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#thanks for the ask!
femaleheroes · 21 days ago
I just want gifs of times where people look between Kara and Lena “for fucking huh bitch?!?” The lillian the James the Alex and then some
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“for fucking huh bitch?!?”
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beebox-illustrations · a month ago
is there any chance you’ll ever do flintwood??? 🥺
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Tumblr media
Here you go dear :D Never thought about them as a couple but I hope you enjoy nevertheless 💕
Also I don’t know why they‘re always angry flirting in my head 😂
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shitty-mechs-headcannons · 8 months ago
marius made a "which mechanism are you" quiz claiming to have based it on psychological profiles of each of them. the only one who consistently gets themself is the Toy Soldier. jonny has been furiously retaking it for several days trying to get himself as the answer but has not gotten it once.
I feel like his profiles were good but all the mechs choose answers they think look cool rather than honest answer lmao
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the-adventures-of-dave · 4 months ago
Hi! My parents have FINALLY agreed to make their new cat an indoor-only cat, but want to be able to let it get some fresh air safely. Leash training is not an option sadly, so they cat-proofed the balcony and are now looking for a way to make a part of our yard into a catio. Do you happen to have any trusted resources on DIYing a catio? My family is pretty good with wood and metal work so that shouldn't be a concern, but I am just not sure which sources can be trusted. Thanks in advance!
Hey there! Apologies for the late response. 
That is fantastic to hear that your parents’ new cat is going to be indoors only! A catio sounds like a great way for them to provide enrichment for it too, good on them! 
Catio Spaces is a fantastic resource for all things catio. They have general tips and tricks as well as pdfs of DIY catio plans. 
This page by the BC SPCA is also a great resource as well. 
Chirpy Cats is a blog with a bunch of catio stuff, but you might have to do some digging to find exactly what you are looking for. They have a good page on cat safe plants. 
Good luck, and have fun!
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sharkowskii · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It could not bother me in any way, on the contrary, I value and treasure the kindness of sweet people like you and their curiosity, thanks to questions I can keep moving forward with this au, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!!!  ❤ and thak you for the cookies uwu I’ll do my best to improve Q///Q
@zahraacookiedough sorry to answer after a long time ;w;
@shayromi thanks for your help you’re an angel uwu
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kind-little-fella · 11 months ago
☾ frog time?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mochinnie · 8 months ago
Mlt be into breeding, like filling you up until nothing more will fit n everything's leaking out 👀 (also may I just say that I looove your blog and your mind and like basically everything here?? 💗💗) (btw it's me the JBASC anon TT byee)
anon i like the way you think :)
y’all already know … minho would cum inside you bc he’s a possessive ass mf!!! he likes how embarrassed you are when he tells you he wants to fuck you raw, the way your eyes roll back in your head when you feel the bare drag of his cock against your sensitive walls. just the way you react is enough for minho to cum but what tops it off is the nosies you make when you climax, high whiney cries. minho would tease you about being vocal but secretly he likes it so much!!! all you have to do is beg for his cum and he’d give it to you! (let me give you an example: “minho need you inside please cum inside me please breed me baby—“ and boom he nuts right then and there) minho would hold still inside you after too, just because he likes feeling the way you clench around him when he moves even the littlest bit! afterwards, he’ll make you clean his cock up, licking up all the combined slick until he cums again, this time in your mouth. 
hyunjin would literally lose his mind if you let him cum inside you !!! he is an ass man, as i’ve previously stated and is always trying to hit it from behind. he’d be so fucking loud against your ear, whining about how good it feels before he nuts inside. afterwards, he would pull out and drop down so he’s eye level with your pussy, one hand keeping your hips in propped up,  the other stroking your clit as the mixture of your juices and his seed drip out of your spluttering hole. the sight almost immediately has hyunjin hard again and he’s already flipping you onto your back again. “it’s your fault for being so pretty baby, what am i supposed to do other than fuck you again?” 
jesus fuck jeongin would be so into breeding you i’m barely functioning thinking about it. the way i see it, everything jeongin does in bed is super instinctual and what’s more so than cumming in you? he’d never say anything ofc but if you tell him casually one day (after y’all have been fucking for a while ofc) that you’re on birth control … well jeongin would lose it. the next time he fucks you, he’d be balls deep inside and just beg against your ear “baby can i please fuck you raw?” “r-right now?” “yes fuck i want to cum inside you so bad please let me y/n” and ofc you would bc hello! it’s innie. the second he’s inside you raw jeongin is suddenly so much more intense than usual, pushing your knees to your chest, grip on your neck harsher than usual. it’s too much but it’s so fucking addictive that you cum almost immediately. even after he cum though, he keeps going ’s-sensitive innie slow down please—“ “j-just a little m-more y/n you feel so fucking good i’m gonna—“ and just like that he cums inside you, milking his cock dry. afterwards both of you are really sensitive and honestly exhausted from the scene. he probably doesn’t pull out, just cuddling you, his cock keeping all the cum plugged inside of you <3
idk why but i feel like jisung’s biggest fantasy would be cumming inside you. he’s pretty young and definitely does not want kids so the idea of fucking you raw kind of makes him anxious but he can’t help but admit that there’s something so undeniably hot about cuming inside you. maybe it’s just the porn he’s watched but he wants to feel your walls sticky with his cum so bad, wants to watch it leak out against his cock. sungie also probs has a fat overstimulation kink and would want to fuck his cum right back into your hole when it starts to leak out!!! he wants it so bad but isn’t really sure how to bring it up with you without sounding like an ass :(
okay chan would really be into the idea of it but would only do it sometimes!!! chan loves the feeling of fucking you raw (especially the way you cling to him and whine about how he feels so much better this way) but even if you’re on birth control, it doesn’t feel safe lmao. he would never want to put you in the position where you could potentially get pregnant or any other bad thing that can come from not using protection!! HOWEVER, if you want it to happen, all you gotta do is ask bc he’d never be able to say no to you :) he’d cum half inside you, half all over your cunt when he pulls out the last second. just the sight of you laying there half asleep covered inside and out with his cum would make chan ready to hit it again within minutes. 
changbin would probs be into hitting it raw and cumming inside you too but he’d always feel so so guilty about it! it feels so animalistic and whenever y’all fuck without protection, changbin finds it hard to hold back. he always ends up being a lot rougher than usual and you being the sensitive little baby you are, can’t ever handle it. you always beg for him to fuck you raw but when he does, you tear up a little too much for his liking and your usually loud moans and begs melt into squeaky gasps and you’d get so quiet! it always feels so good that you’re fucked out immediately, but changbin doesn’t know that. after he cums inside, you’ll be so blissed out and pliant that changbin can’t help it! he’d eat his cum out of you, cleaning you up and milking one final orgasm out of you in the process before the two of y’all fall asleep <3 
now i know what you’re thinking. isa, why is seungmin so low on the list? did you not write 4k of him nutting inside? well reader, you’d be totally correct, i did in fact do that! HOWEVER, i think seungmin wouldn’t be into cumming inside that much bc he dislikes messes. he can’t deny that it feels really good but wouldn’t really be into the cleaning up part and the possibility of getting you pregnant is also a major turn off. seungmin would only fuck you raw if you beg him relentlessly (deep down he’s a soft dom and can’t say no to you!) but even then he’d almost never cum inside. minnie would only do it if he REALLY feels like spoiling you :) 
i don’t think felix would like cumming inside for two very specific reasons. like changbin and chan, he would worry about you a lot! you’re his precious baby and like seungmin, he doesn’t like how messy it gets! it feels so degrading and possessive to cum inside you like that! it makes lix feel like he’s using you and even though it feels mind blowingly good to have your hot walls clenching around his bare cock, he almost always pulls out. if you want felix to cum inside, it probably would have to be when you’re riding him. you have to reassure him a lot that it’s okay before he lets go, shooting hot strips of his cum deep inside your cunt. afterwards, lixie would be so sweet, giving you a warm bath and the sweetest aftercare ever. 
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spielzeugkaiser · 10 months ago
i LOVE your art!! if you're taking prompts: i'd love, love, love to see incompetent at smartphones geralt and tired-but-loving-husband jaskier?
Tumblr media
Lambert send him one of the “moving pictures”:
Hey Geralt, just thought of you:
Tumblr media
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sexybread-png · 2 months ago
Hi, if you’re taking Supercorp fanart requests, could you draw a Supercorp Body Swap comic? It doesn’t matter how long it is or anything. But it could show Kara in Lena’s body complaining about having to go through all of Lena’s daily routines as she does them, while Lena in Kara hangs around to watch for a little bit. But then Lena in Kara goes off to have some fun for the first time in her life by living Kara’s.
Like scenarios for Kara in Lena (you don’t have to use any of these or the ones for Lena in Kara down below, I just thought that they were funny):
1. Kara complains about having to wear Lena’s regular wardrobe (like tight pencil skirts, pinchy high heels, uncomfy bra etc) because now that she’s no longer in a Kryptonian body she can feel discomfort in uncomfortable clothing.
2. Kara has to lead a board meeting at L-Corp for hours.
3. Kara has to eat Lena’s healthy but disgusting diet & workout at the gym.
Scenarios for Lena in Kara:
1. Lena enjoys feeling comfortable in clothes for a change.
2. Lena finishes all of Kara’s reporting assignments in three hours, stops five alien attacks in a thirty minutes, then goes off to have a girls night with Alex & Nia.
3. Lena enjoys eating whatever she wants. Like ten large pizzas, chocolate chip cookies, sticky buns, potstickers, cheeseburgers. Especially anything with cheese, because Lena is usually lactose intolerant and can’t eat any of those foods (something Kara in Lena’s body didn’t know about & has to face the repercussions of much to the real Lena’s amusement).
ay sorry for answering late broski:) i decided on not doing a comic coz ive been a bit tired lately but i hope u enjoy these doodles<3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nightwingmyboi · 10 months ago
I’ve seen a couple people say that Dick is demisexual. I was just wondering if it is actually true and if yes, can you one or two examples/comics, thank you. Also, I love your metas and think it’s really cool that you put so much effort into them, it’s really helpful for new comic readers wanting to get into Dick Grayson/Nightwing :)
If we are looking at Pre-52, I’d say that there is a lot of evidence that Dick is demisexual. There are several instances where Dick pretty much explicitly states as much: 
Tumblr media
Action Comics Weekly #614
Tumblr media
Huntress/Nightwing #3
Tumblr media
Outsiders #12
There isn’t anything wrong with casual sex to make that clear. But Dick is pretty consistently uninterested and uncomfortable with that sort of approach. He doesn’t tend to pursue relationships in that way...he actually lowkey really enjoys being romanced a bit. 
Tumblr media
New Teen Titans (1988) #71
Wake up people! He wants to be wooed a little...
I mean, in recent years, DC has become more concerned with pushing Dick as a womanizer in order to capitalize on his sex appeal, so...whatever. But Dick’s relationships used to be all about emotional connection and dedication. And I think with their approach, DC really misses the fact that a huge part of Dick’s charm was how sincere he was with his love. 
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sweetoothgirl · 16 days ago
do you like baking or cooking more?
Oh 100% baking. Baking is science and math (and magic), when cooking is confusion and chaos and inconsistent.
Baking gives you exact temperatures and measurements and baking times, when cooking gives you shit like "medium heat" and "salt to taste" and "until fully cooked"...
Like wtf is medium heat!!!! Just tell me how much salt!!!!!! Why are you ruining my life.
So yeah, baking.
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thalfox · 7 months ago
Hi Thank~! Do you think that the demon lords costumes of the new event give some information about the brothers? For example, Mammon has a lightning shaped necklace, so maybe he has electric-based powers?
Obey Me: The Seven Lords Symbolism
I really like the intricacy of the various outfits and how they are tailored for each demon. The colour palettes certainly reflect their associated sin colour, but as with all symbolism we can dive pretty deep in teasing out some meanings...
Disclaimer: as with all symbology, interpretation is literally endless. As such, these are only my interpretations. Enjoy 😊
Tumblr media
Lucifer, Avatar of Pride, is associated with blue for his sin, a colour that appears throughout the outfit as a secondary colour to black/grey. Black is certainly the colour that Lucifer always wears the most, and it fits his TSL character - the Lord of Corruption - rather well.
Blue roses, like the one on his lapel, represent mystery and accomplishing impossible goals. They do not exist in nature, and thus are imbued with the symbolism of magic, fantasy, and eternity.
A rose also features on his belt - the flower itself symbolises both love and perfection, two of the themes Lucifer wrestles with in Arcadia. Additionally, the thorns of the rose are shown, in far greater number than the flowers. Where the rose is perfection, the thorn is imperfection, symbolising danger. It is a warning, reminiscent of barbed wire and other barriers that exist to keep others at bay.
Back to blue, and the blue diamond shape at Lucifer's collar. The diamond shape - which exists on ALL the demon outfits - represents balance, an equal weight above and below, and inner strength. A blue diamond symbolises honesty, loyalty, responsibility, and eternity, as well as protection, peace, and devotion.
Note: ALL the demons wear a diamond in their TSL outfit.
Three buckles on the body are shaped as eyes, and a third eye of course indicates perception beyond the material realm. Enlightenment, higher consciousness, and non dualistic thinking. Complexity.
Underscored by the third eye - almost always the highest of the eyes - being blue, much like the nazar, the evil eye protection charm.
- side note: Lucifer also has three little buttons with one a different colour on the shirt he wears under his RAD uniform.
Two other elements worth mentioning are the arrowhead shapes upon his gloves, and the chain, something that four of the demons wear (Lucifer, Levi, Satan, Beel).
Arrowheads are a common enough symbol of strength, but have an interesting history in many cultures that assumed neolithic arrowheads had been dropped from heaven, and even had the power to repel demons. In my own country they were known as elf-arrows, fallen from the sky, and used to protect against witchcraft and devils.
- side note: the arrow head also represents the peacock tail feather that he wears in his demon form, and is of course of his symbolic animal
A chain has a straightforward representation of eternity (often eternal love), but a darker meaning of imprisonment, pain, lack of freedom, repression, duty, and denial of freedom by the self.
- side note: all of Lucifer’s event outfits (minus the Mammon swap) and his demon form, have prominent chains.
In summary, the Lord of Corruption is one who is extremely guarded, with robust defenses. And Lucifer needs that, because his heart is soft, and his love is truly eternal. He is clever and strong, but he is bound by duty, the one element that wars with love for his soul. If only he could cast duty to one side...
Tumblr media
Mammon, Avatar of Greed, is associated with yellow for his sin, but the colour has a far deeper meaning for this demon. Yellow represents the sun, as shown in his demon symbol on all Greed cards, and symbolises power, knowledge, justice, and emotion. 
The sun is a truly global symbol, the one god who interacts with the human world the most, and this is further symbolised with the image of the sun burst, as seen on the Lord of Fools’ collar. 
This demon is the light of the Devildom, the emotional heart of the family, and the Fallen Warrior has power beyond what we ever see - his yellow flames and lightning bolts strike out into the black of his outfit, shining with power in the dark.
Mammon is adorned in gold, befitting his greed, but with its own symbolism too. In today’s times it represents wealth, but its historical meanings were of protection, divinity, spiritual enlightenment, love, justice, and honour. It also symbolises immortality and incorruptibility, just as gold is immune from rust.
- side note: the sun is also associated with the colour gold. Au, the chemical symbol for gold, is from the latin aurum, originally from the root “to dawn”, the sun rise.
Black is a colour Mammon is evidently fond of in his demon form and many of his outfits. But here, not only is black shown as the balancing colour against the yellow and gold (dark vs light, night vs day), it also lies at the heart of the sun as a black diamond. 
A diamond represents balance and inner strength, as said for Lucifer, but it is notable that Mammon is the ONLY demon who is wearing a diamond of a different colour from his sin. Black diamonds represent strength, justice, and sorrow. A yearning for reconciliation, safety, protection, passion, and energy.
The lightning bolts that wrap around him are striking, and an ancient symbol of divine justice - the god reigning thunderbolts from the sky. Equally, they represent sudden illumination (further illustrated by splashes of white), the destruction of ignorance, and once again, justice.
Triangle shapes on Mammon’s legs point both up and down, underscoring that same sense of balance that a diamond represents.  
His belt is made from more diamond shapes as well as horns, a traditional solar symbol.
Mammon is one of three demons (Mammon, Asmo, Belphie) who wears no chains.
In summary, the Lord of Fools is the heart of the family, the light in the dark and is no fool at all. Mammon has many virtues, but it is his burning sense of justice that is represented here, the moral compass that guides him to do good deeds for others. Additionally, his sun aspects reflect exactly why he is MC's number one guardian demon.
Tumblr media
Leviathan, Avatar of Envy, is associated with orange for his sin, and it is present here primarily on his cape and inner lining, as well as in MANY diamond shapes.
The diamond is balance and inner strength once again, while an orange diamond symbolises courage, creativity, emotion, enthusiasm, and optimism. It also has a unique meaning - encouraging social communication!
As the Lord of Shadows, it is fitting that the moon is present, not once but twice, and arguably both waxing and waning depending on which shadow we follow.
As Mammon is the sun, Levi’s moon is yin to his brother’s yang, and represents change, inner knowledge, soul, time, immortality, dark enlightenment, communication, and the realm between conscious and unconscious. A crescent waxing moon symbolises new energy, motivation to achieve dreams, and positivity, while a crescent waning moon symbolises a focus on removing negative energy from one’s life. 
The clasp on Levi’s collar looks near identical to the classic symbol for a wing, an interesting choice for a demon who does not possess the power of flight. Such a touch may suggest a yearning for freedom to truly be himself, and a wish to be the protector he wants to be.
A single wing symbolises flight of course, but also change, protection, freedom, intelligence, peace, understanding, and communication.
Levi also wears another repeated symbol - that of a simple bird in flight. While the bird seems most reminiscent of a dove (personal peace, end of troubling times, new friendships, clearing of worried mind), a bird itself symbolises freedom, aiming high, peace, strength, hope, power of self direction, the sun (to balance his moon perhaps), mercy, and communication.
As for the bird being in flight, with open wings - a simple but fitting meaning is letting go of worries.
In summary, the Lord of Shadow has courage and enthusiasm that may be overlooked. Levi's great creativity is not often in the spotlight, his talents constrained. But this demon is very aware of his flaws, and desperately wishes he could communicate his thoughts and emotions better, and follow his dreams instead of waiting in the shadows.
Tumblr media
Satan, Avatar of Wrath, is associated with green for his sin, and boy is he actually doing it well for once?!? A lot of black in this, as well as silver, for a very sophisticated look that compliments Lucifer’s outfit extremely well.
Multiple green diamonds adorn this look, but without the usual diamond meanings of balance and inner strength. Satan’s diamonds are unbalanced and bottom heavy. In broad terms, his negative passive aspect outweighs his positive active aspect - he is in shadow, his thoughts concealed, otherworldly, not fitting in, out of step.
This certainly resonates with his origin being so different from his “brothers”, as Satan was born from a purely negative emotion, wrath (unlike anger, which can have positive ends).
Green diamonds are also known as chameleon diamonds, befitting the Lord of Masks who presents one face to high society and the other to his enemies, not unlike Satan himself. The green diamond symbolises growth, change, strength, generosity, hope, safety, and security - the very persona he intends to project. However, the diamond at his throat has either been softened by the fitting, or is an oval cut diamond, with a secondary meaning of rebirth, family, and strong independence.
Where Lucifer has three eyes upon his chest, Satan wears six, a choice perhaps meant to indicate that Satan believes himself superior and certainly desires to flaunt that opinion. Eyes and the number six correspond to one very famous symbol - the Eye of Horus. The son of the god of the underworld (👀), Horus sought to fight his father’s mortal enemy, Set. During the battle and/or as a sacrifice to restore his father to life, his left eye was gouged out, and torn into six parts.
As a result, the Eye of Horus is always drawn with 6 parts, each representing a different sense, and the whole constituting a magical mathematical symbol. The Eye of Horus is a protective symbol, standing for power, knowledge, and illusion.
- side note: in demonology, Satan has links with the aforementioned Set, which in this case could point to Satan battling himself.
Speaking of eyes, Satan has one of his covered up, as befits the Lord of Masks, as it is literally concealing something. But covering one eye has some loaded meanings, most notably of the all seeing eye, ie a symbol that has everyone yelling “Illuminati!” at celebrities, or... “Satan worshipper!” 😏 But this is of course a modern interpretation, and at odds with the majority of historical views. One eye would tend to suggest the Eye of Horus (again!) or the nazir (the third eye), and of course one need only to look to Odin to see it representing the sun and wisdom. (Covering one eye is also a protest symbol.)
Six pointed stars adorn his belt and diamond fixture, symbolising the meeting of the supernatural with human kind, and traditionally representing both the combination of the four elements (fire, air, water, earth) and the seven (known) planets of the time. A hugely popular occult symbol, it is linked with the summoning of demons and pursuit of hidden knowledge, and in many cultures was known as the Seal of Solomon (though it existed long before).
Several cultures also use the six pointed star to represent creation itself.
In summary, the Lord of Masks is an enigma, presenting one persona to some, and a different persona to others. However, the truth lies somewhere in between - Satan has a duality that makes him unpredictable, but he is far from stagnant. He is always growing, learning, and trying to be a better him.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus, the Avatar of Lust, is associated with pink for his sin, and the deepening of his colour here is very effective, elevating the black and silver ensemble.
Front and centre, the heart - symbol of emotion, affection, empathy, love, with an older meaning of reasoning and the soul. Asmo himself has heart shaped markings in his demon form, as well as wearing hearts, having them on his battle stage, and his demon symbol reminiscent of one. As the Lord of Lechery, it’s also fitting.
Most interesting are the fixtures around the heart, which look a little like thorns, a dangerous claw, and billowing smoke or fire. The classical symbol of the sacred heart takes many forms, but generally should have flames or smoke that suggest such coming from the top, wrapped in thorns, and with a piercing weapon. Additionally it should have a cross emerging from the top... but Asmo has his hanging from the bottom like the devil he is.
The thorns, cross, and piercing weapons of the sacred heart are self explanatory given the heart is supposed to represent that of the famous carpenter. All represent love and empathy, while the flames represent divine power. However, flames also represent hell...
Asmo is dripping with diamonds in all shapes and sizes, but the lozenge shapes are equal (balance and inner strength), the others circular. The latter represents empathy, faithfulness, eternity and... resistance to change.
Pink diamonds have a whole assortment of meanings, but among them are joy, romance, empathy, playfulness, creativity, comfort, and acceptance.
There is a lot going on in the silver detailing of this outfit - claws, spikes, a wing, hooks, thorns, double flames from the belt clasp, filigree... And the overall effect is one of signifying danger, that this beauty might be more of a beast than a casual glance would assume. A closer look reveals the tattered edge upon the left side, an interesting detail for the fashion conscious demon to have.
As perhaps a counter to the spikes and thorns, a very faint rose flower pattern can be seen at the bottom of his cape. Grey roses are rather uncommon, but white roses at least symbolise beauty, eternal love, empathy, and gratitude.
Asmo is one of three demons who wears no chains.
In summary, the Lord of Lechery may claim to wear his heart openly but the very opposite is true. Asmo guards his true inner self against all, scared of letting anyone close, but this also gives him great empathy for others. If he can't heal his own heart, perhaps he can heal yours?
Tumblr media
Beelzebub, Avatar of Gluttony, is associated with red for his sin, giving him a very powerful look. In TSL lore, Beel is the Lord of Flies, a call back to the deliberate mangling of his name when he was dethroned as a god and cast into hell as a demon.
Ba'al Zəbûl was the Lord of Heavens, and is thought to be one of the larger gods of the time, potentially often conflated with the supreme god, the strongest, giving him power over weather and storms, hence his name. In fact, he may very well be that exact god, the equivalent to Zeus himself. That his name was corrupted into Beelzebub, Lord of Flies (aka, a pile of poop), was an intended mockery of the entire Ba’al religion, which was systematically wiped out. 
Still, we know of the Baal Cycle of myths, which includes the stories of the ancient clash between Ba’al the supreme god and Yam, the sea god. Yam’s most powerful weapon is his sea monster serpent dragon... Lotan. Ba’al wins. (Lotan, the earlier iteration of Leviathan, is based on the even earlier Têmtum.)
Unlike a fly, this Lord of the Flies sports four wings, like the damsel or dragonflies. Translucent and with veins, the same material is shown on Beel’s torso, giving him a segmented insectoid look. Additionally, his cape is also split at this point, giving the illusion of more wings and contributing to the bugness.
Aside from the insect aesthetic though, it’s hard not to see Beel’s outfit as being cut into two pieces. Being split apart is destructive symbolism, but here Beel’s outfit is held together by delicate wing membrane and metal fastenings - materials both fragile and strong. The meaning here is of something that has been torn apart, but is now rejoined by strength and, perhaps, an acceptance of his fallen form.
Two more wings adorn the beetle that sits chained to the centre of his chest, the mockery of the fallen god physically pressed upon him, binding him to that name.
Yet with so many wings, Beel doesn’t share the same symbology as Levi. These are clearly insect wings, not those of birds, but the meaning isn’t necessarily negative. Insect wings suggest quick and abrupt changes in thoughts, moods, and action, and a strong encouragement to never give up. This is a symbol of great strength and determination, but also a warning that one must look after themself as well as other people. Highly adaptable, the ability to find beauty in strange places, and abundance are further meanings.
Beel has several red diamonds, all balanced save for where they are used to build a more organic shape (eg the beetle). Red diamonds symbolise courage, passion, power, leadership, and action, as well as danger, energy, and blood.
Red of course is the colour of passion, vitality, and strength, the colour of the legendary warrior. But it also symbolises protection and power in Japan, and Beel’s position as bodyguard seems intact here. It also explains the shelf shape on his lower half.
In the middle of his beetle, there is a horizontal red diamond formed in the shape of the infinity symbol, which has a very literal meaning of limitless, eternity, endlessness. Steadfast. Strong.
In summary, the Lord of Flies has struggled to accept himself, but he is getting there. However, Beel prioritises everyone else before himself, determined to be the strong protector that everyone else needs
Tumblr media
Belphegor, Avatar of Sloth, is associated with purple for his sin, and it is present here as both an accent and the centre piece of the design on his chest.
Like Beel, Belphegor is a former god, cast into hell. Far less is known about Ba'al Pə'ôr, other than that his worshippers were massacred, and he was worshipped via phallus symbolism. However, evidence suggests this god venerated women above men, which would have been a grave sin in the eyes of the new gods 👀
Like his brother, his name was deliberately sabotaged, and he is now "known" for being worshipped via poop offerings, which is highly likely to be completely untrue. And it ties him with the Lord of the Flies who was similarly compared to shit.
Unlike any of his brothers, Belphie is wearing a mourning veil, an item that is notable for representing two opposing meanings. The veil is intended to conceal one's grief, yet they are worn so prominently that they also signal one's grief for all to see. Hidden in plain sight, or visible in hiding, this befits the Lord of Emptiness, a name itself most paradoxical.
The veil is pinned with two pieces of mourning jewellery - set not with the traditional black, but the purple of Sloth. However, purple is also the colour of mourning and grief.
Belphie has a few purple diamonds, for the most part balanced, representing a wide range of meanings including mystery, pride, imagination, love, spirituality, and nobility.
Heart shapes adorn the middle part of his costume, containing within a purple downwards triangle. As mentioned for Satan, the direction of this imbalance represents all things dark, shadow, concealed, otherworldly, not fitting in, out of step. It's perhaps no surprise it is Belphie and Satan who team up to rebel against Lucifer.
The design on his chest is made of twelve downwards purple points, reminiscent of the classical sunburst that is oft shown descending from heaven or from the all seeing eye. However in purple and against the black, the meaning here is clearly different, evoking more of a moon and night feel than a touch of divinity.
Only eight of the lines have circles upon them, highlighting them as important, and I would hazard a guess that this represents the entire family, with Lilith watching over them from above.
Two wings sit upon Belphie's collar, an interesting choice again for a demon who finds himself without wings like Levi. That he has two wings however is a little more poignant - they symbolise a wish to rise to the heavens, to escape, to find clarity, to reach beyond base and even animalistic instinct to find peace. They signify someone who is trying to escape harsh reality in the comfort of dreams, chasing something - or someone - that they simply cannot attain.
Instead of his own symbolic animal, Belphie wears a beetle of purple diamonds and silver to represent his favourite brother and twin. His acceptance of Beel is a stark contrast to his feelings about his own fate, trapped in a place of eternal mourning, with only his dreams alleviating his grief.
In summary, the Lord of Emptiness is of the dark and the moon, revealing how big a part grief plays in Belphie's life even now. Trapped in mourning, he wants to escape, to put it behind him, but he doesn't know how.
Further reading:
Obey Me: The Theory of Demon Symbols
Obey Me: Zodiac Signs
Obey Me: Colour Theory
Mammon: The Fallen Warrior
Arcadia Lyrics Interpretation
My Chance! Lyrics Interpretation
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mochinnie · 8 months ago
aaaa your writing is so good!!! I’m super shy to req but also no pressure/worries at all. but my mind has been consumed w felix and I’m imagining his sweet voice absolutely ending my praise kink;; your prev works were so good I just had to ask but also no pressure <33 I hope ur having a good day!
fuck lix’s voice in that one video where he’s like “you wanna show me smth cute?” LIVES IN MY HEAD RENT FREE !!! anyways here’s a short drabble hehe. i hope you enjoy babe!
pairing: felix x fem reader 
genre: really soft smut
warning: creampie, lots of praise
word count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
“baby, did you dress up just for me?” felix asks.
you shift your weight between your legs, feeling severely underdressed in your pastel pink lingerie and white stockings next to felix who’s still dressed in his practice clothes. he must’ve taken a shower before he came to your apartment, because his hair is still damp but he’s wearing those gray sweatpants that always give you the most delicious outline of his cock and an oversized hoodie that he always slips on you before he fucks you.
“y-yeah!” you manage, tearing your eyes away from felix’s. your boyfriend isn’t a particularly dominant guy, but something about his hard stare makes your insides quiver. it’s like he’s undressing you with just a single look.
suddenly, felix is right in front of you, his steady fingers running up and down your arms before holding your hands in his, swinging them at his sides.
“thank you my love, you look so pretty.”
felix leans in to kiss you, his mouth gentle against yours, hands still tight around yours. he starts walking forward, pushing you further and further backward until your back hits the sofa. felix pulls away to push you gently onto the sofa before crawling over you. he kisses your cheek sweetly before moving down to your neck.
“fuck i’m so lucky,” lix groans against your collarbone as his hands rub over your waist. his teeth tug at the lacy strap of your lingerie, his fingers playing with the band just to hear the hitch in your breath. “y/n you’re so beautiful, my perfect little angel.” 
his voice is so low and sultry –– what some people would call a bedroom voice but to you, it’s just lix. everything about him from his soft hands running over your breasts to his deep voice rumbling against your skin to his blonde hair tickling your cheek, it’s just so felix. everything about him is addictive, and you can’t get enough. 
“b-been waiting for you,” you mumble as he begins sucking hickeys onto your chest, finding the most sensitive spots to lick and bite over. 
“yeah? did you get bored, baby? that’s why decided to get all dressed up angel?” 
“wanted to look p-pretty for you lix. w-wanted to–– ah!”  your whole body spasms as felix suddenly bites your nipple over the sheer lace fabric of your bra. the sensation makes your whole body go into overdrive.
“you always look pretty,” he mumbles against your chest, making you squeal. “hm does my pretty girl like when i play with her tits?” 
“wanna hear you say it love.” 
“i-i like it when l-lix plays with my tits.” 
felix pulls away, replacing his mouth with his fingers and he kneads one boob and pressing and pinching at the other. his eyes are stern but his voice comes out gentle.
“tsk. try again baby.” 
you try your best to keep your eyes attached to lix’s like he clearly wants, mumbling shyly, “i-i’m lix’s pretty girl and i-i like when he plays with my tits.” 
felix’s face bursts into the most precious, breathtaking smile, his eyes crinkling and his cheeks bright. he looks so happy as he leans into rub his nose against yours that you can forget how embarrassing the words felt on your tongue. it doesn’t matter what lix asks of you, because you love him so much that you’d probably always say yes. anything for one more kiss, one more touch, one more smile from him. 
“perfect baby,” he mumbles against your mouth, one hand traveling down your tummy until its slipped under your panties. “you’re always so good for me, angel. i love you so much.” 
“love you more lix!” 
“fuck babe you’re so wet,” felix starts rubbing your clit, fingers gently dragging along the bundle of nerves over and over. “you’re always so wet for me my love.” 
all you can do is groan as felix continues to rub against you. his fingers know every part of your body so well that it only takes minutes before you’re whining and begging, gushing against his digits as he pushes two into your cunt without hesitation, stretching you open.
“fuck you sound so hot babe,” lix groans up against your ear. after minutes of just heavy breathing and your whines and whimpers, felix’s voice sounds more deep and raspy than usual. “fuck i’m so hard.” 
you can feel him against your thigh, so close yet so far away.
“how do you want it baby?” 
“w-whatever you want lix!” you insist. “j-just need you in me so bad. please, p-pretty please––” 
“shh angel, i got you y/n,” lix slips his hand out of your panties, making you whine embarrassingly loud. he taps your hip gently, then your thigh. “come on sweet girl, want you on top tonight.” 
you sniffle, moving so lix is sitting with his back pressed against the cushions. your vision is a little blurry as you swing your leg over his hips, straddling him. for a couple moments, lix lets you do as you please: biting wetly at his neck, slipping your hands under his shirt to feel the toned skin of his stomach, messily rutting your ruined panties over his bulge.
“off off off,” you beg. “p-please need you in me now! n-need to come!” 
“anything for my pretty angel,” lix holds your hips with one hand and tugs your panties to the side with the other. you tug his shirt over his head and pull his cock out from his pants, flush against his honey skin. 
“come on pretty girl, take what you need.” 
you lean down to kiss him, biting at his mouth as you sink down on his length all at once. you can’t help but smile as lix grunts against your mouth, his deep voice making your head spin. you greedily drink all the noises that leave his mouth. he’s babbling against you, just as desperate for you as you are him. felix runs his hands from your thighs to your waist to over your tits to your face, running his thumbs over your cheekbones. 
“baby you’re so fucking perfect,” his voice is so quiet, like his sweet love confessions are a secret for only your ears to hear. “y/n i love you so much ––  oh you god.” 
you begin desperately grinding against him, crying out as the head of his cock finds the spot inside of you that makes your vision go black. felix continues to whisper sweet nothings against your mouth, every word making you more and more drenched. your head feels so far away it’s like you’re drowning and felix's hands on your neck, his fingers playing with your hair, his voice against your breath; all of him is the only thing keeping you here.
“y-you sound so pretty, my love,” lix tells you, hands finding your ass and lifting you up easily, sinking you down on his cock in just a breathe’s notice. “want you to cum on my cock. wanna feel you around me, y/n. can you do that for me, love?” 
“wanna––” you cry out as lix starts rubbing at your clit again, matching the pace of his fingers with the drop of your hips against his. “i-i’m so close.” 
“i know. can feel you clenching pretty girl.” 
“p-please make me cum. w-want it so bad –– fuck i want you so bad lix! i love you, i love you, i love––” 
“cum then baby.” 
that’s all it takes, lix’s gentle voice coxing your climax out of you, making your head dizzy until all you can think about is felix: felix with his hands running over your thighs, felix and his wet groans against your mouth, felix and his throbbing cock inside you. even half gone, you start grinding against him again, ignoring the overstimulation.
felix sounds so close, his voice an octave higher than usual, his head dropped to your shoulder. 
“w-want you to cum inside. w-want you to fill me up, p-pretty please!” 
“fuck y/n, i love you so much. anything for you angel.” 
felix thrusts up into your messy hole a couple more times before he’s shaking under you, his raspy voice incoherent as he milks his cock inside your greedy cunt. you stroke his hair through it, half asleep as he finishes inside you. 
lix doesn’t even bother pulling out. he just twists his body so he’s laying flat against the sofa, you still situated on top of him, his cock still snug inside your walls. from somewhere, you manage to tug a blanket over the two of you both. felix kisses you gently, his eyes soft and sleepy. he wipes the salvia off your cheeks and chin before smiling. his eyes say it all.
“w-was it good for you?” you ask shyly, head against his heart. 
“perfect baby.” lix strokes your hair, kissing the crown of your head gently. “you’re always so perfect for me baby.” 
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nightwingmyboi · a year ago
Do you have any fic recs where batfam has to comfort Dick?
I have a few fics where Dick is taken care no particular order: 
Soft nights by @unavenged-robin. 1/1 Finished. “You’ve been asleep for the past twelve hours" “And you got a little worried?”
(At the Very Least), I Can by @selkienight60. 1/1 Finished. “… something is wrong.”That was Bruce's voice, he would know it anywhere. OR, Dick Grayson + Full Body Paralysis. 
Handle with Care by takadainmate. 1/1 Finished. Dick is sick. Alfred isn't around. Bruce and Damian do their best. 
In the dark of night by @fanfictiongreenirises. 1/1 Finished. Bruce and Dick and a series of steps and leaps and jumps. 
Post-Op by Batsymomma11. 1/1 Finished. Dick Grayson needed surgery. His family had to sit in the waiting room, just like everyone else. Bruce isn't worried. Not at all. Not. At. All. 
Bite the Bullet by @bearly-writing. 1/1 Finished. "If they were in costume, this wouldn’t even be a workout – Jason could probably take the three of them down without breaking a sweat. But they aren’t in costume and they don’t have any of their gear and no amount of martial arts training is going to stop a bullet – not the way that Kevlar does."
spiderwebs and tangents by @fanfictiongreenirises. 1/1 Finished. Bruce walks into his room to find a crying heap in his bed. 
The Jingle Jangle Morning by @audreycritter. 1/1 Finished. Dick’s first overnight field trip without Bruce doesn’t go as well as planned.
It Could Stay Simple (Just Stay This Little) by coconuticecream (staymonkey). 1/1 Finished. Maybe claiming legal guardianship over a child at 22, and so soon after becoming Batman, spread Bruce thinner than he'd realized. Maybe Bruce was less equipped to parent a third grader than he'd thought. Maybe Bruce should do more to invite Dick into his life. Maybe Bruce should hug Dick, or promise he'll do better by Dick, or tell Dick that he loves Dick more than he thought himself capable. 
I realize now that a lot of these are Bruce and Dick rather than Batfam, but I’m in the mood for them rn lmao. Might add some more later with more of the fam...
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the-adventures-of-dave · 2 months ago
I had a kitten who looked very suspiciously exactly like one of those white bengal variants (I can't remember which one) with white fur and very soft brown bengaly spots and little leg stripes and blue eyes and on the one hand I know literally nothing about where her mother's owners got her mother from but on the other, there's like no way she was actually a bengal??? Anyways I don't have her anymore and this was a long time ago so I don't have pictures either but I am always shocked at exactly how much she looked like those kittens. She liked to climb up the edge of entire open doors and lie down on the tiny inch wide bit of wood up top.
The pale colouration in bengals is called “snow lynx point”, but apart from clear rosettes it’s actually a coat colour that can be found in a variety of other cat breeds and domestic cat populations as well! In non-bengal breeds it’s called “seal lynx point”, and is just the presence of tabby markings + colourpoint markings.
It’s impossible to judge a cat’s breed based on colour and pattern alone. Both tabby + colourpoint genes are quite common in domestic cat populations and purebreds alike. Given the rarity of purebred cats, chances are your kitty was a seal lynx point domestic shorthair. 
Here’s a couple examples of seal lynx point cats that look very similar to a snow lynx point, but are very much not bengals. 
(left to right, top to bottom: domestic shorthair x2, siberian (?), colourpoint shorthair, scottish fold, american bobtail)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thalfox · 8 months ago
Are we... Are we ever gonna talk about how the cast's dance choices? Because I feel the whole reason moomoo does ballet out of all things is because lilith was into ballet 👀
The chibi cards are a v good break down of each demon's dance style - the cards of pride, greed, envy, and wrath showcase the four dance moves, while lust gives the default pose, gluttony the winning pose, and sloth the losing pose.
So let's have a look at the four dance poses of each demon!
Obey Me Dance Styles~
Tumblr media
Team Party! - Mammon & Asmo
Tumblr media
These two demons are the self-confessed party animals, and it shows in their dancing which is all about having fun. Mammon uses his hands very expressively along with winking, giving a v flirty and confident feel. Super cute!
Tumblr media
Asmo is a little more controlled, less of the fist pumping and large gestures, instead focusing on keeping his hands close to his face at all times so everybody knows who they should be looking at!
Like Mammon though, there's emphasis on winking, kissy face, and devilgrammable poses.
Team Style! Levi & Belphie
Tumblr media
This pair of demons have each specialised in a highly recognisable dance style. For Levi, it's the robot, requiring stiff limbs, jerky movements, and no need for a smile!
This inflexible dancing style is something that can be practised alone and performed alone, and stops anyone coming to close. He maybe enjoys it? It's hard to tell.
Tumblr media
Belphie is the most proficient dancer when it comes to style, so it's no surprise he specialises in ballet, a very demanding form of dance.
Balance, elegance, and poise - this is the polar opposite to the robot above, but his 😕 expression may indicate he uses this style for similar motivations as his otaku brother.
Team Old! Lucifer & Satan
Tumblr media
Old as in old school, these two are more at ease with classical ballroom dancing, and so their attempts on a modern dance floor are a tad... dated.
However, the dancing is flawless as one would expect, and hey, Lucifer is having fun! It's a chance for him to cut loose and ignore the rules, and he throws in a cheeky wink for good measure.
Tumblr media
Satan is a little more up to date than his father, but there's no difference between 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s dance style in his mind. And to be fair to him, as an immortal being he has somewhat of a point!
Satan is out here doing the twist, voguing, and disco dancing all at the same time. He's having fun even if he's having to concentrate hard.
Team Enthusiasm! Beel & Diavolo
Tumblr media
These two demons do have dance skills, but it's their sheer enthusiasm and limitless energy that draw the eye. Beel is out here freestyling with perfect rythym and hip movements that have all the succubi fainting. He may look serious but he's just in The Zone 🎶
Tumblr media
First on the dance floor and last to leave, Diavolo treats dancing like a battle every time, totally lost in the music. His dance moves are a little less... polished than Beel, but he's got the spirit!
Tumblr media
Further reading:
How the Demon Brothers Dance
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closetedotaku01 · 10 months ago
Umm could you write something for Tsukishima, Kenma, Kuroo, Iwaizumi with fem! reader who is very touch starved? (if you don't write for that many just pick whoever stands out the most) SFW please.
A/N: First off: excellent character choices for this! Secondly, thank you so much for requesting so sweetly. Such a kind ask. Thank you thank you. Especially since none of my work is public yet, I really appreciate you trusting an unknown author. I hope you have a lovely day. Finally, I’ve struggled a lot with touch starvation so this feels very close to me. Got a bit self-indulgent. I felt bad because there was no dialogue in the base writing for Kenma & Tsukki so they kinda get HC+ while Iwa’s and Kuroo’s are just standard hc’s. Info on touch starvation at the end if you want it.
-Tsukishima is smart and perceptive.
-So it doesn’t take long for him to realize that you’re touch starved.
-He sees how you simultaneously shy away from any physical affection while clearly wanting some. Sees how anxious you are and how easy it is for you to get overwhelmed. Takes note of how you alway seem to be holding yourself, and often wear clothes that are heavy and cover your whole body.
-He does not like the situation.
-He knows what you need, but he’s not big on physical affection and not very comfortable initiating it.
-But he is soft for you…. so he’ll pull it together just for you. He starts holding onto you more in public. An arm around your waist, your shoulders, his hand in yours, always giving you something.
-The first dozen or so times it happens you show clear panic at the touch, but he doesn’t even flinch. He’s confident with touching you, and wants you to know he’s here and you can do no wrong.
-When you two are alone together, he’ll pull you into him a lot more than he would have otherwise. He WILL pull you closer to him when you sit far away.
-But he can tell you’re just having a day where you cannot handle it and on days like that he always leaves his body open so you have the chance to cuddle him if you want it, but he makes his actions smaller and quicker so as not to overwhelm you.
-Eventually you start hugging him freely, and he reciprocates just enough. Your arms wrapped tight around his waist, and he lets his arms fall onto your shoulder. It’s hardly a hug, but he rubs your back and has a hand in your hair. It sends sweet tingles of happiness throughout your body.
-You hum lightly at the contact and it’ll force him to pull you in closer.
-Tsukki is very knowing. He encourages a safe and loving environment so you stop feeling afraid to ask for affection. He actually really enjoys when you’re needy, because he can get pretty needy too.
-And if you want to talk about your touch starvation, he’ll listen. But he’s fine just giving you what he can offer. He knows you and just wants you to feel more comfortable.
Your whole body is on edge and you don’t quite know why or how, but everything is setting you off. The blanket on your legs is sending fire-like shivers through your body, the heater keeps playing with your hair and it’s making everything feel warm inside you.
You look over to Kei, who’s just enjoying the film. You were the one who sat far away, though now you wish you were laying on him instead of curled up against the arm rest. But his arms and legs are open wide, and despite this he’s sat up pretty straight. You like being able to see his whole body so open. His face looks relaxed, and the blue light from the TV makes all of him… glow. His glasses, the prominent features of his face, his tousled locks, all lit up and beautiful as ever. It honestly just feels like more temptation, his whole body is open and glowing like a checkpoint in a videogame and you desperately feel the urge to just crawl into him.
Kei’s voice startles you, but he doesn’t even look away from the screen, “Are you going to come over here, or are you just going to stare all night?” You see him open his arms out wider and you jump at the chance. You curl yourself into his side, letting the scent of his body and the feel of him in your arms ease the anxiety, ease the ache for contact. He’s a bit cold so you pull your blanket over the both of you as you let your head fall to his chest, your arm thrown over his midsection, one of your legs thrown over one of his. You’re practically clinging onto him.
You feel panic well up in you at the contact. It’s too much contact and you shouldn’t be so desperate and--
Kei’s arm falls around your back, pulling you closer gently. He lets his fingers trace your spine up and down, up and down. Your mind relaxes. He lets his hand drift down as he starts rubbing small circles into your lower back, and your muscles lose their tension. You’re not clinging. You’re not desperate. You’re with Kei. And you’re wanted. You know he wouldn’t have you here, if he didn’t want you here. And everything eases. You return your eyes to the movie, but your attention is solely the steady cadence of his heart in your ear as he holds you.
Kozume Kenma
-Another basically wordless adjustment.
-Kenma is also very aware of you. Sees you as a challenge for him to understand and is always studying you and what makes you happy and how to cheer you up depending on what’s bothering you. He just loves to know you.
-And so it doesn’t take very long at all for him to figure it out.
-He notices your little movements. How you stare so intently at physical affection among others as if you wish you were apart of it. But you never ask for or initiate it.
-How when you do cuddle with him you get remarkably clingy and hold tight, but if he moves even slightly you pull away almost completely.
-His way of going about this is also pretty subtle.
-Kenma will start sitting with his legs open, and tell you to sit between them, and then he’ll put his head on your shoulder, wrap his arms around you, and play a game in front of you. It’s very much full body contact, without you feeling like you’re under scrutiny, and he’s holding you so you know he wants you there.
-He’s also sure to give you his jackets because he knows heavier clothing simulates human touch and helps people with touch starvation.
-When he sees you staring at people in public who’re being affectionate, and sees that want and confusion in your eyes, he’ll pull his hood down over his face (so he doesn’t have to deal with other people staring) and hold your hand. If he can see you need it, he’ll bring his body close to yours so you’re basically against each other, side by side.
-When you two go out to nice places with friends and he can see you getting touch starved he’ll place his hand in your lap and let you play with his fingers. Tracing his palm and up his forearms a bit. It actually relaxes his nerves a bit too and he learns to love this so much.
-If you ever bring it up he’ll listen, but he never really asks.
Kenma’s been on the floor playing Animal Crossing on the television since you arrived. You didn’t mind. You liked having lazy conversations with him about your day or his town, or scrolling through Instagram with the calming soundtrack in the background.
Like always he sat with his controller in hand as the game was projected on the TV, back against the bedpost, while you laid on the bed. But today is getting to you. You really want to feel his skin against yours, or steal the hoodie he’s wearing, or play with his hair. Anything would do. But you don’t want to come off clingy. Or worse to put Kenma off since you know he likes his distance.
He looks back at you and you give him a weak smile and he immediately stands up.
“Come here. I want to play Smash instead,” Kenma says as he pulls his switch out of the charger.
“I don’t really want to play right now Kenma. I’m pretty tired,” you say as you watch him change out the game cartridge and slip the controllers onto the side of the Switch.
“Just…. Come here, y/n,” he says almost exasperated as he returns to his spot on the floor near the bedpost. You sit down next to him and he immediately repositions himself behind you, and wraps his arms around you. He puts his arms around your waist and pulls you closer to him before repositioning them around your arms, and placing his chin on your shoulder.
You’re immediately overwhelmed by the feeling of him. The way his body encases you. You feel safe and filled, overflowing with the contact you felt bereft of only moments ago. You took a deep breath in before leaning farther back into him and letting yourself enjoy all that Kenma was willing to give you.
Kuroo Tetsurō
-Ahh finally a vocal boy. My goodness.
-Kuroo is such an observant guy and he knows a bit about touch starvation.
-He didn’t know at first that it was diagnosable or anything. But he was generally aware of what it was.
-But you’ll be chilling at his place and he’ll be lying on his stomach writing something in a notebook and you’ll be sitting against the headboard, his feet by your thighs scrolling through your phone or reading or something. He put on some music and you’re just enjoying each other’s company.
-And then he’ll say something along the lines of, “We should set up boundaries.”
-“Wait, what?”
-“Well, I know you’re not… super comfortable with me yet. And I don’t want to push you into anything you don’t like. But the “line” doesn’t feel very defined.”
-His words are so casual. He hasn’t even looked up from whatever he’s doing, but it doesn’t make much sense. He’s one of the people you’re most comfortable around.
-“Tetsurō, what are you talking about?” and you’re sounding a bit exasperated even though you’re just confused.
-He finally raises his head. He turns to you and sits up, cross-legged. His words are slow and uncertain, “Well like … earlier when we were walking around I… I held your hand and you flinched. And when we met up you came over and gave me a hug, but once I hugged you back you kinda pulled away. It’s fine, I just… want to know what to do to make sure you’re comfortable.”
-And you’re pretty impressed he even noticed because they were all slight movements. But you get a bit anxious. You know he’s a pretty affectionate guy, and this would definitely be a barrier. And it’s your barrier. It’s not his job to fix it and--
-“Get out of your head,” he whispers calmly as he sees the turmoil and paranoia fighting in your eyes. 
-He sees straight through you. He knows all too well how you can get.
-So with a deep breath you slowly tell him about touch starvation and your personal journey with it.
-He is deeply curious, but he’ll judge how you’re feeling.
-If you’re not doing great he’ll just nod and remind you that whatever you’re feeling is valid and it doesn’t change anything between the two of you. He’ll sit next to you, leaving a slight gap, and ask if you want to get close to him and take it from there. Asking quietly if he can advance or whatever it is that you need from him.
-If you’re fine with it he’ll ask you questions about when and how and where your personal boundaries are for now and what would make you feel more comfortable and help you grow out of it. And what he should do if you were not in a great mental place. Should he rush in and completely wrap you up in affection? Or should he give you space? He wants to know how to care for you, because he…. Cares so much for you.
-Regardless, of how the rest of that day plays out, he does loads of research on touch starvation. He learns everything he can about it. Takes note of everything he can do to help and common methods that do more harm than good so he doesn’t accidentally make things worse.
-He makes sure to ask you and check in with you before touching you and for the first WHILE that you’re together will interrupt cuddles to ask how you’re feeling. Reminds you constantly that he loves you and that whenever, if ever, you want (or need) touch you can go to him. And if he’s ever being too much he won’t be hurt if you ask him to back up. Makes sure to know how to handle people who are too touch-y for you without making a whole big scene.
-He really just wants to be there for you and have you trust him.
-As time goes on in the relationship he learns to read your tells without asking so much and you grow to need less time away from him, and being able to fully enjoy more of the time you spend closely snuggled up to him.
Iwaizumi Hajime
-Definitely the least observant out of this group (but we still love him). So he doesn’t really notice.
-And he doesn’t care much one way or another for physical affection. So he won’t really offer it if he doesn’t think you’re into it. And since you don’t really initiate, he doesn’t either. He thinks you don’t really want it so he lets it slide because he doesn’t care much.
-It takes a good long while, but eventually you start feeling completely comfortable around him, and he notices how you’ll be more needy. More physically affectionate in short and infrequent bursts.
-And so he reciprocates. Calling you over more often to hang out alone, with you close by his side, offering the slightest bit more PDA.
-But it’s still very limited.
-You eventually realize you have to have a conversation with him about it. He’s on his laptop, but he’s not doing anything important so you decide to do it now while he’s relaxed and at home so it doesn’t have to turn into some big thing.
-“Yeah?” He asks only half paying attention.
-“Can I tell you about something… it’s kinda important.”
-He immediately swivels around to face you, “Yeah sure. What’s up? Is everything okay?”
-You steady yourself and do your best to clear your thoughts and casually bring up touch starvation and calmly explain the bare minimum about how it is and how it affects you and how you would appreciate it if he initiated the actions. And how it’s totally normal if you flinch or shy away at first, but you want to adjust because you do like being close to him.
-And he’s so chill about it.
-“Okay. Do you want to cuddle right now?”
-“Uhhh-- y-yeah. Sure. Are you okay with this all? I know it can be a lot to take in. You can ask questions or take your time or---”
-He cuts you off by taking your hand in his as he guides you to the bed to cuddle, “I love all of you. Even like this. And until you get better. So just let me hold on to you for a little while.”
-And he lets you curl up into him and is very gentle, but firm and steady with his touch. He doesn’t pull away at your sharp movements when his hands meet your side. He just make sure his touch is gentle and lets you enjoy the closeness.
-As time goes on he might ask a few questions to keep everything comfortable and make sure he’s aware of you and knows how to care for you in most situations. If he doesn’t he’ll ask quietly, and say that he’s willing to go home with you any time you feel overwhelmed.
-Iwaizumi is extremely loyal and careful with you and your needs and only wants the best for you. His loyalty and unwavering commitment to you are what help you eventually feel comfortable enough to either ask for what you need or just get it.
-You feel free to approach and cuddle him without asking or pull away without asking, because he gets you and he loves you and you know that. You taking action to care for yourself won’t change that.
Some Info on Touch Starvation:
I read a lot of touch starvation fics/hc’s when I was really going through it and they all had the touch starved person acting super clingy. Which CAN happen, but that’s usually only at the beginning of the condition only. In my own experience with touch starvation, physical contact actually gave me anxiety and panic attacks, and I became completely touch averse for a very long time before I slowly worked toward a healthier lifestyle.
Touch starvation leads to a lack of oxytocin (which is released when there’s skin on skin contact. It’s a social hormone often referred to as the “love” or “cuddle” hormone) and that can lead a person to feel very stressed and restless, so most touch starved people end up not accepting touches or shying away from touch and don’t really want to ask for it because they think they don’t want it.
A lack of oxytocin also leads to: a higher sensitivity to pain, feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, and it makes you more prone to develop an eating disorder, clinical depression and/or anxiety, and fibromyalgia .
There are a lot of ways to deal with touch starvation, even if there are not people around you (pets, heavy clothing, warm showers, going to hair/nail salons regularly, etc. can all help get or simulate the contact you need.) Some of this is harder because of Covid, but please take care of yourself if you think you might be touch starved! It’s actually a serious condition and should be treated as such.
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nightwingmyboi · 10 months ago
Ehem..... wouldn't you have... more of those headcanons of Dick & Bruce early years together?? 👀
I have some thoughts. Starts at the sad beginnings, and then gets fluffier. 
Dick following Alfred around like a baby duckling, because he’s lonely and Bruce is (looking for Zucco) never around.  
In canon, Dick once said that he felt like a “Christmas puppy.” He thought that Bruce took him in for the novelty of having a circus kid around, and that he was going to throw him out onto the streets once he got bored. 
Feeling unwanted and unneeded was something that crept up on Dick a lot, even when he’s been at the manor for a while. 
I feel like he’d deal with that by just...hiding somewhere when he was upset because he didn’t think they’d still want him around if he was being “difficult.” Even as an adult, he tends to isolate when he’s distressed. 
Cue Bruce freaking out at baby Dick just vanishing into thin air. 
Over time, they begin to learn where Dick’s places are. On the roof facing the sunrise. In the big oak tree on the south side of the grounds. Among the wild plants in the clearing behind the garden shed. So on.
Usually somewhere high and outside. 
Alfred tends to bring him inside immediately, give him a mug of something warm. But Bruce will sit with him. 
The finding is the most important part. 
Being Robin changes everything. That’s Bruce letting Dick in to know all the pieces of himself. They spend more time together, after that. 
And Dick begins to heal. 
That’s when the shenanigans begin >:) 
See, baby Dick was both an angel and a gremlin
He was an angel, in that he was very emotionally intelligent, especially for a child, and that meant he understood all of Bruce’s fumbling attempts at parenting and emoting. Dick’s always been kind. 
But he was also a gremlin in that he regularly gave Bruce and Alfred heart attacks. 
As in, what’s the highest, most precarious place in the room? Why, what a perfect spot for some cartwheels! 
Bruce, heart nearly beating out of his chest as Dick does a handstand on the railing to the stairs 20 feet up off the ground: “Dick can you please get down from there” Dick, oblivious, shifting all of his weight onto one hand and making his position even more dubious: “Why?” 
Bruce, returning home after a busy day at work. Dick, leaning almost entirely out the window, only the tips of his toes touching the ground, waving enthusiastically “Hi Bruce!!!! :D” 
Lots of attempted secret keeping from Alfred.
“No telling Alfred about the broken vase or the take-out or the ice cream, ok Dick?” Dick nods solemnly. 
“Alfred we missed you! But everything was totally fine while you were gone!” Nailed it. 
Alfred was the one that usually drove Dick to and from school. I like to think they chatted on the road, and that Alfred knew all of the school gossip. 
“Tiffany did what? And after Claire stood by her during the ketchup incident. Oh dear.” Dick, nodding vigorously: “I know.”
The first time Dick hugs Bruce (not a I’m crying because my parent’s just died hug, but a proper hug), Bruce is stumped. Doesn’t know quite what to do with his hands. Ends up awkwardly patting Dick on the back. 
Dick finds this uproariously funny (”haha, you’re such a weirdo :D”), and takes to surprise hugging Bruce so that he can “practice his form” 
I like to imagine Alfred getting Dick ready for galas. He'd comb his hair and untangle the tie Dick tried to knot and put it on properly, while Dick struggles to stand still. Dick sneakily slides on some outrageously patterned, colorful socks with his dress shoes and Alfred pretends not to notice. 
Then Alfred moves on to wrangling the other child. Bruce hates galas. 
In public, Dick Grayson tugs twice on the bottom of Bruce’s shirt, and the mountain of a man bends over and lets the little boy whisper something in his ear. 
Alternatively, in private, Dick climbs on furniture (or Bruce himself) like a monkey, and whispers the joke into his ear just like that. 
Dick is dead on his feet after a patrol goes longer than expected, and Bruce carefully carries him to bed, tucks him in, makes sure the windows are closed, that the curtains are drawn....he wants to make sure every little thing is right. 
Dick going on his very first field trip outside of Gotham, and Bruce running a background check on every single person involved. 
Idk, I’m obsessed with the idea of Bruce treating Dick like he’s something precious. I feel like the love sneaks up on him, until he can’t imagine his life without Dick in it. 
But he’s also a big tease with Dick too. 
“Ice cream? I don’t know Dick, it’s pretty late....” “B, c’mon don’t be cruel” 
It’s all about that banter. And lots of hair ruffling I think. 
I’m going to stop before this gets (more) out of hand. 
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