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!!! YEAH i get so hung up over this because it’s just proof that michael isn’t this one-way street like he got stereotyped as for years??? he really does listen to people and what they have to say and all it took was someone who he listened to and who listened to him in turn for michael to sway from his usual path. instead of he and adam both being one-way streets at each other they connected and made it a two-way street and from there everything just took off, vs. yeah how you said: even when lucifer’s own son was in the playing field, he just refused to stop. which sort of contrasts with the way he wanted him and michael to just walk off the playing field in 5x22?

so basically when you think about it it’s like…lucifer almost seems to value the archangels + god more? he was willing to give it up for michael (+ y'all remember when lucifer defended god to amara?) but didn’t seem to care at all when it came to jack. and michael actually seems to be the one who values outside perspectives more: where he shrugged lucifer off entirely in 5x22, he actually did show signs of listening to dean in 5x13 (even though he refuted everything back then) and he listened to each and every one of adam’s words in 15x08 even though he didn’t agree. it’s extremely interesting how the fallen archangel is the one who displays more ties to the og family than the good son who ruled heaven for the family for millennia.

although 15x19 fucked it up beyond belief (thanks for nothing bucklemming), the entire idea of michael and lucifer switching sides with michael becoming the rebel and lucifer becoming god’s right hand was good because it matched up with previously established lines of reasoning. lucifer was said to be god’s favorite all the way back in season five, and in season 11 it was proven that no matter how resentful he was at god he was still willing to work with him (and fucking defend him!!! to amara!!!). michael (with me making use of one of the only salvageable lines in 15x19) said it himself: “i did what i did because it was the right thing to do, not to get his love.” and even back in 5x13: “i am going to kill him because it is right and i have to.” michael does not work based on familial ties, he works based on what he thinks is right. for him, sometimes the right thing to do for him is following his father’s orders because god was the one who brought him into existence⁠—"i exist because he willed it!“—and other times the right thing to do is handing a spell to trap his father over to the people he despises because his father aims to destroy everything in existence.

anyway i went off on a winding tangent here but tldr YEAH the differences between michael and lucifer and how interpersonal relationships affect their view of the world and how they interact with it…yeah.

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!!!! thank you so much!!!!🥺❤ i came back into supernatural too late i wasn’t even around when 15x08 aired but i’m here now and it’s only thanks to jake abel lmao. and also while i have the chance to say it i just want to compliment your art because it’s PHENOMENAL and you have…SO much talent!!! :)

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YES i love the idea of adam singing in the cage both for the comedy and the angst of it all and LMAO THE OLD WHITE DAD ROCK…..ADAM WOULD NEVER he’d just quietly sing songs that were popular in the 90s and the mid-2000s and songs his mom would play and the thought??? of him singing worship songs??? in the fucking cage????? as someone who believed and trusted in angels before being manipulated by them????????? god there’s so much to unpack there i LOVE it. and he’s definitely got the flowiness for dancing in some moments tbh i love it

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this makes sense but also i just got the mental image of michael slamming lucifer in the cage for being straight and idk why but honestly good for him

lucifer: i⁠—

michael: i didn’t raise you to be a straight (derogatory)! *spikes him into hell like a volleyball*

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oh believe me i know i’ve SEEN all the fucking posts from 2010-NOW where michael’s still framed as the big bad villain for casting out lucifer and ruling heaven like he did and killing anna when it’s like………….that was his Job……….he was the Viceroy………………..He Was Just Doing The Job That He Was Made To Do……HOW HE WAS MADE TO DO IT………and he was literally in the right when it came to lucifer anyway SO

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I try to keep this blog strictly Kylux & Star Wars but yes, I’m a huuuuge fan of Supernatural! I totally recognise its flaws in casting and treatment of minority characters but it’s my comfort show. I was in such a bad place when I was hardcore into it and I felt so much better with Sam, Dean & Cas wirh me. I used to go to all the British conventions back in the day and meet all the actors! I’ll have to try and find my photo album and show you! Jensen was the sweetest 😭

I was never really an active member of the fandom. I made a few fanvideos and posted 1 piece of fanfiction but I was a lurker for the most part. My best friend (at the time) and I got into it in 2012 and both fell in love with the show so we’d go to the conventions and stuff together.

And oh my gosh, D//estiel was my OTP. I love the brothers, of course, but Castiel was such an amazing character that I loved him from the first ‘I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.’ So you can imagine how much I was sobbing—8 years later!!!!!—when Cas told Dean that he loves him.

But I hated the ending. I agree that they both had to die but it shouldn’t have been done that way. In my opinion, the brothers should have both died side-by-side in the battle with Chuck after defeating him & Amara.

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okay there is a flaw of this plan that I realized as soon as I hit ‘Shuffle’ and that is so many of my saved songs on Spotify are either instrumental or not in English so I’m going to give you the route that I took to actually find a song with lyrics I understood so

Jandoubi | Disparition -> Entr’acte from the 1998 Cabaret cast recording -> Grand Guignol | Bajofondo -> Don Quixote: Act II: Carmencita | Léon Minkus and the Sofia National Opera Orchestra -> two more variations from Don Quixote wtf is wrong with this shuffle button omg -> Loyal to the Throne from the Black Panther soundtrack | Ludwig Goransson ->  Po sadochku hodzhy | Lubov Suslova ->


Sonya & Natasha, from Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 (the Original Broadway recording):


What can I do?
Sonya, what can I do?

I’m so happy
And so frightened
Why can’t you understand?
I love him!

GIRL, YOU HAVE KNOWN HIM THREE DAYS, LISTEN TO SONYA! Specifically I really like the ‘I’m so happy/And so frightened’ lines. :-)

[put a little ∞ in my ask box and I will give you….a list of instrumental songs I waded through to find one with lyrics in English and also my favorite lyrics to that song]

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oh my god that boy in high school was absolutely a trumpet player. there is NO WAY that he was ever part of the woodwinds sorry i simply know these things as a certified woodwinds player of five years who quit after sophomore year. adam would’ve been a trumpet player who joined for year so he could get a fine arts credit to graduate, blundered his way through the entire year, somehow finished with an A and then he was GONE

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YES i do. first and foremost, raphael! there is NO ONE on the show that did it like raphael. demore barnes and lanette ware were absolutely fucking PHENOMENAL playing their roles because they really did take the line “archangels are heaven’s most terrifying weapon” and they just. expanded on that SO much. raphael’s aura of power was unparalleled by any other archangel and honestly i’m so MAD at the writers for never even mentioning his previous role as heaven’s healer or even?? expanding upon his past at all??? they just stuck him into the role of villain and then COMPLETELY did away with him (and raphael was the ONLY archangel of the main universe to use two black vessels…this show is so fucking whitewashed it’s not even funny). they brought lucifer back how many times?? and then practically NEVER MENTIONED RAPHAEL AGAIN aside from a passing line in s11. the closest we got to an archangel even mourning raphael’s death was michael going “my brothers are dead…” and even then, the writers didn’t even have him mention him by name??? when raphael was the one who stayed with michael for thousands of years???? NOT EVEN A MENTION??? IT’S BULLSHIT! NOT TO MENTION THE BULLSHIT WRITING THEY GAVE HIM which was what REDUCED him down to the “simple villain” role in the first place! raphael had SO MUCH FUCKING POTENTIAL and everyone on the show was collectively like no❤ i don’t think so❤ we aren’t going to mention him ever again❤

if you can’t tell i get very fired up over the abandonment and mistreatment of raphael lmao.

anyway! onto gabriel: i liked him! i like how they simultaneously allowed him to have both a kind heart and flaws! i like how he was allowed to have nuance! it was very clear that he loved his brothers but he absolutely wasn’t afraid to stand up to them and call them (cough lucifer cough) out on their shit and his line of “if michael were here i’d shiv him too” was ICONIC. i like how he was bitter and spiteful and wanted revenge when he regained his sanity! i like how he popped au!michael in the FACE! the way he was killed off was fucking stupid and unfair but what else can you expect from this show lmao

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I shall gladly put one together, convenient or otherwise! Haven’t begun the third season of DT 2017 yet–waiting on my sister to do that– so I’m just going to avoid any plot stuff altogether for now. (Also, my knowledge of the franchise as a whole is fairly limited; I’m really only familiar with the reboot.)

  • Before I created any siblings to accompany him, I once considered making Ford a platypus. A mail-carrying platypus. He was going to be a small, mellow dude.  
    Now based off of a ruddy duck, Ford has what he calls an “unfortunate condition” wherein his feathers turn a bright red for the summer. He covers it up as much as he can, even on the most sweltering of days.
  • Bea has the attention span of a goldfish and doesn’t like sitting around too much. She needs movement of some kind; frequent, rapid change in nearly every aspect of her life. (Though she likes the consistency of her brother’s presence. Doesn’t want that to ever go away.)
  • The two (and Evelyn, another DT OC) were raised in a very rural setting. Their mom, a chicken, had adopted several children of various species. It was a big family of the overall happy, chaotic variety.
  • Ma Downey did her best to make sure all her babies grew up self-sufficient, fully functioning adults. The twins still turned out to be relative disasters in that department (lack of living space cleanliness, poor eating habits, overdue bills, stuff like that). Because she loves them so dearly, she smacks the two upside their heads every time she visits them or vice versa.
  • Their are heavily involved in illegal street racing. Not sure how this would play into any plots or character arcs, but it’s a well-kept secret of theirs.
  • Bea is a big Gizmoduck fan; Ford prefers Darkwing Duck. The resulting debates on who’s the better hero get intense.
  • On that note, I entertained the idea of Ford and Fenton becoming good friends. Not sure if that’ll stick.
  • I do like some of the imagined dynamics with the McDuck family. Bea and Dewey would instantly hit it off. (She’s the kind of person who lets children do things like drive a car or go to an R-rated movie– not because she doesn’t care, she just doesn’t see the problem with it. They’re going to do these things at some point in their lives, anyway, right?) Throw Launchpad into the mix, and we’ve got ourselves a disaster trio where the kid is the possibly the smartest one. Not… Not great prospects, honestly.
  • Ford fears what Scrooge, a duck of such immense power and wealth, could do to them should anything bad befall the kids around the Downey twins. He’d be cartoonishly nervous and jumpy, even when Scrooge isn’t there. (I don’t know what Scrooge’s response would be to this behavior.)

I’m trying to keep it even between the two, but I don’t have as much figured for Bea as I do Ford. *scratches head* This seems to happen a lot…

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7. Which character do you wish wasn’t a LI?

I’m not too sure, really; probably Ian seeing as he’s a professor at the University, but other than that, no one else springs to mind.

10. Do you enjoy making big choices that affect the story or does it stress you out?

I think it depends on the choice at hand; some choices, like whether or not to stay with Edward at the end of Distant Shores or marrying John in TUH, were incredibly easy for me to make. I guess it depends on whether the other option affects the MC’s relationship with another character or if it doesn’t bode well for MC.

17. How did you find out about choices?

I think I saw it advertised on Facebook and looked it up on the App Store.

19. Which book do you think collectively has the best LIs?

Bloodbound, for sure; however, Distant Shores and Desire and Decorum have really good ones too!

29. Are there any books you haven’t read/finished? why haven’t you?

I still have to finish TRM and QB, and am currently on chapter 12 of Platinum. I have yet to play MOTY, and have only played a couple of chapters of ATV and TH:M; I stopped playing Witness early on, and didn’t get far in PTR, AME (book 2 and 3) and RCD. I also haven’t played Endless Summer, either.

I think the main reason as to why I didn’t play them is because of the timing that they came out; I can definitely remember MOTY coming out whilst I was on placement at University, so I often stopped playing choices to focus on my academic studies… and just didn’t pick them back up afterwards.

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👀👀👀👀👀 PLEASE ACTUALLY OH MY GOD but can you imagine???? a thousand years of hell and being tied to the grace of the most powerful archangel and the combination of the two just slowly seeping into his soul without either he or michael realizing it (because as things grow and change together sometimes you forget how they started) and they’re just?? used to it?? both just assume that it’s leftover damage from the cage and move on. and then the rapture starts and god sends everyone “away” but it’s designed for humans and animals and monsters to go away and adam just…doesn’t quite fall into any of those categories anymore, even if he doesn’t realize it. so he wakes up in the empty all confused and shit and then sits there until michael gets there and then he’s like “hey??? what’s going on???” and michael realizes what must’ve happened and he’s like “oh.”

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VERY much fucking agree angels can take in and process more information/emotions at once because they’re celestial and shit but humans??? their emotions hit like a goddamn lightning strike that keeps striking the same place over and over again and to angels that’s gotta seem super overwhelming because they’re all used to being so detached from shit???? so if they were to experience something from a human’s point of view they’d probably be like FUCK this i’m out. depending on the angels in question ofc but the majority of them almost definitely would hate it

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YOU CAN TELL WHO’S WHO!!! and the way he’s able to keep adam looking more young and michael looking a bit older all by changing his face???? like?????


this mf didn’t even NEED an outfit change. he walked onto that set and absolutely stole the show. and portraying the bond between adam and michael???? no shipper goggles required???? no one should be allowed to have that much chemistry with themselves and this man went out here and did it anyway!!! he took two characters that only a small handful of people actually gave a shit about and turned them into widespread faves all with one episode!!!!! it’s insane that he was never featured more in the show

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Thank you so much for asking, darling! 🧡🧡

30. Any cool places in your area?:

  • Actually, yes! Fortunately, I have an amazing view for the Tagus river, where I can see the sunrise and the sunset! It has a little beach nearby, and some ice-cream shops. There are a lot of animals around, like ducks, beautiful birds, a lot of fish… it’s very pretty. And of course I would!! It would be a pleasure to offer my angels a guided tour hehe 💕

42. What do you daydream about?:

  • Me and my f/os, 24/7 (no joke ksksk). They make me feel loved and more confident, so I can’t stop thinking about them

49. What does your wardrobe consist of?:

  • That’s actually an interesting question, because I started buying clothes for myself very recently that fit me better, and that are my style. So my wardrobe consists on black clothes, rock outfits and some large sweaters (I have clothing of others colors, but black and red are my favorite)

54. Any tattoos or piercings?:

  • Yes!! I have a industrial piercing, and I think I’ll get a tongue piercing soon. I’m a little afraid to get it tbh, and I don’t want it to get infected or too sore. Anyway, I would love to have so many more… and tattoos too, of course!

58. Songs you’re currently obsessed with?:

  • Ohh I’ll try to make a small list hehe: Therefore I Am, by Billie Eilish; In This Shirt, by The Irrepressibles; Familiar, by Agnes Obel. There are many more, but I’ll chose those this time

75. Do you like art? What’s your favourite work or artist?:

  • I absolutely LOVE art!!! I love paintings, Jim Warren being one of my favorite ones, music (Freddie Mercury!!) , literature (Stephen King), cinema, performing, sculpture… all types of art <33
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FB-era Bair is a magi-archaeologist/magi-historian! Her field of expertise is pre-Christian Muggle-Wizard interactions and how wizards helped to influence various Muggle belief systems….and Quidditch. Because she is also a jock and daughter of a famous Quidditch player.

Being a Hufflepuff in the same year as Newt, as well as a fellow chaser on the Quidditch team, she was his friend! They bonded over the fact that they were both in love with subjects most people found boring or unnecessary (care of magical creatures for Newt, history of magic for Bair). The two of them also listened and showed genuine interest whenever the other started rambling about their beloved subject. Whenever Bair was feeling (literally) blue, Newt would tell her random magical creature facts while she would tell him random historical facts involving creatures whenever he was feeling down.

Bair would also beat up students who tried to pick on Newt (as well as her other friends. Bair is very protective of friends and family).

She and Leta, however…Not so much friends, nor were they enemies. They were just classmates who were civil towards one another. 

As for how Bair and Newt get together…It takes a long while. And to be honest, I’m not quite sure yet how they actually get together? So I’ll just ramble about how Bair realized she loved Newt. 

During school, she had a very obvious crush on Newt, but Newt being Newt, didn’t notice. Not that she minded, because she knew he liked Leta and she just wanted him to be happy. After Newt gets expelled, she still writes to him, but doesn’t actually see him in person again until around the time of the first FB movie. By the time she realizes she still has feelings for Newt, she’s certain it’s too late because, well, now he likes Tina and Tina likes him. 

This time around, though, she knows how to better hide her feelings and the only one who really finds out about how she feels about Newt is Queenie. 

And I once again realize that I went into far too much detail for simple questions :/ Sorry.

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