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#thanks anon!! <3
allgaslynobrakes · 3 minutes ago
thank u anon <3
update: she ended up replying to me and we talked for the first time in ages last night. she apologized for hurting me by going radio silent but also said she wasn't over what i'd said? because for some reason thinking palestine should be free means i'm personally waging war against her and her family. i'm honestly very lost right now and don't know how to go forward bc on one hand that's my best friend, yknow? she's been my #1 ride-or-die for over 5 years and we've supported each other through everything. on the other hand... she is a complete zionist.
i don't know how not to fight in her corner--it's not in my nature, and i'm a dog with my loyalty, so unless she explicitly says we're done, i'm kind of just. suspended from the ceiling by a hook through my chest. idk. i joke about it a lot but my actual toxic trait is that i would let the world go to complete shit if it meant the people i cared about were okay. obviously not very woke of me, but there you have it. right now i'm just hurting a lot and i don't want to let her go? but at this point with how we are it might be for the best.
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usasuketonkachi · 6 minutes ago
Funny how the creeper ordered you to untag your post, while she regularly tagged her hatred with Uchiha and refused to take her own advices when someone asked her to get out off of Uchiha tags.
lmao the hypocrisy 😶
it was honestly funny to me, just incentivises me to tag my posts like that more often
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pvnkie · 33 minutes ago
niki beats hardcore ft tommyinnit when,,,, maybe with them chilling on the dsmp later,, imagine them working on digging out more of niki's city while just chatting to each other,,, they have such good vibes i love chill tommy + more chaotic niki,,, -🐝
YEA like. I just they should do a chill stream together n they can talk about random stuff n everything can be okay,,,
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pvnkie · 58 minutes ago
!!!! 너는 눈으로 마시는 내 champagne, 내 wine 내 tequila, margarita Mojito with lime Sweet mimosa, piña colada <3 -🐝
im drunk in yoooouuuu im drunk in yoouuuuuu
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pvnkie · an hour ago
i would like to request. a niki nd tommy duo stream,,, simply delightful vibes,,, -🐝
god that sounds amazing,,, they can just chill,,,, maybe try to beat minecraft together,,,,
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lunchsims · an hour ago
okay but this is adorable, thank you so much <3
please show me when ya make one, anon :)
- Buddy
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quidfree · an hour ago
I used to hate miscommunication as a plot device but it's honestly one of my favorite tropes now, largely thanks to your writing. I think part of it had to do with how the situations never quite aligned with the characters involved? and just always seemed so implausible and unnecessary altogether. Frustrating. I've never felt like that reading your fics. A lot of it is due to how emotionally frustrating the pov characters you tend to write are sometimes (tdbk lol) but even then it's just so enjoyable Because your characterizations are so brilliant. All the situations your characters end up in, it just makes total sense? It's frustrating in an almost satisfying way. Like in your good omens fic, Warlock is very intelligent and perceptive, but there are so many factors that caused him to have the misunderstandings that he did. It's just such unbelievably nice writing. I've been actively searching for well written fics with this trope bc i fell in love. Lol this was kind of random but I just thought I might share!
you know, a funny thing about miscommunication as a plot device is that i kind of hate it, which makes me a massive hypocrite, but only sort of. i think when people think of miscommunication in that sense they usually think of like, bad teen dramas or tv soaps and whatnot which just kind of shove the dumbest possible quiproquos into the script to fabricate ~drama~, and it's so transparently fixable that the audience hates it. but miscommunication itself is an extremely human thing to suffer from- personally i think whether it works or not all comes down to whether it makes sense with the characters. if i see a character that has x insecurities or doesn't talk about their feelings or is predisposed to suspect x from other people, them later misunderstanding someone's intentions or a series of events because they play into those things makes sense, so it doesn't stand out as a miscommunication moment ™ the way it often can. on the other hand if the miscommunication is more a matter of things happening in such a way that the character is forced to believe something that's untrue, but then for some reason never makes any effort to confirm said belief or confront the other characters about it and instead just reacts with full immediate melodrama, you just sit there wanting to smack them over the head through your screen.
anyways all that to say your message made me think about my own feelings on the subject and i'm really glad i could give you a miscommunication redemption arc, lol. it's a staple of so many classics (comedies and tragedies) for a reason! if it takes me writing emotionally incapacitated idiots/elaborate fantasy plots for it to stick then so be it, haha.
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bebop-ed · 2 hours ago
shiny pretty baby
Thank you tooo :3
Absolutely send me all kind of content you enjoy and want to share! I am very happy to get frogs and cats and and a lot more :D
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bebop-ed · 2 hours ago
baby and fruit for that ask game
Aww thank you :3
I'll try and take care of myself after the exams are over. Until then I'll have have to cope with chocci milk, music and learning
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wordsxstars · 3 hours ago
hey there! :) i barely use tumblr and this account is totally dormant which is why i'm on anon, but i needed to log on to thank you for writing fics that are so beautiful and impressive with the most ridiculously good characterisation!?!! i loved addison and amelia's friendship on pp and Greys so much (and ofc charmelia & amelink!) and thought it was just so special, and your fics capture that better than i could ever imagine. your writing has honestly brought me so much happiness and warmth recently, and genuinely made my life so much better in this weird underwhelming covid-stricken time..... anyway thank you so much and i hope you know what a sensational writer you are!!!!! :)
anon..... god. okay hang on i literally had to just stare at this for ten minutes this is just. a lot for my heart. i LOVE YOU thank you so fucking much??? i struggle so much with my own confidence with my fics so. this whole ask kind of fucking floored me!! i am. so beyond happy that my fics have been able to help in some small way and make you a bit happier, it’s literally the only thing i want to do with writing and this ask made me so so happy. amelia and all of her relationships are so important tbh!! i love writing about her so much and it means. the entire world that you love reading these fics<3 i’m Not doing well coherently expressing how much this means to me, but seriously thank you again so so much i am sending u flowers and oranges and tea and baking u cake etc etc etc<333🪴🤍💐
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meetmeatthecoda · 6 hours ago
Phantasmagoria by meetmeatthecoda Fandoms: The Blacklist (US TV)   Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Chapters: 2/3 Words: 3,098 Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Elizabeth Keen/Raymond Reddington, Elizabeth Keen, Raymond Reddington, Anne Foster, Dembe Zuma, Lizzington - Freeform, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Anon Prompt, Tumblr, 8.13, 8.14, AU
But Lizzie doesn’t seem to catch his sarcasm, instead suddenly staring at him with a strangely desperate expression that captures Red’s full attention in an instant, his eyes sharply studying her face, surprised to see - now that he really looks at her - her eyes wide and slightly wild, her mouth open, her breathing fast and shallow -
And what exactly is going on -
“Do you see her?”
Response to an anon prompt from tumblr requesting a fic where Liz’s hallucinations in 8.14 actually bring her & Red closer. Picks up at the scene from the end of 8.13/8.14 in Anne’s house & is AU from there. Also, for fic purposes, the Katarina that Red shot was an imposter, Liz is working alone to find answers (no Townsend), and Red & Anne are just friends. 3 chapters. Lizzington.
Here is the original ask requesting this fic!!
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fuckdrunkftm · 8 hours ago
hi Aiden, I saw your post about maybe lowering your age limit to 25 rather than 30, out of respect for that would you like me to unfollow you? I’ve never sent you anything or interacted much but I’m an avid follower, so I don’t know which you meant, or if anything. Hope you’re well!
Hi!! I appreciate you asking but I don’t mind anyone older than 25 interacting with my content, that was moreso for sexting in particular! People 25+ are even welcome to message me about friendly stuff lol, you’re good :-)
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bastardbvby · 8 hours ago
aaa i know its all in good fun but i hate when donos push dnf stuff like they did on bad's stream personally... like when people force interactions like that i cant help but cringe and it always feels worse than when interactions are handed to us naturally
yeah i get that ! im hoping now that george explained the wilbur situation the donos will move on,, like i think the first dono talking about it was fine, but when people start to spam its :/
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starlightjoong · 9 hours ago
hii! 🥺 I love your work jskajsk and I was wondering if you had any tips for writing on tumblr- I've been thinking of getting back into writing and seeing your work gives me tons of motivation to improve!! 💖
hi nonnie!! first of all let me just thank you for your sweet words and i’m so happy to hear that you like my work 🥺🥺❤️❤️ i still have a long way to go in terms of my writing skills but that’s okay bc i’m learning as i go :3
(putting a cut bc i ramble a lot 😭)
i’d say my biggest tip is to enjoy yourself when writing!! sometimes writing can get frustrating and discouraging, and (for me at least 🤧) it’s easy to get caught up in excessively comparing yourself to others (to an unhealthy degree). in those times i remind myself that i’m writing bc it’s what i love doing, and being happy with my work is the most important thing 💞 when i’m in a slump i try to write at least one sentence to see if i can get the ball rolling, but if that doesn’t work i’ll go do something else or rest a bit so i can come back to it more energised!!
(some general tips i have would be to write your work in your notes app/google docs bc sometimes t*mblr acts up and will either eat up your drafts or delete a random paragraph 😞💀 so if that happens you’ll still have a copy of your writing instead of losing it entirely!! also sometimes i get inspiration for dialogue/a sentence out of nowhere, so i try to write it down on my phone as quickly as possible so i don’t forget!!)
at the end of the day i just try to have fun while writing, and usually writing in a happy mood will result in work that i’m proud of :3 also remember that writing is a hobby, so if you’re not in the mood to write it’s 100% okay to take a break and come back to it later 💞 i hope this helps and i’m rooting for you!!!!! 😤❤️❤️
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oteayim · 9 hours ago
1. Selfie? I haven’t really been out and about recently so have this picrew I made just today!
Tumblr media
7. What was your life like last year? I’d say it was pretty good, I got close with someone after knowing them for a long while but we drifted apart/stopped talking just earlier this year 😅
16. Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn’t? Of course, plenty of times but shit happens and you just gotta keep it in :)
44. Age you get mistaken for? I do often get told I look to be between 21-23 so kinda my age since I’m 23 turning 24 this year :)
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bastardbvby · 9 hours ago
someone dono'd to bad about wilbur thinking dnf were dating and bad didn't believe them but george was laughing in the background? im going to lose my mind
he had the audacity to laugh like he wasn't the one who made wilbur think that pls
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umikawa · 9 hours ago
I read all of your ej fics and I just wanted to say how amazing they were and thanks for writing for him because nobody really does and he’s a major comfort character for me so
i- uh- yes thank you. thank you sm 🥲
i know those are like relatively old bc i was it was during the first season but thanks for enjoying! maybe one day i’ll yk write for him again perhaps but yk on a diff account
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unmourned · 9 hours ago
aaah, hello!! i love your game, you (🙈) and the mood boards you're making. so uhm if you don't mind me asking, what do you use to make all those pretty mood boards?👀
aaaa i love you too, anon 🥺💕💕💕
i owe my life to canva for all their cute moodboard templates!
Tumblr media
sometimes i change some layouts, but all the bulk of the work comes from them
to find pictures, i use unsplash and pexels!
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sofi-yeager · 10 hours ago
hey,, weird question but what’s the name of the font you used for “semi-hiatus” ??
i will give you 2 rocks if you answer 🪨🪨
it’s called “grumpy” on mobile but i’m not sure if the fonts are different on desktop.
i’ll happily take those rocks now:)
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daringyounggrayson · 11 hours ago
Vibes I get from your fics: you like freedom and space, but you also want to have support.
ooh yeah for sure! I think everyone wants that to some extent, a good balance of independence and having a community that they can rely on. for me, it comes down to being able to manage your own life and make your own decisions while also knowing that there's somebody out there who cares about you and can be your safety net. and even though it seems contradictory, I think it's when you first start to try to make it on your own that you need the most support
finding the right balance of freedom and reliance on a support system is very prevalent in my life rn, so it makes sense that it would show up in my writing. I've also always needed my space lmao, like having to live with roommates would be a nightmare for me
tell me what you think you know about me based on my writing
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