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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#thanks for the ask

Heya, thanks for the cute personal ask again as I so remember it when I had my old blog up which if anyone confused it’s still me, not a bot as I had a little mishap on my part and so on. Now in just redoing everything like starting anew which I don’t mind now 

Most definitely it would work out this way, Lazari would feel and be the most safe with either or then eith her dad or the Slenderman. Splendorman and her sister, Stripes makes her finally feel safe, content and actually feel at home then anytime before in her toxic, turbulent past that was riddled with abuse and trauma. Honestly, she would love it and enjoys having a new small family with them all

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How does your crew cope with what Joey does to them?

This was an ask sent to me by creepyalienghost. It was sent as a submission accidentally.

I’m gonna have to be really brief with each character because there’s 13.

Henry: When Joey overworked him, he “just kept drawing” and believing that he was capable of living like that. He did confront Joey about it a few times, especially when Joey acted controlling to him. He handled the loops by keeping hope at first and trying to find a way out. It took thousands of loops to completely destroy him and have him lose his hope and to an extent his mind.

Sammy: put up with the work conditions and later his feelings of being controlled by Joey by getting snappy and bossy to the music department workers. Coped with his role in Susie’s death, his ink addiction, and his guilt for helping Joey in general by convincing himself that what he was doing was right. Hangs out with Jack a lot when he’s especially down or irritated.

Jack: hid from the studio drama in the sewers.

Susie: She coped with being recast by demanding a lot of attention and affirmation from Sammy. She coped with becoming Alice by trying her damnedest to convince herself it was a good thing and focusing on the positives.

Allison: Cope? She enjoyed, and left before it got bad.

Thomas: while he was at the studio, he coped through drinking and denial. Afterwards, he coped with guilt by leaning on Allison and trying to move on and do positive things with his life. And still drinking, to an extent.

Wally and Shawn: was oblivious to everything, no need for coping here.

Norman: took notes on everything suspicious in hopes that he can one day find something big enough to bring in law enforcement. After Susie was locked away he became really numb to everything and kind of refused to get emotionally invested in anyone in the studio.

Grant: Poorly, and mostly through distraction. Hanging out with friends, alcohol, sleep, etc. He also came to care less over time.

Lacie: after Bertrum’s death she looked for him, figured stuff out, and found herself captured and sacrificed shortly.

Bertrum: He might have felt insulted by Joey, but he knew that he would prove his worth through skill, hard work, and good presentation, as he always has.

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oml you’re such a troll

thanks for being a fan of my one reblogged post??? sorry to say this yOoNgi but i have doubts you’re who you claim to be… and i don’t have a fanfic about you so idk what you’re talking about but glad to hear the imaginary fic is nifty

about the marriage proposal… i’m sorry but i don’t think i can say yes… love you the most though :’)

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Dy: It’s fine for what it is. Not my cup of tea, but I know a lot of people who have oc wolves probably have multi-colored eyes and this works well for that.

HB: Honestly did not know it was a thing until this anon question.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash. 

I find it really funny that the band repeats the lyrics in mangled Spanish, but sometimes they also throw in random phrases like “tengo frío en los ojos” (My eyes are old) always makes me laugh.

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i’m sorry, “conrad reggie” ???

also, please don’t let this discourse keep you up at night. school is much more important than cheesecake and the zippers on my very cool pants

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what’s your favourite cake flavour? are you any good at baking?

Favourite cake flavour, hmm I do like chocolate and butter cake. And I also like pavlova so it’s hard to pick just one 😅. As for baking, I’m a bit of a hit and miss. Sometimes they turn out great, other times not. But I made a sour bread loaf just before and it turned out pretty good - even though I don’t eat bread lol. And I’m good at baking shortbread.

how tall are you? do you ever wish you were any taller/shorter?

I’m 5’3. Sometimes I wish I was a bit taller, but normally I’m okay with my height.

what’s your happy place? real or fictional?

My happy place is exercising with my headphones in - I can block out reality and just go in a world all of my own which sometimes is great for my mental health.

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1 The Oklahoma kid by Max Steiner - it’s a really nice relaxing score

3 Hurt all over - Emily nenni - just easy listening with a slight blues feel

5 Short trip home -Edgar Meyer , mike Marshall , Sam bush , and Joshua bell- yet ANOTHER score that is faintly western lol

10 Roses are falling - orville peck - 😳 oh look at that yet another western/country song omg

27 Half Acre - hem - one of my all time FAVORITES there is an excellent fanvid with captain America which I watched at least 84 times last year alone it’s so good

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