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#thank you!!!
princesshoneytea2 minutes ago
for the book asks, The Wayfarer series? It sounds really good and I鈥檓 lowkey considering reading it lol
Hi! Thank you so much!!
I can't find the actual meme thing but I've read the first book (The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet) and it was AMAZING. Five stars. I have books 2 and 3 and haven't read them yet, but thats absolutely no fault of their own.
You should know that book 1 has a f/f nonhuman/human relationship and it is compassionate and wonderful and I love this book so much. 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅
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hermitcraftheadcanons2 minutes ago
Okay, Scary Zed Post is postponed till I figure out how to write it. Instead have a Strong Zedcanon. Zed's strong enough to rip iron doors off their hinges. Now, if you remember False, Iskall, Doc, and Bdubs can do it too, but people don't usually expect that kind of strength from Zed, and Tango enjoys laughing at people when they witness this feat of strength for the first time.
This usually happens when Zed absent-mindedly tries to open an iron door without realizing it's an iron door, pulling it open with only a little more effort than an oak door would take and leaving whoever he's with sputtering in confusion. Only then will he realize what just happened, and sheepishly replace the door just to press the proper button and walk through it again.
Somehow, this doesn't make any onlookers any less flabbergasted. Quite the opposite, in fact. :)
- Mod Shade
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archivistic2 minutes ago
For the book title ask: The Starless Sea
added to TBR | on my TBR | couldn鈥檛 finish it | did not enjoy | it was OK | liked it | loved it | favorite | not interested
It doesn't hold the grip on my soul that The Night Circus does, mostly because I didn't get quite as into the characters, but I love Morgenstern's worldbuilding.
Ask me any book title?
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mindninjax2 minutes ago
The captain never makes himself a cup of tea without making you one too.
He sees you're having a rough day and instead of asking you if you're ok, he just goes into the kitchen and starts making tea for both of you.
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ecle-c-tic2 minutes ago
Make It Big
:) Thank you anon. I hope you have a stellar day!
3 of my favourite songs:
Credit Card Baby
one of my favourite lyrics:
Like a prisoner who has his own key But I can't escape until you love me
Much Love, Good Vibes 馃尀馃挍
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cherrybarzy3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
hey lol <3 this is fucking insane. I never thought this would happen. I started this blog in 2012 to fangirl over 1d. never ever did I imagine that 9 years later I would be where I am now. I never thought I would gain the confidence to write fic and have people enjoy it. but I did, and I am still blown away that people enjoy it. i鈥檓 so thankful for 2k. i鈥檓 also grateful for the many beautiful friendships I have formed on here, many of them I know which will last a lifetime. thank you to all my old followers who have watched me switch from fandom to fandom, change urls every 2 months, and put up with my utter bs. I love all 2 thousand of you more than words can say. thank you for being here with me 馃挀
now let鈥檚 celebrate by continuing on w my birthday celebration! i love you all <3
tagging some of my beloveds <3 @doctcr-reid @rcwenaclaw @ch0colatefr0gs @wnterwidows @mamawheeze @nancybyrs @hufflepuffhaze @andromedaa-tonks @jilyevans @fallinallincurls @europeanpuck @bathrobesinparadise @heybarzy @2manytabsopen @papacarter @joelsfarabees @calgarycanuck @honeybearbarzal @barzysreputation @bitchforbarzy @matwith1t @cherrylita @luukasreichel 馃挀
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yourfaveisgoingtosuperhell4 minutes ago
The fuckin frog from temptation stairway on yt is goin to super hell for slapping ena >:/
His name is brick frog!
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nyx--knacks4 minutes ago
馃尫馃尲 Send this to ten bloggers you think are wonderful. Keep the game going! 馃尲馃尫
thank you for being a good friend馃挋
Same to you, Dee 馃枻馃枻
Tumblr media
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quelsentiment4 minutes ago
sea or lake or similar yk
bro you're in luck, my soulmates abroad fic is set by a lake 馃憖
It is everything he鈥檚 been able to think about ever since his own birthday, back when the lake was frozen and the mountains immaculately white.
send me a word and i'll share a sentence from a wip that contains it
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rosalyfart7 minutes ago
I absolutely love your Draco. I will never not love your Draco 馃挌
Thank you!! I love him too haha
Also I'm going to use this message to ask whats going on because all of a sudden all my old drarry art is blowing up lol I woke up to over 100+ notes and it scared me.
Did someone mention my page or something?
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aredheadedmess7 minutes ago
AAAA!!! siah!!! happy birthday!! i hope it's filled with endless love and joy. here's a cute namjoon to hopefully make you happy
Tumblr media
Thank you so much!! 馃ズ馃ズ This was the first thing I saw this morning. 馃ズ
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wa-royal-tea8 minutes ago
What post? Did someone in the royal simblr write something offensive? I'd like to unfollow if so.
It's not a royal simblr. They used to be one but quit recently and returned to simstagram. I'm sorry but I don't really want to @ that person because I'm pretty sure someone already talked to them about this.
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justanotherstarwarswhore8 minutes ago
I鈥檇 love to hear your thots on Boba and like a sheltered princess type馃挄
hehehehe I like this. I'm gonna write in x Reader format cause it's a little easier for me lol. From send me thots
So Boba, as I headcannon, has kinda got a thing for innocence, ever since he was a child he was taught how to track, hunt, fight and kill, so anyone who doesn't do that it always a little intriguing to him.
So when he sees your delicate hands, and bright eyes of someone who hasn't seen or caused death and pain, Boba's a little curious, studying you as talk and interact and smile. Each movement deliberate but gentle and restrained. Yet at the same time, you're so sure in what you want and expect from others. At first he thinks its an act, that you're just putting on innocent airs to fool people, but then when he held your hand up to gently tap the back to his helmet, and saw your flush, he realises it isn't. And he hears a weird calling within him; he's gotta taint it. He doesn't know why, or he doesn't know how. But he's gotta do something. And that something, he concludes is the good ol' devil's tango.
So he starts with gentle touches, and teases, calling you princess when you get a little bratty or flustered, and then he's leaving little touches, stroking your cheek briefly, or holding your chin, and watching that flush turn deeper against your skin.
And then, when he finally gets you comfortable enough to take off his helmet, he's a little weirded out by your shock, and how you trace over the scars. Even more so when you start lightly kissing over them and blowing air, saying how you couldn't even imagine the pain he went through. It's then he realises that its not he wants to ruin you, but he wants to keep this little light you have completely to himself, selfishly. So when you move closer to his mouth, he kisses you, gently.
now it's getting long and maybe a little NSFW so below cut
He thinks its cute how your a little shocked, and then trying to mimic his touches, as his kissing gets deeper and he pulls you closer to him. But he takes it slow, not wanting to rush this. He'll let you set the pace mostly, teasing how your hips unconsciously grind into him, and your little gasps, and how your eyes glitter, but eventually, his need for control takes over. Boba is a big service top kinda guy, so in sex with someone a little more sheltered, he will happily take the lead, however your more expectant/princessy side will get warning nips and teasing. Seeing you flushed and lost in ecstasy beneath him, still a sheltered, innocent little thing, he thinks he's in heaven.
In a more committed relationship, he prides on being able to show you all corners of the galaxy, and taking care of you in the more seedier parts. I think he likes having a little more experience (in all walks of life) compared to his S/O, and cherishes how they take care of him in return.
In short, i think it's a dynamic that suits him.
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ecle-c-tic9 minutes ago
Captain Fantastic + Dirt Brown Cowboy
AHAHHAHAH!!!! Thank you! I hope you're having a good one, anon!
my 3 favourite songs:
Tower 馃憦 Of 馃憦 Babel 馃憦
Better Off Dead
Philadelphia Freedom
one of my favourite lyrics:
Were the darlings on the sideline Dreaming up such cherished lies To whisper in your ear before you die?
Much Love, Good Vibes 馃尀馃挍
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bryanmoldrem12 minutes ago
ahhh happy belated birthday i suck hope it was good!!!
Thank you so much Em 馃ズ you're the best!!
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springdqy13 minutes ago
I love your blog! I was just wondering if you鈥檇 be willing to do a non-bts tag for the other k-artists you reblog?
hi anon!! thank you for saying you love my blog 馃挄
and about the non-bts tag uhh I did think of doing that but i鈥檇 rather not, to be very honest with you. if I did that, I鈥檇 have to add that tag on a lot of my posts and even if I could do that for some time, I honestly don鈥檛 think I鈥檇 be able carry it on for a long while (aka I think it would start to bother me eventually). that鈥檚 why I decided to put 鈥渕ulti鈥 in my description, so that people know I won鈥檛 be reblogging bts only. also, I tag every single post with the group name, so that people can filter that tag if they don鈥檛 want to see that content. so yeah, I do get where you鈥檙e coming from, but I would prefer it if you could just filter the tags of the groups you don鈥檛 want to see on your dash鈥
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griefbound13 minutes ago
ooooo a shadows house verse is such cool idea i really need to catch up on the show tbh (also you got me tempted to check out tokyo revengers)
aaaaaaaa thank you so much!! i really enjoyed shadows house and the concept is super cool so i knew i had to make a verse for it as soon as I watched it, lol and YESSSSSSSSS WATCH TOKYO REVENGERS it's so know you want to... >:)
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stormxpadme13 minutes ago
I'm the one who requested that Fingon fic, but it killed me. My poor Finno, he's too kind to be able to withstand the pain of someone else. Ahhhh, I'm trying to imagine a way out for him. Maybe he escapes or someone (Mae despite his promise) saves him. But my mind still goes to dark places. I can see him coming back as a mindless thrall, sent to kill Mae. Mae of course realizes this, but he can't kill him, so he keeps him locked somewhere in the hope that he'll somehow bring his Finno back.
Also, I totally insist in my headcanon that Mae comes for him anyway and gets him out of there because fuck promises when his husband is a prisoner.
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