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#thank you bernie

And meanwhile, amidst all of this shit, Bernie is still constantly going up to bat for us

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Sooo uhhh, I’m gonna fangirl cause Chris Sabat (aka English voice of All Might) retweeted my bernie sanders meme and just called me brilliant and this is it , I have peaked?!?? please sir omg dont go through my thirsty ass art 


Originally posted by tetsuruo

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I suppose I should make a comment about that….. that’s cool I guess.

Lets do better next time, so we never have to settle for moderates ever again.

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just so everyone knows not wanting to count votes and having a fair election is literal fascism

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“It would’ve cost the typical American over $100,000 to receive the same care Trump received for free at Walter Reed. In the richest country on earth, every American should be able to receive the same quality health care as Trump. Health care is a human right, not a privilege.”

- Sen. Bernie Sanders

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lofi bernie sanders has changed my life, now I can study and learn about public policy at the same time and I can vibe while I’m doing it

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MEME KING 🤩 you heard the man wear a fucking masking 🗣 !!!!!!

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Do Democrats really want to win in 2020? Why are they selecting such a god awful candidate? In this video I made right after Biden winning super Tuesday, I created a fresh look at the failing democratic party.

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<div> —  Bernie Sanders </div><span>Please stay in this fight with me. Let us go forward together. The struggle continues.</span>
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I know there’s a lot of people talking about revolution and uprising since Bernie dropped out of the race. And talk of revolution is always good since trump is a madman who could declare himself American King at any second. But i want to make sure all of you know revolution isn’t the easy out in this scenario.

The ruling class on america has always feared this reality, have made plans for it, and you can bet they won’t go easy. Even though there are more of us than them they’ll still fight back in whatever ways they can and hurt whoever they have to. You need to come to terms with the idea that your friends, family and even you might not make it to the other side of it. There will be no abstaining from it when it starts. The revolution will be live. It will be war.

And that’s not even talking about all the work that would need to be done after of rebuilding a better government

This will be a long haul. Months maybe even years.

I hope all of this isn’t news to anyone but i just want check with y'all about this.

So tl;dr revolutions aren’t “get out of elections” free cards. You need to be realistic about the events that will play out during one.

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some folks are being a bit dramatic about bernie ending his campaign. bernie has never betrayed us the people.

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Today was the day Bernie announced he is suspending his campaign.  It is the campaign many of my friends worked on including my lovely husby Matt. I can’t imagine how everyone is feeling.  I know I teeter between sadness and happiness.  The sadness is too new to name but the happiness comes from the people I’ve met and the movement that continues.  

This was taken the day before the Nevada caucus.  The people below are from one of the three paid canvass offices in Nevada.  I was so proud to call this Sahara office mine.


As everyone knows the caucus was a blow out for Bernie.  That night we all gathered at a bar to celebrate.  It was one of the most fun nights in my life. (top 10).  A group from the Sahara office took over a booth and we drank bottles of Wycliff Brute Rose all night cause we’re fancy, it was delicious and we were celebrating.


Bernies speech was lovely.

Matt made a sticker for his water bottle.  He no longer has a job so he’s looking forward to his next adventure.


The tree in our back yard blooms for about a week each year. The buds were on there yesterday and today it looks like this. It is so pretty.  


No dog today just this little cutie cate named simon begging for food with puppy dog eyes..


Okay Byee.

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In Canada, the NDP has never won a federal election, but they have had an invaluable impact on Canadian Politics. They’re why we have universal healthcare.

Bernie Sanders’ movement has acted as the surrogate for an American worker’s party. If he was running in a parliamentary system, that 30% vote share would have translated into official opposition status or even a leadership role in a governing coalition. 

Bernie Sanders was a highly successful politician. He changed the conversation on progressive policies, and now the movement he built will go forward stronger than ever. 

Don’t give up. Please keep fighting.

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann episode 8: “Farewell, My Comrades.”

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Bernie Sanders suspends 2020 presidential campaign – live updates
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