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#thank you for asking!!

Ooooooh, this is a great question.

I feel like one of the best options would be an actress who was a really big name in the 30s - 50s but would be older in the 1990s. And, because I like to be accurate, they’d have to be alive between 1995 and early 1998 (to pretend they actually could have appeared in the show).

Appearance wise, I don’t have much beyond “long white curly-ish hair that’s brushed out.” You know what I mean? Like the way older women sometimes have it where it was clearly once very curly once but has been brushed through so many times that the curls are loose?

All that considered, I think I’m gonna go with Katharine Hepburn. I can’t tell exactly when this photo was taken, but she passed away in 2003 at age 96, so I imagine it’s sometime in the late 90s.


If you guys have other thoughts or ideas though, I’d love to hear them!

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Hmmm… I wonder why that one caught your attention :P

It’s a half-completed one-shot from the “matriarchs” au that takes place right before the 1997 (pre-s4) 4th of July baseball game. Mildred insists Kerry needs to learn how to hit a baseball. Kerry adamantly denies that she needs to learn how to hit a baseball. Mildred’s insistance wins, especially when she calls in help from Susan to help Kerry hit her pitch. (Read: That Thing where the one person stands very close behind the other to help them perform the sport activity.)

Kerry’s makes a successful hit (to her suprise and subsequent pride) and then asks  “Is this the part where I would go to first base?” But when Mildred tells her that she would be out since she had caught the ball, Kerry’s first at bat turns into Kerry’s first argument with the umpire.

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80. How would they fair in zombie apocalypse?

asa: he would be a great farmer / gatherer, which is good because he couldn’t bear to eat animals even if it meant he was malnourished. which is bad because he already gets no sleep, so.. he would probably be pretty weak in an apocalypse lmao. but omg, what if he could get through to zombies and reach the actual dead person underneath?

stevie: she’s also really good with plants & gathering, but she has no other survival skills & she’s SOOO loud. she would probably die early 😭

finn: okay we all know he would be the most tactically useful one. he loved fishing, plus his dad taught him how to hunt (he hated it, but it would be useful in an apocalypse). also he already knows how to fight & he would have no problem defending what’s his. he’s the whole package tbh

jada: she would be such a good asset here because she can literally see when someone is about to die. she’s also pretty decent at self defense & she’s not so squeamish about hunting

elaine: she has no outdoor or combat skills, but she would be great at keeping morale up & making things feel normal for everyone

casper: terrible… he would be the first to die while like.. peeing lmaoo, he would probably try to punch a zombie and get ripped to shreds

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Why I like them: Despite being a super moody and over dramatic mess, little unassuming bird becomes the fucking King of Gotham and has all other criminals either bowing to him or wishing death upon his head. All while dressed impeccably with hair so versatile that every style is certified iconic.

Why I don’t: I mean, he is a murderer.

Favorite episode (scene if movie): it’s so hard for me to choose. Oswald is my favorite character so to pick just one is proving difficult.

Favorite season/movie: season 2 Oswald is just a feast for my eyes and ears. He’s so impeccable in everything he does.

Favorite line: “IM THE KING OF GOTHAM!” simple and amazing.

Favorite outfit: I adore most of his outfits. He just looks so gorgeous in his suits. LOOK AT HIM 😍


Originally posted by fourthsinofamestris

OTP: ❤️✨G O B B L E P O T✨❤️ followed so closely by Sofiawald.

Brotp: Edward and Oswald and I’m not sorry about it. I use to be a hardcore shipper and still enjoy a lot of the art, but I like them better this way.

Head Canon: his mother raised him as a strict Catholic. he doesn’t believe anymore or attend mass regularly at all. but in honor of her he will attend Christmas Eve service because he knew how much she enjoyed the holiday hymns. it makes him feel close to her and reminds him of happy moments with her as a child. it brings him a little bit of peace.

Unpopular opinion: Oswald Cobblepot is pansexual and had romantic feelings for Sofia Falcone.

A wish: all the happiness for my angry little bird.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: is what I say every time his mother is killer

5 words to best describe them: Smart. Strategic. Gorgeous. Melodramatic. Sentimental.

My nickname for them: King of Gotham, Love Of My Life, The Most Gorgeous Man Ever, etc.

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Ooh that’s so hard! I feel like I rotate a lot, but some staple top 5s are:


2. Ice Nine Kills

3. Beartooth

4. Motionless In White

5. Machine Gun Kelly & Bring Me The Horizon

Last two are too close for the #5 slot so they sharing it! 💚💚💚

Send me Top 5s

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18. Favourite Cyberman story

World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls - the Cybermen aren’t necessarily the main reason i love it so much, but it’s just such an amazing story (even if watching it makes me cry)

20. Least favourite story

Generic I know, but Love & Monsters - the Abzorbaloff is… yeah, and ngl I just don’t find the main story all that interesting?? I can see why some people might like it but the other Doctor-lite stories work better for me personally

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I’m so happy to be back!!! I’m weirdly anxious about it?? I definitely needed to take a break, it’s been a stressful couple of weeks, but there’s a part of my anxious gremlin brain that’s like “ahahahaha everybody hates you now!!!” Which is completely illogical and I know it’s not true, but intrusive thoughts, am I right??

but I have almost 2000 words done for today’s Spencer Blake update!!

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claret: talk about a memorable experience on public transport.

it’s definitely my tram ride in ireland when i was 8. like the curious little child i was i ventured all the way to the back and couldn’t get back to the front because of the crowd. a very sweet lady held my hand and comforted me until my uncle found me. i hope she’s doing well 🥺

imperial: what film, in your opinion, has the best cinematography and/or special effects?

the chronicles of narnia definitely takes the cake for special effects, 15 years have passed and it still holds up very well. lion king (2019) take notes pls

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uwu thank you for asking!!! I am so sorry in advance about the amount of fruits basket that is in this answer,,I’m just soft :’(

8. Hmm…I think I’m most like either ochaco (bnha) or maki (fire force). Both are kind and upbeat, but are secretly kinda sad and lonely but are also quite mature for their age. I think I can be like that sometimes. I can be outgoing enough and kind to people even when I feel like trash and ochaco does the same thing. Maki is mature and confident but she’s also a major hopeless romantic like me so we have that in common ♡♡♡ bonus: all three of us are short and small so we chibi :’)

10. One of my favorite tropes and dere is probably the tsundere and sweet character duo trope. Example: Kyo and Tohru from fruits basket 🥺


Originally posted by kyohrus

This just makes me so soft and sad and uwu I loVE TH E M SK MUCH

I also really like three types of characters! Type 1: the prince/princess-like, beautiful, delicate, cold character that actually has a tough, soft, emotional side ♡♡♡ Example: yuki (fruits basket) we love a PRINCE


Originally posted by animeclipse

Type 2: the exciting, flirty, player who is actually really sweet and just misunderstood they’re trying just give them time :’( Example: ayame (fruits basket) dear God I love him so much muah muah ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


Type 3: the super playful, super childish, super sweet, super clingy sweetheart babie Example: momiji (fruits basket once again)


Originally posted by geekylaugifs

20. I highly recommend many shows and manga! But if I had to just choose one I couldn’t so I’m gonna reccomend two!

First: Fruits Basket ♡♡♡ Honestly this whole answer is just fruits basket and I am so sorry about that I dont even know how that happened…Anyways, furuba is so sweet, so angsty, and so good ♡♡♡ (2 seasons, 50 episodes, long as heck manga ngl)


Originally posted by xingiu

Second: Toilet Bound Hanako Kun ♡♡♡ This anime and manga are so beautiful and the story is really original and the characters are chefs kiss 🥺 (1 season, 12 episodes, ongoing manga (71 chapters I believe))


Originally posted by koyo-koyo

For manga I HIGHLY recommend one called “Phantom Tales of the Night” warning it is kinda dark and creepy but it is so good ♡♡♡


Another one I reccomend is called “To Your Eternity” or “To You the Immortal” this one is super sad and there’s a lot of death but it is really amazing 🥺

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4. Honestly, I am not too much of a shipper. However, there is one ship above the rest that I cannot get over…Hidekane (ಥ﹏ಥ) I absolutely love both hide sunshine boi and kaneki babie boi and the two of them together is actually perfection :’) ♡♡♡ dont get me wrong though I do love touken as well


Originally posted by delusional-lune

L O O K A T T H E M 💔

11. Right now I’m currently watching fire force season 2, kakegurui (s. 1 & 2), and I’m trying to catch up on fruits basket season 2 cause I am so behind :’(

14. Everything I have watched and read I have actually liked in some way, but I did read a manga called ‘kakuriyo no yadomeshi (kakuriyo bed and breakfast for spirits)’ and I am completely caught up with it. While I thought it was really well-drawn and honestly really beautiful, the story has a heavy focus on cooking and sometimes it felt a little dull to read. But the characters are so cute so I didnt really mind too much. But it’s not my favorite :’(

Thank you so much for asking!! ♡♡♡

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Thank you for the questions Jimothy! I’m happy to answer all of them 😊

Operas I’ve seen in person: Eugene Onegin (several times but definitely not enough! :D), La Traviata, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Jää, Don Giovanni, Don Carlos, Die Räuber, Zar und Zimmermann, Falstaff, Die Fledermaus, Il Trovatore, Der Ferne Klang

Favourites: Onegin (obviously), and also La Traviata (I’m basic), Il Trovatore and Queen of Spades

Favourite composers: Tchaikovsky, and also Donizetti and Prokofiev, and Verdi of course.

Top 5 roles: let’s say that “all of Eugene Onegin” counts as one ;) Then, I’d say…. Violetta - she’s going through a Lot and many different emotions, Figaro (the barber) - that scheming is so fun! Also Norina - who doesn’t want to mess with rich old bastards? The fifth one will be Herman.

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Hi, lovely!! I really like a lot of the OGs like 2NE1, 4minute, Wonder Girls, F(X), After School, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, Sistar, T-Ara, AOA, KARA, Miss A, and RANIA but I also listen to groups like LOONA, BlackPink, Red Velvet, Dreamcatcher, EXID, etc.. the list could go on lol 😊

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Favorite band: My Chemical Romance or P!ATD

Age: Underage . Very underage

Phobia: blood

Have you ever laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes lmao. I literally was just doing a try not to laugh when I was drinking an ICE water. I not surprisingly choked.we all know what happened next.

Give us one thing about you that no one knows.: I learned to drive when I was 9. I have videos as proof.

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oh wow miya!!! hmm depends on which part of my teenage years we’re talking about haha. for early teens it’d definitely be some jrock band. maybe l'arc en ciel or dir en grey? or mucc? later on i was more into jpop so either morning musume or arashi. oh, and for solo artists: utada hikaru.

then i fell in love with kpop and here we are lol.

oh, and i was obsessed with muse in my third year of high school! like suuuuper obsessed.

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