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#thank you and GOOD NIGHT!

i’ll keep saying it over and over. i personally headcanon summer as a year older than the rest of her team. so that means when they start at beacon summer is 18 and the rest are 17. this is because i just think it would have been funny that since ruby went to beacon early then summer should go to beacon late.

i also headcanon taiyang as the youngest member on the team but he’s only a few months younger than qrow and raven.

raven is canonically the older twin and maybe qrow and raven were born 13 minutes apart or on friday the 13th or something idk but it sure sounds funny as hell though.

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Liveblog ends here!

Some thoughts:

1. Glad we’re finally (sort of) actually talking through the issues on this show. Question: Do Sansa and Arya know about Jon coming back from the dead yet?

2. The Braime feels were deep and excellent, but goddammit, does Jaime have to leave her, probably to die? Wouldn’t the best revenge against Cersei be to just stay up north and be in a wonderful healthy relationship? Doesn’t Brienne deserve a soft epilogue? Doesn’t Jaime need some therapy? Couldn’t they just have a cottage at Winterfell, and be castellan and training master by day, and have beautiful feely healing sex and/or crying sessions by night until they’ve worked through some things?

3. Living for Sansa telling Sandor to fuck off. Not as excited about how D&D had her say that line about her traumas making her stronger considering they invented half of them for her.

4. Arya needs to stay home where she belongs, excuse me.

5. Missandei should have jumped, and taken away the ability of others to use her as a bargaining chip. FOREVER MAD, FUCK YOU CERSEI AND FUCK YOU GREGOR.


ETA: The celebratory drinking games where Tormund is pressuring Jon and Sansa says, “I believe in you.” Can I get a university AU with a side of mutual pining please or nah?!

ETA: Tyrion blew Cersei’s plot to pass her baby off as Euron’s, so that whole alliance is in trouble. Also, Cersei has been not-visibly pregnant for what feels like a long time. Why can the show not do math?

ETA: one more thing lol sorry. I think Daenerys held back from roasting Euron like a hot dog on purpose, because some of the questions raised in the war council at Winterfell made her think maybe she needed to show mercy instead of a brazen display of power to defeat this particular enemy (think about the enemies she’s had so far - masters in Slaver’s Bay, scoffing sexist khals, ice zombies - all subdued by a show of power. Cersei not so much). So she did, but it led to Missandei. So now Dany’ll have to deal with feeling torn and confused and guilty, and it will be difficult and feely, but why else do we watch the show, so in conclusion (at long last), MY BODY IS READY.

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🎶 ODMG rings, are you listening

In the lane, he be killing

A beautiful sight

We’re happy tonight

Walking in a Levi wonderland


🎶 Gone away are the MP’s

Here to stay, he’s so sexy

He don’t sing love songs

As we go along

Walking in a Levi wonderland


🎶 In the meadow we can build an ape man

Then pretend he’s getting beaten down

He’ll say, is he dead yet?

We’ll say, No man

But you can do the job

When he comes to town


🎶 Later on, we’ll conspire

How to burn the motherfucker

To face unafraid

The plans that we’ve made

Walking in a Levi wonderland

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when will first starts seeing the raven stag, hes like “wow what the fuck?” but doesnt pay it much mind. then he starts seeing it in his dreams, and since hes weird and it’s hannibal he wakes up and is like “well now im horny” so he googles ‘had a dream about a deer and now im horny?’ and thats how will graham secretly identified as a furry for the rest of his life

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