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#thank you for the tag kris <3
fengqing · 3 months ago
From planning to posting, share your process for making creative content!
To continue supporting content makers, this tag game is meant to show the entire process of making creative content: this can be for any creation.
RULES — When your work is tagged, show the process of its creation from planning to posting, then tag 5 people with a specific link to one of their creative works you’d like to see the process of. Use the tag #showyourprocess so we can find yours!
Thank you so much for tagging me @lan-xichens​, I’ll try my best to explain how I made this set from start to finish hehe ♡ and also a big thank you to @suibianjie​ @highwarlockkareena​ @nyx4​ @aheartfullofjolllly​ and you as well Kris for putting this all together! Content creators get a lot less recognition than they deserve for all the time they put into their content, so getting everyone to see the (sometimes excessive) process we all go through to put our content in our blog, I hope it creates a positive change!! 💖
1. Planning
The set in question was actually requested by someone so they could celebrate their friend’s birthday! At first I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to be able to finish it on time (college is very hectic right now) but I was able to finish it three days before the deadline which was may 1st! ^-^
The first thing I did was decide what characters I wanted to use in the set, I first reached out to the person who requested the set if there were certain characters they wanted me to use but they said they didn’t know enough to really give me any directives outside of the quote. I decided, since the quote is applicable to the entirety of the show, that I would try to put in as many characters as possible.
Thus, of course, came the hunting for scenes. Those of you in the net discord surely know I came into the content help channel a few times to ask for certain scenes here and there, and eventually I had to download an additional 10 episodes to the back then 20 or so episodes I had in my CQL episodes folder.
Tumblr media
As you can see I have 30 random episodes of CQL downloaded (slowly but surely getting to the point where I have all 50 episodes downloaded) and I think I ended up using scenes out of at least 20 of those episodes.
I planned out beforehand what characters I would use per gif. I knew obviously I would start out with Wangxian, them being the main characters of the show, and then would work my way down the list. The second gif consists of Nie Huaisang, Nie Mingjue, Jin Zixuan, Jiang Yanli, Wen Qing, and Wen Ning. They’re all family pairings, two being siblings and one being a married couple. The next gifset consists of the Yi City characters, then the fourth gif consists of the juniors, and the final gif has Jin Guangyao, Mianmian, Jiang Cheng, and Lan Xichen in it.
I have to admit though that when I had made the first four gifs I’d forgotten who I would put in the last gif and the when I thought about it the first time around I could only think of Lan Qiren and the very cursed Yaoyang ship 😭 it was only at dinner time that same day that I remembered I hadn’t put Jiang Cheng in my gifset yet and that’s when I thought of the other characters as well.
I had already made my first two gifs when I went to check Hanyi’s blog for layout inspo and eventually I decided I wanted to try a triangle-ish layout, which I doodled below. I eventually ended up changing the layout of the last gif in the final design. It was also the first time I would work with a triangle-ish layout so I was a bit nervous as I was scared it wasn’t going to work out...
Tumblr media
2. Creating
I use Avisynth 2.5 and Adobe Photoshop 2021 (the paid version, unfortunately, I need it for school except I didn’t need it this year but I wanted it so I paid for it with my own money ouch) to make my gifsets! I always start out with trimming down all the scenes I’m going to use into three to five second videos and putting them through Avisynth. This time around I did it separately for each gif I made, simply because I needed so many scenes. I would include a screenshot of my “gif vids” and “temp” folders but I’ve already deleted all the videos, which is what I usually do immediately after a set is posted.
I’ll try my best explaining this gif by gif since each one had a different layout!
2.1 Wangxian
Tumblr media
I think I had up to five different designs of this gif 😭 it started out with the gif on the left originally being more centered and the quote right smack in the center but somehow it felt a bit too... empty? I changed up the design and pulled the gif over to the right and put the two closeups on the left, the exact opposite of the gif I eventually ended up with. I switched things around one more time and saved the gif as you can see it right now, except I didn’t include the lines yet. It was only as I finished up my fourth gif that I decided this gif needed lines as well so I added them ^-^
2.2 Nie Huaisang, Nie Mingjue, Jin Zixuan, Jiang Yanli, Wen Qing, and Wen Ning
Tumblr media
I got the inspiration for the font layout on this gif from this Wenzhou post! I hadn’t tried it before and when I did for this gif I was very happy with the way it turned out :D I wanted to portray that life is a pile of good and bad things, as the quote says, in CQL by mirroring these happy scenes side by side with the sad scenes
2.3 Yi CIty
Tumblr media
My first time working with the triangle layout!! Putting in the lines and making sure they would line up with the second gif took me the longest of all actually  😭 I think once I got the line on the left in I just copy pasted it and flipped it horizontally so I didn’t have to fiddle around with angling it anymore :’) my original idea was to get a happy Song Lan scene and a sad A-Qing scene, but when I stumbled upon this A-Qing scene in ep38 I just had to put it in there because her smile is so precious 🥺 Xue Yang and Xiao Xingchen in the center are also supposed to be mirrored, with Xue Yang embodying the “bad things” and Xiao Xingchen the “good things” ! I also think the Yi City characters fit this part of the quote very well!!
2.4 The Juniors
Tumblr media
Ah yes, the junior quartet!! :D I had this planned out from the very beginning, that I would include happy versus sad juniors in the “vice versa” part of the quote, and I think it worked out quite well! My first idea was to put the “vice versa” completely in the special font and have it typed out over the gifs like I did with the “vice” but as I typed out the “versa” I realized it had one letter too much to be able to do that 😭😭 it took me a while to come up with how I would position the “but” and “versa” and after some moving around I decided to just place them the way I did in the final gif! For the font, I duplicated the “vice” and added a stroke to the duplicate, then I changed the fill setting to 0% so I could slightly drag the duplicate away from the original layer to create the effect that’s in the gif — also, finding a scene in which Jin Ling smiles is really difficult.... he barely even smiles in the scene I ended up using :(
2.5 Jin Guangyao, Mianmian, Jiang Cheng, and Lan Xichen
Tumblr media
The final gif!! I feel like this might come a little across as “I promise I didn’t forget these characters” because they’re a very odd quadruplet to put together, but they were the most important characters left to put in the set! I was thinking of putting Nie Mingjue in here together with Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen, but I did feel he fit more with his brother up in the second gif. Mei @mylastbraincql​ cheered me on making this gif for which I was very grateful :D <3 the layout came to be after I googled “how to evenly split a rectangle in four” because I didn’t want a repeat layout in the set  (*/∇\*)
2.6 Coloring
For the coloring I pretty much did all of the tweaking on the first gif and then copy pasted all of it onto the second, third, fourth, and fifth gif. This is usually the way I go about my coloring, I will always edit certain gifs if necessary but I don’t think I had to change the coloring much on any of these gifs? Maybe I added in a curve layer here and there, but nothing major! This is really one of my preferred coloring styles, even though I try to step outside of my comfort zones with other sets ^-^
3. Posting
I will always upload sets into my drafts and edit the caption in there as well, clicking on “preview post” a couple times to check everything looks good on my blog as well, before I post a set. However, this time, since there was a deadline and I finished before the deadline, I put this set in the queue so it would automatically post on the 1st of may! Knowing myself, I would’ve forgotten to do so </3
Whew that was... a lot 😭 did it make any sense? Probably not, but it was fun to ramble ( ´∀`)
I’ll tag
@blinkplnk​ with this set !
@wuxien​ with this set !
@wendashanren​ with this set !
@wanyinxichen​ with this set !
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@jiancheng​ with this set !
Please feel totally free to ignore this if you’ve already been tagged and don’t want to do it again!! <3
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lynxgriffin · a year ago
Hey I know it might seem like a small thing but I really really appreciate you gendering Kris Frisk and Chara correctly and tagging misgendering! I mean it might be kinda silly to some people but misgendering is my biggest trigger so actually finding a great artist who doesn't trigger that makes me super happy!! Thank you so much ❤️thought you might like to know someone really appreciates your consideration
Hey anon, thanks for the kind words! It’s no problem for me to do, and I’m glad that it makes your life easier! <3 
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kristsune · 5 days ago
Any time I dive into the RQG audio tags, I find your clips. They're all fabulous out of context, but I look forward to catching up and enjoying your work properly!
awww thank you so much omg!! you are so sweet!! I really appreciate it. I really do love working on audio, and its thanks to rusty quill that this is even a thing. I hope you have a grand time listening and feel free to yell anytime about it!!
Tumblr media
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rosebowl · 12 days ago
challenge: 30 questions tag game 💛
thank you for the tags besties! (kris @calicooky, caitlin @loverjimin, sophia @jiminslight, and jules @jihopes i love u all 💞)
answers under the cut
1. name/nickname: sharika :-) people call me all sorts of things lol shar, shari, and shark are popular ones
2. star sign: libra 🥺 (me 🤝 jules)
3. height: 5′2, but more accurately about 157 cm
4. birthday: october 20 🍂
5. favorite band: take a wild guess!!!! besides them tho i really love walk the moon (and have nostalgic emotions for 1d and we the kings)
6. time: 12:15 pm
7. favorite solo artist: zayn <3
8. song stuck in your head: this is random (xD) but fingers crossed by COIN
9. last movie you watched: ...the downton abbey film dskfjkgjfkgf
10. free space: stream nobody is listening by zayn n then go watch my yoongi x unfuckwitable edit (or my tae x sweat video at your own risk) (sorry for self promo)
11. last show: i’ve been watching succession rip... i’m almost done w season 1
12: when i created this blog: this one was in like july 2019 i think?
13. what i post: just bts lmao and ig “content” that’s really just me catering to my own whims dksfjkfddf
14. last thing i googled: “coin i got a thing for you you don’t know” lmfao which are lyrics to the coin song i mentioned above ... bc i couldn’t remember what it was called
15. other blogs: just my main @unfukwitable​ <3
16. do i get asks? sometimes! my mutual besties are nice enough to send me sweet things quite frequently 😪
17. why i chose my url? a couple of friends and i have a groupchat on twitter called “🌹🍜” used almost exclusively for screaming abt jikook... n so i tried this out one day n was shocked it wasn’t taken n the rest is history! i do often miss my old url tho and constantly debate abt switching back :(
18. following: 433!
19. followers: ... i was gonna be vague but then sophia n jules weren’t n i respected that so 👁👄👁... i just hit 1.5k (u guys are too cool to be following me let’s be real)
20. average hours of sleep: like... 3-6 lol it varies wildly
21. lucky number: 7, 37
22. instruments: i tried to learn the ukulele bc i wanted to eventually move to guitar... i am very inconsistent n bad lol
23. what am i wearing? uh i never leave the house so i’m almost always wearing pajamas. like elephant pants n a walk the moon merch long sleeve t
24. dream job: i don’t dream of labor.... but if i had to pick then like. music festival curation/production or something
25. favorite food: my mom’s 💞
26. tea or coffee? i love both but i drink cold brew more often (bc i am an adult who has to work a stupid conventional job)
27. nationality: indian :-)
28. favorite song: pls i can’t do this... i have a playlist on my phone of all my all time favorite songs called “soul songs” and it’s 70 songs long... if i have to pick one right this second i guess tightrope by zayn
29. last book i read: all i ever do is reread books 😪 i recently completed my yearly reread of the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater
30. top three fictional universes i would like to live in: uhhh i guess a magical world like the one in carry on (rainbow rowell) would be cool? u know what i want to live in the bts x coway fictional universe where i get to wake up next to kim seokjin /hj
i’m gonna tag my buddies whose answers i haven’t seen yet (as always pls ignore me if ur not feeling it/have done it already!! <3) @userjiminie​ @blueandtaes​ @yoongisbengaliwife​ @dinamitae​ @bibillyhillsbaby​ @hazeltae​ @jinsmin​ @tae-bebe​ and anyone else who sees this n wants to do it 🥺
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13-scoups · 18 days ago
I was tagged by @squishy-woozi (the most talented artist) to do this tag game thx Kris !!!
5 songs you've had on repeat according to Spotify:
1. Gambler - MONSTA X
2. Island - Youha
3. Made For Two - VAV
4. Don't Call Me - Shinee
5. Don't Fight The Feeling - EXO
Last movie I watched: hmm not a big movie person, maybe it was Godzilla vs Kong or maybe Princess & the Frog? Either way it was a while ago lol
Currently watching: also not super big on shows, casually watching Scooby Doo with my partner bc childhood memories hahaha
Currently reading: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, and the Grisha series because I loved watching Shadow & Bone and I wanna know what happens next!!
I'll tag @snakuchan @eternallys and @kpop-stuffs-posts if u wanna share too! No pressure as always :)
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polaroidsintheocean · 27 days ago
BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award you’re supposed to paste it in the asks of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out.💕
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seaurchns · a month ago
ur blog title mkes me vry uncmfrtble! cool!
thank you!
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