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#thank you for all the kind words!!
space-pilot-3000 · 2 months ago
duuuudeeee that new chapter of BF was INCREDIBLE! the *spoiler shocking moment* was so unexpected but weirdly it worked and got so well i wasn’t even mad i was just enjoying it! you wrote that so incredibly well. also is the narrator redtail? i thought it was midnight for most of it until the final conversation between narrator and dustpelt.
you’re making tigerstar like. believably mad. he’s so turned in an paranoid he’s burning everything around him to the ground. and cloud stone? i have no idea if he’ll ever be redeemed or he’ll be chased off or what but i’m so excited to see where this goes. oh also. tangleburr and firestar? big brained partnership there.
Ahhh thank you I'm glad you enjoyed! Yes the narrator was Redtail lol, although I find it very interesting how many people also guessed Midnight, but no it was him ahahaha.
Oh and re: Cloudstone, his ending is honestly one of the things I'm most nervous about with the upcoming final chapters, not of whether I can pull it off but more whether people will like it... But it's also one of my favorite things I've come up with for this story, I'm really excited for all you guys to see it!
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flannelfloofsart · 2 years ago
alighty gifts are done and posted. I’ll come back again next time but for now I’ll be hibernating until the next batch of gift art..
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flowerais · 2 days ago
soft reminder: don’t be so hard on yourself if you fall back into an old pattern!! habits are so hard to change especially when you’re not doing great. when we need the most comfort, old patterns seem like the quick comfort or relief. blaming yourself can make you feel worse and you don’t deserve it especially when you’re already suffering. as long as you pick yourself off the floor and try again, you’re doing good! keep trying until you feel at home in your new routines or habits (yes, it will happen). changing will take more time than expected, but that’s okay. you’re stronger than you feel and you can always try again tomorrow ✨
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daonepiece · 3 months ago
Idk if you still do requests but... What about the trio Luffy, Law and Kidd playing cards or eating together? Or maybe Shanks and buggy just chilling??? Also your art is absolutely AMAZING and dazzling!! OBVIOUSLY please feel free to ignore that if you don't want to draw them!!!
POV: You've stepped into the middle of an very important meeting...
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pencilscratchins · 20 days ago
Your butch Rey art…. How does it feel knowing you have my life in your hands like a small fragile bird?
the capacity to absolutely derail wlw’s days with one sexy butch rey did go to my head. absolute power corrupts absolutely
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appaeve · 2 months ago
hi!! i just wanted to say your art is amazing and your style is incredible!! i love how expressive and alive it feels and it's genuinely like, my goal for what i want my art to look like some day :D
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thank you so much! that’s genuinely incredibly sweet; hearing that my sketch dumps and goofy doodles are actually ending up in peoples “Inspo’s” folders or motivating others is just the coolest thing :)
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mmhinman · 3 months ago
As a demisexual demiromantic it's so nice to find other demi people. And the amount of love for demisexuals this pride month has been amazing! I have never seen this much love for demisexuals before in previous years it's usually hate so it's amazing. Us ace-spec people have to support one another!
Right! I remember demis were getting a lot of hate as I was growing up. But now everyone is really chill and supportive! It's so awesome!!!
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