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#thank youuuu
fwoggyhat · 7 months ago
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saytr · 3 months ago
Ladynoir "We'll face this together" kiss 💋😘
Tumblr media
So sorry for the crappy quality. But i had to draw this ask after so long! Sorry for the delay. I still have no table and set up in my new home!🥲
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aladdin-the-simmer · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
🌞 Summer Flow 🌞 an iconic pack by @joliebean & @simstrouble
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causeimanartist · 5 months ago
Masters done, shot gotten, college over, bruce still batman and all is right with the world, congrads
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Hotel, Trivago
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church-of-burnt-romances · 2 months ago
Holy shit
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Afvshdbxhfhfhf omgs
I just- I don't even have words to express how grateful I am for all of you
I'm so thankful to everyone who's cared. I never thought my mess of a blog would reach this big. I met a lot of awesome mutuals and I love each and every one of you.
I'm just gonna go to the celebration part
🎧 : give me a vibe and I'll make a playlist (you could also ask for one based on your blog but that's only for moots)
🎶 : give me a number from 1 to 1700 and I'll give you a song
💜 : I'll assign you a fictional character (only for moots)
✒️ : I'll write anything you want in brush lettering (add a ✨ if you want glitter) (you could also ask for me to write anything in my handwriting)
📝: I'll give you one of my fav quotes/lines
🌈 : send an ask on @el-tries-editing for a mood board/wallpaper
And ofc ask me anything!
@burn-like-starss @chocolateeedonutpie @readdreamwrite28 @lilhappylilsad @it-is-what-it-it-iss @hitchhiker-of-the-galaxy @the-actual @playdoh-plato @oh-my-tatoes @thehornoftheunicorn @thosefookinavacados @thatrandomfangirlll @fatpotatosaysmoo @never-say-nevaa @yousayironisayman @marvelandnothingelse @whinysstuff @withyoutilltheendoftheline @lostinmymindpalace-m @crazy-beautiful @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom @agar-bati @just-a-white-crayon @crazyas-hell @quethekillerqueen @yukh3ic0re @imratking @one-happy-silent-geek-girl @ddepressedbookworm @liestookmyvibes @livelistenlove @blushingpizza @chaoticbutvanilla @mais-e @curious-fruitcake @doritosandbluethings
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gg9183 · 2 months ago
alias change -> Gray!
you can still call me Gigi like on my other blogs, but please refer to me as Gray from now on. Thank you my dears ♥️
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tobias-hankel · a month ago
"Spencer, that's a lot of blood."
"Spencer, that's a lot of blood." Derek said from beside him.
Spencer huffed, "I said I am fine." He repeated, grabbing onto the bathroom sink for balance with one hand while the other wrapped around to hold a blood soaked ball of paper towels to his upper arm.
"You aren't fine! You were shot!" Derek yelled, trying to reason with his best friend.
"I was grazed. It's just a scratch. Now leave so I can clean it up."
"The EMTs are right outside, they can clean it up. You might not even have to go to the hospital if that is what you are so worried about."
"That's not... Please, Morgan. Just go."
"Not a chance, kid. Tell me what is going on."
Spencer couldn't find the words he needed but it was clear that Derek wasn't going anyway so he decided to just show him. He slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt, slipped it off of his wounded arm and offered it to Derek to see, looking away so he didn't have to see his expression.
A few inches down from the bullet wound were other marks, circular marks littering the span of Spencer's arm and inner elbow. It took Derek a moment to realizes what he was staring at.
Track marks. 
And not just a few... Dozens of healed track marks. Far more than what should be there from Spencer's two months of drug use after Hankel. Meaning... Spencer used for far longer then two months he knew about and he had no idea.
"Spencer..." Derek started but Spencer let out a sob.
"I am clean now! Four months! I just... I don't want them to see, anyone. Please, Derek."
Derek wrapped Spencer up in a tight hug, letting him cry onto his shoulder, "I got you, Spencer. It's okay, it will all be okay."
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totaltrauma · 5 months ago
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gnfof · 4 days ago
crowd please by ethotlliot for that one anon. it’s from an orphan acc now but i had it in my bookmarks :)
premise for anyone else: reader gets picked up by sap and dream at a party and take her home and then there’a a blizzard and sap and dream can’t get back home so they stay the night at readers house and fuck
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sweetprentiss · 3 months ago
These may be a little controversial lol
JJ definitely pushes the door instead of pulls. Half of them time emily just Lets it happens and giggles a little when JJ turns around to pout at her.
JJ doodles hearts on the edges Emily’s copies of case files when she’s media liaison and when Emily becomes unit chief, she seems to have picked up the habit and has to buy liquid white out so she doesn’t turn in reports with jemily hearts on them
Emily starts the tickle fights. JJ Ends Them.
Emily also starts the pillow fights and when Henry comes into the question, he definitely helps emily plan pillow wars
Before kids, Emily falls asleep last and watches JJ sleep. But after JJ has the boys, they seem to take turns.
JJ mistakes salt for sugar ONE TIME so emily writes in big labels all over everything in the kitchen cupboard to tease JJ. JJ is mad until she realizes that Emily secretly needed the labels, too, after a month goes by and Emily doesn’t ask a single time where the leftovers are in the fridge. (They both are good at cooking IMO)
Tumblr media
Emily definitely lets the microwave beep at 1 am. And she always panics and frantically tries to shush it.
JJ and Emily equally have the cheesy pick up lines. It’s almost like a competition to see who laughs or blushes first.
Emily arranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order and JJ wonders why, of all things, this is what her chaotic girlfriend is organized about.
JJ bakes brownies for PTA and Emily keeps sticking her fingers in the batter so she loses spoon privileges to Henry, who is very well behaved around the chocolate bowl. (Henry definitely steals the empty bowl to share with his Emmy though)
JJ buys candles for dinner for no special occasion. She knows how hard emily tries to fit in at work and to be seen as valuable so she goes out of her way at home to do nice things for emily to make sure she knows her worth. (Emily does the same by running baths for JJ after long days and braiding her hair while they sit in bed together)
Emily draws little tattoos on JJ. I headcannon that emily is actually a really good artist and musician, so one time JJ finds a doodle on her calf that is really gorgeous so she goes and gets it tattooed. Emily is SHOCKED.
Emily always comes home with a souvenir to give to JJ and one to give to Henry when she has to travel for her mother or whatever other reason. JJ thinks it’s super sweet. Henry just likes the toys. When Emily comes to visit from London, she always has a million little things to give them.
Emily definitely convinces JJ to fill out the magazine couples quizzes. JJ makes emily take cringey buzzfeed quizzes in return.
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incorrectosemanverse · 2 months ago
Darcy, at pretty much any point in Heartstopper: *exists*
Tara, lovingly: There goes the crackhead I see each morning
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khaleesiofalicante · a month ago
Heyyy!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the celebration🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕 It means the world to me that people on Tumblr like my art!! I'm not great with words (especially not in english), so I can't express how grateful I am that you made a project like this.
So, knowing you like Malec, I did a little drawing for you. I hope this is enough to communicate my thankfulness💜
Tumblr media
Oh my gawwwwwwd.
This is absolutely stunning. I love them and I love this and I love your art so much.
I am so glad you enjoyed it. You and your art deserve all the love and appreciation.
Thank you for being an amazing part of our fandom. Keep doing your magic.
And thank you for the malec art again. It's gorgeous!!!
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samnyangie · a month ago
Oh my lord are you kidding me
Tumblr media
(Sorry I don’t use this in english)
Well, thank you so much for 100 followers!!! I never expected I’ll go this far haha though I’m scared that it’ll turn into 99 the next day but Ill do this quickly beforehanddddd
I tried to came up few things for 100 followers event (yes I was planning this already) and I kind of want to do the emoji games:D
So there’re 3 of them
Please send me them over to my inbox btw!
🌻: pick a number/numbers to 1-312 they’re how many I have of rsl photos/gifs in my album lol if you do I’ll gladly share and give the context or comment on them!
✨: any questions regarding rsl or m- myself??? (Ummm narcissistic)
Or the answer to any of my questions!
How did you got into Bobby(assuming you’re a stan since you followed me)
Do you have any favourite moment of him? E.g quote from interviews, favourite photo, video clips, or his scene in shows/films
Are there any roles you want him to play(dream cast sort to say) (Young or old depends on what you have in mind!)
The third one is not emoji game but I guess it’s the highlight of the event is that:
I’m opening a free commission for 7 people!
I was thinking about this for a while whether I should do it but I would like to all in all:) I’m sorry that I can only do it for 10:( if the numbers have reached, I’ll that it’s closed. But if this works and people like this then I might do it some other time:))
How to request: just message me with a photo or something than I’ll send it back to you<33
I’d like to get rsl/dps/house or just anything rsl related but I’m happy to do unrelated things too(character fanarts, your self portrait etc):))
In case if you haven’t seen my drawing you can have a look at my art account @demianillust
But I’m going to do it like doodles due to lack of time I have bc I’m going to be busy
And this is what I meant by doodles:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And this is how draw rsl
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Haha hope I’m doing this right. Thank you again for thissssss I’m so happy and blessed that there’re others who care for himmmmmm!
Thank you have a nice day/night😘💕💕
P.s I’m just going to pin this for awhile!
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saturnbela · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
910 followers??? For me???!!! w h a t??? Aw man this is such an honor, Jesus, I know how I always thank you whenever I reach an important goal, but this one specifically was enough to make me hold my breath of excitement XD Seeing this many people following me in almost an year of this blog, it was so fast, I really didn’t think it would be this fast. Cant thank you enough for the support I’ve been receiving lately, on my au, my fanarts, it’s amazing, really, and it means the whole world to me.
Thank you so much :’)💖💖
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owl-bones · 3 months ago
papyrus is that you??
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strawberrysoup · 2 months ago
Valkyrie is so happy with her little kitten that she wants to hold her close at all times, so she puts her into on of those carrying sack things for babies. While talking official business she softly runs her hands over her ass. She constantly playing with her toes and giving kisses on her head. The other women make a game out of pinching every exposed body part unexpectedly.
While sitting on her throne, y/n is chained to natashas side. At first she tries to chew on the chain or rip is but the fine golden chain is too strong so she settles down as far away as possible, only to be dragged closer to Nats side by her neck.
She gets a little bell for around her neck so they always hear her coming.
During dinner she is forced to stay under the table. Somewhere during the meal Carol drags her closer to her and makes her kneel next to her and rest her head On the blondes lap.
To prevent escape she has to wear a blindfold the first few days when going outside the room. Like a newborn kitten she stumbles into everything and is coed at every time.
bruu u uu h h
Tumblr media
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corysmiles · 3 months ago
Beeduo meetup au. If Ranboo hasnt been around humans maybe some angst of ranboo freaking out about staying with a giant and his family for four months. (Sorry abt spamming but i just had thoughts abt this the whole time i was watching the streams)
He wouldn’t really be scared of Tubbo since even though he’s a lot bigger, he’s still his best friend. But I do think he’d start to get really overwhelmed by how big everything is.
Even though he’s tiny he’s used to things in his house being his size, so having almost nothing be easily accessible to him is scary. Slowly Tubbo’s house starts to have more tiny furniture and appliances, but it’s still a hard transition. At first, there’s barely anything Ranboo can use without help from the humans, and it starts to make him feel pretty helpless
It also doesn’t help that he loses out on a lot of the casual touch he had at him. While he’s used to pats on his shoulders or hugs from his family, the only time he gets touched in the Uk is when someone needs to pick him up. After a while he really starts to miss having a real hug, and when Tubbo finds out he does his best to provide all the touch he wants
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nahoney22 · a month ago
Just wanna day a huge thank you for 1,210 followers 🥺 insaneeeeee
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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