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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#thanks anon!

17. are there any tropes you wished were used less often?

this is lessss of a thing in fanfic, but it still happens and it rlly sours me on the story and sometimes the writer if it keeps coming up in their work. like let’s stop uhhhh killing female love interests. like in fandom, usually it’s to get her out of the way so that the male leads can get together as opposed to infusing the hero with Masculine Angst and spurring him on to Action Hero Antics but like. still. come on y’all let’s be normal sauce and just break up or better yet make the female love interest a lesbian and send her off to be with a lady. 

19. if you could be a part of any story, which story would you want to tag along in?

hmmmmmm! i tend to read stories that i wouldn’t want to live in? BUT i would happily live in one of @a-candle-for-sherlock‘s fics i trust moony to treat us all gently <3

ask me one of these!

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//Black wings and little horns, just for duality perhaps white or silver ones. He’d not be amused by the school boy or Sailor boy suggestions. Pirate Ayeeeeee! Tiger work a with his colouring. Had him dress as a fox a whiles back in a thread. A nurse…hmmm not sure. Many thanks anon!!

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May 11th!

what is your eye color and hair color?

I have blue eyes and my hair is like dirty blonde/brown. it’s gone darker over the years (without coloring it)

what is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

an interesting question 🤔 maybe ‘z’!

January 12th!

do you rather warm or cold weather?

answered here!

what is one word that you love?


send me your birthday!

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I mostly see them as verse, with a lot of trust btwn them, so I enjoy writing it either way. But one interesting aspect of that dynamic is Paul comes across cool and collected, but he likes to pull the strings, whereas John might be the tough hothead at first but always has Paul to reel him in. So i do definitely enjoy a top/dom Paul a lot as well

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Days off? What are those? 

I draw pretty much every chance I get, whether it’s work related, stuff for the comic, art challenges or personal art. It’s hard to put an exact number on how long I spend drawing but it’s usually a minimum of at least 3 hours a day.

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*cracks knuckles again* let’s gooooo

CW: theoretical death, wing whump, fighting, restraints. 

Are raccoons a threat to nitebrights?

Yes. Both me and regular raccoons. 

If you snapped a nitebrights neck fatally, would their body continue glowing the white ‘help me’ glow?

No, after a nitebright is dead they stop glowing. The glow is for help, and they can’t be helped when they’re dead. 

If I tied a nitebright to a toy train rail and had the remote control train drive over them, how much would it hurt? Would it be painful? Say the train weights about a pound. 

It would hurt and bruise, but they’d be fine. It would just knock the train off the track or stop it. Size wise, it would be like trying to have a train drive over a sedan. (i was a whumpy kid with a christmas train set, okay? lol) 

Can nitebrights be trapped by fly paper?

.… The glue trap

Are there different variations of wings? Silver has dragonfly wings, but could a nightbrite have say, wasp wings? Fly wings? Butterfly wings?

Yes, there are variation in the dragonfly wings; all wings the same size, only 2 wings, bigger/smaller, colors and such. Any other wing type (wasp, fly, butterfly) would be a different kind of sprite. 

Are nitebrites prone to fungal infections? What about parasites? 

October 31 

If Silver couldn’t fly and was forced to fight a leech, would the leech win? How fast would a leech be able to suck the blood out of him? Just a single leech mind you, the common variety.

If he had some type of tool, Silver would win. Besides, his venom would probably kill the leech if it even got him. It wouldn’t be fast enough to suck him dry. 

Can nightbrite see glass? Birds can’t and that’s why they crash into windows.

Yes, nitebrights can see glass. They see a lot better at night than they do during the day but they can still see it. 

 If I took two paper clips and stretched them and then wrapped them around Silver, one around his arms and wings the other around his legs, would he be completely immobile? Would he be able to unwrap them? 

He would not be able to escape that, no 


*writes notes* 

If I coated Slivers wings with clear nail polish, just a single layer, would he still be able to fly? How many coats could I add until flight would be impossible due to the weight of the polish?

Theoretically, he should be able to fly after one coat, but Silver couldn’t. He would be too freaked out. If you put the polish on the joints, then just 1 because they really really need the flexibility and movement. Just the wings tho? 5 (very thin coats. 2-3 thick ones) and they wouldn’t be able to lift them.  

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16: if you could take the place of the beatle girls, would you?

Man, it’d be tough putting up with all the touring and infidelity, but for a chance to love one of them I think I’d risk it

27: discuss music with brian epstien or george martin?

Probably G Martin bc I’d like to learn about it from a production standpoint and he reminds me of a wise old grandfather

29: have mo’s hair or pattie’s eyes?

Pattie’s peepers!

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