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#thank you for tagging me!💜
formulakay · 5 months ago
a quick thank you!
for my 2000th post, i wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for everyone in this crazy circus we call f1blr.
i made this blog back in september of 2020 not knowing that it would sort of change my life - i’ve made some wonderful friends, i’ve taught myself awesome new skills while rediscovering lost ones, and i’ve been exposed to so much great art and knowledge that saying “thank you” to the creators/sharers here doesn’t even really seem like enough, but i’ll try.
to the creators and artists that take the time to create & edit photos/gifs/videos/edits (and do so despite the bad likes-to-reblogs ratio) - thank you! to the writers who write and publish their works (i know the vulnerability that this takes!) - thank you! to the knowledge-gatherers who spend time researching/compiling/translating/illustrating - thank you! to the bloggers who share memes and other things to make us giggle - thank you! to those who like/reblog/send asks/interact with the content posted/the content creators in f1blr - thank you!
to everyone reading this - THANK YOU for being a part of this silly little corner of the internet. your presence is so appreciated!
below are a few of the brilliant people that i follow - i look up to these people, i’m inspired by these people, and i consider many of them my friends!
@107rule @0026s @4xmulti21champion @10gas63rus @acrosstobear @alexalbono @alexanderalbons @alex-lynn @alx-albon @babettevdw @bezwhore @blesshimvettel @bonocedes @brawn-gp @callumilott @ctolisso @cute-abiteboul @dams-racing @dannyric @dansteban @dishaaster @dutchgrandprix @eefiplier @ef-1 @efe-uno @eight-hearts @formulame @formulaur @formulola @georgeousrussell @georgerus63 @ghasly @grussell63 @hypersoft @ilottsupremacy @ionegao @j-button @jeeperslatifi @jensons @jedivszombie @jurivips @laaa-vender @lattemorgan @laptimedeleted @laurenault @lewishamlton @liam-lawson @liddyyy @limp-wrist-max @loving-ricciardo @marcsmarquez @mclarenp1 @mercedesgrussell @mickdidthat @mickstart @mistressemmedi @motopg @mushroomlance @mushroomseb @nickynutellatifi @norrussell @onlinevalidation @p1tstop @pierregasly @pierrelli @pumpkinpierre @race-me @raceweek @racewinner @racinglesbian @redbulllracing @redpaint @ricciardhoes @ricciardos @ricciardosmile @ricclaren @russellscuffle @scharletred @safetycarz @sbinnata @schecoperez @screwstyles @sebeestian @shoeydaniel @silvrhxnd @slyther-intowords @soniclando @stormtrooper3326 @stuffstephstans @sunshine-ricciardo @theizzybadger @timepenalty @totowoof @verstappened @watermelonseb @wepickedthisgame @weraceasone @withoutanaestheticc @x-44 @yeeeeesssssggiirrllss @yukitsunoda
there are many people that i’ll have unintentionally left off of this list - please don’t feel forgotten or unseen! i’m still continuously finding new blogs to follow and appreciate. if there’s someone i’ve missed, please feel free to rb and tag them!
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junsfangs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kpop top 10 tracks 2021
atlantis : a.c.e | higher : a.c.e | chasing love : a.c.e | story : a.c.e | spark : a.c.e | bambi : covered by jun | hope fade away : zeun_j ft donghun | fav boyz : steve aoki and a.c.e | atlantis : shinee | my day : taemin
tagged by @leedonghuns and @blinkplnk (on my main). I was going to ignore hope’s tag but steph tagged me too - so - here is my shame. i know. tagging: @nyx4 @aheartfullofjolllly @yibobibo @fourthofjulymp3 @cunthonorific
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bllvkbird · 2 months ago
i was tagged by @yennefre​ to do this for one of my ocs! – thank you so much ada! ♡
tagging: @avallachs, @steelport, @cetra, @sarahlyons, @mannerite, @chloefrazer, @brujah, @nadineross, @noonfaerie, @irisviellavellan, @bvckybvnes, @vetra​ & anyone else who would like to do this!!
as always no pressure! and i’m once again nervous about tagging people and leaving people out, so if you want to do this feel free to say i tagged you!
rules: bold = always/totally fits them italics = sometimes/somewhat applies/sort of fits them strike-through = never fits them
Tumblr media
effervescent smiles, dandelion puffs, bare feet, beach waves, flowers pressed into books, champagne glasses, rose-gold eye shadow, boho skirts, wire-rimmed glasses, hair in loose waves, kaleidoscope eyes, sunshine in your hair, fire in your soul.
crop tops, floral print, dancing in the rain, quiet defiance, hand-knit beanies, rosé, painted bookmarks, marble floors, cirrus clouds against a blue sky, polaroid pictures, hands held, fingers intertwined, flower crowns, baby bluebirds.
lace bralettes, brisk breezes, jasmine-scented perfume, books with yellowed pages, tracking constellations, sterling silver, violin music, chess games, iced coffee, glittery dresses, high heels, secret grins, midnight meetings, wishing upon a star.
denim jackets, gladiator sandals, braided hair, messenger bags, movies at the cinema, stolen kisses, wax-sealed envelopes, haiku poetry, cherry wood, succulents, fountain pens, jigsaw puzzles, soft tired eyes, hidden smiles, cuddling with someone you trust.
newspapers, over-sized sweaters, dancing shadows, fleece throws, cutoff shorts, piano chords, red wine, messy buns, embossed journals, a hint of blush dusted across your cheeks, freshly fallen snow, tranquil solitude, burning incense, light hair and dark skin.
combat boots, burgundy lips, infectious laughter, spiral-bound notebooks, pencils used down to the stub, ripped jeans, painted nails, cloud-watching, summer thunderstorms, hiking trails, vinyl records, film cameras, skating on a frozen lake, hot chocolate by the fire.
dancing until the break of dawn, heelys, being wheeled around in a shopping cart by your best friend, the euphoria of soaring through the air, being excited for what the future holds, group hugs, colourful tattoos, bronzer-highlighted cheeks, hugging a stuffed animal, lifting a child onto your shoulders, space buns, bright streaks in your hair.
arms crossed on chest / crossing legs / fist-like gestures / pointing index finger / karate chops / stiffening of shoulders / tense posture / curling of lip / baring of teeth
hand-to-face gestures / head tilted / stroking chin / peering over glasses / taking glasses off; cleaning / putting earpiece of glasses in mouth / pipe smoker gestures / putting hand to bridge of nose / pursed lips / knitted brows
arms crossed / sideways glance / touching or rubbing nose / rubbing eyes / hands resting on weapon / brows raising / lips pressing into a thin line / strict, unwavering eye contact / wrinkling of nose / narrowed eyes
hands behind back / hands on lapels of coat / steepled hands / baring teeth in a grin / rolling shoulders / tipping head back but maintaining eye contact / chest puffed up / shoulders back / arms folded just above navel / wide eyes / standing akimbo
chewing pen or pencil / rubbing thumb over opposite thumb / biting fingernails / biting lips / hands in pockets / elbow bent / closed gestures / clearing throat / “whew” sound / picking or pinching flesh / fidgeting in chair / hand covering mouth whilst speaking / poor eye contact / tugging pants whilst seated / jingling money in pockets / tugging at ear / perspiring hands / playing with hair / swaying / playing with pointer; marker; cane / smacking lips / sighing / rocking on balls of feet / flexing or cracking fingers sporadically
short breaths / “tsk” sounds / tightly-clenched hands / fist-like gestures / pointing index finger / rubbing hand through hair / rubbing back of neck / snarling / revealing teeth / grimacing / sharp-eye glowers / notable tension in brow / shoulders back, head up; defensive posturing / clenching of jaw / grinding teeth / nostrils flaring / heavy exhales
small towns. big cities. six thirty curfews. lights that take the place of stars. blanket nests. light through the blinds as a wake up call. found family. finding a single star in the middle of new york city. window shopping. watching something terrible and enjoying it. growing numb to the sight of injustice. wilted flowers. faded caricatures. bright, bold colours.
crickets and lightning bugs. car engines and a/c units. a phone call to mum / dad. laughing with friends. jokes that are so bad you have to laugh. the clicking of computer keys. noise cancelling headphones. the sound of silence. muffled music from another room. drumming fingertips on a table. clicking of pens. listening to a clock and swearing the ticks get slower. ringing in the ears. the voice of someone you love. pitch shifted songs.
being held close during a long night. fleeting reassurances. holding hands when you’re scared. brushing fingers through strands of hair. freshly dried clothes. bruises on your knuckles. silk and satin. your favourite pet’s fur or feather. wringing your hands anxiously. snuggles. comforters in the dead of winter. nails against skin. cold metal. leather in summer.
coffee in the morning. tea in the evening. bubblegum that lost its flavor. alcohol burning the back of your throat. homemade cooking, no matter what’s made. blood in your mouth. stale air. mint. fresh vegetables. that processed taste of citrus candy. the first meal you cook by yourself that tastes good. foreign sweets. fast food. bittersweet. sour. spicy. sweet. bitter. too much salt on fries.
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pjo-hoo-toa-freakazoid · 2 months ago
We’re not moots- we should be though
🥰 pulling and uno reversal and I’m rating ur blog 13/10
Tumblr media
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in-superbloom · a month ago
💫 hai there 💫
i was tagged by some lovely peeps @chamaleonsoul @valiantnerdtm @redrattlers (thank you angels 💜) to do this lil game: when you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy! then, send to your last ten people in your notifs (anonymously). whoever you want <3 you never know who might benefit from spreading positivity ♡
1. my niece <3 she's a tiny ball of happiness with too much energy that doesn't match her size at all, but she's a big beacon of light in my life and i'm really excited for her lil sister to arrive 💛
2. watching live concerts <3 as someone who lives and breathes music but has only been to 3 live shows in her life, just watching them on a screen brings me an insurmountable amount of happiness 🥺
3. playing games with my friends <3 we haven't done this is a good while, but we've always loved to get on a skype/whatsapp call while playing something & it has always been a really good time bc we're all always trying to make the other laugh, and we're also really competitive lmao & we use the time to gossip, bc ofc 😌 i played with my friend yesterday & was reminded how much i miss doing this 🥺
4. brigadeiro 😌 did some for my bday & boi, i really wish everyone in this lil funky world could have some bc that's something sent to us from paradise, i'm sure 🥴 and it amazes me that it's something so simple to make, tho given the amount of sugar in there, it's a fair trade lmao
5. i was going to say creating but i'll say specifically making hand-crafted things. it's been a while since i've done anything, but i really love to make creative stuff with my own bare hands, from a letter (a super decorated one, ofc 😌), to sewing, painting or just decorating phone cases like i did with mine <3 it's just so nice & also a very therapeutic thing 🥺
tagging (only if you want to, ofc & i'm sorry if you've already done it): @littledrummerangie @httpsgfg @wastelandcth @calmfolklore @wonderland-irwin @normani-kordei @suchalonelysunflower @calumsash @hoodhoran @ijustdontlikepeople 💜
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I struggle with auditory processing as well! And I work in customer service often answering phones with a lot of background noise so it’s really difficult sometimes.
oof i do not envy you that nonnie 😓 that's rough gig as is and with apd on top of that?? what's more, phone calls are the WORST for people with apd.
i figured out after i got diagnosed a couple years ago that i'm actually not anxious to make phone calls. i'm anxious that i won't be able to understand the person on the other end of the line who has a new, disembodied voice with different cadence, inflection, and tonality for my little ears to make mince meat of.
and if they have an accent?? pheww there's a secondary (and possibly tertiary) fear there- i'm worried that they'll think i'm some ignorant amerikaren, one who is silently judging them for not being from the US. or worse, maybe they'll start to question their own english speaking abilities. which is so far from the truth, if you're speaking a whole other language you're doing amazing!!
and my adhd unfortunately does not help matters when it comes to being able to hear, on the phone or otherwise 🥴 anyways. i know at the end of the day this is not something we can control. this is the way our brains work.
and listen (pun intended). hot bitches can't hear shit and they'll die mad about it.
Tumblr media
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rainycatto · 3 months ago
aroace felix qpp with aroace bernie :O
imagine all the cats they'd have in their home lol
omg amazing yes, two aroaces bonding over cats
i wanna write this now.. in a modern au or something.. damn
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hychlorions · 8 days ago
I am so ridiculously OBSSESSED with the tags you have on posts where you just ramble. I see the post with the mock Klav Gav 5sos tweet and I literally get so excited because I just KNOW you're gonna be funny as hell in the tags. Just. Outstanding
Tumblr media
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windyqutie · 15 days ago
Broken Bones
Ki has trauma!! Slaps the heck outta this fandom that think he doesn't, or thinks he shouldn't be allowed to cry, or that he cries to much in my works. Idgaf. Ki deserves love, don't like, get out! Also do you really like Ki as a char, cuz you sound like his fam. I'll make him cry every fic if I wanna! He deserves love and to be vulnerable!
Tumblr media
"It hurts, Gon..."
Gon immediately stiffens, Killua's fingers digging into his black tank top, his head buried in the crook of Gon's neck.
He adjusts his hold on the younger boy slightly, trying to ignore how Killua's weight shifts and favors the right, where his leg hangs significantly more and at an awkward angle. Killua had said it was a clean split...
Killua had looked at him calmly and spoke with only the slightest bit of shake to his voice, that it was a clean split, it would heal no complications. That it wouldn't take more than a few months at best. Killua had teased he wouldn't heal as fast as Gon because he's not a weirdo. He had looked him in the eye and said he was fine. He was used to it and had broken his legs before. Plural.
Gon felt sick. Of course, his twisted family broke his bones over and over. Of course, they made Killua train like that.
He had pulled the boy flush to his chest, ignoring his squawks and flustered responses, but Killua had still shown very little signs of being in pain. Even when he lifted him up, the most that escaped his lips was a sharp gasp and a small whimper.
Of course, Killua was in pain; he was just selfless beyond belief. It makes Gon want to run as fast as he can, so Killua won't have to be in pain anymore. Moving fast would probably only hurt him more, though.
His heart rate quickens when Killua says those words.
"It's okay, we'll be there soon, okay, Killua? Leorio will be able to make Killua better, I'm sure!"
✧༺♥༻∞  ∞༺♥༻✧
That's not what hurts Gon.
It's not his leg.
He thought he was gonna lose you again.
Seeing that dark shadow over Gon's face, Killua... was terrified. What if he failed? What if...
✧༺♥༻∞  ∞༺♥༻✧
Gon heart practically leaps out of his chest when Killua starts to tremble against him, and warm liquid spills onto his skin, and it's anything but comforting, not like a warm shower.
His throat constricts, voice raising in pitch, as he stops dead in his tracks.
He bends down, adjusting Killua as gently as he can so he doesn't cause him more pain. He sets Killua in his lap sideways, the boy's face still pressed in his neck, his hair tickling Gon's skin.
"Killua? Killua, what's wrong?"
What a dumb question. It was obvious, but Gon wants to, he wants to heal Killua's pain somehow, see if there's anything he can do before they keep going. The trek was going to be long regardless.
He presses the pads of his fingers against Killua's back, gentle but strong, trying to comfort him by rubbing them against his protruding shoulder-blade. His other fingertips linger near his broken leg anxiously.
"It's really bad, huh? It's really, really bad, don't worry, we're almost there, it's okay, I've got Killua."
Killua shakes his head against Gon's shoulder.
If that's not it, then what...?
"Killua? What's wrong? Killua? Speak to me, baby, what's wrong?"
✧༺♥༻∞  ∞༺♥༻✧
Killua's mind goes blank, and all of a sudden, his leg doesn't hurt, doesn't burn, his chest burns, and his ears rage in hot-red, and he can't hear a word coming out of Gon's mouth not a one.
He pulls himself away from Gon's warmth, Gon's safety. He wants to stay so bad, every cell and membrane in his body wants to keep his face against Gon's skin. His skin that is like a heater warming Killua's flesh and bones.
He tugs his neck up, and pushes himself just slightly away from Gon's body, still in his lap, but not against his chest, not against him.
Killua forces himself to stop crying, buries it all beneath the surface, his blue hues glossing over and his lips tugging into a thin line.
Of course, he was just being a baby; he was stupid, he was weak, he was worthless. He couldn't take a few whippings without crying? Milluki was right. He was a baby. A big one. He can't take a broken leg? He's dragging Gon down...
His voice goes ice-cold, the opposite of his guts, which feel like they are on fire; he might puke. The opposite of the raging pain in his leg, throbbing in warmth, easing the agony for just a few moments.
"I'll handle it myself from here. I can crawl. I've done it before. Piggy made me crawl the first time I was ever poisoned. I'll be okay."
I won't be a baby. I won't drag you down.
Gon's eyes flicker with confusion, concern, rage, and an emotion Killua can't make out as he reaches out and grabs Killua's wrist gently.
Goddammit. Don't. Killua can't... he'll give in, stop don't talk to him like that. That kindly.
Killua bites down on his lip, willing his eyes to stop burning, slapping Gon's hand away.
"Don't. You should g-go..."
"I am not leaving Killua."
Killua can't look, not at Gon's burning determined gaze.
"No! I'm just being a baby... GON GO!"
Gon uses his strength to tug Killua back, the boy's head resting on his chest.
Killua squirms in his grasp, but Gon won't relent, and Killua is weaker right now.
He already knows the answer; he doesn't even really, truly want to hear it, but... he has to for Killua.
"Has no one ever called Killua that when he was sick?"
Killua’s head snaps up to look at Gon, those big blue eyes wide and filled with anger, brimming with tears.
"What are you talking about, Gon?"
"Aunt Mito... she used to call me baby when I was sick, and, and when some of the fishermen came back from dangerous trips, they'd greet their wives like that. To make them feel better. They'd call them baby."
Killua stares dumfounded for moments, his cheeks slowly flushing red.
Killua buries his face into Gon's chest, and Gon uses his free hand to gently play with Killua's hair.
It's muffled, but thanks to Gon's keen hearing, he catches it.
Clearly, Killua's response to his question. Of course, no one was ever there for Killua when he was sick soothing him. Of course, they'd only tell him he's weak and a baby.
"I'm sorry, I said it out-"
"It's fine... y-you can say it again."
Gon hums into the top of Killua's head, slowly readjusting his hold ever so carefully, slipping his hands under Killua's knees.
"Killua, baby, I'm going to lift you up, okay?"
Killua nods against him, and Gon goes slow as if he had been stopped by an hourglass and put in slow motion. Killua grips his shirt, letting out a small whine of pain. Of course, he doesn't cry or scream; his family taught him everything but. Gon truly despises those people. He wants to-
"P-please don't leave me..."
Of course, he won't, Killua he won't... he thought he'd made it clear earlier, but he'd tell Killua as much as he needed to hear.
Something clicks.
"Killua... Killua. I promise! I promise I won't! Or else I'll stick a needle in my eye!"
Killua lifts his head slightly to look at Gon, his cheeks and under his eyes cherry red, tear tracks glistening against his skin, and snot running from his nose. Most people looked hideous when crying, but not Killua; Killua is still gorgeous beyond belief.
Killua sniffs, looking to the side in shame.
"Can you stick something else in your eye instead?"
Gon nods giving Killua a big toothy grin."Of course, anything for you, baby!"
Killua goes red, somehow more than before, and quickly hides his face once more.
Gon giggles, burying his nose in Killua's hair, giving him a kiss.
He doesn't stop calling Killua as such, pouring in as much kind and gentle affection he can.
He'd be there for Killua like his family had never been.
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greengableslover · 2 months ago
tagged by @justadram <3
favorite color: petrol blue
currently reading: Men who hate Women by Laura Bates (on and off for the last month or so, i’ve known and read a lot about the manosphere for nearly 13 years or so, but it’s still a hard read and i need a lot of downtime between chapters)
last song: Thriller - Michael Jackson
last movie: The Suicide Squad
last series: The Nanny
sweet, savoury or spicy?: sweet and savoury
craving: does sleep count lol
tea or coffee: coffee
currently working on: my acnh island Avonlea lol
tagging: @lucigod, @catalinabaylors, @rorylgilmore, @kazs-rietvelds, @draconisxmalfoy, @yellenasbelova and everyone else who wants to play!
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yooboobies · 5 months ago
Which BTS member is similar to you?
Tagged by @jiminza @artsyjoons @taechnological @gimbapchefs @kithtaehyung @sugacutie @balenciaguks @trustingofwinds and @kimtaehyunq thank you all of you💜
My result: Namjoon
"you got namjoon! you're a healer. you learn from your past mistakes, and you're not scared to apologize. your aura is an enchanting shade of emerald green, which makes you an enthusiastic, balanced person. you're very passionate about your hobbies, and just like joonie, you're very much amazed by the little miracles that happen in nature. you're a simple, genuine creature, and you're immensely smart. you remind me of the feeling of finally coming home, of knitting a scarf for a friend, of steamy cups of coffee. i envy whoever gets to hang out with you."
I'll tag @butterseokjin @butterkookies @baekjin @marvelousbangtan @moonsidesketch @flowerkth @jinsmin @flowerseokjin @jintae @jinjagi @duckjinnie and @yoongistics
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notreallybeccab · 9 months ago
So I've been tagged in a few of these now, to the point that I can't even really keep track of it anymore, so I'm making a separate post here.
It's almost been a full year for me on tumblr now, and seeing as though 2020 was absolutely shit, there's been a lot of positivity being spread to those who've helped make your years a little better. And here's mine
I am so sorry in advance if I miss anyone because there's just so many of you, but I'm gonna try and get everyone. Honestly, even if you've just reblogged or liked one of my posts once, thank you for your support and please know it's helped me get through such a tough year 💜
Tagging (in no particular order!): @colorfulloverbatturkey @quoththeraven-nevermind2 @random-bean63 @jadetheaverage @anstarwar @bladelei @royalhandmaidens @roseofalderaan @valkyrieofthehighfae @likeshootingstarsinthenightsky @obirain @kaminobiwan @threetinyshinies @angelwars11 @fancycheesebread @sacred-things @anakin-danvers @meshlamando @sunburstcody @captainrexstan @mcu-padawan @actualangeljoshuahong @nobie @jedipadawansameaneima @clonewarslover55 @wille-zarr @capricornrabies @leias-left-hair-bun @blue-space-porgs @kyjoraven @simping-for-fives @filthybookworm @hounding-around @catsnkooks @persaloodles @padme--amygdala @glittersploots @grandninjamasterren @ahsoka-is-the-bomb-dot-com @blackholesun321 @always-a-slut-for-star-wars @ct5597-jesse @ecoaffinity @obi-bae-kenobi @apocalypticwafflekitten @endless-exhaustion @modernclaire @sweeetteaa @klay97 and honestly so so so many more 💜 I love and cherish you all so much and thank you for making this horrible year something that was actually bearable
Tumblr media
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lifewasradical · 4 days ago
ra fic lashton? eyes emoji question mark? -hazel
ah hazel, just the person that would be interested in this fic
this is in fact exactly what you think it is, a fic about being resident assistants (or advisors, or whatever your school calls them since each school is so different. they're assistants here.) for anyone who doesn't know, my job is supervising RAs (along with a whole ton of other things within ResLife) and I was an RA for two years myself. given that, I have SO many stories that either I've experienced or people I know have dealt with. I was talking with Taylor one day and was like "someday I'm going to write the most self indulgent fic about my work" and then had to explain the whole backstory of what an RA is to them which was fun
anyway, it's still very early in the writing (like, only 100 words) but as of right now, there's a vague plot of Ashton being the Head RA of a building and Luke is a brand new RA. The other RAs in the building are (for now) Calum, Sierra, and Crystal (with Michael being the non-RA boyfriend who is constantly around) and the fic will follow the first year of Luke's position and inevitably falling for Ashton regardless of the fact that RAs aren't supposed to date RAs on the same staff (a rule that is obviously school specific and is often broken). oh and their supervisor is Alex because imaging Alex as an Resident Director made me laugh too much when I was planning it because he would be a chaotic supervisor (who of course will be modeled after me specifically).
It's probably going to end up being a lot of incidents or strange things that RAs have to deal with (like Luke busting his first party, maintenance issues, fire alarms, programming, one on one meetings with Alex, etc) in a variety of fun ways. I have a lot of stories of crazy things (yesterday was the two year anniversary of the first time I broke up a party as a professional staff member and the first time a student came SO close to punching me in the face because he was so mad), so I want to incorporate some of those into a fic that's both funny and a tiny bit angsty in the fact of Luke being stressed out about falling for Ashton
Okay that's way more information than you needed, can you tell I'm kinda excited about this fic? I'm not sure when it will end up being a fic I'm actively working on, but there's a lot of potential in it I think
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betonlosingdogsmp3 · 2 months ago
Was tagged by @soulrealm to post the 5 albums that i couldn't live without <3 (I have soooo many faves tho but these are the five I’ve been listening to this entire week)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I tag: @belovedtaylor @ijaazat​ @loveletter2you @soft-husbands @fruitwillgraham @orphxeus @luststricken @escapingreality51 @arrozpudding @jeremyfragranceofficial @desiredlines @chandajaan and anyone else who wants to (sorry if I didn’t tag you dbfbbfbdbd)
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textsfrombangtan · 2 months ago
✨ handwriting tag ✨
Tumblr media
tagged by my love @tae-bebe who can shut up because her handwriting is adorable 💛
1. say hello
2. write the numbers 1 - 9
3. write the alphabet
4. write: the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
5. write a quote of your choice
tagging: queens @hellojeongkook @duck-tan @yoongisshadow and some new moots who i am already in love with and there's absolutely nothing they can do about it @hauntedlilies @sunnysidejoon @trustingofwinds (feel free to ignore of course 💜)
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