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#thank you!
legend-of-a-savior-ifa minute ago
Hdkshdks I keep imagining the rest of the cast when deep relationship Angel and mc keep disappearing together for anywhere ranging to minutes to hours
Like "馃槖 really? It's the fourth time today....... just make it quick please "
Phyrra would be disappointed, Ranvir would give the MC a high five, and Cadmus would be making jokes about how neither of them can keep it in their pants.
askksksks, everyone would be really annoyed when it happens multiple times throughout the day. Especially during an important meeting LMFAO
thank you!!
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viridializarda minute ago
WAIT idk if i asked already but... evi? 馃ズ
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY
She is 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ beautiful
can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me
Some parts of her story definitely hit close to home for me, Blackthorn Dalinar is very similar to someone I used to have in my life (minus the whole fantastical element, wealth and warcrimes) and I am very maternal towards my younger siblings too. Her arc of trying for so long to appease Dalinar until she reached a breaking point that... didn't go well... yeah, that is something I feel very deeply. But her story as an asylum seeker and immigrant is of course beyond my personal experience, and that's a hugely important part of her character too.
would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don鈥檛 kno
Young Evi who is travelling to Alethkar? Yes she can be my girlfriend and my artistic muse and I will write her poetry and bring her flowers. Evi Lives Evi who is a milf and powerful beyond imagination? Yes I am in love with her, no I will not ever tell her.
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tiiescuta minute ago
饾悋饾悗饾悥 饾悆饾悗饾悇饾悞 饾悩饾悗饾悢饾悜 饾悓饾悢饾悞饾悇 饾悅饾悁饾悜饾悜饾悩 饾悇饾悓饾悗饾悡饾悎饾悗饾悕饾悞?
Tumblr media
饾悜饾悢饾悑饾悇饾悞. 聽please repost, don鈥檛 reblog! 聽bold and italicize what applies accordingly.
BOLD: always. BOLD + ITALICIZE: sometimes.
Tumblr media
饾悁饾悕饾悊饾悇饾悜. 聽jaw clenching, hands balling into fists, teeth grinding, yelling, going nonverbal, stuttering speech, rushed speech, slow concise speech, rambling, quiet, arms crossing, shaking head, tearing up, animated, expressionless, projects, internalizes, vents, withdraws, passive aggressive, direct, physical outbursts, verbal outbursts
饾悏饾悗饾悩. 聽easy smiles, fighting back grins, suppressed laughter, loud laughter, giggles, chuckling, smirks, whole body laughs, covers mouth when laughing/giggling, throws head back when laughing, slaps leg, touches people around them when laughing, looks down when laughing, looks for eye contact when laughing, sparkling eyes, bubbly happiness, quiet subtle happiness, obnoxious happiness, wants to spread joy, quietly savors joy
饾悞饾悁饾悆饾悕饾悇饾悞饾悞. 聽crying, bottling it up, seeks distractions, wallows, meditates and processes, avoidance, seeks out comfort, withdraws, talks it out, internalizes it, sad smiles, depression naps, uses alcohol, uses drugs, seeks out sources of joy,聽fidgets with sentimental item, sits in silence, broods, gets moody, wants someone to share the misery, tries to hide negative emotions, nurtures others to make themselves feel better
饾悇饾悓饾悂饾悁饾悜饾悜饾悁饾悞饾悞饾悓饾悇饾悕饾悡/饾悞饾悋饾悁饾悓饾悇. 聽blushing, looking away, rubbing at back of head, covering face, laughing nervously, laughs it off, overthinks, lets it go, self deprecating humor, deflects, gets irritated, smiles, withdraws, crossing arms over stomach, crossing arms over chest, hands in pockets, shoulders sinking, shrugs, falling into silence until comfortable again, talking a lot to compensate
饾悊饾悢饾悎饾悑饾悡. 聽avoiding eye contact, shoulders sinking low, head hanging down, crying, chest aches, lashes out, internalizes, apologizes, deflects, communicates, withdraws, grand gestures for forgiveness, accepts fault easily, punishes themselves, martyrdom, victim complex, over-active guilt complex, healthy conscience, internalizes even after forgiveness, seeking redemption, moves on easily, denial, lack of guilt/conscience, sorry they got caught more than caused harm, can鈥檛 handle knowing they hurt others
饾悈饾悇饾悁饾悜/饾悁饾悕饾悧饾悎饾悇饾悡饾悩. 聽trembling, crying, sarcasm/sass to cope, rambles, goes silent, gets angry, fidgeting, clenching jaw, picking at nails, chewing at lip, pulling at clothes, adjusting jewelry/clothing, swallowing thickly, eyes widening,聽over-reacts, under-reacts, calm, logical, panic, irrational, overthinks, carefully analyzes, talks to themselves, breathing exercises, flight, fight,聽withdraw, fawn
tagged by: @skelemos tagging: @oplitis @ghospoke (both boys) @towercursed @grownumb @dethqveen @wildwcmen (rosaaaa) @slwdancing (erin) @cordiibus (sully boiiiii) @nirgama @the-sleuthy-one @spiriitum @spiritheart @airxn @origcmibird @solarbloomed鈥
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the-sapphic-soldier2 minutes ago
Hello I just wanted to say thank you for the post you made about ace ppl it made me feel really valid and seen 馃挅馃彸锔忊嶐煂
Omg I鈥檓 so glad 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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cowboy-anon2 minutes ago
馃Ц and 馃摎 for apple?
馃Ц - A soft plushie
馃摎 - A bedtime story
Totally dropped off the face of the Earth yesterday aside for a few likes. XD Sorry about that!
Anyway, it鈥檚 a long boi, and it鈥檚 also the first real piece I鈥檝e written about Apple鈥檚 time with Jimmy! Therefore, I鈥檓 taggin鈥!
CW: Broken whumpee, clueless caretaker, clueless whumpee, crying, implied past abuse, lack of boundaries, mentioned temper tantrum, pet whump, referenced past neglect, starvation mention, Stockholm Syndrome, whipping mention
Tagging: @happy-whumper, @milk-carton-whump, @sideblogformindtrash, @whumperfulart, @unicornscotty
(I lost my list, so if you want to be tagged or if I forgot to tag you, please let me know!)
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
A week in and Jimmy鈥檚 feeling pretty terrible at this whole caretaking thing. He shouldn鈥檛 have said it. He thought he was helping.
He shouldn鈥檛 have told Apple that Clay didn鈥檛 have his best interests at heart.
The tantrum lasted an hour, and after he exhausted himself, Apple stormed into the living room and hid beside the couch. Not even the bedroom he painstakingly prepared for him, Jimmy thinks exhaustedly.
But that鈥檚 not really important. At this rate, Apple鈥檚 never going to warm up to him. He needs to do something to gain his trust. Not that he鈥檚 exactly sure what that would entail. Words won鈥檛 be enough. Apple鈥檚 still terrified of him. Pissed at him now, too. So鈥
鈥淎pple?鈥 Jimmy hears a sniffle from behind the arm of the couch. 鈥淟isten, I鈥 I have to go to the store real quick. I need you to stay here.鈥 He would bring him, but he doesn鈥檛 think he鈥檇 be able to handle a busy supermarket so soon after, well, everything.
鈥淚鈥檓 not expecting any company, so.鈥 Jimmy shrugs on his coat. 鈥淪o don鈥檛 open the door for anyone. Just鈥 if anyone knocks, ignore them.鈥
His keys, his keys鈥 There they are. Jimmy scoops up his wallet and keys and unlocks the door.
鈥淜eep this door locked when I leave, Apple. That鈥檚鈥︹ Jimmy sighs and braces himself. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 a command. Stay here, okay?鈥
He knew what to expect when he used that tone, but it still stings when Apple replies, 鈥淵es, Master Jimmy.鈥
He nods to himself. 鈥淕ood. I鈥檒l be back soon.鈥 Then he walks out, closing the door behind him.
The moment the door closes, Apple rushes to the door on unsteady legs, unlocks it, and wraps his hand around the doorknob. Just a few minutes. Three, tops. Three minutes until he rips the door open and runs back to Master Clay.
Master Jimmy doesn鈥檛 know what he was talking about. No, not Master Jimmy. Just Jimmy, because Master Clay is still his owner no matter what he says.
Apple puts his ear to the door and listens to Jimmy鈥檚 receding footsteps. Around the doorknob, his fingers shake. What if Master Clay doesn鈥檛 take him back? Apple was bad. No, he was horrible. He left. He left Master Clay. Why did he do that?!
Because Benji told him to鈥攂egged him to. They made him promise he would run and never come back.
Apple鈥.he has to keep that promise.
This, this whole staying with Jimmy, it鈥檚 temporary. Temporary Master Jimmy. Temporary until Apple can find a way to get back to Master Clay without breaking his promise.
Apple can do that, but until then, he has to wait. So he lets go of the doorknob, flicks the lock closed, and he stays.
Less than an hour later, Temporary Master Jimmy walks through the door with a plastic bag. He waves Apple over to the bedroom, not Temporary Master Jimmy鈥檚 and therefore the extra bedroom. Apple鈥檚 chest tightens at the notion, but he does as he鈥檚 told.
Crawling into the carpeted room, it鈥檚 not at all what Apple expects. Instead of empty corners and glaringly bland walls, it鈥檚鈥 oddly homey. There鈥檚 an enticing bed in the corner of the room and beside it a simple but lovely wooden nightstand and lamp. At the front of the room, there鈥檚 even a little dresser. And鈥 the room itself is a beautiful shade of olive green.
Temporary Master Jimmy鈥檚 already in the room, sitting on the floor against the foot of the bed. He wordlessly pats the space beside him.
Apple鈥檚 hands start to go numb with fright. Still, it鈥檚 a command鈥攅ven if Temporary Master Jimmy didn鈥檛 state so explicitly. Hoping his hesitation doesn鈥檛 show, Apple crawls until he鈥檚 kneeling where he was gestured to and sits, careful not to let his back touch the bed.
Temporary Master Jimmy lets him get settled, then pulls the plastic bag from earlier into his lap and looks at Apple.
鈥淚 know we don鈥檛 know each other all that well,鈥 Temporary Master Jimmy starts slowly, 鈥渂ut I noticed you have a kind of鈥 affinity for apple stuff, so I鈥 I got you something.鈥 Apple watches, half excited, half terrified as Temporary Master Jimmy reaches into the bag and pulls out whatever鈥檚 in there.
Apple sees the felt stem first, then a dark green leaf sprouting from the top of the round bright green fabric shape. And then he sees legs. Eight to be exact. And eyes.
鈥淚t鈥檚 an apple octopus plush! Or a鈥 an apple-pus?鈥 Temporary Master Jimmy laughs a little. 鈥淚 just鈥 I saw it and I thought it was kind of cute and, you know, figured you might like it. Given鈥 everything鈥︹
Apple鈥檚 staring. It鈥檚 an octopus, but鈥攂ut it鈥檚 green and it has a leaf and a stem like an apple. And it looks so soft...
But Apple knows It鈥檚 a trick. It has to be. People don鈥檛 get him things, not without a lot of convincing. Certainly not unprompted. But鈥 but Temporary Master Jimmy鈥檚 just holding it out to him expectantly, and every second that passes by, the itch to grab it grows. Soon enough, Apple doesn鈥檛 care if it鈥檚 a trick. He moves to take it, fully expecting to have it wrenched out of his reach the moment he gets close enough for it to hurt him.
Only it isn鈥檛.
When Apple reaches out to grab it, Temporary Master Jimmy doesn鈥檛 snatch it away. He lets Apple take it in his hands. He lets Apple touch its perfect fluffy fabric and hold it to his chest. It鈥檚 soft, so much softer than he imagined it鈥檇 be.
For the first time since arriving here, Temporary Master Jimmy makes Apple smile.
鈥淚-I got a story, too,鈥 Temporary Master Jimmy continues, smiling like this is the best thing to ever happen to him. He pulls a little hardcover picture book out of the bag to show Apple. 鈥淪o鈥 so I鈥檒l make you a deal.鈥
At the words, Apple freezes, and the smile on his face drops in a flash. The look he shoots Jimmy is one of pure horror.
How could he have been so stupid? The rewards, the kind words鈥攐f course there鈥檇 be a 鈥渂ut.鈥 The salesman never let him off that easy either.
鈥淥kay,鈥 Apple squeaks, because he knows he has no real choice in the matter. He just hopes his behavior earlier won鈥檛 influence the severity of the punishment.
What is he thinking? Of course it will.
鈥淚鈥檒l read you a story tonight, but only if鈥 if you sleep on your bed tonight.鈥
Now he鈥檚 just confused. Apple鈥 wasn鈥檛 expecting that. He expected to be starved or to receive a whipping, not to sleep on a bed. An insanely plush, comfortable-looking鈥. bed.
Apple nods because he鈥檚 expected to. 鈥淥kay.鈥
Apple doesn鈥檛 understand why Jimmy鈥檚 face lights up when he says that, but he does know watching Jimmy jump up with the book in hand makes him nervous. Master Clay never let him on the furniture, nevermind a bed. He never told Apple why, but Apple assumes it was the filth that covered him. Besides, Apple wouldn鈥檛 want to ruin Master Clay鈥檚 lovely couches.
Which is why when Apple stands up with the plushie held to his chest, he hesitates even touching the bed.
He looks longingly over it鈥檚 big fluffy pillows and soft, clean green-striped white comforter. Then he peeks at Jimmy, who鈥檚 watching him expectantly.
This is what your temporary master wants, Apple reminds himself firmly. It doesn鈥檛 matter if he hurts you afterwards. Do as you鈥檙e told.
Apple swallows hard and lays a shaking hand on the comforter.
He cringes, waiting for the inevitable yelling, waiting for the punishment. But it doesn鈥檛 come. Rather, Temporary Master Jimmy says, 鈥淕ood! Good. Okay, come on, Apple, you can do it. Get under the covers and I鈥檒l read you that story.鈥
A story. How long has it been since someone鈥檚 read to him? Ages.
So Apple puts his other hand on the comforter, the one holding the plushie, ready for any reprimand he might receive. When he doesn鈥檛 get one, he pulls the covers back, crawls onto the mattress, sits himself up amongst the pillows, and covers himself again with the blanket. It feels鈥 foreign. Oddly enough, just a little familiar, too.
Temporary Master Jimmy hides a smile behind his hand, not very well and definitely not in a way that鈥檚 reassuring for Apple, before climbing into bed next to him, staying on top of the blankets instead of getting under them.
Still, the proximity makes Apple freeze鈥攚ell, aside from his hands. Those are shaking uncontrollably despite clutching at the covers by his lap.
Temporary Master Jimmy gets all but comfortable before noticing Apple鈥檚 discomfort. 鈥淕eez, sorry, I should鈥檝e asked. Is鈥 is it okay for me to be on your bed?鈥
鈥淥f course,鈥 Apple says without hesitation. His hands continue to shake.
But everything is okay. Whatever his master chooses to do with him is okay. His salesman knew that, Master Clay knew that. Why doesn鈥檛 Temporary Master Jimmy get it?
鈥淗ere.鈥 Temporary Master Jimmy scoots further to the right, away from Apple, until he鈥檚 sitting on the corner of the bed. 鈥淏etter?鈥
Apple exhales shakily. 鈥淵-yes?鈥 Is he allowed to answer?
Temporary Master Jimmy shifts until he鈥檚 comfortable. Apple takes the octopus plush and pulls it back into his arms, snuggling deeper into the blankets as discreetly as possible.
Beside him, Temporary Master Jimmy smiles. Then he clears his throat and grabs the bright red picture book from his lap.
鈥淩ight. So, uh, get comfy.鈥 Temporary Master Jimmy flashes the cover at Apple, who can鈥檛 help but watch him with wide, fascinated eyes. 鈥淭his is Corduroy. I loved this book when I was a kid.鈥 Temporary Master Jimmy flips to the first page. 鈥淚 mean, I don鈥檛 know if you鈥檒l think it鈥檚 too kiddy or boring, but鈥 just tell me if you want me to stop.鈥
Apple nods, barely perceptible, even though he knows he has no intention of doing so. Temporary Master Jimmy chose this book. Of course Apple will be grateful.
鈥淥kay.鈥 Temporary Master Jimmy nods. 鈥淚鈥檓鈥 I鈥檓 starting now. Uh, Corduroy is a bear who once lived in the toy department of a big store...鈥
As he reads, Apple finds himself hanging onto every word. He kind of likes how Temporary Master Jimmy鈥檚 voice gets huskier when he reads. It reminds him of Master Clay.
With the image in mind, Apple finds his eyes drifting closed against his will.
鈥...鈥榊ou must be a friend,鈥 said Corduroy. 鈥業鈥檝e always wanted a friend.鈥欌
鈥溾楳e too!鈥 said Lisa, and gave him a big hug.鈥 Temporary Master Jimmy turns the book to Apple to show him the final picture, but he鈥檚 almost completely asleep now, curled up on the bed and clutching that apple octopus tightly in his hands.
Temporary Master Jimmy brushes a strand of faded green hair out of Apple鈥檚 face and pulls the covers up to waist. He does it so gently, so carefully. He doesn鈥檛 know the slightest of touches are enough to rouse Apple.
Temporary Master Jimmy slips out of bed and heads for the door.
Behind him, Apple pipes up, 鈥淭hank you, Temporary Master Jimmy.鈥 It鈥檚 soft and a little hoarse from the screaming fit he threw earlier, but his appreciation is clear.
鈥淭emporary Ma鈥? Uh, you鈥檙e welcome, Apple.鈥 Temporary Master Jimmy chuckles quietly. 鈥淕oodnight.鈥
On his way out, he flicks the light off and closes the door behind him.
Without Temporary Master Jimmy around, Apple lets himself get truly comfortable. He buries himself in a mound of blankets and pillows and cuddles the apple octopus stuffie against his cheek, for once not worrying that it鈥檒l be taken away from him.
That night, Apple sleeps the most peacefully he has in years.
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sinisterspidey3 minutes ago
omg i've barely been on tumblr today i almost missed it! happy birthday!!! <3
no worries!! tysm alyssa <3 and happy early birthday ;) i'll try my best to remember to say happy bday to you as well but i'm a bit of a mess so i might forget haha
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noncommittalhum3 minutes ago
馃尫馃尲 Send this to ten bloggers you think are wonderful. Keep the game going! (no pressure)馃尲馃尫
aww thank you!!
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dorky-self-shipper4 minutes ago
Hello hello~ I saw you get excited about another lupin self insert and figured I'd stop by! Seems like you're interested in the master thief himself~ personally I fancy his gunslinger buddy ^^ Anyways please, if you want to of course, tell me about you're own self insert! I always love to here about others self insert/oc
Hope you have a lovely day~!
@soft-citrus-central Oh hello!! Yesyes I ship with the Master Thief himself <3 Also that gunslinger buddy of his told me he loves you! Now onto my self insert-
Tumblr media
(My most recent sketch of them)
This is Panchi! He is a leader of his own small team of thieves: 2 people and him included, later down the line they get a 4th member. He usually prioritizes stealing from bad people (Ex. A loan shark) or just rich people in general in an attempt to help people in need. During one mission, the team had an encounter with the great Lupin III and his team and had a whole rivalry going on-They lost but Lupin decided to give them the treasure anyways. They had a few more encounters after that and then Part 4 begins! By pure coincidence the two teams got apartments nearby so they just end up working together which results in all of them getting to know eachother better.
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friskywhisky4 minutes ago
What鈥檚 the most sexually daring thing you鈥檝e ever done?
Nothing too crazy! Given head in a car in a parking lot before, played with the lush while in a car wash鈥
But! I have a laundry list of things I want to try.
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fkahersweetness4 minutes ago
I love seeing what you have to say about anything, you're naturally funny so all of your commentary is entertaining
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lovelyisthedawn4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
guiltless, dodie // into the unknown, frozen ii // seven, taylor swift // where did the rock go, school of rock // saturn, sleeping at last
send me a 鈥榟i鈥 and i鈥檒l shuffle my playlist to create a poem!
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djarinsbeskar5 minutes ago
u are so got damn talented it blows me away everytime and whenever u interact w my content my heart goes boom boom bc i am not worthy
and u are also a sweetheart on top of that and it just makes u so irresistible
this isnt anonymous bc i need u to feel the power of my love
Anonymously tell me how you feel about me. I can't reply, I just have to read it and post it.
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dottie-wan-kenobi5 minutes ago
Dick & Jason Platonic Royal AU
Kk we talked in the server so lemme add Coffee Shop AU onto here too--
Imagine, if you will, a kingdom called Gotham. King Bruce has many children, most of them adopted, but it was his second son, Prince Jason, who was held dear in the hearts of Gothamites. Much like Rapunzel, on his birthday, they had some ceremony to celebrate his life and to mourn his loss.
I think part of this AU would be that none of the kids are fully shown to the public until they reach a certain age, probably 16 when they can be introduced into society like a victorian girl. Maybe they wear masks over their eyes (for safety reasons? for the drama? you decide!). And even then, they mostly stand on a high-up balcony and the people don't really Know what the family look like.
Prince Dick can keep a straight face most of the time, but during these ceremonies, he has to slip away because he just can't do it. He can't stand in front of the kingdom and mourn his brother with strangers, with an audience, with every eye on him. So, disguised just in case, he skips out on his (frankly unnecessary) bodyguards and walks about town.
He has some adventures, but the important part of this journey is when he goes into the only coffee shop on this block, a tiny hole in the wall that is nearly empty except for the single employee and a few stray cats. Mayhaps this coffee shop is called Selina's. In any case, Dick is already pulling out his wallet when he walks in, so he doesn't see the face of the employee until he's at the counter, about to order.
The white stripe of hair is new, his face is a bit older, but holy shit. That's definitely his lost little brother.
Fanfic Trope Mashup Game
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abuliawrites5 minutes ago
OMG SKSKJF im the anon who asked for the paintball scenario! IM SO HAPPY ITS SO GOOD i thought you forgot about it or something 馃槶馃槶 but it was totally worth the wait! thank you so much!!
also the whole tension between kuroo and the reader? istg i was getting butterflies on my stomach just reading it jsjsjdj wished they had kissed imma sucker for manager + captain
i was worried you鈥檇 lost patience and wouldn鈥檛 see the end result 馃槶 i鈥檓 so sorry it took this long to get finished but i鈥檓 glad you enjoyed it lovely 馃ズ馃挋
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legend-of-a-savior-if6 minutes ago
I鈥檓 so fucking tempted ejkeodnsnadkdk
Also I know she鈥檚 a bitch! But she鈥檚 also a BAD bitch. You made her and you knew she was hot. Don鈥檛 act surprised 馃槫
Like poor MC, but I鈥檓 not them.... I could risk it
Tumblr media
why curse my eyes asksksksksk
I did make her and I know she's hot! But I'm the creator!! I can say she's hot!! She is your guy's mother, not mine!!
Are you willing to risk your life just to flirt with her? Are you really?
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infernothebluestone6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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fkahersweetness7 minutes ago
For the Anon thing: I really look up to you and your writing.
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daniwouldnever7 minutes ago
Neighbor, the covid situation is not the best and I'm very careful with that so I probably just going to stay at home and watch some movies and stuff , read books. Let's enjoy our vacations! And stay safe
Oh same here. Well that still sounds like some good plans, neighbor!! I hope you enjoy it <3
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legend-of-a-savior-if7 minutes ago
How long would the angel be willing to stretch out the spicy activities? Alternatively, what's the shortest they'd be willing to make it?
More spice!
love the angel spice.
The shortest they would make it would only be a few minutes. If they were in a hurry or something, they'll drag the MC off to a corner and take them right there. It wouldn't last anywhere close to ten minutes though.
For the longest, they would be fine with going a few rounds! They don't need sleep as much as the MC, so as long as the MC is awake and fine with it, they'll stretch it out for as long as possible. Especially if they're stressed or angry 馃憖.
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