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#thanks for the ask!
ukelele-boy · 2 days ago
confession i actually think lester and meg have more of a father/daughter relationship than a sibling one i feel like he'd be her substitute father
Oooh. Dad Apollo hahahaha.
Yeah I can definitely see it. Apollo gives off stressed out single dad vibes. The way he wipes crumbs off Meg's face with a napkin, the way he stresses when Meg does something dangerous.
I'm also soft for their sibling dynmaic though, because Apollo and Meg comforting and teasing each other is my jam.
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painsandconfusion · 2 days ago
Would you feel like doing some drowning prompts?
@void-fireworks, oh, I'd love to.
Also, HOW did you know I was just trying to think of a topic for a prompt list? Are you psychic? Should I be afraid?
Anywho, here's some things! Enjoy!!
Whump Prompts: Drowning
Whumper’s fingers twisting far too tight into Whumpee’s hair, ripping some loose as Whumpee thrashes under the water.
“Theeeeere you go. Cough it all up. Very good. Okay, now take a deep breath for me. Deeper. There.”
The slow-motion thrashing. Panic building as Whumper has to fight against the water.
“I thought you’d make it at least a full minute. How disappointing. How about we try again?”
Water burning like fire in Whumpee’s sinuses. Pushing against the backs of their eyes. Like frostbite and fire in their lungs.
Whumpee’s eyes wide and frantic under the water. But is it pure water? Or salt? Is there soap? How baldly does it burn their eyes? Tears streaming down their face for hours after, trying to flush out the dry, burning pain.
“Why do you look so scared, pet? It’s just a bath. You don't think I'd hurt you, do you?"
A classic - a whumpee who has been desperately swimming again. They come to a stop, treading water, panting, looking frantically around them. The moment they start to relax, a hand/jaws/rope/whatever clamps down on their ankle, dragging them under before they have the chance to scream.
Darkness. Just darkness seeping in. Is it from the water? Or are their eyes washing over?
Each breath aching and burning after Whumpee coughed up all the water. It feels like there’s still more. There’s always more.
Whumper helpfully patting Whumpee’s back, helping them cough it all up before shoving them under again.
“Are you really going to die like that? In two inches of water. That would be really pathetic of you, don’t you think?”
Drowning in a lake. Whumpee’s fingers clutching at the muck and green, slimy plants, desperately trying to push away, but falling back into the slippery rocks time after time as their vision fades into dark.
Whumpee thrashing against hands at their neck, having no idea how is holding them down. Their face is distorted and blurred by the warped and rushing water between them.
Unconventional drowning, but can we get a shoutout for water-boarding? Thanks.
Whumpee trapped in the brig of a sinking ship. Clawing at the wood and iron bars, screaming for help as everyone scrambled out in a frenzy, not caring to let them out.
“N-no please. I - I can’t. I. I can’t. I can’t br-breathe. Please. No - nnn-NO!”
Whumper shoving Whumpee back under the water without giving them the time to take a full, gasping breath.
Drowning in the ocean. Each wave crashing fresh over their face, giving them just enough air to stay conscious. But how long can they hold on before it’s too much?
That last, desperate gasp of air before they are forced under the water without warning.
Whumper just holding Whumpee tight as they drag them down down down - confident that Whumpee’s panic will ensure they run out of air first.
"Go on, just breathe it in. There's no need to fight me. You're just delaying the inevitable."
Whumpee tied down as the water slowly rises around them. Jerking against their restraints until blood from their wrists dances through the rushing water.
A recovering Whumpee panicking whenever they get too close to a river or when Caretaker tries to draw them a bath.
"Aww, are you getting hungry? I thought so. I'll give you one bite for every minute you can stay under. How about that?"
Also, uh, here's some drowning scenes I wrote before? Feel free to pull whatever you want from those as well!! 1, 2, 3 that last one is awful but i guess you can look at it if you want.
(If you use any of these, please do tag me because I'm a sucker and just want to read the whump and if you hand-deliver whump to me, I will weep with joy.)
(tags: @prisonerwhump @whumpawink @mabledonut @paleassprince @distinctlywhumpthing @wormwriting @tropes-for-my-md-daydreams @batfacedliar @suspicious-whumping-egg )
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ofbuttsandbombs · 2 days ago
Jake and Amy buying a new bed/mattress for their new home
The next time they buy a new bed, Amy (who is pregnant with baby # 3) makes a list of what qualities they need in a bed -
-Wide enough to fit all the Peralta babies who love to encroach on their parents' territory at midnight
-storage space built in because now their family has more members with so much more stuff
-Sturdy enough for all the jumping the kids (and their dad) did (and for other more adult physical activities...)
-"Mattress should be bouncy enough for Mattress Trampoline," Jake adds. Amy rolls her eyes.
- Not too soft, not too hard- just perfect for Amy's ever aching back that has dealt with 3 pregnancies
-"More big, mama!"
- "What about the headboard bars, babe?" Amy can almost hear his eyebrows waggle suggestively.
- "this BIG!" Apparently the bed of 5 yr old Mac's dreams (which isn't even his bed) is large enough to fit all of them, a car, a little dinosaur and all his toys.
- "I really think a solid headboard is totally out of style these days!" Jake says matter of factly and totally without any ulterior motive. "We're not getting headboard bars, Jake, you know the kids like to stick their heads through the gaps."
- "okay fine we can have those bar thingies they were nice" "and useful" "oh so very useful"
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trentonsimblr · 2 days ago
What are your top 5 tiaras?
Tumblr media
Hi Nonny! Here are 5 of my favorite tiaras!
1. Ruby Tiara by @batsfromwesteros
2. Iveagh Tiara by @normalsiim
3. Stuart Tiara by @royaltysimblr
4. Otrante Tiara by @thesimpireblr
5. Emerald Honeysuckle Tiara By @glitterberrysims
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1 or 3????
you don't need to do both if you don't want too
1: Don’t leave - An anon also asked for 1, so this can fulfill both of your guy's asks! :)
"Wait!" The weak voice made Time pause in the room's doorway. He turned back to the sickbed where one of his companions lay. "Don't leave, Uncle. Please."
Legend's sore voice pulled on Time's heartstrings. It was more vulnerable than he had ever heard the vet sound. His eyes were glazed over with fever, obviously not seeing his surroundings, but something from his imagination. Or from his memories.
Time considered. Legend was not one to speak freely about his past. If he were lucid right now, he would never be saying such things. If he remembered this later, it would likely make him angry at Time. but he couldn't leave the vet while he was pleading for Time to stay. Legend could be angry and bluster all he wanted later. Right now, he needed Time.
He turned back from the door, moving to sit once again in the chair next to the bed. "Of course not, Link. I'm not going anywhere."
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atomheartz · 3 hours ago
Since Druig is always eating in the movie, Drukkari food headcannons :)
i'm glad we as a fandom can all come together and love the fact that druig is always stuffing his face. anyways, these are my personal headcanons and if you think otherwise, i'd love to hear anyone else's bc i love headcanons <3
Tumblr media
- druig can't cook to save his life. he'd burn water if at all possible. he swears he ruined cereal. but that doesn't stop him from trying to make makkari a nice dinner at least once.
- despite her mess of artifacts and books inside the domo, makkari makes sure to have a separate place for druig to keep all of his snacks. that way, they don't get lost in the clutter.
- makkari is the only one druig will share his snacks with without her asking. he'll make everyone else ask, but makkari can just help herself if she feels like it. ( spoiler: she always asks, just in case. she's polite. )
- makkari loves junk food. she had a box of twinkies on the domo for a reason. so if she's ever being stubborn, or she's had a rough day, druig will bring her a bag of chips, a hostess cupcake, hostess snoballs ( the pink ones ), or any junk food he can find.
- makkari CAN cook, and she enjoys it. it's because of drukkari the phrase 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' was invented. cooking is like her love language, because she knows what she makes is good, and she knows druig will love it no matter what.
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fatherford-if · a day ago
How would the ROs react in the crushing or relationship stage to someone flirting with the MC right in front of them?
I will take this as being in the crush stage.
Jack- He wouldn't do anything. Is there anything he could really do? He would just hang back and pretend to be interested in something random whilst you carried on with the conversation. He would just hope that he can still have a chance with Mc.
Richard's eyes would probably tear up just a little bit. Him seeing someone flirting with you, the person that he has been crushing on for years, right in front of him. He can't stand the thought nor the experience. He would most likely just walk away, with no comment as to where he was going. Richard would probably be mortified later on thinking: "did I have to make it that obvious that I have feelings for mc?"
M would care (but then again, they wouldn't care if it wasn't serious flirting). However, they would most likely change the conversation topic, as they wouldn't want to be awkwardly standing there as a stranger flirted with the person they have feelings for.
E would be extremely unsure of what to do, as they have never really experienced having a serious crush on someone. So they'd probably let it go while they tried to distract themselves with something else.
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ickarus-stuff · 2 days ago
On wings of Årelang (fic game)
Immortal Tommy and his favorite mortal !!!
Tommy's like a kid here, but in God standards. So like, he's the god equivalent of a five-six year old. Techno's his favorite mortal, and he has an inkling the kid he picked up from one of the kidnappers' carts isn't mortal or even particularly human, considering the kid looked only slightly put-out and not terrified.
Techno also finds it sus how his farm suddenly produced so much more, how he seemed to heal quicker and miraculously avoided every injury as long as the kid was in a 100000 mile radius and not drop-dead exhausted.
Techno doesn't particularly care though, and pays no heed to the weird looks and warnings the rest of the townspeople send his way when they see the little one that's taken to following him around like a shadow.
Tommy, personally, is very happy with their situation. Wilbur and Phil are probably looking for him, but it's their fault for losing him in the first place. They can wait. He finally found His Human, and wants to spend as much time with him as possible.
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canonpapyrusfan · 2 days ago
You are so cool papyrus
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stitch1830 · 2 days ago
you should write a tokka fanfic but then sokka realises that suki is soooo much better and nicer and smarter and prettier than toph and he's like "wow she outshines this gremlin rock in every way" and leaves her for suki because sukka endgame y'no
Okay inspired by this ask because Sukka endgame. Quite the crack fic, but I still hope y'all enjoy LOL.
He was holding her hand, but it was so...
Seriously, though. Why was he holding Toph's grimy, rough hand? It felt like a rock in his hand, just poking and prodding his sensitive palm with no mercy.
Oh, right.
She was his girlfriend.
Sokka let out a quiet sigh, unsure how he got into this position in the first place. How did he end up walking hand in hand with Toph Beifong? He was so much better than her. He knew he could find better, smarter, nicer, prettier women than Toph.
The gremlin spoke to him, "We're gonna get dinner at Lee's."
"Actually," Sokka piped up, "I made reservations at—"
"NO!" Toph roared, crushing Sokka's fingers that were in her hand. "LEE'S ONLY."
The warrior sighed. Another day with his... um... Girlfriend.
But then, it was like the heavens broke apart and an angel appeared before him.
Sokka had to blink multiple times before he could even speak her name.
She was so much better, nicer, smarter, stronger, and most importantly, prettier than Toph.
Suki was everything. Prettier hair and eyes, actual purpose in the world, and very much Sokka's type.
He had to get away from the rock. From the gremlin. But how??
They were just about to enter Lee's. At some point, Toph would have to let go so that they could eat, and when that moment came, he'd be ready to jump into the arms of his future lover.
The gremlin released her crushing hold on his hand, and Sokka leaped out of the restaurant.
A menacing roar could be heard from within Lee's, but Sokka didn't turn back. Instead, he kept running toward the heavens. Toward her.
And with a leap of faith, Sokka extended his arms and screamed with glee, "SUKI!!!!"
Send me asks about ATLA, or anything, really! :D
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yko-o · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
hellooooooo! headers for this pretty angel? thanks!!
hii, good to see you again :D
made these ones, hope you like them !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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irish setter?
how come everyone knows what an irish setter is but nobody actually KNOWS an irish setter? are irish setters even real?
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femaleheroes · 4 months ago
I just want gifs of times where people look between Kara and Lena “for fucking huh bitch?!?” The lillian the James the Alex and then some
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“for fucking huh bitch?!?”
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the-adventures-of-dave · 2 months ago
Do you have any good resources for training cats? One of our cats is nicknamed Felony bc of his various crimes and while I love him very much, it’s frustrating to feel like I can’t have a Home bc he ignores his toys and breaks our shit for fun
Space Cat Academy is probably your best bet for everything training related! They have a bunch of free resources and guides on cat training.They also have a variety of training programs to purchase, and a monthly trick program (subscription based).
Tumblr media
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fatherford-if · 2 days ago
Did male mc or any other character fought in the war?
Male MC fought in the war at the beginning of 1918 as he was too young to enlist when the war had just begun. He fought in France for only a month until he suffered serious injuries and had to be sent back.
Mc's brother also fought in the war from 1915 until 1917, when he was reported as missing in action.
Richard fought in the war from 1916 until 1917, when he had to return back home after suffering from a grave injury when his ship was bombed whilst being relocated.
Martin and Emmanuel didn't fight in the war. Marigold and Emma volunteered as nurses just like f!MC did at the beginning of 1918.
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beebox-illustrations · 5 months ago
is there any chance you’ll ever do flintwood??? 🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here you go dear :D Never thought about them as a couple but I hope you enjoy nevertheless 💕
Also I don’t know why they‘re always angry flirting in my head 😂
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general-light · 5 months ago
maybe its the aroace inside me, but how big was the tntduo romantic tension in wilburs stream? /gen. like, yes i also noticed some lines (and believe me, im in favour and a fan!), but you make it sound bigger than it seemed to me? can you explain some more, please, as the progenitor and expert of the "borderline romantic relationship"?
Can do! Here’s all of the moments that made me think “Wilbur, are you sure you don’t already have a crush on Quackity?”. This is all in the DSMP, of course - I wouldn’t post this if it wasn’t all canon.
• “I am your servant.” The first portions in which c!Wilbur throws himself at c!Quackity. Also, the kinsman bit.
• “You’re being petty. You’re being petty and I love it. I love it. I love it.” This teasing tone c!Wilbur easily takes with Q, and the way he says ‘I love it’.
• The close proximity that is canonically so close c!Tommy thought they were kissing. They weren’t, but it was close enough. Twice, actually!
• When being asked if they were kissing, both members laugh it off awkwardly, and c!Wilbur covers his mouth with his hand (with a Look on his face) before immediately changing topic. We all know how much cc!Wilbur likes to act in facecam...
• c!Wilbur excitedly referring to Quackity challenging him as cool, before admitting he almost referred to it as being ‘hot’ (so, he thought it was hot.)
• The ‘yet’ c!Wilbur included when he explained he didn’t think he had a crush on c!Quackity. Yet is a powerful word to include in a statement like that.
• c!Wilbur quietly asking if c!Quackity is still engaged in the wedding venue (and not having the courage to ask a second time).
• Their reminiscence in the needle scene. The sudden tone of fondness. c!Wilbur acquiescing to c!Quackity’s newfound request to ‘pick his brain’.
• After that scene, c!Wilbur keeps following up Quackity’s name with this deep longing sigh. He’s not smooth...
• And, while not a scene, supposedly everything down to the penis of safety was planned. So, most of this was probably planned. And therefore is fully intentional!
Tumblr media
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