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Heads up, 7 up

I was tagged by @akillerqueenyouare thank you so much! 💗

Challenge: post the last 7 sentences I wrote and tag 7 people.

From my Superfamily WIP Continuum:

Nodding, Peter pressed his ear harder against Dad’s armour, trying to focus only on the constant thud thud thud of his heartbeat. He wanted so badly to say something, anything, that might possibly help. Say was sorry for not staying on the stupid bus, sorry for not going home when Dad tried to send him. Sorry for thinking he could actually be an Avenger when he was still “just a kid”.

Sorry for forcing Dad to have to beg for his life to be spared twice in the span of about twenty minutes, which had to be some kind of a record, as hero gigs go.

But now wasn’t the time. Peter had literally just been nearly strangled to death, and by the most powerful creature in the entire universe, even, according to Uncle Bruce, which meant that that the gauge on Dad’s freakout-o-metre was still all the way over in the Holy Fucking Shit! range.

I’m tagging: @crownofstardustandbone @sherlollyandspoilers @norbertsmom @jehbeeeh @bethyedolphin9870 @sdottkrames @alliswell21 and anyone else who would like to play 💗

This was fun, thank you so much! 💗 💗

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Aww, thank you so much! I definitely needed the cheer up today! 💗 💗

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Fun question! Okay.

I think Momo and Jihyo just go make a move. They just sit next to their partner and kiss their neck or something. Very direct.

Sana is more subtle. She’ll inch closer, play with their hair, make heart eyes, etc.

Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung are direct but… shy? They’re more likely to send a dirty text.

Tzuyu and Mina… they’d WANT to be direct but also want to save face and not “embarrass” themselves? So they’d hold out for a while, drop VERY subtle hints that their partner would not notice and then give up and climb on their lap lmao

Nayeon and Dahyun are the ones to just be like “yo, wanna go down on me for a bit? I’ll return the favor.)

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Thank you, anon!!

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  • Seulgi
  • Jungwoo
  • Beomgyu
  • Jihyo
  • Momo
  • Big Matthew
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1. What was your first OTP?

In general: wishship aka Yugi/Jou from Yugioh

For ATLA: definitely yukka

4. What is/are your favorite trope(s)?

I really like reading and writing angst and misery (with occasional dark fic), and they don’t always have to have a happy ending. Roleswaps and time travel aus are my favs for alternate universes. And I’m a big fan of Slow Burn, Body Swaps, and the occasional Unrequited Love.

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Hey! Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it enough to want more <3 I’ve decided there will be one or two more chapters depending on how they work up. It’s actually turning into a little series so there will be more fics in that universe and some will definitely be fluff ;)

I’m going to be adding another fic to a mother’s love called a mother’s advice that will be a lot of fluff. 

Also feel free to drop into my ask with requests! I have some info here with some prompt lists. Just let me know what genre you’d like. I have a fluff request I’ll be working on this weekend as well! 

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I converted you??? This is very exciting! Welcome to the club and if you’re interested in reading more of these two let me know and I’ll send over some recs! 

Also, thank you so much <3 I’m so glad you enjoy my writing. Messages make my day <3

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🐝 20 question tag! 🐝

Massive thank you to a beautiful Camila 🤍 you’re the sweetest!🥺  @needvodkand1d

1. Name: Karolina (Caroline/Carolina)

2. Nickname: actually i don’t have any but most people call me by my surename!

3. Zodiac Sign: Cancer

4. Height: 1,71 cm (5.6 ft? I still do understand this metric system)

5. Languages: Polish, English and Italian in progress.

6. Nationality: Polish

7. Favorite Season: Autumn. 🍂 Autumn forever. 

8. Favorite Flower: Sunflowers 🌻 & Peonies 

9. Favorite Scent: fresh Cotton! 🧺

10. Favorite Color: Black

11. Favorite Animal: Dogs & pandas 🐶🐼

12. Favorite Fictional Character(s): Dwight from The Office & Chandler from Friends!

13. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?: CoffeeTea. I can’t choose, no way.

14. Average hours of sleep: 4 maybe. Sometimes less, depends on a day. (Yeah, please don’t do that, def not healthy).

15. Dog or Cat person?: Dog person. Always.

16. Number of blankets you sleep with: 1

17. Dream trip: oh, list goes on and on but def Japan, Bali, Brazil and always nice to be back in Scotland. 

18. Blog established: since 2013. 🤘🏼

19. Number of followers: 1640 (I love every single one of you! Thank you for keeping up with me 🥺💖)

20. Random Fact: I’m scared of cats & my guitar is called Poppy!

✨I’m tagging: @1dwoodchuck @buttfucklarrie @suicidaltomlinson @froggy-5 @larryislove @lovelylarents @sunflower-mp3

[If any of you already did it (or want to ignore it) then you didn’t saw this and go on to have a wonderful day + thank you! Seeing you in my activities melts my heart everyday! 💖]

Treat people with kindness 🐝

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16. Name a moment where you were frustrated with your OC’s behavior.

How could I ever be frustrated with my baby’s behavior, my absolute sweetheart. I mean maybe there was one time when she was being stubborn, insisting to go to adament with the others because she wanted to help right the wrongs the order was doing. And then thought she could stay behind because she was hurt and would slow them down. Thankfully Cassandra was having none of it and picked her up with Stroud staying behind. Other than that she can’t do wrong.

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Hello everybody! if you have any questions about God, jesus, the bible, ect I’ll try my best to help answer and get back to you as soon as I can.

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What is a justification your OC uses for their bad choices that they don’t really believe themselves?

Calypso will often make herself think she had no choice, that something had to be done and maybe that she didn’t think it would be bad.

How would your OC handle someone blatantly flirting with their partner right in front of them?

Teagan isn’t to bothered by it, her partner can handle themselves, but if it does go too long, she’ll become annoyed. She’ll walk up and curl into her partner’s side and start talking to them, maybe begin to flirt with them to see how they react. She might get a nice banter going before politely saying they need to go.

Adrestia is quiet, but she’s hovering a bit closer. She’ll let them handle whoever it is, but she also isn’t above just coming up and wrapping an arm around her partner. She’ll engage like nothings going on, but her eyes glower at them the entire time.

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Thank you so much! I remember hating pink during my tweens. But I grew to love it again. I think it’s my 4th favorite color? Top 5 anyway.

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Dear anon, I love Joey in all stages of hairiness 💖 but probably a bit longer if I have to choose?


Originally posted by julianbatey

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And I am so ready for y’all to read it 😋

It’s ready I’m just being a b**** and Makin y’all sweat a big 😬😂

It’ll be up tomorrow! ❤️

Thank you for your feedback. It means a lot to me 🥺❤️

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yeah, i get it. thanks for sending a reminder :) i just, you know the jenny slate post where it’s like i have to make up for the fact that it’s me? it’s like a constant loop of that in my head, like i’m not a good writer and i forget how to say things all the time in english, and i bounce between universes every day. so like the canon content is definitely lagging. but i’ll try to remember this!

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*cracks knuckles*

Wen Qing and Xue Yang are extremely unlikely to work out long term, but it’d be fun in the short term. She knows how to handle murder gremlins with a domestic leaning, and I also think she deserves an exciting sex life.

I absolutely maintain that Jin Zixuan (like everyone else at who trained at Cloud Recesses) had a crush on Lan Xichen at some point, and I cannot stop thinking about that text post about Jin Zixuan trying to flirt with Lan Xichen so badly that everyone thinks it’s an insult and Lan Wangji is ready to murder him about it. I don’t even want them to actually get together, I just want Jin Zixuan to be mortified and Lan Xichen to be extremely polite about the whole thing.

Which leaves us with… Su She and Sect Leader Yao. Maybe Su She gets over his crush on Jin Guangyao and finds himself a sugar daddy? Maybe he decides to take one for the team and seduce Sect Leader Yao for information, but then Jiggy’s like “Why would you even do that? What advantage could that possibly give us?” and it all ends tragically? Maybe he has a rule to only date people with “yao” in their name? Honestly I don’t know, but here we are.

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