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#thank you ♥
demivampirew · a month ago
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The only thing that matters...The Witcher season 2 is coming #soon ♥
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iriso-page · 15 days ago
I made these edits for you:
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ranyani-arts · 5 months ago
hi ranya! your twc comic looks like it's going to be really cool! I just wanted to let you know that your Nate seems quite a bit paler than he is canonically, in case you weren't aware! there's a skin tone reference on Sera's blog someplace or you can check out some art by other fans who are good about not whitewashing like veeples (I know there are more, but I'm tired and they're the first to come to mind). no need to answer this publicly if you don't want to, I mostly thought it would be good to let you know. have a nice day! 💕
Hello anon! Thank you for the ask! Responding publicly for anyone else who might have worries about this I actually put it in a discord chat two weeks(ish?) ago and had a good friend mention the same thing which I was initially confused about until we discovered that my monitor was having calibration issues and the color on my computer screen was not anywhere close to the color I thought I had eyeball picked. Looking at it again on my phone was very disorienting and more than a little upsetting. So worry not, the wip I posted is still very much a wip and that is not his final color on my comic. Thanks for looking out for me and other fans. Have a good day ♥
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gloryride · 3 days ago
74 fir Spotify list pls! XD
James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover Again ... Virgile's playlist full of sadness x)
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rz-jocelyn · 20 days ago
A Dedication of Appreciation ♥
A shout-out to everyone who supports me and gives me encouragement on any/all of my SNS accounts.
To everyone who considers me a friend, and is generous in giving their time, their thoughts and other gifts to me.
To everyone who considers my time and effort worth commissioning, and has given me nothing but support through the process. 
To everyone who responds to/interacts with my SNS accounts, and who takes the time to drop me lovely messages of encouragement and appreciation. 
My fandom experience has been overwhelmingly fun and positive, and it's really because I've been blessed by all of you, the people who have come into my life and made my days that much brighter. 
Thank you ♥ ♥ ♥ 
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jamespotterthefirst · 17 days ago
Go write that smut, queen!
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origo-tentaculum · 5 months ago
Hello! If it’s okay, can we have a small snippet of your next fic for TWYSMY?? Binged both Still Mad and Figured and I can’t wait to see what happens next 😛 (pls don’t pressure yourself into writing, it’s okay to do it on your own pace ✌️)
First off Anon, you rock ♥ and second? Twist my rubber arm and have a WIP Wednesday a day early. I promise the next fic it coming...just the next scene is kinda killing me (and Katara, poor girl). Hopefully soon I can work out how I want this to go, but as always, I make no promises. ((and I'll try not to get distracted with later parts, later installments, or new projects))
Also, encase you may have missed any previous snippets from TWYSMN 3 - A Little Freaked Out, they're all here! Slipping this one behind a cut cause this one is ~spicy~ ((this is after this snippet but before this one))
Tumblr media
“Agni,” —Zuko’s fingers tighten in her hair, gripping it tightly against her scalp. There’s fire on his every breath now— “Kat, let me fuck your face, please—just once.”
Katara can’t help the moan that those words bring out in her. She does her best to nod with a mouthful of his cock and releases her hold on him. Katara slackens her jaw and just looks up at Zuko, silently letting him have this. She makes a show of putting her hands down on the mattress leaving him completely free to take.
Zuko practically growls and the grip he has on her hair is almost painful for a moment as his grip tightens. But then he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. When he opens them there's a new determination on his face. Zuko untangles his other hand from the now singed sheets and grabs the base of his cock. He pulls Katara’s head down slowly the first time—eyes not leaving hers—like he’s worried that she’s going to change her mind.
Sweet, but not necessary. The next time he pulls her head down, Katara moves without his guidance, quickly swallowing him down until her lips touch his hand. Zuko swears again, fire spitting from his mouth.
“Kat,” he’s growling now. “Fuck—I’m trying to make this last.”
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captain-spauldings · 6 months ago
C, H, and K for Vincent?? :0
✨NSFW alphabet✨
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)
He likes to keep everything as clean as possible but also likes the idea of marking you as his. Will do it on your body but almost always will clean it before you can see.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
He doesn't take care of it too often, so expect something, not as dark as his hair.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Bondage. I've talked about this before but as having him restrained; when he does that with a partner it's a whole different thing. He will be more patient, taking his time doing whatever he thinks it's more aesthetically pleasing to himself. He also likes the idea of having you in complete submission sometimes, seeing how your body reacts when he's the only one in control. He won't look into your eyes when he's like this and is very likely to blindfold or give you a full mask/hood.
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ofthepuzzle · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Cont. [x] // @xlittlexlight​
     This has got to be the best part of this metaphorical roller-coaster ride. Atem has been hesitant about approaching Yugi and gang after his return as he doesn’t have a solid explanation of why and how he’d woken up back at the Shrine of the Millennium Stone. He hasn’t paid attention to what could his revival mean or lead to as much as the fact that he has to fend for himself in this world. He has got to find Yugi first. There’s no other option.
     But how would his appearance be perceived as? Possibly a miracle or some sort. The Pharaoh’s been thinking about his departure. Some things he hasn’t dwelled upon since he’d left to the afterlife. After passing the title ‘King of Games’ to Yugi, he’d assumed that is where his story ends. Completely. And Yugi, in a way, has become his living legacy.
Tumblr media
     Heart palpitates, he gets filled with excitement at the mere sight of his Aibou. Never would he have imagined that he’d have the second chance to meet him again. And were something to get in the way of this moment now, he would be highly upset. First few seconds he is wary of that but then his urge to get closer to Yugi overtakes him.
     The Pharaoh could feel tension in his throat as he is holding back tears. But the crystalline tears come streaking down sun-kissed cheeks, almost as a form of him not being able to withhold his inner happiness.
     He takes another few steps forth, gradually picking up the pace. Regal cape swiftly swishes from behind his running form as he extends his arms out. An instinct, the wish to embrace Yugi becomes an impulse. His arms encircle the latter’s frame and he hugs him tightly to himself.
     “I’m elated to see you one more time…” he whispers, gently dropping his chin atop of Yugi’s shoulder.
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sayitaliano · 5 months ago
Hello! ^^ 🐑 Sheep: What is a comfort item you own? Have a lovely day.
Credo soprattutto la mia macchina fotografica. (Ma anche un morbidissimo coniglietto di peluche e un piccolo funko pop di Zero, il cane fantasma di The Nightmare Before Christmas -c'è una storia carina su come sia diventato un oggetto di conforto per me).
I think it's mostly my camera. (But also a small and really soft bunny plushie and a little Zero funko pop, the ghost-dog of The Nightmare Before Christmas -there's a nice story behind how it became comforting for me).
Grazie ♥ Buona giornata/serata a te!
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joonas-curls · a day ago
When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy! Then, send to the last ten people in your notifs 💜
i am sorry, i just got on the laptop and noticed this now ;; thank you a lot ♥ and @thunderforasoundtrack & @xmoonlithearts for the tag!
1. my guinea pigs ♥
2. Blind Channel
3. Horror movies
4. being productive - doesn't matter if i write or read something for fun or for my university, both is good.
5. ...idk, Spongebob?
tagging ♥ @leopardom @vanilla-hate @rbf451 @braindeadfern @kyrju @xmoonlithearts @interstellarvacuumcleaner @bitterwitchhh @lepakonpaska @fangirlinglikealoon
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iriso-page · a month ago
I love your content! Just asmo and male reader fuckin hits, now i wanna draw a oc for the lust ring😂😂
You're not the only one.
I keep eyeing up the background characters at Ozzie's like "Hmm... Fish people, you say?" 😏
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besos-versus-versos · 5 months ago
Tú, al menos, acepta mi consejo, sigue sonriendo así y nunca te faltarán poemas.
— Pablo Benavente.
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gloryride · 3 months ago
Vic loves partying! The energy and vibrancy of a good party is something she really misses once most of her time is taken up with Arasaka business ❤️
I totally see Vic on the dancefloor ♥ Partying is life ! Vanessa is a real party girl, when she doesn't work on night (in Coyote Cojo or merc jobs), you can see her in some clubs ♥ As a rule, she goes there with friends and especially to dance, not necessarily to seduce or find someone. This is a plus that should not be overlooked, but not the goal. She loves to dance and have fun, that's the first rule! And of course, who says parties, says outfits. Vanessa has an incredible number of outfits just for going to party, it's almost indecent ! As a proof of a party girl😂
Tumblr media
[OC Fact Swap]
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crazy-walls · 13 days ago
💯 💕
this took a bit cause I took a glühwein break BUT here we go!
Nach dieser unerwarteten Begegnung brauchte er etwas, das die Unruhe in seinem Inneren unterdrückte.
Send me  💯 and I'll write 100 words in my current project & share my favorite sentence/section
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fordyflood · 7 months ago
Ok guys 🎉 so with the help of the sweetest @hattievane for the english and my now beta reader @hithisisaurl I will wrote you something (hopefully great!) but first I want to challenge myself even more so write down bellow a word , a theme or a feeling that I should include into this story ♡ I want you to have a word to say about it so here is your chance...
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neverland-graphics · 4 months ago
Avatar suggestion
Hello! I plan to do some more turkish fc avatars, but I want to make others too. So please send me some suggestions. Thanks! ♥
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captain-spauldings · 5 months ago
⚔️ What slasher do you think you could beat in a fight?
I thought that I could beat Billy Loomis but that was before finding out that he's 1,83m. BUT I still think I could beat him, I've only seen him in gifs but I just feel that he's gonna be an easy one.
Also Hoyt. He's not technically a slasher but I could murder his fake c-o-p ass
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futuredaysbycan · a month ago
candles and ghost 👻
Candles: what’s your favourite scent? kardamom and sandalwood!!
Ghost: have you had a supernatural encounter? I might? In elementary school i was waiting with my friend for her dad and we were looking at the flats across the street and there was dude at the window and he was taking out books? and then started moving from one half of the window to the other half as if he was glitching. i guess it was some sort of weird angle of mirror but i dunno
also i was once stalked by a drone and i was drunk and thought it was aliens following me but that's another story
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sayitaliano · 5 months ago
Hi! Grazie for managing this blog!! It's very helpful; always teaches me something new :)
Ciao! Thank youuu ♥ I'm glad this blog is helping you, that's the reason why it was born :)
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