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#thanks ariel!!
galpalaven · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“The Fire Lord has been spending an awful lot of time with that Air Nomad Ambassador. Is it favoritism, or a stunt for the public? Should we be concerned that the monks are going to start taking over our way of life?”
sometimes being an adult is all about spending your adult money to spoil your inner child rotten okay--
thank you so much to @kissingagrumpygiant for indulging me with these ariel worked so fast and did such a good job getting exactly what i wanted with like literally basically no instruction at all pls give her your money jfskld
and yes, i will be writing a fic to go with this and to expand on my lore ideas for A:tLA and you’re gonna like it
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mochiiprincess · 5 months ago
The (not so) Little Mermaid. My self made halloween costume 2019 vs 2021. Living the chubby mermaid dream. 🧜🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
What do you mean it's a bit small? I had it custom made, it fits fine!!
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incorrectkumokoquotes · 13 days ago
Why do the trio of Shiro Sophia and Wrath give off such massive The Russian Badger vibes? Like, just imagine Shiro explaining Skyrim logic to Ariel "Oh damn bro, I picked up this basket and now I weigh 6000 pounds. Let me eat this basket to fix the problem."
Shiro: There is a certain amount of potassium that is radioactive.
Wrath: Yeah, we worked it out in High School. If you ate 40K bananas in 10 minutes, the radiation would kill you.
Sophia: Ah yes. The radiation would kill you.
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requiem626k · 2 months ago
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dancermarianne · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
stop spreading misinfo. flareon is no longer the only full-evolved Fire-type pokemon that cannot learn SolarBeam.
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At some point you want to give your mermaid friend a present that won't fall off or weigh him down in the water so you buy him a fancy necklace he refuses to take off but tries to pull the "That's sweet but I'm not really a jewelry person" and you're all fake reaching for it "Well if you don't it..." Panic ensues "No! I'm gonna wear it forever back off!"
This is so in character and perfect, now I'm just wondering what kind of necklace
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blanknamed · 3 months ago
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meatbun-aku · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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marciabrady · 3 months ago
Ariel for the ask game!
Favorite thing about her?: Omg everything, she's so great and I've always loved her that I couldn't imagine picking one thing. Maybe how passionate she is??? Spirited? True to herself? Also how realistic her struggle is because oof
Least favorite thing about her?: NA aside from maybe her dorter???
Do I like her movie?: IT'S SO GREAT. It's legit *the* LGBTQIA+ representation and experience distilled so well through the artform of film in a way I don't think we'll ever see again, especially not in that disgraceful live action that's already committing to gay erasure.
Favorite outfit she wears?: Growing up, it was the pink ballgown COME AT ME pink/red haters!!! Unless you count her mermaid tail bc that was always the GOAT for me
Favorite song from her movie?: PART OF YOUR WORLD REPRISE. Unless you count the magical aria she sings for Ursula, that Vanessa later sings, bc GIRL
Favorite animal (or human) friend she has?: Grimsby <3
Which trait of her personality do I most see in myself?: As Miss Jodi would say ~tenacious~
How would I rate her prince?: Top tier. Hot, waiting for the right one, starts off being the damsel and ends up being heroic, is persistent on not falling for the one physically and staying true to finding the girl who saved him, hopeless romantic. UGh, we love an icon
Where does she rank on my top 10 favorite princesses?: Top-tier and it'll never change and that's that on that
Put a Disney Princess in my ask and I'll answer!
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blossom--of--snow · 22 days ago
Wooly socks, smelly candles, windy nights
wool socks: what’s something you look forward to in fall?
Everything Wearing sweaters and dark green clothes and boots, cooler weather, my annual Anne of Green Gables rewatch with my mom, which we do every fall. This year my best friend’s and I are going to do a Halloween movie every day in the month of October since we live together now, and my cousin is getting married on October 23.
smelly candles: what’s your absolute favorite scent?
Sweat pea, which bath and body tragically discontinued as a candle scent. But you know I’m also trying to get ahold of the Lucien Blake candle and I have no doubt I’ll love that too.
windy nights: if you could go to any concert whose would it be?
Oh gosh. Any concert ever? I’m not a huge concert person because I don’t like crowds, but I’d love to have seen somebody fun like ABBA or Cher or The Beatles live!
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bsdparadise · 2 months ago
Asgfhsjahdjaj the aus are exquisite I'm-????
Hear me out—Anastasia (as in the musical or movie) AU with Fyodor 👀
You are the last Russian Grand Duchess that escaped before the whole royal family was murdered but unfortunately lost your memories during an accident. Now you're living in the slums, working yourself to the bone for your survival. Fyodor is a Russian rat (lmfao) dwelling in the slums of Petersburg, maybe even commanding half of the country's criminal underworld. When the rumors of Dowager Empress declaring to pay a hefty sum to whoever can find her beloved granddaughter arise, Fyodor decides that finding one lost little girl (or getting an actress he'll train to play the part) wouldn't be that big of a task for expanding his forces and luxury, maybe even getting out of the downhill spiral that is the Bolsheviks' reign.
That is, until the said lost little girl is one hella fine, quick-witted young woman with a mind to rival his own. Fyodor initially finds this troublesome, but he eventually comes to admire how passionate and resolved you are—to make peace with your past and build your own future. As your arrival to France draws closer, Fyodor finds his gut twisting in an odd (almost painful) way at the thought of you leaving. But he quickly brushes it off—business is business, right?
I don’t even have anything to add this is beautiful 🤭
I love the Anastasia soundtrack tho so all I can imagine is that scene on the boat (in the movie) where she’s dance with Dimitri-
Fyodor is just suddenly staring at you in that dress and it begins to click that perhaps you are a little attractive. And you’re certainly quick-witted and beautiful. You take his hand when he offers to dance. And it’s as if your in a spell. You’re completely lost in his gaze as you realize that maybe deep down there is a part of you that loves him. And he realizes the exact same.
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kissingagrumpygiant · 2 months ago
Love when Solas is like "who knows what the ancient elven gods were maybe they were mages or spirits or idk!!!! I'm just a lil guy ✋😑" like buddy thanks for confirming shit for me mwah
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Random Ask Time!
1. What are your top 3 Disney princesses?
2. Favorite fruit?
3. Do you have a special person in your life? It’s a yes or no question. You don’t have to go into detail if you don’t want to.
4. What type of flowers do you like?
Ooh I haven’t have one of these in awhile lol 😅
1: Ariel, Rapunzel, Elena✨
2: Watermelon 🍉
3: heh no I don’t lol 😂 I’m a single Pringle 😅
4: I love Pink Roses 🌹
Thanks for the ask!
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stories-by-rie · 19 days ago
5. 11, and 16 for Heart of Silver? 💖
Thank youuuu! :D
5: Search for the word “knife” in your WIP. If you find it, paste the line and explain the context.
Sadly, no knife in Heart of Silver! (I know, I can hardly believe it either.) Also, no knife in In the Land of Twilight (yet, there will be though), so I humbly offer a knife line from The Five Senses:
“What are you going to do with that little knife, hm? Do you think it will be able to give you your friend back?” a tiny voice asked angrily [...].
11: Which character do you have the most in common with?
Just answered this previously, but Evelyn! We're also very different from each other in many aspects, but we definitely have things in common.
16: What would your characters be for Halloween?
Amazing question! Evelyn would dress up as something very obscure. The looming threat of patriarchy or something like that (Ariel would recognize it). Meanwhile, Ariel would dress up as an Elwetritsch. A chicken with antlers. Yes.
(I’m doing this ask game!)
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