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#thank you for coming to my ted talk

IMMA NEED YALL 12 YEAR OLD FANS TO STOP SEXUALIZING CHARLES GILLESPIE FOR A DANCE MOVE HE DID! It was a damn body roll not a grind! Back in my day we called that the snake! I GET IT, IT WAS HOT BUT YALL DOING TO MUCH! He’s a grown ass man… some of y’all be 12-16 years old! SIT DOWN YAH NASTIES! That man ain’t gonna catch a charge for y’all.

Leave it to us older fans 😏

But seriously. It was a trial run, it didn’t get put in because HE WAS DANCING TOWARDS A 16 year old.. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


Originally posted by whendoiturnbackintoapumpkin

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the trooper fam begrudgingly plotting a mutiny with ravid ➜ the mutiny almost failing when the captain catches them ravid just outright murdering the captain to the surprise of literally everyone ➜ ravid inadvertently solidifies the trust between them  

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i am not and i mean NOT N. O. T. ready for the re-recordign of never grow up. Honey no. I’ve bawled my eyes out to that song since i was a literal child ACHILD. And now im 21 and still wish i never fuckign grew up and life keeps getting worse every minute every minute i get older it goes down hill. And you expect me, to just live through a new release of that song. N. O. I will pass away respectfully Thank you very much. I will fall into the deepest DARKEST place in my life wishign i could hold on to my childhood. I knew as a child my childhood was on the way out the door and i no longer know Where i am going with this all i know is i wish a was a child with no thoughts in my head.

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when I said seven screws and the whole discussion around neubauten & Gender Stuff Tm makes me think/ brings back the thoughts abt my own issues… yeah it really does (this one is a tag rant↓)

#i think it's never actually come up on this blog but me and the concept of gender... we ain't friends, #i try to describe this relationship and put it into words that make sense but all i get is brain static., #i don't want to overstep/insert myself out ther because like. i go by she/her these days and am for all intents and purposes a cis girl, #except that I don't know what the fuck it MEANS., #i stopped identifying as nonbinary a while ago but i am now thinking if i actually stopped /being/, #my experience and my thought process re: gender never changed., #so about seven screws, #i would certainly never presume that i understand exactly what blixa was trying to communicate to us, #and if it was a message at all? or just a form of acknowledgement? or anything else, #first i thought well maybe it was just a neat little word that he heard and felt like using. BUT, #i think as a songwriter blixa deserves more credit than that. everything has a purpose with him, #plus as evident from that interview he knows EXACTLY what it means. so., #i don't know where I'm going with this thought train anymore, #let it just be known that seven screws make me feel like I Saw Myself which should not make any sense but it does somehow., #it's even more funny considering all the posting i did a few week ago about adira from discovery being like, #'ok so i am not nb anymore... but also... me??', #things like that i would not know how to explain even to myself - which is another reason i feel like i maybe understand blixa, #thank you for coming to this ted talk, #i will now go and attempt to dig up a picture of 14yo me in an oversized black leather jacket with chopped hair, #inspecting a shopping cart i found on the street., #as that picture remains the only accurate illustration of my gender
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