gwen Stefani,Dua Lipa,Shakira,Oasis,Bluvertigo,Muse
  • Favorite sports team: nah
  • Other blogs: nope
  • Do i get asks: sometimes
  • How many blogs do i follow: 63
  • What i’m wearing: black leggings,red sweater
  • Dream vacation: Ireland
  • Dream car: I don’t have one
  • Favorite food: Lasagna
  • Drink of choice: Iced tea
  • Lenguages: Italian and English
  • Celebrity crush: Dua Lipa
  • Random fact: Infants spend more time dreaming than adults do
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Hello there Everyone. I am Martell Nelson. I’m here to present a new video of causing awareness about: how to prevent our governments and corporations to take our liberties and freedoms. Covid-19 is no joke and our livelihood is at stake. The governments and corporations are eager to see us as commodities and we can’t allowed this to happen in this time or ever. Please, I am asking of you to help me stand up this onslaughts from both the governments and corporations to attacked the little people. #covid19 #coronavirus #psa by Martell Tha Cool

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