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#thanks again for the tag kris !!
monikapologist7 days ago
monika for the ask game!
sexuality hc: contrary to my url, monika is canonically pan and i respect that <3
gender hc: believe it or not i think about this a TON so i can say in full confidence that she's agender and uses she/her!
a ship i have w said character: SAYONIKA LIKE WOW they were already cute and then we got trust !!! they feel more or less canon to me the feelings are so OBVIOUS
brotp with said character: she loves both natsuki and yuri they are her friends :( yuri is her bestie i think but she cares about natsuki a lot too..... she loves the literature club i'm screaming crying banging my fists against the wall
a notp i have with said character: monika/mc because the mc's a loser (derogatory) 馃様
a hc i have for said character: LET ME SETTLE ON ONE. aight i'm gonna go with her and sayori were in a relationship for sure and then monika had her epiphany and was heartbroken that sayori wasn't real/disgusted w herself for not knowing and falling in actual love with a line of code so she started pushing her away. not in a mean way but like. becoming more inaccessible to her + isolating herself in general + becoming way more formal with sayori. they'd start dating after trust and be together for most of the side stories i think :P
general opinion of this character: GOD. MONIKA. she's hot for one thing and also !!! holy shit i know she's an evil irredeemable bastard etc etc but consider. she literally cherishes her friends so much but being constantly reminded that it was all FAKE would've been impossible for anyone. and her pursuit of the protagonist never had anything to do with desire for him i think, but having that one connection to the real world and a sentient person's hand to hold and freedom from her prison!!! idk i feel like she's the softest person ever who just felt like she had no choice but to take desperate measures bc she literally could not live like this anymore. (plus she already had an ambitious streak what with forming the literature club and refusing to give up finding members, of course she didn't quit once the stakes got higher) i feel like she's TRAGIC through and through and i wish there had been a better end for her and all of them. yeah i love monika and i literally cannot see her as a monster given the context :( that's my wife
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13-scoups3 months ago
I was tagged by @squishy-woozi (the most talented artist) to do this tag game thx Kris !!!
5 songs you've had on repeat according to Spotify:
1. Gambler - MONSTA X
2. Island - Youha
3. Made For Two - VAV
4. Don't Call Me - Shinee
5. Don't Fight The Feeling - EXO
Last movie I watched: hmm not a big movie person, maybe it was Godzilla vs Kong or maybe Princess & the Frog? Either way it was a while ago lol
Currently watching: also not super big on shows, casually watching Scooby Doo with my partner bc childhood memories hahaha
Currently reading: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, and the Grisha series because I loved watching Shadow & Bone and I wanna know what happens next!!
I'll tag @snakuchan @eternallys and @kpop-stuffs-posts if u wanna share too! No pressure as always :)
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variantiaa month ago
Tumblr media
Review my muse like a product聽聽 /聽聽 ACCEPTING !
Anonymous asked :
Product Review: The KFC Gang
Excellent set, a couple comments. One, the green one threatened me with a knife. Or at least stared at me while holding a knife. Confusing, given that they're 9. Two, doesn't this come with three goats? I tried for the whole set but these three were a package deal. At least they make for interesting conversation; all I have to do is turn my back, and I have some sort of incident I'll be talking about for a week. Overall 7.5/10, nobody told me chocolate was required聽聽 /聽聽 KRIS.聽聽 &聽聽 CHARA.聽聽 &聽聽 FRISK.聽聽 &聽聽 ... ASRIEL ?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 鈥溌犅 ... The set comes with ONE goat !! 聽 With the others available upon request ! 聽 鈥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 鈥溌犅 Baaaa ! 聽 鈥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 鈥溌犅 First of all, chocolate鈥檚 always required.聽聽 Did you really need to be told ? 聽 鈥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 鈥溌犅 Ahahahaha.聽聽 I am ten years old, thank you very much, and if I had truly threatened you, YOU WOULD KNOW IT FOR CERTAIN. 聽 鈥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 鈥溌犅 Uh.聽聽 Anyway, 7.5 is better than 0, though, so ... thanks, I guess. 聽 Better than my currently barely-passing GPA, so ... 聽 鈥
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carmenlire9 months ago
30 Questions
rules: answer 30 questions and tag 5 blogs! (omg thanks @jaynewayed!!!
name/nickname: brianna/bri
gender: female
star sign: cancer
height: 165 cm or 5'5"
birthday: july 12th
time: 9:33pm
favorite bands: bts (lmao), waterparks, chase atlantic
favorite solo artists: halsey, jaymes young
song stuck in my head: hip hop phile by bts
last movie: parasite
last show: golden girls
when did i create this blog: 2011 but i didn鈥檛 actually start using it until 2014
what do i post: bts and whatever else caches my eye! a lot of nonsense lol
last thing googled: lecrit ao3
other blogs: i have a fitblr but i used it for a week and then abandoned it lmao
do i get asks: rarely but when i do i鈥檓 really bad at replying in a timely manner (i鈥檓 so sorry)
why i chose my url: in true high school fashion, carmen was my name for the internet (stranger danger you know) because it was my french name and lire is the french verb for聽鈥渢o read鈥 so in conclusion i鈥檝e always been a massive nerd
following:聽 257
followers: like 1500
average hours of sleep: a solid 7-9 every night
lucky number: none but my volleyball jersey number was 23?
instruments: none:( i played the sax in 5th grade band for like 3 weeks
what am i wearing: pjs aka some shorts and a long sleeve tee
dream job: librarian in a private research library
dream trip: i love travelling but high on my list for new places is the scottish highlands, japan (specifically tokyo but there are a few other cities i鈥檇 hit up too) and seoul, korea
favorite food: i think i have to say 5 guys cheeseburger and fries for the sheer amount of times that鈥檚 my go to cheat meal lol
nationality: american
favorite song: hhhhhh oh god we鈥檒l say blue side (outro) by jhope
last book read: lol it鈥檚 been a minute since i read an actual book but it was a cookbook on south asian cuisine
top three fictional universes i鈥檇 like to live in: percy jackson, red white and royal blue, tinytan
I tag: @bytheangell @wirtanzenimregen @sara-cr31 @clarysisabelle @alecsgideon
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soonhoonsola year ago
music tag~
rules: put your playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up no skipping
tagged by @squishy-woozi (thank you kris!!馃槝)
here goes:
B.A.P - Wake Me Up
Monsta X - Fighter
Monsta X - U R
BTS - No More Dream
BTS - Serendipity
Three Days Grace - Pain
Seventeen - If I
Arizona Zervas - ROXANNE
EXO - Tempo
Imagine Dragons - Warriors
glad to see some western songs in the mix but why roxanne whyyy
tagging: @cutiejoshi @regularhuhhh @vernosaur @coupshi @kyeomshine @moonlightmasquerade @bookwan and anyone else who would like to play~
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so i鈥檓 clearing out the askbox of things that i don鈥檛 think i鈥檒l ever get a chance to use well (either because the relevant moment passed, or because i didn鈥檛 know what to do with them to begin with) and i figured i鈥檇 post a few of them that i really didn鈥檛 want to just delete
(most of these are jokes that made me laugh but i couldn鈥檛 build on in the comic, but i鈥檓 also answering a couple questions ooc. 聽under a cut because reasons)
Tumblr media
from this scene
Tumblr media
from this scene - i bet that lightbulb is notorious among the staff at this school XD
Tumblr media
THIS wonderfully ominous anon that i unfortunately forgot the context of
Tumblr media
from this scene
Tumblr media
chara and ahar鈥檚 LV have both been explicitly stated at some point in the comic, so i鈥檒l just recap - chara鈥檚 LV20, ahar鈥檚 LV1
(Frisk is also LV1, but that isn鈥檛 strictly canon yet)
Tumblr media
chara鈥檇 love to pontificate about this, but i left that out in the interest of not killing the pacing, so - their maximum reach is around 15 feet, give or take (farther if frisk is helping)
Tumblr media
(this one looks different聽鈥榗ause i saved it as a draft a while ago)
from this bit - i tried to write that response so anything interesting would be in the margins, so don鈥檛 feel like you have to read this, but here it is:
*................................What on earth are you trying to get at with this? 聽Is this a joke? 聽Is this a test? 聽Is this another misguided attempt to banish me from Frisk's body and return control to them? 聽Why did you do that in the first place? 聽What do you want from me I am doing my best you were never this difficult to understand before why are you doing this I don't understand any part of this. 聽Do you regret having created me? 聽If this is a joke then whose expense is it at? 聽Why are you acting so differently now, I thought you were
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bookwana year ago
Tumblr media
My black hair is a running theme for all these pieces but I honestly think my black virgin hair is part of my identity at this point.
I was tagged by @squishy-woozi (thanks kris I really love when you tag me in these )
I don鈥檛 really have anyone to tag so whoever sees this feel free to do it!!
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transeliot2 years ago
猸 if it鈥檚 ok!! congrats on 1k, you deserve it!! 馃挅
Of course it鈥檚 okay love!! Thanks so much!
URL: not my type | alright | lovely | great | fabulous
Theme: not my type | alright | lovely | great | fabulous
Icon: not my type | alright | lovely | great | fabulous
Posts: not my type | alright | lovely | great | fabulous
Overall: not my type | alright | lovely | great | fabulous
Following: no, but ily | I am now! | yes of course |聽鈥榯il the end of the line
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krispdreemurr18 days ago
so like i am all here for Spamton Shrunk From The Acid, but i think one of the lines used to talk abt it has some different and interesting implications. spamton has been burned in a lot of ways and i'd like to talk about one while i lovingly dunk him in the acid. long post behind read more, unsurprisingly also containing some kris theories,
so let's look at the dialogue again:
* I USED TO BE NOTHING BUT THE E_MAIL GUY, NOW I'M THE [[It Burns! Ow! Stop! Help Me! It Burns!]] GUY! * [[Amazed at thi5 amazing transformation? You too can]] HAVE A [[Communion]] WITH [[Unintelligble Laughter]] * SOON I'LL EVEN SURPASS THAT DAMNED [[Clown Around Town!]] * BUT UNLIKE HIM I'M GONNA [[Shoot For the Sky!]] AND GET ON THE PATH TO ... * [[The Big One]] * I'LL GET SO. * I'LL GET SO. * I'LL GET SO. * I'LL GET SO. * I'LL GET SO. * I'LL GET SO. * [[Hyperlink blocked.]]
so. let's try and translate this out of spam email. he's talking about being hurt, but he seems to regard it as a good thing to some degree - something that will let him surpass jevil, and get on the path to something bigger and better (like, say, Heaven) and on the path to [Hyperlink blocked]. he either thanks or blames something or someone he can't like. describe. except as unintelligible laughter, something he had some form of communion with, perhaps granting him knowledge of heaven and the angels.
(hey did you know one of jevil's little battle things says "Jevil is laughing incomprehensibly"?)
i remember someone saying in the tag that in the japanese, spamton's more clearly saying that his eyes are burning, like he looked at something too bright. i've lost the source on that, so take it with a grain of salt, but it'd track with some things he says in his weird route fight:
sidenote this dialogue freaks me out. anyways.
it requires a few assumptions, but i think it's possible to take what spamton's saying as meaning that he got in touch with gaster, and gaster showed him the angel's heaven, or the world above/beyond the game, or both. like jevil, seeing the true nature of reality fucked spamton up pretty damn hard and put him in some level of permanent physical/mental/spiritual pain. however, he sees it as a blessing overall, and wants to use the knowledge he has to finally break free and make it into heaven.
(it's a tangent, but i do think he tried similar before, but for gaster's benefit, not his own:
also the end of his pacifist fight also freaks me out. anyways!!!)
so. while he may have also been thrown into the acid, as he deserves, this particular source of burning is a lot deeper and existential.
and if you talk to him about another subject, he suggests he might know of someone else who's been burned by communion with an outside power, someone else in touch with something that's too far from their reality to even see properly...
but he gets cut off pretty quick.
i'm sure it's fine.
HEY HEY HEY! I'VE NEVER SEEN A [HeartShapedObject] LIKE THAT BEFORE!! MY EYES ARE [[Burning]] LIKE [[DVDs of ANY movie at Half-pr1ce!]]
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kaeyasaki6 months ago
馃挃 鈥 :; who they leave you for
Tumblr media
-> an :; all jokes, this has been in my drafts for a while now and i never finished it because i was clearly on something when i first started it and never bothered finishing,, it seemed fitting as my final goodbye to the hq fandom as i鈥檓 only writing for tetsu now, so thanks hq fandom,, you were okay for the most part
-> ft :; miya atsumu, suna rintar艒, kozume kenma, sakusa kiyoomi, iwaizumi hajime, bokuto koutar艒 + oikawa tooru
Tumblr media
-藦藡 miya atsumu 藠藥-
atsumu x camilla cabello -> atsumilla
Tumblr media
to put it short they鈥檙e both musty and musty people belong together. all it took was a jokingly sent feet pic into camilla鈥檚 dms and she was quickly packing her things to leave hers and shawn鈥檚 house. their first date went well, but camllia decided atsumu was a real keeper when she found out he was a great kisser! better technique than shawn and didn鈥檛 mind that camilla enjoys kissing like fish. he indulged in it and the two of them quickly drove other couples eating in the five star restaurant away with their... interesting displays of pda.
-藦藡 suna rintar艒 藠藥-
suna x kris jenner -> sunis
Tumblr media
suna was actually aiming for kendall when he spammed the jenners on twitter, but these days kendall鈥檚 busy connecting with nature and getting herself into photoshop scandals so she never actually saw suna鈥檚 tweets. you know who did see his tweets though? social media鈥檚 hawk eyed kris jenner! kris thought suna was cute and he鈥檚 a lot younger than corey gambles who was her partner at the time. younger man = more media coverage which = more income into her bottomless pocket! when she first approached suna, he didn鈥檛 even care he hadn鈥檛 gotten kendall鈥檚 attention because his eyes were wide open and focused on her mother, milf kris jenner.
-藦藡 kozume kenma 藠藥-
kenma x travis scott -> kenvis
Tumblr media
kenma was happily logging on ready to stream on his youtube channel before he was hit with a copy right claim. it turns out he鈥檇 used 鈥榮icko mode鈥 in one of his fortnite streams and never gotten permission. thinking contacting the record label for permission seemed long winded, kenma shot travis himself a dm and travis fell hard! he thought kenma鈥檚 stoic face perfectly complimented his own and offered kenma permission and a dinner date and the two have been happy together since! these days kenma still streams but he helps coparent stormi with his lover travis while kylie鈥檚 busy slandering kenma and his stream on her instagram story between promoting her new line of kylie skin.
-藦藡 sakusa kiyoomi 藠藥-
sakusa x chrissy tiegan-> sakussy
Tumblr media
the queen of twitter clapbacks and the king of twitter burner accounts, these two had beef on one of chrissy鈥檚 threads, but it turns out the two were just a case of the typical enemies to lovers troupe! chrissy was actually impressed with sakusa鈥檚 wit and callouts and the two of them slowly became a twitter stan duo! after finally meeting, sakusa explained why he used burner accounts and suggested chrissy do the same as she keeps getting blocked, now the two of them harass controversial celebrities and anti鈥檚 and have several burner accounts logged in to continue the argument after getting their main ones blocked. petty but hot of them.
-藦藡 bokuto koutar艒 藠藥-
bokuto x oprah winfrey
Tumblr media
bokuto made his raging crush on oprah no secret and has been dedicating each one of his scores to her on live television. oprah got tagged in so many fan cams made by his loyal fans that she just had to notice him. oprah saw bokuto as a marketing opportunity at first because come on, he鈥檚 the himbo to her girlboss, what a media pleasing couple! bokuto was thrilled when oprah invited him to meet but since meeting, oprah鈥檚 fallen hard for bokuto鈥檚 infectious laughter and she鈥檚 found herself feeling young and free again. bokuto is just happy he鈥檚 somehow cuffed a nice woman with a big ass.
-藦藡 iwaizumi hajime 藠藥-
iwaizumi x nicki minaj -> iwaicki
Tumblr media
these two met when iwaizumi was in cali and he was walking out the gym. miss minaj had just come out from her own private session and iwaizumi just couldn鈥檛 help but notice what a great looking specimen she was. however, his face fell when he saw kenneth petty, criminal and nicki鈥檚 lover. iwaizumi knew kenneth was a bad match for nicki because hello? he鈥檚 a literal criminal and he鈥檇 never forgive himself if he allowed such a goddess to fall into the wrong hands when he knew he could treat her better. iwaizumi knocked kenneth out and proclaimed how well he鈥檇 look after nicki to her in front of her car and nicki couldn鈥檛 help but stan! herself and iwaizumi have been a happy couple since and any man that comes within a 5 metre radius of her is getting hard stares from him. truly a power couple.
-藦藡 oikawa tooru 藠藥-
oikawa x bryan tanaka -> oikyan
Tumblr media
oikawa has had personal beef with mariah carey ever since she featured on his spread in volleyball weekly. he didn鈥檛 even know how she managed to get into it because the only sports she does is running and that鈥檚 only her mascara when a minor occurrence happens. he鈥檚 had twitter wars and been blocked on several social media platforms but he won鈥檛 stop until he鈥檚 satisfied. one night oikawa was ready to grow up and forget about it all until he ran into bryan, mariah鈥檚 boyfriend at a local convenience store. bryan was buying stuff that he鈥檇 tiredly said mariah had demanded and oikawa took this as the chance to finally get back at her for his highschool years. he told bryan not to bother and that he鈥檇 never boss him around the way mariah does. a tired, but grateful bryan gave in and the two have since found interests in gardening and guitar together leaving mariah scrambling to fix her tear stains before christmas just before her yearly relevancy comes back.
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rainbowlilya month ago
Now alot of people think the Snowgrave route comes completely out of left field. And it certainly does for a first run. But after rewatching chapter 2, I'm noticing some strange foreshadowing in places.
*i apologize for my horrible photos lmao*
First I wish to talk about the new addition to the manual that Ralsei makes. The part about recruiting enemies. It mentions LOST enemies (Noelle's theme is Lost Girl so this kinda ties her into this already.) But then this text shows up.
Tumblr media
Yes this does refer to a neutral run as well. But in snowgrave Noelle constantly has to reassure herself that getting stronger is good. And its obvious that this isn't exactly a good thing in the end. This is a very weak link to snowgrave but I thought it was interesting.
Next I wanna talk about the conversation during the second Queen encounter. Where she talks about making Noelle into her Peon. She says this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now during a run where you know nothing about snowgrave, this seems like Queen is just explaining her plan. But remember she is talking about Noelle here. So in snowgrave context this becomes a whole lot darker. "Willing" being in quotes due to the fact that Noelle isn't willing but being forced to kill using iceshock. Then you have the second image. "If only she had another Peon to encourage her." This is exactly what YOU make Kris do in snowgrave. YOU make it so Kris encourages Noelle to use her ice powers. YOU make it so Kris had Noelle kill those enemies. YOU encourage Noelle to be stronger by using Kris. Because Kris and Noelle TRUST eachother, they are childhood friends. So of course Noelle feels like what YOU make Kris do is the right thing. (Also Peon does seem to be similar to Pawn.)
Next I wanna talk about Spamton. Particularly his speech when you defeat him by fighting in the pacifist and natural routes.
Tumblr media
He talks about fighting and mentions that you should have been doing that earlier in order to own a ring. Now this seems strange but again snowgrave. Spamton keeps track of the enemies you kill in a certain area. Once you get enough, he let's you buy a ring. The Thornring. The very item that is needed to make Noelle learn snowgrave. Also worth noting his is text during the Spamton Neo fight in the snowgrave route. Particularly this specific sentence.
Tumblr media
This confirms the ring mentioned is indeed the Thorn ring.
Finally I wanna talk about this seemingly rare flavor text for Berdley's know that one.
Tumblr media
Now again in a normal run this seems out of place, strange even. But once you know about snowgrave it makes perfect sense. This is the fight where you use snowgrave to kill Berdley. Also worth noting is Spamton Neo at the end of the snowgrave route also calls Berdley a [frozen chicken].
Tumblr media
That is all. Thank you all for reading and feel free to discuss things in the tags or comments!!!
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krisdreaming7 months ago
More Than Enough
Series: Naruto: Shippuden
Pairing: Hyuga Neji x fem!reader
Summary: Neji isn鈥檛 used to feeling insecure, but when it comes to you, he just needs a little extra reassurance that he鈥檚 doing okay. (Also, first kiss? It鈥檚 not really explicitly stated, but I like to think that it is :3)
WC: 1.8k
A/N: My first Naruto writing! To say I鈥檓 nervous to post this would be an understatement. I understand that Naruto isn鈥檛 everyone鈥檚 cup of tea, and I promise it won鈥檛 be taking over the blog or anything. I鈥檓 just suffering from a little brainrot at the moment. I鈥檒l tag everything I write for Naruto with聽鈥渒ris writes naruto鈥 so feel free to block the tag if you like. And with that out of the way, let鈥檚 get on with it!
Tumblr media
He feels it in the pit of his stomach. When Neji sees you leave the hokage鈥檚 office, it starts as a familiar upward swoop, warm and strange but not unwelcome. Then he sees Lee next to you, his arms moving animatedly as he speaks. He鈥檚 walking so closely to you that every once in a while, his hand brushes your arm. It鈥檚 too far away for Neji to make out Lee鈥檚 words, but the sound of your laughter carries to him on the breeze. The swoop takes a downturn and sours in his gut.
He鈥檇 been about to call out to you, but instead he watches silently. He鈥檚 so intent on the two of you that Tenten manages to catch him completely off guard.聽鈥淪he has a cute laugh, doesn鈥檛 she?鈥
鈥淗m?鈥 He鈥檚 startled, but he doesn鈥檛 let it show as he turns to see Tenten beside him, a sly grin forming on her lips.聽
鈥淵our girlfriend,鈥 Tenten says teasingly, nudging his arm with her elbow, 鈥淪he has a pretty cute laugh. It鈥檚 okay to admit it, you know.鈥
鈥淚 know,鈥 He says with a shrug. He鈥檚 still too distracted to come up with a sharper reply. Tenten rolls her eyes, and his gaze wanders back to you. His girlfriend. It鈥檚 only been official for a matter of weeks, and things really aren鈥檛 much different. He still trains and eats and sleeps, but the spaces in between are filled with you. Making time for you hasn鈥檛 been as difficult as he鈥檇 feared. Somehow, you just fit into his life so seamlessly.
Lee has finally caught sight of his teammates, pulling Neji out of this thoughts. 鈥淭enten!鈥 Lee shouts, his hands raised above his head in an exaggerated wave,聽鈥淣eji!鈥 When you see him, your face lights up, and you quicken your pace to cover the remaining space between you. You come to a stop at his side, hands clasped behind your back and an easy smile on your lips.
鈥淗ow was your day?鈥 You ask, and try as he might he can鈥檛 stop the small smile that鈥檚 forming.
鈥淔ine,鈥 He says, shifting ever so slightly closer to you,聽鈥淚t was nothing exciting or out of the ordinary.鈥 You laugh softly at that.聽鈥淲hat about yours? You got your mission assignment?鈥 He notices a loose strand of hair tickling your cheek.
鈥淵up,鈥 You nod, and he thinks about reaching out to tuck the piece of hair behind your ear, but he doesn鈥檛 move.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 C rank, so it should be pretty simple,鈥 You shrug,聽鈥淓specially considering the fact that I鈥檒l have Lee with me,鈥 You turn to his teammate, and now Neji understands why Lee has been practically vibrating behind you.
鈥淒o not worry, Neji!鈥 Lee presses a fist to his chest,聽鈥淚 will keep her safe for the duration of the journey!鈥
You roll your eyes, giving the well-meaning ninja a nudge with your elbow.聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l need your protection, Lee,鈥 You chuckle, and Neji lifts his chin a fraction, looking from you to Lee. You can take care of yourself. He鈥檚 well aware of that, and he knows Lee is, too. Lee is just, well, Lee.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 a short mission,鈥 You turn to him now,聽鈥淲e鈥檙e leaving tomorrow morning, and we should be back by the end of the week. We鈥檙e just escorting a small merchant caravan to the Land of Tea. At this time of year, it should be an easy journey. Right, Lee?鈥
鈥淩ight!鈥 Lee stands a little straighter,聽鈥淣othing to worry about at all, Neji.鈥
鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 worried,鈥 He assures his teammate with a shake of his head,聽鈥淭he two of you are perfectly capable. The caravan will be in good hands.鈥 That much he knows is true. You and Lee have always gotten along and worked together well, so it鈥檚 no surprise you鈥檝e been assigned to the mission together.聽
鈥淭hank you, Neji!鈥 Lee bows his head quickly,聽鈥淧lease, excuse me. I must get to my evening training session with Gai-sensei. Oh, Y/N!鈥 He鈥檚 already begun to jog off, but he twists his body to look back at you,聽鈥淚 will see you tomorrow morning! Rest well!鈥 With that, he鈥檚 off.
鈥淭hat guy,鈥 Tenten shakes her head with a sigh,聽鈥淗e certainly is a handful, isn鈥檛 he? Good luck on your mission,鈥 She gives you a pointed look,聽鈥淚 know he鈥檚 just my teammate, but somehow I feel like I need to apologize for him.鈥
鈥淣o need, Tenten,鈥 You dismiss the comment with a wave of your hand,聽鈥淟ee鈥檚 not so bad. I think we鈥檒l be just fine.鈥
鈥淲ell then, better you than me!鈥 Tenten laughs,聽鈥淚鈥檒l see you two later, I鈥檝e got to get home. Enjoy your evening!鈥 With a teasing wink and a wave of her hand, she鈥檚 gone as well. Neji turns to you, your grin lit by the glow of the setting sun. Finally, he lifts his hand to tuck the stray strand of hair behind your ear. Ever so slightly, you lean into his touch.
鈥淚 suppose you want to get home?鈥 He asks, swallowing back the hitch in his throat. He lets his hand fall back to his side now that your hair is back in place.
鈥淓ventually,鈥 You nod,聽鈥淟et鈥檚 take the long way.鈥 Just like that, the two of you fall into step, following the familiar route toward your house. It begins through the bustling streets of Konoha, passing by the shops and homes tucked in together as you walk side by side, the occasional brush of your arms the only point of contact between you. Even so, Neji enjoys the feel of you so close to him and the sound of your voice as you chatter on about the events of your day. Every so often he鈥檒l offer a hum or a smile or a few words in response, but he鈥檚 mostly content just listening to you.聽
The crowd begins to thin toward the edge of town, and the storefronts become more sparse. As the two of you pass by your favorite dumpling shop, he comes to a stop.聽鈥淒o you want to go in?鈥 He asks, and you make a thoughtful sound before shaking your head.
鈥淣o, not today. I鈥檇 rather just walk. Is that okay?鈥 You tilt your chin up to look at him.
鈥淥f course,鈥 He nods quickly. He鈥檇 like nothing more.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 such a beautiful evening,鈥 You continue, tucking your hand in the crook of his elbow and pulling him along toward the path along the edge of town. Following dutifully along, he hums in agreement. This path eventually winds through the woods, and Neji can鈥檛 count how many times you鈥檝e walked it together. The quiet of the woods is one of your favorite places, and one where he can tell you feel more at ease.聽
Beneath the trees, darkness is falling a little faster than in the open, and the air is cooler. He鈥檚 glad to be away from the crowded streets. Wordlessly, you slide your hand down his arm, and when your fingertips brush his palm he slides his fingers between yours.
He thinks back to Tenten鈥檚 comment earlier. She often likes to tease him about how reserved he is in showing his affection for you. He knows she doesn鈥檛 mean anything by it, but Neji wonders sometimes if it鈥檚 something you notice, as well. It鈥檚 not that he doesn鈥檛 want to hold your hand or put his arm around you while you鈥檙e in town. It鈥檚 just that showing the world something as private and intimate as his feelings for you feels strange to him. He鈥檚 far from embarrassed of you, and he hopes that you know that.聽
The thought crosses his mind for the first time. Perhaps you鈥檇 be better suited to someone like Lee. Someone who would dote on you and shower you with affection. Someone who wouldn鈥檛 hesitate to shout his admiration for you to the world.
鈥淣eji,鈥 You give his hand a tug, slowing to a stop and turning to look at him, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e quiet. Is everything alright?鈥 You give his fingers a gentle squeeze.
鈥淚鈥檓 fine,鈥 He says, offering you a small smile. The concern on your face makes him regret getting so lost in his own thoughts and worrying you.聽
鈥淵ou had this little frown on your face,鈥 You say softly, letting go of his hand and reaching up to cup his cheek,聽鈥淵ou know you can talk to me, right?鈥
He鈥檚 about to brush it off and keep walking, knowing you should get home and rest before tomorrow, but something earnest in your expression stops him.聽鈥淐an I ask you something? Promise you鈥檒l tell me the truth?鈥 He asks quietly.
鈥淥f course I will,鈥 You nod.聽鈥淲ant to walk and talk?鈥 You gesture to the path ahead, and he nods. He seeks out the comfort of your hand in his again before continuing. Somehow, it feels easier this way.
鈥淚鈥檝e just been thinking,鈥 He begins, shooting a furtive glance your way,聽鈥淎m I a good boyfriend for you? I know I don鈥檛 always have a lot to say, and I spend a lot of time training. Tenten says I don鈥檛 pay much attention to you even when we鈥檙e together. And... is it enough? Because-鈥
鈥淗ey,鈥 You interrupt him before he can slip his hand out of yours, coming to a stop again and holding on tighter,聽鈥淚t鈥檚 more than enough.鈥 You鈥檙e actually smiling at him.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e the best boyfriend I could ask for, Neji. Honestly.鈥 You shake your head, and he鈥檚 so frozen at your response that he lets you take both of his hands in yours.聽鈥淚 already know you鈥檙e serious, and reserved, and quiet, and I like all of those things about you.鈥
鈥淵ou do?鈥 He finds his voice only to be skeptical. You laugh softly.
鈥淚 do,鈥 You insist.聽鈥淵鈥檏now, I don鈥檛 need you hanging onto me all the time. That鈥檇 actually be kind of weird,鈥 You giggle,聽鈥淚 think every single moment with you is special. You鈥檙e sweet, and caring, and thoughtful. You make me feel like... like...鈥 You trail off, suddenly ducking your chin nervously.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay,鈥 He murmurs, smile growing wider as he drops your hands to cup your face this time, tilting your chin back up with his fingertips so he can meet your gaze again. Something warm and tender is filling his middle, threatening to overflow.
鈥淗appy,鈥 You finish then, softly,聽鈥淵ou make me feel happy.鈥
鈥淵ou make me feel happy, too,鈥 He whispers, leaning in so that his lips fit perfectly against yours, kissing you softly.聽鈥淰ery happy,鈥 He adds as he pulls away. Even in the semi-darkness, your smile nearly takes his breath away. He鈥檚 grateful that you鈥檙e alone here, because it gives him the courage to kiss you again.
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multi-fandom-freak02218 months ago
You Killed Me, but I Survived and Now I'm Coming Alive
Hey guys. It's been a minute. My job have been kicking my ass. I quit one of them a few months back cause 16-18 hour days were kicking my ass. But my dad died of Covid 1/20/21, on my older sisters birthday and month before my 20th birthday. I am half a country away from him and I won't be going to see the rest of them, but I do have 3 paid days bereavement and while I'm trying to distract myself I decided to try and finish this part. Your feedback motivates me so much. This part was the part I've been waiting for. The whole reason I created this fic. Like for real I had like maybe one sentence summaries planned for the other two parts in my head but this part played out like a full movie in my head down to the last details. This one will probably be the longest. It also has like 3 songs in it because it's the concert/gala scene hopefully I'll be able to cut it down some because i won't need descriptions between every lyrics but who knows. C'est la Vie. Anyways this will be the official last part, but I do already have one for sure bonus planned and a possible bonus that I might do if enough people want it.
This part's title is from "Miss Moving On" by Fifth Harmony. And this part includes the songs "Sorry (I'm not Sorry)" by Demi Lovato, "Home" by Philip Phillips, and "Symphony" by Clean Bandit ft . (Which for me is like a fucking poly anthem. I'm mean a symphony is a perfect metaphor for a healthy poly relationship! I mean it is a lovely way of asking to join into a poly group! Anywho I'm ranting and projecting. Ignore me.)
This is Part 3 of my fic based on @maiisdaddy 's Love of Three.
Tagging list:
@thestressmademedoit @colorfulmongerpsychicranch @lizziejay @indecisive-mess-named-me @captainmac6 @luveverything12 @kris-pines04 @brokenwordsarehard2 @roselynfey @mewwitch @stainedglassm
Part 1 Part 2
Marinette was ecstatic. She was extremely proud of all that she had accomplished in the 6 or 7 seven months since she left Damian. She became a singing sensation and recorded a whole album that would be releasing soon. She spent time healing and hanging out with her friends and pseudo family. Hell she even created outfits for herself and all her friends for the album release/identity reveal gala her Uncle Tony decided to throw for. Not that other guest knew that what this gala was for. Uncle Tony had picked the next closest international holiday and claimed it was a charity gala in honor of said holiday. While he may mot have been being entirely truthful there is never a bad reason to give to charity so she wasn't going to dwell on it.
She could truly say she totally over Damian. She even had Adrien take the ring back to her old apartment for her. She was not worried about him anymore. She had more important matters to attend to. Like the 3 boys who stole her heart while helping her piece it back together. Which she would say was great timing because she was sure Bruce Wayne would be at this gala. She guesses it was some kind of billionaire/millionaire code to never miss a charity event hosted by a fellow billionaires/millionaires.
Either way it was for the best because as soon as Uncle Tony had suggested a gala to reveal at, she had Uncle Jagged help her with two songs that she kept secret from everyone. One to show her appreciate for all her family and friend's support for her and one to confess to the 3 boys who loved her when she felt unlovable. She was going to preform these song for her friends in front of a lot of influential people but she wasn't even nervous. Not even when Alix told her that the gala was to be live streamed. No she was just excited and happy to let her friends know how she was feeling.
The gala was in full swing. All the guests who were coming were already there by the time Marinette and everyone else she came with arrived. She was talking with Chloe, Kagami, and Alix when she decided to grab herself a drink. She was walking to the refreshments table when accidentally bumped in someone's back slightly. "Oh! I'm sorry, sir."
The man then turned around to reveal to be Bruce Wayne himself. "Marinette! I'm surprised to see you. Damian said you were feeling too sick to attend."
Marinette wanted to scowl, but she managed keep her face neutral. She knew there were reporters swarming here and she did not want to make a spectacle. "I'm sure he did. Now if you'll excuse me, Mr. Wayne I was on my way to get a drink." She didn't even get a chance to leave Bruce in confusion from her statement. No sooner than she took a step to leave did Dick walk up to her.
Dick smiled at her as he greeted her kindly. "Sunshine! It's been a while. I thought Damian said you were under the weather?" As he moved in to hug her she sidestepped out of his reach.
Once upon a time she loved Dick's hugs, but now it would just feel fake. "I'm sure your brother has said many thing about my lack of attendance to many social gatherings. Unfortunately those claims were false as Damian has not been privy to my whereabouts in months. Now if you please excuse me."
She went to walk away again, but she guesses Dick's interference was enough time for Bruce get over his shock because he blocked her path again. "What are you talking about Marinette?" Marinette resisted the urge to roll her eyes.
"Mr. Wayne it has been nice talking with you but this really is a conversation for another time." Marinette sighs. She was trying to be civil. She was sure there were reporters everywhere waiting for the big scoop. She wanted that to be her reveal not her past relationship with an asshole. "Besides this is probably something you'd need to talk to Damian about."
"Talk to me, about what?" There is no God, she was convinced. The sigh that left her mouth was long and full of suffering as she turned around with a clearly fake smile. Facing her now was Damian himself with Tim and Jason behind him. Damian was clearly extremely shocked to she her, but he played it off quickly. "Angel I thought you weren't feeling well. Why didn't you tell me you changed your mind? You could have came with us."
Marinette ducked out of Damian's reach, barely restraining from stomping on his foot with her heels, as he tried to kiss her. "Do not call me Angel. And don't you dare even try to kiss me, Wayne."
Before Marinette could lose her temper anymore Luka came and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "Everything okay, Melody?" Marinette took some calming breaths as she attempted to regain her composure.
While she was trying to calm down, it seemed the Wayne family was getting worked up. "And who is this, Marinette?" Bruce asked accusingly.
Marinette looked at the family in front of her in disbelief. "You all met Luka. He's my best friend. Signed under Jagged. In a committed relationship with two of my other best friends, Kagami and Adrien." She shook her head as the all held sheepish expression for assuming the worst. "Not that who I'm with is any of your business anyways."
Before any of them could question to her statement, Felix comes to her other side and whispers into her ear. "Do you want me to call security?" She didn't even get a chance to respond before she heard Dick gasp, scandalized.
"Marinette!! Are you cheating on Damian?" Dick exclaimed. At this point Marinette knew they were drawing a crowd she was trying to keep everyone's dignity intact, even though her reputation wasn't the one at stake.
"Mr. Wayne I once again implore you that we have this conversation in a more private setting." Marinette spoke calmly, but through gritted teeth. She was on her nerve.
Bruce crossed his arm and spoke loudly drawing more attention to them. "No. I demand you explain to me at once why you are here with another man when you are supposed to be marrying my son. Was this all some kind of ruse to go after the Wayne Fortune?" Her jaw dropped. She knew it did but she couldn't stop herself from the shock. The sheer audacity of this family before her. She quickly shut her mouth as her eyes narrowed into a deadly glare. Her Ladybug glare. The Wayne family would never admit it but an involuntary shiver went down their spines at the sight of it.
She knew her friends had gathered behind her at this point and see could see the reporters pushing past each other to get the scoop. Vicki Vale was the closest one. In the corner of her eye she saw the camera that was set up for the livestream as well.
Marinette face finally settled on a look mixed with anger and mischief. "Oh? So want to cause a scene, Mr. Wayne? Well how about I put on a show?" She continued to stare Bruce in the eye as she spoke to one of her, "Chloe, can you tell Jagged that I'll be opening with Sorry. The rest of the show will go as planned." Chloe smiled wickedly before going to do asked.
The Wayne family began to smirk when they heard her say sorry, but whatever they began to feel was quickly shut down as she spoke to them again. "Let's get this straight, Mr. Wayne. I am not cheating on Damian and I never once desired to a part of your family's fortune. It was foolish of me to even once want to be a part of your family but I quickly learned better. I would not want to even look at the money that is connected to your family's name if the requirement was to be even cordial with Damian, let alone married to him."
She then towards the crowd the surrounding them. "If everyone would please take their seats facing the stage the show is about to to begin." Without a second thought Marinette headed towards the stage while the rest of her friends took their seats. Some one who was in the staff working tonight led the Wayne family to seats right in front of the stage. Soon everyone was seated and Marinette was standing center stage with a microphone.
Marinette smiled brightly at the crowd. "Thank you all for coming. I'm sure you all know me as Marinette Dupain-Cheng, pseudo niece of Tony Stark and Jagged Stone, and for some of you ex-fiance of Damian, but for others you still current fiance of Damian Wayne. Well I hate to inform that some of you are wrong. Anyways I'm sure your wondering why I'm up here. Well Uncle Tony promised a surprise musical guest so I'd like to reintroduce myself to all of as Neon Titanium! I'm going to be preforming a few songs for you tonight from my new album about to release but before that I decided I should clear the air. Let me start by saying it has been about 7 months since I broke off my engagement to Damian Wanye. While most of you know I chose to kept the reason of said break up private, someone here tonight decided that they were entitled to the reason to being told to them, very publicly. And who am I to deny such a request?" There was a false sincerity to her final sentence that seemed almost menacing.
In the front you can see the paling faces of many of the Wayne men as Tim is on his phone. He finally pulls up Marinette interview that was released prior to Damian announcement. "Damian, what the hell did you do?" Tim voice was barely above a whisper but they all heard it.
Marinette continued on quite content to the situation before her. "Well here's the truth. Damian did the unforgivable. He repeatedly cheated on me while emotionally abusing me and gaslighting me.
"He kept me from seeing everyone I cared about and his own family, claiming it was for my own safety and called me selfish for wanting to leave the apartment he kept me locked in. And while at first he seemed to actually be concerned my wellbeing, over time he stopped caring.
"He became distant, turning back into the Ice Prince you all knew him to be. He would lie about why I wouldn't leave the apartment constantly while still leaving me alone in the apartment constantly. Then he started getting late night calls from "work" to the point I would barely see him. I overheard one of these calls once. I heard him telling who ever was on the other side of the phone that I had no clue and to be waiting for him naked. But I stayed hopeful. I thought I could fix things. But he got worse.
"He was slept with the one person who made it their life goal to take everything from me. Even before I moved to Gotham, this girl hated me and she took all of the people who I thought were my friends and turned them against me. My true friends stayed and knew the truth but it still hurt. And Damien knew this. I told him all about this girl abd how she hurt me. Yet he still slept with her.
"The girl knew I was Damien's fiance. Somehow she got my number and sent me a picture of her in bed with Damian, both of them naked. I'm not going to lie I broke down when I saw that. Before her I could play ignorant and act like I didn't know what he was doing. But this? This was impossible for me to ignore. He cared so little about me that he slept with the one person who do whatever it takes to hurt me. I left that same night with only the things that were mine. Everything I bought came with and everything he bought me stayed. Including the cell phone he bought me when I moved in with him. The only thing that wasn't mine that came with was the engagement ring because I couldn't bring myself to truly accept the truth that it was over yet. I later on had it returned because I remember Mr. Wayne saying it belonged to his mother, though I'm guessing Damian didn't notice."
Marinette saw Bruce whip his head towards Damian who shrunk in on himself.
"Oops. Guess it wasn't noticed indeed. Anyways. For the last 7 months I have been living in Stark Towers with my Uncle Tony, healing with some of my closest friends helping me. And after some convincing working on an album with Luka and my Uncle Jagged. I will preforming a few of those songs for the gala tonight and they will also be live streamed for those who paid for virtual tickets. My album will be released in the next following week." Marinette took a deep breath as she prepared for her first song.
"Originally I planned to open with a different song tonight but after this impromptu info dump, I thought only fair to follow it with the song I wrote dedicated to Damian. I like to call this one Sorry" As Marinette finished the music started playing over the speakers. Soon she was singing passionately.
Now I'm out here looking like revenge
Feelin' like a ten, the best I ever been
And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt to see me like this,
But it gets worse (wait a minute)
She pointed to Damian while rolling her eyes.
Now you're out here looking like regret
Ain't too proud to beg, second chance you'll never get
And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt to see me like this
But it gets worse (wait a minute)
She took the mic off it's stand as she walked along the front of the stage.
Now payback is a bad bitch
And baby, I'm the baddest
You fuckin' with a savage
Can't have this, can't have this (ah)
And it'd be nice of me to take it easy on ya, but nah
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Being so bad got me feelin' so good
Showing you up like I knew that I would
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Feeling inspired 'cause the tables have turned
Yeah, I'm on fire and I know that it burns
Baby, fineness is the way to kill
Marinette gestured to herself from head to toe.
Tell me how it feel, bet it's such a bitter pill
And yeah, I know you thought you had bigger, better things
Bet right now this stings (wait a minute)
'Cause the grass is greener under me
Bright as Technicolor, I can tell that you can see
And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt to see me like this
But it gets worse (wait a minute)
By this point Chloe, Kagami, and Adrien had got up and started dancing along to the song.
Now payback is a bad bitch
And baby, I'm the baddest
You fuckin' with a savage
Can't have this, can't have this (ah)
And it'd be nice of me to take it easy on ya, but nah
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Being so bad got me feelin' so good
Showing you up like I knew that I would
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Feeling inspired 'cause the tables have turned
Yeah, I'm on fire and I know that it burns
Marinette waved to her 3 friends to join on stage for the next part.
Talk that talk, baby
Better walk, better walk that walk, baby
If you talk, if you talk that talk, baby
Everyone was clapping to the beat while Marinette pranced across the stage, except for the Wayne family.
Better walk, better walk that walk, baby
Oh yeah Talk that talk, baby
Better walk, better walk that walk, baby
If you talk, if you talk that talk, baby
Better walk, better walk that walk, baby (oh yeah)
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Being so bad got me feelin' so good
Showing you up like I knew that I would
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Feeling inspired 'cause the tables have turned
Yeah, I'm on fire and I know that it burns
As the song came to a close, there was a roar of applause as her friends went back to her table.
Marinette did a little half bow. "Thank you. Thank you."
She wait till it was quiet again as she returned the mic to the stand. "Now as you can all see I'm doing much better now and I'm happy without him, but if it wasn't for the support system I have I never would have made it to where I am. My parents are in France so in my time of need I turned to my family who was close. My uncles Jagged and Tony, and my aunts Penny and Pepper. They're wonderful and they have always been there for me when I need them. And also my friends, both old and new have stood by me through all of this and helped me come out stronger. So this next song was a surprise gift for them."
Jagged had grabbed an acoustic guitar and was playing her in sitting in the background of her as a projection shined on the wall behind her, showing pictures of her with her friends and her uncles and aunts.
Hold on, to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you're not alone
'Cause I'm going to make this place your home
Settle down, it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found
Just know you're not alone
'Cause I'm going to make this place your home
She took the mic off the stand again as she walk off the stage to her friends and family in the crowd giving the hugs as vocalized along with music.
On the screen was several pictures she found. She put together the slideshow herself. There was a picture of herself crying in the midst of group hug while the people around her comforted. Another was her and all her friends playing in the pool. There was one where they had an impromptu free-for-all dodgeball game and she had won. She was laughing as the guys lifted her into and the girls were all cheering around her.
She made her way back to the stage after the final hug.
Settle down, it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found
Just know you're not alone
'Cause I'm going to make this place your home
She smiled as projector turned off and the crowd applauded again. "Thank you all. But truly thank you to my friends and family for helping and supporting me."
She waited till it was quiet once more before speaking again. "All those who love me have done so much for me, but right now I wanna talk about 3 very special people."
She smiled softly as she looked over to where Peter, Felix, and Jon were sitting. "These 3 boys did so much for me even though they were the ones who knew me the shortest. They've been kind and patient and understanding with me. They all started to love me when I felt my most unlovable. And soon they found a love in each other as well. The best part is even after loving each other they offered to include me in their love as well, whenever I was ready. They gave me their friendship unconditionally no matter what my answer came to be and never rushed me for an answer ever. So Jon, Felix, and Peter this song is for you."
She saw the Wayne family's eyes widen, but she paid them no mind as she started singing.
I've been hearing symphonies
Before all I heard was silence
A rhapsody for you and me
And every melody is timeless
Life was stringing me along
Then you came and you cut me loose
Was solo singing on my own
Now I can't find the key without you
And now your song is on repeat
And I'm dancin' on to your heartbeat
And when you're gone, I feel incomplete
So if you want the truth
I just wanna be part of your symphony
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
Like a love song on the radio
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
I'm sorry if it's all too much
Every day you're here, I'm healing
And I was runnin' out of luck
I never thought I'd find this feeling
At this point Marinette had walked down the stage grabbed Jon's hand and led him back to the stage dancing.
'Cause I've been hearing symphonies
Before all I heard was silence
A rhapsody for you and me
(A rhapsody for you and me)
And every melody is timeless
She repeated the process with Felix as Jon danced nervously danced on stage.
And now your song is on repeat
And I'm dancin' on to your heartbeat
And when you're gone, I feel incomplete
So if you want the truth
She left Felix and Jon dancing together as she brought Peter back to the stage with her. She continued to dance with him as she sang.
I just wanna be part of your symphony
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
Like a love song on the radio
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah ah, ah
She smiled as Peter dipped her before bring her back up and handing her off to Felix.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah ah, ah
Felix twirled her, letting her dress flare, as she spun right in to join awaiting arms where he lifted her into the air.
And now your song is on repeat
And I'm dancin' on to your heartbeat
He slowly set her down and she turned until her back is against his chest. His hand are on hips as they sway gently.
And when you're gone, I feel incomplete
So if you want the truth
Peter and Felix were mimicking her position with Jon in front of her and she put an arm around Peter's neck while the other still held the microphone.
(Oh, oh, oh)
I just wanna be part of your symphony
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
Like a love song on the radio
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
Like a love song on the radio
Will you hold me tight and not let go?
This time as she finished singing the crowd was silent as she looked at the 3 boys who held her heart. "Jon. Felix. Peter. You guys are some of the best people to ever walk into my life. I want nothing more than to be with you 3. So if you are still willing, will you do me the honor of calling me your girlfriend?"
She looked hopeful as the silence filled her ears. It felt like hours, even though it was definitely seconds, before she heard them all say yes.
Cheers erupted as Peter kissed her and Jon and Felix kissed each other over the former two's heads. She then turned kissed Jon as Peter kissed Felix, before kissing Felix as Jon kissed Peter. She grinning wildly when the all finally pulled away from each other.
She raised the mic to her lips as she closed out. "Thank you all for being here for my reveal/debut! I got one more song that I'll be preforming at the end of the gala, so y'all have fun and mingle. Once again, this is Marinette Dupain-Cheng aka Neon Titanium, I'm glad you enjoyed the show!"
She winked at Bruce on her last word as she walked off the stage with the loves of her life to where her family and friends were waiting for her.
Her and her boys (and Kwami does she love that -Her boys) were in the midst of getting congratulations when she heard someone clear their throat behind her. Bruce Wayne stood as tall as ever though he refused to meet any of her group's eyes.
"Ms. Dupain-Cheng, I apologize for my early behavior tonight, I was missing the whole story." He voice was steady but some shame shone through. His boys were behind him all of them also looking sheepish except Damian who was glaring at her new loves Jon in particular.
Marinette rolled her eyes. "You know as well as I do that the media are sharks, and events like these are a feeding frenzy for them. I tried my hardest to keep all of our reputations intact tonight, a lot harder than I should have since I had nothing to hide since I was the victim here. Yet, you in no regards of the truth, attempted to smear me with no hesitation. Personally the rest of you did nothing to me so I had no ill will towards you, but you forced my hand. The results of today are direct consequences of your own actions."
Before anyone else could speak up Damian did. "Kent," He nearly growled. "Why didn't you inform me as soon as you knew she was gone. As my best friend you should have informed me immediately!"
Jon answered lowly in a dark tone no had ever heard him use before. "My father tried to warn you father, Wayne, but when questioned you just dug your own grave deeper. Besides as my father explained to me it is not our job to make sure you two are aware of the going ons of your own household. Also you lost the right to be my best friend when you decided to be so cruel to the person you were supposed to love and then lie when confronted about it."
Marinette scoffed. "I figured when you finally noticed I was gone you'd assume I was off throwing a temper tantrum in hiding somewhere and that I'd come back. The fact that you weren't even worried about me in all that time I was missing is really telling."
Bruce glared Damian down from respond as his brothers held him back. "I just have one more question before we rightfully leave you alone. You said you had the ring return? Where could it possibly be?"
Marinette shrugged. "I had Adrien return it a couple months ago. Damian was fucking some girl in his apartment when Adrien walked in and he didn't even notice him set it on the dresser. I believe heard on the grapevine someone named Lila is claim she's Damian's true love and he had to keep up our engagement for appearances. She also claimed he proposed to her with a Wayne family heirloom until he get away from me. I guess maybe next time Damian should pay better attention to his house guests." She giggled sarcastically afterwards.
Bruce frowned as he nodded. "I see. I'll leave you all alone now. Have a wonderful evening, and congratulations." As he led his family away Marinette could hear whispered yelling but could make out a few phrases like "PR Nightmare", "priceless heirloom", "huge mistake", and even "major fuck up".
As soon as they were out of hearing range Marinette started laughing, causing everyone around her to laugh too. She finally calmed down eventually but her large smile never went away. This is the happiest and the most free she's felt in the long time.
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funnyincorrectmcu8 months ago
Saw you were doing an ask spree so I have a question! What are your ultimate favourite Marvel fanfics? (Ao3 answers preferable!)
I ALWAYS LOVE THIS QUESTION!! But it鈥檚 also always SOO hard, because I have SO many fics that I ADORE! <3 <3 <3聽
Okay okay. Since you鈥檙e asking for ultimate favorites, but since you鈥檙e also in a sense kind of asking for recommendations, I鈥檒l do you a solid and give you a list of fifteen (which is really doing myself a solid because it means there are fewer that I have to narrow down).聽
That said, if you really want my full list, go to my AO3 account and check out my bookmarks (and some of my works, if you鈥檙e interested!). Because there truly are a LOT of AMAZING writers out there. <3 <3聽
Alright. Here goes nothing.聽
Also, I am SO sorry this took me so long, but it took me forever to narrow down to fifteen, and even with THAT, I cheated. XD
Also also, fair warning, 95% of these are Tony and Peter centric. <3聽
Also also also (lots of also鈥檚, oops XD), I鈥檓 gonna give a little bit of info on each one for anyone interested, but PLEASE, read all tags and warnings before you actually start reading, because some of these are a little rougher than others. (Btw, when I say聽鈥渕ajor warnings鈥, I鈥檓 referring to AO3鈥瞫聽鈥渕ajor archive warnings鈥 list.)
1. More Ancient Than Magic by @ironfamjam聽
This is a mini Hogwarts AU that I absolutely ADORE and think about at least once a week. The way the author melds the two universes is incredible and so well done, and I quote it all the time.聽 One-shot, IronFam centric, featuring Ned and MJ, with special guest appearances from the other Avengers and Peter鈥檚 classmates. No major warnings.聽
2. Everybody Loves Skip by @baloobird
Okay, Kris is my favorite MCU fanfic author of all time, so you鈥檒l see her on here a couple of times. This is by far my favorite story of hers, and it鈥檚 what made me fall in love with Interwebs. <3 <3聽 Multichapter, Peter centric, featuring Ace!Peter and Interwebs, with special guest appearances from Tony, May, and Tracy Leeds. Minor sexual harassment/non-con, but it doesn鈥檛 get too graphic.聽
3. Ohana by @jen27ny
I read this story as a part of last year鈥檚 Irondad Big Bang, and let me tell you, I was SOOO invested. I got to the point where I had to send in play by play reactions because I was so emotionally invested. The story is so well told. <3 Multichapter, Tony and Peter centric, featuring Pepperony, Spideychelle, and minor Stucky, with special guest appearances from the rest of the Avengers, HYDRA, and my fast beating heart. No major warnings.聽
4. Come, My Darling, Homeward Bound by @i-am-irondad
ANOTHER Irondad Big Bang 2020 story that I became OVERLY invested in to the point that I had to send play by plays in to the author. It鈥檚 a Room AU, and she NAILS each and every one of the character dynamics. I never even saw Room, and I loved it. <3聽 Multichapter, Tony, Peter, and Morgan centric, featuring the rest of IronFam, Spideychelle, and adorable sibling moments, with special guest appearances from Quentin Beck and my tears. Minor implied sexual harassment/non-con. (She also has a prequel and a sequel, just so you know.)聽
5. The Lightning Strike by @booksxtvxsupernatural
Yet ANOTHER Irondad Big Bang 2020 story that hit me right in the feels. This is a canon-divergent post-Infinity War fic, and the way the author shows how events could鈥檝e transpired is so realistic and beautiful. <3聽 One-shot, Tony and Peter centric, featuring Harley Keener and Nebula, with special guest appearances from IronFam, May Parker, and several other Avengers.聽
6. Family Doesn鈥檛 End with Blood by @baloobird
This is a series of one-shots by my girl Kris based off of the Irondad Bingo prompts, so there are a lot of different prompts and themes, but they ALL rock.聽 Multichapter, Tony and Peter centric, featuring Ace!Peter, IronFam, and Interwebs, with special guest appearances from several other MCU characters. Warnings vary, so pay attention to the tags and read the notes.聽
7. I love you more than anything (bio dad AU) by @iron--spider
Okay, so maybe this is cheating, because it鈥檚 technically a series, but every fic in it is so good that I couldn鈥檛 possibly pick just one. I just love the whole series, because I love how the author builds their relationship. It鈥檚 so cute. <3聽 Series of one shots, Tony and Peter centric, featuring the rest of the Stark and Parker family and baby Peter, with special guest appearances from Obadiah Stane, James Rhodes, and Happy Hogan.聽No major warnings.
8. sometimes, people just die (and sometimes, they don鈥檛) by @snarky-drabbles
This one was for the 2019 Irondad Secret Santa (huh. No wonder so many of them are Tony and Peter centric. XD), and it鈥檚 an amazing time loop story that takes place during Endgame and has an ending you might not expect, but it ROCKS.聽 One-shot, Tony and Peter centric from Peter鈥檚 POV, featuring Pepper Potts and Stephen Strange, with special guest appearances from a whole lot of fighting. XD聽
9. A Rite of Passage by @baloobird
Another ADORABLE Interwebs from my favorite person, because she made me obsessed with this ship and now I can鈥檛 stop. XD聽 One-shot, Interwebs centric (wait, did I actually find one that isn鈥檛 Tony and Peter??), featuring Ace!Peter and Bi!Ned, with special guest appearances from Brad Davis, Flash Thompson, and Betty Brant. Minor sexual harassment/non-con, but nothing graphic at all.聽
10. Where Dreams are Nightmares in Disguise by @baloobird
This one was actually written for me, by Kris, so obviously, it made this list. I seriously cannot thank her enough for writing this amazing fic for me based on my prompt, and for writing it so well! I LOVED IT! <3聽 One-shot, Tony, Peter, and Morgan centric, featuring Pepper Potts and lots of LEGOS, with a special guest appearance from a really bad dude. No major warnings.聽
11. harm and foul by @iron--spider
You know, there鈥檚 a lot of Tony protecting Peter out there, but sometimes, I just really wanna see Peter protecting Tony, and this is a GREAT example of that.聽 One-shot, Tony and Peter centric, featuring IronFam, Ned Leeds, and bada** mofo Peter Parker, with special guest appearances from Justin Hammer and a few Avengers.聽No major warnings.
12. Sugar, Butter, Flour by @doctornineandthreequarters
Another one written for me, this time by the incredible Jaime for the 2019 Irondad Secret Santa, and I couldn鈥檛 have asked for anything better. She took my prompts to heart and created some BEAUTIFUL sibling bonding and I LOVE it!! <3 <3聽 One-shot, Peter, Harley, and Morgan centric (whoa. Another one without Tony. See? I have variety! ...kind of. XD), featuring Pepperony and adorable sibling love, with a special guest appearance from a Karen. No major warnings.聽
13. Bite the Bullet by @baloobird
In case you haven鈥檛 figured it out, yet, I love you, Kris. XD <3 Another amazing ace story that gets me feeling all kinds of validated and loved. <3聽 One-shot, Tony and Peter centric, featuring Spideychelle, Ace!Peter, and Ace!Tony, with a special guest appearance from BFF Ned and lots of lovely ace acceptance. No major warnings.聽
14. what is stronger than the human heart which shatters over and over and still lives by @lyssismagical
So, I started reading her works solely through Tumblr, and when I finally realized that she had an AO3, I went on there and bookmarked a TON of her stories immediately. This is one of her more recent ones, but it鈥檚 one of my faves, even with all the whump (being Whumptober and all). It has a positive ending, I promise.聽 One-shot, Tony and Peter centric, featuring amazing BFF Michelle Jones, protective Peter Parker, and adorable little sister Morgan Stark, with special guest appearances from Pepper Potts, May Parker, and a lot of family love and support. Rape/non-con, but it isn鈥檛 super graphic.聽
15. Peaches by @peterparkrr
This was yet another Irondad Secret Santa 2019 fic, and while this one wasn鈥檛 written specifically for me, I freaking loved it. There鈥檚 so much tension and mystery in this, and I seriously thought I was gonna pass out reading it from all of my worry. But, luckily, it has a happy ending.聽 One-shot, Tony and Peter centric, featuring canon divergence and lots of references to other Avengers, with a special guest appearance from a terrible government.聽No major warnings.
And there鈥檚 my top 15! But, because I said I was cheating, here are two bonus fics that cannot be found on AO3. I know you prefer AO3, but trust me when I say you cannot pass these up.聽
1.聽This fic by @loubuttons
This was posted directly to Tumblr, but I have it saved in screenshots on my phone and I re-blog it all the time because I absolutely ADORE it. I will always be down for Peter and Morgan fics, especially when Tony is involved, and this one touches my heart like no other.聽 One-shot, Tony, Peter, and Morgan centric, featuring protective big bro Peter Parker and Tony being an amazing parent, with special guest appearances from equally awesome Pepper Potts and May Parker. No major warnings.聽
2. He鈥檚 My Intern? by losingmymindtonight (if they have a Tumblr, I don鈥檛 know it, so if anyone knows it, please find them and tell them they鈥檙e awesome)
This one was posted on, and it was actually one of the first Tony and Peter stories I ever read, and it BLEW me away. This one is another series of one-shots, but each one is filled with soft Tony and Peter moments and I love it.聽 Multichapter, Tony and Peter centric, featuring Happy Hogan, Bruce Banner, F.R.I.D.A.Y., and all the hurt/comfort you could possibly want, with special guest appearances from Pepper Potts, May Parker, Ned Leeds, and several other Avengers. No major warnings.聽聽
Okaaaaay. I think that鈥檚 it??聽
Wow. That took me FOREVER.聽
And I鈥檓 not even sorry, because all of these authors deserve ALL of the credit I gave them.聽
Thank you so much for asking this! I hope I didn鈥檛 bore you or babble too much. XD聽
All of you should definitely check out these amazing fics! They 100% deserve the praise! <3 <3聽
Thanks again for asking! <3聽
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rosesgonerogue10 months ago
Finding Each Other (Again)
Chapter One
鈥淢ake way guys, out of the way!鈥 Dick bellowed from the entrance of the batcave. 鈥淎lfred, we need you!鈥澛
Marinette, jostled in his arms with every step, tried to liberate herself from her brother-in-law鈥檚 iron grip. 鈥淐alm down, I鈥檓 fine.鈥澛
鈥淣o offense bug, but I just watched you get crushed by a steel beam. Alfred is checking you over.鈥澛
鈥淭ikki, spots,鈥 Marinette said, as he deposited her on a cot. 鈥淪ee, not a bruise on me. I only jumped in to save that kid because I knew I would be fine. I鈥檝e been eaten by a t-rex before, I was perfectly safe.鈥澛
鈥淵ou what?鈥 Damian demanded darkly.聽
鈥淒ames! How was your patrol?鈥 Marinette asked, grinning at the sight of her husband.聽
鈥淲hat just happened to you on patrol?鈥 Damian demanded.聽
鈥淒ick is overreacting. I know it can be kind of鈥 unsettling to see things like that, but the Miraculous suits are nearly indestructible. Only another Miraculous or some type of magic could hurt me while I鈥檓 suited up.鈥澛
She leaned in to kiss Damian鈥檚 cheek, but his face was stone.聽
鈥淎re any of those Miraculous things up for grabs?鈥 Jason asked, pulling off his helmet.
鈥淣ot for you,鈥 Marinette scoffed. 鈥淎nd don鈥檛 worry, Dames. Dick is overreacting, the beam barely made contact with me. I was just making sure it fell safely.鈥櫬
鈥淗old up, hold up,鈥 Tim said, actually turning away from the computer. 鈥淵ou redirected a steel beam? Just with your strength alone? How strong does your suit make you?鈥澛
鈥淚 haven鈥檛 actually ever tested it, that could be interesting,鈥 Marinette contemplated, handing Tikki a cookie. 鈥淏ut I鈥檓 stronger than I was when I first started out as Ladybug.鈥澛
鈥淧art of it is because you鈥檝e worked with me for so long - we鈥檝e grown together. But you鈥檙e stronger than any other Miraculous use can be because you鈥檙e also the Guardian,鈥 Tikki said. 鈥淎lfred, these cookies are amazing.鈥澛
While Alfred began examining Marinette, he chattered with Tikki about his baking methods. Dick was telling an overly dramatized version of the night鈥檚 events while Tim theorized exactly what Marinette could be capable of. All that was missing was the last few members of the family, all occupied with their own business. Marinette leaned back on the examination table, content with the daily she鈥檇 married into.聽
鈥-and if she were facing a metahuman with enhanced strength-鈥
鈥淒rake, will you do us all a favor and shut your idiotic mouth?鈥 Damian snapped, his voice dripping with acid.聽
鈥淭hat was out of line,鈥 Marinette said, straightening up. 鈥淗e鈥檚 just having fun, Damian.鈥澛
鈥淛ust having fun? Were you just having fun when you threw yourself under a steel beam today? Or how about last week, when Killer Croc almost ripped off your leg?鈥 Damian spat. 鈥淥h, and the week before when your heart literally stopped because you stepped in front of Mr. Freeze?鈥
鈥淲hoa, whoa, hang on,鈥 Marinette said, standing to really face her husband. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 uncalled for, Dames. What鈥檚 with all of the hostility?鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檚 with all of the hostility? Every week I have to see or hear about some way my wife almost died. You have absolutely no sense of self-preservation and that makes the rest of us worry about you, which makes you a liability.鈥澛
鈥淓xcuse me?鈥 she demanded, uncaring of the awkward silence between the rest of the family. 鈥淎 liability? I know exactly what I am capable of, Damian Wayne. In case you forgot, I had a life and a hero career before you. Long before you.鈥澛
鈥淏ut this isn鈥檛 magical butterflies, Marinette, this is the real world!鈥 Damian shouted, ripping off his domino mask. 鈥淧eople die here, and we don鈥檛 all have a Miraculous to save our asses. You rely on Tikki, but how do you know she won鈥檛 fail, or time out too early? Without her you鈥檇 be dead.鈥澛
Marinette鈥檚 eyes were wide and burning with rage, but Tikki was the first to speak, her tiny body radiating with fury.聽
鈥淵ou have no idea what Marinette has gone through to get here. She is the most capable Ladybug and Guardian that I鈥檝e ever seen, and that means more than you鈥檒l ever know.鈥澛
Looking back at his wife, Damian could see more hurt than anger in her eyes. He felt a pang now that his panic from hearing Dick鈥檚 story had died down, but it was too late. When he should have expressed concern and care for his wife, he鈥檇 let anger take over. A firm stubbornness rose in him, and when his wife鈥檚 eyes met his, he levelled his gaze at her, unwilling to take his words back.聽
Glaring at him, when she spoke Marinette鈥檚 voice was thick with unshed tears. 鈥淲ell, I formally apologize for the liability I鈥檝e been all this time. If you鈥檒l excuse me, I have commissions to work on.鈥
She shoved past him, leaving the silent Wayne clan behind. Her back was straight and her stride was measured - none of them could have guessed that silent, angry tears ran down her cheeks. Outside the weather was terrible, the wind howling through Gotham鈥檚 streets.聽
Walking silently for blocks, Tikki flitted around her nervously, using the terrible weather as a cover - not that there was anyone really on the streets to notice her. Finally the two ducked into an alley where Marinette collapsed against a brick wall.聽
鈥淗e鈥檚 wrong, Marinette,鈥 she finally said indignantly. 鈥淒amian鈥檚 worried for you, but he also has no idea what it takes to hold a Miraculous.鈥澛
鈥淎m I just a liability, Tikki?鈥 Marinette asked, running a hand through her hair. 鈥淎m I just making things worse for the entire family?鈥澛
鈥淢arinette, no! You鈥檝e saved them plenty of times, and don鈥檛 you dare wonder if I鈥檓 what makes you special. We鈥檝e been together for so long because you鈥檙e special,鈥 Tikki said firmly.聽
The Guardian sniffed, sagging a little. 鈥淭hanks, Tikki. I guess I really should go work on those commissions like I said I would, which means I need to go home.鈥澛
鈥淥nly after you鈥檝e eaten the rest of Damian鈥檚 favorite ice cream,鈥 the kwami said.聽
鈥淎fter all of the morality speeches you gave me in Paris, I had no idea you had this mischievous streak in you. I think Plagg is finally rubbing off on you after all of these centuries.鈥澛
Tikki smiled. 鈥淥nly when someone hurts my Ladybug.鈥
Smiling faintly herself, Marinette pushed herself up while Tikki situated herself in Marinette鈥檚 purse. Talking to Damian wouldn鈥檛 be fun, but they would figure things out - they always did. Besides, they only fought because her husband was worried for her wellbeing. So, Marinette made her way towards their home, one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Gotham. She could almost see the old Colonial-style house when they saw a woman standing on the sidewalk.聽
She was just standing there under the streetlamp, the light emphasizing how angular her features were, if not exaggerating them. With the way the woman stared at Marinette, it was clear that she would speak to them, and there was really no way to get home without crossing the woman鈥檚 path. As much as she didn鈥檛 want to, Marinette decided to bite the bullet and speak first. 鈥淓xcuse me, Madame, can I help you?鈥
Nothing in her posture changed, but glittering eyes assessed Marinette critically. 鈥淪o you鈥檙e the little French fashion designer? I can鈥檛 say I鈥檓 impressed. I always had much鈥 higher aims for my son.鈥
With those words Marinette felt her blood freeze in her veins. So this was Talia al Ghul. She鈥檇 heard stories of the woman, but she always hoped not to become involved with her at all.聽
She couldn鈥檛 back down. Marinette met her mother-in-law鈥檚 eyes without flinching, hand snaking to her back pocket for her phone.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 try it, little girl. You and I are going to play a game. It鈥檚 called 鈥榟ow much does Damian love you?鈥欌
鈥淚t鈥檚 tempting, but I think I need to pass,鈥 Marinette said.聽
At that, Marinette viciously kicked forward, hitting Talia right in the knee. She didn鈥檛 try to watch the result, sprinting forward with all of her energy - she only had to make it to-
There was a sharp prick in the back of her neck, and Marinette felt her legs give out from underneath her. She heard Talia limping over.聽
鈥淢aybe you鈥檙e not completely hopeless, but you were never going to win this. Now let me explain the rules of the game to you.鈥澛
Marinette wanted to protest, to scream until someone came, but she couldn鈥檛 even prop herself up on her arms. Even more alarmingly, black was slowly overtaking her vision.聽
鈥淒ear little Damian has a month to find you. If he doesn鈥檛, I get to kill you and use it as a means to get the information I need. Now sleep well, darling. You鈥檒l need it.鈥澛
@tbehartoo @kris-pines04 @thesunanditsangel @constancetruggle @thequeenofpotatoeunicornss @rosalineandrosemary @novicevoice @momothefemur 聽@theymakeupfairies
Note: Hey guys, I know it鈥檚 been FOREVER since I posted anything. I just finished my first semester of grad school, and it was a bit overwhelming to say the least. Oh, I also have a boyfriend now. That鈥檚 new, and he does tend to take up some time. But I鈥檓 not abandoning my other stories, I just wanted to try something a little different. Long term this is going to be cute, and it鈥檚 going to have some hurt/comfort vibes. I know this is really different from what I usually write, so tell me what y鈥檃ll think. The taglist is open if anyone wants to be added, just leave a comment below and ask to be tagged!聽
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heartbellamy2 months ago
Tumblr media
And we鈥檙e back again! Hello loves, hope you鈥檝e been doing well, here鈥檚 part eight of the Bellarke Creator Shoutout series! I鈥檓 happy to say I鈥檝e got a little bit of everything today, some stellar gifs, some beautiful fanart, and some intriguing fanfic, both completed and ongoing. As always, I hope you all enjoy the fanworks below and thanks again to all our talented and wonderful creators!
6x01 Gifset by @kateemcintyre
6x11 Gifset by @kris-lulu
Bellamy Blake AU Gifset by @bellamyblake
The 5 Stages Of Loving You Gifset by @saracamerons
Bellarke: A Series - Season Six Gifset by @clarkegriffinblake
The Sea Fell In Love With The Moon Fanart by @helloeurydice
The Food Of Love Fic (Rated T, Modern AU, Fluff and Enemies To Lovers/Best Friend鈥檚 Older Brother) by @bookwormforalways
Delicate Fic (Rated T, Modern AU, Angst With A Happy Ending and Clarke Griffin-Centric) by @useyourtelescope
Things In Common, They Just Ain鈥檛 One Fic (Not Rated, Modern AU, Hurt/Comfort and Opposites Attract) by @siyahi123
Taste Blood When You Bleed Fic (Rated M, Historical AU, Gang/Peaky Blinders and Canon-Typical Violence, WIP) by jamesstruttingpotter
Remember to give these works some love to let our creators know how much we appreciate them! And feel free to tag me in any of your Bellarke-related creations! 馃挅
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kich-rp3 months ago
Things I Like RP Partners to Know;
Tumblr media
I like to be called:
Honestly anything - I go by a variety of names online, including my actual name. Nothing really bothers me at this point. I'm kinda partial to Granny right now, though. Or Grandmother. I just think it's cute.
One thing you should know about me:
I'm clinically forgetful. If I have forgotten something you've asked, or if I just don't get back to you for something, or if I don't like a screenshots/art you've posted - I promise I'm not intentionally ghosting you! I write as much as I can in my day planner to help remember, but even that isn't infallible. I give a thousand kisses to those who understand and are eternally patient with me and this Brain.
One thing you should know about RPing with my character(s):
Alya really isn't a nice person, nor is she is morally correct on most anything. During business RP (which is the majority of my RP), she does put on a rather neutral face, but at her heart she is a lawful evil character. I love her for it, but she doesn't mesh particularly well with more light hearted characters and themes (which like, go off, kings and queens - play whatever makes YOU the happiest!).
First language: English.
Age range: under 13聽 |聽 14鈥17 | 18鈥22 | 23鈥25 | 26鈥29 | 30+ |聽 70+
Am I okay with NSFW?: yes (but like good luck; homegirl ranks nsfw low on her priorities. unless we mean not booty-touching, in which case, hell yeah)| no | some nsfw
My favorite/most common thing to rp is: angst | fluff | smut | crack | action | plots | AUs are fine | Violence | Darker themes|聽 I unno. *
* Business. Like I said above, most of my RP right now is business focused. My brain hasn't been doing too hot recently, and I've only just started dipping my toes into some RP again, and this seems to be what I'm meshing with most right now! let us craft something for you, baybies.
Canon Character RP Friendly?: yes | no | depends
* Though I have zero problems with people who do choose to play so, and I love seeing people's interpretations of them on Tumblr, I disconnect Alya with XIV's overarching plot rather intentionally and though some canon names get by in passing, I don't like interacting with them in RP.
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I like period OOC check ins and will share things once in a while, but for the most part this is primarily an aesthetic and inspo show here! Occasional draws and screens!
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delaber7 months ago
Three-Point Perspective (Part 1)
Rafael Casal x Reader x Daveed Diggs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Note: Thanks for the prompts, lovely anons! This is fluff/angst. I took a different approach with this one; we see the same scenario from three different perspectives, so make notice of when the perspective changes and let me know if it works or not ...also just let me know what you think in general haha. I live for your reactions. You guys are the best :鈥)
Words: 6.8K
Warnings: Heartbreak lol. And a whole lotta angst!
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Tumblr media
Although you had promised yourself that you'd only attend one party tonight and actually stick to your decision for once, you had once again changed your mind. You blamed Kris' party (you couldn't decide what described it best; plain boring or absolute hell) and also the rain of persuasive texts you'd received from both Rafael and Daveed. Even though you hadn't told either of them about how bored you were, both men had made compelling points to get you to ditch your party and instead join them and the rest of your co-stars downtown.
You, Rafa, and Daveed had all worked on the same production - their production - for a month now and so far, you had been so busy filming that it had been all work and no play. You definitely deserved a fun night out. Hell, you were craving it even!
All night, Rafa had texted you various reasons why you should come join them instead of staying at Kris' place. His strongest argument had definitely been that it would do you good to get to know your co-stars outside of filming. 'Chemistry outside the screen equals chemistry on screen,' he'd texted, and you could not agree more with his statement. On several occasions in the past month, you and Rafa had been complimented on your great chemistry on screen and you were sure that it was because you'd known each other since the beginning of your early twenties.
You and Rafa had met when you'd both been struggling artists who'd just moved to Los Angeles to focus on your arts. Together, you had worked a summer job in a fast-food truck, Tacos Locos, just to make ends meet. You had had a great summer at Tacos Locos and over the years, you often reminisced about all the fun you and Rafa had had that summer; you had always wondered why the obvious attraction between the two of you hadn't turned to more. Back then, you'd practically begged Rafa to take you to bed, but for some reason it had only turned into a single kiss between you before the summer was over and you had moved back home. For years, you had followed his career on the side-line, happy to see how well he had taken off in Hollywood. Thus, you'd been both happy and honoured when you had received a call from him a couple of months ago. He had told you about his upcoming series and a role that he thought you'd be perfect for. Of course you'd taken the job!
When you had started filming, you had been happy to learn that the chemistry between you still was intact even though it had been a couple of years since the last time you'd seen him. Still, you couldn't help but wonder if the chemistry was due to the last small remnants of unfulfilled young summer love...
On top of Rafa's texting, you had also received several texts from his best friend and co-producer Daveed. You remembered that Rafa had mentioned Daveed a couple of times back when you had been slinging tacos over the counter, but you hadn't met him until Rafa had introduced you to him on your first day of filming. And oh my goodness - you had been mesmerised by the man immediately! Daveed's cool laid-back attitude topped with kind eyes, a contagious laughter, and a charming personality - and your knees were weak before you had even finished your first day on the set.
During the month you'd been filming, you'd been desperate to get to know Daveed better, constantly trying to stand close to him whenever you had the chance. Luckily, it seemed as if he felt the same way about you; he was constantly flirting with you, his hand brushing over yours every time you were the least bit alone. And 'alone' was a key word to the both of you; no need to involve everybody. And especially not Rafa for some reason. On several occasions in-between shots, you had caught Daveed eyeing you from afar but apart from that you both pretended that you were just regular co-workers when there were others around.
Daveed was cute and charming as hell so even though he was Rafa's best friend (and off limits just because of that) your stomach had still done a happy dance when he had started sending you texts about how much he hoped to see you at the bar downtown with him and the rest of the crew. Innocently, he had asked you if you intended to show or not because he was 'hoping to get to know you off screen so it'd be easier to act out your characters' story on screen.' What he really wanted was obvious - and you definitely wanted it too - but his points also underlined Rafa's, so you decided to just focus on the professional aspects of it.
So, because you were bored and because both Rafa and Daveed had made compelling points, it didn't take you long before you'd snuck out of Kris' front door, eager to meet up with your two employers and the rest of the cast.
As you entered the bar you immediately saw all your co-workers sitting at the same table in the far back. Rafa's eyes had already found yours and you sent him a small smile as he did a cool wave while having a sip of his beer. But it was Daveed you were really interested in. He was wearing a small secretive smile as he eyed you from top to toe. It almost made you blush. With hurried footsteps, you approached the table and met your co-workers with a loud, "hey guys!"
The entire cast cheered but Rafa and Daveed gave you the most attention. "Look who finally decided to show!" Rafa laughed and pulled you in for a hug while giving you a small peck on the cheek, "this is a surprise!"
Daveed was wriggling his eyebrows behind Rafa's back and it made you giggle. "I decided that I needed a fun night out - and I wanted to share that night with you," you laughed while shooting Daveed a challenging look over Rafa's shoulder.
Daveed's face cracked in a devilish smile. Clearly, he had understood the meaning behind your double entendre. Your heart fluttered a little as you inspected his features.
"You've been working hard! You deserve to feel good and let loose a little!" Daveed hit you back with yet another double entendre that was accompanied by a small wink as if his comment wasn't enough to make your knees feel like flubber. Oh god, he was so fine. He'd definitely be the death of you if he kept flirting like this. You had to remind yourself that you were currently drooling over your old flame's best friend. You'd have to be careful.
In desperate need to get away so you wouldn't accidentally do or say something stupid, you let go of Rafa, shot Daveed a small smile and said "I'mma head for the bar and grab a drink. Save me a seat?"
"Of course," Rafa nodded, "when you come back, maybe we can grab a smoke? I'm gagging for one."
"It's a plan," you smiled, your eyes travelling between the two men who both shot you a wink before you headed for the bar. You walked slowly, swinging your hips sensually, hoping for Daveed to notice. Fuck being careful, apparently.
When you reached the bar, you placed an order for a gin tonic and watched the bartender slowly fill a fancy glass with liquid. "That'll be nine dollars," he said as he handed you the drink.
"I'll get that,"a husky voice suddenly rang from beside you. Daveed was standing by your side, sending you a broad smile as he quickly handed the bartender a ten-dollar bill. Daveed put his hand on the small of your back as he took the bar stool next to you, urging you to take a seat too. You shivered under his touch as his hand against the thin fabric of your dress was sending electrical signals all the way up your spine. It almost made you forget that you were about to engage in something that was definitely not careful.
Over the years, Daveed had listened to countless of anecdotes about Rafa's summer in the taco truck, and as a natural result of that; a lot of anecdotes about you too. He knew all about the scar you had on your forearm from when Rafa accidentally had pushed you into one of the grills, how you had once sung Piano Man in front of a bunch of strangers to get Rafa out of a fist fight, he knew about your peach baseball cap that Rafa for some reason hadn't been able to shut up about, how you could rap Busta Rhymes' verse in Look at Me Now flawlessly because Rafa had bet you that you wouldn't be able to learn it by heart. Daveed often thought to himself that he had never known so much about a person he had no idea what looked like - not that he had ever minded these stories; you seemed pretty cool ...but he had still been reluctant to let Rafa hire you. See, Daveed wasn't really sure if Rafa wanted to hire you because he thought you were a brilliant actress or because he wanted to rekindle your old friendship. So to protect Rafa's artistic integrity, Daveed had said no.
But of course Rafa hadn't taken no for an answer and over the last couple of months he'd completely gone into persuasion mode. The number of anecdotes about you had tripled and this time they'd been accompanied by different arguments on why you'd make the perfect addition to the show. This had continued until Daveed had finally admitted defeat and let Rafa have his way. Thus, he let Rafa cast you without even having met you.
And oh boy, was he glad that Rafa had casted you!
Your acting was alright but not brilliant per se, but you had still managed to rip the carpet out from under Daveed before the end of your first encounter! The first time he'd seen you, he had almost spit out his coffee! You had opened your trailer door slowly, a cute hesitant smile on your lips as you had been dressed in a very daring costume. When the sound of your voice had met his ears, it had felt as if the air had been knocked out of his lungs. You had let out a nervous laughter at your attire, and Daveed had wanted to assure you that you looked good - hell, 'good' wasn't the right word to use; You looked adorable! Cute! Fuckable! Innocent! Sinful! And all at the same time! Your long legs in the small shorts were making his hormones run wild! He knew you were in costume, and he knew that he wasn't acting very professionally but fuck fuck fuck! He tried to keep his eyes on your symmetrical face with the cute little features. Still, he had to give himself a mental smack to avoid letting his eyes run low. He. Was. Your. Employer.
You on the other hand had acted very professionally and had given him a firm handshake, and a short introduction of yourself, indirectly telling him that you were an opinionated woman with professional integrity - it didn't exactly help him much; he'd always had a soft spot for strong women.
He knew it was probably unethical since he was technically your boss but within the first week, he knew he had to have you.
And Daveed's feelings had quickly transgressed from sexual attraction to emotional attraction. He had suddenly understood why Rafa had been so keen on hiring you; you were bubbly, cool, and fun - and definitely the perfect addition to the set. He was desperate to get to know you better and tried to stay as close to you as he possibly could without rising too much suspicion among his co-stars. He had made sure to flirt excessively with you - but only in the short periods of time when you were completely and utterly alone. He didn't want the rest of the cast to start gossiping. It was hard though, his breath constantly hitching in his throat every time your contagious smile was directed at him. And your beautiful smile was always accompanied by small happy wrinkles framing your deep, soft eyes, and it made his knees buckle. He longed to touch you, to kiss you, to make you call his name.
Although he'd been having many inner debates on whether he should act on his constant surge of hormones or keep it professional, Daveed had still been excited about going out for beers all week. He had been looking forward to getting you to himself for more than a minute or two - but when Rafa had told him that you were at another party and that you wouldn't show, he had felt his spirits sink low. Actually, they had sunk so low that he realised that he absolutely had to do something about you. Fuck being your employer. He had to give it all he got. Put all his eggs in one basket. And if you wanted to keep your relationship strictly professional with a bit of workplace flirting on the side, then so be it. He'd back down.
So, he had texted you and urged you to come, trying to play it cool - and probably failing horribly. And when you had finally texted him that you were 'leaving Kris' dumb party to hang with the cast,' and that you'd 'be there in a bit', the night had suddenly improved considerably.
Though he hated to admit it, the time it took for you to arrive was utter torture! He constantly found himself checking the door to see if you'd walked in yet, or checking his phone to see if you'd tried to reach out by text. And just as he had decided to text you and ask how far along you were, he felt Rafa shuffle horribly beside him and that was when he saw you.
He had seen you in your flimsy little costume millions of times but seeing you in a classic form-fitting dress definitely did something else to him. He had to slip you his famous flirting technique. He had to take you home. He had to delve into you and make you pancakes in the morning. He just had to ask Rafa for permission first. He wouldn't want to risk screwing up the entire production if Rafa thought engaging in anything with an employee was a bad idea.
Daveed watched your swaying hips approach him slowly before you finally stopped in front of the table. He watched you smile a beautiful and genuine smile accompanied by a "hey guys!"
Daveed could feel Rafa shuffle excitedly beside him as he pulled you down for a hug while laughing, "Look who finally decided to show! This is a surprise!" Rafa sounded incredibly happy as he was hugging you tightly and kissing your cheek. Daveed couldn't help but smile to himself knowing that if he did manage to get you into his bed, you'd definitely be Rafa-approved.
Although you were locked in a tight embrace with Rafa, your eyes still found Daveed's from over Rafa's shoulder. Daveed wriggled his eyebrows at you, and you giggled and snuggled against Rafa's neck as he pulled you closer - and in that moment a strange feeling flared in Daveed's stomach. It was something he had never felt before... jealously towards Rafa. Daveed wished he was the one who was holding you tight, he wished he was the one you were leaning into, he wished he was the one who got to kiss your cheek. And he hated himself for feeling that way!
With your eyes still locked on his, you smiled softly and spoke, "I decided that I needed a fun night out - and I wanted to share that night with you."
Fortunately, your ambiguous sentence had the jealous feeling in Daveed's stomach calm down: even though you were being held by Rafa, you still wanted to spend your evening with him. Your flirty words had Daveed shoot you a wink before he decided to let you know exactly what he planned to do with tonight, "you've been working hard! You deserve to feel good and let loose a little!"
He noticed the determined turned-on yet short-lived look you sent him before you seemed to give yourself a mental shake. He watched as you slowly let go of Rafa, stood up straight, and said, "I'mma head for the bar and grab a drink. Save me a seat," to no one in particular.
Had he been too much? Had his obvious flirting suddenly scared you away?
While Daveed was wondering, he heard Rafa bellow from beside him, "when you come back, maybe we can grab a smoke? I'm gagging for one."
"It's a plan!" you turned around and smiled at Rafa, your look briefly skating over Daveed's face. Your eyes lingered for just a second longer than necessary; oh it was definitely still on! How he wanted to be the cigarette between your lips!
He sent you a wink before you turned back around, your swaying hips disappearing into the crowd as you headed for the bar. He wanted to follow you, but he needed Rafa's approval first.
"Hey, Rafa?" he leaned closer to his best friend, his eyes still glued to you.
"What's up?" Rafa mumbled.
"I have a question for you..." Daveed sighed nervously, "do you think it would mess up the production if one of us started dating one of our employees?"
Rafa leaned back in his seat and shot him a suspicious look, "who did you have in mind?"
"Oh, no one!" Daveed tried to play it cool. He had to know if Rafa was okay with it before he admitted to anything. If he wasn't cool with it, it would get too awkward too fast if he said anything. "It was more of a hypothetical question," Daveed looked at his friend with certain gaze, trying to determine if Rafa had seen right through him.
"Well," Rafa drawled with a shrug, "I guess it could work - but only because you and I aren't really their bosses per se. I mean, we take care of production and we did hire the entire cast, but it's not like it's a regular employer/employee situation we have here. And if both you and the girl are crazy about each other and agree that the relationship wouldn't lead to any kind of drama on set, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to ask out any of our co-stars."
Daveed was almost bubbling with happiness when he heard Rafa's reasoning, "Yeah?" he said happily
"Eh - yeah?" Rafa shot him a weird look, "what are you-"
But Daveed was already long gone mentally, no longer listening to his friend, "later? Okay? There's something I gotta do while I still have the guts to do it." He padded Rafa's thigh before he left his seat, and with determined footsteps approached you at the bar.
Daveed heard the bartender ask you for nine dollars. "I'll get that," he stepped in, and slid a ten-dollar bill over the counter while sending you the most charming smile he had in his repertoire. You sent him a certain flirty look and he decided to do a daring thing; he took your flirting to the physical level and put his hand on the small of your back, urging you to sit down next to him.
By the small secretive smile you were sending him, he could tell that you definitely liked the touch of his hand against your back.
"Oh, you don't have to pay for my drink," you smiled charmingly at him.
"I know - but I want to," he smiled and turned his attention to the bartender, "excuse me sir, while you're at it, could you fix me a glass of that Talisker?" he pointed to a bottle of scotch, "thanks."
"Top tier scotch?" you arched an eyebrow at him with a bemused smile, "Who are you trying to impress?"
"Oh, no one," Daveed chuckled a little before he slowly continued, "...but I wouldn't mind impressing you."
You felt a small blush creep up on your cheeks, and avoided Daveed's gaze, hoping that he hadn't noticed the bodily reactions he was causing you.
"How's your night so far?" he asked and took a sip of his whiskey, the bemused smile still in place on his lips.
"It's good, thanks," you nodded slowly while twirling the straw of your gin tonic between your fingertips, "I'm glad I took the decision to come here and hang with you," you stuck out your pink tongue and twirled it around the straw before you took a sip of the drink.
Your tongue and pursed lips around the colourful straw topped with your sensual words had Daveed unable to sit still in his seat. "Yeah, my night improved considerably the moment you stepped in that door," he had to stop himself from squirming uncomfortably, "I hoped you'd show up."
"Seems like a good decision to do so," you leaned closer to him.
Daveed copied your body language and said, "I've been hoping for some alone time with you. We keep getting interrupted at work," he brushed his fingers over your kneecap.
The butterflies in your stomach ran amok, "yeah, it sucks," you breathed and leaned a little closer to him. You had to have him! - but then you remembered that he was best friends with your old crush. You didn't want to make things awkward between them. With a sigh, you leaned back in your seat and moved your leg a little to the side which in turn made Daveed retract his hand with a surprised look.
"It's not that I don't want to," you said quietly, "it's just - I'm not sure if it's... unethical."
"Unethical?" he shot you a quizzical smile, "because I'm your employer?"
"Well," you weighed your words. It was one of the reasons, but you were more concerned about Rafa's feelings if you suddenly hooked up with his best friend. "What would Rafa say?"
"Oh, Rafa's one hundred percent on board," Daveed scooted a little closer to you.
"He is?" you said in a surprised tone of voice. You'd always thought that Rafa had a small crush on you too - and to be honest, there had been times where you'd pondered if that was the real reason behind your casting. It seemed weird that he'd let his best friend have a shot.
"Yeah, we just talked about it," Daveed nodded sincerely, wondering why you were concerned about Rafa's opinion on employer/employee relations, "He's cool."
"Really?" you said slowly.
"You sound surprised?"
"I am - but I mean if Rafa's fine with it, I see no reason to hold back," you smiled devilishly as you leaned closer to him and put your hand on his arm, "I've been wanting you to touch me so bad," you whispered.
"Could you say that again?" he growled and took a firm grip around your thigh.
"Were you not listening?" you chuckled sensually.
"No, I was. I just want to hear you say it again," he whispered in a husky voice.
You laughed at him but eventually leaned in as close as you could and brushed your lips against his ear, "I've been wanting you to touch me so bad," you repeated in a whisper before you licked his earlobe.
Had you been able to see Daveed's face, you would've seen the dark look that grew considerably in his eyes. "I've been having a hard time keeping my hands to myself, you have no idea," his hand travelled to your upper thigh, "your ass looks perfect in all your little shorts. I've been wanting to rip them off you all week," he growled against your ear, "but this dress. Fuck me... this dress is really something else."
You let out a heavy breath against his ear as you nibbled and bit his earlobe repeatedly. You couldn't believe he had you hot and bothered with just a couple of well-articulate sentences.
He moved his face closer to yours, the stubble on his chin brushing against your jawline, and you were suddenly eye to eye again. "I've never seen anyone look so cute and so sexy at the same time," he said slowly while he leaned closer and captured your lips in a sweet, passionate kiss. His lips moved in time with yours, his tongue brushed over your soft lips, but when you let out a small hum against his him, he retracted his face, sent you a deep look and asked, "do you want to get out of here?"
You nodded and took the hand he was offering you as you eagerly jumped down from the bar stool. Daveed put his hand on the small of your back and determinedly led you away from the bar.
Just before you reached the exit, you looked back over your shoulder, your eyes immediately interlocking with Rafa's. He was standing by your table, his neck was craned, and his expression was weird and contorted. You contemplated walking over to him and ask him what was up, but Daveed's hand was so warm against your back that you decided against it. You'd ask him about it on Monday.
As a small consolation, you shot him a small wave as Daveed obliviously led you away from him.
The one that got away.
If Rafa had to describe you with one sentence it would be that. The one that got away. The one who still kept him up at night. The one his thoughts always seemed to circle back to when his family asked him why he was single. The one he wanted to kiss at both 2 am and 2 pm. The one he just couldn't seem to let go.
During your summer together in the Tacos Locos truck, you had both flirted quite heavily but it hadn't amounted to much. Rafa knew he had always had a certain way of making you laugh loudly and even though your boss back then had reprimanded him several times, he didn't care that he was slowing down your work. All he cared about was making you laugh. That summer, it had been a ritual that when the truck closed down at midnight, you'd go out for beer and weed, and you'd swap music. He would try and convince you that N.W.A and Warren G was the shit, and you'd counter him with Bruce Springsteen and Dire Straits. Here, eight years later, he often still found himself reminiscing those nights. He was still thinking about you whenever he randomly stumbled upon I'm on Fire or Your Latest Trick, still thought of the long summer nights back then, the scorching L.A. afternoons in the truck, your laugh constantly in his ears. Fuck N.W.A and fuck Warren G if he could just listen to that laugh instead.
If he had just been able to make that summer last forever - And especially a certain night in particular; you had walked side-by-side down Sunset Boulevard, had shared a bottle of Jameson at Venice Beach, and had also shared a sloppy-drunk kiss on top of one of the skate ramps with Fleetwood Mac playing in the background. He could never grasp your shit taste in music, but it was your favourite, so he let you play it while he slipped you his tongue. He remembered how excited he had been to see you at work the next day, but you had played it off cool and so had he.
Back then, it had been fine with Rafa to pretend that nothing had ever happened between you but over the years, he had often had to fight the urge to punch himself in the face for not kissing you again. Because even though the summer back then had seemed endless, September had still rolled around, and you had moved back to San Francisco when you couldn't find any acting jobs.
The days had turned to months which in turn had turned to years, and even though he often found himself thinking about your beautiful smile and your shit taste in music, he had never reached out to you.
...or at least not until he had had an epiphany. Him and Diggs had long struggled with the perfect cast for the character Margo for their new TV series, when it suddenly hit him; you! If he was able to convince would get to show you how much he'd grown since your fairly innocent summer together in the Tacos Locos truck. He would get to show you that he was capable of more than mixing hot sauce, showing up on time, and tolerate your terrible music. That he was indeed capable of running an entire TV production, capable of being charming as fuck, capable of making you scream his name repeatedly.
Rafa had practically bugged Diggs about hiring you day and night until Diggs had finally buckled and let him offer you the role without even having met you.
You had sounded excited over the phone and you had even complimented him on Blindspotting that you had thoroughly enjoyed. When you'd told him that you'd been impressed with him and that you'd love to work with him, Rafa's heart had been just about to burst.
He couldn't believe that he'd get to work beside you again. Get to see you every day. Get to make you laugh again. He felt like the fucking luckiest guy on the planet!
He was both nervous and excited about seeing you again, and when he had finally seen you walk on set, time had stood completely still. You had run into his arms, and together you had shared a long heartfelt hug and a short cup of coffee before you had been urged into hair and make-up by the director. Rafa had searched everywhere for Diggs while you got into your costume, he could not wait to introduce you two. Diggs had been running around on set all day, and when Rafa finally found him and urged him to tag along to your trailer, Diggs had been too tired to protest. Eagerly, Rafa had knocked on your door that you had answered right away. And wow - he had immediately been blown away by your looks! He knew it was just a costume but your long legs in the tiny shorts along with your beaded braids just did something to him. Rafa had struggled to find the words to introduce you properly to Diggs, but you were not one to shut up, so you had quickly taken over the introduction. And when you'd disappeared into your trailer with a small wave, Rafa had turned to Diggs and said: "isn't she just the perfect Margo?". Diggs had merely smiled and said, "she's perfect, yeah." You had the Diggs stamp of approval - Rafa could not be happier.
That was a month ago now and due to production stress, Rafa hadn't been able to really hang that much with you since your first day. Thus, he'd been bugging you all week, hoping to get you to join him and the rest of the crew for drinks this Friday. At first, you had said that you had plans at a friend's house and that you'd be there next time, but Rafa didn't take no for an answer so he made sure to shoot you several well-thought arguments and messages with flirty subtexts. Triumphantly enough, it had worked, and his mood had improved considerably when he on the night in question had received an 'on my way' text.
The twenty minutes it took before you walked in the door were absolutely terrible, and Rafa found that he couldn't concentrate on anything apart from the door. Luckily, his seatmate Diggs was weirdly quiet too, so Rafa didn't have to pretend that he was mentally present.
He was just about to get giddy when you finally stepped in. The tight dress around your hips and tits did wonders for your well-shaped body and Rafa almost couldn't sit still as you slowly approached the table. He had to take a sip of his beer to hide the huge grin that was creeping on his lips as he waved you closer.
His stomach grew warm when you stopped in front of the table and smiled, "hey guys!"
He immediately pulled you down to the seat next to him and hugged you close, your perfume wonderfully fresh in his nostrils. "Look who finally decided to show! This is a surprise!" He said happily and in the spur of the moment, pressed his lips to your cheek.
You giggled a little against his neck which made Rafa pull you just a little bit tighter.
"I decided that I needed a fun night out - and I wanted to share that night with you," you mumbled against his neck.
The happy feeling in Rafa's stomach grew considerably by your words, but he didn't have time to respond to it before he heard Diggs' voice from behind him, "you've been working hard! You deserve to feel good and let loose a little!"
Diggs' supportive interference was welcome, but seemed like a natural hug-stopper, so Rafa let go of you.
You stood up from the seat next to him, sent him a small smile, and said, "I'mma head for the bar and grab a drink. Save me a seat."
Rafa nodded to you, and you turned around with a small wink that made Rafa's heart go crazy in his chest. That was when he took an ultimate decision; he had to get you on your own so he could ask you out for a dinner that was long overdue. "When you come back, maybe we can grab a smoke?" He asked loudly, "I'm gagging for one."
You turned around and sent him your signature smile, "it's a plan!"
Rafa's heart was racing in his chest but he still managed to send you a wink. He was about to explode with anticipation. He would finally get to invite you out!
Far away from the haze of his happiness, he heard Diggs' voice beside him, "Hey, Rafa?"
Rafa's eyes were burning a hole in your dress as your swaying hips walked away from him. "What's up?" He managed to croak to his best friend as you disappeared into the dancing crowd.
"I have a question for you..." Diggs sighed accusingly, "Do you think it would mess up the production if one of us started dating one of our employees?"
Fuck! Diggs had seen Rafa stare and now he knew. Rafa realised that he had to play it cool, "who did you have in mind?" He said, hoping to turn the attention over to Diggs instead. He couldn't lose face.
"Oh, no one! It was more of a hypothetical question," Diggs looked at Rafa with piercing eyes as if he didn't approve of employee/employer relationships.
Rafa realised that he would have to convince him. "Well, I guess it could work," Rafa sent Diggs a small shrug, "But only because you and I aren't really their bosses per se. I mean, we take care of production and we did hire the entire cast, but it's not like it's a regular employer/employee situation we have here. And if both you and the girl are crazy about each other and agree that the relationship wouldn't leave to any kind of drama on set, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to ask out any of our co-stars."
"Yeah?" Diggs looked overly excited.
"Eh - yeah? What are you-"
"Later? Okay?" Daveed cut him off, "there's something I gotta do while I still have the guts to do it," Daveed padded Rafa's thigh before he left his seat, and with determined steps walked away.
Rafa was perplexed - what had just happened? Had he completely misread the situation? Had Diggs just asked for his permission to date someone from the production? And if so, who?
Rafa watched his best friend walk with determined steps towards the bar, his back weirdly stiff. He watched Diggs pay the bartender for someone else's drink before he sat down in one of the bar stools. Through the swarm of people on the dance floor, Rafa couldn't make out who Diggs was talking to, but he had a horrible feeling about it.
The bartender placed a glass of whiskey in front of Diggs and Rafa watched him take a sip of it, his smile broad on his face. Diggs leaned closer to the person sitting opposite him, and that was when time stopped for Rafa; a group of people on the dance floor had moved out his line of sight, and he was finally able to make out who was sitting in the chair opposite Diggs: you...
Rafa watched Diggs put his hand on your knee, watched you lean close to him with a determined smile on your face, but something must've scared you off because you had leaned back in your seat at the same time Diggs moved his hand away from your leg. Rafa felt relieved when you were just back to talking again. You said something to Diggs, your cute face screwed up in a pained expression, and Rafa wondered if he was supposed to step in? Was Diggs making you uncomfortable? God, he hoped so!
Unfortunately, the relief that Rafa had felt was short-lived because after a short conversation, you leaned forwards again with a dark smile on your lips. Rafa knew that smile. Hell, he'd been on the receiving end of it eight years ago... Fuck, and now Diggs' hand was on your knee again and it was slowly travelling up your thigh. Painfully, Rafa had to watch you lean even closer to his best friend. Had to watch you take his earlobe in your mouth. Had to watch you blush as Daveed whispered promising words in your ear.
Rafa's chest hurt. He was supposed to be the one who did that. Not Diggs.
Oh no, oh fuck no! Diggs was moving his head suggestively. No, no, please don't kiss him, Rafa was silently begging. No, no, no fuck! You had captured Diggs lips. The girl he had been crazy about for eight years was kissing his best friend. This couldn't be happening! Rafa tasted the sour stomach acid on the back of his tongue before it dawned upon him that he wasn't just heartbroken - he was jealous. Jealous of his best friend. Jealous of Diggs and the fact that he got to kiss you.
Rafa wanted to punch something just to get the frustration out of his system but he knew that it wouldn't help much. His eyes were glued to you and Diggs. Your long fingers entangled in his hair. His hand cupping your face. Your tongues intertwining. Rafa's chest was aching horribly and he suddenly couldn't sit still. He sprang from his seat, attracting the attention of the rest of the cast, but he didn't care. He couldn't just sit there and watch his heart being ripped to pieces. He had to do something. He was just about to walk over to you and act as a huge cockblock when you finally stopped kissing Diggs. This was is cue! He took a few steps towards you but stopped dead in his tracks when Diggs got up from his seat and offered you his hand.
Rafa watched the two of you walking out side by side, Diggs' hand on the small of your back as he led you away.
Just before you reached the exit, you looked over your shoulder and sent Rafa a small smile. Rafa tried to tell you with just a look that this was hurting him. That his heart was aching horribly in his chest. That he wanted to talk to you.
But you were completely oblivious, and just shot him a small wave before you disappeared out the door with Diggs' arm around your back.
Rafa felt the room closing in on him. He was sweating uncontrollably, his wind pipe tight in his throat, the dizziness creeping up on him. He stumbled over to the bar. He needed a drink. Any drink.聽
This couldn't be happening.聽
This couldn't be happening.聽
This could not be happening!聽What the fuck was going on?!
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warnings: none | fluff 鈾
鈥淚 can't believe you are letting me do this鈥 You smiled as Grayson鈥檚 head rested in your lap. His eyes opened slowly, your heart seeming to squeeze slightly as his eyes connected with yours. Heat traveled up your neck as your cheeks blushed.
鈥淲hy? You always do it and it seems fun.鈥 He shrugs his shoulders slightly, keeping his eyes on you. His hand gently moved up and down your calves as he laid between your legs on top of his bed.
You bit your lip slightly as you moved your hands through his hair, adjusting the spa headband that rested right at the top of his forehead.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know...guess cause you鈥檙e the first guy that鈥檚 ever wanted me to sorta...pamper him?鈥
You reached over to the small little basket that you鈥檇 pulled from the cabinet in Grayson's bathroom that held all your skincare, face masks, and serums. You thought it was adorable when you walked into Grayson's bathroom one night to see him sheepishly show you the space he鈥檇 made for you. You two had only been dating for a few months when he showed you. You couldn鈥檛 help but love how shy he looked.
鈥淚t鈥檚 so that you can stay the night more...and have space...I don鈥檛 know鈥澛燝ray spoke shyly
鈥淒olan, you鈥檙e too cute鈥澛燳ou reached up on your toes and caressed his cheek聽 before pressing your lips to his, kissing him sweetly.
You searched through and grabbed the packet of eye patches and quickly opened it before gently placing them across under his eyes. Grayson seemed to relax more against you as you gently placed the iced depuffers onto his eyes.
鈥淥h my god this feels good鈥 Grayson spoke, his voice dropped down a little.
You opened a lip mask and gently placed it across his lips, earning a soft hum from Grayson. You looked up towards the tv where the movie you two had picked twenty minutes ago was playing, neither of you had been paying attention, but it was something you鈥檇 seen before. Your hand moved back towards his hair and gently began to play with it mindlessly as you waited for ten minutes to pass, the time instructed for both masks on the back of the package.
鈥淗air is getting a little long again, Dolan鈥 You spoke softly towards you. He said something but you couldn鈥檛 make it out due to his words being muffled by the mask.
A quick ten minutes passed before you pulled off the masks and set them into the small wastebasket that you grabbed and placed down beside the bed onto the floor. Grayson鈥檚 hazel eyes gleamed up towards you as you grabbed a sheet mask for his face.
鈥淎m I pretty?鈥 He asked, a smile on his face enough to make his dimples show, your absolute weakness.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e always pretty.鈥 You leaned down slightly to kiss his lips, before pulling back and putting the sheet mask across his face.
鈥淵eah, but I wanna be beautiful like you.鈥
Your heart stopped at his words and again a flare of blush erupted across your cheeks. Grayson always knew what to say to make you feel loved and adored. You didn鈥檛 know what it was, maybe it cause your past boyfriends were pieces of shit? But you knew that this man laying in your lap, letting you pamper him, was your person.
Grayson couldn鈥檛 keep his eyes off you as you shied away slightly, something you seemed to do every time he complimented you. He鈥檇 heard about your ex鈥檚 and vowed to never be that type of man for you. Not that he ever would be in the first place. Gray reached and grabbed your hand before kissing the back of your palm, bringing your attention back to him.
鈥淭hank you for doing this, mama鈥 Grayson spoke
鈥淵ou鈥檙e more than welcome鈥
You two sat there, enjoying each other鈥檚 company before you once again removed the mask and threw it away. You gently rubbed the serum from the mask into his skin, before pulling the spa headband off. He quickly sat up and move towards the mirror that hung on his bedroom wall and looked at his face.
鈥淒amn baby, I鈥檓 fucking glowing鈥 Grayson scanned over his face in the mirror before smiling widely towards you.
He moved quickly across the room and move back towards you, a loud laugh leaving your lips as he nearly tackled you to the bed.
鈥淒olan! Oh my god,鈥 You laughed before looking up towards him, his body hovering over yours.
鈥淢mm, I love you,鈥 Grayson spoke with admiration clear in his voice. 鈥淗ow鈥檇 I get so damn lucky?鈥
鈥淚 ask myself that question every day鈥 Your arms moved up to wrap around his broad shoulders.
Grayson pecked your lips a few times before pushing back and supporting himself on his hands that rest on each side of you.
鈥淲anna forget the movie and go get some Monty鈥檚? I鈥檓 starved鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e always starving.鈥 You shook your head and playfully rolled your eyes.聽鈥淏ut yes let鈥檚 go I鈥檓 high-key craving a milkshake.鈥
Grayson pushed back from the bed before moving to help you off. His fingers locking with yours as you both left the safe haven that was his bedroom.
鈥淲e should ask Kris and E to come too!鈥 You spoke.
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