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cozylittleartblog · 6 months ago
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i have a lot of thoughts about swatch and the swatchlings for some reason. mostly that they are very cool. but also what if they were all named after pantone swatches. what if they all had a default color and a name that matches (but queen and tasque like them all one color. sometimes The Color Of The Day changes, though). they can sleep standing up because they’re birds. swatch is doodling like every free second they have. they drink paint. the color cafe doubles as a host club. queen comes in to hog swatch and make the other patrons jealous. swatch is a workaholic and permanently has bags under their eyes. their faces are low-poly but in the Aesthetic way
i like the funny art program birds
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soracities · 8 months ago
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intimacy by Karel Chladek
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calmparticles · 6 months ago
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💉 system update! restart now? 💉
[ restart now ] [ restart in 0:02 ]
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mountvesuvis · 12 days ago
LOVE how ur minecraft art is literally just the minecraft skins,,, based
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princehoneytea · 4 months ago
emmet just saw the guy who laughed ominously in the twins faces like the week before ingo vanished camping out with binoculars to watch the funeral and laugh at the whole thing and put the pieces together and has prepared the wrath of a god
yeah :) you know what they say in the documentaries and all that, the perpetrator likes to return to the scene of the crime and killers statistically LOVE to attend the funerals of people they killed and although this is not exactly the same... Emmet is ready... like This
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starstruckshine · 2 months ago
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Corn Blindness (aka Dwight Cornfield)
I never did find that Dwight... Some say he’s still out there in the corn.
I love that this anon played off of me complaining about farm maps lol I just had to draw it because it made me laugh. So, thank you for the ask!
Click [here] for a Trickster headcanon.
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carlyraejepsans · 3 months ago
sans' dialogue in deltarune if you try to return the box of chocolates really takes me out because it just shows how awkward he is he is absolutely floundering to try and find a funny comeback
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walk behind the snack stand to trigger the eggs husband cutscene and THEN give him the box of chocolates to achieve maximum psychic damage
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justpastryvideos · 4 months ago
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thereisabearonmyceiling · 4 months ago
Flower request! If its okay 👉👈
Poppys and False or Forget-me-not and Etho
You choose!
Tumblr media
i picked false cause i hadn't draw her yet :)
(flower drawing requests)
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min-play · 8 months ago
hi i love your work a lot!
since in your newest movie possession comic, both lloyd and morro seem to be in a mind-space of sorts for a moment, how does Lloyd look like? since technically nor lloyd or morro are in the control of the body rn
Tumblr media
Lloyd has been retreating to his own mind way before Morro came along. He looks like this when it happens. It renders everything going around him to background noise and makes reality a little more bearable.
Tumblr media
Morro can step in at these times if he feels like it but he doesn't wANT TO cos he doESN’T CAREcough. He is lowkey concerned how little resistance there is for control though.
Tumblr media
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amelia-yap · 5 months ago
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for @powertaco ‘s fic  (Vicariously Victorious Valentine)
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lunathrix · a month ago
ghost using stilts
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They'll get their growth spurts one day
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sparring-spirals · 4 months ago
Thoughts on how Orym fits into the horror movie aesthetic (affectionate) of the Bell’s Hells?
Oh yes. See the fun thing about Orym is that, imo, he fits the bill in two different ways.
1- Orym is fast, and acrobatic, and lethal. This is beautiful when we're admiring him protecting his friends but can you imagine facing him in battle? He's darting and twirling and bouncing around the field, almost inhumanly graceful AND lethal. Like a panther- all control and speed and coordination that's gonna be beautiful in how it kills you. Imagine that. And then imagine that in the dark, in a badly lit room, spooky noises in your periphery. You hear wolves and smell ozone and whispers in your mind. And then. You see this guy. He looks like a regular guy.
And then he starts moving. And you know you're fucked.
2- I think its getting increasingly clear what Orym would be willing to do to keep his loved ones safe. I think that would translate well.
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ghostdrinkssoup · 11 days ago
Imo S1 Will is a good person. He secluded himself from society to not harm others. He gave up on fulfilling relationships. He was taken off the police force because he let someone stab him instead of pulling the trigger. Who did he actually kill? Just Hobbs, a serial killer who was going to kill Abigail. And he even tried to quit in Coquilles. People like to bring up how he covered for Abigail but at that point he thought Nicholas Boyle was the Copy Cat and attacked her. If he was a bad person he would just be any old cop who kills as much as possible.
hello !! it’s always so interesting to see how people interpret the show and its characters because I view will very differently. I think much of my opinion stems from 1) the nature of his character progression 2) his worldview as shown/set up in the show’s first season and 3) his foil dynamic with hannibal. I’m tempted to write a detailed explanation and tear s1 apart piece by piece but I want to actually sit down and write a separate post about it so I’ll spare you the details and just give you the infodump summary ✨
s1 will is complicated because 1) not all of will’s persona is false (he doesn’t like meaningless violence, for example) and 2) I think he lacks a level of self-awareness concerning his own nature. he’s not entirely ignorant, but he is in denial. he’s a recluse because it’s the nature of his person suit: it’s meant to repel people, rather than lure them in (this changes in s2, honeytrap will my beloved 💖). his empathy is extremely overwhelming for him, yes, however he also has a taste for righteous violence. killing hobbs exposed that, and the rest of his arc follows an internal battle between his preconceived normalcy and his lack of remorse, as well as the thrill he gets from punishing those he feels deserves his wrath. you can understand his worldview by watching the opening lines of the show, as well as the choices he makes during the following seasons, and how each shape his character arc. there’s also a lot of “unmasking” and “seeing” and “becoming” imagery sprinkled throughout this season. these all set up his character arc too
he does try to quit in coquilles, but it’s because he feels himself unravelling. of course jack manipulates him into staying, and since will so desperately wants to believe he’s a good person he latches onto jack’s idea of “saving people” and refuses to leave the job for the remainder of the season. he doesn’t want to confront his own nature, he doesn’t want to unmask himself, and he wants to hide from the truth of himself. he doesn’t refuse the possibility of a relationship with alana when the opportunity presents itself to him despite said isolation, but I think this is because his desire for her is synonymous with his desire for “stability” and “conformity” (hello there heteronormativity)
it’s also important to note that most of his delusions surrounding abigail are tied to a desperation to prove he’s still a good person. he idealises her in his mind and it takes him a long time to realise she’s the bait, even though it’s the most logical conclusion. the reason hannibal is able to manipulate will into keeping quiet and lying about abigail is because he proposes that her killing boyle and him killing tobias is the same as will killing hobbs. hannibal is aware of will’s denial and uses it against him, creating a situation where if will was to condemn abigail or hannibal’s murders he would have to confront himself, which he doesn’t want to do. if will only confronted his own nature, he would’ve figured hannibal out in that scene. but he doesn’t, because by seeing hannibal, he’s forced to see himself. the rest of his arc follows a similar trajectory, for both himself and hannibal. we also can’t ignore the fact that the moment will accepts himself (and realises hannibal is in love with him) the first thing he does is break a dangerous cannibal out of prison NSBSJSJ
still, does all this make will an “evil” person? he isn’t any old cop who kills as many people as possible, you’re right. he’s not a monster, but I think that’s the point. he’s an incredibly complex, human character. we’re meant to empathise with him, but at the same time he exists beyond absolute “good” as well. especially when much of his suffering is tied to repression of the self, as well as unwavering moral conformities. he’s a lot more interesting than the “haunted hero” persona if you look beyond it. also I think using “good” and “evil” to describe will isn’t helpful in an analytical context simply because the show goes out of its way to blur moral absolutes? he exists within the complicated grey, blurring with hannibal. again, much of the show is about deconstructing polarities, particularly the difference between humanity and monstrosity
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ihatebnha · 12 days ago
Caitie confirm or deny Kirishima fist bumps you after good sex.
Kiri not only fist bumps you after sex (right after you're all cuddled into the sheets), but also the next day if/when he thinks about how good your romp was or the topic comes up in conversation.
Walks in the kitchen with his hair standing straight up, underwear falling off his ass... bruises on his neck... and fist bumps in thanks you while waiting in front of the coffee machine. Maybe because he's not fully awake yet... but also. genuinely thinks the sex was so good that it's worthy of a True, Manly Bro Fist.
He will wait until you give him one, too. Insufferable.
(And you can always tell when he's giving his friends the "I had sex last night" fist bump, too. I hope he gets ARRESTED!!!)
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bones-of-a-rabbit · 3 months ago
Good day, I present to you a gif of that one comic you made
Tumblr media
Have a good day :)
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totallynotpuri · 6 months ago
isn't it funny how right now Scar is the only one without an elytra? his base is on a mountain so him being the last to not have one feels very ironic
Listen okay, I trust the man with an elytra. However, I do NOT trust him with an elytra in hardcore. Here are a list of things that I think might happen with Scar and an elytra
1. There's this weird thing with elytras where if you're not in complete gliding mode when you fall (ie. you unfurled your elytra too late and are too close to the ground), you take full fall damage. What does Scar like doing? Jumping off his giant mountain base without looking. What do I think is gonna happen? He’s gonna jump, try to glide, do it too late, and fall to his death while trying to do a flip.
2. I think, with rockets, he's gonna slam head first into a mountain.
3. He's gonna forget to wear the elytra and jump into a ravine
4. He's gonna remember to wear an elytra but die because he doesn't have his chestplate on.
5. Elytra's gonna break mid-flight and he's gonna fall down to the ground with one of those Wile E. Coyote sound affects
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