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Strangers always make me feel better more than anyone else I know.

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It’s the small things in life indeed the butterfly you saw in the morning, the kid you met in the park, the old couples you saw walking together or the piano piece you heard in the corridor as you were passing by. For a moment you paused to listen and to cherish them. Its all about acknowledging and appreciating the tiniest things you come across.

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To those who have been a tumblr friend, thank you. 🍃

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Going to the beach for a while to organize my thoughts and build some structure for the upcoming season - I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend 💛

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~~Feb 26th, 2021~~

I’m so thankful for friends. I’ve been a little down in the dumps and Morgan invited me out to go to a flea market and hiking. It was spur of the moment and I want 💯 prepared. I’m so glad I went and I’m so glad I pushed myself to the top. It’s been so long since I’ve focused on myself and exercised. I forgot how much endorphins make you feel better. I was so stressed today and it completely helped. It was so creepy. I felt a little bit like I was in a horror movie, it stayed so cool and foggy. So glad it’s getting warmer. Winter really took it out of me this year.

I’m almost done with all of “The institute”. This ending is getting so crazy!!! I’m like there Stephen King is 😂 I’m reading so slow right now. The beginning of the book was pretty good. It drug a tiny bit in the middle. This ending is making it worth getting through. I was prepaired to rate it a 3.5 out of 4 on goodreads. The ending may push it to a four though!

I guess that’s about all I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been pretty dang lazy otherwise. Let’s hope I can move tomorrow 😆

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Life has never been easy for me. My parents separated when I was still a kid, and seeing your family slowly getting destructed is like tearing yourself into a tiny pieces. I had a lot of trauma as a kid that I think, I will never forget for the rest of my life. I experienced a lot of bad things. I heard a lot of painful words. I’ve been treated worse. I was once bullied. I was rejected, denied, and fooled. I can’t even count the bad memories I have, to the point that I wanted to just disappear. I tried so hard to be appreciated, to be seen, to be felt. I did my best to pass the standard of the society to be called worthy. I’ve been judged by the people I barely know. In order for me to have friends, I tried my best to at least fit, so I don’t have to feel left out. But all of that did nothing good for my well-being. I came across to some people whom I thought will stay with me, through thick and thin, like what they said.

I also have problems. I can be one of the worst person you’ll ever meet, I can be also one of your best of friend. The extent of my insecurity is greater than my personality. I am not perfect in this life, no one is. But despite of all the pain I came through, do I regret my life? No. Because I still believe that there’s more in this life. Maybe it’s true that I could fathom the reason why I am alive, but I still hope that before I close my eyes to rest, I will have no regret, for I lived my life like how I wanted it to be. I don’t want to blame myself in the end. I don’t want to feel guilty or even pity for myself, because that’s the last thing I’ll ever want. To die with a very heavy heart is not in my bucket list.

All of us have our own difficulties. We have our own problems. We have our own battles that we are silently fighting. It’s okay to be tired, it’s okay to take a break. Sometimes there are conflicts that seems too hard for us, and leaves us no choice but to give it up, but it’s fine. It’s fine to leave the battle when you know it’s too much for you. It’s okay to lose, because you are not the winner every time. Do not compare your hurting to anyone. It’s normal to feel bad at times, bad days are normal too. Just take it easy and always give time for yourself.

You only live once, but when you do it right, once is enough. I’ve read that somewhere, and up until now I couldn’t take it out of my head because of how relatable it is. Dark times are inevitable in life, that’s why it’s better for you to always strengthen yourself. Expect the unexpected. It’s easy to say these words, but only if you are determined to live your life without worrying that you might regret tomorrow, I promise you that it will make a difference. I couldn’t see the way you perceive life, but I wish this will somehow make a change in your point of view.

In closing, I hope you will finally find the enlightenment that your heart desires. I hope all of you will live your life happily. You are alive because you have a purpose, maybe you can’t see it now, but sooner or later you will find out. Keep on fighting, keep on hoping. Hang in there just a little bit more, because life has more to offer. Someday, you will look back at your darkest moment, and you will be grateful because you stayed strong.

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3 Things I’m Thankful Today

2021, February 26th

• New Phone (Huawei P40)

• Finished my user story ahead of time

• Dimsum for lunch

So, today I saw a post that if you write 3 things you are grateful for every day, you will have a list of 1000 reasons to be happy within a year.

So I wanna try this and hopefully consistently post here every day. And prolly will just use this as a thread. Wish me luck!

2021, February 27th

• Ed made really good lunch and yummy dinner

• Coco Milk Tea

• Comedy marathon with Ed

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Good Morning 😃 Guam

Good Morning 😃 Guam

Saturday Morning February 27, 2021. Clear and cool at 700 AM.

Inspect 4


I’m Smelling Coffee

Have Faith

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#Praise the Lord

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Kleine, feine Straßenpoesie🙏🏻📸⚓️💜.🦋

Mein erstes erstelltes Fotobuch. Jedes Projekt zu Papier bringen und Menschen damit glücklich machen☝🏻🧡

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“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”–Eckhart Tolle Quote

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Almost a decade ago, Trisha developed this wonderful character “Wonder”. Who knew this simple character would lead to what Giorgiko has become today 🥰. #thankful
#originalcharacter #originalcharacterart #ocart #ocartwork #characterart #childrensillustration #characterillustration #kidlitart #giorgiko (at Los Angeles, California)

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I would put the day we’re on but it’s pretty clear I didn’t stay on top of what I set out to do, am I surprised? No. No I am not lol. I went into a small episode of sadness. However, the last couple days I’ve taken up journaling to help me stay motivated and out of my head which has surprisingly helped more than I thought it would so here we go:

Affirmation of the day:

“A river of compassion washes away my anger and replaces it with love.”

3 goals for the day:

1. Finish the dishes

2. Finish reorganizing the playroom

3. Finish customer order

1 thing I’m grateful for today:

I woke today in a happy mood.

Why will this work? It helps me focus on the positives which I desparetly need, writing out every aspect of my day makes me focus on the negatives more than I’m liking.

Although I’m having a hard time lately, it doesn’t define who I am.


A bad ass mom and wife.

Bri 🖤

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wish i could fully express into words how much you came into my life at such a perfect, unexpected time. so thankful and grateful to be experiencing this love, and i look forward to everyday by your side in this lifetime, and even after.

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Grateful for everything…

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