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🥧👻🍎 Tag Yourself: Autumn Edition 🕯📚

I was tagged by @peggysousfan, thanks! :)

Tea or hot chocolate | cozy books or halloween movies | plaid or corduroy | foggy mornings or twinkly nights | orange or black | pumpkin or apple pie | wool or velvet | picking fruit or carving pumpkins | libraries or coffee shops (both!) | cinnamon or peanut butter | spooky or cozy halloween | candles or fairy lights.

Tagging: @aurora-australis-tumbles @snowymary @a-wonderingmind @captain-onyourleft and @franniebanana sorry, can’t think of anyone else rn

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2. Bit of a weird one but these lip glosses from soap and glory.

3. Depends, fictional Cora Crawley (Downton Abbey) real life- someone with a stable mind

6. I have to many of different styles

7. All. Ok if not a ruler (bit odd but oh well)

8. Probably either a denim jacket, a pair of black leggings or a jumper I wear over my pj’s

10. No (sorry)

11. Pastel yellow

13. Spring

14. Carmel digestives

15. Weekday: 4-8 hours weekend: 4-10 hours

16. I own may empty ones

17. If I have the recipe

21. Horrible histories (pretty sure you will only have that in the UK)

24. As a kid I went around 500 imaginary friends

25. Mango

27. Sometimes (I have three books next to my bed as we speak)

28. Lavender

30. Elizabeth McGovern, Laura Main, Jennifer Love Hewitt (and I will not say my absolute favourite out if them because half my followers will hate me)

31. Two dogs

32. A long midnight blue dress with jewels on the neckline

35. ALL THE TIME. (Titanic anyone?) TV shows to

36. Dorothy Parker (apparently she wrote my favourite poem) if not then Nikita Gill

38. Purple hyacinths

39. A ravenclaw HP one

40. She/her

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When I first watched the finale, I knew I hated it and it made me cry for so long because it was so bad, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly why I didn’t like it. So my parents thought I was overreacting. Seeing all the posts here from people who could put their words together to say why it was bad, has made me feel so much better. I know I’m not overreacting now. Thank you so so much

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Aw thank you so much! It’s vastly easier to bear now that I know there is an end in sight. It won’t be an end to precautions, because I have fragile health and we don’t know a lot about how things will go, but I’ll be able to go out again. Today I left my house for about five or six hours, the longest I have been out of it (not counting my yard) since March, and it was great! I will never take human interaction for granted again, that’s for sure. THanks!

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