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You know this man would absolutely break his back trying to carry Julieta around like he did when they were younger
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Mo: And screw you! You’re the wife!
He Tian: Sure. So you agree to marry me?
Please don’t repost without permission. 
Just naturally staying together as time went by (with a “little” help from He Tian being unyielding XD). He Tian takes care of Mo but Mo keeps He Tian alive XD. They take care of each other in different ways.
Mo... maybe he likes being with He Tian -sometimes- too. Don’t ask Mo why he does things for He Tian or what He Tian is to him.
(How are you all? I originally wrote this for _(:3 」∠ )_ Anon I wonder if you’re still here)
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Hell Song
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Luke where is your hand
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Nia + Stealing Brainy's Clothes
for the-impossible-sasstronaut & @ovenproofowl
#supergirl #supergirledit #dctvedit #arrowverseedit #nianaledit #brainiac5edit #brainiaedit #nicole maines #if it hadn’t been 1AM when Nicole was tweeting I tell you I would’ve squealed #the fact that Nia was sat there adamantly telling everyone (even Yvette in 515) that she was FINE while wearing Brainy’s jumper is just 😭🥺 #and I will literally never be over Brainia sharing the shirt he was wearing the first time they met to sleep in. EVER #(and I’m still sad Nia never went back to wearing Brainy’s shirts to bed after they got back together) #it’s just adorable and I’m too much of a romantic at heart to be able to handle it #(I know the black shirt Brainy wears to work probably isn’t the one Nia wears to bed but it’s the only shirt like it I could find him in #and you just can’t convince me that isn’t another of his shirts - Nia has cute PJ sets in S4 but while Brainia are together she wears #exclusively men’s cut shirts to bed and given the evidence of the Bon Jovi shirt nothing will convince me the black ones #from 502/3 aren’t also Brainy’s) #as for the dedications this is just a small way for me to say thank you to you both for your support on my gifsets #especially your tags - I’ve spent HOURS enjoying all your meta and analysis it’s wonderful #so since this is the last day we’ll be getting new content I just wanted to say thank you! ❤️ #mine #my gifs #otp: what does love feel like? #(I really want to change my OTP tag for them because 618 hurt but some of those lines were 🥺🥺 #but going through all my Brainia posts to change it will be tedious) #(I may or may not have painted my nails blue & green in honour of these two 💚💙)
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[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8]
Much to Luka's relief, there were no further issues between Marinette and the red string as time continued to pass. Much like with the pictures, it seemed that fate had limitations; lines and restrictions that even it couldn't go beyond. His best guess was that it could only fight Marinette so much without getting worn down, leading it to the state it was in now after its desperate attempt to stop her from breaking away from Adrien.
He shuddered whenever he thought of what it'd be like had he never known about destiny's effect on her. Marinette may have given up on fighting fate altogether, convinced of what was meant to be without actually realizing what that meant, and he - being none the wiser - would've blindly encouraged it. The song sheet would've been changed to fate's liking, and they would've both played along without a single thought being given as to how things were being changed.
But as things were, they could fight back, and the extra help he'd provided was enough to override the push that fate had against her. They could test its limits together, and Luka couldn't be prouder of Marinette for being strong and determined enough to tackle something that she hadn't even been aware of, at least not consciously. It was as Sass had said - that it was up to the person as to whether or not they could overcome it - and in that respect, Luka really shouldn't have been worried about anything.
That being said, the string wasn't gone exactly. It was severely damaged, of course, but it remained uncut and acted as a constant reminder that things weren't over yet. So long as the string was still around her neck, it would heal and continue to do whatever it could to lure Marinette back into the relationship that it had chosen for her. Luka also knew that, unfortunately, this would be where his usefulness ended.
The rest was up to Marinette. He'd helped so far, but she was the only one who could get rid of the string for good.
He believed in her.
It was about a week after Marinette's confrontation with Adrien that Luka's phone chimed, indicating that he had a text from Marinette. He lifted the device and peeked at the message, reading,
M: Hey, I want to talk to you in private.
M: It's nothing bad, I promise!!
M: Maybe a little heavy, but not bad...
M: Got any ideas for a place?
His brows rose, both in surprise and curiosity. They'd talked about things before "in private," but it was the first time she was asking to do so directly; all other times had been by the natural flow of the conversation. His mind wandered, wondering what she could've possibly wanted to talk about.
Not that it mattered though, as his answer would be the same regardless and he replied accordingly,
L: Mom and Jule are out for the day. Meet you on the Liberty, on the part of the deck with all the plants?
The response was almost instantaneous.
M: Sounds good! I'll meet you there! <3
His heart briefly leapt up in his chest at the completely unprompted heart she'd sent. He swallowed, staring down at the screen for a moment, then realized that he was leaving her on read by not doing anything. She even seemed to be typing, as if to apologize for it.
After a few taps, he'd sent back a quick '<3' and the typing on her end stopped. He'd reassured her.
Abandoning his phone on his bed, Luka blushed and wandered aimlessly around his side of the bedroom, purposefully letting his thoughts drift away from the heart and to what Marinette might've wanted to talk about.
She was clever - that much he was certain of - and while the possibility was there that she'd somehow figured out about the red string, her assurance that it was "nothing bad" put that concern to rest. Kitty Section seemed equally out of the question for the opposite reason; it wasn't something that classified as particularly "serious" or something that required a private discussion.
As he walked, Luka caught a flash of pink out of the corner of his eye and glanced over, seeing the shawl Marinette had given him resting on his amp. He caught himself smiling just at the sight of it, any thoughts about the what or why of their meet-up vanishing as he walked over to pick up the shawl.
He put it on, chuckling to himself at how Marinette might react seeing that he was still happily wearing it, probably freaking out because it was broad daylight and he was already wearing three layers on his upper body without the shawl. Honestly though, if it weren't for the fact that he didn't know if he had her "permission" to wear it consistently, he'd happily adjust his look to give her no right to complain about it.
Picking up his guitar along the way, Luka headed for the upper deck to await Marinette's arrival.
Luka had barely gotten partway through a new tune before he heard the distant, familiar rhythm of Marinette's footsteps. Having been sitting on the flower-patterned couch above deck, he looked over his shoulder to see Marinette heading towards the Liberty. He set his guitar aside and got up a little quicker than normal, heading out to meet her halfway. It was only once he actually got to really look at her that he paused, noticing the blue fabric around her shoulders, and she must've noticed the pink version on him too given how she stopped.
She was wearing her shawl as well. He'd planned to surprise her, but this...
Part of him noted that he should've expected it.
"Hey," she greeted with a light wave, her eyes flicking down to his shawl.
"Hey," he greeted in return, and just as softly.
They traded loving smiles, her crossing the gang plank and him putting it up after the fact to prevent anyone from coming by or interrupting them. He then turned and saw her peeking out from the greenhouse-esque area of the deck, her hips wiggling as they made eye contact before she hurried off deeper into the Liberty. He grinned, growing even more curious at her intriguing mix of enthusiasm and what was either eagerness or nerves.
Following after her, he saw her sitting there on the flower-patterned couch, seeming incapable of staying still as she rapidly patted her lap. The red marks from the red string's effects had faded a while ago, and he was happy to see that the string - while closer to her neck than before - hadn't seemed to affect her as of late.
It was the only unfashionable thing she wore. Everything else was utterly gorgeous, though he may've been shamelessly biased.
"Sorry," she said, waving a hand vaguely at herself. "I thought maybe it might be better if I waited, but then that just made me impatient, and I didn't want to think up a plan because I'm so sick of plans and I know I can do it without them. I'm not really nervous - I mean, of course I'm not, it's you - but I'm still me so—" She waved both hands for effect.
He chuckled happily. "There's nothing wrong with you being you, Marinette." He walked over, sitting down next to her with a reassuring smile. "So, what did you want to talk about?"
"Right! Yes..." She pumped her fists up, then turned away from him to take a breath. Rubbing the back of her neck, she explained, "It's a lot of things, actually. I've never had someone who knew my—you know—but now that you do, I had a lot to think about about everything and where I'm supposed to go from here."
He merely smiled and let her ramble, given that she seemed less anxious and more processing.
She looked back at him, continuing, "I debated forever on maybe pretending like I wasn't talking about you to make it easier, or going into this big speech about everything that happened to try and warm up to it, but then I thought about it and I realized that I didn't need it because of the me I can be around you and no one else. You're you and I'm me and I..."
She trailed off, her gaze dropping down to the cushion, or at least that's what Luka thought before he saw her shift and move her hand over. He glanced down, following the movement to his own hand resting on the cushion, and his heartbeat picked up as her fingers slid underneath his palm. She raised his hand and held it as if it were something fragile and precious, her other hand coming up to rest along the back of his hand as well.
The smile dropped from his face at the change in atmosphere, which turned immensely intimate as he looked back up, coincidentally at the same time that she did. They made eye contact, Marinette's gaze intensely fond in a way that had him swallowing.
"...I like you, Luka," she whispered, pulling his hand closer to her. "I really, really like you. I'm in love with you."
To say Luka's heart skipped a beat would've been an understatement. The band stopped, the amps were unplugged, the stage lights blew out, and he was left in hypothetical darkness outside of the single spotlight focusing on the only member of the audience he cared to give attention to, her gaze giving him just as much in return. He could only blink at her, struck silent for any lyrics he could muster in the moment.
She, meanwhile, continued bashfully as if she hadn't already overwhelmed him, "I wanted to be sure before I said anything, but—I have been sure for a while. I don't even know why I haven't been sure for longer, but I am now and that's what matters," She gave him a soft look, eyes half-lidded and fond. "A lot happened ever since the school year started. Hawk Moth started sending his akumas, I got my miraculous and had to start being Ladybug, and suddenly I have so many people around me—" A half-hearted chuckle escaped her. "—for better or for worse."
She took a deep breath - Luka was a little jealous, he was pretty sure he hadn't breathed in the past minute or so - then she let out a sigh, smiling contentedly and staring down at the hand she was holding. She brushed her thumb along the back of it, which to him felt like a caress directly to his heart.
"You're the best thing out of everything that happened, Luka; the best thing that ever could've happened. When I imagined the best friend I wanted by my side when I was little, they were so much like you: thoughtful, caring, patient, and with every bit of respect I'd ever want." She blushed beautifully, adding with a shyer tone, "I'm just lucky enough that I fell for you too."
Her lips pressed together, seemingly in thought, and then she gently placed his hand back where it'd been before. He stared at her, still riding an emotional high but confused by the sudden lack of contact.
"But... I-I also know that it'd be really hard to date someone with a job as a superhero. I'm really thankful for everything you said to me that day - up on the Eiffel Tower - but even if you felt the same way about me, it's not fair of me to ask—" She made a vague gesture. "—that, of you. I didn't get a choice in being Ladybug, but it's something I have to deal with to keep Paris safe. I wouldn't want to force you thought the same thing just so I can date you."
He frowned, recognizing the conflict in her expression. She'd clearly been thinking so much about this, even with no plan, and she'd even seemed to make peace with this idea.
"Besides—" She smiled at him in reassurance, even though it was a little bittersweet. "—your friendship means everything to me, Luka. I wouldn't ask you to wait until I'm not Ladybug anymore, or put yourself through dating someone who might have to run off even if you'd know why. I don't like what being Ladybug took from me, but... just being here, and being so close to you, is enough. I don't need to date you to love you."
The reminder that she loves him shouldn't have sent his heart on another ride, but it did, though simultaneously aching at the fact that she was still cautious with relationships. He wasn't surprised exactly, given all the complications and disappointments she'd dealt with, but that didn't make it hurt any less.
She was putting Paris over herself again, willing to set aside her own happiness if it meant not "bothering" anyone with how she felt. It was a trait he loved and hated at the same time, because he would've eagerly frozen Paris in time for a day or two just so she could sleep for a night without worry over having to wake up to an akuma attack that she'd need to stop. Had it been her desire for them to wait, then he would've happily done so, but she was sacrificing herself again.
And that was not happening.
The resolve helped him find his voice again, his hand reaching over to rest on hers as he began, "Thank you, Marinette, for everything. For telling me, for feeling out my song when no one else could, and for trusting me all this time."
She ducked her head, becoming a bit shy at the gratitude, but she was smiling.
"My feelings haven't changed. I'm in love with you too." He chuckled at the way her eyes darted back up in surprise at that, but his mouth dropped to a frown to make it clear that he was serious. "And I don't want you to give this all up for anything, not even Paris."
She frowned in return, puzzled at first and then looking like she was ready to argue with him. "L-luka..."
"Even if it wasn't me that you wanted to be with, I'd be playing the same tune. I want you to be happy no matter what, and you shouldn't have to let go of anything for someone else." He squeezed her hand. "Don't you think you've done enough for other people?"
She opened her mouth, but stopped when his gaze urged her to genuinely consider his question. She looked away, brows furrowed, and seemed to debate with herself before she asked in reply, "I can't. It...it'd be selfish to—"
She made eye contact with him, and he brought her hand to his chest to make his conviction on the subject clear.
"You know I don't like to ask for things from anyone, but please, be selfish," he pleaded. "No one can play your instrument but you, and if you think you need to be selfless for me, then don't, because I've wanted this for so long." He felt her stiffen in shock and continued without hesitation, "Not just being with you, but seeing you do things for you. I'm not afraid of Hawk Moth, or what we'll have to do to make everything work. I'll do anything because you're worth it, Marinette, and I want to." His voiced lowered, lingering somewhere between hope and promise. "Do you want it too?"
He could tell that a part of her had wondered about getting this far, but - like him - hadn't actually thought they'd get there. The fact that she'd honestly been so bundled full of energy just at the idea of confessing to him, while expecting nothing in return, made his heart do another flip in his chest.
Finally, Marinette's shoulders eased, her hand adjusting in his so she could squeeze it, returning his earlier gesture. He smiled at her, then let go of her hand when he felt her pull away.
It didn't stay back for long. She beamed at him, her arms thrown forward as she dove for him. "Yes!"
There was an audible 'snap' when she moved, but if she'd heard it at all, she didn't seem to care about it. He was in a similar boat, grinning wide with his eyes closed as he returned her hug. She was somehow even warmer than usual, and her hair tickled his ear when she buried her face into his shoulder, a happy noise escaping her that he hoped to hear more of in the future. There were definitely talks and plans to be had concerning the future, but they were officially a couple now and they were content to live in that moment.
Then, just as Luka thought that was all his heart could take, he opened his eyes and caught sight of a familiar shade of red, though not on Marinette's neck like one might expect. It was there, on the floor of the Liberty, not stretching far enough even to reach them.
It'd broken.
He gaped at the sight, blinking rapidly and feeling out with his senses to ensure that it was indeed the red string laying on the deck like that. His grip on Marinette unconsciously went slack in his surprise, and Marinette let out a confused hum before putting her hands on his shoulders and pulling back enough to look at him.
His eyes dropped to her neck, still in disbelief and needing to make sure that what he was seeing was reality. Indeed, the string had been undone, and there was no evidence that it'd been there at all given that the marks had healed. He was in a daze, placing a hand on her shoulder while his thumb brushed along the skin where the string used to be.
It was really gone. She was free.
Marinette tried to follow his gaze, still puzzled, then peeked back up with a hint of curiosity in her expression. "Is there something on my neck?"
His heart swelled with emotion. Breaking out into a wide, elated grin, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back in to continue the hug they'd broken before.
"No," he whispered in reply, his voice nearly cracking from the sheer relief he was feeling.
Marinette didn't understand - she couldn’t, really - but she took his joy for what it was and squeezed him back without complaint. They stayed like that for a while, the world slowly coming back into focus but the moment remaining strictly theirs. The wind rustled the leaves from the tree nearby, the cars and buses drove along far off in the distance, and a bird perched upon the rainbow weathervane to chirp idly, the noises trying but failing to compete with the sound of Marinette's relaxed breathing.
There was nowhere he'd rather be.
After both not enough and too much time hugging, they'd retired to the lower deck of the Liberty. It wasn't exactly a place for a "normal" date - even in comparison to their one-chair cuddle on her balcony - but the superheroine of Paris and her "born into chaos" crush didn't exactly fit into normalcy, and it ensured that they'd stay in their one-on-one time.
They practically danced around each other in the kitchen, Luka getting drinks and Marinette grabbing snacks. It reminded him of the time that she'd wanted to talk to him about everything that'd happened to her, only now the mood was lighter and they were writing quite the song.
They settled their things on the counter, then took seats next to each other on the barstools. It was pure bliss and he couldn't stop smiling, nor could she judging from her expression.
"S-so..." Marinette began daringly, drumming the fingers of one hand on the counter while the other hand brought a snack to her mouth. She put the whole snack in, chewing slowly in an apparent attempt to give him time to mentally prepare for whatever she was thinking. Then, she swallow, asking, "Am I your girlfriend now?"
Luka snorted, not caught off guard but amused by how polite the question was. While he slid his drink closer with one hand to take a sip, he used the fingers of the other to drum on the counter, both replicating and replying to the little tune she'd made earlier.
"If that's what you want," he replied easily, then shrugged with one arm. "We don't have to be anything right away."
"No!" she insisted. "I mean... I want it." She gestured between them. "I want to be your girlfriend. I just didn't know how—um—official you wanted to be?"
"Thank you for thinking about me." He smiled warmly at her. "I'm in this with you at whatever tempo you want to play. I know our song will be amazing no matter what."
She shifted in her seat, blushing faintly, but wordlessly accepted the answer.
Unable to help himself, he asked in return, "Am I your boyfriend?"
"Of course," she said, averting her gaze from him and waving him off bashfully.
He chuckled giddily.
"A-and besides, I have a few... ideas now."
"Ideas?" he prodded with a grin, leaning towards her to make his curiosity known.
She glanced back at him, obviously trying to contain herself, but grinned as well and spun in her seat, facing opposite of the counter as she spread her arms out. "I was just thinking—!" She paused for effect. "—because I was so worried about having to run off as Ladybug if I was dating you, but maybe I don't have to! I mean, I still would, but you could come with me!"
His brows raised. "As Viperion?"
"Yeah!" Despite her excitement, she grew a little shy and settled her hands on her lap. "I'd probably have to work something out with the guardian, but—I think it'd be nice. You could be there, and then when everything is over, we'd go off together like I'd be taking your miraculous, but then we'd just... head back to our date?"
He took a moment to absorb the scenario, imagining the incredible chaos of it all, then sighed with a fond smile. They were barely a few minutes into dating and her mind was already racing with ideas for how to make everything work.
He wanted to hear it all.
"That'd be great. I'd love that," he assured. Then, after a second of thought, he asked, "What about Chat? He won't be bothered by it?"
He didn't mean it, of course, and his tone said as much. Marinette's love life was none of Chat Noir's business, and it wasn't as if they'd be dating within the mask. Any jealousy Chat'd feel would be baseless.
Marinette frowned, turning in her seat to face Luka fully. It was hard to tell if she'd taken his teasing seriously or was building up to something, but she nonetheless replied, "I didn't choose Chat."
Her hand reached out, Luka watching it to see her rest it lightly upon his. His eyes darted back up to meet hers again, noting the soft yet intense gaze.
"I chose you," she whispered, her conviction on the matter clear and without room for discussion.
He opened his mouth to reply, perhaps to say that he chose her too or that he was glad to be chosen, but all the came out was, "Marinette..."
Her eyes sparkled as if he'd said everything anyway with just her name, her fingers twitching against his hand. He turned his own over so they could hold hands properly, and the atmosphere shifted to something even more intimate than before.
Marinette looked away, covering her mouth with the back of her hand to suppress a giddy fit of giggles, then met his gaze again. "Ah, Luka... can I—"
"Yes," he responded immediately, knowing the melody before she'd even sung it, simply because it reflected his own.
She beamed at him, tugging his hand towards her, and he leaned in to meet her halfway. They tilted their heads, eyes lingering open just long enough for their lips to meet, at which point nothing else mattered but enjoying it.
Luka had never believed in soulmates before seeing the red strings connecting people together, and even then, his beliefs hadn't entirely changed. The relationships people crafted with each other were so much more important to him than something that destiny had strewn together without anyone else's knowledge. He didn't fall for Marinette based on that, nor did she for him, and even their first meeting was entirely by chance, with everything afterwards progressing solely through their own choices and wants.
And that was how it should be; how it would always be for the two of them. They chose each other, and destiny had no power over either of them.
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Tumblr media
series summary: bucky used to brag that he didn’t have a celebrity crush, or really care about famous people at all, which is what made him the perfect person to start working for a celebrity like yourself.  except, of course, it’s just his luck that he’d fall for you.
total word count: 35k
series warnings: smut, angst, fluff, alcohol consumption, mild violence, jealousy/possessiveness, discussions of mental health, mentions of past infidelity. please read the individual chapter warnings as well before beginning each chapter!
notes: this was one of those series that was meant to be a quick thing, just some smut with a complex set up, but the more I wrote the more I became enthralled with the dynamic between bucky and the reader. so here we are, thirty-five thousand words later, and I am so proud of how it all turned out! thank you to every reader for your support, your laughter, your tears, your hilarious reactions both horny and heartbroken. I hope you think I stuck the landing.
CHAPTER 1 - 2.8k words
CHAPTER 2 - 3k words
CHAPTER 3 - 3k words
CHAPTER 4 - 5.3k words
CHAPTER 5 - 3.2k words
CHAPTER 6 - 5.1k words
CHAPTER 7 - 2.5k words
CHAPTER 8 - 3k words
CHAPTER 9 - 7.2k words
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Tumblr media
Beyond the sea, is Long Island. The distant shores are calling, the young souls are seeking...
@fureilige’s beautiful new series, 【長島】“Syzygy” >>
English text translation is available here >>
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Under your skin - Extra
Tumblr media
Image adapted from here.
Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader Genre: romance, fluff, a tiny bit of angst Warnings: strong language, gets a little suggestive but no smut, lots of pillowtalk Word Count: 4.2k words of fluff
Summary: Jaehyun’s pretty sure you’re flaking on him once again. He knew it was too good to be true because he couldn’t cage a free bird for too long now, could he?
A/N: As requested, here is an extra from Under Your Skin for my 1k notes event! This takes place after the original story and can be read as a standalone fic as well if you please; although there are some tiny references to the original fic.  
Once again, thank you so much to all of you for reading and supporting Under Your Skin and all my other works as much as you all have. It means more to me than you will ever know 🥺💛 
Tumblr media
Jaehyun really should’ve known better, but by the time he’s reached his apartment, he can’t help the anger he feels. Why was he such a fool? Why did he keep making the same mistakes over and over?
Because Jaehyun is pretty damn sure you’re flaking on him once again. He knows the feeling because he’s been here before. He’d been calling you all day. He had left you so many messages. And all he had received in return was radio silence. Jaehyun had been walking around trying to look for you to no avail and now it’s near midnight and he’s coming home frustrated and angry. More than anything, he’s mad at himself. He keeps making the same mistake because he’s a fucking idiot who lets himself believe that people can change. That you would change. But he had been trying to cage a free bird. What had he expected?
He takes off his shoes and now he knows he is in a bad mood. The kind of mood that would make him snap at the first person he sees. So he decides it is best for him to go straight to bed. He didn’t want anyone to tell him ‘I told you so.’ Because he knows it full well himself. It would be best if he just sleeps and maybe he’d be able to manage his mood a bit better come daylight. 
He heads in and finds Jungwoo clinging onto Mark as they lazily watch Netflix. 
“You’re finally home!” Jungwoo calls out.
“Yeah, I’m just going to head straight to bed.” Jaehyun says in a short tone that makes his friend lift his head up.
“You feeling okay?” he asks.
“Yeah, just tired. I’m going to sleep.” Jaehyun replies and he’s pretty sure he can’t make any more small talk.
“Okay. I’m going to sleep in Mark’s room again tonight.” Jungwoo announces before he plops his head back on his friend’s shoulder.
“Why?” Jaehyun asks.
Jungwoo gives him a quizzical look. “Y/N’s sleeping on your bed right now?” 
Jaehyun looks up. “Huh? Y/N’s here? Why didn’t you tell me?!” He doesn't know why his agitation is growing but now both his friends are looking at him like they’re not sure what’s going on.
“I thought you knew?” Jungwoo says cautiously.
“Dude, I told you to text him.” Mark mutters at Jungwoo and Jaehyun lets out an exasperated sigh.
“Did she just get here?” he asks urgently. It’s weird, this emotion he’s feeling. It’s a strange concoction of frustration and jealousy. Though he’s not sure what he’s supposed to be jealous of… because he has no idea where you’ve been all day.
“Nah, she’s been here a while. I think she came around… maybe 9 or 10 o'clock?” Jungwoo leans his head back to think.
“Yeah… it was a little after 9 because I was home exactly at 9 and she came after I did.” Mark adds.
“You guys should’ve texted me!” Jungwoo groans through his teeth because he knows his friends don’t deserve this energy. It wasn’t their fault that Jaehyun had spent the last few hours looking for you all over when you’d been here all along. He exhales and leaves for his room.
He opens the door and finds everything darkened. The only sounds in the room are the gentle buzzing of the air conditioner and your even breathing. He heads in and soundlessly closes the door behind him. He watches you for a moment. There isn’t much light; the only things illuminating the room are the display on the a/c and a little battery icon shining on your phone, indicating that it’s charging. And even in that light, he makes out your features. The perfect curve of your nose. The swell of your cheeks. Your eyelashes that seem to almost brush them as you lay. And almost immediately, Jaehyun can feel his anger dissolving. But he holds onto it. He doesn’t want it to go away when he knows he’s been wronged. 
Then he sees how you’re hugging onto his jacket as you sleep. Your body turned in the direction of “his side”. Your nose almost nuzzles onto the coarse fabric. And that vision alone is enough to make his heart melt. But he wants to hold onto his anger. 
He watches as your eyes flutter open. Almost as if you sensed his presence even in your sleep. 
“You’re home.” you say groggily, your words barely forming. You hold your arms up, like you’re inviting him to bed, to you. And how can Jaehyun resist? He gives in and walks into your waiting arms, kissing your head as you hold him before he climbs over you onto his side, moving his discarded jacket away from your clutch and replacing it with his body. He holds you to his chest and you lay your ear over his heart and listen to it beat.
“I missed you.” you say sleepily.
“Where were you all day?” Jaehyun can’t help the tone of accusation and irritation in his voice.
“At work.” you say, though it’s hard to talk when the comfort is making you doze back off. “I had such a long day.”
“Why didn’t you pick up any of my calls? Or reply to my messages?” Jaehyun pushes because fuck, he’s holding onto you and you’re in his arms and it feels as though everything is alright, but that seed of doubt is eating away at him till he’s genuinely starting to feel mad at you.
“My phone’s really busted. It won’t charge right.” you point to your charging phone with your head.
“I told you to get it fixed weeks ago, didn’t I?” Jaehyun exhales but at the same time, he strokes the back of your head.
“Mmm, you did say that.” you say croakily and now both your arms are hugging around him the way they were hugging around the jacket. You inhale deeply at his scent and nuzzle your cheek into him.
“Why didn’t you go home? I went over and you weren’t there and none of your coworkers knew where you were.” Jaehyun says, though this time, the agitation has dialed down a little bit. It’s still there, though.
“I wanted to see you. Because I couldn’t call you. But I had a headache so I fell asleep.” you tell him and hug him tighter. You always felt that you could hold him closer. There were too many crevices left in the curve of your bodies that hadn’t touched. The closeness between your skins was never enough.
Jaehyun presses his palm to your head. “Are you feeling better now?” his voice is much softer than before because fuck... it had all been a misunderstanding. God knows what sorts of scenarios had run through Jaehyun’s mind only an hour ago. But you weren’t flaking on him, or disappearing or running off with another man. You had just come out of your work day to see him. And that is slowly flooding Jaehyun’s veins with relief.
“I’m better now you’re here.” you say and you move your body so you’re pretty much lying on top of him. You move up so you can lay your head on your favorite place; right on his shoulder where you can bury yourself in his neck when you want and inhale his scent and wrap your arms around him and receive kisses from him. You smile as he does just that--turns his head and kisses your forehead and wraps his arms around your back while you encircle your arms around his neck.
Jaehyun holds you for a while and feels you drifting off again. But perhaps it’s the residual frustration of the day that makes him speak again.
“Do you know my name?” he asks suddenly.
“Mmmm?” you look up like you’ve just woken again.
“My name. Do you know it?”
You lift your head to smile at him. “Jaehyun.” you say fondly, albeit with a slight tone of groggy amusement.
“No, not this. My real name.” Jaehyun says a bit impatiently.
“Real name?” you let your head drop back onto his shoulder as you burrow into him some more.
Jaehyun sighs. “My real name is Yoonoh.”
“Hmmm…” you hum, genuinely intrigued, “Yoonoh.” you say the name to see how it tastes on your tongue. “So Jaehyun’s not your real name?”
“That’s also my name. But Yoonoh is the name my grandmother gave me.” Jaehyun speaks but he doesn’t know why that bit of vexation is still lacing his words.
“Do you want me to call you Yoonoh?” you ask gently.
“No, I want you to keep calling me Jaehyun.” he says quietly but impatiently.
“Okay. I’ll keep calling you Jaehyun.” you smile and tighten your arms around his neck. There is a beat of silence before he speaks again.
“I just want you to know me.” he says, and he can’t help but sound a bit upset. “I want you to want to know things about me.”
“I’m glad you told me.” you say and it has frustrated him a bit more to know that you’re not taking the bait. You’re not reflecting the agitation he feels and picking a fight with him. Because he knows he would fight with what he’s been through today. It was baseless and all these feelings were unwarranted. You hadn’t really done anything wrong. But Jaehyun was mad at you for everything you had done in his imagination today whilst he couldn’t find you. You’d wronged him in so many ways in his head; and you made him go crazy with the what ifs in the hours he was looking for you like a madman. 
Jaehyun had wondered if you’d left him. He had wondered if you had finally had enough of playing the girlfriend. He had even had the worst thought. And now with you safely in his hold, he’s ashamed that he had it--the thought that he perhaps couldn’t reach you because you were pressed up into another man in another hidden closet because you missed that thrill.
The two of you lay like this for a few moments. Jaehyun listens to your breaths, feels your warmth, feels you drifting in and out of sleep because you were in his arms. But after a while, Jaehyun hears you speak against his skin.
“I know it’s hard to trust me.” you’ve said suddenly and it has made Jaehyun’s eyes snap open. He feels his heart break from the intense pang of guilt he feels. Like the guilt was a dagger that went straight for his chest and stabbed his heart. Because truth be told, ever since you had promised Jaehyun that you’d be his girlfriend, you hadn’t done anything to make him doubt you. 
“Baby…” Jaehyun begins but you speak again.
“No, no. I’m not blaming you for anything. I know it’s because of what I did.” Jaehyun can hear the regret in your voice though he’s not even sure you’re truly awake. He knows you’re talking about the time you had disappeared on him. “But Jaehyun…” you lift your head slightly to look in his eyes, “I promise I won’t do it again.”
Jaehyun has no idea what to say. So he presses a lingering kiss to your forehead and then to your lips. “No, I know. I’m sorry, baby. I just…” he just what? He can’t even bring himself to say the words.
“I really love you, you know?” you say into his neck. You draw your knees in so you can cling onto him tighter. And Jaehyun helps because his heart swells at the words. He puts his hands on your bum and helps you scoot up and into him closer. He wonders if you’re cold and puts the comforter on top of you.
“I know, baby.” he says and kisses your head over and over and over.
“I decided I loved you when I left that time. And once I’ve decided something… it kinda like… it changes me forever.” you try to explain. You wish you were fully awake for this conversation. You wish you weren’t recovering from a throbbing headache your intense workday had given you. That way, you would’ve picked better words and said them in a much more beautiful way and then maybe Jaehyun would’ve believed you. 
Jaehyun kisses you. He brings his lips to yours and kisses you deep while his hands rub up and down your back. He cradles your face with one hand as you lay on top of him and angles your face so he can press his lips against yours even more. You unhook one arm from around his neck and use it to hug his side instead, giving him room to comb your hair away from your face and kiss you luxuriously. For a few moments the kiss builds and your movements become more fevered. But the heat evens out and you slow because tonight you both just want to lay in each other’s arms. You’re both half awake, anyway.
You place your head on his shoulder once again and still for a moment, just to listen to his heartbeat. You hear it thrum so soothingly beneath your ear. You listen to the sounds of his breath. This was your favorite sound, especially when you heard it this close. The gentle, lulling rhythm of his heart and his breaths makes you drift off for another few moments. 
“What’s your favorite movie?” Jaehyun hears you ask suddenly. He smiles.
“My favorite movie?” he asks, just to confirm because you’ve spoken so softly.
“Mhmm…” you hum and hold onto him tighter. It makes Jaehyun’s smile grow. He had found that as a girlfriend, you were adorably clingy. When you weren’t wrapped around him like this, some part of you had to be touching some part of him. When you watched movies, you had to sit behind him so you could cuddle into his back. When you sat just to talk, you had to sit on his lap so he would hold you. When you ate in silence, your foot would rub along his leg. It was so endearing to Jaehyun; the fact that the stoic, aloof heartbreaker he had fallen in love with all that time ago was this cute as a girlfriend. He loved it more than he liked to admit.
“Hmm…” he thinks for a moment. “Fight Club.”
Even in your half asleep state, he hears you scoff. “Bust.”
“It’s a good movie.” Jaehyun defends.
“What’s your actual favorite?” you press because you’re pretty sure this is not it.
“High School Musical.” he admits finally and you grin.
“I knew it.” you say, all too happy to pull the confession out of him.
“They are really good movies.” He defends again.
“I wouldn’t know. I’ve never seen them.” you tell him and you feel him still then hold you up strongly.
“You’ve never seen High School Musical?” he asks you like you’ve committed the biggest sin in the world.
“Nope. Never.” you shake your head.
“Okay, we need to change that. This weekend’s date night is going to be a triple feature.” he announces.
“Okay.” you say easily and kiss his cheek once. Then you reach up to peck his cheek again and then his jawline and then you open your eyes to look up at him. “Why aren’t you kissing me?” you pout.
Jaehyun smiles. “You want me to kiss you?” he kisses your forehead. “I’ll kiss you, baby.” he kisses your cheeks and your lips. He keeps kissing them till he feels you melt into him and become heavier on him. He listens as your breaths even out. But then he hears you inhale deeper once again and speak.
“I kept one of your baby pictures.” you mumble into his neck.
“Hmm?” Jaehyun strokes your head. Fuck, you were so cute, lying in his arms this way, sleepily talking to him all night.
“Your mother showed me your baby pictures. I kept one of them.” you’re talking but your eyes are closed. Your words are muffled. Jaehyun kisses your forehead again.
“Which one did you keep?” he moves your hair from your face so he can watch you.
“It’s the one where you’re smiling at a flower.” you smile in your sleep.
“My mom loves that photo. Did she really let you keep it?” Jaehyun strokes the top of your shoulder with his thumb.
“Mhmm.” is the only reply you can manage for a while. Jaehyun squeezes you closer and snuggles his nose into your hair.
“I want our son to look just like you.” you say softly. And in the dark of the night, Jaehyun feels his chest swell with a sort of happiness he’s never felt before. It’s exhilarating, but not in a way that quickens his heartbeat. But in a way that fills his veins with warmth and so much love that he can only look down at you. Safe and sound in his arms and so beautiful. And Jaehyun is sure that in this moment, he has fallen even deeper in love.
“Like me?” Jaehyun asks and he’s not surprised that his voice reflects the happiness he feels.
“Mhmm. Just like you.” you stroke his side with your hand. “I want him to have your eyes and your smile and your dimples and your hands.” you reach for his hand that’s stroking your shoulder with your lips and kiss it sleepily.
“What if we have a daughter?” Jaehyun asks because he never wants this moment to end.
“I want her to look just like you, too.” you reply and Jaehyun leans in and kisses your lips. He holds the back of your head and knots his fingers in your hair and kisses the woman he loves. Oh God, he loved you so much. He didn’t think it was possible for him to love you any more than he already did. Yet, here he was.
“You really want children with me?” Jaehyun asks because the happiness in his chest is growing still. He watches your eyebrows slightly knot.
“Who else would I want children with?” though you’re barely enunciating, he hears the mild infuriation in your tone. He laughs soundlessly but you feel the rumble beneath you. Then he exhales and strokes your arm up and down.
“That’s a relief.” Jaehyun chuckles and now he just can’t keep his eyes off of you. Not when you’re promising him a life full of happiness. Not when you’re telling him you want to be the mother of his children. Not when you’re telling him you want to be his family. And just when he thinks you’re finally fully asleep, he hears your voice that’s almost like a breath,
“I don’t think you realize how much I love you.” you tell him. And if you sound hurt by it, you’re not able to control it. Not when your guard is so down and your mind is so groggy and you’re not sure whether you’re dreaming or if you’re still awake. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone, you know?”
Jaehyun moves your body gently, in a way that doesn’t bother your comfort. But he softly rolls so you’re not on top of him but to his side, by his heart where he can look at your face. So he can comb your hair behind your ear and kiss your head till he feels like he can kiss you no more.
“I’m sorry for making you think I doubt you.” Jaehyun whispers in your ear then kisses your temple. “I love you too, baby.” he holds you to his heart and strokes your hair soothingly. He wonders if your head was feeling any better. He’s not even sure what time it is, but he wants to wake up before you and make you breakfast before you have to go to work. And then he could take your phone and get it repaired himself.
“I would want our daughter to look like you, though.” Jaehyun muses. “I wanna hold a little Y/N in my arms.” Jaehyun feels himself melting at the thought. Of rocking a little version of you in his lap, with her little nose and her tiny hands and her hair, the exact color as yours. “And I think you’d be such a good mother.” Jaehyun whispers because he knows it's true. You were so smart and so strong and so disciplined. You would be the perfect mother. And he would make you so happy. 
Jaehyun waits for a few moments for you to reply but realizes that now, you’re well and truly asleep. And he holds you tight and listens to you breathing. He feels a sort of content excitement deep within him, one that makes him feel like he can’t wait for his future with you. Maybe this was what being in love felt like. Thrilling and calming at the same time. Full of lovely warmth in the present and hopes of a growing love in the future. He wanted it all with the woman that was sleeping peacefully as she laid against him. 
He wakes up in the morning to you thankfully still asleep in his arms. Looking so beautiful and so relaxed that Jaehyun wishes that neither of you had to move. But your day would always begin much earlier than his, and he had promised himself he would make you breakfast. 
So, it was with great difficulty that he had maneuvered his way out of his bed and into the kitchen. But you had followed soon after, clinging to his back and distracting him while he tried to cook. Fortunately, this was too early in the morning for any of his housemates to be up, so you keep sneaking kisses as he works. And he lets you. The only time he stops you is when he’s working the knife, because he’s pretty sure he will cut himself. But other than that, he returns your needy kisses. He spins around and holds you and kisses you back while the half-prepared meal waits on the counter. He slips his tongue in your wanting mouth while the food nearly burns on the stovetop. A simple ten-minute ordeal takes more than half an hour because you simply can’t keep your hands off each other. When the breakfast is fully cooked, Jaehyun just lifts you up and sets you on the countertop so he can kiss you even deeper.
“I don’t wanna go to work.” you whine into his mouth.
“Then don’t. Stay with me.” Jaehyun pants and kisses along your jaw.
“I can’t. It’s an important day.” you let him kiss you but your needy hands crawl up his shirt and feel the perfect tones of his stomach. 
“How important can it be?” Jaehyun’s kissing your neck now and you’re pretty sure soon he’ll begin sucking down on it. So with great difficulty and what you’re sure is godlike restraint, you pull him off.
“Important.” you breath out. “Can I see you tonight?” you plead more than you ask.
“Okay, baby. I’ll come over as soon as I’m done.” Jaehyun promises and kisses your lips that you’re sure will be swollen in a while from how much the two of you are making out.
“Stay for the weekend.” you speak into his kisses.
“I’ll stay for the weekend, baby.” Jaehyun makes another promise.
The two of you keep kissing each other, barely eating your breakfast. You don’t even know how you find the will to peel yourself off of him and get dressed for work. Because when Jaehyun walks you to the door, you’re making out again, like it’s impossible to keep your hands off of each other. It’s like you’re both under a spell, and you never want it to be broken.
“I’ll come straight to your work to pick you up, okay?” Jaehyun looks down at you with a smile and pecks your lips one final time.
“Okay. I’m out of condoms.” you tell him and he laughs.
“I’ll pick up condoms on the way, baby. Anything else?” he asks, holding you to him.
“No. Just you.” you pull him into you by his shirt and kiss him like you’ll never see him again. 
“Okay.” Jaehyun peels himself off of you and turns you around to face the door. “You’re going to be late.” he says as he gently pushes you out and you whine. Then, he smacks your ass in a way that shocks you. “Go make a lot of money.”
You turn around, your mouth ajar and watch his dimples set deep in his cheeks from what he’s done. You walk to him and grab him by the neckline of his shirt. “You better do this again tonight.”
Jaehyun's smile turns into a grin “Okay.”
“And make it harder.” you say as you pull away from him and watch his eyes grow wide. 
He swallows. “Okay.”
You smile, satisfied, thinking of nothing but getting through the damn day so you can be back in his arms and pick up right where you’d left off.
Tumblr media
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itheweird · 10 months ago
hi, everybody
so since rotten tomatoes does this thing with the fan favorite tv show of the year, i think it would be shame if anyone clicked on this link and voted for julie and the phantoms
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preathfics · 18 days ago
2021: Year in Review- Preath Fandom
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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emeraldcas · 5 months ago
For Liv 💚 @blue-eyed-cutiepatootie
“Um, this is for you.”
Dean looks up from the research he’s been unsuccessfully trying to focus on for over an hour to find Cas standing by his side. He’s holding a small brown parcel in his hands and his eyes are firmly glued to the floor of the bunker.  
Dean leans back in his chair and pushes the hefty book away from him, relieved to have a distraction. He looks at Cas curiously, feeling a smile tug at the corner of his mouth “What, you mean like a gift? You know it’s not my birthday, right?”
Cas manages to tear his gaze away from the floor he seems so fascinated by to look at Dean and, damn, is that nervousness in his eyes?  
“Yes, I know. Is it inappropriate to give you a gift anyway? I just thought, because of the tape you made me-”
Dean waves him away and rises from his seat, his heart skipping a few beats as he moves closer to Cas. He leans against the edge of the table and holds his hands out towards him. “I’ve never been one to turn down free stuff. Give it here, sunshine.”
Cas takes a step closer but his hands remain firmly attached to the little parcel. “I just- I know it’s not very aesthetically pleasing. The tape kept rolling away from me and I couldn’t seem to cut the paper evenly. Angels can do a great many things, but wrapping gifts is apparently not one of them.”
It takes every ounce of Dean’s strength not to laugh at the grim expression on Cas’ face. Only he could imbue something so ordinary with the seriousness of a heavenly mission. “I used to wrap gifts in newspaper, Cas, it’s fine.” He reaches forward and gently removes the gift from Cas’ reluctant hands.  
“Just don’t-”
Before Cas can finish talking, Dean turns the parcel over in his hands and comes face to face with a hilariously hideous mess of tape, torn paper, and what looks suspiciously like chewed gum. He raises an eyebrow at Cas who is awkwardly rubbing a hand across his neck. “I was going to tell you not to do that.”
Dean grins and flips the parcel back to the less Frankenstein-esque side. “Better?”
The soft smile that Cas flashes him in reply makes Dean want to wrap his arms around him and never let go. He shakes the thought from his head and digs into the parcel, gently pulling apart the layers of paper and tape, and expertly avoiding the gum. As he clears away the debris, something falls from the parcel and lands on the ground. He stoops to pick it up and a wave of emotion washes over him so suddenly he feels breathless. He straightens and looks at the item in his hands. For a long moment all he can do is stare at the gift Cas gave him. The thing Cas picked out, just for him. Just because he felt like it.  
“Socks,” he eventually hears his voice croak out.  
“Yeah, I, uh, thought you might like them.” He looks at Cas, his eyes pricking with tears. He looks back at the novelty socks and the little pizza slices embroidered into the fabric. “I know how much you love your hotdog pajamas and I thought-” Cas’ voice catches suddenly in his throat, doubt sneaking into his words. “I saw these at the store and they made me think of you,” he finishes quickly.  
“Cas,” Dean begins, but the rest of the words dissolve on his tongue. He looks at him and wonders how he can even begin to explain how much this means to him. How much the angel, standing only a breath away, and fidgeting nervously with the belt of his trenchcoat, means to him. Even if he could find the words, they wouldn’t be enough.  
And maybe this time, he needs more than words.  
Screw it, Dean thinks. It’s now or never.  
Dean drops the socks and steps forward fast, before his brain can take over. He has just enough time to see a familiar look of confusion cross Cas’ face before their mouths connect. Without a second of hesitation, Cas returns his kiss, so eager and so gentle it makes him want to cry. If Dean wasn’t so preoccupied he’d pinch himself. Cas gave him pizza socks and now they’re kissing? With a monumental effort, Dean switches off his brain and lets every doubt seep from his body as he leans into the kiss.  
The warmth of Cas’ lips, and his hands gently cupping Dean’s face are the start and the end of the world for Dean Winchester. 
Who knew novelty socks could be so romantic?
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That's a wrap! – origami advent masterlist
Tumblr media
Thanks so much to all the gifters for participating, your enthusiasm, and patience with me through the whole process 💕 And thank you to those who supported this project! Also I read all the comments and tags and y'all are so sweet,, I really appreciate your support for this and the creators 💖 Special thanks to @fantalf for being so lovely and cheering me on as always, and @samyistrying for your encouragement, reassurances, and essentially helping me calm the fuck down 😅 Much love ❤️❤️
Here is the compilation of all the links and recs for the 12 recipients:
| 1: @fictional | 2: @rockingrobin69 | 3: @itsjamethyst | 4: @iero0 | 5: @avenueofesc | 6: @jalesidor | 7: @crazybutgood | 8: @curlyy-hair-dont-care | 9: @ladderofyears | 10: @sassy-sassy3 | 11: @evaeleanor | 12: @m0srael |
And their gifters! Their ao3 pages are linked in the numbers:
| 1: @drarryruinedme7 | 2: @steampunkserpent27 | 3: @pennygalleon | 4: @ladderofyears | 5: @orange-peony | 6: @corvuscrowned | 7: @the-starryknight | 8: @sky-is-torn | 9: @pineau-noir | 10: @andithiel | 11: @swisstae | 12: @fantalf |
Go leave both participants and their giftees some love! 🥰
I can't believe it's over ahh I've already planned something similarly fandom-involved for next year I really enjoyed doing this and taking the opportunity to spread some positivity 💖 Hope you all have a great weekend!
Tumblr media
Image description: a red origami heart with the words 'Thank you & Happy Holidays!' written on it in cursive in black ink
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aurosoulart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Art vs Artist 2021! 🌻
looking back, I’m amazed and beyond overjoyed at the direction my art has taken. I went from being depressed and having art that reflected that depression to being full of life and channeling my love of nature into the works you see above
here’s to another year of light, green things that grow, and persevering against all odds 💚
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lucacrow · a month ago
hey there! I might need to ask for a little extra help to get through the rest of the month.
I was really hoping to avoid asking for donations again, but work has been slow, life has gotten Especially wild over the past few months, and I have some impending expenses I currently can’t afford.
I need $90 to cover an automatic bill payment on the 15th, $40 for transportation to an appointment later this month, and I also need to get food as soon as possible.
I have a couple of adoptables open, and if you’re interested in a pixel commission I have an order form with info here: https://forms.gle/HsofVdhzRdVHf5b99
I still have a bit of outstanding work to finish, though, so any ko-fi donations would be extremely helpful and appreciated while I keep trying to catch up with everything.
thank you so much for all the support already, please take care, and I hope the rest of your year is kind to you <3
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sarah-yyy · a year ago
“Sorry,” Shang Qinghua says again. “I really didn’t mean it.”
Luo Binghe snorts. “It would be very concerning if you did mean to dump scalding hot coffee on a stranger.” 
Shang Qinghua winces. “Sorry.”
“Luo Binghe,” Mobei Jun says. 
Luo Binghe turns to Mobei Jun, grin wide and amused. “I can’t believe I am your emergency contact. Mobei, are we really at that level of friendship?”
“Shut up,” Mobei Jun grits out, “and deal with this properly.” 
“Is this the way to talk to your emergency contact?” Luo Binghe murmurs.
“No, but this is how I talk to my lawyer, whose time he’s made it clear to me that I am paying for,” Mobei Jun says. 
Luo Binghe’s smile widens, and he turns back to look at Shang Qinghua. “Let’s talk damages.”
Shang Qinghua gulps. 
Luo Binghe is just about to start speaking, when the door opens, and Shen Yuan steps in. 
“Airplane Bro!” he says. “Are you okay?”
Shang Qinghua nods. “I uh, may have...stretched the truth a little to get you here? I’m not hurt! But I kind of uh, accidentally burnt-”
Shen Yuan turns towards the voice, and does a double take. “Binghe?” 
Shang Qinghua watches in amazement as Luo Binghe goes from menacing lawyer to bright-eyed puppy in less than two seconds.
“Shizun remembers me?” Luo Binghe asks, pleased. 
Shang Qinghua accidentally meets Mobei Jun’s eyes. ‘Shizun?’ he mouths at Mobei Jun, because what in the fuck? 
Mobei Jun lifts his uninjured shoulder in a shrug. 
“What are you doing here, Binghe?” Shen Yuan asks, and then catches sight of Mobei Jun. “Ah. Here to negotiate a settlement out of court, counsel?” he asks wryly. 
Luo Binghe shakes his head vehemently. “No!” he says. “Of course not! I didn’t know he was shizun’s friend!” He claps a hand down on Mobei Jun’s shoulder. “My friend here is usually clumsy,” he tells Shen Yuan. “This probably happens all the time. He’s also a little more sensitive to heat than anyone else, so the coffee probably wasn’t hot enough to cause serious damage. He’ll live!” 
Shang Qinghua blinks at the one-eighty Luo Binghe has done. When he looks at Mobei Jun, Mobei Jun is frowning, but otherwise not saying anything else.
Shen Yuan nods. “We’ll take care of his medical bills, of course.”
“No need!” Luo Binghe blurts out. “Mobei has more money than he knows how to deal with!” 
Shang Qinghua gapes. 
Mobei Jun scowls. 
Shen Yuan arches an eyebrow.
Luo Binghe just continues smiling sweetly at Shen Yuan. “Well, if shizun and his friend wish to make amends, how about buying us dinner one night?”
‘Dinner?’ Shang Qinghua mouths, incredulous. 
‘He’s an idiot,’ Mobei Jun mouths back.
Shang Qinghua’s lips twitch. 
“It’s only right that we take care of the medical bills, Binghe,” Shen Yuan insists. “I’ll go do that now.”
“But shizun-” Luo Binghe whines, trailing him out of the room. 
“So,” Shang Qinghua says, after a beat.
“So,” Mobei Jun echoes. 
“I really am sorry,” Shang Qinghua says, with as much sincerity as he can muster. “It really was my fault. I got distracted when I was walking, and then before I knew it...”
He doesn’t mention that it was Mobei Jun that he got distracted thinking about. It’s not 100% his fault! If the universe thinks that it can drop someone like Mobei Jun in front of Shang Qinghua in the line for coffee, and then have Shang Qinghua not think about him, it’s the universe’s fault for asking for too much from Shang Qinghua.
Mobei Jun nods. “Dinner,” he says, eventually. 
“You can buy me dinner tomorrow night,” Mobei Jun clarifies.
Shang Qinghua stares. “To apologise?” 
“In part,” Mobei Jun allows. 
“And the other part?” Shang Qinghua asks.
“I would’ve dodged, but I was distracted too,” Mobei Jun admits. “I thought you were cute.”
Shang Qinghua feels his face heat. “Okay then,” he says, a small smile curving over his lips, “it’s a date.” 
(buy me a kofi!)
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lumencountess · 3 months ago
Has anyone told you how amazing you are today!!!!!!!
You're so creative, witty and sweet!!!!! You touched so many hearts with how lovely and patient you are!!!!!! You're going to give us all cavities and I absolutly do not mind!!!!!!!
Lumen you are warmth!!!!!!!! I hope you'll have an incredible rest of the week!!!!!
(no pressure to post i just wanted to let you know I apretiate you, so, so, so much!!!!!!!)
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CROW YOU...YOUUUUU AMAZING SOUL!!! How did you know I needed a little cheer me up in this period? How??! This is totally unexpected but you always find a way to make my day better!!! :,)💜💜
💜💜💜thank you for everything 💜💜💜
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bokuakafluffysowlmates · 3 months ago
The brain has two different sides, the left brain and the right brain.
The left brain focuses on analytical and methodical thinking.
The right brain focuses on expressive and open thinking.
Akaashi is analytical and methodical.
Bokuto is expressive and open.
I therefore conclude that Bokuaka share one brain.
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