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#thanks for being a gem
alyonakostornaia · 2 years ago
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Tumblr media
kaori, rika, and satoko’s reaction to lilbet’s quad sal || worlds 2019
credits to @tsukihoshi14 for the video and translation! 
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goodnight-momo · 11 months ago
inaugural fanfiction read-a-long stream!
Tumblr media
hi internet, momo here! 👋🏻  i know that we as a collective society have been binge-watching avatar the last airbender during quarantine, and it’s pretty much single handedly saved the world from imploding. maybe it’s even brought up some deeply entrenched emotions from your childhood that you, as an adult, are somewhat baffled by (like when momo misses appa so much he sees him all around ba sing se, and eventually falls asleep in a giant appa paw print, and you’re dabbing your eyes through a mouthful of chips because oh my god they’re best friends). maybe you’re nostalgic for simpler times, when we could have sleepovers and stay up all night discussing the thematic elements of the hero’s journey, or fantasize about the elusive, hotly contested ship of zuko/happiness. maybe you’re just so bored that you have an hour of time to kill listening to a couple strangers nerd out over fanfiction, or maybe you can’t sleep and you’re desperate enough to try anything.
if any of that sounds at all like you, you're v cool and we should chat, but you should also tune in to my new twitch channel, goodnightmomo, where my best friend and i will have our first livestream tonight! we’ll be reading the amazing @muffinlance​ ’s fic Towards the Sun for our first stream, making predictions, chatting, and just having an overall fun time. so snuggle up and get ready for a bedtime story, avatar style!
join us for merriment and sleepy-times at goodnightmomo tonight, 8/27 at 10pm PST! no fandom discourse, just two people who love avatar, reading to each other like kids at a sleepover. ❤️
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i-am-robie · a month ago
The robie cinematic universe is the most cutest name for a series I have ever seen. I legit broke out into a grin when I looked over my bookmarks and saw your fics had been added to it. I’m also in anticipation for your next addition.
bruh that’s so sweet :) it felt silly when I did it but also like, silly is pretty much my brand
And god I really wanna find another movie to adapt but I’ve been struggling! Most of my faves have been done so well already by the fandom that I’d never want to issue a repeat, you know? But inspiration strikes in the strangest of waves so I’ll just keep chewing.
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jaskerart · 2 years ago
Big oof I am awkward but uh- Hi, I love your art so much! The way you portray Jasper makes me so happy and confident! I'm a trans guy, pre everything, with some padding (lol) but like, I kinda have the same body type as Jasp and it makes Me??? So happy?? You made me really confident in myself through your drawings! I know Jasp isn't trans but let's say that I look up to her a lot. Your art has helped me so much, thank youuuuu ♡♡ May I request a happy Jasper with a big smile? Thank youuu ♡♡
AAAHHH awww oh my gosh!!! that makes me super SUPER happy, thank you SO much omg!! here is a happy jasp especially for you and all the other amazing trans jasper fans too💕💖💗
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parvamine · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
after much deliberation ive decided that stus weapon is basically like a shock cane. he uses it when gems on the stand get rowdy to put them down so he can continue with his prosecution (and defense sometimes…LOL)
when he gets to earth he pretty much only uses it as an actual sight cane since his eyesight is all fucked from when murdoc ran him over
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I've started following you recently and it's been a blast! You interact with your followers more than about anyone else and your jokes are hilarious. Your humor reminds me a lot of my sister, who I don't get to see much anymore, so that's nice. Keep being you; you're a gem.
thank you for the positive feedback! you really brightened my day :)
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trafalgar-temptress · a year ago
Ryryry 61 with Bakugou?uwu pls
Cadence! thank you for being my first request today! 🥰 you are a gem!💎✨
61.  “Want me to beat him up for you?”
Fandom: BHNA / My Hero Academia  Pairing: Bakugo x fem!reader Warnings: uh.. is this what we call angst?, implied cheating
Tumblr media
The concrete wall of the movie theater bit into your back as you slumped against it and let your body slide down until you were in a sitting position on the ground of the back alley; knees pulled up to your chest.  Tears spilled from your eyes and blurred your vision. So, you reached your hands up to pressed your palms against your eyes hard enough to see starbursts against your closed lids. Your chest felt tight as you tried to take gulping breaths to calm yourself down. You supposed that you should have known better, why would someone like him have wanted to be with you, anyway? Vaguely, your mind registered the sound of heavy foot falls approaching from the end of the alley you had ran down moments before. In your current state of hysteria, you vaguely hoped the approaching person would give you a solid kick in the ribs. That kind of pain might kick-start your heart into beating regularly again so you could get a grip on your emotions.  The footsteps stopped somewhere in front of you, but the person didn’t speak.  As another sob wracked your body, you moved your hands away from your face to get a look at whoever was now invading your incredibly loud, but very personal, breakdown.  Your eyes fell on a pair of scuffed boots peaking out under a pair of baggy jeans. Raising your head to get a better look, your broken heart skipped another beat as you took in the sight of the last person you expected to see at that moment.  Katsuki Bakugo stood before you with scowl on his lips; looking uneasy and angry at the same time. His fists were stuffed deep into his pockets and his crimson eyes moved between your tear stricken face to the far end of the alley where pairs of people or small groups walked past on their way to the ticket counter of the cinema.  "So.. you finally caught on, huh?” His tone was matter-of-fact, not condescending.  “How - how didn’t I see this coming? W-was I the only one stupid enough not to notice?” your words were choked out between your tears.  Bakugo crouched down next to you to look straight into your eyes, “Guys like him won’t amount to shit in life, Y/N. The way he treats women is disgusting.” When you didn’t respond with anything more than another weak sob, Bakugo made a ‘tch’ noise and stood back up. “Want me to beat him up for you?” To your own surprise, you half laughed. “Right in the middle of his date?” You asked dryly.  “You’re damn right. I’ll give all those extras something to really watch tonight.”  This time, your laugh had more heart in it. You knew Bakugou was all talk right now. Even he wasn’t about to start a fight in the middle of so many people. “No, really, Bakugo. I’ll be fine.” You tried to smile at him to confirm your words.  “Tch-” The blonde rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Fine. At least let me take you out and show you how a real man treats a woman.” He reached down and took your hand, pulling you to your feet and into a quick hug before you even realized what was happening.  The embrace barely lasted a second, but it was more than you ever would have expected from the explosive guy you had known for years. 
This is part of my random mini event. ✨ | Send me a prompt (and a character or pairing of your choice) from this list! 🎐
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ahlis-xiv · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
An updated addition to the Christmas gift for @aethernoise that I felt deserved it’s own post. The beautiful sky behind them, the shooting star above, all the fireflies...sigh. So many feels, not enough time, hnnnng!
(Artwork by @captainbasch, thank you!)
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jaskiersvalley · a year ago
Your an amazing writer!
Sending you the biggest hugs because you’re such a sweetheart for reaching out with such kind words. Thank you for making my day that much brighter and for being such a gem to the fandom.
The village had been up in arms about being terrorised by a three headed dog. A three headed dog of all things! Geralt had heard of them before but they were usually coveted by mages and rulers as guardians so rarely were out in the wild. They were usually only vicious when protecting what was theirs.
Unfortunately, by the time he and Jaskier had arrived, the village was celebrating the fact that as a group, they had been able to dispatch the monster with pitchforks and they saved their coin. Geralt is displeased by this news, he had been wanting to help the dog. Still, it must have been wild and protecting something so he and Jaskier head out at first light the next day.
There’s nothing untoward that Geralt could find, he was inspecting what looked like the sleeping place of the three headed dog when he heard the words he dreaded the most from Jaskier.
“Oh hello you.” It was filled with a warm smile that he could easily picture, even if his back was turned. “Aren’t you a sweet little fellow?”
So the three headed dog was guarding its offspring. Which, like every other living being, looked upon Jaskier with curious interest and the inability to decide whether to kill or protect. That choice was rapidly taken away when Jaskier scooped the puppy up and the three heads in turn tried to lick him and nip at his fingers and chin.
“Someone’s hungry.”
“No.” Geralt had to protest. He knew where this was going and absolutely not. They were not adopting a three headed puppy. Unfortunately for him, there were four sets of puppy eyes turned at him, and only one of them was human. “We can’t afford to feed another three mouths.”
“Ah,” Jaskier shook his head with a knowing smile, “there may be three mouths but it’s only one, tiny, puppy stomach. Surely we can afford that.”
Fuck logic. Fuck Jaskier (that was for later). And fuck Geralt for being too soft. No self-respecting Witcher would fall for such a ploy. Just as well Geralt had waved goodbye to any measure of respect for himself a long time ago.
In the end, the puppy stayed on one condition. Geralt named the heads because he didn’t trust Jaskier to do a decent job. (”Says the man who named his horse Roach!” Jaskier had grumbled.) But One (also known as Goober), Two (more commonly known as Sir Nibbles) and Three (Little Shit, no explanation needed for that one) seemed perfectly content. They responded more to the nicknames Jaskier gave them than their formal names by Geralt.
And the fears about not being able to afford another mouth to feed were unfounded. Dog, as they called the three heads in a collective, liked to help hunt and brought back some fresh kills for them, even when they didn’t ask. Though Jaskier knew the exact moment Geralt relented and accepted their puppy as part of the family. It was when they were passing through a village and some mage offered ever increasingly ridiculous prices and exchanges for the dog. In the end, Geralt had a very quiet and very private word with the mage in a dark little alley and they weren’t bothered again. Jaskier could only beam at him in pride and showed off the newest trick he’d taught the heads - “puppy kiss” resulted in Geralt on his back with three tongues happily giving him kisses with wild abandon.
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gayaruakise · a month ago
yo can we talk about Homura's fuckin. bigass diamond shaped shield in the manga?? that was honestly so cool, idk why they changed it. tbh I think the weapons in the manga in general looked better, though they were probably changed for animation purposes
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All homus r good homus but her manga shield rlly did go off with the swag.
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sunsetsandcurves · 5 months ago
Every single day I wake up, and there it is, that song, stuck in my head:
Home is where my horse is
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