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#thanks doc

So, recently, I was reading this fic called “Breaking the Hourglass,” and just to give a heads-up, everything under the asterisks is going to involve heavy spoilers


So, basically, I’m more than a little obsessed with time travel fics, and that includes the one I was just talking about. Basically, Paul went back and forth across time and because of that, John, Brian, and George all got to live to the modern day. I was discussing this with a good friend, @inkinmyfingertips, and in short, this is based on something she sent in the chat. 

The way I figured, John’s balding but manages to be more comfortable with himself, Brian aged like fine wine (but never moved past using an early 2000s desktop), and George… basically was just George in 2001 if he’d never gotten cancer. 

The random Sean questioning his dad’s life choices wasn’t part of the text post, but it was still a fun little joke to throw in. 

(Reblog, don’t repost)

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✈️ What is the mun’s dream vacation?

Muses answer questions about the Mun! (Accepting)


—— Ah, yes, un excellent question! You see, Blue is not much of a traveller because of money, but if he were, he would be visiting all of you guys! Ze friendships that he has made over the many years means so much to him, that he would visit each and every one of you if he could!


—— Or vas it just Disneyvorld? I don’t remember.

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