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Tumblr media
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if any of the f1 drivers knew anything about me or were aware of my presence id just immediately die
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footyleclerc · 8 months ago
So sorry for you having asshole in your inbox. As a new follower I agree everything you said in the last month (idk any posts older and I’m factual so I can’t say everything lmao). Luv you out there during truth XOXO.
Anyway (idk if it’s sensitive. Hope it doesn’t trouble you. Dun reply if you dun want) but Charles’ tweet saying he’s not into politics (that sometimes ppl cite to claim he’s racist and ignorant) is abt Salvini tweeting sth that may promote racism using his image. He’s literally publicly speaking against a rightist politician. How abt taking this into acc too? (Pissed)
Tbh idk much abt Max side tho. If you dun mind can you say abt him?
Salvini’s tweet: https://twitter.com/matteosalvinimi/status/1279807459096436737?s=21
Charles’ tweet: https://twitter.com/charles_leclerc/status/1291399038697459712?s=21
Charles confirming his tweet’s meaning: https://twitter.com/charles_leclerc/status/1291403685751398400?s=21
Poor boi dk how to express himself.
hey sweet anon, thank you for all your kind words! any fan of Charles is a friend of mine :)
you've asked a very interesting question and since it's a sensitive issue I'm going to try to explain it in as non offensive a manner as I can soo bare with me! personally, I don't believe Charles and Max are racist. if you think I'm going to shit on them and say that they are racist, this ISN'T for you. DO NOT click on keep reading then.
okie, if you've made it here let's start!
Matteo Salvini is an Italian politician, who was once the deputy Prime Minister of Italy. he stands for elections with a party called Lega Nord (Northern League), which is a right wing, federalist, conservative party. (tbh the party is pretty confusing cause their policies have kept swinging but they are right-wing under Salvini)
This is the tweet he posted: google translated - Never give up and never bend, always forward with your head held high!
Tumblr media
Charles hadn't been taking the knee. Salvini used him as a forefront for his (anti-kneeling) agenda which Charles didn't like and on twitter he clarified:
Tumblr media
but obviously people weren't happy with the response. almost all the replies to his tweet are branding him a racist because he didn't take the knee and his tweet was mistaken as him calling the BLM movement a 'political movement'.
luckily a fan could help him out:
Tumblr media
still people remained unconvinced and have deemed him to be racist. in my opinion, kneeling is a show of solidarity with the cause but unless you actually want to learn, understand and make a difference, nothing will happen. you could kneel to please the world and still be a racist towards those in your personal lives.
with these professionals, you can rarely ever tell. unless it's individuals and organisations that are very open with their activism like Lewis, Seb, McLaren, Aston etc.
I don't think not kneeling makes Charles a racist. he has his reasons for doing so, and they are quite legitimate imo. he's a young guy who is constantly learning. he has said he likes to educate himself about matters before speaking out and honestly, I think that's very responsible!
now, moving onto Max. this is where things get a bit messy and you can definitely disagree with me here.
so the reason why people accuse Max of being racist is due to an incident with Lance Stroll during FP2 of the 2020 Portuguese GP. they collided and in the heat of the moment Max said this (team radio):
"Is this f*cking guy blind? What the f*ck is wrong with him? Jesus Christ. What a r*tard. I have damage. What a mongol. I swear." (source)
this was definitely ableist and racist. no excuses, whatsoever. the article also shows how he said it, "wasn't his problem" which was also wrong but RB said they don't condone his words. it's a lil odd but very few on twitter spoke against him.
however, he apologized to Lance after the team had a talk with him. he admitted he made a mistake and while he didn't mean to offend, he certainly did. i am not excusing his actions, they were wrong and he should be held accountable, instead I'm appreciating his response.
you can scoff at that, but remember, not everyone has the awareness that certain language is wrong and offensive. not everyone has grown up in such an environment. cultural or language barriers, what you've been taught at home etc. also play a huge role in what you may think is right to say. don't want to get too into it but his father isn't so innocent in all this. what you hear and experience growing up impacts you massively and THIS is a great article on their relationship. well written and not too biased.
as an Asian and POC myself, I was upset when I heard his words and his apology also didn't make me happy. but seeing that he realised why it was wrong and not repeating it is something I am glad about (it's a small thing but if we want people to learn, you need to be patient).
we all make mistakes, it's how we respond to them that makes us who we are. Max hasn't repeated his errors, he's learned to be better and I think that's the most important thing. he has been so much more careful on his team radios and that's improvement.
I don't think those one or two moments define him as a person. he's much more than that. he's also a young person, learning about the world as he grows just like most of us, except he has the spotlight shining on him 24x7. instead of giving him a chance at redemption and learning, people are quick to attack him and I REALLY hate that. you can't expect people to improve if you're going to villianise them instead of help them learn why they are wrong.
I don't think Charles and Max are racist. one has his reasons for not doing a symbolic gesture and one made a mistake from which he has learned. I am NOT excusing their behaviour though and will NOT defend or justify their mistakes. just cause they're celebrities doesn't mean they can't do wrong. it's an expectation we have of all drivers to be like current day Seb and Lewis but that's not possible!
at the end of the day, they're still young and may make a few more mistakes along the way that people will criticize, and that's okay. they will learn, improve and come out as better humans.
it's easy to bring up incidents from the past to hate on any driver, and I'm not expecting anyone to deem Charles and Max completely innocent. you can still not like them for whatever reasons but calling them 'racists' isn't right in my opinion. there are many things you can not like them for, as drivers or humans, but terming them something that serious due to an error, isn't right. you're judging a person's entire character on one choice, one mistake, and both these guys are sooo much more than that. they've learned to be better than that.
this doesn't mean I'm disregarding the racism that is existent in this sport, towards Lewis and Yuki especially. it is a valid problem, one that isn't getting any smaller. from the casual racism from the commentators to f1 media to even the teams being provocative, it's a legitimate issue that needs sorting out. my only point is, those that say racism and racists exist in the sport cause of guys like Max and Charles aren't being the most logical.
if you've made it this far, I hope you agree with me! I don't mean to have offended anyone, and if I unknowingly have, I am very sorry. that was not my intention. if you don't agree with me, feel free to have a polite discourse!
thank you for the question anon! and I hope I made my point clear :)
huge thank yous to @formulino27 and @fcb-mv33 for getting me through the writing of this <3
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peachworthy · 11 days ago
Hey Peach! I have a q that you might be able to answer.
Since the announcement of Link's dad's podcast, I've seen a couple of people on Reddit and Twitter say they're feeling uncomfortable about it because Charles is the cause of Link's issues. Do you know where they're getting this from? Is it literally just because his parents broke up?
It just came completely out of left field for me and I was wondering the source! Either way, Link doesn't seem to have a problem with it, lol ...
Hey darling friend <3
I’ll try to answer this as eloquently as I can, hopefully without offending people (because let’s be transparent here for a sec, I might lol)
A lot of beasts know that Link’s parents divorced when Link was very young, thus creating that foundation for his future abandonment issues. And I believe his mother divorced her second husband Jimmy, which could have been a sore point for Link.
I’m taking a shot in the dark here, but if I could look at this situation through a psychological/psychiatric lens, I’d say that Link’s father leaving served as a catalyst for all future relationships he had with the men in his life. When Jimmy left, I’m sure the same feeling was internalized.
For that reason, you’ll notice how fond he was of his grandfather. Actually, you should revisit (if you haven’t done so) the ear biscuits episode where Link talks about the imminent death of his papa. He saw him as a paternal figure in his life, and that death created a vacuum of grief in himself. Oftentimes when we experience a devastating death of someone close, compounded by the unchecked issues of abandonment, it can create this layer of emptiness and anger and nonlinear mourning.
Another man in his life is Rhett. Yes he’s only a year older than Link, but this sort of codependent relationship between the two of them is partially due to Link’s fear of being abandoned. Now Rhett I’m sure has his own hang ups of emotional abandonment, so I can see his perspective as well, but this is about Link hahah. It seems like Link mentally/emotionally (and sometimes physically) clings to Rhett. Having been emotionally abandoned to some degree in my life, the tenets of their relationship is consistent with that of a codependent, emotionally charged, abandonment perspective relationship.
But I digress..
It seems Charles still managed to be part of Link’s life into his adulthood. He’s present in MythEnt content, he’s most likely worked to rectify the hurt inflicted on his son.
I’ve seen a lot of discourse on socials upon the news of the new podcast, and I just don’t agree with it.
We all love these men so damn much, that oftentimes our parasocial relationships with their celebrity can skew our judgment in their personal lives. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. We don’t know how Link and Charles conduct themselves on a daily basis. There is simply not enough Information there to write this off completely.
Now I’m not saying that people can’t be upset about this news. It’s valid to feel that way. But these are two adult men, navigating through life and interpersonal relationships like the rest of us. And surely MythEnt wouldn’t create this podcast, at Link’s discretion if Link couldn’t handle it. Even if he’s doing it for entertainment, I can’t imagine he’d put himself through that if he didn’t have the self awareness and well adjusted/healed inner self.
Link is his own person. Despite the news of the podcast, we should commend him for this new opportunity. My only hope is that this podcast will serve as a healing process between the two of them.
I love Link so much and I’m proud of him.
Sorry, I rambled 😳 Hope this helps a bit <3 thank you for asking me.
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causeiwanttoandican · a year ago
Harry, Meghan and me: my truth as a royal reporter
I've covered elections and extremism, but nothing compares to the vitriol I've received since I started writing about the Sussexes
By Camilla Tominey, Associate Editor27 March 2021 • 6:00am
It is probably worth mentioning from the outset that I never, ever, planned to become a royal reporter. I mean, who does? It’s one of those ridiculous jobs most people fall into completely by accident.
I certainly wasn’t coveting the position when I first found out how bonkers the beat could be after covering Charles and Camilla’s wedding in 2005. Desperate for ‘a line’ on what went on at the reception, journalists were reduced to flagging down passing cars in Windsor High Street and interrogating the likes of Stephen Fry about whether they’d had the salmon or the chicken.
Watergate, this wasn’t.
Yet when my former editor called me into his office shortly afterwards and offered me the royal job ‘because you’re called Camilla and you dress nicely’, who was I to refuse?
Having planned to get married myself that summer, and start a family soon afterwards, I looked to the likes of Jennie Bond and Penny Junor and figured it would be a good patch for a working mother as well as being one I could grow old with. Unlike show business, when celebrities are ‘in’ one minute and ‘out’ the next, the royals would stay the same, making it easier to build – and keep – contacts.
So if you’d told me that 16 years later, I would find myself at the centre of a media storm over a royal interview with Oprah Winfrey, I’d have probably laughed in your face. First of all, only royals like Fergie do interviews with Oprah. And since when did journalists become the story?
Yet as I have experienced since the arrival of Meghan Markle on the royal scene in 2016 – a move that roughly coincided with Twitter doubling its 140-character limitation to 280 – royal reporters like me now find themselves in the line of fire like never before.
We are used to the likes of Kate Adie coming under attack in the Middle East, but now it is the correspondents who write up events like Trooping the Colour and the Royal Windsor Horse Show having to take cover from the keyboard warriors supposedly defending the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s ‘truth’.
Accusations of racism have long been levelled against anyone who has dared to write less than undiluted praise of Harry and Meghan. But even I have been taken aback by the vitriol on social media in the wake of the couple’s televised two-hour talk-a-thon, in which they branded both the Royal family and the British press racist while complaining about their ‘almost unsurvivable’ multimillionaire lives at the hands of the evil monarchy. And all while the rest of the UK were losing their loved ones and livelihoods in a global pandemic.
Having covered Brexit, general elections and stories about Islamic extremism, I’ve grown used to being sprayed with viral vomit on a fairly regular basis, but when you’ve got complete strangers trolling your best friend’s Instagram feed by association? That’s Britney Spears levels of toxic.
Having a hind thicker than a rhino’s, it wasn’t the repeated references to my being ‘a total c—’ that particularly bothered me, nor even the suggestion that I should have my three children put up for adoption. At one point someone even said it would be a good idea for me to drink myself to death like my mother, about whose chronic alcoholism I have written extensively.
No, what really got me was the appalling spelling and grammar. I mean, if you’re going to hurl insults, at least have the decency to get my name right.
Yet in order to understand just how it has come to pass that so-called #SussexSquaders think nothing of branding all royal correspondents ‘white supremacists’ regardless of who they write for, or sending hate mail to our email addresses, offices – and in some cases, even our homes – it’s worth briefly going to back to when I first broke the story that Prince Harry was dating an American actor in the Sunday Express on 31 October 2016. Headlined: ‘Royal world exclusive: Harry’s secret romance with TV star’, the splash revealed how the popular prince was ‘secretly dating a stunning US actress, model and human rights campaigner’.
Despite my now apparently being on a par with the Ku Klux Klan for failing to acknowledge Meghan as the next messiah, it was actually not until the fifteenth paragraph of that original article that the ‘confident and intelligent’ Northwestern University graduate was described as ‘the daughter of an African-American mother and a father of Dutch and Irish descent’.
Call me superficial, but I was genuinely far more interested in the fact that Harry ‘I-come-with-baggage’ Wales was dating a former ‘briefcase girl’ from the US version of Deal or No Deal than the colour of her skin. A ginger prince punching well above his weight? This was the stuff of tabloid dreams. Little did I know then that covering the trials and tribulations of these two lovebirds would turn into such a nightmare.
The online hostility began bubbling up about eight days after that first story, when Harry’s then communications secretary Jason Knauf issued an ‘unprecedented’ statement accusing the media of ‘crossing a line’.
‘His girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment’, it read, referencing a ‘smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments’. Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, had apparently been besieged by photographers, while bribes had been offered to Meghan’s ex-boyfriend along with ‘the bombardment of nearly every friend, coworker, and loved one in her life’.
Suffice to say, I did feel a bit guilty. Although I hadn’t written anything remotely racist or sexist, I had started the ball rolling for headlines like the MailOnline’s ‘(Almost) straight outta Compton’ (referencing a song by hip-hop group NWA about gang violence and Meghan’s upbringing in the nearby LA district of Crenshaw), along with her ‘exotic’ DNA (which I subsequently called out, including on This Morning in the wake of ‘Megxit’ in January last year).
Omid Scobie, co-author of Finding Freedom, a highly favourable account of the Sussexes’ departure from the Royal family, written with their cooperation last summer, would later insist that the couple knew the story of their relationship was coming out and were well prepared for it.
I can tell you categorically that they weren’t, since I did not even put a call into Kensington Palace before we went to press for fear of it being leaked. (I did later discuss this with Harry, when I covered his trip to the Caribbean in November 2016, and to be fair he was pretty philosophical, agreeing it would have come out sooner or later. But that was before the former Army Captain decided to well and truly shoot the messenger, latterly telling journalists covering the newly-weds’ tax-payer-funded October 2018 tour of Australia and the south Pacific: ‘Thanks for coming, even though you weren’t invited.’)
The royal press pack is the group of dedicated writers who cover all the official engagements and tours on a rota system, in exchange for not bothering the royals as they go about their private business. It was a shame this ragtag bunch, of which I am an associate member, was never personally introduced to Meghan when the couple got engaged in November 2017.
I still have fond memories of a then Kate Middleton, upon her engagement to Prince William in November 2010, showing me her huge sapphire and diamond ring following a press conference at St James’s Palace with the words, ‘It was William’s mother’s so it is very special.’
I replied that she might want to consider buying ‘one of those expanding accordion style file holders’ to organise all her wedding paperwork. (Reader, I had given birth to my second child less than four months earlier and was still lactating.)
Not meeting Meghan did not stop royal commentators like me writing reams about her being ‘a breath of fresh air’ and telling practically every TV show I appeared on that she was the ‘best thing to have happened to the Royal Family in years’.
As the world followed the joyous news of the Windsors’ resident strip billiards star having finally found ‘the one’, the couple enjoyed overwhelmingly positive press culminating in their fairy-tale wedding in May 2018, which we headlined ‘So in love’ above a picture of the bride and groom kissing. I tweeted the wedding front page, along with the original story breaking the news of their relationship with the words, ‘Job done’. Yet, as Meghan would later point out in a glossy Santa Barbara garden, that was by far the end of the story.
According to the Duchess’s testimony before a global audience of millions, the seeds for their royal departure were actually sown by an article I wrote in November 2018 suggesting she made Kate cry during a bridesmaid’s dress fitting for Princess Charlotte.
Claiming the ‘reverse happened’, the former Suits star railed, ‘A few days before the wedding she was upset about something, pertaining to, yes, the issue was correct, about flower-girl dresses, and it made me cry, and it really hurt my feelings.’
She then went on to criticise the palace for failing to correct the story – suggesting that royal aides had hung her out to dry to protect the Duchess of Cambridge.
All of which left me in a bit of a sticky situation. As I told Phillip Schofield on This Morning the following day, ‘I don’t write things I don’t believe to be true and that haven’t been really well sourced.’
Having seemingly been completely bowled over by Meghan’s version of events, Schofe then went for the jugular: ‘I have to say, though, that’s all addressed in that interview, isn’t it, because she [Meghan] couldn’t understand why nobody stood up for her?’
Yet someone had stood up for her, on that very same This Morning sofa: me.
As I told Phil and Holly on 14 January 2019, as more reports of ‘Duchess Difficult’ started to emerge, ‘I think she [Meghan] is doing really well, she looks amazing, she speaks well. She has played a blinder.’
So you’ll forgive me if I can’t quite understand why Meghan didn’t feel the need to correct this supposedly glaring error once she had her own dedicated head of communications from March 2019 – or indeed when she ‘collaborated’ with Scobie, who concluded in his bestselling hagiography that ‘no one cried’?
Moreover, how did the Duchess know a postnatal Kate wasn’t ‘left in tears’? And if she doesn’t know, what hope has the average troll observing events through the prism of their own deep-rooted insecurities?
It appears the actual truth ceases to matter once sides have been taken in the unedifying Team Meghan versus Team Kate battle that has divided the internet.
Make no mistake, there are abject morons at both extremes spewing the sort of bile that, ironically, makes most of the media coverage of Harry and Meghan look like a 1970s edition of Jackie magazine.
It perhaps didn’t help my case that the day before the interview was aired in the US, I had written a lengthy piece carefully weighing up the evidence behind allegations of ‘outrageous bullying’ that had been levelled against Meghan during what proved to be a miserable 20 months in the Royal family for all concerned.
The messages – to my Twitter feed, my email, my website and official Facebook page – ranged from the threatening, to the typical tropes about media ‘scum’ and the downright bizarre. Some accused me of being in cahoots with Carole Middleton, with whom I have never interacted, unless you count a last-minute Party Pieces purchase in a desperate moment of poor parental planning.
Another frequent barb was questioning why the press wasn’t writing about that ‘pedo’ [sic] Prince Andrew instead – seemingly oblivious to the fact that no one would know about the Duke of York’s links to Jeffrey Epstein if it wasn’t for the acres of coverage devoted to the story by us royal hacks over recent years.
It didn’t matter that I had repeatedly torn the Queen’s second, and, some say, favourite son to pieces for everything from his propensity to take his golf clubs on foreign tours to that disastrous Newsnight interview.
Contrary to the ‘invisible contract’ Harry claims the palace has with the press, royal coverage works roughly like this: good royal deeds = good publicity. Bad royal deeds = bad publicity. We effectively act as a critical friend, working on behalf of a public that rightly expects the royals to take the work – but not themselves – seriously.
So when a royal couple preaches about climate change before taking four private jets in 11 days, it is par for the course for a royal scribe to point out the inconsistency of that message. None of it is ever personal, as evidenced by the fact that practically every member of the monarchy has come in for flak over the years.
If Oprah wasn’t willing to point out the discrepancies in Harry and Meghan’s testimony, surely it is beholden on royal reporters to question how the Duchess had managed to undertake four foreign holidays in the six months after her wedding, in addition to official tours to Italy, Canada, and Amsterdam, as well as embarking on a lengthy honeymoon, if she had ‘turned over’ her passport?
While no one would wish to undermine the extent of her mental health problems, could it really be true that she only left the house twice in four months when she managed to cram in 73 days’ worth of engagements, according to the Court Circular, in the 17 months between her wedding and the couple’s departure to Canada?
And what of the ‘racist’ headlines flashed up during the interview purporting to be from the British press, when more than a third were actually taken from independent blogs and the foreign media? The UK media abides by the Independent Press Standards Organisation’s Code of Conduct ‘to avoid prejudicial or pejorative reference to an individual’s race’, as well as by rigorous defamation laws. And rightly so – the British press doesn’t always get it right. But social media is the Wild West by comparison, publishing vile slurs on a daily basis with impunity.
Some therefore find it strange that such a litigious couple would claim to have been ‘silenced’ when they have made so many complaints, including resorting to legal action, over stories they claim not to have even read. There is something similarly contradictory about a couple accusing the tabloids of lacking self-reflection while refusing to take any blame at all – for anything.
In any normal world, informed writing on such matters would be classed as fair comment, but not, seemingly, on Twitter where those completely lacking any objectivity whatsoever are only too willing to virtue signal and manoeuvre.
As the trolling reached fever pitch in the aftermath of the interview, veteran royal reporter Robert Jobson of the Evening Standard called me. ‘Don’t respond to these freaks,’ he advised. ‘It’s getting nasty out there. Watch your back!’
Yet despite my general sense of bewilderment at the menacing Megbots, I can’t say it didn’t appal me to discover a close friend had received online abuse, purely by dint of being my mate. After discussing the lengths the troll must have gone to to track her down, she asked me, ‘Do you ever worry someone might do something awful to you?’ Er, not until now, no.
Of course it’s upsetting, even for a cynical old-timer like me. Worse still are people who actually know me casting aspersions on my profession on social media. Often these are the same charlatans who would think nothing of sidling up to me for the latest gossip on the Royal family, while publicly pretending that reading any such coverage is completely beneath them.
Most pernicious of all though – not least after Piers Morgan’s departure from Good Morning Britain following a complaint to ITV and Ofcom from the Duchess – is the corrosive effect this whole hullabaloo is having on freedom of speech. When you’ve got a former actor effectively editing a British breakfast show from an £11 million Montecito mansion, what next?
I cannot help but think we are in danger of setting race relations back 30 years if people are seriously suggesting that any criticism of Meghan is racially motivated. It’s the hypocrisy that gets me. When Priti Patel was accused of bullying, the very same people who willingly hung the Home Secretary out to dry are now the ones defending Meghan against such claims, saying they have been levelled at her simply because she is ‘a strong woman of colour’.
Of course journalists should take responsibility for everything they report and be held to account for it – but Harry and Meghan do not have a monopoly on the truth simply because the close friend and neighbour who interviewed them in return for £7 million from CBS took what they said as gospel.
If she isn’t willing to probe the disparity between Meghan saying someone questioned the colour of Archie’s skin when she was pregnant, and Harry suggesting it happened before they were even married, then someone must. There’s a name for such scrutiny. It’s called journalism.
The public reserves the right to make up its own mind – with the help of the watchful eye of a free and fair press. But that press can never be free or fair if journalists do not feel they can report without fear or favour. I’m lucky that a lot of the criticism I face is more than balanced out by hugely supportive members of the public and online community who either agree – or respect the right to disagree. Along with the hate mail, I have had many thoughtful and eloquent missives, including those that good naturedly challenge what I have written in the paper or said on TV, which have genuinely given me pause for thought.
I am more than happy to enter into constructive discourse with these correspondents, who are frankly sometimes the only people who keep me on Twitter. I mean, let’s face it, I wouldn’t be anywhere near the bloody thing if this wasn’t my day job.
With the National Union of Journalists this month declaring that harassment and abuse had ‘become normalised’ within the industry, never have members of Britain’s press needed more courage. As Winston Churchill famously said, ‘You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.’
Who would have thought that the preservation of the fundamental freedoms that we hold so dear should partially rest on the shoulders of those who follow around a 94-year-old woman and her family for a living?
If I’d known then what I know now, would I still have written the bridesmaid’s dress story?
Yes – doubtlessly reflecting sisterly sobs all round. But after two decades in this business, I am clear-eyed enough to know this for certain: whatever I had written, it would still have ended in tears.
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Modern!Reader But Its Just Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr Quotes
Hosea: So whats the ‘turns out cigarettes are actually bad for us’ of your generation?
Reader, laying face down in the dirt: Capitalism.
Reader: I have one foot in the grave but in a kind of fun flirty way, the way one might slip on a fishnet stocking.
Bill: Are you fucking stupid?
Reader: I mean, broadly, yeah, but what prompted you to ask?
Sean: Fill your body with cranberries so the horse that kills you gets a nice little surprise when it begins to feed.
Reader: I will give the horse that kills me no such luxury.
Kieran, whispering to himself: What the fuck-
Reader: I’m gonna dip a clementine in ranch.
Karen: Why do you hate Jesus?
Reader, dipping a clementine in ranch: Jesus is my homeboy but God has a lot to answer for and my rebellion will continue until he does so.
Reader: If you died and Anubis was waiting for you instead of Jesus, what would you say?
Swanson: Sick fursuit, Jeezy Boy.
Hosea: Oh my god you’ve corrupted him-
Dutch: We’re going to go to Tahiti and become mango farmers. This is the hill I will die on.
Reader: Weird hill to die on, but at least you’re dead.
*in Colter*
Reader: I’d say fuck the weather but it’s definitely under 18.
Reader: Your satchels are so small! Where do you keep all of your trash??
Lenny: In my tent.
Sean: My personality, to be honest.
Dutch, walking past: Thats no way to refer to my children.
Uncle: I really don’t understand how a lot of you are still single because you’re all attractive and have good music taste, what more do people want?
Reader: Sanity.
Uncle: People are so demanding.
Reader: When an earthquake happens coffins become underground maracas.
Arthur: Thanks for that totally not terrifying image.
Lenny: *after being forced to read the entire Percy Jackson series* Are Medusa’s leg hairs tiny snakes??
Reader: Now we’re asking the real questions.
Sean: If you spell skeletons backwards it still spells skeletons.
Reader: Can’t wait for Halloween to see some snoteleks!
Reader: You’d just be sitting in class and then you’d just hear this random muffled scream from a nearby class and you’d just be like what the fucks going on??
Hosea: ...what kind of a school did you go to?!
Reader: Public school.
Arthur: Y/N! Goddammit you’re scaring away all the game!
Charles: I’m pretty sure I saw a bear run away from us.
Reader: Therapy is expensive but it’s free to just tell yourself ‘it be like that sometimes.’
Hosea: What? No-
Lenny: If you’re fortunate enough, your internal organs will spend their entire lifespan in absolute darkness.
Reader: Not if I swallow this glow stick!
Tumblr media
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jensonsbuttons · 6 months ago
hello and welcome to another addition of "katie goes through the answers of the "tell me something funny" question on my quiz" brought to you via request from @lancestrolls !!!!
we got some *pretty* wild responses and i cannot wait to share them. i didn't go through all of them because there's been a lot of people taking it the past few days and i accidentally hit the back button so i lost my space and don't want to scroll that far! that being said, let's get into it:
- Once again to all those that said “my life” or “life” or any variation………you good???
- “I banged an F1 driver's dad but I won't say which one” - what a way to start this list
- “my mother (70) keeps a plastified photo of kimi raikkonen winning his wcd in her wallet because, I quote "he repels off bad luck. Trust me" - incredible
- “What's an astronaut's favorite key on the keyboard? The space bar” - thats an out of this world joke if i say so myself
- “there’s something lose between my legs apart from the obvious” - nice one.
- “something funny” - a classic
- “Was walking home from school and because it recently snowed, there were some children having a snowball fight. Like 6 to 8 years old. I went past them and saw that one of the older boys was throwing a snowball onto one of the smaller children. Cue the small child absolutely yelling "you fucking wanker". Had to walk away quickly to not burst out laughing ^•^” - love this story about a young guenther steiner
- “everyday I think about Nelson Piquet starting next to Andrea DeCrasheris and being like I want to die instead of driving” - SORRY???
- “I have a sound engineer friend from Poland.and a Czech one too and a Czech one too” - sad to say it took me reading out loud to get it but when I did absolute chuckles.
- “it's a yoke ! A YOKE !!”
- To the person that left their twitter handle and wants to be friends that’s fine but uhhh I do not use twitter
- “pls I need you to know theres a video of Nico Rosberg getting beaten by a 9 year old in mini carts and its the reason I stay alive” VIDEO PLEASE
- “pierre gasly reminds me of that chipped tea cup from beauty and the beast and idk why lol” - THIS IS. SO FUNNY??? AND THE PERSON THAT SUBMITTED IT PUT DOWN THE NAME CHARLES.
- “Cats wearing socks” - kitten mittens??????????
- To the person that said you aren’t funny but wished me a good day/night, thank you and also don’t sell yourself short.
- Idk why but this is the second time I’ve looked through results and both times someone has just said “frog.”
- “I hope you're doing well, and your bed is nice and warm and cozy!!” THANKS. right back at you pal.
- “here's a yoke my 7 year old nephew told me: what word has the most letters? postoffice.”
- “My cat is named shitfur and shes actually pretty cool and my family horse is a himbo who once put his snoot in the anthouse and he sneezes ants for a week” - apologies to your horse but this is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard
- “what does the buffalo say to his son when he leaves for college?? bison” - a classic
- “I was supposed to study for my "general surgery" exam but here we are, hello” - best of luck pal please do good surgery
- “ok….this is not funny but i do believe lewis would have been a club promoter in another life” - *scribbles notes furiously* okay and tell me more about that
- “Haas WCC” - RIP
- “everyone is convinced i’m half in love with this guy but i only made people believe that so they don’t know that i’m crushing on his best friend instead. send thoughts and prayers.” - THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS PAL
- and finally someone just wrote: “dicks”
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askthetoppattraitor · 4 months ago
this is mod nice btw
we’re shutting this down!! /srs
yeah...basically i’ve lost complete interest in this blog plus i absolutely hate toppat charles (for my own personal reasons). mod cal has been busy with their own life and i just dont like the toppat charles character anymore
Questions you may ask:
Why do you not like T!Charles anymore?
personal things i dont wanna discuss, plus TC had a bit of selfcest (maso x sadist EW) and yuckykkykykykykykyyk
What does this mean for the sides, the rest of the story, etc?
if yall wanna make your own personal headcanons or stories as to what happens next, go on ahead
im completely dropping tc and his sides
this blog will be archived btw yall can look over the posts
Other ways you can interact with Mod Nice:
ill be more active on @askplanetinkwell because i actually like that blog (and my main ofc @nicesuperdash)
twitter: NiceSuperdashT
youtube: NiceSuperdash
Other ways you can interact with Mod Cal:
cals tumblr: @caldraws
twitter: CalDrawsStuff
For other questions, use the askbox.
and before i go, please do not bring up TC outside of this ask blog to mod nice.
thank you for sticking with us throughout the years!
sincerely, mod nice.
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deja-you · a year ago
times new roman | episode four
t. jefferson x reader
summary: Y/n needs a date. Thomas would be more than happy to oblige.
trailer | previous | next
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Groaning, Y/n slapped her phone onto the kitchen counter face down. She was in no mood to deal with Charles, Jefferson, or anyone else who felt the need to reply to her I-want-a-boyfriend Twitter ad. It was a joke. Mostly. Unless one of the Hollywood Chrises wanted to message her. Then it was real. But neither Hemsworth or Pine had found their way into her DMs, so it was just a joke. 
The handle on the apartment door jiggled and Y/n edged closer to the wooden block where the knives were kept (this was New York, you could never be too careful). She quietly released a sigh of relief when the door opened and it was just Peggy rushing in to their shared apartment. Peggy looked like she had ran all the way back: her curly hair was in a mess of a ponytail, her makeup looked a little sweaty, and she was slightly out of breath.
“Alright. Y/n, tell me everything.”
Y/n was a little taken aback by Peggy’s urgency. “Whoa, there. You haven’t even set down your purse yet. This addiction to gossip is getting a little out of hand.”
Peggy only rolled her eyes. “I didn’t run all this way to hear you lecture me, Y/n. Just tell me what’s going on with you and Daddy Jefferson.”
If Y/n had been drinking something at that moment, she would’ve had a spit-take. 
“What did you just say?!”
“You heard me.”
Y/n made a face. “Please never ever say that again.”
“I’m just teasin’. That is, unless you’re into that kind of thing. Jefferson is older, isn’t he?” Peggy pointed out.
“Margarita Schuyler, I swear--”
“But I guess you’ve always had a good relationship with your dad, and daddy kinks are usually reserved for girls with daddy issues, right?” She continued.
“I don’t think it works quite like that.”
Peggy rolled her eyes. “I’m getting off-topic, aren’t I? Anyway, tell me everything that’s happened between you and Jefferson.”
“There’s not much to tell.” Y/n shrugged.
“Not much to tell, other than the extremely flirtatious tweets you two have been exchanging?”
“I wouldn’t call it extremely flirtatious. Look, we’ve just been messaging back and forth since I tweeted about wanting a boyfriend -- which was a joke, by the way. I ran into him at dad’s office earlier, but nothing happened.”
“You ran into him today?” Peggy nearly squealed in excitement. “I wouldn’t call that nothing. So how did it happen? Did your eyes meet across a crowded room like in some cheesy Hallmark movie?”
“No. Charles was bothering me, so he let me hang out in his office until dad had finished up a meeting.”
Y/n narrowed her eyes. “And what?”
“Well did anything happen?”
“Nothing happened.”
“So you’re telling me,” Peggy said, “that you exchange flirty tweets and then end up alone in an office with Mr. I’m-hotter-than-than-the-sun Jefferson, and nothing happened?”
Y/n couldn’t help but laugh at Peggy’s dramatics. “Nothing happened, Pegs. Sorry to disappoint.”
“I am disappointed. But it’s okay. You’ll see Jefferson at the company gala again. The two of you will fall in love, get married, have the most adorable children, and I’ll get to be fun aunt Peggy!”
“Whoa, there. Don’t you think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself? We barely know each other,” Y/n protested.
“I don’t know why you’re fighting this. You and Jefferson have chemistry. And besides, if I haven’t mentioned it before, he’s so very attractive.”
“You’ve mentioned it. In fact, you can’t stop mentioning it. Don’t get your hopes up, okay?”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Peggy waved her off and apparently ignored her last statement. “Whatever you want to keep telling yourself. Anyway, what do you want for dinner? I’m craving some Thai food.”
Tumblr media
“Please remind me why I woke up early on my day-off to go get coffee with you?”
Peggy rolled her eyes and held open the door to her favorite coffee shop, it had been a couple days since Y/n’s run in with Jefferson. “Y/n, babe, every day is your day-off when you’re the heiress to George Washington’s fortune. You don’t even need to work a day in your life.”
“But I’m going to work because I want to. I didn’t go through four years of college just to live off my family fortune,” Y/n grumbled, but any prior grumpiness seemed to melt away when the smell of freshly poured coffee beans hit her nose.
“Oh right, forgot you actually want to make the world a better place or whatever,” Peggy rolled her eyes and proceeded to order two coffees at the counter.
“Is trying to make the world a better place a bad thing, now?”
Peggy glanced at Y/n and considered it for a second. “No, I suppose not. A little cliché and unoriginal, but I wouldn’t consider it a bad thing.”
“Whatever. Find us a seat, okay? I’ll grab our drinks when they’re ready.”
Y/n waited in the corner of the cafe between the wall and the counter, absentmindedly tapping her foot along to the beat of some catchy Jack Johnson song that Y/n was 90% sure was featured in a Curious George film. The drinks were ready before the song ended, and Y/n offered the barista a quiet ‘thank you’ as she took the cups over to where Peggy had found seats. 
The coffee was still hot and would’ve surely burned Y/n if she had spilled it on herself, which she nearly did when she saw who was sitting across from Peggy. 
Peggy sat with her ankles crossed and a grin on her face while she casually carried on a conversation with the one and only Thomas Jefferson. He wore a more casual outfit today, dark pants, a tucked white shirt (which of course, fit him perfectly), and a black coat that looked like it costed more than two months of Y/n’s rent -- and that was saying something, seeing as Y/n lived in New York City. 
Neither Jefferson nor Peggy had noticed her approach them, and for a second Y/n considered bolting out the cafe door and finding somewhere to hide. But Y/n Washington was an adult, running away from her problems wasn’t a solution. Right? 
“Oh, good. I was about to come find you,” Peggy said, acknowledging Y/n’s presence.
Y/n silently cursed her indecision and forced a polite smile onto her face. “Here’s your coffee, Pegs. I wasn’t aware we were meeting Mr. Jefferson here.”
Thomas had a smug smile on his face that gave Y/n a strange feeling in her gut (it wasn’t butterflies, Y/n refused to believe it was butterflies), and raised one of his eyebrows. “Aw, angel, you don’t sound too happy to see me.”
“It’s just that I didn’t realize you’d added ‘stalking your boss’s daughter’ to your list of hobbies,” Y/n shrugged, regaining her composure.
Thomas chuckled a little and shook his head. “What? I’m not allowed to stop in to my favorite coffee shop now?”
And as if to prove his point, Thomas sent a charming grin and a wave to the barista working at the counter. She grinned, a little too wide for Y/n’s liking, and happily waved back. Y/n rolled her eyes. 
“Relax, Y/n,” Peggy urged. “I invited Thomas to come sit with us. We were just talking about what a small world it is.”
“Too small for my liking.” Y/n eyed Thomas warily and finally took the vacant seat between Peggy and Thomas. She glanced at Peggy, processing what her friend had just said. “Since when do you call him Thomas?”
“Most people call me Thomas, angel. You’re the only one who insists on callin’ me Mr. Jefferson. Even after I gave you other options.” Thomas sent Y/n a playful wink. 
Peggy lifted her coffee to her lips to hide the smile she wore watching the scene unfold. Y/n opened her mouth to say something, then abruptly closed her mouth. She could feel her face heating up, and hopefully Thomas couldn’t tell how flustered he made her, but the wolfish grin on his face told her otherwise.
Thomas watched her for a moment, then let his gaze fall on Peggy. “Of course, I can leave now if y’all want. I don’t mind.”
Peggy was urgently shaking her head before Y/n could say anything. “No, no, stay! Y/n doesn’t mind.”
Y/n sent Peggy a look that very clearly read ‘yes, I do mind.’
“That’s swell,” Jefferson grinned.
“Who even uses the word ‘swell’ anymore?” Y/n crossed her arms. 
“Y/n! Don’t be--”
Peggy was interrupted when her phone began buzzing on the table. She apologized briefly to both Jefferson and Y/n before stepping outside to take the call. Now it was just Y/n and Jefferson sitting at a table together in a cafe.
“So,” Y/n started after a minute or two of silence. “Nice weather we’re having.” She cringed at how awkward she sounded, but Jefferson seemed to find her amusing. 
“Nice weather? Angel, have you even been outside today? It’s freezing.” 
She scowled. “I was just trying to make polite conversation, okay?”
“You’re not very good at that, are you?” He chuckled. “You sure you’re George Washington’s daughter? You weren’t adopted or anything?”
“No, he didn’t adopt me. I guess the charismatic genes weren’t passed on,” Y/n sighed. 
“Y/n, Thomas.” Peggy had returned from her phone call and started picking up her purse and jacket. “I’m so sorry, but a friend called. I have to go. But you two should stay as long as you like.” She sent a wink in Y/n’s direction that Thomas almost definitely saw.
And so Peggy left, leaving Y/n with her archenemy. Well, maybe archenemy was too strong. But still. Y/n sighed and took a long sip of her drink.
“You’re not leavin’?”
Y/n’s eyes met Thomas’s deep brown ones over the top of her cup. “Did you want me to leave?”
“No, no. ‘Course not. I just thought once Peggy left you wouldn’t stay long after,” Thomas explained.
She only shrugged. “I’ve got nothing better to do today.”
“I’m glad you’re enjoying my company, then.”
“Hey, I never said I was enjoying your company. Merely putting up with you.”
“Is that it?”
“That’s it,” she nodded. Thomas glanced down at his watch and Y/n raised an eyebrow. “Do you have somewhere to be?”
“Surprisingly, I have nothing scheduled today.”
“Nothing,” he confirmed. “And you said you’re not doing anything today?”
Y/n pursed her lips then nodded. “It’s my day off. Getting coffee with Peggy was my big plan for the day.”
“Then do you want to do something with me?”
The question struck her like a bolt of lightning. Y/n didn’t have any plans for the day, and she was looking for something fun to do... but this was Thomas Jefferson. The Thomas Jefferson who worked for her father and who was shamelessly arrogant. The Thomas Jefferson who she had mentally called her archenemy only moments ago. So she should’ve just said no. But then there was some part of her that did want to do something with him.
“Do I want to do something with you?” Y/n repeated, cocking her head to the side. “Like a date?”
His eyes widened and he slowly shook his head. “No. No, not like a date. Just two people doing the same thing at the same time. Not a date.”
“What activity were you thinking?” Y/n couldn’t believe she was considering this.
“Let’s go to Coney Island.”
“Coney Island?” She laughed but when he didn’t join her, her expression turned serious. “You’re not joking, are you? We can’t just go to Coney Island. You said it yourself, it’s cold out.”
“So bring a coat. C’mon, angel, I know you’re not the type, but it could be fun. Be spontaneous, just this once.” His smile was all too comfortable and his eyes twinkled with mischief.
“I’m not the type?” Y/n tried not to show how offended she was, but failed miserably. Is that really what he thought of her? That she was some kind of boring prude? Oh, how wrong was he. “Y’know what? Okay. Let’s go.”
Thomas perked up. “Did I hear you right? You really want to go?”
“You’re that surprised? Let’s go before I change my mind, Jefferson. But it’s not a date.”
He smiled. “It’s not a date.”
A/N: let me know if I forgot to add you to the tags or if you want to be added
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manic-creator · a year ago
No Simp September - G.M.
Pairing: George Memeulous x gender neutral reader Fandom: YouTubers [Eboys] Request:  could i get an imagine where the reader is a streamer memeulous gets teased for having a crush on them and it’s all cute n fluffy (also if you could make it gender neutral that’d be great!!) Summary: George gets called a simp, so he does something about it Warning(s): swearing, the boys are kinda OOC I think so sorry for that Author note: I wanted to get this done quickly, so I started it as soon as I saw it in my inbox, sorry if it’s kinda shit :/ Word Count: 1,347
“Hey George, fancy telling us about your current favourite?” Will asked, causing the other two boys to laugh while George sighed dramatically. The main topic of this podcast was George’s alleged crush on Y/N, one of Twitch’s current trending streamers. 
“You really have to go there, Will? He can’t even think properly whenever they get mentioned!” Alex struggled to get out within bursts of laughter, knowing the extent of George's crush on his fellow masked streamer. You see, the main reason George likes Y/N is they also keep a lot of their identity private. Much to his delight, he had actually spoken to Y/N multiple times through twitter, but the other boys didn't need to know that.
"He isn't going to say anything because he refuses to admit that he is a simp," James interrupted Alex's laughter. "It's no simp September George, you have to behave this month." All three boys let out howls of laughter while George sat motionless and silent. Unbeknownst to the boys, he was quietly texting Y/N to set up a surprise for the eboys next video. "Okay, I'm a fan of their commentary. So what? Are you finally over Alex's obsession with James Charles and need a new victim, James?"  Will and James laughed while Alex attempted to defend himself. "In my defence, it is not an obsession, I simply-" Will cut Alex off. "See! You simp for that man!" While the two of them began to argue, George smiled underneath his mask as his phone vibrated with a message. "Yeah sure, I'm down for that!" 
The boys all arrived at the set for the next eboys video and looked at George expectantly. "Alright mate, who'd you get to be the judge?" Will asked, leaning against the counter of the large kitchen. "Wait wasn't this video James' turn?" Alex asked, confused as to why George was suddenly involved. 
"Oh my god Alex, read the group chat once in a while. James decided on the recipes and George found the judge." Will sighed. George chuckled at their bickering and placed the last camera on its tripod. "You'll find out once we start filming, our judge has yet to arrive." 
The filming went off without a hitch, James explained that they had an hour to begin and gave everyone their recipes. Roughly 10 minutes into filming, the boys were interrupted by a knock on the door. "That will be our judge!" George dropped his ingredients and walked to the door, trying to hide his excitement. "Hey, you made it! We've just started filming so you've not missed much." He smiled at Y/N, forgetting that his face was covered. 
"So we're just in here, yeah?" They asked, pointing at the door George just came through. "Oh yeah, I gotta get back to baking." George jogged back to his station as Y/N walked over to James and tapped his shoulder, whispering something to him. George kept his eye on the two of them, admiring Y/N's simple outfit of a grey hoodie and light blue ripped jeans, cuffed above a pair of timberlands. Y/N and James jumped out of their conversation as Alex started shouting about the eboys cake on the counter. "Alex, did you punch the cake?" George asked, staring at the now flattened cake. "I know which cake I'd prefer," Y/N murmured, looking George up and down as they walked around the room. 
"Okay, time is up and now I get to judge your abominations." Y/N clapped, rolling up their sleeves in preparation. "May I make a confession before I start?" The boys all looked up expectantly, James muffling his laughter. "I actually hate jam..." they confessed, looking at Alex's giant jam tart. "You what? James, did you fucking know?" James nodded while laughing hysterically. "This is why they said 'good luck' to you at the beginning." 
George placed his plate in front of them, nervous for their comments. "Honestly George, for looks, 9 out of 10." The boys all clapped and agreed as George whispered thanks. "As for the appearance of the shortbread, I'll give that a 9 as well," Y/N joked, taking a bite of it. "Tastewise, credit where credit is due, 7." George, still smiling widely from the compliment/joke that was made, nodded and took his plate away.
"I still think the results were biased." Will complained, crossing his arms and leaning back into the sofa. "For the last time Will, George wasn't the winner, we fucking drew." James laughed as he put 5 bottles of beer on the coffee table. "Who decided to have the only person George simps for be the judge anyway?" Alex asked, nudging George's arm with his elbow. "For the last time, I'm not a fucking simp!" George groaned turning to face Y/N. "I'm sorry about him, he's an idiot." Y/N nodded in understanding. "Actually George, since you're not a simp of course, do you mind if I talk to you outside for a minute?" They asked, standing up. George nodded and followed them, ignoring the wolf whistles coming from the other three boys. 
"What's up?" He asked, closing the door to the balcony behind him. "I just thought that I'd talk to you one on one rather than surrounded by the others," Y/N stated, scratching the back of their neck and sitting down. "Also wanted to come out here so I can finally take my mask off and breathe." George nodded in understanding, hands instinctively touching the back of his bandana. "I understand if you don't want me to see your face y'know, I'm big on privacy myself." Y/N spoke up, noticing George fidgeting with his own mask. 
George sighed, wracking his brain for a decision. His hands slowly undoing his bandana and pulling it off along with his sunglasses. Y/N looked up and froze. "Um, you alright?" George asked, almost visibly shaking with nervousness. "Uh yeah, you're just..." they trailed off, staring directly into George's eyes. "I guess I just didn't think you'd look so handsome..." they muttered, pulling their own mask off. Running a hand through their hair they looked back up at him. "Don't start simping now." They joked with anxiety lacing their voice, turning away to look out over the balcony. 
George sat down next to them and laughed. "You know, I'm definitely going to simp now," he elbowed them gently. "Just don't tell the boys, I'll never the end of it." The two of them laughed at his comment and they shuffled closer together. "I was really nervous about actually meeting you," Y/N started, causing George to turn to them in confusion. "I've watched your videos for a while now, and I was just worried that maybe I'd bore you or something. I don't really do much and I'm pretty much constantly streaming and now I feel like I'm oversharing and-" George grabbed their hand, silencing them. "Hey, I was worried about the same thing. Yeah, the boys joke about me being a simp and shit, but it's because they know that I kind of like you...I thought since I don't really talk about myself and rarely ever leave the fucking house that I'd be the boring one." George sighed, running his thumb over the back of Y/N's hand.
"So to conclude, we're both boring idiots?" Y/N joked, gaining a chuckle out of George. "Yeah I guess we are," he turned to face them. "Do you maybe want to go for a drink or something? Like a date maybe?" He asked, fear of being rejected bubbling up in his chest. "Yeah, I'd like that." Y/N replied, smiling and standing up, placing their mask back over their face, George doing the same. The two of them walked back into the flat, George still not letting go of Y/N's hand. "Hey, we're going out for a bit, we'll see you guys later." George patted Alex on the shoulder while passing him. George and Y/N were almost at the door, both of them smiling under their masks when they heard Will's voice from the other room.
"God damn it, George, it's no simp September!" 
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lavender-lotion · a year ago
Rules: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it and/or tell you something about it! And then tag as many people as you have WIPs.
thank you for the tag @stronglyobsessed!
I was really not sure if I actually wanted to go in and name ALL the files in my WIP folder, but then I realized I could use this as an opportunity to make sure that my WIP sheet is up to date, so... here we are. my entire WIP folder. organized by fandom!
Teen Wolf
chris/derek dom/sub
Deter -
deter marriage proposal
proclaim the truth and do not be silent through fear
stiles/sam prompt sam saving stiles
Dressing porn
season 2 stackson
stiles in make up
July 19 - Smut
June 20: Relationship Reveal
June 23: Free Day
Stalion magic alpha pack
Together, We Belong
Beach stanny
camboy stiles - stanny
gift for merwin
Gone and Past
Sr stalion And stennis
Stennis sex
You Fill My Heart (With Such a Gentle Love)
Soft steter->stetopher
Feral Derek
Kate takes video of essentially rape
familiar steterek
Set up on date
Steterek kisses
steterek sad derek
young steterek
young steterek
breathing you in seuquel
hornet au
continuation to fox!stiles
fox stiles installment
hale family
Sr. Steter
steter courting??
steter for harry--alpha rut
steter kidfic
alpha stiles omega john
De-aged Sheriff
Drunk dick pic stilinskicest
impregnation kink
john jacking stiles off when he can't use his hands
Possessive fox sheriff claims his son
stilinskicest absuive claduia
Stilinskicest tattoo
Twincest only fans
Alpha Twins/Stiles
Falling Together - Hale Orgy for Green
merwin bday fic - stiles/alpha pack?
Sheriff Stilinski Gets Some Good Lovin'
Alemando age play
kitney making out
Lonk pt 2 "I have never felt so content with unexpected discoveries"
vAzazel/Janos snowball fight for irene
bobbyjohn discovering cherik
cherigan fic
bab smut
charles mom sucks
Erik goes back in time cause Charles is dead but overshoots
post dofp smut
they slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered
Cherik Dating App
bamf emma kidnapped angel
for even if she flees, soon she shall pursue
you cast diamonds across the waters of my innocence
magnet smut
Mags Family
Peter/Weny POV
Hank and Alex bond during lab time
lonk patching up
Lonk awkwardly flirting for jasp
Lonk for lib
peter putting himself down
first meeting
5 times Kurt makes Peter bust a nut in his pants and 1 time Peter busts a nut in his pants on his own
Angry Erik
quickneto identity reveal
original timeline grief fuck
scogan first meeting
scogan peach
Summerscest ANGST
incest continuation to jasper fic
war photo masturbation
xavierine fic
Cain Marko/Charles Xavier AU
Charles angst childhood telepathy
dadneto saves the day
Emma Frost/Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
phoenix peter
Charles waking up in Jakob’s arms
Ned/Peter 2
keenker kinktober 12
spideypool asexual gift for frosted goddess
Spideypool Big Bang
Spideypool prompt
Starker Big Bang
starker field trip fic
Starker Mob AU
I Built My Home, Inside Of You
Bucky/Peter sex worker fic
Physiotherapy (I'll Be Your Baby)
winterspider date fluff
winterspider smut
5 times Happy patched up Peter and 1 time Peter patches up Happy
Twitter Fic
Bruce Banner/Peter Parker Dom/Sub
(hold me) steady
to love and be loved by you
take us, together, like the stroke of a bow
with puck pt 2
sam not backing down
kurt picking up dave's call
Kurtofsky - long fic coming out
Kurtosky - after prom season 2
Ep 5:
Puckurt - visiting during juvie
Fives Time Denny Payson Comes in His Pants and One Time Kurt Hummel Gets Him Out of Them First
Touched starved Merlin
tattoo au
protective eggsy
emerging from the night and heart of me
eggsy/trans roxy
Dad Eggsy
Young Justice
YJ - 1
YJ - 8
Dick and Wally team up to seduce Conner
5 times superboy watches tv alone and one time dock watches tv with him
YJ - 10
Dick and Wally team up to seduce Conner
Misc Fandom & Cross Overs
X-Men / MCU
TW x Glee
Primal Laurits
Loki Laurits
Laurits finds Magne after the show
Fate: The Winx Saga
5 times Riven gives Dane a first +1 time Dane gave Riven a first
Criminal Minds
Reid/Morgan - S3 E2
Morgan/Reid - S2 E
Weird City
smexy massage
Because I have more WIPS then people I know, I am tagging EVERYONE. Seriously, if you read this and want to list your WIPS, do it! even tag me in it!! i’d absolutely love to see if and pop into your ask box!
And if you’ve read this, please feel free to send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it and/or tell you something about it!
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carewyncromwell · a year ago
Tumblr media
*sings* Cinderella...you’re as lovely as your name, Cinderella~...
Okay, some quick notes before we start. Despite the beauty of their work, painters’ palettes were actually rather limited on pigments during the Renaissance, only having three pigments more than artists did during the Middle Ages. The Moly is a magical plant that appears in Homer’s The Odyssey. Hermes gives it to Odysseus as a charm to protect him from Circe’s spells. It’s been most commonly compared to the snowdrop flower by scholars. It also is referenced in the canon Potterverse as a powerful herb that can counter enchantments.
The Willow Song appears as a motif at the end of William Shakespeare’s Othello, though it was written at least thirty years earlier. In Othello, Desdemona sings a few stanzas of it in response to her husband’s growing distance and madness -- to the audience watching the play in Shakespeare’s day, which would already know the song, its inclusion foreshadows Othello and Desdemona’s tragic ending. “No One is Alone” is from Stephen Sondheim’s well-regarded musical Into the Woods, which features Cinderella as a semi-major character -- the song is actually even partially sung by Cinderella in the show!
I edited the art for this section, as you can tell. Badeea’s painting is a modified photograph of the Chateau de Chambord in France, overlaid on top of my own drawing. (Thanks, Lunapic!) This is also my very first time drawing Badeea!! GOD, is she pretty!! I think her eyes are my favorite of all the HPHM cast.
Previous part is here -- whole tag is here -- Katriona “KC” Cassiopeia belongs to @kc-needs-coffee -- and I hope you enjoy!
When Carewyn followed up with Andre the next morning, he was quite disappointed when he saw Carewyn wasn’t wearing the new shoes he’d made for her with her uniform. He honestly hadn’t even considered that they wouldn’t be comfortable for walking in -- and honestly, Carewyn could sort of understand why. Andre had never been able to leave the palace grounds, so there no doubt were a lot of practical things he’d just never considered...such as how very flashy royal fashion was, compared to that of the common man. He was pleased with the feedback Carewyn “passed along from her cousins” for him, though -- completely unaware of the fact that all three comments were really opinions that Carewyn herself had had about the dress.
“Hmm...that is a good point,” said Andre, his hand resting on his chin. “Red is a beautiful color...but a deep blue would not only bring out your eyes, but it would also perfectly contrast your ginger hair, since blue and orange are on opposite sides of the color wheel...”
His face burst into a bright white smile. “Your cousin Iris really has an eye for colors.”
Carewyn successfully fought back a groan, even as her eyes drifted up off toward the top corner of the room.
“...Well, she has taken up embroidery as a hobby. I suppose when one spends a lot of time doing samplers, one could develop an eye for colors.”
And also create a lot of initialed handkerchiefs to conveniently drop in front of noblemen so they pick it up and return it to you.
Andre, however, reacted with some interest. “Is that so? Hmm...well, maybe when I’m working on your new pair of shoes, I could invite her over for tea so she can give me her second opinion before I give them to you.”
Carewyn had never disliked a thought more in her life that Iris having a say in what she wore -- but knowing that she shouldn’t be the one to sabotage Iris, especially when her cousin would no doubt be able to do it well enough on her own, she put on her best smile.
“...I’m sure Iris would enjoy that very much.”
Sure enough, within a week, Iris had been invited to the palace for tea with the Prince. Carewyn could only imagine how thrilled Iris, her aunt Claire, and Charles were. As for Carewyn herself, she knew it was now time to do as Charles said and stay out of Iris’s way...and so when Iris arrived, she made sure to clean the rooms in her wing of the palace in a different order and not sing so that Andre wouldn’t be able to “check in” on her with Iris in tow. She didn’t think she could stand it if Iris got to look down at her polishing the palace floors.
Her lack of singing, however, did catch Badeea’s attention. When Carewyn collided with the court painter in the hallway, she expressed some concern.
“I missed your accompaniment, while I was painting,” she said. “Is everything all right?”
Carewyn felt guilty as she leaned her broom against the wall for a moment. “Oh...yes, Badeea, I’m fine. I merely...well, my cousin Iris is spending time with the Prince today, so I thought to...well, not draw focus.”
Badeea nodded in understanding. “Mm, yes...some things are meant to be background details, while others are meant to catch the eye straight away.”
Carewyn and Badeea caught the sound of Iris’s twittering, bird-like laughter echoing down the hall toward them. Not wanting to be seen when or if Iris and Andre came out into the hall themselves, Carewyn quickly picked up her broom and went around the corner -- Badeea adjusted her easel under her arm and followed.
“Say, Carewyn,” said the court painter thoughtfully, “why don’t you dress up in that nice yellow and green dress you have and come to the market with me?”
Carewyn blinked.
“I need to pick up some more carbon black and indigo for this painting I’m working on for Andre, but the man who sells those paints loves to price gauge. If you were dressed up all fancy and you slid in a reference to your family, though, he might be less likely to try to rip you off,” Badeea added with a tiny, coy smile.
Carewyn frowned, feeling a bit unsure. “I don’t know, Badeea -- I still have a lot of work to do...”
“You have the whole rest of the day to finish,” Badeea reminded her. “It would only take maybe an hour or two. And it would get you out of the palace while your cousin’s here.”
Carewyn considered the matter. Truthfully she’d been hoping to finish her work quickly so she could stow away back to the library and scan more troop deployment records...but she really did hate the thought of bumping into Andre and Iris, not just because of how much Iris would hate Carewyn getting any attention and therefore delight in tormenting her in front of the Prince in order to puff herself up, but because she didn’t want to provoke Charles’s ire unnecessarily.
“All right,” she said. “I’ll go change.”
Not long later, Carewyn had put on her mother’s old dress, pinned her hair up, and joined Badeea by the front gates, and the two headed into town on foot. The sky was still rather gray -- it had been raining and thundering for the last couple of days, and there was still a lot of mud in places. Carewyn was glad she was wearing her worn brown shoes under her gown rather than the pretty heels Andre had made for her -- particularly since nobody would likely be looking at her feet.
The shopkeeper in question was indeed a bit intimidated when Carewyn offhandedly referred to “her grandfather, Charles Cromwell” -- and soon enough, Badeea had been able to skip most of the haggling she would’ve normally had to make just to get her paints at a decent price. They left the shopkeeper’s stall, several jars of paint in hand.
As fate would have it, as they walked at the market, someone else was also shopping, and at the sight of the familiar dress and mane of ginger hair, he ran up to meet them.
Carewyn and Badeea both looked up, to see Orion striding up to them. He once again wore his slightly-too-clean, but modest white shirt, olive breeches, and boots, and he was carried a basket full of henbane.
Carewyn’s red lips spread into a smile. “Orion...hello.”
Orion brought a hand up to his chest and offered her a short bow.
“It seems the stars favor us after all, my lady,” he said, the corners of his own lips kissed with traces of a wry smile.
Carewyn shot a quick glance at his basket and quirked an eyebrow.
“Purchasing some more incense?” she asked pointedly.
Orion’s black eyes sparkled. “I’m afraid we’ve already used up what I bought previously. Fortunately the gentleman from last time remembered my face and didn’t give me too much grief.”
“That’s fortunate.”
Carewyn glanced at Badeea to Orion and back.
“Orion, this is Badeea Ali -- she’s the Crown’s court painter. Badeea...this is Orion Freeman. He helped me retrieve my horse the other day.”
Badeea’s dark brown eyes were very bright. “Ah, yes -- KC had said that you were thrown off your horse. Thank you for helping Carewyn, sir,” she added to Orion.
“It was my pleasure,” said Orion. “What’s the subject of your next piece, if I may ask?”
“A foreboding sky and a distorted reflection,” Badeea replied.
Orion looked intrigued. “That would explain such dark shades. Who commissioned the piece?”
“The Prince,” said Badeea. “But his request was just of a view of the entire palace, from a distance -- I was simply inspired by the rainstorm that passed through a few days ago, and how the turrets of the palace looked reflected in the castle moat.” 
“I wonder how the castle of Royaume would see itself, if it had eyes,” said Orion levelly. “Would it see its beauty, or would it be the type to be critical of its flaws?”
“Hm...or would it see the beauty of its flaws?” asked Badeea.
“True,” granted Orion. “Flaws make us more human -- would that make something more beautiful, by serving as contrast to our strengths?”
“Flaws aren’t something you should simply have to accept,” said Carewyn demurely, her arms crossed. “One should strive to be better than one already is. Even if one is only human, that doesn’t mean they can’t work to be something better.”
Orion turned to her, interested. “And what would be better than being oneself, my lady?”
“Being a better version of oneself, of course,” Carewyn said, sounding matter-of-fact. “One can always be kinder, braver, stronger...more cunning, more passionate. One can always learn more, and do more, and be more.”
“Yes...but it seems like those could be crippling expectations to hold over yourself, to never be enough,” said Orion, and although his expression was very inscrutable, his lips twitched with something of a frown.
“Perfectionism is a disease that affects every artist sooner or later,” said Badeea sympathetically.
Her dark eyes flitted from Orion to Carewyn thoughtfully.
“I must be getting back to work on my painting...would you like to join us at the opposite bank, Mr. Freeman? I would be happy for some feedback on my work, before I present it to his Highness.”
Orion glanced at Carewyn for her approval -- she offered a small smile, and his lips turned up in a full smile of his own.
“I would be honored.”
So the three set about finding a less muddy spot by the castle moat, across from the palace. They found one right by a beautiful willow tree, where Carewyn very carefully lowered herself onto the grass. Badeea fetched her easel and chair, setting it up so that she had a good view of the castle. Orion looked over her incomplete work appreciatively.
“It looks like it could breathe, were it a living thing.”
“Thank you,” said Badeea. “Now then, I’ll need to concentrate while mapping out the sky, so no initiating conversation, please. These paints stay on fabric just as well as my canvas, so they won’t easily wash out. I would appreciate some accompaniment, though, Carewyn.”
Orion glanced at Carewyn curiously. Carewyn avoided his eye.
“Badeea, I don’t think -- ”
“Ah, ah,” said Badeea, holding up a gloved finger quickly, “no conversation. Accompaniment or nothing, please.”
She then set about mixing certain shades and color spotting sections of canvas.
Carewyn frowned. It was one thing to be singing while she was working herself, to pass the time, but Orion’s focus was still largely on her, and it felt weird. Still, she thought to herself, it wasn’t like she was bashful about singing in front of others, exactly -- she knew her voice was more than serviceable. There was really no harm in it. So, glancing up at the willow tree above her head, Carewyn rested her hands in the grass, leaned back, and sang.
“The poor soul sat sighing by a sycamore tree --
Sing willow, willow, willow...willow...
Her hand in her bosom, her head on her knee --
Oh willow, willow, willow...willow...
She sighed in her singing and made a great moan --
Sing willow, willow, willow...willow...
‘I’m dead to all pleasure -- my true love is gone --
Oh willow, willow, willow...shall be my garland...’”
Carewyn felt Orion’s dark eyes on her at the start. Before long, though, his eyes had fluttered closed, and he sat in perfect silence. As he listened, his shoulders loosened and his expression seemed to clear of all tension or pretense, like a child peacefully falling off to sleep. Badeea painted and shaded to the sound of Carewyn’s low, melancholy singing, adding white highlights to the dark gray and black shadows to create a cloudy sky with sunlight poking through.
When Carewyn was finished with the song, Orion slowly opened his eyes, meeting her gaze again at last. His eyes were oddly hesitant, almost shy.
“Y -- ”
He hesitated. Then, his black eyes softening handsomely, he closed his mouth, and it slowly spread into a smile gentler and warmer than Carewyn had ever seen before. He clearly approved.
Carewyn smiled in return and inclined her head in a silent “thank you.”
Carewyn sang some more songs until Badeea had finally finished and Orion and the two women had to part ways so that Badeea and Carewyn could pack up the easel and finished painting and bring them inside.
The following morning, Carewyn was surprised by KC pulling her aside to hand her a packet of what looked like handwritten sheet music.
“Your friend Orion stopped by a little while ago to give this to you,” she explained.
Carewyn was taken aback.
“I reckon he must’ve hopped over the wall,” said KC, unable to fight back a laugh. “I caught him strolling through the southwest gardens. I told him I’d bring it up to you, so that he wouldn’t get himself in trouble.”
Stunned, Carewyn looked down at the sheet music, shifting the pages so she could scan each line. Her blue eyes softened, growing deeper and darker with emotion, as she read the words and notes.
“...This...this is beautiful,” she whispered. She looked up at KC, unable to fully keep the awe from her face. “...You don’t think he wrote this?”
KC shook her head. “No, he said it was a song he learned when he was young, and that he tracked down the sheet music for you since he didn’t think he’d be able to properly sing it for you. I’ve never heard it either, though.”
Carewyn spent her meal times and about an hour before bed that night perusing the sheet music so she could learn the song. The following day, she felt confident enough to sing some of it while she started about cleaning the Queen’s Chambers.
“Mother isn’t here now...who knows what she’d say?
Nothing’s quite so clear now...feel you’ve lost your way?
You decide alone...but no one is alone.
You move just a finger, say the slightest word --
Something’s bound to linger...be heard...
No one acts alone...careful -- no one is alone...
People make mistakes -- fathers, mothers --
People make mistakes,
Holding to their own...thinking they’re alone...
Honor the mistakes everybody makes, one another’s terrible mistakes...
They could still be right -- they could still be good.
You decide what’s right -- you decide what’s good.
Just remember...”
Carewyn stopped sweeping and looked up, to see Andre striding through the opened door of the Queen’s Chambers toward her.
“An -- your Highness,” Carewyn corrected herself very quickly, after noting who’d accompanied Andre.
Just behind him in the door frame was her dark-haired cousin Iris, dressed in her best rose velvet and her own almond-shaped blue eyes narrowed with loathing at Carewyn over Andre’s shoulder.
Andre, perfectly oblivious to the silent tension between the two cousins, gave a laugh.
“Oh, Carewyn, we’re not back to that again, are we? It’s ‘Andre,’ ” he said with an indulgent smile. “I haven’t heard that song before -- did you learn it recently?”
“Ah...yes,” said Carewyn. She could feel Iris’s fierce glare burning a hole in her face over Andre’s shoulder even without looking at either of them.
“It’s really quite lovely,” said Andre. “Please, do sing the rest of it when you’re able.”
“Of course, Prince Henri.”
Carewyn was absolutely not going to call Andre by his nickname in front of Iris -- she knew how Iris would shriek her head off about it to Charles.
Andre sighed and shook his head in something like tired amusement.
“I was hoping we’d catch you on your rounds,” he said conversationally. “I’m just about finished with your new shoes! Iris said your favorite color was ash gray -- I’ve never really worked with that color before, so it’ll be a bit of a challenge -- but I’m sure I’ll find a shade that might suit you...”
Ash gray? Running with the ‘Cinderwyn’ nickname, then, are we, Iris?
Carewyn forced a smile. “...Thank you. That’s...very kind.”
Feeling more uncomfortable by the minute, she quickly rushed over to pick up her full dust pan with her other hand.
“Forgive me, I really should go and empty this -- ”
At that exact moment, Iris had strode forward, bumping Carewyn’s shoulder in just such a way that the pan was knocked backward onto Carewyn, covering her, her orange and tan dress, and the floor with all of the dust, dirt, and grime she’d swept up over the last hour.
“Oh!” said Iris in feigned surprise. “I’m so sorry.”
Her gaze, however, was just as hard and unapologetic as it had been when she’d ripped the sleeve off Carewyn’s dress at home.
“Carewyn!” said Andre, concerned. “Are you all right?”
Carewyn coughed.
“...Yes, of course,” she said, her voice very hard and stoic in the back of her throat. “It was merely an accident.”
She shot Iris a cold look as she looked over her now thoroughly ruined uniform and the dust and dirt all around her feet.
“Please, go on ahead with Iris, your Highness. I’ll clean up this mess.”
Once Iris had successfully steered the reluctant-looking Andre out of the room, Carewyn closed the door, took off her dress, and finished cleaning the room in her undergarments, so as not to spread the dust and ash around any further. Then, very carefully, she darted across the hall from the Queen’s Chambers to Andre’s, so that she could fetch the high-necked, gold-embroidered dress made out of white linen and light blue velvet he’d recently finished for her from his walk-in closet. After all, she told herself, she needed something to wear while she was getting her uniform cleaned -- and well, at least Iris would be less likely to ruin this dress, since Andre had stitched it himself.
Holding her dusty, ashen dress in a folded pile against her chest, Carewyn headed downstairs toward the laundry. On her way through the entrance hall, though, KC -- who’d just come out of the library -- ran up to walk alongside her down the hall.
“Seems your friend is back.”
Carewyn’s messy ponytail flapped over her shoulder when she looked at her in surprise. “Orion?”
KC nodded, her lips curled up in a wry smile. “I thought I saw someone hopping over the wall through the library window, just now. Shall we go investigate?”
Carewyn bit her lip, looking down at the ruined uniform in her arms.
“Let me drop this off at the laundry first,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”
Carewyn ran down the stairs and threw her uniform into one of the tubs to soak, before quickly doing her hair up in a simple, but slightly more presentable braided bun and hurrying back up to join KC. The two women then headed out to the gardens, only to hear something of a scuffle.
“A man with innocent intentions does not hop over castle walls,” said Bill’s voice, though it sounded much lower and harder than Carewyn was used to hearing.
“In this case, sir, I assure you, I do.”
“You will declare your true name and business at once, sir, or I shall see to it that you’re locked in irons and hauled before the King himself -- ”
“Bill!” cried Carewyn.
Bill looked up, startled. The ginger-haired castle guard had slammed Orion back-first against a tree, holding him up off the ground by his collar with one hand, but at the sight of Carewyn and KC running forward, the suspicion and righteous anger in his face dissipated instantly.
“It’s all right, Bill,” Carewyn reassured him. “He’s a friend.”
“Put him down,” said KC.
Bill looked from KC to Carewyn in confusion, before glancing at Orion warily, but he nonetheless did as they said. Once he’d lowered Orion to the ground and let go of his shirt, the dark-haired man calmly adjusted his collar and picked up a satchel that must’ve come off in the struggle off the ground.
“Thank you, Carewyn...Lady Katriona,” he said pleasantly, as if he had not just been in a loose choke hold.
KC grimaced. “Orion, I’ve saved your butt twice now -- we’ve more than gotten to the point of you calling me KC.”
Orion smiled wryly. “I’m glad of it.”
Carewyn, however, still looked a bit harried. “Orion, what were you thinking? Hopping the wall...it’s no wonder Bill thought you were up to no good!”
“Well, the gate was locked, and no one was there to greet me,” said Orion airily.
“Well, of course the palace of Royaume has very strong security,” Carewyn said exasperatedly, “the royal family lives here.”
“I must wonder how the royal family ever receives visitors, then.”
“They don’t,” said Bill rather coolly. “They invite them, and very rarely, at that. And they clearly didn’t invite you to trespass on the grounds.”
Orion was unfazed. “Well, fortunately, I wasn’t looking for such an invitation, to begin with. I merely wanted to give this to Carewyn, as a gift for Madam Ali.”
He reached into his satchel and pulled out a jar of unusually shiny silvery-white paint. Bill, KC and Carewyn’s eyes all were very wide as Orion handed the jar to Carewyn.
“I asked a few people where best to locate materials for paints,” he explained. “One man pointed me to a flower that grows at the border called the Moly. He made this paint himself. I don’t think any colors  like this are made and sold at the market, so I thought I would bring along one of his jars for Madam Ali, so she might use it for her next project.”
Carewyn’s light blue eyes were very bright and touched as she looked up at Orion.
“Orion...it’s wonderful,” she said, her soft voice incredibly warm. “Badeea will love it.”
“You said he used the Moly?” asked KC, as she took the jar from Carewyn and looked at it. “Maybe Badeea could mix up some more paint of her own, then.”
Bill glanced at Orion with a raised eyebrow. “Or the Crown could simply buy it from the vendor who sold you that paint.”
Carewyn noticed a strange, almost skittish glint flicker through Orion’s eye.
“...I’m afraid that jar was a favor, not a purchase,” he said softly.
“I think Badeea would be fine with making her own, Bill,” Carewyn said firmly. “The Crown wouldn’t want to set aside extra money for materials anyway. It’d be a lot cheaper to make a paint like that in house than to buy it from someone else.”
Despite his frown, Bill nonetheless sighed and nodded. “...True. Charlie’s needed a new set of scratch awls for ages.”
Orion looked pleased. “I’m glad I could be of assistance.”
“Perhaps the next time you want to see Carewyn, you might figure out a way to do it that doesn’t require you scaling walls like a prowler,” said KC amusedly.
Carewyn shot KC a slightly reproachful look. Orion’s muted smile rather resembled that of a satisfied house cat.
“I’d be happy to arrange more regular meetings outside the palace, if Lady Cromwell would be open to it,” he said, his black eyes sparkling as he glanced at Carewyn.
Carewyn raised her eyebrows coolly at him. “Once again, Mr. Freeman, you seem to have an unusual amount of freedom, if you’re able to consider allocating time just to meet me.”
Her lips then spread in a wry smile.
“Still...I can hardly sit by and let you get arrested for trespassing on my account. I have some time available late tomorrow morning, before noon. I could meet you by the gate then.”
Orion grinned. “I’ll look forward to it, my lady.”
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Makeup With Y/N-A.E
“can you please do a part two to makeup where instead of Alex doing reader's makeup it's the other way round?” @soldier-42​
Tumblr media
Gif cred. @sdmngifs​
Pairing: ImAllexx x Reader
Word Count: 1.9k+
Pronouns: She/Her
"Hello everyone, I'm Alex, and this is Y/n." Makeup had been laid out on the coffee table in front of them. Alex and Y/n had been planning a second video involving makeup after the first one had done so well. "Because you all love Y/n more than me, I brought her back for part two where they do my makeup instead," Alex smiled at the camera set up across the room. "How'd I do last time, Y/n?" "You did okay, I feel like you'd definitely need to learn a couple of tips to improve with." His girlfriend grinned, already beginning to look through the makeup set out on the table, "Can I get started yet?" "Yeah, of course," he smiled. "While you get started on that, I'm gonna open up Twitter. I actually tweeted out for people to send in a couple of questions for us." "Good idea," Y/n picked up a cylinder tube, pulling the cap off. For a moment they let a bit of clear liquid leave the top of it before turning back to Alex. "Is that... primer?" Alex bit his lip, watching as his girlfriend move his hair out of his face. Y/n gave a small 'yep' as a response, beginning to put on the first part of Alex's makeup. "See, I'm working on learning this stuff." "Good job, bubba," his girlfriend pulled away, beginning to look at more containers of makeup placed out on the table. "I'm proud of you, but are you gonna read any questions?" "Oh yeah, let me get started on that," he went back to opening Twitter, leaving Y/n be for a moment so she could decide on which foundation would work well for him. For a moment or two, he scrolled. The sound of Y/n humming softly kept the silence away as both of them took a moment to finish their tasks. After picking out the right foundation, Y/n turned back to her boyfriend with a bit of the pale liquid placed on her hand and a blender in hand. "While you do that, I think I found a good question," Alex looked back up at Y/n, allowing her to begin to put the coat of foundation on his skin. "What's my favorite food?" "You enjoy breakfast, but you also like pasta," She smiled, patting in the makeup. "I've made both of those meals for you plenty of times." "God, you're an amazing cook," he smiled softly, watching her as she focused. "Could we have pasta tonight?" "Of course, Bubba. But what about me? What's my favorite food?" "you don't have a favorite, every time I think I know what's your favorite food you change it. First it was Chinese food, then you went to salads, afterward was acai bowls, and I think the last time I asked you said mangos." "Yeah, there's no point in lying. I change my favorite food too often," Y/n giggled, taking a moment to place the blender back down. "I think right now it's Vegetarian pizza." "That actually doesn't sound too terrible," Alex took a moment to glance at the camera before looking back to Y/n. "Do you think we could have that tonight instead of pasta?" "Yeah, sure bubba," she replied while picking up some concealer. "How do have such good skin, Al?" "I don't know. I wash my face in the shower, toss some cold water on my face every now and then, it's not really that complicated for me." "Well it's not fair," Letting out a huff of air, Y/n applied the concealer to Alex's face. "Actually, maybe it is with the bags under your eyes." She turned to the camera, pausing what she was doing. "Guys, this boy stays up so late. One night he called me at like, 2 AM and asked me if I wanted to go out to McDonald's with him... of course, I said yes." "I remember that night, I think it was one of my favorite moments with you," he let out a soft chuckle. He could remember giving Y/n one of his hoodies that night. As Y/n started with bronzer, someone had walked into the living room. "Oh, are we doing Alex's makeup this time? Could I join this video?" George grinned, stepping behind the camera so he couldn't be seen. "No George." "Why?" "Remember the last time you did Alex's makeup?" "Yeah, and he looked beautiful," George let out a small giggle as he thought about what Alex looked like when he tried to apply makeup to his face. "Don't you think he looked good, Y/n?" "Alex always looks good, but the fact you used a foundation brush to apply eyeshadow to his face tells me I shouldn't trust you with his makeup," Y/n had turned back to Alex, continuing to work on his bronzer. "If you actually wanna do his makeup, you can film a video with him later. I don't want you to mess up this makeup look I'm planning." "Guys, George is pouting behind the camera," Alex glanced to his roommate, who was making a fake pouting face as Y/n worked. "Go away, George!" There was a moment of silence as Y/n worked on Alex's highlighter, ignoring the existence of Alex's flatmate as she worked. Eventually, George disappeared back into his bedroom once he had received a text message from someone. "He's gone." "Thank god, I love Georgie but sometimes he can just get on my nerves so easily," y/n let out a huff of breath as she swapped the highlighter out for blush and a different brush. "Yeah, anyway I'm gonna get back to looking for more questions," Alex hummed softly, opening his phone back up. "Move too much and I'll mess up your makeup on purpose," Y/n began to work on placing the rosy powder against her boyfriend's cheekbones. "Don't worry about it," he replied while beginning to scroll through the plenty of replies he received over the blue app. "What is Y/n's go-to Starbucks order?" "I really like a nice iced latte with coconut milk," she smiled, taking a moment to admire the work she had done so far on Alex's face. "you enjoy their cappuccinos, don't you?" "you know it," Alex let out a soft chuckle, watching his girlfriend. The way she always looked at him always made him feel so happy. "God, I love you." "I love you more," Y/n grinned, leaning in for a kiss. during the sweet moment, everything around them seemed to disappear as their lips were connected. Even after pulling away from each other, both of them held a smile on their face. "Anyways, I think we should get started on your eyeshadow." The h/c girl picked up a palette that had been laid out on the coffee table with the rest of the makeup, flashing it to the camera. "Since we used your palette in the last video, I thought we could use one of mine this time. I just chose James Charles's palette because why not?" While opening the palette, Y/n muttered a few extra words, "Shane and Jeffree are also incredibly problematic and I refuse to support them." "Tempted to throw that palette out the window as soon as we're finished with this video," Alex closed his eyes, waiting for Y/n to apply the eyeshadow. "If you actually do that, we need to film that," Y/n let out a giggle. "For your eyeshadow, I think we should go for a classic pink look. So I think I'm gonna use 'skip' first, then add on a bit of 'pinkity drinkity' and 'literally' afterward." "Who let James name his eyeshadows?" Alex let out a sigh, peaking one of his eyes open to look at Y/n while she applied 'skip' to his left eyelid. "I'm not sure, Bubba. Maybe you could ask him yourself," she shook her head as she pulled the eyeshadow brush away, going to collect more of the warm color known as 'skip.' "Close both of your eyes, please." A moment of silence passed as Y/n worked on Alex's eyeshadow, meanwhile his hand found its way to her thigh as she worked. Eventually, Y/n told Alex he could open his eyes as she put the palette back down on the table. "Jesus, Y/n... I don't know how you're so good with makeup," Alex took a second to admire himself in the mirror placed on the coffee table with the rest of the makeup. "Years of practice, bubba," she turned back to her boyfriend, a new item in hand. "Time for eyeliner." "Oh god... promise not to get it in my eye?" "Relax, Al. I've had to deal with teaching my 12 year old cousin not to flinch while I taught them how to use eyeliner properly. I think I can handle not getting it in your eyes." Y/n inched closer to her boyfriend, placing a leg over his lap to get closer to him. She carefully placed her thumb on one of his temple's bringing the eyeliner down against his eyelid. Gently, she worked on perfecting both wings on him while mumbling, soft 'good job, bubba,' and 'you're doing amazing.' Once she was happy with the final result, Y/n pulled away from Alex, letting him see himself in the mirror. "How are you feeling about fake eyelashes?" "No." "No?" "No, Y/n." "Fine," she let out a huff of breath once more, placing the eyeliner on the table. "Are you done with everything?" Alex looked to Y/n with a small smile, wrapping an arm around her waist. "Yeah, I think so," she smiled, leaning against Alex's chest while looking down into the mirror at Alex. "You forgot lipstick or gloss or something." "Fuck! That's no fair! Lemme put some on you!" Y/n snatched a tube of lipstick up from the coffee table, going to try and put it on her boyfriend's lips. "No, you didn't let me finish putting makeup on your face, I'm not gonna let you finish yours," Alex moved her hands away from his face with a smirk. "You know what? Fuck it," Y/n turned to the mirror, beginning to place the lipstick on her own lips. As soon as enough was applied, she turned back to Alex, cupping his cheeks with her hands and pulling him in for a passionate kiss. After a moment, she pulled away, "Did it work? Did you get at least a tint of color on your lips?" Alex turned, looking into the mirror to check, "I think I might have gotten a bit on me." "Yes!" Y/n let out a giggle, grinning at the camera, "I win!" As Alex wrapped an arm around Y/n's waist once again, he playfully rolled his eyes before looking back to the camera. "Alright, I think that brings our second makeup video to an end," he quickly placed a kiss on Y/n's forehead before continuing the outro. "Y/n's social medias will be plugged in the description below and the makeup she used too. Thank you everybody for watching this video, If you guys did enjoy and would like to see more videos with Y/n, leave a like-" "And subscribe if you're new!" Y/n chirped in with a smile. Alex's smile only grew wider as he heard his girlfriend help with the outro. "And we'll see you guys in the next one, have a good day." And just like that, the recording had come to an end.
Taglist: @anyasthoughts @multifandom-but @blondiee-seaveyy @springholland @caswinchester2000
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aphrodite-would-be-proud · a year ago
Your new theme’s so pretty omg 🥺🥺 really loving it
And btw, if you dont mind, where do you look for images like those? Do you have a certain resource that’s your go to? I honestly wouldn’t be that shocked if you make your own images for layouts
Thank you so much! I'm really proud of it, i feel like i bought a new dress and now am strolling around showing everyone the pockets. And god that's such a huge compliment to think i make these images- i wish i was that good of a painter.
I actually get them from art museums since their art is in the public domain and perfectly legal to use in anything! I actually listed the sources at the end of my recommendations link in the navigation, but i don't mind linking them again!
Artvee , has the most beautiful art and by far easiest navigation website I've seen, their stuff is tagged and sorted! Avoid the abstract movement era at any cost, please anon i beg of you
Met museum is a great source too, not just for paintings but also art in general like sculptures, clothes, etc. They even put in the effort to write the story behind most paintings and sometimes have audio descriptions of them.
National Gallery of art is another great source because they have a lot, and i mean a LOT of high quality art you can perfectly use, it can be tricky to navigate but you'll manage after a while. They also include sculptures, clothes, etc.
Some artists i recommended you check out:
Charles Van Den Eycken Belgian, 1859-1923: this guy exclusively only paints cats & dogs without exceptions And he does it so well.
Thomas Edwin Mostyn English, 1864-1930: by far one of my favourite romanticism artists who just draws things to be oh so mesmerising, I've used his work in my writing more than any other artist...sadly most of his works aren't under public domain BUT they're free to use on personal projects under the UK copyright law
Alphonse Mucha Czech, 1860-1939: dude, when i tell you any of his paintings could go viral on twitter tomorrow and I wouldn't bat an eye because they look so modern! It's literally insane how ahead of his time he was. It's so beautiful, clean and modern that it's hard to believe they were painted almost a 100 years ago. (Planning to change my pfp to one of his paintings)
Other public museums with free to use High quality art that i haven't checked out yet:
Thyssen-Bornemisza museo nacional
Harvard Art museum
Art Institvte Chicago
Rijks Museum
Thorvaldsens Museum (has a lot of sculptures)
The Cleveland Museum of Art
Lastly my word of advice is be careful when saving paintings, because a single image can range from 8mb to 20+mb depending on the quality and it will eat up your storage space before you can realise it.
Also i always put information for each paintings and headers in my blogs, the artist and painting names so you can just copy it into google or one of those website and you'll get the full image!
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honeytothebee · a year ago
I just want to ask a few questions since social media and news outlet is not helping right now :
1. How long do you think the BRF will wait until they released a counter argument or reply to any claims at all? Do you think they will answer anything at all or just stay silent?
2. How is the people in UK are reacting to this? I mean Twitter is acting like this is a big deal and all but I don’t think it’s the same for the people in UK.
3. Now that Meghan stans and people in general are feeling sympathetic for her, what news sources should I use to make them understand that Meghan is not that pitiful? Like I know all of us have been royal watch this whole fiasco for the past one year so we understand the nuances and the inconsistencies in Meghan’s claim, so what should I use to support my claim?
4. What do you think about Harry ? I always view him as a weak man who is just strung along by Meghan. Not that he is blameless, but like he is just too weak compare to Meghan’s assertiveness. But after he whine about Charles cutting him off financially, I just couldn’t pity him anymore.
5. People are talking about how Meghan is similar to Diana, which I think is bullshit because at the very least, Diana has legit reasons to be hurt about. These two I feel like are just whining and exaggerated about the things they go through. What do you think about this?
6. And finally, what do you think the long term result of this interview will be? I don’t think Harry can go back into the family anymore after this, he basically just betray everything and everyone that raised him to be what he is today. I just can’t imagine going against your family publicly like that (unless they are very corrupted and evil)
I know it’s long so I don’t expect you to answer to my ask, but if you do, thank you very much for answering me and listen to my mini rant😅
1) I do not expect a direct answer of any sort. They will respond indirectly and with great thought and strategy. They are playing chess.
2) I’m not sure as I’m in the US. Twitter isn’t representative of our population, either, but I think it would be best if some UK anons could chime in in this one.
3) I appreciate you asking this question, but I fear I am not the best person for it. I actually do not talk about royals in my real life. I don’t try to change people’s minds on this matter. I know that our US media is definitely not the place to find accurate coverage of the BRF and I follow RRs for royal news.
4) Both manipulative and manipulated. He’s lost the plot.
5) Everyone has their own plight in life. Diana and Meghan are very different. The press wrote excessively about both of them, and they both engaged the press when it suited them. The similarities pretty much end there.
6) I think that’s done. The BRF will recover from this with time. Harry will not.
Thanks for the ask! I hope I answered everything clearly.
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therealelectriclady · 10 months ago
and since i'm on here. I think Kendall St. Charles needs to chill. Her last lives and appearances on clubhouse have been her shouting she doesn't get the credit she deserves. Like how can we fix this issue that has been plaguing your mind since January maybe even since Divest Twitter blew up last year? She brings up this concept of the mommy wound constantly. It's interesting when someone questions her philosophy, they are told they have this wound that our mothers gave us and can't handle authority etc. She throws her age around as well as if that is suppose to be relevant
It's gotten to the point that her and her brand feel cult like. You can't criticize her without her followers providing screenshots/receipts of your opinions. It's as if, KSC is this grand mother that all these women are trying to impress. She allows it a well, and I know she knows what she's allowing. KSC is a very intelligent woman, but I'm stepping away from the Church of KSC. I appreciate the free material she gave us, and I'm sure her paid classes are great too. Kendall said it herself that black women are always looking for a church and well... y'all fell into another one.
Chrissie recently brought up that she was disassociating herself from KSC and Christelyn due to the resentment they hold towards her. Some of my moots on Twitter believe it's just KSC but I believe Christelyn is just as resentful. Chrissie gave exposure to both KSC and Christelyn to a more mainstream audience. But you won't catch them thanking her.
Chrissie made the right decision here and I believe if your elder is constantly reminding you "if it weren't for me, you...", it's time to pack up your shit and leave. It discredits Chrissie's blood sweet and tears she put into her youtube channel and her wit on getting the number of followers while staying inconsistent on youtube.
Pink Pill needs to chill as well. I actually like her as well. I like all the ladies. Hide your boyfriend. There is no reason we needed to know who he was and he's not even a husband. Her boyfriend seems dumb, and while I still think they are still together, I hope she dumps him.
Anyways I put this rant here because a lot of my moots are hardcore fans of CK and KSC. They think they are free thinkers but will take the advice of these two women with heaps of honey instead of a grain a salt. I don't feel like getting heat over my opinions so I write here.
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jerseydeanne · a year ago
How many fans do the duo actually really have ?? They have constant p.r. and omid the liar ! Omid has over 30 different usernames on the D. Express. A tabloid where he constantly attacks Will and Kate and kids. Just how many does he have on Twitter ?? 50-100??. He likes using woman's names. Also anything harrymeganroyal. How can he get away with this trashing of R.F.?? If you knock omid out of the game..Megan loses more than half of her p.r. ! DestroyOmid !!
I agree with you! Don't forget that Sunshine Sachs has a team of bots and LARPS at their disposal.
It's disgusting how brainwashed Harry is, and he continues his attacks against the royal family.
Prince Charles gave that man-child everything, and this is the thanks he gets! He went out of his way to give those grifters a killer wedding.
They should have listened to us in the beginning that the grifter MM would do this to them.
The Great Reset in action, Harry and MM are here to kill the Royal Family! Thanks, Bill Gates, the Pedo monster!
Thank you Anon
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meaningofmotorsport · 9 months ago
Dutch Grand Prix Review
It was a day that made Holland proud, although the race, as expected, did not give us plenty of action. That being said, the overtakes we did get, mixed with an incredible track, and a bonkers atmosphere, still made it good to watch!
This weekend could not have gone any better for Verstappen, as he clearly showed his ability to perform under the most extreme pressures, in front of an expectant crowd. That car was in a class of one over the weekend, possibly down to the new upgrades they had at Spa. The team did everything right too, in covering the moves of Mercedes, with good clean pit stops. With Max back in the title lead, momentum is on their side, however the high speed Monza circuit could not be as good for them. It is crucially they are flawless for the rest of the season, which is not easy. We always knew that Perez was a Sunday man, and he showed that again at Zandvoort, with brilliant passes, combined with superb race pace. All he needs to focus on is Saturday, and he could really be a pain for Mercedes if he sorts that out. Considering they were able to take new engine components, it makes the weekend look a bit better for him.
Mercedes shouldn’t be unhappy with how things turned out. As much as their strategy could have been slightly better, Red Bull had the pace to counter any challenges they attempted. Lewis actually did well to stay with Max, and that’s what he needs to keep doing all year, in pressuring the Dutchman as much as he can, to see if he makes an error. Bottas was no match for the top 2, as you would expect, and his tyres were gone when Max overtook him, so you can’t blame him too much for the lack of defence really. The most interesting part of the race in my view, is that Bottas defied team orders, by going for the fastest lap, although Lewis got it back in the end. This to me is a clear indication he isn’t staying with the team for next year. If that is the case, the internal team relationship could get very tasty as we head towards Abu Dhabi!
AlphaTauri’s race pace has been a bit hit and miss this year, but this time they certainly knocked it out of the park. Gasly controlled 4th place all race, pulling away from the Ferrari’s in parts of the race. He is really becoming one of the best drivers in F1 at the moment. Tsunoda never really did anything of note all weekend, which is better than crashing, yet still he needs to be nearer to his teammate.
Much like Gasly, the Ferrari’s had a quiet race for the most part, Leclerc believes he had slightly better pace than the Frenchman, but couldn’t get within 3 seconds of him due to dirty air. They decided to go deeper into the race before pitting, and you could see Charles was closing on his friend in the closing stages. Carlos was not pleased at all with their race pace, as he thought it was similar to the disaster they had at France. He was pipped by Alonso on the last lap; however, 7th is still a good result as they continue to recover from last year. Most importantly, it has put them over 10 points ahead of McLaren in the constructors.
Alpine ended up about where they deserved to be in the race. They were a major bottleneck in the first stint, as Alonso seemed to be taking care of his tyres much more than others. After that though they could gap those behind on the most part, and close in on Sainz. Ocon was pretty equal with his teammate for pace, it was probably just the dirty air that hurt him compared to Fernando. These was some crucial points in the fight with Aston Martin.
McLaren were on the back foot going into the race, and Daniel didn’t have the pace to move forwards in the race, possibly due to wearing his tyres in behind other cars. Norris on the other hand, could go longer on the first stint, which gave him the tyre advantage for the rest of the race, unfortunately he was just too far back to put it too good use in the end. The defensive move he put on Perez wasn’t penalty worthy, yet I think it was a bit too aggressive, especially as wheel to wheel contact like that can end badly.
Aston Martin much like McLaren, had their work cut out in the race to come away with a good result. They couldn’t do it in the end, not due to a lack of pace, more so as they couldn’t get out of traffic. Stroll was stuck behind Russell for the majority of the race, who wasn’t able to move forwards really. Vettel was in a similar position, and spinning the car at Turn 3 didn’t help matters.
Giovinazzi was the unluckiest yesterday, as he was running just inside the points, until he got a puncture early on in his second stint, ruining his race. With Perez and Norris coming through the field, it is not guaranteed he would have got points, but it is still a tough blow to him, as he fights to stay in the series. Kubica can hold his head high now, as he filled in very well for Kimi having come in at the last minute, especially on a technical track like this.
Russell as I said before was holding strong track position for a good part of the race, but it was on the wrong side of the points. Then he got a penalty for speeding in the pits, followed by some gearbox issues, which ended his day. At least these issues happened on a day where points weren’t possible for them. Haas is having an internal meltdown at the moment, with both drivers not speaking to each other, after a series of events between the two of them. Personally, it looks to be a fuss over nothing, as these issues happen in racing, and Mazepin is the one getting hot headed about it.
Verstappen may have the title lead back, but with the gap being just 3 points, there is no room for error by either side. Plus, going to Monza, the Mercedes has looked slightly better in terms of straight line speed, so it could well swing back the other way by the end of the triple header!
Thank you very much for reading this article! To keep up to date with when they go out, and to see my reactions to races and other news, follow me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/MeaningofMotor1
Also, if you want to support me, I have a Patreon Page at: https://www.patreon.com/meaningofmotorsport
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writteninsunshine · a year ago
Death Is A Beginning Not An End Chp 001/025 - Jerry Dandridge/Ed Lee - SFW
Title: Death Is A Beginning Not An End
Author: Reno
Fandom: Fright Night
Setting: Various
Pairing: Jerry Dandridge/”Evil” Ed Lee (Main), Charley Brewster/Amy Peterson, Past Mark/”Evil” Ed Lee, Charley Brewster/Peter Vincent/”Evil” Ed Lee
Characters: Jerry Dandridge, “Evil” Ed Lee, Charley Brewster, Peter Vincent, Mark, Amy Peterson, Jane Brewster, Adam, Ben, OC: Heather Charles
Genre: Romance/Adventure/Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Drama
Rating: E
Chapters: 1/25
Word Count: 2379
Type Of Work: Chapter Fic
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Gay, Slash, Yaoi, MLM, AU - Omegaverse, AU - A/B/O, AU - Soulmates, AU - Canon Divergent, Vampire Typical Violence, Omega Ed Lee, Alpha Jerry Dandridge, Alpha Peter Vincent, Alpha Charley Brewster, Violence, Gore, Character Death, Cunnilingus, Blowjobs, Virgin Ed Lee, Vaginal Sex, Threesomes, Pack Mating, A/B/O Dynamics, Vampire Turning, Vampires Feeding, Underage, Charley and Ed are 17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything except Heather.
Summary: "Every time I find you, I turn you. I won't make that mistake again."
AN: Hey guys, it’s me again! Just thought I ought to say, if you want vague updates and to talk to me more, I have Twitter and Tumblr, too! Twitter is Sunnywritings, and Tumblr is Writteninsunshine! I also have a writing Discord that is currently pretty dead. xD I can PM it to people who want it on FFN, for everyone else, it’s here: https://discord.gg/FyaWw25
So, there are absolutely no stories for my OTP for this fandom, so I have to feed myself content. Hopefully, someone will see it and also want to spread the love for these two. At any rate, I hope you guys enjoy this fic, it’ll be kind of long. I have no idea how long, but I hope that I can do them justice.
Fright Night Fic Masterlist
Chapter One: Bright Lights 
It had been weeks since the last time he’d heard from Charley, and Ed was starting to get offended. How could his best friend just up and abandon him like this for the popular guys? Mark and Ben were assholes, the worst kind, gaping, infected, disgusting. Ed couldn’t fathom hanging out with the two stoners, but he figured Charley saw something in them because he spent all his time with them and Amy.
Still, Ed was feeling left out. Charley had been so close to him and Adam, and now it was just radio static on his end. He’d decided that after school, he would try to go see if he could get a hold of Charley by going to his house. His parents had needed him at home, however, so he’d gone home to handle his chores and the family trip to Pizza Hut. After his room was clean, the garbage was on the curb, and his belly was full, the sun was already starting to set. Regardless, he was going to see Charley even if it killed him.
Perhaps he shouldn’t have had that thought.
As he walked, he listened to a playlist on his iPod that would hopefully give him the confidence to confront his friend. When he saw Charley’s house up the street, he pulled his headphones out and started to cross over the neighbor’s lawn, jogging lightly.
“Hey!” A rather muscular man snapped at him, standing in the shadow of his house, “Don’t run on my lawn!” The Alpha barked, using the tone he knew would make the Omega listen. Ed paused, staring at him for a moment, just standing on his lawn with wide eyes, not unlike a deer in the headlights.
“What did I just say,” His statement wasn’t a question, but a barked order, and he narrowed his eyes as he crossed his lawn with all the power and grace of a tiger stalking its prey, “Move, Omega.” He growled, finally close enough to touch the teen before him. He’d smelled the Omega on him from far away, but suddenly he was hit with a strong, desperate need to be close. It made him take pause, blinking a little.
He was the one. The one he’d been searching for.
Taking Ed by his armpits, he lifted him up like he weighed nothing and strolled to the sidewalk, placing him down gently on the concrete. Ed continued to stare up at him, somehow feeling safe with the glaring Alpha. It was strange, he didn’t know what was happening to him. Most Alphas made him feel flighty and skittish when they were older, and now he felt like he’d die if he left his presence.
“Stay off my lawn, okay?” The man’s voice was softer, now, a purr threatening to underline his words. “I’m Jerry, by the way.”
“Ed.” Finally, he found his voice, nodding a little, “I… Y-yeah, I’ll stay off it.” 
Ed couldn’t believe how strange he felt right now, drawn to this stranger like he’d known him his entire life.
“Nice to meet you, Ed.” It was hard not to call him something else, any pet name he could. ‘Precious’ came to mind and he had to shake his head to relieve himself of the thought. “Now, get.” He patted the Omega’s back, giving him a little push in the direction he’d been going.
“Yeah.” Ed nodded, still lost in the fog of being near Jerry. He started walking, hesitant to leave, towards Charley’s house, looking over his shoulder as Jerry started for his front door. “Fuck.” He muttered, rubbing at his hip a little as he took the steps to the door at a jog. Knocking on the door, he waited for a minute or so before ringing the doorbell. It hit him as he rang that he didn’t remember walking to the door.
Jane answered after another ring, and Ed smiled at her. Her return smile was tight, almost sad.
“Hey, Ed.” She offered lamely, “Looking for Charley?”
“Yeah, I, uh, I need to talk to him about something.” Nervousness and an odd sense of despair filled him and he closed his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath, “Is he home?”
Jane visibly tried to sort out an answer and Ed knew that meant he was home but had asked not to speak to him. He sighed, shaking his head.
“No, no.” She sighed, unable to handle the sadness tinging his scent, “ He’s home, upstairs in his room. I don’t know if he’s asleep already or not.” She told him, stepping aside and opening the door up for him. “Come on in.”
With a nod, Ed entered the house, hands in his pockets to keep from fidgeting with them. 
“Thanks.” He smiled, though it was saddened, anxious, it didn’t meet his eyes.
“It’s no trouble, just knock before you go in.” She knew her son needed his privacy sometimes, and she didn’t know what he was doing up there at the moment.
“Yeah, I will.” He almost didn’t want to. Heading up the stairs, he sighed as he came to a stop in front of the other’s room. He knocked twice before entering without waiting for an ‘okay’, afraid he would lose his nerve.
“Ed!? What the hell, man!?” Charley exclaimed, eyes wide as he put down the book he was reading for class. He laid out on his bed, one leg bent up against the mattress., but he shot up when Ed entered the room, “You’re supposed to wait before coming in!” He added, eyes narrowing. “What do you want?” It was clear Charley wasn’t impressed with him just showing up unannounced. Even his mom didn’t warn him.
“It’s not like you’re masturbating, I don’t see the problem. I need to talk to you, asshole.” Ed snarled, crossing his arms and shaking his head, “What’s the deal? You’re just going to abandon me and Adam for those dickweeds?” 
“Man, you don’t get it,” Charley sighed, shaking his head. The Alpha smelled acrid like he was pained, but Ed ignored it the best he could. “I need this.”
“You need this? Why? I don’t think Amy cares who you’re friends with! Those assholes are gonna throw you to the wolves the second you fuck up.”
“They’re…” He wanted to say ‘good friends’, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it in front of the best friend he’d ever had, “Not so bad.” That was the best he could do.
“Not so bad? Not so bad?” Ed’s voice was shrill and it was clear he didn’t like to hear that. “Mark’s been bullying me since grade school!”
“I… I know, but he’s better, now.” He wasn’t actually better, if anything, his bullying had gotten worse.
“He’s just better because you aren’t a target anymore.” Ed huffed, growling a little under his breath. “I can’t fucking believe you. You can’t ever hang out with me anymore? Not even a little bit? Come on, man, this isn’t you.”
“It’s me, now, Ed.” Charley snapped, eyes narrowing, “Grow up, move on, it’s time we both did.” 
Ed had to hold back from another growl, taking a deep, steadying breath and trying not to lose his mind over this. Charley was pissing him off something awful and he was ready to go back to the good feeling he had when he was with Jerry. His thoughts strayed to him and he couldn’t help but bite back a smile. This was no time to feel soft and mushy over a stranger he’d just met.
“You’re a fucking asshole, Charley.” He growled, finally finding his ability to speak. “I hope you rot for this, it’s not fucking fair.”
And Ed was right, it wasn’t fair, and Charley knew that. But he had to keep up appearances. Amy wouldn’t want to date a loser like he used to be. He needed to be cool, and hanging out with Mark and Ben made him cool. It wasn’t like Amy would accept him being friends with Ed and Adam. He had to move on, and he was trying so hard. It wasn’t easy, especially with the scent of despair mixing with the calming scent of rosemary and fire filling his room. Ed was clearly upset and all he wanted to do was hug the Omega standing in his doorway. Soothing him with his scent and a firm hold sounded like the best option, but he went still and glued himself to his bed instead.
“I… Yeah, maybe I am an asshole.” He conceded, shaking his head and standing up. “But you know what? This is my life, now. If you can’t accept it, then I guess you won’t accept that I’ve moved on and that’s fine. I’m not about to abandon my life for you. We can’t be doing... Whatever this is.”
“You’re such a dickweasel, you know that? When they turn on you, and they will, don’t come crying to me. I won’t take you back.” Ed snapped, finally turning on his heels and storming out of the room. It was possible, he realized, that Ed was crying. There was a salty scent in the room, now, and he felt his stomach sink. Charley wanted so badly to call him back, but he heard the front door slam and knew it was too late.
Texting Amy, he hoped she would offer him some form of solace.
[Text To: Amy, 8:07 PM] Hey, what are you up to?
[Text To: Charley Barley, 8:09 PM] Just getting ready for bed, wyd?
[Text To: Amy, 8:09 PM] Ed came over
[Text To: Amy, 8:10 PM] I feel like shit. He’s pissed.
[Text To: Charley Barley, 8:14 PM] Oh shit, u ok?
[Text To: Amy, 8:18 PM] I don’t think so. It hurts
[Text To: Charley Barley, 8:20 PM] U don’t have to leave him u kno. He’s still ur bff.
[Text To: Amy, 8:21 PM] It’s too late now, I don’t think he is anymore. He called me a dickweasel and an asshole and stormed out of my house.
[Text To: Charley Barley, 8:22 PM] It’s not 2 late, apologize.
Her words rang true. He should apologize, but he didn’t think that he could. It wasn’t like Ed was going to respond. He was too angry, now. But he thought he’d try, anyway, at least he could send him a message. He spent a solid five minutes writing and rewriting his text.
[Text To: Evil, 8:27 PM] Hey, man, look, I’m sorry, okay? I just can’t do this right now. I can’t just up and leave, they’ll kill me.You think you have it bad but they would CRUCIFY me. It’s safer having them on my side than against me. I’m sorry they hurt you, maybe I can get them to leave you alone.
At least in his presence, he could help somewhat. Maybe if he influenced Mark and Ben enough, nothing bad would happen.
Ed turned on his read receipts on his phone, leaving Charley on read so he could see how angry he was. What else did Charley expect, an acceptance letter? There was no way after what had just happened that he’d do that. Still, the text on his phone kept him up most of the night, spending time browsing the web didn’t help, either. He ended up on Peter Vincent’s website, as he did, rereading something about vampires in California. It was always interesting to read about it, even if he’d reread this story a thousand times. Maybe he should check something else.
He turned to a forum he was part of, searching for ways to talk to Charley. No one was helpful, all of them told him not to accept the apology. Somewhere deep down, he wanted to. He picked up his phone several times, writing out responses before he ended up deleting them. 
Charley didn’t sleep well that night, either, thinking about what he’d said and how he could make it up to his friend. Maybe they could hang out after school sometime if Evil would even look at him.
The next day in class was horrible, with Ed shooting him looks that told him he wanted to talk, and then glaring daggers at him. If looks could kill, Charley would be full of knives in the back. Even after class, Ed turned his back on him, stomping out of class like it was the best thing he’d ever done.
“Hey, man, you look… Shitty.” Mark commented with a raised eyebrow, leaning on Charley’s locker, “You okay?” He didn’t really care, but it seemed like the right thing to do.
“Uh, yeah. I just didn’t sleep last night.” Not well, anyway. He’d had a nightmare that Ed had died, and he didn’t really know what to do with that.
“You gonna sleep during class?” Ben asked, though he didn’t really mind either way. It wouldn’t affect him. That was what Ben always did when he couldn’t sleep at night.
“I dunno, maybe.” He had social studies next, and that meant he’d probably sleep to the teacher’s droning monotone.
“Cool, cool.” Mark brushed it off easily, “You should get some sleep, and then we’re going out after school.”
“We are?” That would throw a wrench into his plans with Ed, for sure. But maybe it would give Ed time to cool off. With any luck, he’d come to actually accept his apology if he just gave him some time.
“We are. You, me, Ben, the car, some weed.” Maybe they’d troll the mall after smoking a bit. “We could go out somewhere, get some food.”
“Uh, yeah, sure. I’ll be there.” Charley needed some time to think, and maybe the weed would help his mood.
“Alright, see you then, man.” Mark and Ben started for their next class, leaving Charley to his thoughts. He spun the dial and opened his locker, getting out his book for his social studies class. 
He worried that Ed would never accept his apology, and that cut him to the core. All he wanted was for Ed to forgive him and for things to go back to normal, but he guessed this was his new normal, now.
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