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#thank you river
tlcwrites16 days ago
Filling your ask box with these babes!
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Uh, yes please; fill my ask, fill my dash, fill my vajayjay, wherever you鈥檇 like to put them is fine by me. 馃サ
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nokose8 months ago
i hope it thrills you to know boba means boobs in cantonese and mandarin and boba tea is titty tea
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epicfangirl012 years ago
Trigger Warnings: Self Harm, Suicide Attempt, Mild Gore
Chase sat on the floor of his cold prison, waiting for his Master to come. He had to get out. He was slowly falling into madness. Suddenly, a memory resurfaced in his mind. Two sweet children playing in the park, their mother running after them with a beautiful smile on her face. Chase clenched his hair, wailing as the memory fades. They were gone, and they weren't coming back.
*Don't remember, remember鈥*
There was an intense pain in his chest, as if a monster was clawing at his heart. Hot tears spilled down Chase's face, rolling off of his chin onto the pile of broken glass at his knees. The salty tears burned as they fell onto the gashes that painted his skin crimson.
*Put me to sleep Evil Angel.*
He traces his fingers over the rough lines on his arm, carved to spell out his Master's name. The gashes covered his entire arm, branding him with torn flesh and blood. Chase was His, and he always would be. He waited and waited, praying for his freedom.
*Hoping to find a savior.*
But nobody came.
He grabbed his hair again and curled into a ball, glass slicing his arms as he knelt on the ground. Chase howled, rocking and shaking as the clawing at his heart grew. He will save him. He has to. How could He leave his best puppet alone, kidnapped by his 鈥渂rothers鈥? They weren't his family. All Chase needed was Him. They took him away from his wonderful Master. They wanted him to forget. They didn't understand Him like he did.
*I'm a believer.*
鈥淧lease,鈥 Chase sobbed. 鈥淢aster鈥 please! Don't leave me here. Please!鈥
Prayers and pleas fell from his lips, swearing his undying loyalty to his glorious King, his Mentor, his Master. Without Him, he was nothing.
Through his desperate cries, the room shifted. The shadows swirled and gathered against the wall, forming a dark silhouette as black as death. The shadows watched silently, grinning as Chase lifted a shard of glass up to his neck.
鈥淣o蛝w廷 p潭upp檀e蛝t覊,抬 廷is挞 虝t蛝ha蛝t any挞 w蛝ay痰 蜆t挞o廷 gr蜐e覊e蜖t潭 台m檀e?鈥
Hey, guys! I hope you enjoyed my second "Song Shorts" fic! This fic is inspired by "Reclamation" Part 1 and Part 2 in the Obedience series by @egopocalypse. I would HIGHLY suggest reading those. They are absolutely amazing. In addition, this fic is also inspired by the song "Evil Angel" by Breaking Benjamin. For more information about Chase's mindset in this fic, I would also recommend listening to the song.
Thank you River for being an amazing inspiration. I really look up to you a lot, and I hope I did the series justice. It's one of my favorites and I can't wait to see what else you have in store. Thank you so much. You rock! :) <3
If you guys liked this fic, please reblog it with a comment. I heavily rely on feedback to improve (as well for validation because I'm very unconfident and insecure). :/ Please note that I always forget to check tags, in case I don't respond to it. Thank you! It would mean a lot!
Again, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. And if any of you want to be added to my taglist, don't be afraid to let me know! Have a good day! :) <3
Taglist: @brynnicle @beerecordings @plutoandpolaris @iris-the-asparagus
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rhysespiecesinthevalley2 years ago
Day 5
NOT A THING CAN TUG THIS HERO DOWN TODAY, AND LET鈥橲 HOPE I CAN KEEP THIS UP THE WHOLE WEEK! Gotta keep it rockin鈥 and rollin鈥 for my little listeners, ya know?! And I gotta keep it jazzy for my wonderful, beautiful, perfect listener Aizawa!!! And keep it funky and flowin鈥 for my best friend, River!!!
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animnerda month ago
What do you think about this guy?
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Aww thank you River for sending an ask!
Hmm honestly I haven't seen this movie Yet! OK Yet! (Please don't come at me with a pitch forks! I haven't seen many movies outside of marvel with these actors yet! So please don't get mad!) But from what I have seen from pics and stories he is cute!
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jamieedlunda month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And here's the timelapse. Sorry for my chaotic rendering style in advanced...(mute if you don't wanna hear the sappy music bwuahahah)
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blndraws2 months ago
Your art is so beautiful! If possible can you please draw bloodraven & seastar hanging out together? Thank you for reading this & I hope you have a lovely day
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user-null19 days ago
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commission for @madmeridian 鉂わ笍
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dougramsey29 days ago
rating bj hunnicutt looks by how well they show off his tits. a post by me
plain tshirt
Tumblr media
you can never go wrong with the basics. when he tucks it into his belt you get a clear image of his tits and also his big strong arms. the dog tags conveniently fall between them, giving them perfect symmetry. 8/10
Thee pink henley
Tumblr media
gives us a good view without being tasteless. the slutty v neck really adds to the vibe. unfortunately its not tight enough for us to be able to see his tits all the time or from every angle. 7/10
cutoff sweatshirt
Tumblr media
it鈥檚 not very tight fitting but you can still see a subtle curve. however, the fact that the exact shape of the tits is not visible results in an air of mystery and leaves it up to the viewers imagination, enhancing the look while also giving a visual representation of his character as a whole. also love the big tiddies little waist look. 5/10
slutty robe
Tumblr media
a show of tasteful cleavage here. gives you a perfect sample of both tit and chest hair. tantalizing and leaves the viewer wanting more (good way). 8/10
class A鈥檚
Tumblr media
he looks dapper but unfortunately his tits are hidden by the stiffness of the uniform jacket. there is a slight suggestion due to its form fitting nature but it leaves the viewer wanting more (bad way). 2/10
tank top
Tumblr media
same effect as the plain tshirt but More. love the unrestrained vibe of this one. hes hot and hes wearing a tank top and he doesnt care. his big jugs are just Out There. 10/10
tits out
Tumblr media
you鈥檇 think this would be an easy 10/10 but it鈥檚 simply too straightforward. none of the wonder or mystery is there. its that thing where the reveal of the real thing can never live up to the viewers imagined expectations. theyre some nice looking tits though cant lie. bring back mens chest hair 2021. 6/10
surgical gown
Tumblr media
theres nothing here. its so loose fitting we dont even get the slight downward curve of the class A鈥檚. a disservice. 0/10
suspenders + tshirt
Tumblr media
now this. THIS is what it鈥檚 all about. takes the plain tshirt look and elevates it to another level. the way the suspenders cascade over the tantalizing curve of his honkers is unmatched. 11/10
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ellenoir5 months ago
@alkalinefrog suggested that I publish the headcanons I wrote with her in response to her escape room ask. I didn't wanna postjack but I thought I might as well share.
Including some of Alka's own thoughts and contributions, stylized like this! I copy pasted her words directly from the chat we shared, but some of mine have been elaborated on because they were my own statements and I had some other things to add!
It takes a little while, but eventually, L mentions that there might be a way to beat this without resorting to asking the Taskforce. Nobody knows of their shame except, of course, Watari. Once L explains his idea, Light is completely on board.
The three, even Misa, come back with Mello, Matt and Near for some support and area coverage. Misa was determined to see this through when she saw how much this meant to Light!
"Besides. This will be an excellent learning experience for them -" "Round two motherfuckers let's go." "Light, do not curse in front of the children."
"Fuck yes let's do this." "Near, do not encourage him."
It's pretty much canon that Near is a worse pottymouth than Mello is. Chickenshit President.
Mello drops like a solid loud F bomb here and there, but Near sprinkles it into his regular speech completely nonchalant lolol Oh man, Mello would be ON BOARD with Light's aggressive haunted house redemption arc I love the idea of L calmly chiding his boyfriend for being a bad influence on the kiddos All three of them take to Light like ducks to water tho 馃槶鈾ワ笍
It's a matter of pride to Light and he's not afraid to let that show. He thinks that's an important lesson to instill in the children anyway - take pride in your abilities and if someone insults you, come back twice as hard.
L disagrees with this as a lesson. Mello points out the hypocrisy of that.
"Yes, but that means I have firsthand experience."
"If you don't think we should be learning from this, why are we here?" Matt asks at one point. "Oh, I read that these make for excellent teambuilding exercises. Aside from that, I just don't think you should be learning from Light's aggressive grudge keeping." Mello stares for almost a solid minute.
"Aight imma head out." "Mello come back here." "Nope." "You must get over your feelings with Near." "Bottlin' it." "Mello please."
"where's the door" "Mello that's the point, we have to find it together" "GODDAMMIT"
L's like "don't worry, this will be great practice for when you collaborate on cases---- Light you're doing that wrong" "Screw you L" "Please" All three kids "..."
"Mello, you must learn to put your emotions aside for the good of a case. It's an invaluable skill." "Like when you let a man be killed cause it made Kira react?" "Did it work?" L actually allows himself a smug little smile as Mello fails to come up with a response to that.
Near notices how Light is quietly fuming at that statement. Interesting.
Near goes "Light, what do you think about the Lind L-----" "Let's go kids, this room isn't gonna escape itself!" Near: side eyes
It's a journey of Self Discovery for all of them!
Matt learns that he can hide behind anyone and get some sort of comfort from them because he has the Saddest Face when he's scared. Light gives this most easily, because he already has experience as an older sibling. He lets Matt grab onto the back of his shirt and puts his arm over his shoulders. They could pass for half siblings, L notes.
Near gains a whole new vocabulary of Japanese curse words following Light around
Near learns that ghosts are, in fact, quite frightening when they're in front of you. They were never nervous or worried about stories or even movies, but seeing them in person is quite different.
Near also learns that they're not good at figuring out where the clues have been hidden, but once they have them they're good at figuring out how to use them.
Mello learns that he could make a better escape room because God these hiding places are so obvious. They're also good at figuring out motives and profiling people.
Mello knows People, Near knows Application. Analyze and utilize. L decides that they must be better advised on how to work together.
Misa learns that when kids are clever and well behaved, she actually quite enjoys their company. She thought she didn't like kids because she's used to them being loud and obnoxious and poorly behaved from her time in America, and she didn't really observe children in Japan because their quiet and proper manners let them slip under her radar.
Misa ends up bonding most of all with Near due to their being odd ones out in their trios. Mello is very confused as to why the goth chick is so fond of Papercraft Child. For all of their differences, they end up quite good friends, and Near even gets Misa to help them with the puzzles as a second pair of hands and willing ears.
Mello ends up ignoring a lot of Near's advice outwardly, but when nobody's looking, he tries what Near suggested because it does make sense. "Hah! Got it!" "Well done, Mello, what was the answer?" "..."
Upon exiting, Light throws his arms up in the air and lets out a bellowing cackle that leaves everyone mildly concerned. Except for Matt. Matt's still clinging to him. Matt does not care that his new Big Brother has mildly concerning habits.
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fataleromeo2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鈭偽笛掂箑沙
Modeling @luutzi鈥檚 upcoming hair, which is gorgeous from every angle.聽
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