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#thank youuuuu <3
friendshapedcastiel · a day ago
7, 11, 22!
7: is there anything you used to like but can't stand now?
i already answered this but i'll put another one <3
i don't like soulless sam anymore. i didn't really like demon dean from the beginning but i liked soulless sam at first and now i really just see him as a manifestation of trauma and someone that is too liminal to exist for long. i also think he just felt disingenuous to My Sam. who is VERY important to me
11: is there an unpopular character that you like? why?
already answered this but i thought of another one
i think amelia was FASCINATING. ALSO LISA. one day i'll comb through all the dms i've sent about her and make a series of Lisa Studies Posts. until then just know that i think her relationship to being a victim of monsterhood in the show was very interesting. amelia i like on a visceral level i could not tell you why
22: popular character you hate?
not sure if crowley is popular but i love to hate him. god. he annoys me so much it makes me enjoy the show. like yes!! my outlet for hatred and detesting people <3 mwah
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h-zemo · 2 days ago
Do five different pictures of Helmut Zemo count? If not then (1) turkish delight, (2) a fur coat, (3) a computer, (4) a purple mask, (5) a fountain pen?
Honestly at this point even five times the same picture would do the trick ✋🏼😂 but yes! immaculate choices anon! 👀✨
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starlless · 2 days ago
london & berlin!
london: when you visit a city, do you take in the tourist points or the more unknown places? - definitely both! I love exploring unknown places, but also the tourist spots are just so iconic and beautiful you can't not go there yk
berlin: do you find history or geography to be more interesting? - I've never been a fan of history as a subject, it took me a bit of time to actually understand how to interest myself with it. I'd say both are great, but its one thing to know where one place is on the map and another thing is to know every detail about the place (that's very vague, but i hope you understand me 😅)
european city asks
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silentlittlelamb · 4 days ago
✔ x 5000000000
D'awww! Thank you so much! Truly this means the world to me! You are amazing!
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knife-sin · 7 days ago
Papaya, plum, and guava for the apprentice fruits thing!!
(Eeee thank youuu 💞💞💕)
Papaya - hmm another insecurity for Iolas I suppose would be his dancing skills they aren’t the best even if he likes to brag that he doesn’t have any downsides— but when he actually does start dancing he will apologize for his lack of practice his facade is much easier to break then some 👀
Plum - Iolas loves gifts
Honestly he loves super flashy stuff like big rings or blinding necklaces the bigger the better. He will definitely cry if you give him something which will result in a few awkward seconds before he tries on whatever you give him and starts talking about how cute he looks.
As for giving his secret passion is sewing so he’d love to give friends cute hand sewn objects like dresses or shirts. That or he’ll cook you something, either something chocolate or your favorite meal if he knows it 💞
Guava - an embarrassing memory— Iolas has honestly probably a million because before he took the palace job he was hoping from job to job anywhere he could get it and half the time he would end up in some scandalous situation with his employer in which he would have to either physically run out before their wives beat him or have to explain why he’s hung over and in their front garden fountain with nothing on😭
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knife-sin · 7 days ago
Boysenberry, passion fruit, strawberry
Boysenberry - Iolas loves to tell everyone he doesn't wear makeup but really his closet is full of all the latest pigments for his blush and eyeshadows. Blush is his favorite since red is his favorite color. If your ever having a bad day you can seek him out and he'll happily do your make up.
Passionfruit - Oh lord-- Iolas is the definition of intense, thankfully though He knows when it turn it off and on. He loves to challenge people and see just what their limits are. Its more because he has a bad habit of expecting the worst in people. He's learned through his trauma that most people have secrets and hidden motives for the things they say and do. So he's contently trying to figure what those are. He's gotten somewhat good at hiding his intentions with pleasantry's and keeps most people at an arms distance with jokes and funny pranks but when someone wants to actually know him he runs as fast as he can. His aggressive outward self is absolutely a front for his weakened inner self, he knows deep down that he's life is pretty sad and that why he never talks about his past or how old he is. He'd rather see how many marshmallows his friends can eat before getting sick.
Strawberry - Another way Iolas shows affection both platonically and romantically is through listening. When he really appreciates someone friend or lover he'll ask questions and just listen to them for hours, He hates to talk about himself (that's not in a superficial way) so he'd rather know everything about whoever he's with.
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believemetobee · 8 days ago
@two-nipples-maybe-more I followed the advice that you gave me in your tags and it works!! thank you so much now he looks a lot better :D
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kkyuns · 9 days ago
hi Aminah! i was thinking of you today. specifically right after i woke up from my nap. you were really my first thought! “i should check tumblr so i can check on Aminah” i hope you’re doing well my love! remember to eat, drink water and rest when you need to! 💕💞💓💗💖💘
angel 💘💘💘💘💘 please :( this is so kind of you :( thank you so much for taking the time to check up on me <3 also can i just say you thinking of me as soon as you woke up is so!!!!! i’m in tears right now :( i feel so loved... thank you <3 it’s truly such an honour to feel this much love from another human being so thank you <3 i am ok today!!! though the day started off badly but it’s ok now!!! i hope that you’re doing ok too!!! please look after yourself today!!! be kind to yourself too ok <3 thank you for everything!!! i love you!!!!!!!!! 💘
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macademics · 9 days ago
Have a gift from me, Admin mom!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh my god!! That's so cute!!! I'm going to cry all my tears today!!! You're all being so amazing and lovely!!! TwT *frame it on my room wall* 💖 -Admin Mom
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cobaltusami · 14 days ago
The ultimate tickle fanfics writer
Hecc yeah! Move over Hifumi I am the true ultimate of the fanfic niche!
Sorry bud, I don't make the rules.
Nonnie has spoken~
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kkyuns · 14 days ago
dont disappear... pls know i have a crush on u *winks with both eyes*
angel 💘 i can’t promise you that i won’t disappear one day but i will try to hang around here for a little longer for you. also hhhhh do you really have a crush on me... i’m seriously nothing special though or at least not special enough to be crushed on but thank you so much <3 every time someone tells me they have a crush on me i honestly cannot understand why anyone would because i don’t see myself as that type of person but 🥺💗💓💞💕💗💓💞💕💗 you’re so sweet!!!!!!!!! thank you for putting a smile on my face!!!!! i love you <3
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smoozie · 16 days ago
good luck on your ap test ^~^
Haha I saved this until now so it counts for BOTH tests >:3
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calebs-hangout-corner · 16 days ago
*points to marcys shoes* WHATRE THOOOOSEEEEEEEEEEE jk jokes aside amazing art omd
Those are her cROCS
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nonebiney · 17 days ago
⭐ wini i kind of want haters too, theyre so cute and generic. where do you get them? teehee. anyway so like yeah hi, hows your tuesday going
teehee hey junjie ^_^ i got mine at the supermarket but theyres special stores for haters too :) my tuesday went well how are you!!!
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ella-simps · 17 days ago
We’re nearing 600 followers! (♡´𓋰`♡)
Thank you all so much, and for putting up with me (;´∀`)
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faestorian · 19 days ago
Hello, dear! I have some prompts/questions for the artist ask meme! Sending many hugs your way as well 🤗 I hope you have an amazing day AND week 🥰
7, 11, 19, and 23! 😘 🧛🏻
Hey there!!! Thank you so much for your lovely message, that's super kind of you!!! Sending you some good vibes, right back!!
Now - let's get to the questions~
7. do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?
answered here! <3
11. warm or cool colors?
Warm colors all the way! I live for my yellows, oranges and pinks~
19. do you like drawing short hair or longer hair more?
Any length of hair is just fine to draw for me - as long as I get to make it super ploofy~
23. draw your fav as a vampire
Tumblr media
Here you go! Another doodle of Sparky~ She just gets to be more extra than she already is, as a vampire~
Artist Ask Meme // @tearstainedashes
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thank you for always being so nice and always being here for us and giving us the greatest advices!! even tho you’re a bad corrector i love you very very much🫂🫂💗💞💕💓💓💗💞💕💓💗 i hope you will have the most amazing day because you are the most amazing person and you deserve it!!! sending you all my kisses and hugs🥳🥳🥳
i wish i was as talented as you so i could make you an amazing drawing but i’m not so i’m offering you this very bad birthday edit of the best buds specially for you🤍
Tumblr media
AKSJDJSKS “adult child” might just make that the birthday tag loool but np on the advice! I never know what I’m talking about so anyone taking my advice is astonishing to me 🤪 ALSO I was tired bruhhh I’m an excellent corrector when I want to be 😌 skdjdb
YASMINA AND ROBBE FOR ME? IN PURPLE? My heart 🥺🥰🤧 but yes thank you so much and much love and hugs and kusjes for you too 🫂🫂🫂🫂💕💕💕🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕💕
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ravkalina · 27 days ago
Death, the tower and the emperor
death: what are three things you want to do before you die? - oooooh. Yknow, it’s not something I actually think about a lot, I’m not much for Big Bucket Lists TM. But thinking of some things that I want to do pretty badly...  1. Rent a house boat and explore Lake Powell and really go on an adventure 2. Work in mission control (that’s the childhood dream checkbox I guess!) 3. And honestly? this is cheesy but get married. That’s been one thing during the pandemic I’ve been so scared of is “what if that gets taken away” so I’ll include it here. Alternatively I’ll give “getting a cabin in a pine forest” an honorary mention!
the tower: favorite colors to wear? - EARTH TOOONNESS!!! My colors are blues and grays, what with me being classic very pale, blonde hair, blue eyes. But I love dandelion yellows, rusty reds and oranges, and forest greens. I’ve definitely steered my wardrobe that way even if it’s not what “suits” me because dammit, it DOES and I LOVE wearing it!!!!
the emperor: what are some names that you like? - I love this one!!! Some of my fave names that I regularly pick for things like plants and one-off characters - Nora, Alex, Theo, Jessica all come to mind!
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gatecoeur · 27 days ago
💌 send this to the twelve nicest people you know or who seem to have a good heart and if you get five back you must be pretty awesome 💌
{ @abbyissharp }{ excuse me, i did not order this, where’s the return address??? }
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