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It’s late in the evening, and though there’s hardly a cloud in the sky, Mordhaus’ massive frame casts an imposing shadow that stretches across the empty fields. Winds blow the bitter, earthy aftertaste of strong weed. Nathan, resting on his balcony, catches a whiff and is soon drawn to the stream, a brook less than half a mile’s walk from the castle. He leaves the fortress as the sun continues to ease into the silent woods, turning the hazy orange sky into a dark, muddled purple.

The temperature drops quickly, though Nathan remains unaffected until he hears water wafting, and tastes the fresh crisp air mixing with the deepening stench of cannabis. When he catches wind of a certain voice, a smile emerges. He picks up pace, only coming to a slow once he notices the anxiety ridden in the voice, and halts when he spots Pickles on his phone, pacing from rock to the next.

“Well, yeah. Ya’ got a point, but–”

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hi, i know this is really really late but i’ve been keeping it in my inbox to look back at it because this is perhaps the most meaningful ask i’ve ever gotten . every time i’ve read this, it has brought me to tears . all those words fly out when offered this amount of understanding, and so i cannot be as eloquent as i’d like, but thank you . thank you so so much for being here, for understanding, for seeing me . i’ll save this ask and i think i’ll look back at it over and over again but thank you so so much . i hope someday i do find that person . i hope right now you have people who understand you and hear you and see you with the way you are with me . i hope that you will hear or read words that make you feel finally understood, even for a second . i hope that has happened already . i appreciate you and this message endlessly, and im not sure how to thank you except to say that every time i have felt alone or misunderstood or full of grief i’ve reread this ask . thank you so much, i love you so much .

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I agree!

It’s situations like these highlight that Ashton’s deep, artsy, introspective “personality” are just a facade that he puts up to seem cool (in my opinion). For someone who’s always preaching positivity, self growth, and being mindful of the world around us, he sure can’t seem to take his own advice. This pensive aura he tries to portray crumbles every time he speaks at this point because he doesn’t seem to think before he opens his mouth anymore.

I’m sorry if I’m seeming excessively harsh, and I really try not to be so negative on this blog when talking about people I’m not fond of. I just don’t really have an ounce of sympathy or patience for Ashton anymore.

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This is my mistake for not being clear enough, but I wasn’t trying to say that Superbloom came off as/was meant to be fake deep and condescending. I was referring to Ashton’s tweets, his captions, and his actions lately.

Like I’ve said before, I think Superbloom is a promising debut album from an unbiased standpoint. In terms of his lyricism, I think he shows good depth and meaning, but I’ve also critcized his excessive need to include far to many metaphors and double meanings within his lyrics. He does that far too much, far too often, and it can take away from what he’s really trying to say. That’s something that can be refined though.

However, Ashton’s egotistical and fake-introspective way of speaking nowadays only seems to be getting worse.

But, yeah, I just wanted to clarify that I wasn’t saying Superbloom was meant to come off that way; I was speaking about Ashton’s social media presence.

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Dream: why don’t you love me, George 🥺👉👈

George: how the fuck did you say that like. Verbally

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