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#thank you for asking!

9. Do you prefer to write AUs, canon divergence, or canon-compliant fic?

canon-compliant more than anything, unless something in canon is particularly egregious

12. Is there a trope you haven’t written yet but really want to?

ehh I don’t really actively think about tropes I just write what I want

19. Who is the easiest/hardest character for you to write about? Why?

idk I don’t really have a hard time per se with any of the main characters of UT because I’m so familiar with them. I guess with the latest chapter of Walls I did have some trouble figuring out how I wanted to characterize Maddy though.

21. What is the one fic that got away?

idk, if I’m serious about a fic I typically do get around to at least starting it. I did have ideas for a long Alphyne fic once but it would have required a lot of world-building and stringing together of different scenes to make a reality. I haven’t entirely set it aside but I don’t know if I’ll ever go anywhere with it.

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i’m in the mood for chaos, so send me 🔥 for one of my least favorite fcs!

❤️ - Fahriye Evcen – she’s so underused and I really love her. 


❤️ - I really love Katherine McNamara? She’s the FC of one of my most loved OCs and she’s basically one of my favorites in general? (I mean you can clearly see that bc I’m using her as my mascot as well).

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i actually wrote an entire post along the lines of that here—but nope, sam and dean burned adam’s body but they apparently never did anything with kate’s, so presumably, her body was just left there??? and i think that if adam was ever to return to windom with michael he’d sort of realize that somehow(and probably get super pissed about it) and hold his own funeral for her because he never got to actually properly mourn her (getting eaten alive + getting resurrected + getting pulled into hell for 1000+ years). i’d imagine it would be one of the only reasons michael leaves adam and goes to heaven for a quick second, because adam requests that michael check in on kate’s heaven to make sure she’s actually up there and at peace. 

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🚦 be stuck in an elevator with, stuck in traffic with, and stuck in the apocalypse with.

“Oh, I’d definitely rather be stuck in the elevator with Mary May. I think she would be able to provide good conversation and distract me from my claustrophobia. Traffic with Pastor Jerome because I can drown his religious talk with my music. And the apocalypse with Nick Rye, any day. I can depend on him to have my back and he’s a good friend of mine.”

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7. Which part of writing do you struggle with most?

if it counts, getting up the motivation to write.

8. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, share a song that’s been inspiring you lately.

occasionally, if I really want to focus or need to block some other noise out. in that case I usually just listen to Aria Math from the Minecraft soundtrack on repeat.

10. Do you enjoy writing dialogue, exposition, or plot the most?

answered that one!

22. Have you cried while writing a fic?

I almost did while writing an Alphyne angst-shot once. idk what was so moving about it but it was getting something across

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5. What is the perfect environment for you to write in?

wherever I call home I guess. right now it’s my parents’ house, but when I had my own apartment for school I got some good stuff done there too

10. Do you enjoy writing dialogue, exposition, or plot the most?

hmm…. I think it depends. I really enjoy dialogue when it comes to certain characters but with others I feel like my writing is stilted… I guess overall I’d say I enjoy them about equally

13. Is there a trope you wouldn’t write if it was the last trope on earth?

I hate love triangles. also the trope where the tomboy/masc girl gets turned all ~feminine and pretty~ so the boy she likes will like her back can die in a hole

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1. What was the first fandom and/or pairing that you wrote fic for?

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons… I had this whole epic story I wanted to tell, got to chapter 10 and never wrote for it again 😔

2. Do you participate in any writing events or challenges throughout the year? If so, what do you like about them?

I’ve tried to do Nanowrimo but I’ve failed every time so far lmao. I guess I like the idea of getting a bunch of writing done in a short time but I just don’t have the stamina I think

3. Do you write fics from start or finish, or jump around?

my method of writing is mostly linear, I start from the beginning and work my way to the end. occasionally if I think of a really good scene I’ll write it down though.

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red ochre: are you inclined to watch a tv series if a lot of people on the internet are talking about it?

I wait until everyone is finished talking about it so if I don’t like it then i don’t have to see it constantly lol

scarlet: think of your favourite genre. what kind of media in that genre do you prefer - books, films, or tv series?

If I’’m thinkin romance I’m going books, if it’s comedy I’m going show

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Sorry it tales a bit I’m stupid high and distracted

37: You get instantly horny, what happened?

- If my neck is bit it’s over lol

44: Describe the type of freak you are.

- The most casual way I can say it is that I am a sub but I don’t go down easy 😅

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49: Where do you like to be nutted on?

- Is inside an answer?

78: How often do you masturbate?

- couple times a week usually

89: Have you ever had sex with more than one person in a day?

- I’m honored that you think I could manage that 😂

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people sleep on Alphys way too much and if they’re not sleeping on her, they’re outright hating her, like people legit say she’s worse than Asgore because she made a mistake and tried to cover it up and I’m like ???? last I checked child murder was uhhhhhh pretty fucking bad

but yeah I just love (and by love I mean hate) how people ignore her growth, or reduce her to some fucking cowardly weeb, like way to miss the point of her story, damn.

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baby boy. baby

honestly he’s one of my favorite characters in the game. he’s just a goofy little boy, what’s not to love. I think it’s amazing he’s such a sweetheart when his dad is… like that.

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I have to admit I didn’t like her much at first, but on my second playthrough or so I really grew to love her. I’m glad she’s changing and growing and I hope her friendship with Kris lasts

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she gay… also I know we don’t know much about her (yet) but she seems sweet and I can’t wait to see what the next chapters of Deltarune have in store for her

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