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#thanks cass 😊

1. How many books did you read this year?


2. Did you reread anything? What?

Already answered.

3. What were your top five books of the year?

Already answered. But here are 5 more that I absolutely loved.

- The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee

- The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows by Olivia Waite

- Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

- This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger

- The Haunting of Tram Car 015 by P. Djèlí Clark

4. Did you discover any new authors that you love this year?

Already answered. But here are a few more people I’ll be checking out books from: P. Djèlí Clark, Una McCormack (she has mostly written Star Trek novels and honestly they look fun - I read a novella by her toward the beginning of the year and I’m still thinking about it), and Alastair Chisholm.

5. What genre did you read the most of?

If you count graphic novels as their own genre, then that’s the answer. I also read a lot of historical fiction/alternate histories.

End of year reading asks.

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<div> —  <a href="">@veecy82</a> </div><span>[Bluey and Peppa Pig] both have very similar formulas, except that Peppa Pig is utter rodent feces, and Bluey is fine dining.</span>
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Pinks are the nurturers of the world. You have a deep need for acceptance and unconditional love. You’re very sensitive to the needs of others.

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Thank you so much!!

Original ask meme can be found here~

15. How would your Guardian dress for a formal/black tie event? How about for a day at the beach?

For a formal event, Atlas would probably go for a classic tux or dark grey suit but include a bright pink or orange (bow)tie – a fairly traditional look with just enough rebellion to keep it interesting. He’d also be amenable to mess dress uniform if it were encouraged/expected.

Cass’s look, on the other hand, would be pushing the meaning of “formal”. The suit itself would be purple; he’d discard the jacket as soon as he could get away with it and roll up the shirt sleeves, and he’d opt for a floral or paisley-print vest or suspenders. He’d also smuggle in his ushanka hat and don it when no one was looking.

Ezekiel could probably get away with wearing his regular outfits to a formal event seeing as he’s almost always dressed to the nines in his warlock robes as it is, but assuming he actually owns dedicated formal wear, he’d likely have a variety to choose from depending on his mood and the occasion. He most often gravitates toward flowing cloth and fine detail; anything from a swallowtail coat to heavily embroidered sherwanis to Billy Porter’s 2019 AMA cape would be a good fit.

For the beach, Atlas would stick with classic swim trunks in a light blue to dark blue gradient (and nothing else). Cass would go for floral-print board shorts and maybe a tank top or matching button-up shirt worn open. Ezekiel would theoretically wear plain black or white swim briefs, but good luck getting him to go to the beach in the first place.

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Love? like in those john cassavetes movies? you know that’s not real right

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reallly good questions!

I’ll do hate first because that’s juicy. 

I think the one thing that is true of Lydia and one thing that i don’t like (because it is too reminiscent of myself and therefore hits home) is that she can be pretty aloof. Part of it is a defense mechanism, she was hurt in the Circle and often made fun of and her parents basically abandoned her, so she holds back. If it weren’t for Varric nudging her out of her shell initially in Inquisition she would have likely just aimlessly roamed around . As she gets older she tries not to do this, but even she looks back at her time at the Circle with a bitterness, like what was I doing?

For Rowan it’s his drama. dude can go from zero to one hundred in minutes. He is all too willing to be performative in his role as the grey warden and knight, and in his relationship he plays up the drama when he knows they should really talk about their issues instead. as he gets older they learn, however. I will say this is a also a quality of his that I love, as it is rather nice to write a male character who is dramatic, passionate, sensitive, and theatrical. He’s also very loyal and when he loves he LOVES. Just an intense person that makes him very interesting. 

For Lydia, I would say I love the way she loves but that’s a slippery slope–the story with her and Cullen is really a deconstruction of the muse archetype–she senses she’s become a bit of a muse for Cullen in that she knows she partially inspires him to do better and be better and redeem himself from his past, and she thinks even that maybe she can “heal” him…even though she knows he’s perfectly capable of picking himself up. She even revels in her “role,” a little, plays into the muse. Once she realizes she loves him for him and learns what she’s doing, they learn and vow to just love each other for who they are now. 

All to say, I love how she learns from her mistakes and grows. 

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Weeeeeeeeell, how to put it. Very desperate? 😅

  • Bucky is a poor poor very broke college student, with no help from home working his ass off but still can barely pay his rent, and now his laptop perished… 😱
  • So he has made this plan to become a camboy, because seriously he is working his ass off behind the bar and it’s still not enough. But he is living in a dorm with another guy and he can’t do it there, so he asks Nat for help. 
  • Nat isn’t that amused, sure she works as a Domina, but her face won’t be all over the internet with that, but if Bucky becomes a camboy… 
  • So instead she kindly introduced him to Steve, who is an artist, an NSFW artist, drawing, sketching, and taking photos of models, but willing to keep their face, or most of their faces, out of it. Sounds like a good idea to Bucky, so he goes.
  • That Steve is smoking hot and get’s Bucky going is, as he tells himself, a good thing because that’s why Bucky is there. The feelings part however was entirely not planned and is fastly becoming a problem…

I haven’t really written much yet, but am searching for a lot of inspo at the moment, so we will see if and when this comes into the world 🤔

📸 📹 🎤 📸 📹 🎤 📸 📹 🎤 📸 📹 🎤 📸 📹 🎤 📸 📹 🎤 📸 

Come and ask me about my WIP’s if you want 

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Age is a…weird thing for ghosts, huh? When I died, I was 17.

We’ve all been dead for 30-40 years. I was 22.

Actually… I’ve only been dead 28. I was 20 when I died.

Dude I can’t believe you kept track of that. I was 19.

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I see. Well I’m still on 5x8 so it’s only been 2 of them. Ava/Rebecca and Izzy.

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I can speak Gujarati, Hindi and English.

I’m boring. I just know English and a bit of Spanish.

I’m…pretty good at french and German.

I can speak French and Portuguese.

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Alright, Anon! People who haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy and want to avoid spoilers, please filter the tag #Cass watches GA !

You seem…weirdly excited about this.

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are they,,,y'know,,,,, the human embodiments of two ancient celestial items holding immense power that are destined to always make their way back to the other

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