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#thanks for the ask
femaleheroes · a month ago
Why do you ship Supercorp?
(just curious)
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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No reason at all
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soap-sketches · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank u!!!
a single dad joke because one is already far too much for anyone to handle
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chiptrillino · 4 months ago
Okay hear me out Yue with her hair down 😍😍
and it’s short too!!!
Tumblr media
okay, just kidding... 
here is yue with long hari down, with the compromise, that she is bridging it! I am not the artist for long hair. especially open long hair! what is someone supposed to do with all the hair?!
Tumblr media
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Hi! I'm new to cats (more used to dogs) and am struggling to choose a harness for my flatmate's cat as a gift. What type of harness is best considering freedom of movement vs. being escape-proof? Sorry if you've been asked this before!
Hey there! 
There’s three basic “styles” of harnesses for cats. H harnesses, vest harnesses, and jacket harnesses. Here’s some pros and cons of each (and some examples):
Tumblr media
H Harnesses - Two thin loops of fabric that go around the neck and behind the legs, connected across the back to make an ‘H’ shape. 
Less material makes this harness light and non-restrictive. Many cats have the least amount of difficulty adapting to walking in this harness.
Can comfortably fit underneath sweaters and coats
Generally cheaper
If your cat pulls, it puts pressure on the neck area
Some cats can slip out if it is not fitted properly
Cheaper H harnesses can have poor clasps, and can break if used too roughly
Come With Me Kitty
SurferCat Mav
Tumblr media
Vest Harnesses - A thicker loop of fabric around the neck, connected to a loop of fabric around the stomach by fabric on the back and chest. 
Material goes around the chest- if the cat pulls pressure is distributed across the chest instead of the neck
Generally tougher than H harnesses
Less material around the back/middle of the cat, which is less restrictive compared to jacket harnesses
Cats may find the chest fabric weird or restrictive
Some cats can back out of the harness, or slip their legs into the wrong hole
Many vest harnesses require you to slip a portion over the cats head, which may be scary for some cats.
Gooby Escape Free Harness
Tumblr media
Jacket Harnesses - Looks like a jacket or vest on your cat. A tube of fabric with holes for your cat’s front legs.
Fantastic for escape artist cats, as they are very difficult for a cat to wiggle out of
Good for cooler temperatures, as they cover a larger area on your cat
Can be made with clasps or velcro
Cover a larger area around your cat’s chest/back/stomach, which can feel uncomfortable and restrictive for many cats
May be too hot for some cats in warmer climates
Kitty Holster
Butterfly Cat Jackets
Personally, if you’re looking for something non-restrictive, then I’d recommend a higher-quality H harness. If security and escape-proofing is your largest concern, then I’d recommend the jacket harness style. While I use the vest harness for Dave (it’s great because he pulls), the Puppia is very much not escape proof. I’ve heard good things of the Gooby Escape Free Harness and it sounds like it would be a good middle ground, however I have not personally had any experience with it so I can’t say for certain. 
In terms of freedom of movement, also make sure that your roommate uses a lighter leash for their cat! There was a large difference for me and Dave when I switched from the heavier dog leash to the light retractable one I use now.
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drunkromanogers · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Make Me Choose |  afangirlshidingplace asked: Winter Solider or Civil War?
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applepieken · 3 years ago
I was in a store today, and saw a sign that said "DON'T FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, CHASE THEM" and it made me think of your sheith comic.
Well…Guess who else saw that sign!?
Tumblr media
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inkedroplets · a month ago
For the prompt game: 38. I like your laugh 🤩🤩🤩
100 Ways to say "I Love You" - 'I like your laugh' Supercorp
Thank you so much for the ask and sorry that it's so late!
Alex’s comment had been a completely innocuous one. It had merely been an observation and from the way, Alex had immediately switched gears to show off pictures of the motorcycle helmet that Kelly had bought her as a ‘just because’ present, she hadn’t found it all that interesting. But Kara did. She found it so interesting that the plate she had loaded down with what amounted to half a platter of potstickers remained completely untouched. Her appetite had gone.
You’ve been complimenting Lena all night.
“Yes!” Kara blinked and exchanged a brief if somewhat flustered smile with Lena who was looking at her with her head tilted slightly off to the side and realized that everyone else gathered around her kitchen table was looking at her. “It’s—”
“Your turn,” Alex, Nia, and Kelly answered all together.
“Right,” Kara said, clearing her throat and turning her attention to her collection of Scrabble tiles, frowning. She had spent the last ten minutes scouring the board looking for the perfect word and she had found something, something good, but for the life of her, she couldn’t remember what it was. All she could think of was just how true Alex’s observation had been. She had been complimenting Lena all night. From the delicate way, she shuffled cards to how pretty that she looked in her blouse…
“Scrabble is hard,” Alex said.
Now Alex was teasing her.
“Give her a minute,” Lena said and Kara glanced over at her, grinning.
“Nia went where I was going to go…”
“Legitimate strategy,” Nia said, holding her hands up in front of her and shaking her head.
Kara cleared her throat, scooped up a few of her tiles, and after taking one last futile scan of the board she used a T on the board to make HEART.
“Now you went where I was going to go!” Alex moaned.
Later on, long after everyone had gone home, Kara lay awake in bed. She was tired but not the least bit sleepy. She punched her pillow into a more comfortable blob, closed her eyes, and almost immediately opened them again. Cursing Alex under her breath, she slipped out of bed, bare feet meeting cold floor. She shivered and instead of hunting for her slippers, she hovered just an inch off the ground. She floated out her bedroom door and back to the kitchen, looking less like she was flying and more like she was riding an invisible segway.
The board games from that evening were still stacked helter-skelter in the center of the table looking like a distant cousin of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Scattered around the table like cocktail napkins were the little scraps of paper that they had been using to keep score and take notes. Kara snagged one with her index finger, pinning it to the table, and slid it closer to her. One look at the impossibly neat scribbles and Kara knew that this particular scrap had belonged to Lena.
Most of the paper had been devoted to finding the best words for Scrabble. There were words of varying length printed neatly in even rows. Some of them had been crossed out with a neat double line through them while others had been circled and Kara worked out that those had been the words Lena had successfully played on the board. Squeezed into the top right corner of the paper, Lena had drawn a winking smiley face. Kara tilted the paper to get a better look at it and smiled.
You complimented her handwriting, she thought. She could vaguely recall paying Lena the compliment but the way that Lena’s face had lit up... She remembered that quite vividly. How the corners of Lena’s mouth had curved upward into a delicate arch, the way Lena’s gaze had darted away for one brief moment before returning, and the hint of rising color in her cheeks…
You were blushing too, a voice that sounded very much like Alex reminded her.
She had been blushing and that realization had been why Kara as Nia had so eloquently put it “mentally checked out” towards the end of the night. Because complimenting her best friend was the most natural thing in the world. Kara loved to see Lena smile, loved to shine a light on the wonderful things about her that Kara could so plainly see when Lena herself seemed completely oblivious to. But blushing afterward… Well, folks, that was a horse of a different color.
Kara scanned the table, spotted a blank scrap of paper and a pencil, grabbed both, and began to write.
“Just a minute!”
Lena never had all that many visitors. Which was why when the sound of someone knocking on her door at seven o’clock in the morning woke her up she knew at once who it was without even having to ask.
“Just a minute, Kara!” she yelled groggily, trying to hold back a yawn as she padded her way towards the door, cinching her robe around her waist more securely.
“How did you know it was me?” Kara asked when Lena opened the door. Her eyes were wide and Lena realized that she was also dressed in her red flannel pajamas that Lena had seen on a number of occasions when she sometimes slept over at Kara’s place.
“I have x-ray vision,” Lena said, opening the door wider for her, rubbing some sleep from her eyes as she did. “Oh wait… That’s you.” She knocked herself on the forehead with the flat of her palm. “I just had a feeling,” Lena said. “Is everything okay? Not that I mind the company, it’s just… it’s early, even for me.”
“I’m sorry,” Kara stuttered and took a step back that Lena had anticipated, her hand already closing around Kara’s wrist. “I couldn’t sleep…”
“Alex didn’t beat us that badly, did she?” Lena said and offered up a tiny half-smile that she thought that Kara would return and when she didn’t the hand she had closed gently around Kara’s wrist gripped tighter. “Kara… what’s wrong?”
Kara shook her head, eyes downcast. “Nothing’s wrong,” she said unconvincingly. “I just… There’s something I wanted to tell you.”
Lena tilted her head slightly to the left, somewhat mystified. She had never seen Kara so nervous before and while she was normally good at reading between the lines, she couldn’t suss out what Kara might want to say. “I’m all ears,” Lena said and gestured towards her couch. “We can—”
“I’d rather stand,” Kara said shyly. She took a small step back and reached into her pocket and pulled out something that to Lena looked like tissues...
No… not tissues. Paper…
“I like the way your eyes light up when you talk about something that you're passionate about." Kara cleared her throat, her cheeks growing redder with each passing moment. "I like the way you always text me during the day, even when you're busy saving the world."
"Kara..." Lena's eyes had widened and while she had been just about to offer to put on a pot of coffee she found herself rooted to the spot.
Kara shuffled through the sheets of paper in her hand like a nervous presenter, nudging her glasses up with the back of her hand. "I like how you know when I'm having a bad day and I like how you always know how to cheer me up." She let out a nervous chuckle, eyes shimmering like the lap of waves against a sandy beach. "I like how happy you make me, Lena and I like how you do something so sweet like filling my office with flowers..."
Lena was blushing. No, not just blushing. She had blown right past that a few compliments ago. Her head was on fire. There was a vase of plumerias perched on the table in the dining room that she thought briefly about making a break for and dumping the water over her head.
"And I like how green your eyes are." Kara let the papers fall from her hands, fluttering to the floor. "I like your laugh," she said, tears now rolling down her cheeks. "And I—”
Lena had crossed the scant distance between them, feet becoming inches, inches becoming centimeters, centimeters becoming millimeters until Lena had looped a tentative arm around Kara's waist, their lips meeting and the world falling away until there was nothing left but the two of them.
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cookiescr · 2 months ago
Please draw 9ft tall vampire lady for my little gay heart?
Oh I actually a doodle of her tht doesn’t look too great but here ya go
Tumblr media
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benmckeearchive · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Make me choose - nineteen-hundred-and-75 asked: TAOTU Alex or EYCTE Alex
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wangxianbunnydoodles · 2 days ago
It feels like more and more this fandom is becoming anti-new-people. I don't know how else to phrase it but like people being assholes to someone asking what a cultivator is rather than just explaining it so that they learn. Instead of answering questions people ask, they are attacked for not knowing the answer already. If asking questions is so bad then how is anyone supposed to learn anything?
Hey nonny!
I really appreciate your input in "how not to be anti-new people". I do think it's very important to answer questions and be patient and forthright.
That said, have you read @hunxi-guilai 's blog? Have you seen the insane amount of work hunxi put into the blog? Can you really tell me the fandom is anti-newbies when there is that trove of resources? Not to mention @drwcn and a bunch of other blog... and just the amount of meta and explanations -- DETAILED explanation to linguistic nuances. There are different things about linguistic register and naming. And all the different ways to address people and cultural implications of so many actions. There's even explanations on how hard it is to translate in general!
I can see why you think the answer is a snarky and rude. But have you considered who is asking these questions? And that there's been a lot of bad-faith questions? I'm going to be honest: I have hell of a hard time not reading this question as either in bad faith or unfathomably entitled. (This is the question that hunxi answered with a simple "yes" that I reblogged that I assume is causing this ask:)
Tumblr media
Why do I call this entitlement?
The person asking isn't putting in the effort to learn and is instead annoyed. How would you feel if some Chinese person showed up and asked you, "am I a dick? wtf is a wizard? Why can't you use a term from my culture in your translation and make it easy for me?"
The Untamed is Chinese media made for Chinese folk. And I'm so happy lots of non-chinese folk love it and share it and make content for it. As Chinese diaspora it makes my heart sing to get to talk to people in my everyday language about a media in the language that I was brought up in. I get to share all the beautiful things.
But not like this.
I don't have the energy to defend translation choices where the translator was trying to convey "this isn't your typical D&D magic system" by using a word that, frankly, if you just watched the show, you'd pick up.
So, please, if you're confused, ask me nicely why the word cultivator is used, what it means, etc. Please do not tell me you're "annoyed" with it because by framing it that way, it already feels like you're not willing to listen.
And nonny, that's why I reblogged so fast. I just don't have the bandwidth to deal with bad faith and entitled questions anymore.
Thanks for asking.
My inbox is open.
[edit] P.S. I would like to add that the question was not really about what a cultivator is. Clearly the original asker knew enough to ID them as wizard analogs. So the response isn't about not welcoming ignorance and unwilling to teach. The response, as I read it, is only about the framing of the question and the cultural entitlement of the asker. Has the question been "can you explain what a cultivator is?" or "I don't understand why cultivator was the word chosen for what clearly seems like wizards" there would likely be a different answer. Language, even on paper, has tone. And the person you are asking questions to is human. Both are important to remember.
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zer0pm · 2 years ago
Imagine Dante flirting with you and V gets jealous
Based on this ask by @krazy06:
Tumblr media
I chose Dante ‘cause 👀👌 I’m thinking of creating this piece into a sort of Diverging Point mini works. Those who have played the game will know what I mean. Leave a comment/ask on what you think ;3 Enjoy!~
Tumblr media
Dante: “So, when are you gonna admit that you’re falling for me?”
You: “Maybe when you actually lend a hand.”
The ring of your blade hits the air as you fell the last of the demonic wave that was in your path. Your partner in the business who is also your boss, the Legendary Devil Hunter Dante, was lying atop the hood of one of the wrecked cars lying around the city watching you do your work with amused interest. The man always tends to run his mouth even when the situation doesn’t call for it, but you suppose that’s what made the job so fun. Finding the bright side in an otherwise hellish scenario. Literally. He scoffs, a playful smirk on his roguish face.
Dante: “Saving my energy for the big target, you know how it goes. Besides, you had it handled here.”
You: “Uh huh. I’ll remember that when we reach the big douche in his treehouse. Whoops, was that my bullet in his skull?”
Dante: “You wouldn’t.”
You: “Try me.”
The man wears an expression of faux terror and you laugh in turn. You turn your back towards him to scavenge through the kills, hopeful to find something useful for Nero’s friend Nico who served as the devil hunters’ lethal artisan, as she liked to put it. When you weren’t looking, Dante took a moment to appreciate the view himself. The man prided in not letting distractions get in the way of his work, to remain strictly professional despite how he carries himself, but you proved yourself to be an exception for as long as you two have worked together and he relished in the thought and challenge. Between you two, it was playful banter although Dante entertained the idea of taking the flirting a little further.
He got up from where he sat to have another go at you when something fast goes flying straight towards his head. His devil instincts kicking in, the man dodges with ease and pulls out his pistols cocking them with a click. You too went on the alert and point your blade towards the intruder only for you to loosen your guard at the familiar squawking voice.
You: “Griffon?”
Griffon: “The one and only!”
Dante: “Whoa! Almost took my head off there, little birdy.”
Griffon: “My bad, my bad. We thought you were a demon, Dante. Didn’t want our mutual friend here to be hell chow, ya know.”
We? You turn your head to see another familiar face, the mysterious client of Dante’s who you’ve found yourself growing curious about more and more with each passing day. V, a self-proclaimed devil hunter, who also happens to command demons with a snap of his fingers. As he got closer, you found that the man had his nose glued to his characteristic book. Dante furrows his brows in mild annoyance and regarded the him.
Dante: “Mistook this handsome face for one of those ugly things? Maybe you strained your eyes too much from reading, Mr. Poetry.”
V: “Pardon us for the misunderstanding. I reached one of my favorite parts and did not think to validate my flying companion’s claim. You may punish him as you see fit for recompense.”
Griffon: “’re blaming me for this, V?”
Dante: “Sounds like it. Now, dance!”
Suddenly you hear gunshots firing and laughter filling the air with the sight of Griffon flying around for his feathery life. You almost had to facepalm at the scene but then you glance over at V, who has not once looked up from his book. The dark-haired gentleman was smirking. It added to his refined, enigmatic aura in a rather mischievous way.
You: “That was all your idea, wasn’t it?”
The tattooed man finally glances up to look at you.
V: “I haven’t the faintest idea what you mean.”
His playful drawl suggests that he has no intent on admitting to anything and you shake your head, smiling at the strange company you keep.
You took a moment to take in V’s appearance, sizing him up and remembering how you met him. Not too long after Dante took on the job, he personally added you to the roster and V himself became interested in you as you were not mentioned by Morrison when the two met. He verbally expressed his desire to observe your skills, curious to what made you different from Dante’s other partners like Trish and Lady. You returned to the agency at Dante’s call and was introduced to V. And by introduced, V sicced a black panther onto you.
Tumblr media
Quick on your toes, you subdued the shadowy familiar with blade and guns in hand. It was tough as you were careful not to wreck the already-trashed building but at some point it seemed V was satisfied with how you held yourself against him and offered his hand along with his name. Since then, you found yourself constantly thinking about this mysterious figure. Who he is, his motives, his connection to the current big bad demon and the tree that erected itself in the middle of Red Grave City. It probably didn’t help that you found him extremely attractive as well, but you chose not to divulge that aloud. “You two had a business relationship afterall” is what you told yourself. A month passes by and you spent a lot of personal time with the mysterious V, convincing your nagging thoughts that it was integral to the job.
You: “So, which of Blake’s works are you indulging in this time?”
Yeah, that is totally relevant to the job.
V lifts his head entirely, genuine surprise and, if you see not mistaken, respect alights his usually stoic demeanor.
V: “You are familiar with William Blake?”
You: “Literature was my favorite course. Poetry, my weakness.”
Your ears hear a slight chuckle from his throat that made you feel a little giddy inside, taking it as a sign to press forward. You move to stand right next to him, glancing at the pages he left open.
You: “Auguries of Innocence.”
V: “Impressive. The fact that you recognize the verses with a single glance shows how well-read you are.”
You laugh, flattered by his compliment.
You: “I really just remember these lines.”
Your fingers brush against the words on the page, you were so engrossed in the poem that you missed that small grin that snuck its way onto V’s face, missed how his eyes roamed over your visage with what can only be defined as admiration.
V: “That happens to be where I left off.”
With piqued interest, your eyes snap up to meet his and the words fell from your lips long before you can bit your tongue at the request.
You: “Read it to me?”
It was such an odd thing to say, but traveling the ruins of the city alongside V developed within you an appreciation for the man’s voice and articulation. His voice sounded like silk, and each word from his mouth was like honey. How could you deny the chance to hear him recite the works of a master author?
V himself was taken aback, turning his head to look into your eyes, seeking for any hint that you were merely being jocular and not serious at all. You were not joking and were completely serious. At this, he composed himself quickly, hiding the growing warmth that was beginning to swell within his heart under the guise of him clearing his throat.
Tumblr media
He shifts around you slightly so that he held his open book in front of you while also placing himself behind you. A single step back and your back would touch his chest. Your bodies were so close to one another and there was a gradual fluttering in the pit of your stomach that you could not shake off and with each passing second, you found no reason to complain about it and instead welcomed it.
From the corner of your eye, you see V lean over your shoulder until his head dipped to your level. Your ears pick up the soft sound of him taking a breath-
Specks of black suddenly fly across the air, moving past you like a gust of wind and hitting V straight on. The color merged within his skin, darkening the faded tattoos to its full, lustrous color. Griffon came back, which meant one thing. Instinctively, you look up and spotted Dante walking over, his sword in hand and rested upon his shoulder. A pleased, smug grin creeps its way on his face and you knew that meant trouble - or rather “fun”, as he affectionately calls it.
Tumblr media
Dante: “Brace yourselves, friends. Here they come.”
Sure enough, you see the all-too-familiar hell gates open from thin air, all around you three, and from them, masses of empusa demons come crawling forth in throes. The numbers that were approaching were staggering. They must have been drawn to Dante’s rambuctious roughplay with V’s familiar and you shot him an annoyed glare. The white-haired man meets your eyes and shrug, deflecting your aggravation with a wink which only frustrated you even further and tightened the grip on your blade.
Dante: “Don’t fall behind, partner. I’m not gonna slow down. Even for you.”
You scoff, swinging your sword in your hand and step into your stance.
You: “That’s my line, old man.”
Dante: “Ha! I’ll show you old.”
You roll your eyes and return your attention back to V. He already moved away from you and you felt yourself grimace at the apparent distance between you two. His book stowed away and his signature cane in his hand at the ready. He wore a serious expression again and if you didn’t know any better, he seemed rather...disappointed? His eyes meet yours, sensing your staring, and you offered him a small smile.
You: “Looks like the reading will have to wait.”
His green eyes glisten subtly, apparently pleased at the suggestion that you wished for his company. The apparent irritation on his face ebbing away slightly to make way for an upturn quirk of his plump lips.
V: “The most sublime act is to set another before you.”
You did not miss the way his eyes were pinned to you as he said this and it sent a pleasantly shivering sensation throughout your body.
Tumblr media
V: “Let us be done with this swiftly.”
You nod in agreement and went into position. You, V, and Dante were back-to-back-to-back, ready to take on the ravenous horde.
You: “Watch my back, gentlemen.”
Dante: “Don’t mind if I do-”
V: “Without question-”
If only you would have seen the challenging glares Dante and V had for each other, but no. You were too busy running your sword through your demon prey. Too busy to realize that the entire time you fought, the two devil hunters were side-stepping and tripping each other to get physically closer to you while also slaying through the horde.
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zachsoldfanart · 3 years ago
Please 6B for Leo (or Apollo)
Tumblr media
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cookiescr · a year ago
kuki i am so gay holy S H I T (only if u want to but) pls,, spare close up pics of their beautiful faces? 🥺
aaaa sorry for the late reply here ya go :D 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
also separate pics of them 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jazzbeary · 2 months ago
You should totally post a pic of you in briefs but like, showing you from the front and behind 👁👁
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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soap-sketches · 3 years ago
Can I get some Pharah and Ana artwork? I love the amaris!
Tumblr media
the amaris are the coolest
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annasmc · a month ago
Hi, I hope your having a good day/night! I wanted to request obey me headcannons with an MC who is really good with kids and Luke reminds them of a younger sibling or cousin and how the brothers and previously undatables (or however many characters you want to do) and how they react to MC defending and dotting on Luke
Brothers + (now datable) Undatables React to MC Doting on Luke
Part 1 ~ Mammon, Beel, Diavolo, Barbs, Simeon and Solomon
Okay I am so sorry this took an embarrassingly long time to do. Like dude I think this is requested in like later December 2020 or early January so that’s how late we are taking. ANYWAYS here is part one 😬 (couldn’t even do them all but I’ll finish it I promise)
Warnings: some swearing??
He thought he was baby
Poor mams doesn’t understand why you would pay so much attention to a chihuahua >:(
He was shocked when you glared at him after his daily teasing Luke session.
You scolded him for a couple hours after that.
He always sees the both of you and can’t help but get jealous.
He gets sad sometimes and will try to cuddle up to you for attention
But Luke deserves the world so sorry Mams
Anyways Mammon is not happy obviously so he takes it upon him self to start “Operation Get MC’s Attention” which in other words is “Hide Luke From MC”
It goes well for a while
Mammon will run up to you and put an arm around you and lead you away from Luke
He will also actively PUSH Luke away from you without your knowledge.
Luke was just walking down the hall completely oblivious to the fact you were around the corner when suddenly Mammon comes and SHOVES him into an empty classroom.
Ok so Luke started crying (he’s only 10 omg Mammon)
Simeon had to take him home
Um Lucifer hung Mammon for a week
He doesn’t quite understand why you’re babying him, but he has no problem
You’re both parents now 🥺
He gets free food from Luke
You kinda both adopt him.
It’s Beels job to protect Luke from everyone else and your job for offer emotional support.
You two work in a duo.
Ofc everyone else doesnt fully understand.
Belphie was the first (and only ) one to experience first hand the wrath of teasing Luke
Beel was on him like that. *angry Beel noises*, and you were there in an instant coddling Luke and hyping him back up.
“Don’t listen to those mean demons, oh poor Luke are you okay. Here let’s go inside” cue you and Luke leaving together, you hand on his back and looking back at the opposer with a glare.
Well it’s no doubt he was happy.
After all this was the point of the student exchange thing
He did find it quite nice to see you act to loving and be almost a parental figure for Luke.
Even Diavolo had to acknowledge that Luke is very much a child
He’s really proud of you actually.
I mean you don’t have to go out of your way to defend a little angel.
It’s refreshing to see such positive behaviour even if you do beat up everyone else is they dare insult Luke
He’s always hanging around and has his signature grin on his face whoever he witnesses the two of you together.
Will definitely back you guys up
We all know Barbs has a soft spot for Luke
He’s like Simeon and is so grateful that you are taking care of Luke
Luke seems to be much happier now that nobody is teasing him as often as before
Thank to you and your never ending threats to those brave enough to insult Luke
He once walked in on you teaching Luke how to draw and paint.
His non-existent heart swelled.
He very curious to see how you interact with Luke and how Luke acts since Barbatos was never a child
He is impressed by your caregiver skills
As a butler to a man-child (demon-child), he thinks it’s rather amusing to see you tend to someone else for a change.
I said that you and Beel were parents but really I mean you and Barbatos are the the real parents of Luke
Get ready to co-parent with Barbs ❤️
He’s overjoyed like he’s happy 
“Thank you for taking care of Luke, he really needs it”
I mean this poor little angel is being bullied left to right,
He thinks you’re an angel, seriously he does
He’s not oblivious, he knows that Luke is hurt by the comments the demons make about him (although he can’t help but add on to the teasing sometimes)
He’s happy to see Luke make such good friends, you and Barbatos, and even Beel.
He’s also quite pleased with your ability to interact with children, not that Luke is immature but he definitely is young for an angel/immortal being,
He knows it’s been tough for Luke to go from literal HEAVEN to HELL but now that you’re here, it’s not as bad.
Okay this shithead is definitely not going to take it easy on any of you,
He’s going to tease you left and right, why? No one knows
It’s because he’s a lil shit but let’s ignore that
Anyways, because you baby Luke so much, he imprints on you. He won’t let ANYONE insult MC
So when Solomon starts his daily rounds, he’s actually met by a furious Luke.
It’s kinda cute ngl
You are protecting Luke, in return Solomon teases you for protecting Luke, then Luke gets mad at Solomon for teasing you whole unbeknownst to you all, Solomon won’t STAND for MC and Luke slander
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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embroid-away · 3 years ago
Hi! I'm new to embroidery and I'm really curious how you do cursive? I can't seem to figure it out completely 😕
by getting very mad and redoing it three times
haha i wish i were joking. freehand cursive is probably easiest, because you just write on the aida then backstitch the whole way. 
but when i need to have even, neat, matching-all-the-letters-in-slant-and-size script…. UGH. there’s so much PLANNING and MEASURING and FRUSTRATION. so i get it. 
(i joke with some of my cross-stitching friends bc i “”can’t”” do cross-stitching. it’s too hard, i say. all because the idea of having to plan and stick to that plan and follow a pattern so meticulously just…. i don’t.. wanna….)
Anyway, enough of my whining. You want help! And I’m gonna help. Time for a long post…
First, I go to Google Fonts and browse. If I want a script/cursive font, I deselect everything but handwriting in the upper right corner and then play with the sliders a bit. You can type your text in the space provided to know what the font looks like with your phrase.
Tumblr media
[Image text: “This is one of my personal favorites because I’m a sucker for cheeky fonts.” I actually used this one for my dear pensive Steve recently.]
Once I’ve found the one I like, I take a screenshot and use that to trace. 
Tumblr media
[Image text: “Let’s focus on a font with a slant, because those are the trickiest.”]
Any chance you remember algebra? Specifically slope? (rise over run? m? ∆y/∆x?) I say this because I’m a fucking nerd but also because I tend to approach the slanted text like I would the slope of a line. I want all of those vertical portions (the L’s and F’s and T’s and B’s, etc) to have the same slope. In fact, pretty much every little straight bit should have the same slope– that’s what gives the text its gorgeous uniform appearance. (This is also where I  s t r u g g l e  because f- that, I just want to stitch I don’t want to think about it!!) 
Another plus (in my book) for aida cloth is that it’s an even grid, just like a coordinate plane, which means going “up four over two” is easy to count and maintain.
So! Trace your letters, and trace light, you’ll probably be erasing. (And yes! I use the same process as I do for images.)
Tumblr media
[Image: example of aida cloth on computer for tracing process. Can you believe I actually considered stitching “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” lol]
Yeah, I totally changed my mind on the text.
Tumblr media
[Image: “Actually, fuck this.” sketched in pencil and a text line.]
Notice how the bottom of the “Actually” text isn’t on the same line as the bottom of the “fuck this” text? This is just one of the fallbacks of tracing. One of the words has to be adjusted, and this time, it was easier to adjust the “Actually” by erasing just the bottoms and extending them down.
Tumblr media
[Image: “Actually, fuck this.” sketched in pencil, adjusted, and with slope markers.]
Now the slope part. Based on how I traced, the slope of those lines is going to be 3 / 1 (m=3, lol). I didn’t trace it perfectly, but I need to stitch it perfectly, so I’ll adjust the pencil to fit the slope. Some places it won’t fit perfectly, like the L loops or the top of the F and H, but where possible, I’ll use the 3 slope. 
Then it’s all backstitch. I find that 2-thread is the nicest for text. It’ll create a line fine enough that you’ll be able to see the definition in the little loops (unlike 3-thread), but thick enough that it’ll be forgiving in the curves (and look smoother than 1-thread).
Tumblr media
Ta-Da! I used a lighter floss color so my stitches are more obvious. Normally I prefer darker floss to hide the stitches. 
I bet there are some people who do not find script stitch as frustrating as I do! I also bet that there are some stitchers out there who have patterns for different scripts, but I like using different fonts for each project which means I gotta go through this little process. If I am patient, willing to restart, and careful, the result is really nice. 
Hope this helps! and GOOD LUCK
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