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So, I gave Olive a flea bath. Gave her and the dog one to be safe since my dog was around another one that them



I felt bad ruining her comfort…



Well… the good thing is she did pretty well and wasn’t getting mad. However, she was a little freaked out when her tail got wet


Hello Marionette, as uncomfortable for some cats as it may be, having a thorough bath is needed, and a flea bath at that. Glad she isn’t to upset, plenty of treats and I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Welcome to the cat army

😺 Satan

P.s I must meet your little companion 💚

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agent-jaselin replied to your post: question: in the nature spirit Angie version of…

little horn nubs and pointed ears with little fuz tufts

darfichihrenhundstreicheln replied to your postquestion: in the nature spirit…

human legs but a little bit fluffy with deer fur, and maybe she still has a tail?



horn nubs that eventually get a bit bigger, but don’t become full antlers bc she’s only half nature spirit, and she inherits Angie’s fuzzy pointed deer ears, instead of Stan’s bigger human ears.  and she’s got human legs but they’re covered with a thin coat of fur.  and yes!  she’s got a lil deer tail!!!

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Ah, that was slightly quicker than I thought! Um, let’s see…

8) What would be your go to jutsu to use in battle? (you can make one up or use one that already exists!)

To save everybody some time, I’ll just use a preexisting jutsu. It would probably be the Summoning Jutsu. It’s a C-rank, so it’s simple enough for most Genin to get down, and it’s never hurts to have a few extra hands in battle! Even if they are not of a human kind. (If you want to know, I’d totally want a mythology based summon, like how Danzo had Baku. I’m not exactly sure what kind of creature, but Buruburu would probably be really cool and pretty useful for combat considering its powers in myths).

9) Would you be skilled at using any weapons?

I can’t imagine. I’m barely dextrous enough to twirl a pencil. I think it’s just kunai for me. Although, I might be pretty decent with ninja wire and a case of senbon, provided both items be heavily poisoned prior.

10) Where do your strengths lie? ninjutsu, genjutsu, or taijutsu?

As much as I’d love to be a genjutsu master, it must be acknowledged that I’d totally just end up doing ninjutsu because everyone else would be. As for what type, I’m not sure. Seals seem to be relatively straightforward for a simpleton like me. And, uh, not to sound all mad sciencey, but the whole cursed seal thing actually sounds rather useful for both offensive and defensive matters.

11) Are you a sensory type?

God, it would be absolutely fantastic if I was, so I’m going to say yes. I would absolutely be a sensory ninja, and I’d be the best damn sensory ninja in the entire place!

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@craterkissed​: can u tell us about sayuri’s relationship with hikaru these days? how do they feel about their drunken father—or do they just ignore him entirely for the sake of rekindling a relationship with their mother?

Holy hell, someone caught on in between the lines, yay! Rarely is this discussed so here goes. Hikaru’s relationship is so odd with his father, it gets even shakier as he gets older && becomes a teenager in an aristocratic family. Naturally, he has duties to live up to along with obligations, he looks to Louise to guide him in this area. Which he does! Make no mistake, Louise is also a very politically motivated person, where he can no longer fight or be a prized knight anymore he takes up the role as his house’s spokesperson say. He stresses to Hikaru the importance of being tactful, knowing your opponent, that type of dribble you would hear in a noble family with lots of old wealth. 

(This is hella long so yay cut )

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Okay but I feel like Douxie and Archie would try a bit harder cuz being those are too easy. I was considering Archie shifts into a black cat because of the symbolism of it, but hmm that might be easy too. Maybe he turns into one of the halloween creatures, like the headless horseman or a ghost.

Douxie… pirate cuz I wanna reference Colin O'Donoghue’s character Killian Jones in OUAT ksdjfksdjfkjs

I actually can see Toby though being a Gun Robot Character! 

But Eli might need to refrain from being an alien, cuz yknow the insensitivities of dressing up as an actual race/species? There’s like cultural stuff to be aware of I’d think. Also Aja and Krel wouldn’t be so pleased with that kind of behavior from a galactic ambassador if that makes sense ^^;

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I’m still figuring out MJ’s clothes design, and I can’t get any ideas for it, so… let’s play around a bit! Submit me pictures (or just describe, if it works for you better) of clothes and I’ll draw the jumper moon sir wearing them!

(Also he looks like this)

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okay see i love this, but also…I raise you……..forbidden love au. demons and angels are forbidden from being together…….but demon!tom is a very devious demon and of course, bends the rules…… bonus points if it’s koh!demon!tom who risks his kingdom for angel!reader…..

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