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Seer: (reading a ‘forgiveness note’) “I forgive you for ruining every single movie we’ve ever seen together.” How do I ruin every single movie?

Knight: read my note.

Seer: “I forgive you for figuring out the end of every movie and shouting it out before it happens.”

Knight: because, see, we don’t want to know.

Seer: I just want to share my abilities with my friends.

Prince: we don’t want your abilities.

Thief: your abilities make us want to hurt you.

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Witch, texting Thief: dude you better get your ass back here from whatever shitty circus you ran off to and explain to me how the actual fuck you managed to steal an entire elevator

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well hello everyone it’s me! hooray!

i’m 16 years old, i’m in high school and i really like writing and art. i want to study/work in animation or film working on story development or character animation. this is going to be a writing blog, but if you want to see some of my art it’ll probably rear it’s ugly head from time to time.

five four cool facts about me: i have two cats and we thought they were both girls but we went to get them spayed and one was actually a boy. i love to travel. i’m kind of fluent in spanish. i despise math but i really like history.

okay so now that all of that is out of the way, here’s a bit about my writing:

i write fantasy, sci-fi, and ya stories. right now i’m working on sinners, so i guess i’ll put out more details on that at some point if anyone cares. i really enjoy writing/reading character-driven stories which is not to say i don’t like more plot-based stories, but characters are like… my mashed potatoes and gravy.

i’m looking to get more involved with fellow writers and tumblr seems like a good place to do it! so! reblog this and i’ll come check out your blog! yay! also i’m super lonely and i don’t bite (although i am a little weird) so feel free to just send a chat or however that works, i don’t know.

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