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We are beyond excited that within half a year we managed to reach 500 followers! The amount of love that the Starker community radiates is immeasurable and incomparable! Thank you all so much!

Without further ado, let’s get to the fun bit! Send us an emoji!

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Again, thank you all so so so much for your support, you guys have been absolutely incredible and we could cry with happiness omg. We love y'all ❤️ Even if you don’t want to send in a question, you can always DM us for a random little chitchat, we love meeting everyone here 🥰🥰

Much love, Lien & Kim

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Hello! Thank you very much for your questions. I am very pleased *0* Actually, yes, a lot of what I want to do is related to my characters, especially Elinor. So far, many have noticed, I draw fan comics with the presence of the main characters of the Arcana, I will say this so far I practice drawing comics, and my artistic skills in general, since they have room to grow.

In addition to all this, I’m doing so, let’s say, not big profiles of my characters so that many have some idea about them, however I have done profiles for Elinor and Madara so far, I want to do for Tsunobi too, I just decide on his design and appearance. It’s not as difficult as coming up with a logical biography for the character (we will take into account that I and logic are like pizza and pineapple).

What about Elinor, I would very much like to write about her past, because it also applies to the rest of my characters. If I write about her past, I will definitely touch upon the forgotten kingdom. Life in him, what kind of adventures the characters faced, to reveal them is very important for me. However, I was thinking of making comics or animations, because I worry that I will write in vain and this will not be interesting to anyone, we will also take into account the fact that my English is not at the highest level, far from it, although on the other hand if I To write about Elinor and her childhood adventures, I would rather practice my English at the same time, who knows.

Also, it is worth clarifying that comics and animation is not a single day or even a week work. First you need to come up with a simplified style, because the comics and art that you see on my page, they are drawn for 4-10 hours, maybe you will blame me for this now, I’m sorry, but this is my speed.

I’m far from a professional animator, although I did some test animations, for example with Asra, and older versions of Elinor (yes, you won’t believe how many versions I did on it 3? 4? 5? I don’t remember)

Examples of test animations: (Yep, they’re a little bit old :‘0)



As you can see, it’s too early for me to do animations, so I’ll just practice them in my free time.

So, if you take all the factors, I can only write, but I will try to do something in the form of illustrations, to add a lot of interest.

In addition to the adventures from childhood of Elinor, I would like to write about her parents how they met, who they were in general, because it is also connected with the kingdom of Augusay.

Also about the meeting of Elinor with the nine-tailed fox, who he was, how he was connected with her mother and the Haiko Clan, why he was chained in her body and so on.

Separately, I will also highlight characters such as Haiko Fuji, Madara and Tsunobi, how these three are related, and why Fuji chose these children to share their blood with them, why, after the treatment, Madara and Tsunobi stayed in a 35-year-old dream, and what I did Haiko Fuji himself at this time. It’s also the training time of Madara Tsunobi and Elinor with Fuji, how they met and what kind of relationship they had.

Perhaps those who read information about Elinor noticed that I mentioned the demon Lilith, but it would not be interesting to describe who she was, how she influenced the disappearance of the kingdom of Augusay and why.

In general, a lot of things, I need to do, 0, As for fan fiction, for example, oh yes of course.

Who doesn’t know, my ship associated with Arkana is Elinor x Lucio.

So I’ll write a booth as an addition to the moments from their lives that happen in the present, I also thought of creating a new storyline about awakening Elinor’s memories, how they will happen and how the rest of the main characters of Arcana will be involved, naturally this will be the whole fan version.

So what about a modern AU? it should also be interesting, I sometimes develop ideas about this, let’s see.

In general, it’s very important what you would like to see, so yes

I think it will also be very convenient if other interested people send Asks regarding my characters, this will help me to reveal them, and I am very grateful to you for asking me this, thank you very much, I wish you a good day, I hope I am right answered your question, sorry for the early. ,0,


Some old version of Elinor? Idk why, but it’s funny how she changed,I think, My style also is always changing, that’s why it’s difficult to draw a comics for me, maybe ^^“


And I hope I already stopped to change her ,0,

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Yellow: Active, Positive, Friendly.

Thank you!! I wouldnvt say I’m an active person, but I certainly try to be positive and kind at every turn. :)

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ty for the ask~💕

Ursa: What do you like to do for self care?

Long showers for sure (that really became a quarentine habit lol). Other than that I like burning incense or candles and lying in bed with lights off and headphones playing vibey tunes. Kinda sensory deprivation and stimulation at the same time ig? idk if that’s weird or niche but it’s v nice

Momo: How did you meet your group of friends?

So my friends in hs I mostly knew since I was in grade school or before, but w my college friends it’s a really weird story with a lot of coincidences. 2 of them I was on the same floor in the dorms my first year and we talked a few times, and then I ended up in the same class with two others who I actually became friends with in the spring. When we met each other again it was actually the spiderman pointing meme. I met the others and then yeah!

💕send in an atla character ask!

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100 followers?!- Y’all are the BEST

Hi everyone!!! 

I couldn’t help but notice that this blog has reached 104 followers today. I just???Can’t???Comprehend??? 

Y’all really are just the best, you know that? I started this because I wanted something to do during my spare time because lately I’ve been home often (as we all should be! Stay safe, healthy, and wear your masks everyone!). Though now I find myself actively thinking about answering the requests you guys send in because they’re so much fun to write! Really though, it’s nice to have something to fill my time with. It’s also nice to contribute to a fandom i’m hella invested in and to somehow still meet new people despite the circumstances of the world. 

Thank you for stopping by this blog! Whether you re-blog, like, comment- or simply just read my posts, it means so much to me! People say that fanfiction isn’t ‘writing’ but let me tell you something: it is, and it’s not ‘amateur work’ or ‘wasted effort’

 Just a small note to all of you doubting yourselves right now:  Nothing. And I mean nothing is a waste of time. Even if you spend an entire day in bed (I do it often lol), it is not a waste of time because you’re resting. As someone who’s been told countless times that I should write ‘real books’ instead of fics because they can ‘make money’- don’t let anyone’s doubts ever deter you. I do what I want to do because it’s my time, and you know what? It isn’t a waste because it’s still building a life skill. The more I write -no matter the subject- it helps me improve the skill itself, therefore aiding me in other aspects of life like writing essays in college. 

Anything you do with yourself is worth the time and the effort. This was supposed to be a simple “thank you,” post but I thought that I would make it a little something more. 

Thank you for your support, thank you for being you, and thank you for reading my defending case for fan-fiction writers alongside all the other “useless” hobbies lol. 


I’m considering adding in something special to the blog! Perhaps one of those alphabet prompt lists! Let me know if there’s anything specific y’all would like to see! 


A fellow nerd 

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Bon Jovi - Your favorite song about love? One of my favorite love songs is “Turbo Lover” by Judas Priest! The music video hurts to watch but the song itself is wonderful!

Heart - Do you know a song that you want at your wedding?  If I ever do marry, I’d probably have a Scorpions’ song played. Or the Toxic Waltz as a little joke on my part ^_^

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Do you like instrumental songs? Oh I love them! It’s always nice to hear a song that just let’s the instruments do all the talking ya know?

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Thanks for sending one in!

Iroh: What is your favorite tea?

I’m so glad you asked. If you didn’t know, I’m a true tea fan, just like Iroh! My favorite tea is jasmine. I have a special blend of pearls/loose tea I get locally which is so so good. Other than that I drink black tea with milk every morning and chamomile occasionally! sorry I got excited

Zuko: What is something good you’ve done for someone?

Most of the things I think of are chaotic tbh 😅 on more than one occasion I have, and would again, pull all nighters helping friends out on projects, getting them snacks and water and just making sure they take care of themselves and providing help when they need it.

💕 send an atla character ask!

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2. What is your latest fandom? 
I’ve been trapped in the 1D fandom for so long. I’m not really in any other fandoms maybe I should expand

8. How did you get involved in your latest fandom? 
I clicked on a video called “One Direction Funny Moments”

16. Are there any popular ships in your fandom which you dislike?
I don’t dislike any ships particularly, but I don’t read fics where Louis and Harry aren’t together in the end. 

Fanfiction Questions!

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@saraluvstiva​ asked: #21 and #25 and #30 

21. What was the first fanfic you ever wrote?

Oh dear…um…I believe it was the first in a series of stories/drabbles about NCIS based on letters of the alphabet, lol.

I’m actually CRINGING as I reread this, but in my defense it was in 2012 and I was only 15.

25. What’s your most popular fanfic?

Some of my reunion fics (This, The Wild Card, and This Love Came Back to Me) have the most views, so I guess it would be those! (Not counting ones from ages ago because they’re horrible and should be incinerated ;) )

30. What inspires you to write?

When I start to have a lot of feelings or when I see/read other people’s awesome works!

Ask me about fanfiction!

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When writing comes easy, taking pictures at events, phone calls with shellhead, dancing to the Wombats with my brother, and listening to mom singing.

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