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#thank you
nathsketch · 18 hours ago
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Tumblr media
I think I’ve shown you some WIP photos of this little one in the past, but now we’re fully committed to bringing this dream to life! This whole project was created by my dear friend, author Lindsay Delacoste, who envisioned this lovely interactive story and found me thanks to my Audrey Hepburn illustrations and my never ending love for everything vintage and colorful!
Starting today, August 3, our campaign is open to everyone who’d like a piece of the cake (or macaron, you choose 😆), and all your contributions will be unimaginably helpful. I have so many ideas for new illustrations, and I can’t wait to get them out of my head and onto the paper!
Even if you’re not able to contribute with a donation, every like, reblog and comment will be more than welcome! Maybe a friend of a friend of a friend will find this and love this! Trust me, Mops already loves you! 💜
You can find our campaign here:
And some cute videos here:
If you have any questions that were not covered on the campaign page, please reach out to me here or on Insta!
Thank you so so much/merci beaucoup mes amis! ✨
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desiree-uk · 3 hours ago
My account has been restored!🥳
Yes, everyone! I have my account back! ’desiree-uk’ has been restored It has been the longest 4 days EVER!  So after multiple emails sent by me and only one automated reply from Tumblr staff, I was starting to lose hope, but thanks to a lot of supportive messages I didn’t want to give up, I really wanted my account back. I got a message from @treason-and-plot​ suggesting I go on Twitter and post on the Tumblr Support page. I didn’t have an account but I thought it couldn’t hurt to open a temporary one. I didn’t get a response but someone read my post and DM’d me suggesting I email them (Tumblr staff) again and follow this page, throwing in as much legal jargon in the email as possible and wait and see what happens. Within an hour I got an email saying my account has been restored!  The reason they gave for terminating my account was pretty much the same as why @katsujiiccfinds​ account was terminated too:
Tumblr media
I couldn’t believe it! I made a post referring to some curtains on that site with a link 2 YEARS AGO! Yet nothing happened all that time until someone clicked on the link on Saturday and that’s what got my account terminated! So apparently your blog can be terminated if someone clicks on a triggering link after 2 years of making the post?? Okay then.🤨
I find this all a bit whimsical to be honest. It doesn’t make sense why that site is so triggering to them. But to cut off people’s account without any warning because of it, is a blatant disregard to the people who use their platform. The lack of communication pissed me off most of all. To have to quote their own Community Guidelines back to them to get a response is a massive fail on their part. I could go on but you all know how Tumblr is. It was actually cathartic to put it all in an email so they could see themselves as we see them. 😂
Anyway, the offending post has been deleted, I’ve added the name of the site in my filters, I won’t refer to it or link it again! I’ve been told.🙄
Please everyone, check your posts and add a filter to that site so this won’t happen to you. If It has happened, keep on at them. They seem to rely on people not bothering to question them. If your account isn’t important enough to you to get it back, why would it be important to them?
Now I’m gonna clean up my tags and make a full offline backup of my posts - just in case! 😛
Thank you for all your lovely messages and encouraging me to not give up. 💜🤗
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attollogame · 41 minutes ago
I like both characters individually but together they don’t do anything for me. It seems to be something you’re into though, so I want to ask if I’m overstepping in asking for them to have a tag together for their pairing/poly (like other pairs in Attollo) so that I can avoid that tag while still seeing their individual posts/their posts with other characters?
I'm sorry, but I'm not really too pleased with the way you stated that to you it seems like 'something i'm into'. Not sure if I'm reading it wrong, but that comes off as...kind of questionable, if that makes sense.
I tend to put giant headers stating the chars names before prompts, so if you see Dreamwalker and Sysbas headers on a prompt before the 'read more' line, then you'll know it's a prompt for them as that is something I'm going to be doing from here on out. You should be able to avoid their posts that way.
Since the pairing nor the poly are set in stone, I don't want to do a tag yet that may not even really be used—hope you understand. Cheers.
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macarenaandrad3 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thank you so much! Without y'all I couldn't have this.
I'm going to post so much content-
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neoheros · 19 hours ago
Your work is always refreshing
THANK YOU AHHHH you know what else is refreshing ? a kiss
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thiccmaryjane · 9 hours ago
Mam how are your titties so fuckn massive?
If I had to guess... I'd say genes, big girl, and milk 🤷🏽‍♀️
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wife-adventure-ho · 20 hours ago
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for a fantastic first day and a warm welcome! The blog has only been active for around 24 hours and already we’ve had messages, compliments on my beautiful wife, likes and we’ve been made to feel very welcomed. Thanks again. Much more fun, games and content to come :)
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firemedicdiaz · 15 hours ago
You're amazing
You're a force of nature
After everything the world give you, you are still here!
And I'm so grateful for that 💕
I opened this while I was at work earlier and completely forgot to reply when I got home omg.
Thank you so much. Is it stupid that his made me tear up? I don't feel very strong, least of all like a force of nature, but you're right - I'm still here. And as much as I don't want to be here sometimes, I know I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.
Thank you. You are so incredibly sweet. The fact that you took a moment out of your day to stop by and leave some kind words means the absolute, entire world to me. 💗💗💗
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pyroclastic727 · 21 hours ago
In the crossover panel, Luz was trying to find a way home, so that means it was taking place in S2 of TOH, but Anne + The Plantars were still in Amphibia (Anne also had her tennis racket), + Marcy and Sasha weren't mentioned/with them, so it was most likely taking place in late S1- early S2. So, most likely a few months to a year apart.- IDFS Anon
Hm so in that case the calamity box in Owl House is just a cheap knockoff
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neoheros · 19 hours ago
rainy days is my favorite <3 mwah
OOOOOH i remember writing that one and i remember my weird obsession with making sure my fics are set in rainy days
i love the rain so much and it physically pains me to not experience it for like almost a year now. i am in pain
so it is very nice to know that u enjoyed my rainy day fics :(
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thetunewillcome · 16 hours ago
Heyo. Yes, I’m still around! In a way. Teaching in person during a pandemic really knocked all inspiration and writing work ethic out of me. But each day, if I’m lucky, I get a kudos or, if I’m super lucky, a comment or rec here, and that steady trickle has reminded me that people are still reading, so I should still be writing. (Especially with Season 2 confirmed! Wahoo!) I’m thrilled to say I finally hit a place yesterday where the words flowed freely, and I look forward to sharing with you soon. Thank you to everyone who’s still out there.
Don’t underestimate the power of a kudos or comment or reblog or rec, friends. Even when it looks like the author’s disappeared. It will reach them. It will matter.
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hansoeii · 21 days ago
that kiss was full on manipulation for Sylvie to get what she wants. It wasn't romantic, she just needed to get rid of Loki and she knew how to do it by hitting Loki where he's vulnerable and I stand by that.
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silmaspens · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tolkien OC Week- Day Six, Forgotten Characters
The Blue Wizards
When Sauron’s presence in the eastern lands of Middle Earth grew too dangerous to ignore, Oromë placed his finest hunter, Alatar, to the task of silencing the Enemy. Alatar agreed to foil Sauron’s influence in Arda, on the condition that Pallando, a great tracker and beloved friend, come with. The Vala agreed and the two Maia were sent to Middle Earth. Alatar was then called Morinehtar, the Darkness- Slayer and Pallando became known as Rómestámo, the East-Helper.
They went on many adventures together and tirelessly campaigned against Sauron and his many infectious lies. The Blue Wizards, as they came to be called, were beloved by all they met, and were embraced as great philosophers and teachers. Many came from great distances to ask for their wisdom and advice in all matters.
Despite their warm reception in the numerous kingdoms of men, they continued to work tirelessly in order to snuff out the insidious philosophies and ideas that Sauron had inflicted through his cunning tongue.
The Blue Wizards never rested and constantly campaigned against the Enemy. If not for their great labor, the east would have fallen to the Enemy, and the rest of middle earth would have soon followed.
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the-egg-emperor · 6 days ago
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tien-cha · 14 days ago
What I absolutely loved about YR is how Simon DID NOT in any way take advantage of Wille being high.
What we often see in tv shows/movies is two people hooking up under the influence of drugs/alcohol and it's often so toxic.
I love that it was nothing like that when Simon "rescued" Wille from the football field.
Despite Wille being extremely touchy and saying things like "You're so beautiful". Simon was resistent to it. AND most importantly nothing happened between them that night. We can see Simon curled up at the opposite side of the bed the next morning, showing that he didn't even try to sleep next to Wille when he was not sober and not fully responsible for his actions.
Tumblr media
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hansoeii · 21 days ago
One major thing I gotta give the Loki series major props for is how they portrayed female characters. Yes, the romance was unnecessary, but never once did we get a sexist remark, not once did they try to sexualize any of the female characters. They had proper armour and costumes, all fully practical and badass. They also casted an actress that is Tom's age to play Sylvie which I adore. Thank you for that, it was so damn refreshing to see.
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