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#thank you
ariafaeyt · 4 hours ago
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Winterfest Cabin 🎄 ‘Mini Winterfest’ Day 5 | No CC
Hey everyone 🥰 For day 5 of ‘Mini Winterfest’ I’ve built a cosy cabin in Granite Falls for two sims! Perfect for a winter break, this build uses the base game, seasons and outdoor retreat!
▶ 30x20 Rental Lot in Granite Falls ▶ 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom ▶ $45,714
If you’d like to download this build, you can find the links below. Please make sure bb.moveobjects is enabled before placing! I hope you enjoy 🌴
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alstroemeriadissonance · 19 hours ago
500 Followers?! Thank you very much!
(Note: before anything else I would like to apologize for my clumsiness in accidentally turning off asks for an indeterminate length of time... I have turned it back on, so please drop by if you have any in mind!)
It's almost three months since that fateful day when finally I lost my shit at work, and by a stroke of serendipity I happened to have a playthrough of one Tears of Themis card story running on Youtube in the background... I slowly tuned out work and gradually focused more on Vyn and I was thinking yeaaah I'd like to write about this sussy baka.
And so this Tumblr was born! For mental health upkeep by way of horny Vynposting. All that crap in my masterlist have been churned out in less than 3 months and I'm amazed I'm still alive because I managed to eke them out at the expense of my sleep time.
I have since written away most of my stress, having managed to find more or less some equilibrium at work but I'm keeping at it because goddamnit Vyn is a fucking amazing muse. So amazing he pretty much knocked off my writer's block that lasted several years (which is why my writing may be rusty at times).
So um I'm really thankful and sorta humbled that people actually took notice of what was borne purely out of (almost) desperate mania. I'm gonna still keep on writing, some may be hilarious fails but haha I hope they're still entertaining as clusterfucks (´•ω•`)
Anyway here's um a pen and paper drawing of my fucking amazing muse (thanks MHY for creating this sussy bastard) as thanks :'3
Thank you!!!
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deepperplexity · 6 hours ago
50-60 comments later and I'm finally all caught up 😱😍👏
I'm sick, my daughter is sick, December is a race of madness to manage everything that needs to get done yet, even if I'm stressed out, I'm sitting here with the biggest grin - because of YOU! ❤
All your comments, your interactions and support of my writing is just insane and I am thoroughly giddy with joy over here that I am so lucky as to have all of you! That you have found your way to my little places on the huge web.
Thank you for making this little tiny human so happy. Thank you for being so supportive and caring. Thank you for being in my life, for changing my life! ❤
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owlf45 · 16 hours ago
Owl, do not be decived, height does not matter. Fluffiness matters more. It improves the quality of hugs.
Hugging a tree in not that comfortable, but you?
You look really fluffy, so you win in my opinion.
I do give very, very good hugs uvu
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notjohnlegere · 15 hours ago
No Way!!!
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Tumblr media
You guys are unreal! Thank you so much for the support on everything that I do. Your unwavering love toward me is what inspires me to write more and more every day!
I cannot thank you guys enough for the encouragement and kind words. This little hobby of mine has brought so much positivity to my life, and it means so much more to me that I can share it all with you! ❤️
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violettduchess · 21 hours ago
I have no idea why so many people would say such untrue and stupid things to you. I very much appreciate your posts and you as a person. I haven’t followed you for long but I’ve been basically binge reading your posts. I love your unique insight one these stories I already love, you teach me new things all the time and your presence has enriched my life.
I’m sorry you have to deal with such immature little gremlins.
Stay strong and know that there are a whole lot people like me that love you and the things you do!
No silly Golden Girls gif. This was really sincere and kind and touching and I appreciate you taking the time to reach out and say something. Truly.
ok maybe just ONE gif:
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grapecaseschoices · 12 hours ago
A du M for the 🎶 ask? 😳
for the characters and lyrics meme:
A du Mortain:
And I'd give up forever to touch you 'Cause I know that you feel me somehow You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be And I don't wanna go home right now
Iris by Goo Goo Dolls (Kina Grannis version)
tl;dr ramble under cut.
DON'T LAUGH AT ME! BECAUSE THIS IS SO FUCKING CORNY. I knowwwww this is so fucking corny! But I was reading through my A du Mortain tag and I happen upon these two metas (might have spoilers) and this post. And I was to my self 'hur hur hur Adam is a repressed bi aspec man!' But I was like no, A isn't repressed.
I mean it IS fun to make fun of A for being repressed. Yes, they're hard-nosed. Yes, they're by the book. However, A doesn't really shy away when they have an opinion and they're quite open about their love for their found family, as well as their growing respect for the detective.
As the meta states, A isn't ignoring or in denial of their feelings, they're in control of their actions. I suppose self-denial and that level of self-control / sacrificing of one's emotions is repression. However, I couldn't help but be struck that even with ALL THAT, even with what we know to be insurmountable will ... those feelings still slip. They still leak out continuously.
And it's frustrating. It is frustrating for the detective, for us as players, because it seems so wishy washy / hot and cold. But when you think about it ... I guess in a meta perspective -- Doesn't it say something about how STRONG and POWERFUL A's feelings are?
Like I read relationship A asks responses thinking 'this bitchis so corny' And there was one answer given once that described in-a-relationship!A as "no longer holding back". And that's how the song just HIT me! A's emotions, A's LOVE for the detective are SO POWERFUL that they reach through that brick wall of stubbornness to allow the detective to feel it, to be aware of it. And that's so much for me. And I'm crying in the club. AND IT IS YOUR FAULT.
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tbtssstuff · 23 hours ago
I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I believe it is best for my mental health to take a step back from this blog.
Stressing about getting something out (even though y’all tell me to take my time) is really getting to me. I sit there for hours staring at my screen and my mind is just blank, which freaks me out more, which makes me write half assed, which makes me upset. It’s a vicious cycle.
I’m not sure how long I will be gone, but just know that I am sorry and I appreciate those who have supported me.
Hopefully after this I’ll come back with a better mind set and better stories for you guys.
So for now consider all of my works on a permanent hold.
Thank you all.
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luverleaver · 22 hours ago
what show is it again where josh says “let’s go cosmic, shall we?”
Im having a brain fart
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is-the-bug-video-cute · 19 days ago
I noticed you recently mentioned that an octopus may enjoy being handled, and as a marine biologist I think it’s worth mentioning that people should NOT handle an octopus in the wild. All of them have venom. I believe only two species are known to be deadly, but octopus venom is not well studied at all and you never know what kind of reaction you might have. Or the personality of a given octopus. I, knowing the risks, handled two Octopus rubescens individuals in the field. One was very sweet; she crawled into my hands and curled up and didn’t want to leave. The other crawled onto the back of my hand and bit me. I either had a very mild reaction to the venom or the individual spit very little. I had minor pain, minor swelling, and it took an entire month to heal all the way. Other people bitten by the same species have had severe pain and swelling, dizziness, vomiting, and necrosis of the wound. I would not handle one again. Now when I find one in the tidepools, I let it hang out in my net in the water to let anyone around see for educational purposes, and I offer up my hand to allow it to touch me if it wants, but would not let it crawl on me. Lovely, curious creatures, but it’s not worth the risk with the venom. You never know if you could have a severe reaction
Very important info here!
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screenshotsofdespair · a month ago
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Screenie/Scrot courtesy of @potatosloth
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jkghost · 17 hours ago
Olha que linda
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parece vc
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fox-guardian · 6 days ago
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[ID: A digital drawing of Jonathan Sims on a white background. He is a thin Arab man with brown skin and short, curly black hair half-pulled-back in a bun with bangs. He has light facial hair, small black earrings, black nail polish, and half-moon glasses on a green beaded chain. He is wearing a baggy gray t-shirt, a thick black cardigan rolled up to his elbows, a long black skirt, dark green chunky lace-up boots, and green socks. He is also wearing a black bracelet and a green and pink bracelet on his wrist. He is smiling brightly, sitting slightly slouched with one hand behind him, the other holding a cigarette by his face. His feet are not touching the ground. The smoke from his cigarette swirls beside his head. end ID]
apparently?? i never posted this uni!jon?? anyway have a Him. im proud of the boots and hand and smoke uwu
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1bourbon1scotch1beer · a month ago
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