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#thank you for that
bobateastay · 2 minutes ago
1st of june: yes, pride month! pride! no internalised homophobia for a month!
not even halfway through june: p............. pride? maybe................?
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sav-en-garde · 3 minutes ago
Recently chopped my hair at home, then went camping and lived in my beanie and glasses plus, just, so many layers for a couple days. At one point my roommate looks over and goes "you look like a gay tumblr cartoon"
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dykostunt · 4 minutes ago
i told cait my plans to get a wrestling tattoo and she went “oh, babe...” in that tone like she thinks is a bad idea and then goes “--well,” because she remembered i have 2 band tattoos already
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astraldemise · 4 minutes ago
Ik it's skyrim oc time but as long as we are naming beloveds......zasha......I never really cared for alien or scientist things before I saw ur art and read up on his backstory and now he lives in my head rent free w rurandil and dragan I simply <3 love them all!!
Tumblr media
this is not true zasha does not live in your head he lives in the vending machine
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pvnkie · 4 minutes ago
well. as a dream smp fan, you must be at least 5
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chrysalispen · 4 minutes ago
i’ve hit 100 followers!
sdlfjsld thank you all, it means a lot ;_;
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rr0zu · 6 minutes ago
oh my thank you for 200 <33
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the-messenger-hawk · 6 minutes ago
Thank you for tag @oceanmoonfishing !
enemies to lovers or friends to lovers // coffee shop au or flower shop au // hurt/comfort or there was only one bed // found family or partners in crime // canon compliant or canon divergent // domesticity or pwp // fluff or angst with a happy ending // misunderstandings or major character death // 1st person pov or 3rd person pov // soulmates or forbidden love // roommates or fake dating // slow burn or meet-cute // love triangle or polyamorous relationship // secret relationship or unrequited love // royalty au or magic au // high school/college au or neighbours au // mutual pining or idiots to lovers
Tagging @wingsfreedom @dragomer @gothamlioness1 @middleofnowhere92 @ljf613 and @oliviermira234
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ijaazat · 7 minutes ago
mads: im filing a restraining order against you
aza: he's filing a restraining order against ✨ ME ✨
me in the courtroom like:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-ship-maker-2 · 7 minutes ago
Slenderman being a dad to Jeff hcs?
Ah found family troupe my favorite!
Slenderman be a dad to Jeff HCs
-it was a rough and rocky start
-jeff kept trying to fight him every day
-slender had to keep putting him back in his place
-jeff has made many attempts to run away
-slender kept bringing him back time and time again
-it was a lot of trial and error since jeff was one of the first people he brought back besides Masky and Hoodie
-over time with a lot of patience on Slenderman part jeff mellowed out slightly
-hes just a grumpy emo child
-slender is just a tired dad
-jeff is really grateful that slender took him in but refuses to admit it
I hope you like these and feel free to ask again!
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castingcomets · 8 minutes ago
hey ive been developing an olivia playlist for a while. Got any songs? Stuff like dynamite from taio cruz and party rock anthem is on it if that helps. Songs featuring pitbull VERY welcome <3 - amii
asongs abt partying:
- trust you (rhobas thomas)
- house party (3oh!3)
- youre gonna love this (3oh!3)
- Big Trouble (outasight)
- 20 percent cooler (ken ashcorp)
- i think u should put some lady gaga on there. like "boys boys boys" or smth 2009 like that
- victorious (panic! at the disco)
- party at a rich dude's house (kesha)
songs you can play at a party
- i know how to say (3oh!3) (this one fucks HARD) (also anything from this album it's all 2012 party pop)
- i like to move it from the madagascar 2 ost
- la bomba (ricky martin) (and anything form his 2000 album Sound Loaded)
- woah there kimmy (felix hagan & the family)
Pitbull songs that will work
- Dont stop the party (ft. TJR)
- give me everything (ft. like 3 ppl)
- the dj's got us fallin in love
- timber (ft kesha)
- fireball
- hey baby (drop it to the floor)
- I know you want me (calle ocho)
Pitbull songs that won't work but also they will bc theyre pitbull
- el taxi
-hotel room service
- mmm yeah (by austin mahone ft. pitbull)
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louyd · 8 minutes ago
Hiii today I went to a pool becaus its so hot where I am too :D Also what’s your favourite Taylor Swift album? Lover is mine. :P 🥰
omg that sounds so fun! i hope u had a blast!! im usually a cold weather person but idk im loving the idea of summer this year :P we all need some sunshine hahaha
& my favorite album is probs split between lover & folklore! evermore and speak now are CLOSE contenders too but folklore is just absolutely everything
also u have TASTE my dear 🤩 lover >>>>
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bitnotgood28 · 8 minutes ago
bestie u really so sweet and so nicee like i seriously wanna gift u some handpicked flowers idk way thats the vibe u give u the sweetest <33
what’s your honest opinion on me ?
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carstairs-hopelessly · 9 minutes ago
You know what I find interesting? In all three series that we’ve seen Malec in (TMI, TDA, TEC) we have seen Alec deal with something trying to kill Magnus and the reminder that he is capable of dying.
(Magnus being trapped in Edom, the warlock illness in TDA, being thorned by Shinyun)
Yet, beyond that very first greater demon poisoning in CoB that we didn’t even really see, we never get to see this reversed.
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technosoot · 9 minutes ago
okay, idk how long this is gonna be, but my honest opinion:
you are so incredibly sweet and i don't know how you do it. every time you read my writing and tell me how great it is and it makes me cry every time <33
also, speaking of writing, you are an incredible writer?? the way you make words flow and the way your characters are formed, you have such a gift for it and you bless us with it all the time, which is an honor
finally, it is a blessing to have you in my life. i don't know how we became mutuals, or why you decided to follow, but i am so happy you did because getting to interact with you is awesome in and of itself. love you and i hope you're having a wonderful day!! <333
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hs--icons · 10 minutes ago
hi, can i request some non binary meulin icons?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here you go anon! Hope they're ok, if you want anything changed let me know! Please like or reblog if using,
♠ Mod Porrim ♠
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queenofhartsxo · 10 minutes ago
I love your passion and writing style! I always enjoy reading your threads with others!!!
tell me how you really feel | ACCEPTING
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frostedfaves · 10 minutes ago
idk if u do fmk (kiss) but if u do, wanda maria and nat?
yes I love this! okay so
fuck: maria because idk I just feel like she’d be good at it
marry: wandanat because well, read my display name. can’t have one without the other
kiss: all of them 😌
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