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#thank you for the ask!

“I love you.”

The man lay beside her on the bed, naked beneath the sheets with his hand on her hip. The nautolan gently cupped his cheek and studied his eyes. Alcohol stained his breath.

“No you don’t,” she muttered with a sad smile.

The man furrowed his brows. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve heard that from a lot of men and women,” she responded emotionlessly, pushing the covers away as she sat up. Her feet padded against the floor.

“Where are you going?” The man asked.

“Getting a drink,” she responded.

The man propped himself up on his elbow, watching Vi grab her robe and slide it over her slender shoulders. She tread out the door and into the kitchen, and disappeared behind the wall. He heard a glass clink against the counter. “Why don’t you believe me?”

“Because we only met last night,” she responded. Her fingers wrapped around a bottle and the liquid filled the cup. “I used to believe it when my partners told me they loved me,” her voice quivers. “But it’s always the same. They leave the next morning and I never see or hear from them again. I’m just the dancer, after all,” she laughs bitterly and tears sting the corners of her eyes. “That’s the only thing I’m good for right? A pretty face and a good fuck?

The man doesn’t respond and her silent tears fall. 

She takes a swig of her drink. “You should probably go,” she sniffed. “The sun will be up soon.”

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I love this headcanon! I’m trying to think which movie they’d watch and honestly, as long as the detective enjoyed the movie they’d enjoy it as well. Or at least watching the detective jump, snuggle in close, etc.

So the movie I’m giving them is either Halloween or Eyes Without A Face.

Their popcorn would be really incredible!!

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two. what elemental chakra nature(s) would you have?

Probably just Lightening! I would like Earth and Lightening though :)

five. what animal would be your summoning?

Dunno, probably either some wolves or some crows? I think I like the crows more since that could give me a really cool option for scouting.

ten. where do your strengths lie? ninjutsu, genjutsu, or taijutsu?

I’d like to think Taijutsu! I already fight as often as I can so I would love to translate that to my self insert in the Naruto world :0

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I’ve got a few answers to that question. I have fav colors for different reasons and functions.

Such as my fav color to wear is burgundy. I just feel so in my element while wearing it, confident and comfortable.

My favorite color for things to be, is a nice medium grey blue, I find it very relaxing and comforting.

My favorite color aesthetically is a rich dark purple, it’s just pleasing and powerful, I just like it.

So yeah. Those are my top faves! :P

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Sorry this took so long! Today has been hectic

1. Which diaboy would you bring home to your parents?

Lol none of them

Probably Reiji, he would probably be tactful enough. Or Subaru, because I wuv him and I feel like he would be too uncertain about the situation to do anything too stupid.

23. Any words of wisdom for any of the boys?

Shu: If you’re going to sleep in the hall, at least lie parallel to the wall please.

Reiji: If you have one, just set off the smoke detector to wake up your brothers.

Laito: Lose the hat and wear a ponytail.

Ayato: For pete’s sake, even out your pants leg.

Kanato: Calm down.

Subaru: Get a hobby.

Ruki: Stay away from my cat or else

Kou: Take out that stupid little ponytail you ain’t cute.

Yuma: Keep it up with the insults and you’ll reap what you sow

Azusa: Try salsa

Shin: Stop putting all your money in one place and then dropping it

Carla: Kisama isn’t nice anymore.

Kino: Read a book.

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@mahoushojoumonster​ has sent:
👄 + Mana plz

Send “👄 + a character’s name/url”, to hear my muse’s opinion on them.[Accepting]


“Let me see, do I feel like dealing with Mahad after this? I’m sure I can handle him this time around.”

“She is the guy’s apprentice, and I’m well aware how close she is to the pharaoh as well. What else do you expect me to say?

“She is under Mahad’s wings, obviously I won’t get close to her. I don’t want to assosciate even further with his image than I have to. I don’t care about his apprentice, her pranks are extremewly childish and only serve to disrupt the flow of everyone’s days.”

“The pharaoh may find them hillarious, but this only causes problems to everyon else around them.”

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@kaibacorpbros​ has sent:
👄+ Seto @ Seto salt XD

Send “👄 + a character’s name/url”, to hear my muse’s opinion on them.[Accepting]


“I despise that guy’s face, I hate everything about him… He hasn’t been anything but trouble to me, ever since we ran into each other.”

“I don’t comprehend most things he says, but they are none of my business- nothing really matters to me anyway. It all still feels like, some weird fever dream and hallucination.”

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Silver: What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?

i wanna say 17 or 18 hours, maybe more tho idk

Fox: what trait do you like about yourself?

uhhh… smile i guess

Moon: who is someone that always brings you comfort?

person(s) i know: @notmichaelmell and another friend that doesn’t have tumblr, person(s) i dont know: tyler joseph, dallon weekes, and awsten knight

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Scream: Easiest way to scare you?

Ok so I don’t scare easily, whether it be scary movies, or haunted trails, or stories, or whatever. That being said, I’m easily startled. So I guess simply walk behind be silently and tap on my shoulder lol

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WIP Whenever

Thank you @musetta3 for the tag! 💜

“Are you alright, my love?”

“I will be… in time.” Feeling his hand settle gently on her bare shoulder, she found she couldn’t resist a faint smile, twisting to find his warm gaze soaking in her moonlit features. With scarred fingers she carefully stroked back his hair, scratching her nails against his scalp. “Rest, my light. You needn’t be awake simply because I cannot sleep.”

“Nonsense.” Rather ungracefully, he flopped back against the pillows, opening his arms with an inviting smile. “Lay with me?”

Tagging || @seduceme-lovestruck-thearcana @kita-lavellan @starsandskies @floweringpopcat @followingthewolf @silvanils @noire-pandora

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Believe me when I say that’s not even half of them, Popcat sgsgsfdhs

Okay, “Ignis Tempastas” is a fanfiction idea I have for Reno Sinclair from Final Fantasy VII and my OC, Airisen Everglaw. It is a counterpart to “Shear Contrast.”

I sadly don’t have too much planned for it at the moment, since I put it on hold until I can get FFVII Remake, but I do know that it’ll span the entirety of the game along with the movie Advent Children.

Airisen Everglaw is one of my… more irritable OC’s. She has a troubled past and a short fuse, and no want to get involved with everyone else’s issues. She’s a bit neutral on a few things, but when it comes down to it she will always stand at her friends’ side. Unusually skilled in combat for someone who doesn’t have a past prior to two years ago, her blades are as sharp as her tongue.

Aside from that, she’s albino, drinks too much coffee, is very protective, and has a secret love for animals.

Title Meme

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