okruee · 14 hours ago
ok but wait your sims have always looked amazing and after seeing the calientes and how johnny looks now compared to like the beginning/middle of ur story i see they’re just getting better and better so im just wondering if don changed a lot since we’ve last seen him! love ur account btw it’s like a boost of seratonin rereading his and johnny’s story <3
it might not seem like it bc his hair and beard are basically the same but yeah old don looks so.... deep fried compared to now i think
Tumblr media
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maciemmmmiraculous · a day ago
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angelporsche · 2 days ago
Agree with all you said, Apo has brought such deep character on Porsche. The novel Porsche is simply exhausting but series Porsche is sweet, dangerous, funny, he's made bad decisions out of him believing in people. He's such a lovable character with both the good and bad parts and that's thanks to Apo. I can't believe the book writers constantly bad mouth him and even commented on his colour. Every day I understand why he wanted to quit this business but I'm glad he didn't because he's so talented.
Apo's beautiful honey skin is so exquisite. He's breathtaking to say the least. Colorism is sadly a huge problem in Asia and it makes me livid that such a treasure as Apo would be treated in such a manner. I am fully enamored with Apo's personality and nobleness, his softness and overall his personality. How people can't appreciate that remains an enigma to me.
Haven't read the novel and am not interested in the slightest, to be honest.
Thank you so much.
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saulgoodmanonlyfans · 2 days ago
bad url sorry
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peace-for-levi · 15 hours ago
professor!levi drabble #2
a continuation of sorts on from this ! and to think this was meant to be a drabble but it ended up being 2700 words of me wanting my ass ate by professor!levi bYEEEEE.
content warnings: blatant smut, levi being a tease, a bit more body worship than what i'd like but anyway, hints of overstimulation, use of vibe, anal play (f!receiving)
tagging: @levi-my-beloved @levmada @poisonpeche @maries-gallery and uhhh @bibblelevi (idk u requested professor!levi from my first.)
Tumblr media
Your head rose slowly from your notes. You merely glanced at him and then went right back to reading. Well, at least you acknowledged his presence, right? 
It was just after seven – or eight, maybe (you weren't keeping track) – and Levi had just peered his head into where you were: his bedroom. Although, he had grown comfortable now calling it your shared bedroom. It was a cosy space, nice warm tones cast from the glowing, amber lamps on his bedside lockers. On his desk were two bundles of exams he had assigned recently and they sat stacked before his laptop. His workspace both at the university and at home were immaculate, though that was hardly a surprise. 
“Working hard, or hardly working?” he asks you. 
You just scoff in response, now crossing one leg over the other. He rests his briefcase down and loosens his tie – but doesn’t take it off – before setting his gaze on you. You’re just wearing your pyjamas or bed clothes: a loose, camisole and some frilly shorts. Comfortable clothes were key for studying. But, he didn’t like that you were on your back while studying. 
“Tch, [F/n]... I know you find it comfortable, but lying down whilst trying to study will just make you sleepy. Lying on a bed in particular totally defeats the purpose.” He reminds you. 
“Sorry, O Wisened One,” you mock, but then you squish the notes against your face, sighing heavily. He is sliding your shoes together into two neat pairs by his door when he hears your sigh and he pouts a bit upon seeing your crestfallen expression. You swore you heard him hum to himself, as if that comment pissed him off but he was just biting his tongue. You speak up: “I’m… just exhausted. It’s just– I don’t know. My brain is rejecting all information at this stage.”
Ah, reading week. Levi remembers this time a bit too well for his liking, all of the hours he poured into his exams and assignments. Sure, it all paid off in the end and he considered himself fortunate to be able to teach a subject he was so passionate about, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten the arduous journey it took to reach that point. 
If there were any benefits about lowkey dating your professor it would be that he was the most reliable person when it came to giving you tips. For appearances sake and in the interest of being fair – which you totally understood – he never gave you any tips on his tests. People were already having their suspicions anyway… But for your other modules, he never minded quizzing you, helping you study, buying you snacks – getting or doing anything you needed to make the process easier. 
And one of those things included allowing you to crash at his house every now and then. He didn’t mind at all; it meant not having to hide or pretend you didn’t exist. He could have you in any way you presented yourself to him; take you against the counter in the kitchen or in his bed, and not over the desk in his office. He could also wake up next to you and treat you as his girlfriend who he had come to genuinely care for, and not feel so filthy for getting with one of his students. He could take you on dates easier or order takeout as you both watch the most mindless documentaries. 
He had half a mind to ask you to officially move in with him, but he doesn’t know how you’d feel moving in with a man who is both ten years your senior and your professor for the next two years. 
He goes to shrug off his waistcoat when he hears you groan again. This time, however, there’s a bit of a whine to it too. He walks over to the bed and sits on it, observing the notepad that was now acting as a canopy for the light in the room. 
“Tired, sweetheart?” he asks, though he knows the answer. You give an ‘mm-hmm’ and move to stretch your arms. “Stressed?” he presses further, now removing his tie. You nod, and you hate to admit it but it was very easy for your eyes to well with tears when you were overwhelmed with your studies. 
Ah, but Levi can make it all better. 
God, fuck you for wearing those damn frilly pajamas and lying on his bed so innocently. Yes, innocently, because he was attracted to you in every conceivable way. It didn’t matter what you did, or how you dressed; he was always craving you. 
When he was teaching a very disengaged class who were on their phones the whole time or clearly not paying attention, it was like his mind would automatically jump to thinking of you to pass the time. What he’d get you to do for him that night, or perhaps what you’d even treat him to. What position he’d put you in, which one of his vibrators or plugs would he use on you…
Yeah, Levi could definitely make it all better.
“I’m sorry, darling…” he whispers, swinging a leg over yours and straddling you there. You quickly blink your tears away. “You’re working so hard…” he breathes into your neck whilst reaching for your wrists, “...and I haven’t been properly tending to your needs.” 
Your wrists are enclosed in his larger hands and quickly – and expertly – bound by his grey tie. Your eyes are as wide as plates but you’re quickly trying to suppress a grin. He lifts up your sheer cami that did nothing to hide your pebbled nipples at his electric touch. Oh, how he loves it when you don’t wear a bra. 
He’s always so soft and gentle at first. The bump of his nose trails around your navel, his lips leaving kisses in its wake. He takes his time worshipping every inch of you with open-mouth and hot kisses. He moves up to drag the flat of his tongue up and down the columns of your neck and across your collarbones, blowing a cheeky puff of air against them to make you shiver. He smirks. 
Cute, he thinks as he goes to press kisses down the valley of your breasts. When he takes a hardened nipple into his mouth, you begin squirming more. It already was torturous not being able to touch him back. 
He just couldn’t help it – when it came to you, he wanted to do everything. 
As you softly mewl his name, he feels his cock strain against his briefs. He moves to fiddle with the button on his slacks, desperate for some relief. It is a little awkward to palm himself while his mouth is occupied with one nipple while his other hand is busy with the other. But his body acts quicker than he’d like and he’s suddenly grinding against the bunched up duvet beneath you, his cock pulsating. It’s entirely unintentional and he does his damn best to not cum until you have. You need to first, this is all about you. 
“Please… please, Levi– Sir… Please, I need you to touch me–” Fuck, that did it. He can’t help it now as he slowly ruts against the quilt and it’s a constant motion after that. You smile ear to ear at this, happy he’s not denying himself of this pleasurable experience. “You like it when I moan for you, professor?” 
“Shit…” he curses under his breath. 
No, he has a façade to keep up. 
He needs to continue pleasing you otherwise he’d be cumming in his pants before the main event. Which has happened a few times already. 
The chaste kisses and nips down your torso continue until he is finally between your legs. With a firm grip on your inner thighs, he spreads your legs apart and he briefly leans down to kiss just next to your cunt. He pulls away to thumb over the faint marks that have faded over time. 
“Love those,” he comments and he pulls back to slide your shorts and panties down your legs. ��Hmm, I should use my tie more often. You’re so well behaved tonight.” You don’t see this as permission to be able to touch him – or being allowed to touch yourself either. “Turn around.” 
You huff, but obey. He offers his praise and removes the tie binding your wrists. Thumbs smoothing over them for a second, he orders you to keep them on your back. Gentle he presses on the small of your back, allowing your back to fall into an arch. Perfect position.
He swallows thickly at the way your cunt is squished against your thighs. Licking his middle and index finger, he finally – finally – gives you what you want and touches you through your sopping folds. His touches are so light and teasing – it’s not enough, not nearly enough. The wet sounds of his fingers caressing you through your folds are most certainly audible and you nearly feel embarrassed.
“Got that wet from me just kissing you down your body? How cute.” 
He leans in to kiss at your pussy and you twitch against his mouth, aching for more. But as soon as his tongue meets your pussy, he’s gone. 
“Levi, what are you– oh, god–” you moan out as his tongue swipes at your other entrance. Your cute little cries and tiny gasps surely are a sign for him to keep going. You turn your head to the side and look at him and your jaw drops. He’s sucking on his own fingers and when he takes them out again there is an audible pop. Your puckered hole twitches some more as he runs the pads of his sinewy fingers over it. “That’s– Oh, fuck, Levi!”
Doubt suddenly plants itself in his mind. “Wait, do you need me to stop?”
You two had discussed in passing on teasing here, but that boundary of sorts was never passed. Not until now. He nearly feels bad for not asking you beforehand. 
You frantically shake your head. “N-No, please don’t–” 
Once more, his fingers are back to teasing. “That’s good. You’ve been working so hard lately, making me so proud. I intend to spoil you tonight until you’re cumming repeatedly,” he replies. He leans down to lick again. “You’re such a good girl, you know that?” His cockhead is leaking so much precum now. He doesn’t even need to see it to know that to be true; he feels truly high just by touching your body and eating you out. “What are you to me?”
“I– I’m y-your good girl–! Fuck, fuck, Levi, shit–”
His lithe fingers move to rub soft circles at your clit before returning to your puckering hole. He moans against your entrance when he feels just how much you are dripping for him. Inadvertently, you attempt to keep his hand on your clit in place but it is quickly pinned onto your ass again and the touching there from him stops. With one hand now free, he palms himself through his opened slacks and through his briefs. 
God, he’s fucked you countless times already but never here. With how tight you are naturally around him sometimes, he can’t imagine how tight your ass would. He groans once more as he fishes his hand through his briefs and he’s stroking his thick cock. His hand is no comparison to your gummy walls that suck him in and milk him for all he’s worth. But it certainly wouldn’t be impossible for him to cum just from touching himself as he teases you with his tongue.
A few minutes of him pass by of him just poking and prodding at your entrance before he’s up on his knees. 
“Turn around,” he orders, opening the door to his bedside locker and you’re back to where you started the night. This time without your notebook in hand but one of his small bullet vibrators that he purchased for you. “Lowest setting.”
Your chest heaves, aching for relief. “No, higher than that, Levi, come on–”
“Lowest setting or you can put the vibrator back and I’ll edge you to tears with just my tongue at your ass.” He warns. 
You whimper a small bit, but knowing how ruthless your professor could be at edging, you obey. You place the vibe at your hardened clit and even at the lowest setting, you can still hear the squelching sound of your wet pussy. You grind your hips against it, aching for more friction as Levi returns. It is so hard to ignore the sounds amplified by the vibrator though. 
“Do you hear how wet you are? Do you hear how noisy this cunt is?” 
You feel the familiar knot in your belly tighten and it’s fast approaching. “You– You’re being mean… I just wanna cum…” 
He tuts into your ear when he comes up. “I’m not being mean,” he denies, but when he catches your gaze and sees how your eyes are welling with tears more from the sheer intensity and pleasure he’s made you feel, he tones the mean-ish façade down a notch. “Do you think you can last a little longer for me, sweetheart?”
He turns the vibrator off momentarily to hear your response. 
His question sounded like a tease of whether you could keep up, but he was also genuinely asking for your consent to continue. He got so absorbed in this that he wasn’t checking in that much. He was so whooped and so lost in trying to make you feel good that he wasn’t even considering how you felt.
You gulp, “Just– I need–”
He nods. “It’s okay, take a breath. Take your time.”
Soft kisses are planted along your inner thighs as you try to compose yourself, catching your breath. His fingers are brushing over any marks he’s left along the way. His thumbs draw little circles into your hips; this was always something he did to help ground you. 
Shit, what was happening before all this? Were you trying to study or something? Yikes.
Your fingers begin combing through his black tresses as a silent way of saying you’re okay to continue. Still, he wants to be sure. 
“Think you can go on?” You nod. “That’s my girl, don’t worry. You’re doing so well for me.”
There’s not much speaking after that. It’s damn near impossible to stay quiet as the coil in your tummy tightens and tightens. It’s not like this was your student dorm though where you had to be quiet; Levi lived by himself in an apartment complex with thick walls. Your cries are laden with frustration as you’re so, so close – so close to falling off the edge–
He’s unable to control the grinding of his hips now. Rutting desperately, imagining it’s your cunt even though it’s so far off from being anything close to it. He wants to be inside you, shit, he needs to be inside you–
Your body arcs and your hand comes down to hold Levi in place and he’s truly unable to suppress the groan as he soils his pants. Your chest is heaving, forehead beading sweat and pupils blown as your clit continues to throb and pulsate. You’re seeing stars from this orgasm, a warm, fuzzy heat spreading throughout your body. His mouth moves to place a few kisses around your throbbing cunt until your hips jerk away from him. 
Aftercare consists of him fetching you a glass of water from the jug that is now routinely kept full in his bedroom for any future midnight escapades. He kisses life back into your limbs and one to your forehead before wiping you down with a damp cloth. 
A hand moves to cradle your jaw as he asks, “Oi, where’s that head of yours at?”
“Not…” you pause, panting too much to say anything remotely coherent, “...not in my studies.”
Tumblr media
kinda wanna do a series of professor!levi drabbles (smut and fluff... and angst) sorry let me live my life as i ride the professor!levi train. all aboard~
-cece <3
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lindenardenshighlights · a day ago
Tumblr media
Paris 2014 (2022 edit), light show
And a big show of gratitude to all rebloggers on Tumblr including:
@Abstract Challenge, @Starlight 2 Travel,,
@Photos Worth Seeing, @Lux Lit, @The Wolves at Night,,
@I Stumbled Upon, @Explore around, @6reat-photos
@Minimal Art-Maximum Expression, @Black and White Photos,
@Art-Nature-Landscape, @Original Sharing, @Kervous,
@Camera Raw, @Bosch Integral,
And to all the Tumblrs who share their original photography.
Please leave captions & credits intact and don’t reblog to NSFW/18+ blogs.
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surkeart · a day ago
Tumblr media
happy pride to my fellow trans people who don't have realistic transition goals but would rather be a sexy skeleton or an evil triangle :)
(i'm not too active here so you can find me from twitter @surkea or ig @surkeart bye)
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deadlyhibiscus · 2 days ago
Not that I carefully watched the show but I feel Porsche and Tawan were obviously tool for Vegas. I'm kind of rolling eyes at people being conflicted about scenes that happened between Vegas and anyone else before Pete. You could read it in his eyes. He had a need to impress but without real emotional involvement. Literal manifestation of 'light is on but nobody is home.'
Or maybe my romantic ass need an explanation for anything that's not VegasPete but I feel I'm right.
Even if there is no Pete, Vegas's relation to the other two was pure manipulation for his benefit not real emotional interest.
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lowpolyanimals · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Papercraft Pig 
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autumnchild22 · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Are you my real father?”
“I wish that I could say I was.”
I need time to process this scene, okay. I need time to process baby Leia trying to protect this broken old man, and I still need time to process Obi-Wan’s achy-breaky-heart in general.
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magicandstarstuff · a month ago
Florence Welch really made a whole album for mentally ill, lonely women in their late 20s-30s who have commitment issues, feel like spectators in their own lives, and struggle to fit into any traditional mold of femininity huh?
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sofiakagaminejaeger · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
thanks, Steve
bueno, Steve, del programa "las pistas de Blue" volvió en un video por el aniversario de ya 25 años del programa, y sí, estoy vieja y se me rompió el corazón imaginando algo así
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hanarutos · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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overcaffeinated-aro · a year ago
not to be aro on main or anything but I just think so many things would be better if we told kids “oh that’s ok, not everyone likes that kind of relationship” or “not everyone likes doing that” instead of “oh how silly, you’ll understand when you’re older~” when they express disgust or confusion around romantic and/or sexual relationships
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redacted-cryptid · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I can’t believve this is a real reference in an actual paper i submitted for a grade in one of my philosophy seminar courses 
@dingdongyouarewrong​ you should know that one of your posts basically provided me with my final undergrad thesis
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11101110c · 3 months ago
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another fav
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jeffe1313 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Madison Pettis
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aliencurls · 8 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Taika Waititi at the Thor: Love and Thunder Premiere
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2many2spirits · a month ago
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a lot to think about here, a lot to chew on
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popping-greenbean · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
ok but just like what if we sneak into the shoguns big castle and take friendos cat back but we do it in cool and really good fantastic disguises bc we are criminals who said shogun wants dead
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