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#thank you very much anon!! love ya
vanmccantfish · 4 months ago
Tbh you seem like the coolest chick ever. But the best kind of cool chick who like, secretly you can squeal in the corner with about a boy without changing facial expressions which is basically what I do to you by flooding your ask box with ridiculous rantings about Van McCann
akskdjhfvsjsj anon i love this!! yes i will happily squeal about b*ys in the corner with you any day with the blankest face imaginable because their goddamn ego's don't require any more inflation
anonymously tell me what kind of vibe/energy you get from me
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despairforme · 8 months ago
Hi I just wanna say that I absolutely adore all your HCs and AUs about the bug boi. Not a lot of people understand his character the way you do and I love how you portray him 💚
Tumblr media
     [ HELLO ANON! Thank you SO MUCH for your incredibly kind message! I always get super excited when I get messages from people who say they enjoy my Nnoitra. I’ve created a lot of AUs and HCs for him over the years and it makes me happy to know that they are approved of! I try to keep him true to canon even when I’m straying far away from it plot-wise. It’s a fun challenge for sure! AND aaaaaa saying that you think I understand his character is a huge compliment! I think he is a way more complex character than what a lot of people give him credit for. I’m stoked you enjoy my portrayal of him, anon! Bless you for sending me this supportive message! ]
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ashkazora · 9 months ago
Five Lance meeting pre voltron Lance though- Pre/s1 Lance: *finger guns* Five Lance: Pull the trigger, coward!
Pre-canon!Lance: My depression is chronic and my memes are ironic.
Five!Lance, knowing full well he doesn’t get depression and his humour doesn’t turn ironic until after s8: Sure, Jan.
Pre-canon!Lance and Five!Lance meeting would be... interesting, to say the least. Five!Lance looks at his younger self and sees what could have been. Once upon a time, he too was young, rather carefree, and full of humour. Back then, his biggest issues was insecurities, and whether Pidge and Hunk would cooperate enough in the flying sims for him to stay as a fighter pilot. On the other hand, pre-canon!Lance would be unpleasantly surprised on how he turned out though they would recreate the Spiderman pointing meme 
I could definitely go more in depth about this, but let’s just say for now that despite the potential humour of their meeting, it’s definitely a sombre affair. pre!Lance looks at his older self and wonders want went wrong, while Five!Lance wishes for the god old days.
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malicedarkened · a year ago
Talk about-Astral ( any?)
(( All of them?    All of them. ADSFGDH- ))
@heartland-duelists’ Astral }
Tumblr media
“The emotional one? Nothing against him, he’s fun to tease or poke here ’n there. Seems to hate the mere sight of me, which is pretty hilarious, so I like to pop in on occasion.”
@powerofzexal’s Astral }
Tumblr media
“Rude? Returned with laser intent to swing at my blindside and cut me down as humans do to that one specific type of resilient grass, apparently! Retaliation is on standby.”
@miasmarp’s Astral }
Tumblr media
“I do not trust my mun whatsoever with this admittance, so I’m only saying this once. But.. I don’t know what I’d do without him here. Helping make ‘adapting’ easier, I mean.”
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devotion · 11 months ago
you should do part 2 of tummy rubs *wink* *wonk*
you SURE?!? ha, *wink* *wonk* omg 😂😂😂
honestly I can definitely try to but I really wouldn't know where to go with it? but if you're talking about the "fuck her senseless" part, hmmm anon 👀
I'm waiting till I turn 18 in.... 17 days wow to write smut again. and I'm probably gonna write some literally on the day.
but I'm writing more Peter stuff though! I got a little fluffy blurb on peter hopefully coming out today if you're interested :)
btw still thinking about wink wonk 😂
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pocketramblr · a year ago
I have a feeling this might be a spoiler since Nejire is the only member of the big three whose family hasn't appeared yet, but I have to ask...what are her parents like? Are they still alive? Does Nejire have any siblings? Feel not to answer if it is a spoiler. (Also, I really love the way you write Nejire, she's eccentric and free-spirited but observant and capable in equal measure).
I'm assuming this is about MoL and not like Slipping but ah... Yeah in MoL Nejire is an only child, and also an orphan. She hasn't mentioned her parents yet because she doesn't really remember anything about them.
I don't think that should spoil too much about her, all the exciting things happen after she's orphaned lol
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eatingthem-moved · a year ago
With everything you have done in the name of Mischa memory, I can't help to wonder, do you ever regret the way you treated the women around you? Both Abigail and Bedelia were useful in their own ways, until they weren't and you got rid of them, without a single second thought... One would think you'd treat them better, knowing you had a sister.
Tumblr media
    “ No, ” he said simply. “ I enjoyed Abigail’s company, but I also enjoyed the entertainment that came with her when she entered my life. She exited my life when I had no more use for her, as you’ve said. Dr. Du Maurier was a very intelligent and charming woman, but she’s no different. ” Hannibal admitted. Both of them had been chess pieces in a game he had been enjoying.    “ However, ” he continued. “ I do not discriminate. And neither does death, nor violence. If both of these women had been men, my actions towards them would have been no different. I didn’t harm either of them just because they were women. I’ve done things to Will Graham and Frederick Chilton that are arguably just as horrific. ”     He paused for a short moment, and then continued. “ I would prefer for my sister to be apart from this accusation, as it’s irrelevant. I’ve never claimed any of my actions were justified because of her death. Not since my youth. ”
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itachiyama · 6 months ago
𝕵𝖚𝖘𝖙 𝕱𝖔𝖗 𝖄𝖆
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here’s a short fic based on this post with atsumu. it’s honestly probably my favorite fluff piece i’ve written so far
thank you @ coffee anon for the lovely idea, i hope you like it
Tumblr media
“Hey, y/n,” you heard a whisper. Tilting your head up, you stared at Atsumu’s jaw, pressing a soft kiss to it.
“Are ya asleep?” Pinching his arm gently, you rolled your eyes, feeling his chuckle vibrate through his chest.
“What do you want Tsumu, we should sleep, we gotta wake up early,” you whispered. He hummed, running a hand up and down your back, chin resting on the crown of your head.
“Yer not sleepin’ anytime soon, ya and I know that,” he whispered— to which you rolled your eyes once more at his know it all attitude— and kissed your head. “‘M just thinkin’ about our anniversary tomorrow, aren’t ya excited?” Laughing, you nodded. Five years was quite a bit of time, the two of you were barely eighteen when you’d first gotten together, and Atsumu was soon to turn twenty three.
“Yes, you’ve been discussing the plans for like two weeks now,” you murmured. “Can I finally get a hint? Or are you still gonna be stubborn?” He flashed a toothy grin into the dark room, shaking his head.
“Nah, baby, I can’t. Ya gotta be patient. ‘S a surprise.” Chuckling, you trailed a finger to trace over his biceps, feeling goosebumps rise with the drag of your index finger.
“Hey, Tsum,” you whispered. He made a sound of acknowledgment. “I’ve been keeping a secret from you.” Raising an eyebrow, he looked down at you, confused about what that could mean.
“Whaddya mean?” Giggling, you pinched his cheek.
“I should wait till Samu’s here to tell you, he’d get a kick out of it, but I just gotta tell you now.” Frowning, he grumbled at the mention of his brother, not liking where this was heading. Samu always meant trouble, and Samu was a recipe for disaster. Atsumu didn’t need you plotting against him with his idiot twin.
“What did ya do, y/n?”
“Nothing, you did it.”
“Huh?” You giggled again, harder this time, squeezing his cheeks together as he huffed.
“Remember that little bag with snacks in it? The one you gave me? There were some homemade?” Face contorting with pride, Atsumu nodded, giving you a smirk.
“Ah, the one I confessed to ya with? Don’t tell me ya tried to do the same thing for me with Samu’s help. Ya can’t outdo me, baby,” he said smugly— the little devil he was— shaking his head at you amused. “I s’pose it was a valiant effort though, babe.” You snorted, the situation was ten times funnier with his new statement. If only he knew— well, he would in just a moment. You considered pushing back telling him another few years, waiting until your marriage like Osamu has initially suggested, but you couldn’t wait any longer, not worried about sparing your boyfriend the embarrassment any further. And who knew, maybe you wouldn’t get to marry Atsumu, though you shoved that thought out of your head. You’d see the day you made your vows to each other, but for now, you were focused on revealing the little secret you’d hidden for the last five years.
“Oh, Tsumu. You naive little baby,” you teased. He pouted, swatting your hand away as you went to pinch him again.
“What is it, y/n,” he grumbled.
“Well, you know how you stole the bag of snacks from Samu?” Sputtering, he tried to defend himself, denying the accusations.
“That bastard! Whatever he told ya... he... ya know what, y/n? He’s a liar okay? Always got me in trouble for his damn dirty work growin’ up,” he huffed. “He’s lyin’ if he told ya that,” Atsumu claimed wholeheartedly. Oh, you’d love to see the look on his face after the next bit.
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah, baby. He’s awful, don’t talk to him.” Maybe he should’ve admitted he did steal the damn snack bag, but his pride wouldn’t let him. You must’ve thought he was such a thoughtful guy, and he’d more than made up for it by now, so what was one little secret? Atsumu hadn’t counted on the bag being yours, however.
“Hey, Samu, what’s that?” Osamu rolled his eyes, internally groaning that his brother had seen the bag in his hands. Now he’d be stuck sharing the snacks you’d so graciously made for him, generous enough to think ahead about the long bus ride that awaited them to nationals. ‘It’s the least I can do for my seatmate, Samu, don’t worry about it,’ you’d told him.
“They’re snacks, ya moron. Keep away from ‘em— hey!” The bag was snatched out of his hands before he could finish his sentence. Atsumu rummaged through it, face brightening as he looked at the contents. There was a variety of homemade snacks and packaged snacks, a perfect gift. One that would surely land him a date after he returned home from winning.
“Great, I’ll be takin’ this. Gonna give it to y/n and land me a date. Yer not so useless after all, huh Samu?” Osamu’s glare dropped immediately, a mischievous grin spreading across his features, one that his twin was too busy packing the bag back up to notice.
“Not too bad of an idea, Tsumu, s’pose I’ll let ya off the hook this once,” he said, playing along. He couldn’t wait to see how this played out. “Let me know how it goes,” he called out to the retreating figure.
“Yeah, yeah, shut yer trap ya damn idiot. I gotta date to score,” Atsumu called out, waving his brother off.
“Tsum, he didn’t have to tell me you stole the bag from him,” you laughed, shaking your head at your boyfriend’s insistence. He gasped, looking at you with mock offense.
“Are ya saying ya knew from the start I couldn’t put in an effort for ya? Baby I’m offended,” he said dramatically, burying his face into your neck. Small kisses placed themselves on your skin, making you stroke your fingers through his hair.
“Tsum, you’re so dumb—”
“The bag was mine.” He froze. Slowly pulling his head out of your neck, he looked at you incredulously.
“What? What’re ya talkin’ about?” Finally— you tried, you really had, but you couldn’t keep it in anymore— you burst into hysterics. Fits of giggles escaped you, making you clutch a hand over your chest, and making Atsumu pout, face reddening as you laughed at him.
“Oh, baby, you... you really tried... I’ll give you that. It was... it was honestly pretty cute but... oh Tsum, you’re such an idiot,” you said in between laughs, making him cross his arms as he sat up. Sitting up too, you reached over and cupped his cheek, laughs dying down. “You’re my idiot, though. My big, cute, clueless idiot.” He whined, pulling you in closer and burying his face into your neck once more.
“Whaddya mean, y/n? ‘M not gettin’ it.”
“Tsumu, you gave me my own snacks, you’re so slow sometimes, I swear. I gave Samu the snacks in case he got hungry over the long bus ride, but you stole them from him and gave them back to me, claiming you made them yourself. Tsum, you can’t even work the microwave, even after all these years.” A choked sound escaped him, his face burning as he processed your words. You’d known all along, and you’d been secretly laughing about it all these years. You were much meaner than he gave you credit for.
“Y/n,” he whined, slumping his weight into you. “How... how could ya do this to me— wha— hey! Wait now, ya said ya should’ve waited till Samu... Samu! That damn bastard,” he cried, the realization dawning on him that his brother had been in on this from the start. You fell into another fit of giggles, trying your best to stop when you saw the betrayed look on your boyfriend’s face. Collecting yourself, you cradled his face, squeezing his cheeks together as he avoided your gaze.
“Aww baby, I’m sorry. It was cute though, I promise. You’ve always been so sweet, my sweet baby,” you whispered, pressing soft kisses all over his reddened face. Grumbling to himself, he moved to sprawl his body on top of you, head on your chest as you gently rubbed his back up and down, trying to nurse his wounded pride.
“Can’t believe ya’d do this to me on the night before our damn anniversary,” he muttered, cheeks still tainted with blush. “And after the surprise I had for ya too.” Giving him a pout of sympathy, you ruffled his hair.
“Aww baby, you more than made up for it with your confession, it was very smooth. You had me wooed,” you insisted, trying to inflate the ego you’d crushed. He perked up a bit at that. It wasn’t hard to inflate Atsumu’s ego, that was a fact you learned pretty early on into your relationship.
“Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah, even though we had to push back the date.” Once more, he slumped into you, groaning deeply.
“Y/n! Baby, yer killin’ me here,” he whined, making you snort.
“Hey, y/l/n,” a voice called. Turning around, you were met with Miya Atsumu walking towards you, making your hands clam up. Why was he approaching you? Suddenly, your eyes caught sight of the familiar bag in his hands, making your eyebrows furrow. But before you could think too deeply, he spoke up again. “Got somethin’ to give ya,” he said, lazy smirk hanging off his face. That made your eyebrows furrow deeper, a small pang of hurt in your chest. Had Osamu really sent his brother to return your gift to you?
“What?” Nodding, he looked at you proudly.
“I made ya this,” he said, gently shoving it into your hands. “Just for ya. I’d take ya out to eat a proper meal for our first date, but I’m kinda gonna be too busy winnin’ nationals. So, here’s a bag of snacks while ya wait, make sure ya watch me win on tv for ya,” he winked before continuing, “and then I’ll come back and take ya on a proper date to celebrate, how’s that?” You almost wanted to laugh, realizing what had taken place. You’d surely give Osamu trouble for being so mean to his brother, but it was oddly charming of Atsumu, even if he’d stolen the very bag of goods you’d given his twin. But, it had scored you a date with the boy you’d been harboring feelings for, so technically, no harm was done.
“Oh... alright, I’ll be looking forward to it,” you smiled shyly. A giddy smile spread across his face, but he hid it quickly with another smirk.
“Alright, watch me win, okay?” Nodding, you smiled brightly.
“Okay, I will,” you called out. He had in fact not ended up winning, and the loss had crushed him quite a bit, so your date was postponed. But you didn’t mind, comforting him at the park was a great alternative to the meal he’d promised, a fondness in your chest blooming for the boy in front of you, passionate about his hobby. You’d wondered that day at the park, what exactly would it be like to have someone as passionate as Miya Atsumu be just as committed to you.
“It’s okay, baby, you’ve more than redeemed yourself,” you insisted. Slowly, his head rose, eyes wandering over to the clock on your bedside.
“Well, I loved ya, even back then,” he murmured. You nodded, eyes softening, looking at the man before you, grown quite a bit from the boy you’d met him as.
“Yeah,” you whispered. “Me too, Tsum.” Suddenly, something flashed in his eyes, his gaze back on the clock.
“Baby, it’s twelve.” Grinning, you brought his face closer to yours.
“Oh yeah?” Humming, he nodded.
“Happy anniversary, Tsum. I love you more than anything.” Chuckling softly, he looked at you with a watery grin.
“Happy anniversary, y/n. I love ya too. Yer my angel.” Suddenly, he stood up, making his way over to the wardrobe, rummaging through his drawer.
“Tsum? What are you doing? We were having a moment, you moron,” you groaned. Chuckling, he shook his head.
“One moment.” Pulling something out, he came back, nervousness in his expression, but a glint in his eyes you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Grabbing your wrist, he pulled you to sit on the edge of the bed, feet dangling off the side. “Well, I had a whole speech planned out, but now that ya’ve outed my little secret, half of it’s no good, but that’s okay. I don’t need to prepare a speech for ya, I’ll just wing it,” he whispered. Eyebrows furrowing in confusion, you tilted your head.
“What—” he held a finger up. Slowly, he knelt down to one knee, looking at you with a teary smile, lips wobbling. Your eyes widened, tears of your own surfacing.
“So, I may have stolen Samu’s little bag of goods, but what’s his is mine, so it was only fair in all honesty, but I wasn’t countin’ on it bein’ yers. Since ya made me look like an idiot, and since ya gifted him the damn bag and not me, ya gotta make up for it and marry me, ‘kay? Say ya’ll marry me? I even got the ring myself this time, I’ve grown enough in five years to get ya somethin’ on my own,” he added, making you both laugh, tears spilling down your cheeks.
“Samu didn’t help at all?”
“Come on, y/n. Cut a man some slack, here,” he chuckled. “He came along, but I found this one on my own. I knew ya’d love it the second I saw it.” Letting out a sob, you nodded, pulling his face towards you.
“Of course I’ll marry you, you big dummie, god I love you.” Atsumu let out a breathy chuckle, masking the sob that escaped him too behind it. Leaning in, he closed the gap and kissed you hard under the dimly lit bedroom of your apartment, the moon being the only thing that illuminated your features. Turns out, five years later, on the very day Atsumu had regifted you your own bag of snacks, he’d redeem himself and gift you a diamond ring too, letting your fantasies of one day marrying him and sharing your vows become a reality.
“Good, I love you too. But Samu’s not invited,” he said as he pulled away. Shaking your head, you giggled, chest light and airy.
“No, Samu’s gotta be there so he can tell the story at our wedding. I owe him that much for telling you it while he wasn’t here,” you said, getting a flick on the forehead in return.
“Fine, I’ll let him come, just for ya.” Once more, Atsumu pressed his lips to yours, pulling you closer, ready to never let you go.
Tumblr media
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maizumis · 5 months ago
Hii! Another Haikyuu dad au! Can it be with the miya twins, Bokuto, Iwa, and Suna? They get into an argument with their pregnant wife so the wife tells them to leave her alone. The boys find a loophole so they talk to her baby bump about how sorry they are to their mama :)
Tumblr media
ft. timeskip!miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, suna rintaro
note: female reader‼️ angst to fluff ‼️different format cos I wanted to write more 🥴 thanks anon! hope you like it 😽 I think I'm gonna do a part two cos this got longer than expected and I couldn't add all the characters! not edited, that's work for tomorrow!
Tumblr media
atsumu came home after a rough day at practice, excited to spend some time with you and baby boy that was about to come in just a month
all happiness he had quickly erased when he saw that the home was on the same that when he went to practice, dishes without washing and clothes without fold
" ‘tsumu you're home! we missed you!" he walked past you, he didn't even give you a side look, going directly to the bathroom "‘tsumu all okay? I made your favor–" "could ya please shut up? a come home after working and entire day for ma family and the house is like this? what did ya do the whole day?"
you were stuck in your place with wide eyes and hands over your belly "I'm sorry ‘tsumu, my back hurts a lot today and—" "save it, don’ wanna hear yer excuses"
"go fuck yourself then, miya, sleep in the comfiness of the couch today and don't you dare talk to me until tomorrow" with that you were gone to the master bedroom, fighting the tears that were in your eyes
he thought nothing about it and went to the shower, thinking what was he gonna eat for dinner then go to sleep, tomorrow is a new day
freshly out of the shower with pajamas on, he went to the kitchen to eat something, mesmerized when he saw the little note on the oven glass
"enjoy your meal! we love you!<3"
not only that, but that you made his favorite, knowing he was gonna come home late and exhausted after practice
memories of the recent fight came to his mind, he didn't even let you talk your mind, his throat feeling heavy with the guilt that he was experiencing, maybe he should let you talk after all
contradictory to your words, he went runnint to the shared bedroom, ready to apologise for being an ass "baby, yer awake?"
"not for you" you told him trying to hide your sobs, the day was awful, your back didn't let you do anything, the meal you cooked was an hour of fighting the back pain, thinking your ‘tsunj would be happy if he found this
"okay then, good thing a have a baby I can talk to"
he knelt down in front of you, carefully placing his head on the baby bump, caressing it from time to time
"I was an ass, sorry, a bad person to yer mom today baby, a came home and told her bad things, she was hurting and a Didi care, can ya tell her sorry for me?" he felt a kick on his cheek and a smile on his face when he saw you laugh, even with the tear-stained cheeks you were beautiful
" ‘tsumu, not cool what you did today, I wasn't feeling okay and I missed you, we missed you" your voice still a little wiggly after that crying session you had with your maternity pillow
finally, first name privileges, he thought "a know, am sorry, am so sorry, ya deserve so much better angel, am sorry"
"‘s okay tsum, cuddle me as an apologize, yeah?"
he never got into bed at that speed, quickly cuddling you with hands on your tummy while giving little pecks to your neck
"ya don't have to tell me twice"
Tumblr media
before and during pregnancy you joined iwaizumi on his works out or runs from time to time, you knew he enjoyed his time doing it so, why don't join him?
today you were not feeling like it, morning sickness took over you and the bed seemed like the best place to stay all day, one day in bed wouldn't hurt, you thought
apparently it stroke a nerve on hajime "what are you doing in the bed? up! we need it go out! " '‘m sorry haji, not really feeling like it today, why don't you go and I make something when you return home?"
"what do you mean 'you don't feel like it' the only thing you do all day is laze around"
you took a deep breath before answering, knowing didn't meant what he say "well I'm sorry I'm pregnant iwaizumi, I can't help it. go on your run and we can eat something together when you return"
"fucking Clara wouldn't put this excuses on me" he murmured under his breath, hoping you didn't heard the mention of his ex partner
"repeat yourself iwaizumi hajime, I'm waiting"
"no baby— I'm sorry, I didn't mean it-"
"go out before I go out by myself iwaizumi, don't bother talk to me the rest of the day, I'm gonna make dinner and leave it on the fridge, I'm also gonna sleep in the guest room. fucking low of you iwaizumi, so fucking low"
he went out with a knot on his throat, he didn't need to bring that up— he knew you weren't feeling your best and then he still played that ex-girlfriend card. on the way back home he picked up flowers knowing you loved them, praying to anyone who was above him for your forgiveness
"I'm home"
"and I told you not to talk to me, iwaizumi"
being petty was right, the mention of his ex while carrying his first daughter because you didn't feel like going out today was bullshit, he didn't have an excuse
he looked down to the floor before closing the door and going to the living room to think about what he did, cheeks red of embarrassment because of his childish behavior
he waited for you to be asleep before going into the room, with the idea of carrying your to the king bed instead of this one, after all, he was the one that deserved the uncomfy room
before picking you he saw the pregnant belly, the shirt you were wearing rolled up so it was exposed to the cold air
" ‘m sorry baby, your mama doesn't deserve this, you have the right to be angry with me" tears were pricking his eyes, maybe he was thinking too ahead but would you leave him for this?
"I'm such and asshole, I hope you don't remember that lady's name" he told the fetus as if he was having an actual conversation face to face "behave for mom yeah? don't put more pressure on her than already did" with that he picked you up, without knowing you were fully awake the whole conversation
you let yourself be carried to the big bedroom, once you felt him place you on the bed, you tugged his shirt while looking at him with teary eyes "we need to talk tomorrow but please,stay hajime" you were still mad, but his company is what you were craving right now
"there's no way I'm not staying forever with you"
Tumblr media
rintaro was coming home late this past weeks but he finally had a free night! so you were excited to spend a bonding time with him and your unborn baby
finishing the little detail on the table such as the dry flowers and the candles, you hear the door being open "rinnie! you finally home! it felt like forever while waiting for you!" he gave you a sweet peck in your lips before going to his room to change his clothes
"oh~ I see you dressed fancy for the occasion! wait for me I think I have a dress that stills fits me!" "what do you mean? I'm going out with the inarizaki boys, kita is in town"
you stopped midway the hall that ended in your room, quickly walking towards your boyfriend again "what do you mean you're going out? what about what I made?"
"you made something?"
it was ridiculous to keep begging, maybe you should call it a day and watch some movies in the couch with a tube of ice cream, alone, again.
"okay then, have fun rin, don't drink to much and come home safe"
rin came home after a few hours out, he indeed had a good time with his old teammates but his mind was all the time one you, maybe he should have stay with you, eat some homemade food and cuddle all night while talking about nothing
he entered the house and saw you spread on the couch, huge blanket on with his highschool jersey on, long forgotten night snacks on the night table and Netflix on the tv
it wasn't only that what caught his eye but the table in the kitchen too, he walked towards it and saw it, the candles, the flower carefully placed on the middle of the table, the matching napkins and fancy plates, so that was what you were referring to earlier
guilt creeped all over his body, he didn't acknowledge your efforts to make a night for the both of you, was this negligence? he thought
going again to the couch, bending over so he would be at your height, he placed a hand on your belly before speaking
"you're allowed to be mad at me when you're born baby" he paused for a few seconds, thinking what was he gonna say next "papa is a fucking asshole— sorry, don't say that, papa is very clumsy from time to time"
there you were! his hand came quickly behind your neck, pressing your forehead and noses together, lips brushing each other
"I'm sorry I'm so stupid— fuck, I really don't want to cry right now, I'm an horrible person"
you cupped his face with both your hands, eyes teary about to cry for a second time that day "you're not horrible Rin, it's just it feels lonely you know?" tears already going down your cheek, the sight made his heart ache, you were crying because of him
"I know you're out there trying to be the best for us but" your voice wiggly, you were really trying to hide the sobs you had inside "but sometimes it feels like you're not around anymore, I can't share the little moments I have because I wake up to an empty bed and go to sleep with the thought of you being out" full sobs were coming out of you at this point, days of pain finally reaching their point "and it hurts so bad not to have you around"
rintaro was crying along with you, you could feel his wet tears on your neck, where he was placing his head "and your absolutely right angel, I'm gonna be better for you– for the both of you, what about I take the day off tomorrow, yeah?" his quavering voice betraying him, even if you knew he was crying he wanted to be strong
"that sounds perfect rin... come cuddle me?"
carrying you bridal style to the bedroom, he lit your favorite candle and snuggled you under the cost sheets
"cuddle you, all day long baby"
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yostresswritinggirl · 8 months ago
okay,,, so,,, First of all, you are AMAZING. I have usually just stalked my fav writers as an anon but you are the first I'm requesting to, because I just admire you that much. Universe Reversal is SUCH a cool concept, thank you so much for bringing it to life!! Now, hear me out. How would the players react to Reader having flirty voicelines? Ex: "Oh, hey traveller! I have a question for you! Was your father a banker? Because I need Mora ya ;)" You don't have to, of course!! Prioritise yourself!
Anon, it's an honor to have you here, thank you so much for coming out of your shell to support ywy your words are too sweet,,
I struggled so much on this because I'm so bad at outright flirting I'm ahahahaha, so this ended being more like pick-up lines for SOME parts, some even crackish. I love the IDEA anon but I'm the WORST person for this apparently ahahhaha-
"Ah, you're staring a lot lately, why don't I stay still and you take a picture? It would last longer uhu"
Albedo: And I took that personally.
Besides the screenshots, he ended up drawing that voiceline and it's his best piece yet.
"If you wanted to hold my hand so badly, why not just take my hand for marriage so it's yours forever?"
His mind just goes into overdrive, while his keyboard clacks as he types into Google "(Y/N) x Reader marriage au"
If he can't find any, HE'S MAKING IT
"An invitation for tea? Do we have time, it's getting very late... unless there are other things you want to do besides tea fuhu~"
Goodness imagine how flustered he would be after that, and since it's part of his routine, that line echoes to him everytime he tries to drink tea
Zhongles would choke on his tea at least once or twice
"What's that smell? Your perfume? Ah, like sweet flowers, you KNOW I love those! Are you trying to rouse me or something~"
Ohhh smug boyo, that familiar smirk would force itself to his face as if he was ACTUALLY in the game.
Taking the comment to heart, he goes out to get 'better' perfume and well, he did attract people, just all of em are 3D
"Mmm, my whole body is in pain from all the commissions,,, can you give me a full body massage, please? I'll pay you appropriately depending on how good it is..."
Speaking of, Ganyu goes to book a massage for herself to indulge after barely using her paid leave the whole day. She's blushing the whole time at the idea as she gets the massage herself.
The massage therapist is very confused why she keeps kicking her legs and burying her face.
"I only ever indulge in liquor when I'm in the company of people I trust. If I'm intoxicated, you'll take care of me, right? Ah, but if I act so... unplatonic with you, I hope you wouldn't mind."
Oh he is so down, not just to see such a new side to your character but also being your white knight for the night. He's so gentlemanly and sweet.
If unplatonic advances were to happen tho, well, Diluc.exe has stopped working. He'll need a restart.
"What's that- something on my face? Here? No? Mmm, can't you just come a lil closer and get it for me? I'll reward you with a kiss right after~"
Cute, CUTE, C U T E — he does weird whine and cry from happiness and the pain that comes with it. Pounding his fist on the table.
You better give him the damn kiss- ah he's kissing his phone.
"You want to fight? A spar is indeed a good way to hone our skills and stamina, I accept! Anytime, anywhere, we can do it by the fields or under your sheets."
Childe stammers and almost drops his phone, getting himself killed in-game at the first try. And your character would berate him lightly enough to rile him up.
He's getting that DLC, and may or may not record the whole thing.
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jobean12-blog · 6 months ago
A Single Thread
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word Count: 1,506
Summary: Peter needs a ride to and from his date with MJ and you agree to take him. Bucky wants to come along and keep you company. 
Author’s Note: This is for the HBC’s @the-ss-horniest-book-club Lucky in Love Celebration and day 27: Triumph. This request was just too cute! Thank you anon! Hope you like this! I had fun writing it and thought it would be cute if Peter was playing match maker in his own cute way! Thank you all so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Divider by @imerdwarf
Tumblr media
Warnings: soft and sweet fluffy fun :) 
This gorgeous photo is from the lovely @rainbowkisses31 Thank you!!! ❤
THIS IS SPOILER FREE! NO spoilers here!!! 
Tumblr media
Lucky in Love Masterlist
Tumblr media
You’re enjoying a mouthful of pizza and a glass of wine, relaxing on the couch when Peter runs in and nearly scares the shit out of you. Thankfully, you don’t empty your wine glass when you fly from your seat with a screech.
“What the hell Peter!?!” you shout, glaring at him.
“I’m so sorry! I just got excited because MJ agreed to go on a date with me…” he rubs the back of his head sheepishly and shuffles on his feet.
“But…” you continue for him, hands on your hips now as you wait.
“I need a ride to Queens. And home,” he says quietly.
You can’t help your smile as you walk over and grab his shoulders.
“THAT’S AWESOME!” you squeal, hugging him. “Of course, I’ll drive you!”
Peter hugs you back and starts telling you about his plan for the date, talking a mile a minute with his hands flying this way and that.
“What’s all this racket about?” a deep and grumpy voice says from behind you.
“Oh hi Mr. Barnes. Sorry if I disturbed you,” Peter says, looking wide eyed at Bucky. “I just got excited because I have a date with MJ and y/n agreed to drive me to Queens and we’re going to order some pizza and watch a movie and I’m really excited but also super nervous.”
Bucky looks over Peter’s shoulder at you, smiling when you give him a lopsided grin.
“Nice work Parker!” Bucky high fives him and Peter let’s out a relieved breath.
Bucky turns your way and asks, “what are you gonna do in Queens for 3 hours doll?”
You shrug. “I haven’t thought about it yet, I’ll figure it out. I’ll probably look up a bookshop or coffee place to hang out at.”
Peter slowly backs away trying to hide his grin. “Oh shoot, I didn’t think of that. I feel bad that you’ll be all alone the whole time.”
Before you can answer Peter and tell him you don’t care, Bucky cuts in.
“No, she won’t Peter. I’m going with her.” Bucky turns soft eyes to you and says, “that is, if you’ll have me.”
“Of course! I’d love that Buck.” The two of you stare at each other for a moment while Peter does a silent dance of triumph behind your backs.
“Alright then guys, catch ya later! And thanks again!” With that Peter runs off.
“I can’t believe that kid got a date,” Bucky says, but you can see the warmth in his eyes.
The drive to Queens is filled with Peter’s nervous chatter.
“Any tips Mr. Barnes?” he asks before rubbing his sweaty palms on his jeans.
Bucky laughs. “First of all, it’s Bucky. Second, just don’t do anything stupid. Pay for the pizza. Make sure you listen and ask questions and just relax. Have fun.”
Peter nods vigorously. “Ok. Ok. I can do that.”
You let Peter out of the car and tell him to text you when he wants to be picked up.
“So where are we going doll?” Bucky asks.
You turn the corner and start searching for a parking spot.
“Well, I did some research and found this cute little coffee shop right in the neighborhood. They are open late and supposedly have the best muffins!”
Bucky grins. “Good because I’m hungry!”
The two of you walk to the small shop. Your arms brush every so often and Bucky keeps stealing glances your way.
“So, what kind of…?” you start to ask. “I hope they have…” he says at the same time.
“You first Buck,” you say with a brush of you hand.
“No way, doll. You go first. What kind of date would I be if I did? Especially after my ‘advice’ to Peter.” He laughs at that last part and shakes his head.
You feel the heat creep up your neck when he calls it a date but you can’t think of a witty reply so instead ask your original question.
“What kind of muffin are you going to get? I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday!”
Bucky throws his head back with a laugh. “That makes two of us. I usually go for a blueberry but it depends. I may have to get more than one!”
He holds open the door to the shop and gently places his hand at the small of your back. You walk into the cozy space, immediately inhaling the delicious smell of coffee and sugar.
“This was a good idea,” Bucky whispers from behind you, his body close enough that you can feel his chest against your back.
You order your coffee and muffins, Bucky getting a blueberry and a pineapple and you opt for a lemon poppy. He pulls your chair out before he places the food down.
“Thank you.”
He smiles softly.
The first bite of muffin elicits a low moan from the both of you and you can’t stop your snorting laughter.
“They really are that good,” you say, still chewing. “Want a bite?”
He gently grabs your wrist and pulls the muffin to his mouth, taking a big bite. Raising his brows, he shakes his head in approval.
“Yours is better than mine.”
“Well, I haven’t tried yours yet,” you flirt.
He holds up his blueberry muffin and brings it to your lips. You take a bite, your eyes never leaving his.
“Mmmm that is really good but you’re right, mine is better.”
He steals one more bite of your muffin before asking, “so what were you planning to do while you were sitting here waitin for Parker?”
You look down, fiddling with the strap of your bag. “Um. Well. Read maybe? But I also make stuff.”
Bucky leans forward and places his arms along the table. “Stuff?” he asks with a smirk.
You pull a small case from your bag and plop it on the table, pulling out different colored threats and some small charms.
“So, my friend works at an after-school arts program with kids and she learned how to make these bracelets so she could teach the kids,” you explain. “Then one night when we had a sleepover she taught me and I really loved making them. I noticed when I’m working on them my brain isn’t as loud.”  
Bucky’s smirk grows into a full-blown smile. “Teach me.”
Your surprised face makes him laugh. “Aw come on doll. I’m a fast learner. And I get it,” he says, giving you an understanding look.
You spend the next two hours sitting across from Bucky and explaining how to twist the threads over each other to make the intricate designs of the bracelets, complete with adding a small charm.
“I like the colors you chose Bucky. Those look really nice together.”
“Good, because this is for you.” He holds up the small bracelet of pale yellow, light blue and silver thread, the small heart charm dangling from the center.
You take it in your hands, unsure of what to say at first and lay it over your wrist. He stands and comes closer, leaning over your shoulder to help you secure it.
“I love it so much. Thank you.” The words come out quieter than you intended but with enough softness and Bucky’s eyes drop down to your mouth, now only inches from his.
Your phone buzzes loudly and vibrates across the tabletop, pulling your gaze from his.
“It’s Peter. He said he will be ready in half an hour.”
“Sounds good,” Bucky replies, standing to go back to his seat.
“Wait Buck. I want you to have this one.” You hold up the one you made, the gold, dark gray and white threads weaving together in a nice pattern with a small wolf charm hanging from it.
“It’s perfect,” he says softly, holding out his wrist. “Thank you doll.”
You place it above his watch and clip it on.
“You want to head out so we can walk for a little before we get Peter?” you ask as you pack up your things.
“Sounds perfect. I’m gonna go pay. Be right back.”
You watch his retreating form before looking down at your wrist and twirling the bracelet around. You’re still smiling when his large hand covers yours.
“Ready for a walk?” he asks, now holding out his open hand.
You take it and relish in the feel of his strong warmth. Walking down the block toward MJ’s you barely notice Peter on the steps of the apartment building, his silent triumph written all over his face.
“Looks like you two had a good time,” he chimes, hopping down the stairs.
Bucky looks up as if startled from a daydream.
“Yea, we had a really good time,” he confirms, giving your hand a squeeze. “What about you? Did you two have fun?”
Peter launches into a total recap of the night, complete with detailed dialogue. You contentedly listen while walking back to the car, your hand still held tightly in Bucky’s and the soft threads of his bracelet wrapped around your wrist.
Tumblr media
@addikted-2-dopamine @bugsbucky​ @book-dragon-13​ @cherryblossomskye​ @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ @eurynome827​ @hiddles-rose​ @jhangelface0523​ @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123​ @jewels2876​ @loricameback​ @lookiamtrying​ @lizette50​ @marvelgirl7​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @moonlitskinandcrimsonribbons​ @nano--raptor​ @pinkdiamond1016​ @randomfandompenguin​ @whatrambles​ @littleredstarfish​ @white-wolf1940​
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vanmccantfish · a year ago
Is it just me or does the fact that Van wears his collar upturned/popped sometimes bothers anyone else too???? Like not even back then when his fashion sense was questionable anyway, but just recently I saw a vid of him singing Longshot with an upturned collar and it just made me cringe a little? Anyone else feel that way or am I just being too dramatic?
it sure is a strong look, like here: bit weird, yeah (2004 called)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
but here: bit hot though? mhmm
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
think it depends on the shirt/ the angles?? it’s still van though isn't it so no complaints here really lmao
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anon asked:
can i get some headcanons of how the boys (and dateables if you had a good lunch today) would react to the MC pouting at them for whatever reason? maybe mammon said he had a photoshoot and couldn't hang out with them, satan wasn't in a cuddly mood because he had just fought with lucifer, but they give in because the MC is just so irresistible? thank you so much <3
A/N: Hi nonny! Ummm for lunch today I had a peach and a handful of Reiner cherries... probably not the best for keeping me functional but it was healthy AND it was delicious sooo...
Anyway please enjoy! I had fun writing these :)
Tumblr media
No MC, he can't cuddle with you right now. Barbatos just delivered a giant stack of paperwork for him to do and he hadn't even finished yesterday's pile!
If you'd like, you can go get him a cup of coffee, but no cuddles until he's finished!
You slouch off to get him his drink and if we're being honest here, Lucifer would've loved nothing more than to slam the front door on Barbatos's face when he came to the door, and snuggle with you until dinner instead, but Diavolo would not be pleased
So he had to put the needs of the future king before yours
He wasn't happy about it either, okay?
You come back and set his coffee in front of him rather vehemently and Lucifer looks up in surprise, the sad and angry look in your eyes causing guilt to spike his heart that was WAY too soft for you
As you began to leave, hoping Mammon would be available for your affection, Lucifer has already changed his mind
"MC, you can sit with me while I work. Come here, dove. Don't look so upset, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings."
Tumblr media
He's got a photoshoot to get to! Come on MC, can't this wait until later?
When you ask if he really believes a photoshoot is more important than you and he actually has to ponder the question, your face twists into the most adorable pout, he's speechless
He needed the money but your happiness was way more important! Was he really that slow? Ooooh now you were mad at him...
You cross your arms and turn to walk away, but Mammon nearly tackles you in his attempt to stop you and wrap you in a very apologetic hug
"Babe, 'm sorry, of course, yer more important than a silly photoshoot! Why don't ya come with me? I bet ya can be in the shoot too and I'll get to show off just how pretty my girlfriend is and then we can hang out right after! I'm sorry for makin' ya mad!"
Tumblr media
He just got this game from akuzon so he's busy! You'll have to wait for exclusive cuddle time with the one and only Levi! Sorry!
He didn't exactly see your adorable pout face, but he could feel the anger emanating from behind his locked door
So the next time he was hankering for your affections, you just ignored him and moved away every time he tried to capture you in his arms for a hug, tried to snuggle you while chilling on the couch, hug you while waiting for your bread to toast, link pinkies to walk to class, etc
For days, you avoid his advances until he becomes desperate and kabedons you against the wall in the hallway to your room
"MC! I'm desperate! I'm so sorry for ignoring you and refusing to cuddle you, I promise you'll get all of my attention the second you ask for it for the rest of my life just please cuddle meeeeeeee!"
Tumblr media
He's kinda hot and bothered in the worst way right now? Give him some space, wouldya?
You're incessant, following him to his room, telling him he needs to talk through it with you and this and that etc, etc until he snaps, ripping his arm out of your hands and yelling at you to leave. him. ALONE.
Indignant, you snapped right back at him and stomped off, pouting adorably
Any anger was vacuumed out of him and he regretted everything he said
Later, you peeked into his room to find him with an open book on his chest, both hands folded neatly on top of it as he stared at the ceiling
He noticed you standing there before you could say anything and got up instantly, walking over to you and pulling you into a hug
"I... I'm sorry MC. Yelling at you was extremely uncalled for, you were just trying to help. I um... I got a new book in the mail. Would you like me to read to you?"
Tumblr media
You want to go shopping? He'd love to MC, but he's a bit busy right now!! He's on a call with an important makeup company! They want him to model some of their newest products! He can't afford to mess this up!
He watches your face fall into a very sad pout before you turn and leave the room
Asmo had never moved so fast in his life
It was as though you'd stolen his big, fat, lovey heart all over again, and seeing you sad made it shatter into dust
Before you could go too far, the Avatar of Lust managed to grab you by the collar and pull you back into his room and onto the bed, where he kissed you tenderly before shoving you between his thighs so your cheek pressed against his toned abdomen
Getting the memo, you wrapped your arms around his waist and snuggled into him; reveling happily in his flowery scent and the way he carded his manicured nails through your hair had you on the verge of purring
The company marketing manager put him on hold for a moment and he told you;
"Goodness me, my precious little turtle dove. Don't be so impatient, we'll go shopping very soon, okay? Pouting will make your beautiful all wrinkly and give me an aneurism and you don't want that, do you?"
Tumblr media
What gives, MC? This is HIS custard
He'll share everything he has with you, everything but Madame Scream's lemon cola limited edition custard! That was his and his alone!
Yes, he heard you the first time. 'Just one bite? Pleeeease Beely?'
He knows once he gives in, he won't be able to refuse you.
Even when you ask for another 'teensy weensy bite' and another and another
If you weren't human, he would've thought you had a bottomless pit of a stomach just like him
When he shakes his head for the nth time that minute, you cross your arms and pout with a huff and turn away from him.
Moments later you hear a sniffle and the sound of a custard cup gliding across the counter until it sat gleaming right in front of you.
You looked up at Beel in surprise, and saw that he was... crying?
When asked if he was crying because he thought you were mad at him or because he had to give away one of his custards, he whimpered;
"Both... I mean, I don't mind sharing with you MC. I never want to see you sad again! This custard though... Madame Scream always gives me a freebie pass for her limited edition custard so I could always get more... Have as much as you like MC, anything to make you smile."
Tumblr media
HE'S the one hogging all of the blankets? You have plenty, now be quiet and sleep
No, he doesn't want to snuggle now, give him like... 4? 5 hours? Maybe he'll be in a snuggly mood by then
When you don't respond, Belphegor cracks one eye open to find that you're staring at the ceiling with almost tangible hatred, arms crossed, and lip jutted out in the sweetest pout, he simply had to hoist himself up and kiss it off of you, but you pushed him away and turned on your side so you didn't have to look at him
Ruffled, Belphie tickled your sides until you were squirming and he was able to tug you to his chest and steal a kiss from you
"Don't be such a baby, MC. You don't have to take everything personally, yenno? We... We can snuggle if that's what you really want... a-and if that will make you happy again."
Tumblr media
Oh please don't give him that look MC! You're so irresistible already! Why must you use your powers of cuteness for evil?
He literally CAN'T have a bath with you right now, he has a huge meeting to go to with governors from different precincts around the Devildom. He can't miss it!
Barbatos sees his lord trying to pacify your whines and peel you off of him so he can leave and feels a great amount of pity for you.
Yes, Diavolo spent every possible moment with you, but the last week or two, Diavolo had been doing a lot of traveling and you had to stay and do your classwork for RAD so those moments together had been few and far between lately
He could see how desperate you were to keep him from leaving and how it was mentally damaging for his Lord to see you so upset
Plus... this meeting would be long and boring and the prince got a bit fidgety listening to someone drawl for way too long about one thing or another. Not only that, but Barbatos could deliver updates and news on his own
"My Lord, you don't need to attend this meeting. I can assess and give updates and we can discuss important details of the meeting upon my return. MC needs you more than you need to be there." He said softly
Diavolo looked at him to be sure, Barbatos nodded, Diavolo crushed his poor butler in a hug before slinging you over his shoulder and sprinting to the stairs and up to his room
"Thank my father for Barbatos, I absolutely despise those meetings. But now we get to spend so much time together, MC! It's been too long and I need to see you smile."
Tumblr media
He can't bake with you right now MC, he's got to dust the library, mop and wax the front hall floors and staircases, not to mention laundry, dishes from last nights meal with everyone from the House of Lamentation and Purgatory Hall, he needs to fix one of Diavolo's red uniform jackets... list just goes on and on!
You chew your lip, a little upset he can't spend time with you, but you get an idea
He really is sorry MC, he just has so much to do today and-
When you tell him you'll help him so he'll get done faster, you can nearly see the hearts in his eyes before he wraps you in a hug
"You'll help me? I'd hate to put such pretty hands to work though... Still, we'll get to spend time together even if it's not exactly what you wanted to do right? I appreciate the help, love. We might get done fast enough to do whatever you'd like afterward, alright?"
Tumblr media
He's been writing all day without a hitch. When his hand got tired, he got up from his desk to lie down with you on his bed for some overdue snuggles
While spooning you, head on your shoulder and his warm hands playing with yours, he got an idea and had to let you go an hurry to his desk and write it down
You didn't mind at first, but he kept writing... and writing...
You dragged yourself out of bed and onto his balcony where the melody of a sweet love song poured out of a cafe and into the evening breeze
Popping your head back into the room, you ask your angel sweetly if he'd come and dance with you
He tells you to wait a moment and you do but one moment turns into another page of paragraphs and then another
You admire his dedication but still...
You cross your arms and lean against the door frame, a frown on your face as you watch the red Devildom moon gleam gently on the city outside
A presence behind you
You look up and see Simeon with a rather guilty smile on his face. He kisses you, takes your hand and leads you outside for a slow dance under a black sky
"I apologize for making you wait, sweet girl. Don't look so sad, I've shut off Christopher Peugeot for the evening so I can enjoy you. May I have this dance?"
Hello and welcome to the end of my post, where I usually put something in bold besides the link to my MASTERLIST.
*deep, aggressive inhale*
UGH. *loudly beating my fist on the table* WHY. DO. THEY. GET. TO. BE. FAKE. WHILST I AM FORCED TO EXIST?????
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retroaria · 3 months ago
(SH TW) I’ve been struggling to deal with a very bad SH scar that’s on my leg that will most likely stay forever, and I’m very insecure about it. Could you do a headcannon of how Sapnap would comfort his girlfriend that’s insecure about her SH scars.
It’s okay if you can’t do it because it’s too triggering, I understand! :) thank you in advance though!
- 🐝 Anon
cc’s: sapnap, dream, wilbur
pronouns: gender neutral
here’s my masterlist ^o^
hope ya like it !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
would immediately bring it up the second he noticed
not in a pushy way but he just really wants to make sure you’re okay
once you’ve explained to him that they’re old he calms down a bit
when telling him about how insecure it makes you he doesn’t really get why
he understands how bad it is but he doesn’t know why it still affects you
tries to compare it to the scars he has on his knee from falling off his bike when he was six lol
you guys have a little talk and he’s very open minded about it cus he loves you obviously
would trace over them when cuddling
encourages you to wear things you like even if they’re showing because you’re beautiful no matter what :)
Tumblr media
he was scared to bring it up for quite a while after he first saw them
just wanted to make sure you were ok before bringing up something that traumatic
when he did bring it up he sounded a little angry which was scary
but he assured you he was just worried
you told him they were old and that you haven’t done that in a very long time and he told you how proud of you he was
once you start telling him about ur insecurities he kinda just sits there and listens (dog boy good boy lol)
he also encourages you to not be afraid to let them show
“It’s just a reminder of how strong you are baby :]”
Tumblr media
he felt them one day while you guys were laying down together
doesn’t want to make too big of a deal out of it
he kinda just brushed over them and looks at you for reassurance
you tell him they’re old and that it’s ok and there isn’t much discussion after that
he traces over them often
if it does because an issue and you’re super insecure about it one day he would give you a whole speech about how perfect you are and how proud of you he is for overcoming that
you guys would definitely share stories about your struggles with mental health
he is literally your biggest supporter no matter what :)
Tumblr media
The creators I chose for this were a little random. I honestly just couldn’t think of any for the other guys but I could make a part two in the future so yeah :3
PSA: If you are struggling with insecurity about scars pls know that I am so proud of you for overcoming that. I know how hard it can be but don’t let them bring you down. Your body holds so many memories good and bad but all of them are there to prove the life you’ve lived and how hard you’ve fought so wear them proudly. you are so strong and so beautiful and so so so so epic i love you all :]
Tumblr media
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ashxrsbeloveds · 3 months ago
Undateables with an affectionate MC
gotcha anon! 💖 i hope you like this 💖
dateables with an affectionate MC!
As someone who'd been sheltered from the outside world for so long, he's never received that much affection aside from Barbatos' care. So it was a new experience from him.
Usually, people are afraid and/or intimidated by him, so he didn't have much friends to keep him company.
But seeing how openly affectionate you are made him soft. He's never received affection as much as your giving him right now during all the centuries in his life, and he's thankful for you.
Would call you into his office just to get his daily hug and love. He'll always make time just to feel the warmth of having you beside him.
When was the last time someone aside from Diavolo hugged him ever so dearly? Despite Barbatos having great memory, he can't seem to vividly remember receiving this much affection.
Barbatos keeps his reaction subtle, but he wants you to know how fond he is of the affection. Those actions warm his heart and he appreciates every ounce of affection he gets.
It's been so long since he's felt the warmth of a simple "Take care" or "Don't forget to rest", and you brought the warmth of those words back, it was nostalgic for him.
Is quite expectant for the hugs and compliments, he's just— He's just really fond of it okay. There's not a day where he isn't waiting for you to come by and give him a hug or just come by the castle to visit him in general.
He adores the affecfion as much as everyone else does, he's never received this much affection back in the Celestial realm. Ah, the old days...
He's very affectionate too, so expect your affection to come right back at ya! He could use some hugs to be honest. The feeling of having someone safely wrapped around his arms is comforting and quite nostalgic.
Whenever you check up on him, butterflies just flutter in his stomach. Normal words turn into meaningful ones to him especially since you're the one saying it.
He doesn't really look or crave for affection but trust me, he needs it a whole lot. He'll slowly long for it once he finally feels it again.
Another one who has forgotten when was the last time he's received so much affection. It's been what... decades? Centuries? Since he's last felt so much of it.
But, he's glad! Your hugs give him energy and comfort, also those little pecks you give him on his cheeks? He's a goner.
Giving him a smile everyday whenever you meet him in the hallways, it makes him melt. Solomon misses the feeling of having someone as affectionate as you. It brings back lots of memories of the past.
Hug. Him. From. Behind. He'll literally keep your arms wrapped around him and he won't even bother letting you go. He thinks if he lets you go he'll never be able to see you again, so please understand if he refuses you to leave.
Luke (platonic)
The kid LOVES the hugs and headpats!!
He's always looking forward to getting hugged by you. It's the best part of his day! Your compliments also keeps him going! 'Chihuahua?' Atleast MC said he's cute! Take that nasty demons!
Whenever you offer to hold his hand, Luke doesn't even hesitate. He'll hold your hand as soon as you say it.
He gets bullied a lot by the others, so he's glad that he's got a friend who'd never bully him to an extent. Makes the lil' dude feel like he's worth more than he is right now y'know?
masterlist ♡
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salemwritesxx · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
     ⇴ male reader      ⇴ all characters are depicted as [18]+
request: Can I request a baku getting jealous of Izu so he takes his bf and starts to aggressively ride him but all the while he’s having insecure thoughts and he starts to cry and bf comforts him and they end up having fluffy love making with bf telling Baku how amazing he is and that he loves him to death-✨ anon
↣ rating: 18+ ↣ warnings: smut, jealousy, fears about future / baku being insecure, smut turns into fluffy love making
Tumblr media
“Sure, here ya go.”, you reached out your hand, your limbs stretching, inevitably showing off your trained body a little as you reached into the cupboard to get something out for Deku. Since he was still quite small in height, despite his body being bulky from all the training in the last years.
“T-Thank you.”, he blushed and stuttered a little, you didn’t really know why though.
Bakugou, however, who came into the kitchen and watched that spectacle, knew exactly why and it pissed him off.
“[YOUR.NAME]!”, his roaring, thundering voice made you flinch a little.
“Kat!”, yet, you turned around all excited seeing your lover. As if you wouldn’t see each other literally every day.
Just growling in Midoriya’s direction, he walked up to you and grabbed your hand. Fuck, he knew he didn’t have to be jealous, but… Why were you so fucking nice to him?! He pulled you with him mercilessly while you could just tilt your head to the side, a bit confused.
Though, as soon as the elevator door closed, you were pushed into the wall. His hot lips collided with your own and his trained body rubbed against you. Once your hand reached out and even buried itself into his hair, the small whimper escaping his throat couldn’t be suppressed anymore.
“D-Don’t… Don’t be so fucking… nice to that Nerd.”, he murmured against your lips, his own hands reaching around your waist to grab you.
“Mhmhh, Baby.”, you simply purred, before breaking apart to litter kisses onto his cute face, “Don’t be so jealous, Baby. You know I only love you.”
“Then you need to show me, dumbass.”, Katsuki mumbled.
He stared at you for a moment, his typical frown displayed on his face. Yet, there was also that cute red hue on his cheeks and his ruby eyes shimmered. Silently, he asked you to claim him. Show him that he didn’t need to be jealous, because you were only his and he was only yours.
Once the door opened, Bakugou wrapped his hand around your own tightly and pulled you with him again. You just followed quietly, but with a small smile on your lips. He was so cute. Getting so jealous all the time when it came to Deku. As if you would ever have any feelings for him. Midoriya was just another classmate, not even your friend. You talked only when necessary, though every time when Katsuki saw it happening, he got all possessive over you. It was truly cute.
“Woah-“, he pushed you onto the bed
“Oh, I like it when you boss me around a little.”, you smirked, and finally, your boyfriend smirked back.
“Really? Hmm, then I am sure you’ll fucking loooove what I am about to do to you now.”, Katsuki’s raspy voice sent a shiver down your spine. Your eyebrow twitched, that sounded very intriguing.
“Hmm, come here, Baby.”, you grabbed his neck and pulled him down.
Your lips met once more. Bakugou not even wasting any time as his tongue brushed up against your bottom lip. Grumbling into the kisses, you opened up, letting your tongues meet. While your lips were tangled like that, Katsuki slipped his hands down to your pants. Pulling them down together with your underwear, he reached out to touch your soft cock. Knowing it won’t stay like that for much longer, he had to break the kisses.
“So eager.”, you teased him when he spit into his hand and then started stroking you.
“Mhh shut up, Baby.”, was all he mumbled back when he leant in again for another kiss which you gladly returned.
Though, the urge to touch him was quite big as well, hence you let your hand travel to his ass. Giving it a good smack and then squeeze, earning his delight little grunts and groans, you slipped beneath the layers of clothes.
“Hm?”, instantly, you realized he had prepared himself when your finger rubbed and pressed against his slick hole.
“Ohh, you are already prepared, hm?”, a grin spread across your face – you tried to suppress it to keep kissing him, but it failed at last.
“Tch!”, burying his face in the nook of your neck then, he barely answered, “Well, I had planned to fuck you, but you had to help that stupid fucking Nerd instead. Why do you think I was running around searching for you?!”
“Aw, Baby.”, you whined and started kissing the side of his head, “You are so cute. I am sorry for letting you wait, Kat. Hmm I love you.”
You cupped his cheek and pushed his head back to kiss him once more, Bakugou just grumbling deeply for a moment, before he relaxed into the kisses and touches again. Snuggling closer, his hand gripped you a little harder, making you hiss delightfully.
“I love you, too.”, he whispered in-between kisses, “You’re gonna make it up to me now, right?”
“I will, Baby.”, you spoke under your breath, before pulling him in more, tongues fighting again.
Bakugou knew quite well how he had to handle you in order for your dick to become a throbbing mess. Though, he felt also a tiny bit honored his touches could make you leak so quickly. Hence, not wanting to waste any more time, he wiggled out of his own clothes and then crawled on top of you.
Getting rid of your last clothing item, one of his hands rested on your naked chest, the other grabbed your cock again to position it properly. Exchanging small glances, he then pressed your cockhead against his hole, immediately making him whimper and shakily moan.
To support him, you grabbed his hips. Yet, you didn’t push him, letting him take you at his own pace as he swallowed inch after inch the more he sat down on your lap.
“Hgnh! Ah fuck-“, he choked out once his slick hole had engulfed all of you.
You just laid there, watching him. God, he was so hot and sexy and beautiful. You couldn’t wait to graduate soon. Your own apartment with him. Something that was only yours and his. Not having to be so quiet and sneaky anymore.
“Kat-“, you had to bite your tongue to keep rather quite when he started rolling his hips.
Though Bakugou didn’t stay that soft for long. Sweaty hands pushed into the pillow as he hovered above you, so close to your face. His hips started to ride you vigorously. All you could do was grab them and claw at them for support.
“Oh fuck- Baby. You feel soo fucking good.”, you hissed in delight and all he could do was whimper and smash his lips on yours again.
Katsuki was only half-hard though. His own jealousy and those nagging thoughts he had inside his brain made it difficult to just focus on the pleasure. Even though he wanted to be fucked and he felt very, very good, there was still something weighing down his heart.
However, he tried his best to push it aside and just concentrate on this.
“I-Imma show you… who you… fucking belong to- Nghg!”, he moaned against your lips before meeting them again for sloppy kisses.
“Babe-“, was all you managed to choke out as your nails dug into his soft skin, trying not to cum already due to his erratically bouncing hips.
The way he rode you so aggressively and hard was just so fucking erotic. God, you were sure he would actually break your hips if he would keep going with how hard he came down on your cock. And Katsuki just moaned into your mouth lustfully.
“Fuck, fuck, Baby- Mh!”, you couldn’t contain your own deep growls and grunts. He was so, so close to ride you into oblivion and make you cum after just mere minutes.
However, for Bakugou, despite enjoying himself a ton, couldn’t stop overthinking. All the insecurities, fears about the future and jealousy regarding Izuku, all those feelings, they all suddenly wanted to come out. As if his valve that had held it all in burst from all the pressure eventually. And it showed in form of tears.
When he suddenly broke away and tried to hide his face with his hand, you were dizzy and dreamy, almost not realizing what was happening with him. Though, when you felt something wet on your chest that was not other bodily fluids but clearly tears dripping down from his cheeks, you instantly reacted by sitting back up and wrapping your arms around his shivering form.
“Hey, hey, Baby. Shhh, what’s wrong?”, you gently asked and softly caressed him. As much as your hammering heart and throbbing cock wanted attention and that he kept going, you could never keep going. Not when he was obviously that distressed.
“I-It’s nothing, dumbass, just-just fuck me.”, Katsuki demanded with a sniffle, vigorously trying to wipe away the tears.
It was stupid to cry because of such a thing.
Though you didn’t listen to him and instead hugged him tighter.
“No, Baby.”
And he could just comply as he buried his face at your shoulder and wrapped his arms around your broad chest. You stayed there for a while, not moving and simply drawing soft circles on his back and kissing the side of his head. You peppered sweet little kisses onto his shoulder as well. Like that, you waited for him to calm down again.
“You should… probably dump me for Deku.”
“What?! Are you fucking kidding me?”, you pushed him away in order to cup his face. Forcing him to look at you.
“Baby, what are you even talking about?”
“Because… I am not worth it. Like fuck- I don’t even deserve you. You need someone better, []! Just look at that fucking idiot… becoming number one and all… I failed everything.”, Katsuki mumbled and sniffled.
“Katsuki… That is not true.”, you softly wiped away the tears that were running down his cheeks, “You are so, so, so fucking amazing, Baby. I couldn’t even imagine dating anyone else but you. I love you. So what if he surpassed everyone? It won’t ever change MY feelings for YOU, Baby.”
“I…”, he had to close his eyes for a moment, though he also tilted his head to the side against your soft hand, “I am scared… Once we graduate… Like fuck, what if you realize I ain’t it? Maybe living with me will be hell.”
“Baby…”, you suddenly smiled a little, before pulling him in for a soft kiss.
“Baby, I am scared too. Especially with people around us telling us that “the first love doesn’t last” and basically hope for failure once we live together. But, please know, my heart is only yours. And… And even if we might fight, or it will get tough as we adjust to the new lifestyle, I know, together we can manage everything. And you know what? I don’t fucking care about Deku, or anyone else besides you. I love you to the moon and back, idiot. There’s no one else.”
How was his heart supposed to not melt into a puddle? Listening to your words almost made him cry harder. Ah, he was so fucking insecure sometimes. And then he started bottling up feelings until they all exploded at the end. He never learned. Yet, as you held him, caressed him, kissed him… all those negativity and insecurities faded away.
“I love you, too. So fucking much, okay? That’s why I can't fucking lose you. Like, look at what you did to me? Being all that cheesy and crying. That’s all your fault.”, though, Katsuki still crookedly smiled as he cuddled closer.
“Do you feel better now, KitKat?”
“Hmh.”, he nodded after burying his face in the crook of your neck again.
“I’m glad. You can always talk to me, ya know? Don’t bottle these things up all the time. That’s not healthy, Baby.”
“I know. I know…”, Bakugou whispered back and sighed for a moment, before looking back up and pushing you down onto the bed again, eventually.
“Let’s continue.”
“Eh? Are you sure?”, you glanced down, he was completely soft and you didn’t know if he would enjoy himself now, and then back up to his ruby eyes, “You don’t have to force yourself, Baby.”
“Pffsh. Who do you think I fucking am? As if I’d let you fuck me if I didn’t want it…”, he leaned down again, “I want it. And I feel good, too.”
The way he grinned so stupidly cute. Ah, your heart.
“Okay… if you say so, then I believe you Baby.”, you smiled softly, “Come here”, then you grabbed him and pulled him down, earning his soft surprised gasp when you flipped around with him.
“I’ll make sure you’ll forget everything around you and you can just focus on me, okay?”, you purred against his lips, before capturing them.
Bakugou immediately groaned and returned the kisses, a soft whimper and slight nod his answer. Arms and legs wrapped around you, your body was completely smushed against his as you softly started moving your hips. You didn’t need to rush now. And he also didn’t want you to rush. Even though he wasn’t hard, he hoped you knew he still felt amazing. Especially now that all those insecurities and nagging thoughts were out of his system and you just held him lovingly, there certainly were no better things in life than being reassured you loved him. Physically as well as emotionally.
“Mghh Hm- Ah!”, he softly groaned and moaned as you thrusted into him.
His nails dug into your back as your heavy body pushed him more into the mattress. Hmm, yeah he liked that. Feeling so safe in your embrace. The feeling of being loved and desired. Even though he was usually someone who thrived by having rough, needy sex, being softly loved was nice too. It reminded him of the soft, lazy fucks you would sometimes have in the mornings.
Just enjoying each other’s presence fully. Kissing him so much that his lips were just swollen and red, though neither of you would stop anytime soon.
“I love you.”, you whispered against his lips again, making him whisper it back immediately. Which then turned into both of you chuckling and holding on just a little bit tighter.
Despite not saying it out loud most of the time, Bakugou was so grateful you were there to catch him. Whenever he couldn’t hold back his feelings, you would listen and understand. And then, you would make him feel loved. And tonight, he definitely needed all the love – over and over and over again.
@salemwritesxx || do not repost, edit, modify or translate my works
⇻ salem.talks: sorry again for the long wait ✨ anon!
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delicrieux · 10 months ago
☆ミ 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚊𝚢 "𝚘𝚑"
... it’s late into the night and y/n is streaming with one of her new friends, sykkuno. running on caffeine and redbull is apparently not enough because she falls asleep on his shoulder 45 minutes into their cyberpunk gameplay. at that exact moment, twitter goes up in flames.
─── corpse husband x reader, sykkuno x reader (because i was threatened by thirsty anons) ─── soc. media + written fiction!  ─── word count: 1.8k author’s note: here it is...what yall been asking for. literally had to add a new part for this but i loved this idea sm i couldnt just nOT NOT do it. i tried writing this with the same energy as the smau lmao so expect chaos as always. hope you enjoy it and as always lmk what u think! hopefully yall wont go too feral, but tbh thats prolly too much to ask for xx EDIT: srr for the fucky format tumbler dot com is being lame 
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✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
Such a back and forth continues for the better part of the day as you get ready. Corpse only whines a bit when you forget to text him back - you are packing, and your prestigious cat ears you bought from Amazon for 10$ deserve exquisite care - which only fuels your seemingly bottomless hunger for mischief, leading to you sneakily ignoring him more. When your phone lights up with a message, you giggle, giddy with excitement. Your laughter only gets louder and more erratic, to the point where Rae had busted down your door and threw her Hello Kitty plush at you - one you’d gotten her, mind you! - and told you to just “Shut the fuck up!”
Ungrateful. You know not everyone can appreciate your sense of humor, or stand your hyena like cackle, but that was uncalled for and you told her as much. Noting the mess your room is in (more than usual, that’s for certain), she leans onto the door frame, crossing her arms over her chest, pretty brown eyes twinkling curiously, “Where you off to?”
“So I had this idea-” You start, but are promptly shut down with a raise of her palm.
“Already know it’s a bad one.”
Insulted, and hurt, you clutch your heart. As if she had not mocked you enough today, “Rae...The hell, that’s so mean...” You mutter, face scrunching into a soft frown, “I only wanted to tell you what me and Syk thought of.”
“Oh?” Intrigued, she raises a brow, “Continue.”
“Gee, thanks for letting me this time.” You mumble, rolling your eyes, “So. We thought we’d stream together. The catch? In the same room! We’ll be playing Cyberpunk. Gotta cash in while the hype is still up.” You add, making her snort, “And, ya know, the whole cat boy business...We’ll be wearing matching cat ears. Admit it, I’m a genius.”
She’s quiet for a moment, mulling over your words; you can practically see the gears in her head turning. She glances around the room, then briefly at you, strangely apprehensive. “You sure that’s a good idea?”
Well, that is definitely not what you expected her to say. You figured it’d be more along the lines of you’d be one ugly cat. “Huh?” Is all you manage to stutter, “What do you mean?”
She gives you a look, one all people give when something is so plainly obvious, “Y/n. You do know the stans will go wild, right? And you do remember our conversation involving Corp-”
“Nope!” You exclaim cheerily with a bright smile to match. You don’t want to think about that. The relationship between you and Corpse is strictly platonic, and besides, seeing Twitter loosing their shit is always funny, and you never miss an opportunity to mess with your fans. Sykkuno is also a good friend, albeit a new one. This supposed flirting from Corpse’s end Rae deduced was nothing more than her projecting her feelings onto the situation. She always liked shoujo anime and was probably thinking one was happening right in front of her. Not a chance. Corpse was just being a friendly crackhead. Your energies mesh beautifully.
Like, beautifully in a strictly friend way. Absolutely nothing more than that.
She gives up, naturally, arguing with a wall would be more productive than arguing with you. You’re such a (Zodiac sign).
“Well,” She mumbles, ticking her head to the side, leaning off of the door frame and turning to leave, “Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.”
Your grin melts as soon as she leaves. Glancing at your bag, you shove your last necessities in with newfound hesitance. 
Nothing bad will happen, right?
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
It is well past the generally set “appropriate” time to hang out, but since quarantine, what is appropriate anymore anyway? You’ve never been in Sykkuno’s apartment, but now that you’re here it’s...strangely him. Every corner seems tailored to his specific requirements. It’s cozy, and pleasantly warm - it’s a bit chilly in LA, as surprising as that is.
He’s even shyer than you remember him being. And a whole lot more awkward, but in an endearing way, a way that makes you want to laugh and try to reassure him that it’s just you and he has nothing to worry about. While you hung out only once, the history you share is rich and tender. From him following you on Twitter and subsequently prematurely ending your stream, to kidnapping a stray cat affectionately named Juan. His long lost brother, Juan (no the Second, just Juan), lives in your Minecraft server. 
His stream room is sadly bare. There’s an appalling lack of merch or fairy lights. Not even led-lights. It’s a good thing you brought your own. As you try to decided which color would be best - his signature lime green, reminiscent of his adorable Among Us astronaut, or, perhaps, mischievous violet? - he boots the game and tweets out a quick “streaming with y/n in ten mins! come one come all!” 
“You should probably tell your fans, too.” He mumbles, looking somewhere above your shoulder. You settle with cherry blossom pink. Glancing at him, you shrug.
“Ah, do it for me, please?”
“Oh!” He hiccups, “Uhm, I wouldn’t want to pry and I don’t know your password and-”
“It doesn’t have a password.” You had removed it, knowing something like this would happen. Bless your foresight, you did not want him to know it was demonspiitinmymouth. Before he could protest further, you rush to the nearest mirror to put on your cat ears and make sure they aren’t crooked. You look absolutely adorable. The cat boys in your dms will go feral. Hell, you might just go feral looking at yourself! Sykkuno is not ready. No one is. This will be a stream to remember.
When you return (with flourish of course), he’s anxiously fidgeting by his computer, his own little cat ears, one’s he wore for the Halloween stream, peaking out from his silky brown hair. You have to suppress a squeal. When he catches you gaze he gives the kindest, sweetest little smile.
“They, uh--” He points at you, then decides it’s rude to point, bringing his hand back to his lap, then clutching his mouse, lastly releasing a sound stuck between a chuckle and a wheeze, “suit you, uhm, a lot!” He finishes with a resolute nod, quickly spinning in his chair and away from you.
This is the reaction you desired. All is going according to plan. Is this what God feels like? If not, then you pity her. She’s missing out.
Taking a seat next to him - he had been gracious enough to haul you a spare chair from the kitchen - you draw closer, and he, instinctively, shrinks away with another nervous chuckle. 
“You have, uhm... I-I didn’t look!” He quickly chimes. You raise a brow, “Uhm, unopened messages? From Corpse? He texted you when I was tweeting! I didn’t mean to look, I’m sorry-”
Instantly, you recall the famous vine with the scandalous “daddy chill” line, though refrain from saying it aloud. You love havoc, but you’re not evil (Rae would ardently disagree with you, though). Instead, you just shrug, “’S fine, don’t worry. I’ll text him back later. Let’s start?”
He nods, but doesn’t look at you. Granted, you don’t think he glanced at you even once since you returned, “...Okay. Ready?”
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
Tumblr media
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
You’re much too immersed into the game and Sykkuno’s twitch chat to even check what’s happening on Twitter, but your estimated guess is that everyone’s going crazy. The stream chat is unruly as well, but missing the signature Twitter spark. Most of the chaos is bravely lead by your fans. Sykkuno’s, much like the man himself, are too nice to scream so unabashedly.
Perhaps you excitement had been a bit too taxing, perhaps drinking 5 coffees and 2 energy drinks today and not enough water are to blame for the sudden drowsiness you’re feeling, but you can’t focus on the swimming chat or the abundance of cut-scenes at the starting point of the game. You steadily draw nearer and he, more composed in front of his audience, doesn’t react. About ten more minutes of hoovering by his shoulder and muttering soft commentary, and you feel yourself slipping.
The last coherent thought you have is a few choice words directed at caffeine itself for having the opposite effect of you at the worst time possible.
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
You float in oblivion for perhaps ten minutes at best. Once you awake with a startle, you shower Sykkuno in shy apologies and he quickly reassures you that it’s fine and that he didn’t mind at all!
“Though,” He adds after a thoughtful pause, “not sure if it was very, uh, comfortable?”
His stream chat spams uwu and variations of similar kind. The stream continues for a few more hours before the both of you wish everyone a good night. 
While you planned on wreaking absolute havoc, this sudden falling asleep was unexpected. You pondered the consequences of such an innocent, unplanned act whilst ubering home, fearing to check your phone which by now was blowing up with not only Twitter notifications but also Rae’s angry messages that vaguely read “what the fuck y/n”. Within the past two hours she had left 57 messages on all platforms collectively, including 7 calls. 
Corpse’s last text was over three hours ago.
Now that’s strange. Worry festers quickly. Briefly glancing at your surroundings - the pretty glimmer of passing street lights, neon signs, familiar buildings - you decide that it’s time to check what kind of nuclear explosion you’ve caused.
Your heart drops to the bottom of your stomach as you scroll past the hundreds of tweets and mentions. Scan through Rae’s messages. 
You had failed to prepare ahead. Every explosion of such kind is followed by nuclear winter. And Corpse’s lack of messages feels especially cold.
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
Not you smiling like a fucking idiot reading his last message! You shrink into the backseat, afraid the driver will accidentally look into the rear-view mirror and see you a bit too happy before asking questions. Good news? Yeah, but it’s not like it’s his any beeswax! In the words of Rihanna, just shut up and drive. 
This argument had not yet happened, but you’re preparing, just in case. 
As you think up of potential scenarios, your eyes drill into Corpse’s goodnight text. You’ve looked at it enough. Time to turn the phone screen off. Leave the app, at the very least. When the screen dims you instantly press on it to wake it up. This is embarrassing. Maybe the deadly amount of caffeine really did mess you up, big time. Your heart races in your chest, painfully almost. You feel a bit sick. Worst of all, you can’t stop smiling.
A notification from Rae makes you snap out of it. Ah, one more demon to deal with. 
However, before you talk to her, you really need to tell Twitter that you’re not with Sykkuno. And apologize to Sykkuno as well. 
At least Corpse doesn’t hate you.
Fucking hell, just exit the chat you idiot!
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
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uwusenpaiuwu · 27 days ago
Sleepovers At The Baji Household feat. A Fed-Up Chifuyu
Summary: Chifuyu just wants to sleep, man, but Baji wants to be a jealous crackhead at 2 AM.
Pairing: Sano Manjiro | Mikey x Male Reader
Note(s): I had a little free time and wrote this. So, please enjoy! ALSO, to the anon that sent me a request a few days ago, I saw it and have it filed on my to-do list!!! I will definitely get to it as soon as I get a break in my schedule :)
"Chifuyu, ya wanna see some real discrimination?"
No. No, Chifuyu does not want to see what Baji means by 'real discrimination.'
Does he tell him that, though?
Yes, actually, because it's 2 in the fucking morning and, as much as he respects the other boy, he wouldn't put it past himself to smother him with a pillow after having his dream of cuddling with a sea of puppies suddenly destroyed.
Unfortunately for his sanity, Baji either doesn't hear him or, more likely than not, doesn't give a fuck, because he's already flopping onto his belly and whipping out his phone to do God knows what.
The dial tone that sounds from the speaker a few seconds later makes Chifuyu cringe, especially since it's only ever been a calm silence fit for a good night's sleep prior to Baji bulldozing through it with his absurd question. (At the very least, he's thankful that the latter has half a mind to keep the brightness on the lowest setting, otherwise, Chifuyu would have had to fight.)
On the far end of the row of carefully-laid futons, you shift in your sleep, eyebrows furrowing together at the noise. Rotating onto your side, you unconsciously reach for Baji, and just when he thinks you're being cute and trying to cuddle him, you smack him in the head.
Baji doesn't flinch, instead, takes his pillow and shoves it in your grasp to keep your unconscious self occupied, so that he can focus on getting through to the person who reuses to pick up (understandably so).
Releasing a frustrated groan after being redirected to voice mail for the fifth time, he dials the number again, muttering an impatient, "Pick up already."
Chifuyu feels sorry for the poor soul on the other end. He would've blocked someone following the first call, because again, it's-
The blond has to squint his eyes up at the digital clock on Baji's nightstand, which confirms that it's already 2:22 A.M, further solidifying the fact that he shouldn't be awake right now. And this also applies to the ever persistent first division captain, who insists on bothering who Chifuyu soon discovers is Mikey from the contact ID that flashes across the screen.
Why Baji is so keen on bothering him is a question he doesn't have the mental capacity to ponder over. The most energy he'll expend is to listen in when the call miraculously connects.
"What...?" comes a muffled voice from the receiver, tone laced in an irked grogginess birthed from a slumber rudely interrupted.
There's an absurdly loud, almost angry, roar of Mikey's name, one that has Chifuyu curling in on himself in a futile attempt to escape a sound that should be illegal at this hour.
But you know what else should be illegal?
The fucking whiplash Chifuyu gets when Baji's deep voice takes an abrupt 180°, switching from its normal gruffness to a squeaky, ear-piercing shrill as he screams, "I love you, love you, love you! Do you love me, too, Mikey-kyun~♡?!"
The room is dead silent.
Not a word. Not a murmur. Not a breath.
Just pure, unadulterated silence as both Chifuyu and Mikey process the words that hang in the air, permeating it with a goosebumps-inducing eeriness from having heard such a...a girly, overtly cutesy screech from Baji.
"What the fuck? He hung on me!"
Chifuyu opens his mouth, thinks better of reacting to the cursed scene he had the misfortune of bearing witness to, and promptly closes it.
Other people may have sleep paralysis demons.
But Chifuyu?
Chifuyu has Baji.
With both hands partially raised in prayer, he begs for the shenanigans to be over and done with.
They are not.
While his eyes remain closed in a last ditch effort to convince himself that it's all a bad dream, he hears a lot of grumbling happening on your side of the room, courtesy of Baji, who's scrambling around in search of...something. One quick peek reveals him fiddling with a phone - yours, to be exact, as evidenced by the distinctive phone charm of your favorite anime character hanging from it.
"(Y/n), wake up for a second," he hears him whisper. It takes a bit of prompting, until he's able to successfully rouse you enough from sleep to elicit any kind of response, which is, essentially, nothing short of an incoherent, slurred mess. Although, Chifuyu is pretty damn certain he heard you call Baji a 'dickhead' for the trouble.
Unperturbed, he continues shaking your limp form, coaxing you into wakefulness with, "Repeat what I tell you, and I'll let you go back to asleep. Deal?"
You squint your eyes at him, only able to make out a vague outline of his visage in the lightless room. "Promise?"
"Cross my heart, hope to die," he automatically responds with the same phrase he's become accustomed to saying whenever you two made a promise, something done purely out of habit, formed when the two of you were just kids and he wanted to get you to do something absolutely ridiculous either for him or with him. And just 'cause he knows you're more susceptible to complying if he does it, he also interlocks his pinky with yours.
The approval is his cue to proceed, and it's as he's putting the phone on speaker that he turns back to a regretfully wide awake Chifuyu, mouthing a wordless, 'Watch.'
The phone rings, loud and clear, precisely once and only once.
"(Y/n), what's wrong?" It's important to note that even though Mikey still sounds tired as hell, his tone is much lighter, much happier really, than when it was Baji, which is an offense in itself to the said teen that's off to the side, attentively listening to the conversation unfold.
Then, it strikes Chifuyu, what Baji is trying to do, and fuck does it give him an instant headache.
Meanwhile, your mouth morphs into the dopiest of smiles with the pleasant surprise of hearing your boyfriend's voice, chest instantly overtaken by a warm fuzziness that never fails to make an appearance whenever he's involved. Sappy, you know, but it's true!
A light but firm nudge to your shoulder reminds you of your mission. It's too bad that, teetering along the edge of sleep as you are, the words Baji whispers are barely repeated correctly.
The initial phrase from before, the one Baji greeted Mikey with, is shortened to a simple, "You wuv I...?"
But, without missing a beat, you receive Mikey's confident reply of, "Mhm... I wuv you a lot."
There's a sleepy giggle then - a fucking giggle - before your voices drop to sweet whispers that the third and fourth wheels can't fully comprehend from where they are.
"Where the fuck was my 'I wuv you,' huh?!" Baji whisper-shouts, considerate of your conversation even when ranting and raving. "Shit, I would've taken a simple 'I love you,' too! I've known that bastard way longer than (Y/n), and this is what I get?!"
Okay. Toman's president answers his boyfriend's late night calls faster than he does anyone else's and openly expresses his love for him. So what? Chifuyu wouldn't exactly call it 'discrimination,' per se. 'Favoritism,' maybe if you wanna stretch it, but using as strong a word as discrimination, especially taking into account you two are dating; it's normal? Nah.
"You wanna say 'bye' to them? Mm. Baji and Chifuyu." A pause. "Fuyu, Mikey says 'bye.'"
"Bye, Mikey-kun."
The other person in the room waits, and waits, and waits, and when it's clear that there is no intention to address his presence whatsoever, Baji turns to Chifuyu with an almost scandalized expression, making wild gesticulations with his hands, clearly distressed. "See?!"
Blank blue eyes stare back at him, unblinking. Honestly, it's a common occurrence - Baji spiraling in a nonsensical rage - so it's easy for Chifuyu to block out the muted, jealousy-driven temper tantrum as he takes his pillow in both hands, raises it as high as he can, and-
-lets it flop right back onto his face.
He can't suffocate Baji. Shouldn't. Wouldn't. Couldn't. After all, they're best buds, meaning he has an obligation to put up with shit like this once in a while. (Plus, he'd probably get his ass kicked before he succeeds anyway. Totally not worth the beating.)
"Did you hear? Mikey said he wuvs me," he hears you drawl dreamily as soon as you hang up, sounding very close to clocking back out for the night.
"Yeah, yeah. Cute shit. Happy for ya, dude," Baji huffs. Thankfully, he sounds like he's in a similar state to yours, if the yawn that follows his sarcastic comment is anything to go by.
"...He soooo ignored you."
That warrants a punishing punch to the arm, dulled only slightly by the combination of the thick quilt you're swaddled in and the raven-haired boy's fatigue.
"I'll fucking throw you out right now, (Y/n). Don't test me."
"You won't."
"I will."
The conversation gradually dies down shortly after, the exhaustion that took its sweet time getting to both of you having reached its peak with the help of the childish bickering. It takes 10 minutes, maybe 15, before two sets of light snores fill the room.
Let it be known that there is a lesson to be learned from tonight's events. Really, there is. Y'know, something along the lines of 'Don't agree to a sleepover with Baji, if you plan on actually sleeping,' or whatever.
Alas, Chifuyu's consciousness fades before he realizes what it is.
"Mikey, be honest. Who do you love more? Me or-?"
Baji is only momentarily discouraged, sharp eyes glaring at the blond that lays his head on your lap after hi-fiving you. He didn't want to do this, but he's left with no choice.
"(Y/n) or Babu?"
From the way Mikey stiffens up, refusing to look at either him or you in the eyes, Baji knows he has him right where he wants him, has him torn between a cute face or a sweet ride.
"Oi! Don't pretend to be asleep! Answer the damn question! OI!"
(After hours of serious contemplation - even though you told him it doesn't particularly matter - it's revealed that, of course, Mikey loves you more. Babu just happens to trail behind as a very close second.)
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babblydrabbly · 8 days ago
ugh just no thoughts other than
Rick balls deep inside of the reader when she puts her fingers in his mouth. her legs are on his shoulders and he’s nearly got her bent in half. (because holy mother of god size kink)
lowkey that man has an oral fixation, whether it be her tits or her fingers. he’s sucking on them and moaning the whole time.
and when she drops that praise of how pretty he looks with her fingers in his mouth. well he might just be cumming inside of her and then going down between her legs to eat her out like his life depends on it
ugh holy fuck
Tumblr media
Holy fuck. My face as I tried reading this casually in public. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, ANON.
Oral fixation + Rick Flag has not crossed my mind yet and now you’ve ruined me. I can’t believe you’ve done this.
I. Yup. Broken brain on this one. Here ya go, beautiful anon.
Kiss Me There || Drabble
Pairing(s): Rick x F!Reader
Warnings: Language, smut, body worship (hands/breasts), oral fixation.
[ A/N: On the one hand, I love the Rick whose a swearing, smirking, shameless sex god. But on the other hand, I find it so endearing to imagine he's a little too serious in bed like he is with his job, and it takes some coaxing from the reader to get him to loosen up. ]
It’s the touch of your fingertips— Any ghost of them over his skin that can pull him away from whatever he’s doing and lock you with a look that says it all.
Tumblr media
You’re both on the couch when a commercial releases your attention from the screen. Without realizing it, you’ve threaded your hand through Rick’s hair during the movie, your nails dragging lightly at the short-cropped space at his temple. You feel a nudge— the catch of his stubble on your wrist— and you glance at him to see he’s already watching you instead of the television.
In the dim blue light, his lips find the flesh of your palm. He kisses you there slowly. It sends a pulse of electricity right down between your thighs.
It’s really a tender coincidence how much he loves your hands— And how much you love putting them on him. How Rick invites your thumb to press against his mouth without a word, his eyes fall closed as he parts his lips. You shiver when he wraps them around your thumb, his cheeks hollowing gently to suck at the digit without needing to hear how much you relish it.
It’s perfect, because every brush of his tongue and lips sends a jolt through you. Every. Damn. Time. You inhale sharply, and Rick is smirking around your skin.
You’re already dripping wet by the time he’s done kissing every knuckle and line on your hand. He pushes you back down onto the other end of the couch, your clothes shedding quickly.
Rick groans as he sinks his cock into you without any resistance. You’re wet and warm and still not close enough for his taste. He bends your legs until your knees are hanging helplessly over his wide shoulders, the angle hitting you just right.
You grin when you cup his face in your hands, smoothing your thumbs over his chin and coaxing another groan out of him when your fingertips find his lips again.
“What?” He grumbles against them, nosing at them. He’s thrusting into you slowly, taking his time with you. A bead of his sweat falls down onto your chest, and Rick is dipping his head down before you can answer. You seize when he drags his tongue over the drop rolling down between your breasts, lapping it up; You can't help the way your eyes roll up a little when your walls clench reflexively around his thick length.
He's told you that you drive him crazy, but it’s you that can’t keep yourself under control. Whether by eyes or elbows or the slightest brush of your ankle against his, you can never keep yourself away from Rick Flag. And you've got a feeling tonight— a realization. There's something about the way he can't stop using his tongue and lips on you. You want to ask him about it, but you don't want to tease him and ruin the moment.
So you respond without words, boldly taking your index and middle finger and press them to his mouth. He arches a brow but doesn’t resist; Rick makes a deep sound in his throat when you push them all the way in, gasping at the hot, wet suction you're met with.
Rick moans louder than you expect. You feel him snap his hips into you, feel the sudden shift in the way he’s picking up the pace. His head bobs as he sucks and fucks you eagerly at the same time. You love the way his tongue flicks between your fingers. Your nerves are firing and short circuiting from your hands all the way down to your cunt.
“Shit." You're in awe. "You're so fucking good like this, Rick."
His brows knit together as if to reject your little praise, knowing he won't last long if you continue. But you do, your free hand running up and down his neck and the back of his hair. His pace stutters.
"Look so hot around my fingers." You note with a pleased gasp.
He pulls his mouth off your fingers, lips shining. "[Y/n]." He warns. "Not gonna be able to keep this up, you keep doing that."
The mischievous look on your face beneath him says it all. Rick shakes his head like he's not loving it; You feel his cock twitch inside you as he dips his head back down to take your nipple into his mouth.
Your back goes rigid when he sucks hard— Harder and with more enthusiasm than you're used to seeing with him. His own little warning goes forgotten as he stops holding back on you. You whimper when teeth scrape the sensitive skin of your breast with every suck. He's burying his face in your chest now, slurping and tugging and making your cheeks turn red at the groans he's letting go of. He fucks you faster, planting his arms on either side of you so he can drill you into the couch harder. Your playful mood dissipates as your orgasm nears quicker than you can moan his name.
He comes with his lips still wrapped tight around your nipple, feral moans muffled as he ruts into you roughly one last time. You drag his face off your chest to pull him into a hungry kiss, dizzy from the climax that's just rocked you too.
Later, in the bathroom, you examine yourself in the mirror— witness the way his mouth has left their mark over your tender breasts. Rick comes up behind you from out of the steaming shower, his expression still smiling and drunk off of how you came for him as quickly as he came for you tonight.
"Too rough for you?" He's smirking, but there's a hint of concern. Rick Flag is being sheepish about his little fixation. You scoff, looking at him in the mirror.
"I think..." You start, turning around and hopping up onto the counter. You bare skin prickles against the cool marble. You spread you legs, easing back on your hands to show him how you're not finished with him yet.
"I think I wanna put that mouth of yours to some more use."
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deceptxcon · 4 days ago
I gotta do homework but SCREW SCHOOL! I need some mcyts (preferably dream, ranboo, and Philza) comforting teen reader when school gets though and helping them with homework because school is really shitty for me rn. Thanks Deacy! Love ya! -🧋
mcyt’s helps reader with school!
“i know it’s tough, but your tougher, yunno.”
Tumblr media
OOH YES, and do your work! it’s important…but also is procrastination. :’]
hope school is going well, take breaks and drink lots of water!! love yah, boba anon!! <3
also i want to apologize for taking so long, Tumblr deleted most of this draft so i had to rewrite some of it…and that my stuff wouldn’t post for a while.🙄
Dream, GNF.
Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo.
tbh, my mans couldn’t even stay in class so, if you’re lucky, he’ll know a little bit about math.
he literally knows nothing about math btw.
but if you ask him for help, he is helping you and he WILL help you.
he’s not backing down .. if he doesn’t get it? he’ll learn it.
sometimes always takes over.
“shh, y/n .. wait- are you supposed to do that? I didn’t learn this!! what the hell are they teaching you-!?”
and one night, when you asked for help .. you found him at the table, the only light being the one from his phone/calculator deciphering fractions. he’s really really trying to get it right.
but if you’re really stressed about it, to the point of tears or degrading yourself..he immediately calms down and all his focus is on you.
“Hey, it’s okay..i know it’s tough, but you’re tougher, yunno. i know what it’s like feeling this stressed, but i know you’ll get through it,” Dream smiles. “You’re strong.”
And after calming you down and getting you water and such..he’ll try his best and slowly, but surely, make sure you understand and help you through your homework.
he’ll even take his old history books or science books from when he was in school and study from there while helping you.
but he really sucks at history so i apologize on that part..
eventually, when the night comes to an end .. he’ll say how proud he is when it comes to homework, and that he didn’t do so well when he was in school…and that you’re automatically cooler than him.
he’s basically like a big brother. <3
honestly? has no clue how to help with your homework, but he sure as hell knows his history and science.
knows absolutely nothing on english..mans can’t even speak right. 🤨
“Uhm..english? I dunno, Y/n- *chuckle* i don’t know much on that..uh,” George rubs his neck nervously, glancing at your paper. His face goes pale white. “Oh, this is..i can’t do that.”
feels bad and ends up trying to help you.
“Wait what? How is that wrong? … because i didn’t put the ‘er’ in you’re? Whatever..”
he feels embarrassed cause he couldn’t exactly help with english..and he is really bad at it too.
You end up saying that it’s fine and that he could go to bed .. but really? he stays with you all night long if need be.
george isn’t a very- expressionate boy..but his actions outshine his words..and he genuinely wants to help you.
so when you said that you were incredibly stressed and the work was becoming too much..he was immediately understanding.
he did most anything he could to make sure that you got your work done, and that you felt confident in it.
“Hey, it’s okay! I was never that good in school..but you’re a very, very smart person, Y/n. Incredibly,” he gave a quick smile. “C’mon, good put that good brain to work.” George joked as he patted your back supportively.
While you read off the questions and equations, george is making you a little snack with water and fruits.
“X is equal to the..what? Wait, are you sure this is (grade)? I don’t remember it being this difficult.”
You: “maybe cause you dropped out to be a streamer.”
“..I will leave. No joke, you’ll be on your own, Y/n-”
George wasn’t very happy with your comeback there.
Reluctantly, you guys are were close to a finish..the evening was coming to an end while night kissed the sky..illuminated by the 1:32 AM on the stove clock.
He sighed and leaned back in his chair, head leaning back before looking over at you.
“We done? That was it right?”
You nodded and thanked him for his help..he gave a smile and ruffled up your hair.
“No problem, Y/n. Get some sleep, it’s insanely late.”
You: “not that late..considering you’re always on call with Dream at this time.”
“If you mention that one more time, i will actually move out. Don’t go thinking I’m joking!"
you started laughing and George reluctantly chuckled, rolling his eyes before stirring back to bed.
"Go to bed! It's late! Night, Y/n, sleep- ... sleep well." He said, yawning mid sentence..disappearing into his room.
"Good night, sleep of sweet, sweet dreams."
George was very mad. (you ended up having a pillow fight ... soo-)
why did you ask him? I mean, respectfully, you'd be lucky if he was ever really listening.
"What? Math? too?? Y/n, we're in the same class ... what DO YOU MEAN THAT'S ALL MORE THE REASON I SHOULD KNOW-"
Tommy is actually a very, very smart boy..and even though he denies it constantly and puts up his internet persona, he's very helpful and kind.
"Uh huh. Good, good! Now bring the x 'round here- yeah! See? You got it!"
He's definitely hypes you up and let's you know how good you're doing ... and Tommy will also stop his work in turn of helping you.
Tommy didn't do his homework..motherinnit was upset.
Tommy is good at most anything. Whether it's math, science, or english .. he's got it all down! The only thing he's bad at is teaching or showing you how it should be done.
" I did this and like- brought that there and got..and then I got 32 so- ..Y/N, SHUSH. I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, DICKHEAD."
he apologized for swearing. and motherinnit heard him so he was sorta forced to…but he genuinely meant it.
“Listen, I’m sorry- I know how to do this, though!! …MUM, I ALREADy did-- ..ok, alright- OK, i’ll stop yelling..!”
Tommy also gets very, very the point where it's bad.
"And that's called the uh- the..yeah, that ......... so i was on a call with tubbo one night and he said that- what? No, not that night .. YOOO, WHEN DID YOU GET A SOMBRERO, Y/N???"
you did not have a sombrero…he mistook it for your clothes. apparently.
He's so off-topic constantly, it definitely took more than just a second to check your paper.
you hadn’t said a thing about being particularly stressed..but he felt it. and although he didn’t directly say anything, he did it through actions to make you feel more confident.
he complimented your work and that you were sure to get your work done efficiently until the sunrise hit your window.
he also mentions that you have nothing to worry about…and that Tommy will always be there, always. ^^
also y'all were up since 8 going on to 2:45 AM .. but y’all never sleep anyway so 🤨
but it was safe to say you guys fell asleep in the middle of an equation.
straight A/B student, gets his shit done, and efficiently too.
he’s very very smart and Tubbo is always happy to help! :D
sometimes he teases and says he might help you. 🙄
so when you ask him, he is always willing to help..but no answers. sorry bud.
“Question 23? what happens if you take- hm? …NO, I CAN’T TELL YOU THE ANSWERS, Y/N … I CAN’TT-”
at least you tried.
multiple times.
but tubbo understands when you say you were very very stressed about school..he is too.
“Don’t worry! We all get super stressed about this stuff, I suck at English but the more I work at it, it becomes easier, yunno!” Tubbo reasoned, smiling at you. “You’re of the smartest people ever, whether you refuse to accept that or not, you’re big brain, Y/N.” Tubbo said, and he meant every word.
He was happy he had brought your confidence up, and he was proud of you too! Even though Tubbo is smart, he understands what it feels like to be under any kind of pressure.
you guys even built a little fort with chips and such to study under.
and when you finished your work, you two laid down and watched a movie, popcorn in hand and work complete.
Tubbo was happy he had helped. :]
When in doubt, look for tall man for help.
Ranboo had just graduated, so it was all kind of fresh in his mind.
and honestly was just your luck.
Ranboo was pretty smart when it came to english and so on..don’t mention the part where he forgot most of it..but math was- oh god.
“Math homework? ..uh- hold on,” … “TUBBO! Y/N NEEDS HELP WITH MATH-”
Genuinely though, he was good at math..but he was one of those people who scrolled through the textbook to find some close understanding to what you were learning.
It was like he was in school again.
“X is equal to..oh okay..oh okay! Wait, ok, i get it!” you told him he didn’t need to speak whatever came to mind .. he continued to talk.
When you told him you were originally stressed and felt like you were under pressure, he immediately understood and pushed your work aside for just a moment.
A one on one convo.
“Y/N, that’s totally understandable. It’s okay to feel this stressed,” Ranboo rubbed your back to soothe you and keep you from tearing up. “I was super stressed in school too-”
“And so was Tubbo- ..apparently-” You guys had a small chuckle. “But hey, it’s always is, and you’re super smart there’s no doubt you’ll get through this.” He assured you with a quick smile and hug.
He always gives the best hugs. 🥺
You guys soon got back to work, Ranboo beside you and helping with every step.
he was also super proud when you did a few questions by yourself, he even gave you his spare candy from Amazon.
such a nice lad.
Soon the night came to an end and you had thanked him for helping you.
“Of course, anytime, Y/N,” he smiled and stood, stretching since he had sat down all evening long. “Wanna play some games?” Ranboo asked, you nodded.
It was nice, because it took your mind off of the stress you held for school..he was really good at taking your mind off of things.
Ranboo was your best friend. :]
dadza smart, we go to dadza for help cause he smaert.
“Homework? Yeah, sure, bring it over, mate.”
Honestly? You guys got it done super fast..who knew Philza was such a good teacher.
Sometimes he would just give you the answer and tell you how it’s done afterward .. that’s only because you seemed to be getting tired.
“You alright?” Phil gently put his hand to your forehead to check for a fever. “You’ve been sleepier recently, something wrong?” He asked, voice soft and accent thick.
You mentioned that you haven’t been sleeping due to stress and spending most of your time completing homework.
Phil sighed. “Was that why you always came to dinner pretty late?” You nod. “Stressing about what, mate?” The blonde put the work away for a moment, facing you with curiosity.
You had explained how you felt, whether it was that you didn’t feel smart, couldn’t finish in time, the pressure of projects and all seemed to spill out once you started talking more and more to Phil.
He hummed and rubbed your back, his arm moving up to your shoulder as he gave you a small side hug.
“It’s alright, it’s gonna be know why?” Phil asked, making sure you looked at him in the eyes. “Because you’re good enough and super smart..don’t go forgetting that, okay? School will always be stressful, but when you find a way to cope with it, it’ll be a piece of cake, yeah?” You nodded, rubbing your eyes to refrain from crying or tearing up.
Phil patted your shoulder gently before grabbing the homework again. “You got this,” he encouraged. “Wanna try again?”
You guys started working again and finished it, all caught up with work and upcoming projects.
You thanked him.
“No problem, Y/N,” He gave a smile. “Anytime.” He chuckled as he patted your back.
Thanks, Phil. :]
Woof! Finally!!
Really really enjoyed writing this one!! It was such a good one, hope school and all is going well boba anon .. wish the best for you. :D <3
- deacy! <3
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