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#thanks for the ask!
I’m kinda in general emotional pain after that episode but the height chart thing in the barn when Alex said “no one ever did that with you?” and Michael just looked away was sAd

Anon, I am very very distraught over Michael not knowing what a growth chart was. We didn’t have one in my house when I was growing up, but I still knew what it was! Michael really has been all on his own his entire life, and that hurts my heart so much because he just wanted to be loved and wanted. I mean, LOOK AT THIS FACE.


(gif credit to @bisexualalienblast and her lightning fast giffing abilities)

And now we know that he was? And we see just how much his mother loved him? And that she really was just trying to protect him? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Speaker: I’m really glad I started following you.

Heya, I’m glad to hear it and hope to bring more things to enjoy!

Grean heart: I’m a little jealous of you

I don’t really see why and I’m sorry you are, please don’t be, wishing the best for you!

Yellow heart: I just think you’re cute

Aw, thank you, that’s so sweet!

Crown: Your blog aesthetic is lovely!

Thanks! I’m not exactly sure what my aesthetic is, but glad you enjoy it!

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Hi! I saw your writeblr intro. Welcome ^^ I saw you said you liked lo-fi. What kind of lofi playlists do you like? Do you have a favorite one? And what got you into writing?

hii ✨ wow, i didn’t expect anyone to send me an ‘ask’ so you’re the very first person! also, thank you for welcoming me :) i appreciate that!

hmm i really enjoy chill study/jazz/hip hop lofi playlists! i have one playlist that i’d listen to whenever i’m studying for exams ^^ i have linked it below if u want to check it out. it’s so chill and a masterpiece that i’d find myself grooving along too lol

as for your next qns, what had got me into writing was reading fanfics tbh 😅 I remember when I was 12/13 years old reading my first fanfic of Niall Horan from One Direction and before I knew it, I was writing my very own fanfic but of Greyson Chance!

haha I hope this answer your questions ^.^ have a great day/night ahead & stay safe ❤️

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Well I just got this stupid idea, would Jon was in quarantine with Bane. And Jon finds not only Bane's library but also his personal gym. How do you think this would go for these two, and what about Waylon and his time with Bruce Wayne?

Okay, picture this, Jon finds Bane’s gym and decides “Hey, what the hell, let’s get buff” and that’s how Batman Unlimited Scarecrow was born


Serious answer, I bet Bane and Jonathan could be good friends, and Bane would love to teach Jonathan how to properly lift weights and do certain exercises. In exchange for his teaching, Jonathan would let Bane is his personal library (My bane loves to read)

I don’t know about Waylon and Bruce, but I hope this was a good answer!

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Came into this ask box to send a request and then IMMEDIATELY forgot every piece of media we've ever discussed so uhh hold on I'll be back

AHKSBD that’s super valid, literally server times a day I blank on what it was I wanted to say or do, also I guess we don’t have much shared media but I treasure the media we share and like seeing posts about the media you like even if I have no clue what’s happening avjsvs

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Pass the happy!馃尰馃尶 When you receive this, list 5 things that make you happy and send this to 10 of the last people in your notifications!

1. When I discover a new animal or plant in my backyard
2. Stroopwafels (it’s all United’s fault)
3. Watching Last Week Tonight
4. When people write amusing things in the tags
5. Drinking horchata

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5. What’s one thing you wish you could change about them?

//What i would change about them? hmm.
Byakuya: to be less stoic and try to open up more with his emotions.
Aizen:.. hmm Probably give him a better child hood. probably give him more ability to trust people and not use people.
Hanataro: Less anxiety and less being a push over..
Renji: Being so reckless in fights and doesn’t think with his head in certain times.
Grimmjow:  I dont know….? hmm Grimmjow is fine the way he is? other them stopping him from being so cocky in fights and being reckless like renji.  but other then that, i don’t really see anything to change about him so far?
Kusaka: His fate at the end at the end of the movie. He deserved better.//

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Fortnight and hours?

fortnight: what wip do you plan on posting next, if at all?

Hopefully the next chapter of monochrome but it could very possibly be another Hawaii Five-0 fic because that’s where my brain is at these days

hours: longest wip or completed fic?

At the moment it is death’s other kingdom which is not that long at 12.8k but I am terrible at finishing multi-chapter fics and my brain tends toward shorter one-shots more than anything else so honestly anything upwards of 5k is an achievement these days

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‘ obviously, earth is cancelled. ’ (bvkurah)

| Out of Context - Good Place | @bvkurah

“Cancelled huh?” Kisara said, not looking up at him. She was too pre-occupied with folding laundry to take the statement seriously until several minutes later. Suddenly, her eyes went wide. 


“What the heck do you mean, Earth is cancelled?! What… what am I supposed to do with that information?” Despite the strangeness of the words, they formed an uncomfortable tightness in her chest, a panic that seemed to have no source. 

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rambley but looking at some of your ocs makes me want to actually commit to drawing my own ocs again aka fight art block and make something i like instead of forcing a different style on myself in summary: cutie makes me wanna draw cutie

This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me that means so much to hear! Omg you deffo should (but remember to not be hard on yourself and take breaks and go at a pace that is good for you!) please lmk if you do! I’d love to see your ocs!

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Late but Rosa Ortecho?

YAY!!!! I love Rosa with my whole heart.

1. Overall thoughts: Rosa is my favorite character on the entire show. I love how much she loves Liz, and how hard she’s always tried to protect her, even though she’s struggled herself so much. She’s complicated and wants to not give a fuck about what anyone thinks of her, but she does and cares so much. She was so gutted to learn that everyone hated her and thought the worst of her, and that hurt my heart.

2. Favorite quote/scene: I fell in love with her in the flashback in 1x04 with her “cage around her heart” speech because it showed her vulnerability and how much she’s been through and how she’s tried to protect herself, as well as how she’s trying to protect Liz from repeating her mistakes. Also they are just such great lines.

3. Favorite Rosa episode: I think 2x02 is my favorite, though I love her in every season 2 episode so far. Angry, pissed off, struggling Rosa was amazing to watch (plus I find all her jokes about being dead funny, but especially the one about jimmy from degrassi 🤣). I think showing her relapse after everything she’s gone through made sense and I’m eager to see where they will go with her mental health and addiction storyline.

4. I ship high school era Rosa x Maria. I think at least Maria had a crush/hero worship thing going on with Rosa. Now I don’t ship her with anyone cause she’s 19 and also needs to focus on her sobriety.

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5, 8, 10, 12, 26, 29

5: What new hobby have you picked up?

Gardening, but only sort of

8: How is your mental health doing?

Uhhhh, ok, it’s tough out here for extroverts rn

10: Are you missing any events you were looking forward to?

I wasn’t able to visit this guy who’s stupid dreamy and I might miss summer camp

12: What are you looking forward to once quarantine is over? (i.e., event, activity, restaurant, etc.)

Honestly just hanging with my friends

26: Takeout/delivery or home cooked meal

Depends on the day, today was chipotle but I’m planning meals for the rest of the week

29: Describe your shelter-at-home experience in emojis


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1,13,14,27 for the soft asks :D

1)  What song makes you feel better?

I’ve been on kinda a Sonic kick lately, so “Reach for the Stars” has been making me smile lately, but “Best Day Ever” from the Spongebob Musical was my 2020 cheer-up anthem.

13)  What’s your comfort food?

Macaroni and cheese, hands down, every time

14) Favorite feel-good show?

Idk if it really qualifies as “feel-good” or “show” in the traditional sense, but as soon as I hit play on an episode of Welcome to Night Vale I can’t stop grinning. It makes me feel good so I think it counts XD

27) Which character would you want to be?

Hilda from Hilda. Get all the excitement and joy of exploring the cryptozoological world with minimum risk and all the freedom of childhood.

There are a thousand cool characters I appreciate with all my soul, but tbh I wouldn’t want their lives X’D

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17 and/or 18 for the apprentice asks? –@eurydice-thefool


Apprentice Asks Week 1

17. Language.  Is your character multilingual?  How many languages do they speak?  Do they have an accent?  Is it sexy?  Is it silly?  Do they have a multilingual lisp?

So, I don’t know what the in-game equivalent of this would be, but modern au Elvira would be fluent in Spanish! It would likely have been the first language she learned at home. She wouldn’t be fluent in any other languages (besides English), but she would’ve likely learned words from other languages from her Aunt Marina. She was a worldly women and would’ve been the one to teach her these things.

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How was your day? Today was my first day of online classes and I also moved.

It was alright, I started not sleeping well and because my niece spent the night and her end was moved into my room because the room it was in is gonna be a nursery soon and she refused to sleep for hours then woke me up earlier then I went to work then got home form work and did dishes and played a game called “don’t stop washing dishes even though it’s thundering and lightening and see if you die or not because you do NOT want to have to do all these dishes tomorrow morning” ahskhdhd it’s been a good day though (not sarcasm, as far as days go it’s okay) also !!! Moving is always weird and sometimes fun

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