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thenightwemetnatural 2 days ago
this is such a specific thing but the way tiktok makes fun of certain cheaper clothing stores like old navy and walmart kills me like . where do u get ur clothes.
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babooshkart a month ago
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rest easy, lover boys
happy fandom anniversary to our darling @sitp-recs !!! you are an angel of kindness and encouragement and rec lists, and we love you endlessly!
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julietteifairmont 8 months ago
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#fuck the cw except when they dress lena like this
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straw-bii 3 months ago
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Friend ahead
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popchoc a month ago
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I was demoted. I made a decision on a call, as captain, that went against what my chief had ordered. So, insubordination. That is the official reason, yes. What was the unofficial reason? You know, I would say, unofficially, it was sexism. Possibly homophobia. The chief was threatened by me. And then the new chief, the female chief, had the opportunity to correct the mistake, but she declined, because she's doing it just like the boys did, which isn't really progress at all. It's just the same thing.聽
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mistressemmedi 2 months ago
Exclusive images of me going back to bed knowing that demon Leclerc got pole ahead of the fraudulent world champion
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demiiwhiffin 9 months ago
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having a sincere moment. do not look at me
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bones-and-bruises 8 months ago
"start with..."
picture this: the entire team is captured, outnumbered and outmuscled, there are three people holding the strongest member down. the leader is forced onto their knees in front of the enemy leader, who ponders who to break first.
"... the youngest."
youngest's face blanches white as they meet eyes with whumper
leader and the eldest team members, who considered themselves somewhat of youngest's parental figures, lunge forward against their restraints, hurling curses and threats at whumper as they approach youngest like a predator cornering a small animal
"you leave them alone!"
"... the girl."
over the rest of the team's outrage, leader turns out to be the most protective, cursing profusely without regard for the consequences
their previous image of being "the composed one" flying out the window with every word they spit in their blind fury
"touch her, and i will be the last thing you ever see."
"... the leader."
more meaningful if leader and whumper are acquainted with each other
their most protective teammates try to protest, offering themselves up for torture instead, but leader orders them to stand down with gritted teeth or a sad smile
"what a good role model you are, [title]. wanna show your team how it's done? you should lead by example, after all." 鈥 whumper, probably
bonus: whumper forcing youngest to torture leader
works especially well if youngest is usually the rowdy one/most troublesome according to leader
a weapon is placed in youngest's grip, heavy in their hands, guided to point at leader's chest
whumper closes their hands over youngest's, tightening their hold on the weapon as the youngest sobs, terrified out of their mind as whumper hushes them in mock soothing
鈥渟h, sh, sh, don鈥檛 cry now鈥 your [title]鈥檚 gonna have to pay for every teardrop, you know.鈥
leader reassures youngest with the softest voice they can muster:
"hey. hey, look at me. it's okay. you're gonna be okay. do as whumper says."
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ablazenqueen 3 months ago
Something Fun I Would Like To See: Gram getting injured and Black going absolutely feral over it.
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lazyleafeon 10 months ago
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[image description: kim dokja from omniscient reader鈥檚 viewpoint, with an arm around yoo joonghyuk. kim dokja says to him, 鈥渉ey, since you鈥檙e a gamer-鈥 Yoo joonghyuk cuts him off and says, 鈥淜im Dokja. If you suggest I play undertale again, I鈥檒l kill you a second time.鈥 End ID]
pro gamer
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nicholasnelsons 6 months ago
honestly if eddie has a key to buck鈥檚 apartment and taylor has a key to buck鈥檚 apartment, there was a major missed opportunity where they both get to buck鈥檚 at the same time after buck told the 118 that he felt like taylor was going to break up with him. just imagine eddie going over to surprise buck and hang out with him so he can forget about the taylor situation, but he sees taylor when he arrives at the door. he has his key in his hand and taylor has her key in her hand, and eddie says 鈥渙h you must be here to pick up the rest of your stuff !鈥 and taylor visibility starts to freak out and says 鈥渂uck knows? that i鈥檓 going to oklahoma?鈥 and eddie is freaking overjoyed but also kind of confused because wtf buck didn鈥檛 say anything about oklahoma so he just yells 鈥淵OU鈥橰E MOVING TO OKLAHOMA???? THANK GOD鈥 and now taylor鈥檚 confused because if buck doesn鈥檛 know that she鈥檚 here to get stuff for her trip, then why else would she be picking up stuff from his apartment??? so she just says 鈥渘o i鈥檓 not moving to oklahoma, i鈥檓 going there for the weekend and need a few things. what are you doing here?鈥 and eddie is realizing that this was the WORST time to come over because 1) taylor isn鈥檛 breaking up with buck and 2) she鈥檚 apparently going to oklahoma and didn鈥檛 tell him, so eddie scratches his head with buck鈥檚 stupid apartment key and blurts out 鈥渢he plants. i鈥檓 here for the plants. to water them. buck has a lot of plants on his balcony, yknow??? SOMEONE needs to water them.鈥 and then a really intense staring contest happens because none of them want to make the first move to use their key to open the door to buck鈥檚 apartment BUT THEN HERE COMES BUCK only to find his girlfriend and best friend in the craziest stand off he has ever seen in his life. buck is like 鈥渨hat are you guys doing out here?鈥 and goes for his pocket to reach for his key BUT ALAS. he forgot it. taylor and eddie both volunteer to unlock the door BUT GUESS WHO UNLOCKS IT FIRST??? MR DIAZ HIMSELF YALL. true love is real and it鈥檚 stored in the apartment key
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teencopandthesourwolf 11 months ago
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"We slept well
and warm together
and loved each other."
Earnest Hemingway
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jules-fairmont 10 months ago
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Any questions?
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porunareff 11 months ago
anyways the true star of today鈥檚 jojo event was this bad boy right here
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gw3nllian 4 months ago
I think one of the greatest qualities of inej ghafa are not her badass knife wielding skills or the fact that she knows her worth (although these are fucking fantastic and I wish we all learnt from her) but her faith. the faith she has in herself. in rising above everything that tried to put her down. the faith she has in the world. this is a girl who has seen the worst of it and she still believes in good, in people and their capability of love and kindness. after all the tragedy in her life she still has faith in her saints. and it's not that she's naive she just actively chooses to believe in goodness.
inej ghafa is a true marvel and she has my whole heart
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the-biggest-sambucky-shipper 2 months ago
Just Sambucky kissing each other soft and slow against the kitchen counter, Bucky cupping Sams jaw, sam hand on Bucky waist while abba played in the background. the reason for this kiss? Sam is pretty
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otterty a year ago
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here鈥檚 a jon for the first international asexuality day!!
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ablazenqueen 28 days ago
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A Flirt + His Wrangler
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gummysnom 6 months ago
No, you misheard me, I said genderfucker. Genderasshole. I'm a real gendermotherfucker. My gender? My gender is that I'm an asshole and you hate me. A real genderbastard, if you will.
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calamitysong 5 months ago
禄 welcome to rivervale!
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