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keltii-tea · 2 days ago
More Al-An with cat instincts :D
Tumblr media
More Al-An with cat instincts! :D
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capricioussun · 2 days ago
I really want to hear more about Edge!! Do you have any info you’d like to share about him? Or could I perhaps ask you about your dating headcannons for him? What’s he like as a partner?
I’m in love with him
Oh boy. Oh man. Like. It’s probably weird to say this, but I’ve said it before in tags so it’s whatever; 99% of what I think about at any given time is UF, and usually mostly Papyrus specifically. Edge and Void preoccupy undoubtedly an unhealthy amount of my thoughts agsjshahfhfj
So of course I have a ton of headcanons about him, and for reasons I won’t talk about, even though I personally don’t really self ship, I have thought about him in a relationship a lot, so I would love to!
I have to preface this because I’m annoying and say that it also depends on the partner, like. Edge would be a different partner to Mettaton than he’d be to Blaze (UF Grillby), you know what I mean? Of course you do you write f/o stuff for the bros all the time BUT that’s beside the point.
The point is, ultimately, Edge is a lovey dovey dumbass with Too Much Love In Him disease. Like I’d mentioned in that prompt ask, he is, first and foremost, a nurturer. His partner’s comfort and health is essentially his top priority, to the point where he will even forgo his own comfort and well being, so he definitely needs a partner who would be considerate of him and simultaneously be stubborn enough to make sure he takes care of himself, too.
He learned a lot of bad habits from his underground’s society, and a long standing headcanon of mine is that Papyri in general tend to be very “reflective”, or another word may be “adaptive”. Barring trauma related stuff, Edge would actually have an easier time adapting to surface life than other Fell monsters, as long as he had a steady enough hand guiding him to better mindsets. Like Frisk. He was essentially the first monster to be swayed into believing there’s a better way, because at the end of the day, all of his “fellisms” (like not being allowed to openly show concern) are products of his upbringing. That’s not in his nature. He’s still Papyrus after all. He wants to believe in the greater good, no matter how deeply down that’s buried.
So, basically, a partner would have to learn to identify his “fell-type” behaviors and be patient in reminding him that isn’t how things are anymore. Remind him that communication is important, even help teach him how to communicate in a healthier way. Verbally express their opinions on things, or ask him to do things, like sit with them, or hold hands, or if they can keep him company while he’s doing something. Communication was next to nonexistent in his culture, so he’s not likely to ask until he’s been told to, or he’ll just tolerate something he isn’t comfortable with because his partner started doing it. Once you’ve reached the level of being in an actual relationship, Edge is entirely convinced now that he is solely responsible for making you happy and keeping you satisfied, lest he be deemed a bad partner and left, and if he’s come around enough to you that you’re in a relationship, he’s probably already in love with you, and the aforementioned thought of abandonment is terrifying.
He is prideful and takes too much responsibility for…everything. So honest communication is so incredibly important with him, because he’s really fucking bad with social cues and communicating for himself.
Over time, once he’s eased more into the relationship though, when he’s more comfortable knowing the boundaries and where he stands with someone, he’s honestly just disgustingly sappy. And he’s very clingy. Well, behind closed doors. Not a big fan of pda, beyond hand holding usually. But at home? Forget about it. When he’s burned off enough energy to be able to relax more, you basically have a seven and a half foot tall moony cat on your hands. And he’s a brat, too. If he wants your attention, and he’s certain you aren’t actually annoyed, he will get your attention. He will hold you prisoner at his desk if he needs to work, or simply lay on top of you on the couch to prevent your escape, hold you from behind at the counter and either nuzzle or curl into you. Always one with little kisses, too; hands, cheeks, forehead, wherever, whenever you part from a pleasant interaction, he will likely give a little peck even if he’s only going into the next room over. He lingers with any hugs, and loves to just. Watch his partner. Whatever they’re doing. He’s deeply charmed by all the goofy little things his love does, and he loves to let them know it. If you catch him staring, he just continues doing it, perhaps smiling a bit more, or making a cheeky comment about whatever it is you’re doing. He’s also quite the artist! So there’s likely sketches of you in his sketchbook.
Once it’s far enough along for him to be entirely relaxed in a relationship like that, he is really a total sweetheart. Thoughtful gifts just whenever, probably has all your favorite meals memorized, he’s literally a better, happier person for having someone take that kind of time to teach and take care of him, and it shows in how different he is from when he first surfaced. He’s got a lot more patience, even with strangers, he’s a lot less stressed out, and he even communicates better overall, especially with his brother and friends he still has from the old days. He’s still of course very sassy, and isn’t above a lot of fond teasing, but he’s an open lover, meaning that he isn’t shy about how much he cares for his partner, and they’d definitely have to be the type to be okay with that.
He still worries, of course, and still has his own demons, but with a well nurtured bond, he is a very loyal, honest, and trusting partner.
Also some unrelated random headcanons because why not!
-he can play the piano, but doesn’t usually, for reasons he won’t talk about
-he has a soft spot for plush, and keeps a small collection once he’s on the surface
-he has special cut resistant gloves because his claws are sharper than they should be, it’s why he never really takes them off
-his vision in his damaged socket is fucked up
-he can see souls (no one else knows this)
-when he’s very upset, about to have a panic attack, or really relaxed, his eyelights go out
-he purrs baby!!!
-has more of a sweet tooth than he’s willing to let anyone know
-loves hair. Loves doing someone’s hair, loves the texture of it, loves brushing it, it’s so neat to him
-he also wears gloves because he has sensory issues lol
-his natural scent is kinda like cherry candy and campfire
-has an incredibly high spice tolerance he could eat a ghost pepper and be like ‘huh, tangy’ don’t ever ask him how spicy something is he is an unreliable source of information
-what the fuck is Minecraft
-he’s not actually that loud usually, he mumbles a lot
-he also pouts (grumbly pouty drama queen)
-he does NOT wear heels even though he likes them because he also likes to not hit his head off every light fixture in existence
-says he prefers cats but he also begrudgingly loves dogs
-he will read a newspaper I’m not kidding he’s spiritually an old man
-he tasted chocolate milk once and was so torn on if he liked it or hated it he decided on hates it purely because it confused him so much
-he’s scared of bunnies sort of because they look very delicate and he’s always afraid of stepping on one
-has never eaten an apple like a horse (sadly)
-loves train rides!!! Flights are okay but he really likes trains!
-deals with sensory overload issues =^(
-likes scented candles but is very picky about the scents
-lies about drinking his coffee black
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twigg96 · a day ago
How old are the boys? (headcanon full bdays)
Hi @jordynofthedoomstar!!! Thank you so much for the ask. The boys’ full birthdays huh? I take this as Month, Day, Year. I think personally I see Pickles being the eldest and Toki is the youngest.  1. Pickles: June, 03, 1965 
- Pickles started Snakes n’ Barrels at an extremely young age. I mean he ran away from home around the age of 14-15. I believe he started Snakes around the age of 16 in 1982 rode the Glam Rock high and then in the 90′s joined Dethklok when Black Meal became more prevalent. As of today. Pickles would be 56 but in June be turning 57 years old. 
2. Skwisgaar: August, 18, 1967
- I have always had the headcanon that Serveta gave birth to Skwisgaar during her Senior Year of High School and that it was during the last leg of the 60s the Sexual Revolution. I believe Skwisgaar came to America in 1984 having run away from home at 17. He started his music career immediately and joined band after band to survive. Jumping from place to place until he landed with Dethklok in the 90s. As of now Skwisgaar would be 54 years old turning 55 this year. 
3. Murderface: April, 19, 1970
- A year after Murderface was born his father commit murder suicide killing his mother and himself in front of him. It was in the 70s that Murders spiked for the first time in a long time in most US towns. William ran away from his grandparent’s place at the age of 18 the end of the Glam days in 1988 but just early enough to hang around with Pickles in California for a year before Dethklok started. Today Murderface would be 51 turning 52. 
4. Nathan: May, 15, 1972
- Raised in a military family Nathan’s family never really had time or the energy to celebrate birthdays. They just sort of believed that every year they had together was a celebration. I think Nathan’s dad served in Vietnam and Nathan was born right before Oscar shipped out to serve. Oscar stayed in when the war ended because it was easier to stay and serve than to leave and face reality in civilian life. Nathan stayed with his mom in Florida even though he dropped out of school to keep her company. In 1990 He started Dethklok with Pickles and Swkisgaar. This year he’d be turning 50 but now is 49.
5. Toki Wartooth: March, 15, 1980 (May, 11, 1978)
- There are no physical records of Toki’s birth. His birth was in the village by an elder why did they need records. And his father didn’t believe in birthdays so Toki honestly has no idea when his birthday is or how old he is. When Toki joined Dethklok Charles forged his birth certificate and a work visa so that he could stay in the United States and work without being deported to who knew where. Toki was only 16 when he joined Dethklok in 1996 after having traveled to the US in 1995 and survived on the streets for a year. In 2022 Toki would be 41 turning 42 years old physically but according to Charles’ birth certificate he would be 43 turning 44 May 11th being the day that he met the band and started his new life.  
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the-widow-sisters · a day ago
What do you think Yelena's birthdate is, I believe I know the year, which is 1988, if I'm right. I just need to know her month and the day of the month... or just like your- opinion...???
Yeah, I think you're right about the year. It's either 1988 or 1989 according to canon. As far as like the month and day of the month, I can't find any concrete canon evidence of that. However, I headcanon that she was born March 21st 💗
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totallynotpuri · 4 days ago
isn't it funny how right now Scar is the only one without an elytra? his base is on a mountain so him being the last to not have one feels very ironic
Listen okay, I trust the man with an elytra. However, I do NOT trust him with an elytra in hardcore. Here are a list of things that I think might happen with Scar and an elytra
1. There's this weird thing with elytras where if you're not in complete gliding mode when you fall (ie. you unfurled your elytra too late and are too close to the ground), you take full fall damage. What does Scar like doing? Jumping off his giant mountain base without looking. What do I think is gonna happen? He’s gonna jump, try to glide, do it too late, and fall to his death while trying to do a flip.
2. I think, with rockets, he's gonna slam head first into a mountain.
3. He's gonna forget to wear the elytra and jump into a ravine
4. He's gonna remember to wear an elytra but die because he doesn't have his chestplate on.
5. Elytra's gonna break mid-flight and he's gonna fall down to the ground with one of those Wile E. Coyote sound affects
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ms-gallows · 5 months ago
god I absolutely adore the way you draw obi wan hes so beautiful
Thank you anon! here's a sketch of Obi-Wan belonging in a beauty commercial!
Tumblr media
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emry-stars · 4 months ago
Hi I'm in love with your Kevin
Tumblr media
Have I got news for you my friend
I show no signs of stopping
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tyunvhs · a month ago
any header for this pls:(?
Tumblr media
here babe <33
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mariposawolf · 7 months ago
Hi! I saw your SCP Undertale post and was wondering how the famous scp-999 would interact with sans :p
Tumblr media Tumblr media
my main man would mostly visit scp-999 when he's feeling especially upset. otherwise, sans sees them once in a while "as a treat"
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daddydom · 7 months ago
Are fat littles a thing? I was vetting a dom and after sending a picture of me he totally flipped and called me a bunch of names and told me I don't deserve a dom looking like I do.... I also just don't see many bigger people in general in kink spaces like this.... Am I just not welcome in the dd/lg community? Idk if you're the right person to ask so I'm sorry if this isn't something you can answer.
First let me just say your weight has nothing, NOTHING to do with whether you belong here or not. Opinion of other's, especially people like THAT don't have the right to tell you where you belong. You're and will forever be beautiful and welcomed into this community okay? No matter what skin, weight, height, or role you play. You'll always have a place here in this community and especially on my blog. Another thing, never feel as tho you have to apologize for sending me a ask. My blog is a space I created for all to come and speak what's on their minds. So thank you for the ask and thank you for trusting me with your question. I hope this helps you and many other's who want to join this community.
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canyyon · 3 months ago
i was answering an ask oh boy hi!!!
hmm requests requests....oh! i love your mumbo design - what about a sketch of mumbo and grian from mumbo's latest episode? with grian being afk? that could be neat! (or just a mumbo on his own, whichever you'd prefer!)
Tumblr media
I love drawing these goofs.
I highly doubt I got the blocks correct though because I don't know Redstone so excuse inaccuracy
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goo-p · 2 months ago
MEDIC E5 WITH OWO PALETTE or C10 with fistfight with god????
Here ya' go!
Tumblr media
The palette and expression choice is A++, anon x
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trick-starr · 7 days ago
Gaon in the "cheers" pallete? :3c
Thank you! 💛
Tumblr media
I gave him a kitty in case Toei doesn't let him have one by the end of Zenkaiger
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geges · 5 months ago
some people on twitter have started talking out m*t* and shitember's racism, which is good, but they're calling it fetishization of arabic culture. I just wanted to ask if it's accurate, or if it should be called something else?
this is a great question! the answer is no, starember and mxtx are not fetishizing arab culture. they are directly fetishizing central asian cultures. this is a very important point that i need to stress to everyone engaging with tgcf, cnovels, and related Han media.
to introduce myself again, i am a MENA-casian. if you're unfamiliar with those terms, i'll break them down for you. it means that half of my family is from the middle east/north africa (MENA) while the other half is from central/inner asia (casia). all of this is to say that i am very familiar with middle eastern and arab cultures, and i am even more familiar with the distinction between arab cultures and casian cultures. because of this, i feel confident saying that in no way was the depiction of central asians in any of mxtx's novels influenced by modern arab culture. the misinformation being spread saying it is directly harms the central asian groups working to gain recognition and equality in our own countries. we exist, we are here, and we deserve for our struggles to be recognized as our own.
so, why do people think that racism against casians is actually against arab people? it's because very few people know what casians look like. i don't know a singular person that isn't casian themselves that could describe traditional casian features and clothing. despite me having extremely and loudly central asian facial features, people have seen me and confused me for an indigenous american, a turk, an arab, an east asian, a pacific islander, a south american, an italian; you name it, i've been called it. so, i can understand why people see the poorly construed representations of casians and immediately think of another, much more visible culture. there is also quite a bit of casian traditional clothing that lets me understand the confusion a bit! to one unfamiliar with casian or arab cultures, these might cause someone to mix them up
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
these were all obtained from a quick google search of the names of some traditional casian (mostly kyrgyz) headdresses, so if you're interested in seeing more, they're very easy to find. i'll add an image description once i get back from work, but if someone wants to do it in the meantime, that would be greatly appreciated!
looking at these images, you can see many casian cultures use elaborate fabric wraps around our heads, similar to some arab cultures. like most arab cultures, casia has also been incredibly influenced by islam, with the countries now being a majority islamic rather than our historical majority of native totemistic religions. however, the similarity ends there. the islam practiced in arab cultures and the islam practiced here are two entirely different religions that do each other a disservice to compare them as similar. we are not arab, and the arab people are not central asian. the last time our cultures directly influenced each other is most likely around 4th century AD. so, really not a lot of overlap there, given the fact that it's been thousands of years since then
to sum it up, the racism and fetishization in starember's work, mxtx's works, and cmedia as a whole are not directed against arab cultures. they are a direct attack on central asian cultures, and saying otherwise takes away the exceedingly limited societal presence we have, so i would greatly appreciate it if those interested in helping casian visibility were all clear on this! barely anyone knows we exist, and those that have heard of us often don't even know what casia is. it is incredibly harmful to have the first big break we have in media discussing racist stereotypes against us be immediately attributed to any unrelated culture
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allymumu · 8 days ago
What is your favorite sp ship and what or who made you fall for it so hard?
It's pretty clear that Style is on top of my hierachy of SP ships, and K2 comes really close after. Best friends to lovers is very much my jam ever since I had my first introduction to fandom in general, and usually fanfictions are the gateway to my fav ships (like Cryle, shout out to Kivea and their fanfics).
Yet Style made me genuinely fall in love by their canon reactions in the show. Many people said this before but it was their hallmark The Look™️. Eye contact is important in a show with liminal animation like South Park, but only Stan and Kyle have that as a trademark since they more than any others look at each other with absolute endearment and smile whenever the other is excited or happy
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And it was clear that they need each other so bad that it hurt not being side by side, I dont think I need this to be said after postCovid anymore 👌
Tumblr media Tumblr media
On top of that, they never shunned from skinship or being physically close to each other. Stan doesnt hesitated to say "I love you"/"I need you", the same with Kyle. The fact that they still have a lot of emotional issues to work with makes their relationship more enthralling to me, since even though Stan/Kyle already have so much to talk about, it could be developed even further. Yet, after all that "I love/need you" was never to be doubted, at least to me.
To end my excessive rant, have a in-so-much-love Stan Marsh listening to his sbf:
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cellophaine · a month ago
Hi! Coming back to my cinnamon hostia again, as I do every year. And I'm thinking about a reader, who's watching films whenever wherever, and it's a big part of her life, that makes her happy and giddy, but she's worried about bringing it up with Matt. Like, how they would work it out? It's a whole mess that's only a very limited amount of films have audio descriptions. But she's also feeling guilty, what if he not into cinema, and secretly annoyed, and only listens to her, because of politeness??? 🥲🥲🥲
I think Matt wouldn't mind. He is the type of person who would be so enamoured with his partner that details like these make him fall even harder (according to my headcanon). Matt would never make her feel bad or uncomfortable around him for enjoying things that she likes, even though his experience with them is somewhat limited. He wants her to be herself around him. (more under the cut)
I think they can make it work so both of them can enjoy what Reader enjoys. It could be romantic! Matt and Reader could go on a date at the movie theatre, sitting next to each other. She could lean in, whispering in his ear, narrating the movie to Matt, providing additional context to monologues (not down to every little detail since it'd be hard to keep track). She could be his eyes, describing what was going on on the screen, the actions and emotions, and how the movie unveiled itself in the end.
It could be intimate like what I did in my main series Lingered Affection! My Reader described art to Matt on their museum date. Instead of explaining how the paintings look to her in terms of colours, compositions, etc ... she went into details of how they make her feel and how Matt might feel in his own way, physically and emotionally. The reason for that is I think as we grow up, the way we perceive colours changes. Red isn't just red, and blue isn't really blue sometimes.
Reader could open up about how she felt what she loved could be a nuisance to him. As long as they communicate, there shouldn't be any unresolved guilt and unpleasant feelings between them.
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reciprocityfic · 4 months ago
#5 for amylaurie
5. that emotional moment that you can't find a plot for.
He’d never had a particularly happy life.
From the beginning, it had been marked with tragedy. He adored his mother, from what he can remember. But his memories, unfortunately, are few and far between. He tried to keep her smile, her laugh, the feel of her hugs and her hand wrapped around his tiny one locked away in his brain and his heart, but over the years, they inevitably began to fade. Before he knew it, he couldn’t quite get the tenor of her voice right, couldn’t remember the sweet words she used to whisper in his ear. She was like a beautifully painted picture, rather than a human being.
If there was someone who adored his mother more than he had, it was his father.
His father took her death the hardest. He tried to find a salve for his broken heart in all the wrong places, began gambling too often and drinking too much, frequently leaving his son alone late into the night to go out and drown his pain in whatever way he could. When his father was home, he could hardly stand to be around him. Everything about Laurie reminded him of her - his eyes, his hair, his nose, his smile. He reached his breaking point eventually, and then he sent Laurie away.
School had never been particularly hard for him. He was smart, he supposed, and he didn’t mind the company of his tutor. Boarding school was different, though. He never quite found a way to fit in. He was too quiet, not quite as rich, and Italian, which mattered in a way he didn’t understand. He always found himself at the center of negative gossip, the butt of too many jokes. He hated it, so he stopped trying to assimilate and let himself fade away into the peripheries of his peers.
When his father died, it was almost a relief; at least the man wouldn’t suffer any longer. But again, it threw him into a world of uncertainty and unfamiliar territory. It sent him to America, into the hands of a grandfather he had never met. As he grew older, he’d come to subtly resent his extended family for disowning him and his parents, and wondered if this grandfather would resent him back.
He didn’t. But his grandfather also wasn’t warm, a product of living so many years alone, Laurie supposes. He knows Mr. Laurence has experienced his share of heartbreak as well; there’s a beautiful piano that sits untouched, that the servants tell him belonged to the old man’s late granddaughter. The few times he tried to play it he’d catch his grandfather looking at him in a way that wasn’t particularly pleasant, so he stopped.
John Brooke - his new tutor - was pleasant enough, earnest and determined to please his grandfather by giving him the privilege of an excellent education. They often butted heads when Mr. Brooke tried to teach him; he couldn’t find him in himself to care much about learning anymore. Couldn’t find it in himself to care about much of anything.
Then, he met Jo March.
His grandfather had noticed his melancholy and sent him to a party to try to lift his spirits. He doubted it would work - how exciting could a party in Concord, Massachusetts possibly be, after all - and quickly found an empty side room to disappear in for a while until he’d spent enough time there that he could plausibly tell his grandfather he’d made an effort to be sociable.
It was there that Jo literally stumbled into him, and changed his life forever.
He’d never in his life met a girl like Jo March, one that was so boisterous and bright and unapologetically herself. In his world, every girl was trained from an early age to be prim and proper and polite, so that someday she might make a good wife and a fine young woman. Jo was anything but, and when he met the rest of the March family, he learned that they all were, in their own way - whether it be Meg and her unabashed love for dramatics and pretty things, or Beth sitting at her piano, playing until her fingers ached.
Or Amy, marching around in a pair of fairy wings and declaring that one day, she would be the best painter in the entire world.
His childhood memories of the Marches were all Jo, her fire and harsh edges and iron will, but Amy was always there at the edges, making herself known. She always seemed to be at odds with her older sister, but he thought that was because the two of them were the most alike in a way, like two opposite ends of the same string. He would always take Jo’s side when she recounted their latest feud, of course, but he couldn’t help his amusement at some of Amy’s antics. He remembers, when Jo told him that Amy had burned her novel, how his sympathy for Jo had existed right alongside of his wild amusement that little Amy March had the gall to even come up with such a thing, let alone follow it through.
But even though Amy was there, along with Meg and Beth, Jo was undoubtedly the main attraction, the sun at the center of his universe. His world was filled with her, with her smiles and laughs and hair and voice, with her words and her thoughts and ideas, and soon his heart was, too. He didn’t know much about love, but he knew he loved her. He knew he wanted her to be a part of his life always.
So, he’d asked her to marry him. It was the only thing to do, wasn’t it?
When she turned him down, he almost hadn’t been surprised. A part of him almost expected it; he hadn’t been particularly excited to ask her, after all. Rather, he’d dreaded it, dreaded the moment that the delicate balance they had built would have to tip one way or the other. He’d always known there was a chance she’d reject him.
That didn’t mean it hurt any less, though. He thinks it hurt even more when she left; he’d always known Jo to dive into every challenge head-first, but then she ran away to New York. She ran away from him. So he followed her lead, as he had learned to do so well over those years with her.
Heading back to Europe was much more bitter than it was sweet, and even the grandeur of cities like London, Paris, and Rome couldn’t stop the vibrancy from slowly bleeding out of his life. What had become a kaleidoscope of colors was now just grays and blacks and whites.
So he drank, and smoked, and gambled, and fucked his way through life, and in a macabre way, never felt closer to his father. Except he wasn’t heartbroken, not anymore - he realized more and more that he never expected her to say yes, not really. That she was right, as she usually was - it would have never worked.
He just felt lost. Unmoored, with nothing to anchor him. And he started to believe that maybe he was simply supposed to live his life this way, alone and adrift and apathetic.
Then, Amy March came barreling back into his life.
She was different, of course - namely, she was no longer little. She had traded her fairy wings and braids for beautiful gowns and carefully coiffed updos, and all her lofty childhood wishes had been replaced with a stoic, resigned realism. It would have worried him, that the world had taken her and hardened her, but he knew that the woman that threw her arms around him and happily shouted his name on that Parisian street, the world around her momentarily forgotten, was the Amy he had always known and cared for, however proper she might be now.
And she was proper, but he found it didn’t bother him like he thought it would. Instead, he admired her for it, that she had managed to grow up so gracefully. She was lovely, he decided. Lovely and refined and determined, so much so that it got him in trouble with her, sometimes. She was constantly after him to be better, to stop his drinking and laziness and make something of his life.
She wanted him to respect himself. He’d never really done that; all his life, he’d known himself to be a bother or problem, a thorn in someone’s side. He didn’t really know how to respect himself, but for her, he wanted to try.
The problem was, it was getting harder and harder to leave her side. She painted in his life with strokes that were insistent, but soft, and he found that her world was just as colorful as her sister’s. It was her own, of course; if Jo had been a red flame, then Amy was a golden glow, like sunshine. But he found that he didn’t mind the differences, that he maybe even preferred Amy’s version. It made him warmer than anything he’d known before.
He doesn’t know exactly when he fell for Amy. It happened slowly, gently, and before he could stop it, she’d taken up all the emptiness in his heart, filled it with light and life and love. Not that he would’ve wanted to stop it; he found he was quite content belonging to her. Even when she rejected him that first time, he didn’t try to remove her. He didn’t resent her, as he had temporarily resented Jo. He knew it was futile, that he was irreparably hers, and he decided that if he couldn’t be with her, he would at least make himself someone she could be proud of. He wanted to be someone she could respect, if he couldn’t be someone she loved.
But then, God had smiled upon him - for perhaps the first time - and she’d changed her mind. She loved him, she wanted him, she loved him. And when he kissed her that first time, she ignited something in him that no woman ever had before. He loved her, he wanted her, her and her only, he loved her, he loved her, he loved her.
His heart sang for her with its every beat. Every breath she took gave him purpose, every smile gave him joy, every kiss and moan and tug on his hair made his blood run hot through his veins. He was so full inside, wanted for nothing. He felt like all his life he’d been trying to shove himself into places where he didn’t fit, whether it be at school or with his father. With Jo. But there was a spot beside Amy, one in which he fit perfectly, like it was created with him in mind. And as long as Amy was beside him, he could do anything, be anything, survive anything.
One of the things that he loves most about her is her beauty. He can’t help it; he is only human. A weak one when it comes to Amy. When she hugged him that first time in France, he’d noticed how the autumn sun had caught the strands of her blonde hair, her cheeks flushed from the way she ran to him. He first let himself realize it in her studio, when she went off to meet Fred Vaughn. There was something about the way her cream-colored blouse laid against her pale skin, the way the blue accents brought out her eyes. How her pinned-up hair showed off her neck. He could do nothing but smile shyly at her, any coherent words suddenly caught in his throat. And every time he saw her, he noticed something else that added to her beauty, whether it be the delicate way she sipped her tea, her lips a pretty pink against the white china, or the way she blushed when he complimented her. Eventually, in a room full of women, she was the only one he could see, as captured as he was by her.
Almost three years later, nothing has changed.
He wakes up in the middle of the night to find her side of the bed empty. He’s almost positive he knows where she is, and almost rolls over and closes his eyes. But he can’t get her out of his head, so he gets up and throws on his robe. The moon shines bright enough that he doesn’t need a candle, and he leaves their bedroom, creeping to the next door down the hall. It’s ajar just slightly, and he slips inside.
And there she is, just where he thought she would be. Standing at the window, staring out into the night. She’s barefoot, dressed in a white nightgown, long hair cascading down her back. The moonlight illuminates her hair and skin. She’s breathtaking. More beautiful than any painting he’d ever seen.
Cradled in her arms is their newborn baby girl.
He doesn’t want to startle her, so he knocks gently against the door. She looks over her shoulder and smiles at him, but quickly goes back to gazing at the newest addition to their family.
He walks over to the two of them, placing a kiss on the top of her head before wrapping his arm around her shoulder and embracing her. There are a multitude of reasons why she might be in here - the baby could’ve been crying, it could’ve been time for a change or a feeding, or Amy simply could’ve missed her, could’ve wanted to hold her and watch her breathe. He suspects it’s the last one, but he doesn’t ask. He doesn’t want to disturb the peaceful scene in front of him.
He reaches a finger down to their baby, taps at her hand, until she opens her fist and wraps all of her tiny fingers around that one of his. Amy turns her face and nuzzles his shoulder, relaxing against him.
He’d never had a particularly happy life.
But standing here now, both his wife and his daughter in his arms, he knows nothing but.
send me a number and a pairing (preferably laurie x amy) and i'll write you a mini fic!
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tyunvhs · 2 months ago
Headers for this pic?
Tumblr media
here <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1,4 headers are mine
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vladikkotorinevladik · 4 months ago
Janus sleeping on the couch so Remus comes over, picks him up and takes him to their bedroom to cuddle!!!
That’s v sweet actually, I’ve had an idea a while back of how Janus would maybe sleep on the couch
Imma add a bonus drawing a bit later (when they get to the bedroom)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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daddydom · 6 months ago
is there a daddyspace, that’s kind of like little space but for daddy’s?
Hello 🙋🏻‍♂️
Yes 😊 Daddy Space is a thing and I believe it's not really talked about as much. For me it's usually triggered by certain things. Sometimes I can get into Daddy Space when I have to be stern with my Little when needed. Other ways are simply just by seeing my Little coloring/drawing. Or some times by just sitting with my Little while she watches her favorite shows/movies puts me into it. Seeing my Littles stuffies or any of her other Little accessories could also put me into Daddy Space. Or simply by just talking to my Little would do it. There's so many ways for Daddies to get into their own Daddy Space.
For me when I'm in this space I feel more in control of my surroundings, I feel more confident, I feel happy and I feel like I'm doing something good because I am in my Caregiver roll more than anything. Plus the smile on my Little's face from seeing me in Daddy Space is always so heart warming. Because she knows when I'm in this space all I wanna do is wrap my little girl in my arms and smother her with kisses and squeeze her till she's had enough 😂. Daddy Space is an amazing feeling and I really hope one day it's talked about a little more 😊
Also please note this is how "I" get into Daddy Space. Daddy Space can be different for all Daddies just like Little Space can be different for all Littles.
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