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bittydragon · 13 hours ago
Webbed au
"Where are you..."
Dream's voice was sickly sing-song. While small for a drider, Ranboo could still feel his spider legs shake the ground from across the clearing in the forest.
Ranboo was shaking hunched behind a thin tree, really the first one he saw when he heard Dream coming for him again. He was covering his mouth tight, praying he didn't accidentally teleport somewhere Dream could see and cursing his slightly glowing eyes.
"Ranboo..." Dream's voice was lower, no doubt he spotted Ranboo. The Enderman could practically hear the drider's smile.
Dream took his sweet time looking behind all the trees, making sure his footsteps were extra loud. He knew he would catch Ranboo imediatly if he ran, but Dream probably was soaking up the terror he knew Ranboo was experiencing.
"Come on out, snack..."
Tears formed in Ranboo's eyes, starting to sting his eyelids. This happened every time. Dream let's Ranboo "hide", Ranboo starts crying, he gets burnt and makes noise, Dream catches him and eats him. Ranboo has the burn scars on his face to prove it. Up until Ranboo was caught, he didn't even realise his eyes could make tears.
The tears rolled out of his eyes, slowly and painfully streaking down his face.
A chirp escaped Ranboo's throat. Not that it mattered, Dream already knew he was here, but now he had an excuse to book it towards Ranboo and put him back in his stomach.
Ranboo could feel Dream standing on the other side of the tree and somehow the way he was staring holes into him. Ranboo hardly had time to react as Dream ripped the tree out of the ground, roots and all, leaving Ranboo out in the open. Staring up at the giant drider that was going to eat him was an... experience.
"I'm impressed," Dream lifted up Ranboo by the back of his jacket, pulling him up to his face. "I certainly had fun. You?"
One might think that after two weeks of knowing what Dream could do, Ranboo would be at least a little less scared. But Ranboo was just as petrified as the first time he came face to face with Dream.
"Well, I guess I know you're too scared to answer," Dream rolled all eight of his eyes. "But that makes this all the more fun for me."
Ranboo could barely squeak out a sound as he was shoved into the mouth of the beast.
Yooooooooooo! This is so good! And exactly how I thought it'd be between them in the beginning. Despite knowing what is about to happen, Ranboo can't help but be scared. And you've captured this so well! Thank you for this!
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drcolorzine · a day ago
Tumblr media
★ Thank you for all your support! The DR COLORZINE preorders are now officially closed. Please await any updates as we keep moving forward!!
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khaleesiofalicante · a day ago
Invisible by Anna Clendening gives me Céline about Stephen vibes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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peevishpants · 2 hours ago
when I first saw your hyrule university au I was kinda upset with it because Skyward Sword is the first game chronologically, and BoTW is the last! but then I read more comics and I'm enjoying it, and I think it's an interesting reversal on canon.
and an actual question; do you have any plans to add any Goron?
haha that's fair, and thanks for enjoying it now despite the departure from the generally accepted games canon! I see this AU as a sandbox space to rearrange canon concepts however I want, in any way I thought would be cool. I decided Link would be an archaeology student and needed some ruins for him to discover, so the Divine Beasts from BOTW became "ancient" ruins in the modern-day setting that's mostly mapped onto Skyward Sword. Actually wait in trying to justify my choice I had such a cool idea - maybe LINK IS THE ONE TO DISCOVER THESE RUINS BC THEY WERE WAITING FOR HIM... ONLY SOMEONE WHO DOES WEIRD TIMELINE STUFF COULD FIND THEM... oh wait never mind I already said Divine Beasts lore was written in his textbooks and therefore known to other archaeologists already... hmm we'll workshop that later
I also want to disclaim that I am really just making stuff up for this AU as I go along - I'm bound to contradict myself eventually, and plenty of my ideas are not very good upon close inspection, but I've pigeon-holed myself by uploading them thinking they were cool/funny/unexpected without being careful haha
For example, I just answered another ask with "Link had 0 shirts before university" but I also already drew Link getting his uni acceptance letter, wearing a Shirt (the post is queued up! Or you can find it on my instagram) so. Schrodinger's Shirt?
Also, re: gorons, in a way yes! I've sneaked a to-be-named Goron in as the king (and face) of the Goritos empire, aka the Hylian producers of every student's favourite studying snack (tm) LOL
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reallybadblackoutpoems · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gaud’s grinch x tony the tiger fic (2020) - @biggest-gaudiest-patronuses
“b a n g! the grinch shot tony. tony has fucking died.”
happy holidays everyone
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shitpostsampler · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
This is my first project bigger than like patch size!! Thank y'all for making this awesome pattern
Submitted by  Jareth Edwards ( via email.
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Four: So Legend, what’s your goal in life?
Legend: Currently? Getting a Wanted poster for my arrest in every Hyrule we come across.
Legend: All that’s left is Wild’s Hyrule. I don’t know what their limit is, but I will fucking find it.
Wild, who regularly bombs and burns his own land: If you figure it out tell me.
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rpsourcedmemes · 8 months ago
Questions For My Muse(s)
👁‍🗨 - what is a secret that your muse hasn’t told or is hiding
💬 - for my muse to directly say a secret or confession
⚪ - what are small things that mean something to your muse
🔴 - what are bigger gestures that are important to your muse
👌 - what are some of your muses quirks?
💦 - mannerisms that your muse has when they’re shy or nervous
💢 - mannerisms that your muse has when they’re angry or sad
🙌 - mannerisms that your muse has when they’re extremely happy
🤞 - what’s the most impulsive thing you can picture your muse doing
☠️ - does your muse fear death?
👻 - recall one or more times your muse has been the most scared or fearful
😠 - what is something or someone your muse has ever hated or hates
🏹 - would your muse ever kill and why
💢 - what would cause your muse to be annoyed
👍 - what are your muse’s good traits?
👀 - is your muse prone to jealousy?
🖤 - can your muse be selfish?
❓ - can your muse be indecisive?
🙈 - can your muse be blindly loyal?
❌ - what would cause your muse to be petty or say something hurtful
🙊 - has your muse ever put their foot in their mouth?
💥 - is your muse reckless? or too cautious and paranoid?
🔷️ - is your muse good or bad at lying?
🤔 - is your muse cynical? naïve?
✋ - can your muse be rude or unfriendly?
🤝 - is your muse a people pleaser?
😔 - is your muse insecure?
🎭 - does your muse try really hard to compensate for something?
🤜 - is your muse overprotective? in-between? or not protective/concerned enough?
⬛ - what are some bad traits your muse might have?
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ens-vector · a month ago
A few more doodles from the new ep, some better than others...
+ in need of comms/donos/pen pal orders, keep reading...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The amount of times I feel I have to ask this makes me feel incredibly awful. I'm so sorry. I never mean to annoy you guys with this stuff, I know I ask a lot, and I always feel so bad when I do. But I'm in need of whatever you guys can offer. You can donate to my ko-fi (starsarekind), order a tss pen-pal letter on my ko-fi (starsarekind), join my patreon (StarsAreKind), or commission me (on any platform). Anything you can give me helps so much, and I'd be so very thankful. I'm doing my best to create great art, so commissions will not only be as good as I can make them, but they'll help me get even better. Pen pal letters are a nice way to connect with your favourite side, for a very cheap cost ($2!!). Anything you can give me helps me buy essentials for my apartment, or goes into my savings for my bills and groceries. I also have an Amazon wishlist - the items there are mostly wants for my new apartment and not needs, though. The full link list is in my bio.
Again, I'm sorry to ask! But spreading this would mean the world to me!! If you like my art, please consider donating or supporting in some way!
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anonanonanonanon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thesparklingblue · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Just wanted to say thank you for all the love Lutessa's Reign received this week. It won't take much longer for me to start working on part 2. Obrigada, pessoal! 🥰
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yasmeensh · 7 months ago
Crimson Ties - Chapter Illustrations!
Hello everyone! I am very excited to finally reveal what I’ve been working on for much of 2020′s summer months. I present: Chapter illustrations for @turtleduckscribbles​ ’s amazing Linked Universe fic, Crimson Ties! It goes deep into Hyrule and his past adventures (and this very adventure too of course haha). Please give it a read here! It’s so wonderfully written and planned out, an absolutely exciting roller-coaster ride! Be warned, these illustrations do include spoilers for the story!!! Here they are without any further ado:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They were an immense pleasure to work on! I never worked on a project like this before, so it was very much a learning experience too! Thank you Turtle for writing this awesome fic, and many thanks to Jojo for introducing the wonderful LU world to us all! 😊❤
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ink-mania · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
I was gonna wait until 100 but I though 73 was more fitting. A huge thank you to my 73+ followers. I LOVE you all!! I have only had this blog for a couple months or so and this means a lot to me. Let’s keep the Nanami vibe train going. <3
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salison · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Free printable Kirby stickers! A tiny gift to thank all of you.
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