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#thanks for the ask!!
for some reason i personally am receiving a lot of snide comments (and a few “kill yourself you pink cunt” etc messages) regarding this tumblr+ horseshit....despite the fact I:
only just heard about it, have literally nothing to do with it
have no intention of signing up for it? it’s bullshit?
have already spoken, multiple times, at length, about how i very specifically and purposely avoid putting content behind a paywall, even when it would make more sense for me financially, bc i genuinely believe in the importance of keeping online content accessible.
i’m assuming this is punishment for the fact i include tip jar links in some of my posts (which some of you have been, haha. passionately rude about), despite the fact reader support is how I try to earn a modest living (hi. disabled and unemployed here), while keeping this blog free of sponsors/ads, and (again) not putting extra content behind paywalls, even though that has always been an option (patreon, ko-fi, other platforms exist).
so no, i’m obviously not signing up for tumblr’s new subscription ‘feature,’ as it’s the antithesis of the values i try to adhere to. and that i have talked about. multiple times.
so great job tumblr. you really fucking excel at punishing people for the behavior you claim to want to see.
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marisatomay · 4 days ago
staff is a mess etc etc tumblr post plus is bad and can only end in ruin blah blah blah but it is so fun on here when staff fucks up yet again it’s like being drunk at 1am in the bathroom of a bar with the other hot girls
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dsmpdaily · 4 days ago
(Makes his hair super fluffy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i see this as an absolute win actually
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peachcitt · 2 days ago
Are there any other fanfic writers you look up for/get inspired from? If that's it, who are they?
UM let’s see. i honestly don’t read a lot of fanfics and therefore don’t know a lot of fic writers buuuut i do have a few fics in my bookmarks that i remember going absolutely insane over because of the writing style:
golden (like daylight) by @anna-scribbles
OHHH MY GOD. this fic. i want to hold this fic in my hands and drink from it to have it in me forever. anna has such a beautiful style that’s both poignant and hilarious, and after i read it i remember getting that “i need to write right now” buzz because it left me feeling so inspired. anna in general makes me feel that way
you and me, forevermore by @ladynoirist
so soft and warm and with such a ridiculous and sweet post-reveal pre-relationship dynamic between marinette and adrien. left me with a good taste in my mouth
strangers in the bright lights by @ladybeug
this one is so!!!!! i loved the easy feel of how it was written, as well as the quiet note of sadness that pervaded the whole thing. it has me laughing out loud and also holding my heart in my hands
nikiforov’s law by @lavenderprose
i think about this fic all the time because of how ridiculously and effortlessly funny it is. this one really makes me remember to get my comedy juices flowing because im constantly trying to aspire to how hilarious this fic is
when you’re near by @buggachat
simply put i went balls to the wall insane over this fic. everything buggachat does in general makes me go insane but the absolute YEARNING of this fic. it’s perfect
two idiots and a hamster by @botherkupo and @carpisuns
what really makes this fic for me is just. the dedication to a) the bit and b) being as realistically awkward as humanly possible. maryssa and boogum’s combo writing is also so interesting and inspiring, giving both adrien and marinette distinct voices, and i love it
but yeah! honestly you could check out each of these author’s discography and probably find tons more fantastic work by them, but these are the fics at the top of my bookmarks on ao3 that represent all the things that i want to have in my own writing (which. as you can see is first and foremost being funny. just kidding. kind of)
thanks for asking!!
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houndsofvalinor-art · 3 days ago
Your art is so pretty it makes me wanna try to use watercolors again
Thank you!! I hope you're able to give watercolors another shot! 🍀
In the mean time, here's a little sketch of Éowyn and Windfola, some morning somewhere in Rohan
Tumblr media
3.5 x 5" watercolor, ink, gouache, metallic watercolor
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ink-ghoul · 5 days ago
Little grians my beloveds <3 your art always makes them look so cute
What are u head canons? Also if u wanna say others that aren't just for them I would love to hear it! I really like read people different head canons and all that -🌱
Tumblr media
grian gets paper cuts often from crafting firework rockets for flying, he wears bandaids for that reason. Tango (who is more experienced) gives him advice of how to protect his hands from that
along with rockets and TNT crafting, he is a mess of gunpowder dust when he is working
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squid-ink-personal · 2 days ago
By Hylia, TELL ME about your Mudora theory!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Book of Mudora is an item you get in A Link to the Past.
Tumblr media
Looks a lot like Hyrule Historia, doesn't it?
The Book of Mudora is, according to the ALttP manual, "a collection of Hyrule legends and lore," that contains stories about the Triforce. In-game, its use is in tranlating the game's Hylian script.
Unlike all other Zelda games, its script doesn't translate into Japanese or English, instead having three unique glyphs depending on which localization you play.
Tumblr media
But why? Why is this particular script so unintelligible?
My theory is that Mudoran Hylian is the very first iteration of Hylian, from before even Skyward Sword.
As far as language goes, plenty of languages tend to start out as logographies (hieroglyphic systems) before they turn into simpler, easier to write markings. Look at the Latin alphabet, for example.
Tumblr media
The Proto-Sinaitic pictures up at the top got progressively simplified into the Greek alphabet, then turned into Archaic Latin. The reason Roman Latin looks so crisp and clean is because they started carving these letters into stone. The serif (the little stroke at the ends of the lines) is a chisel mark.
Tumblr media
Given how similar Mudoran Hylian is to Egyptian hieroglyphs, we can make that connection and say that Hylian started out the same way.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Skyward Sword has a LOT of architecture in it. Despite it being the first Zelda game, before Hyrule was ever established, we find ruins of ancient civilizations.
Tumblr media
A cistern so good at purifying water that the impurities of it creates the world’s first redead-esque monsters. It contains mechanical wonders like Koloktos and the elevators, and marvels of plumbing and watercourses all throughout.
Tumblr media
Colorful palaces capable of channeling LAVA. The kind of structural integrity this would have to have, and the Fire Sanctuary is almost completely untouched by ruin!
Tumblr media
Factories! Circuitry! Usage of stones that literally CHANGE TIME, as an integral mechanic!
Tumblr media
Even Skyview Temple has a working water system, despite everything, and contains the best item Zelda’s ever come out with.
Tumblr media
The civilization that came before Hyrule was ADVANCED. Insanely so. Using everything from AI to magic, these people knew how to fully take advantage of the world the goddesses left them, perhaps even through use of the Triforce.
Back to Mudora.
Although plenty of stuff on the surface uses Skylian text, mostly as easter egg content from the Zeldevs, you can find a lot of designs in Lanayru that capture interest.
Particularly this marking on the ground at that one roller coaster island in the sand sea.
Tumblr media
The swirly marks here aren’t seen anywhere else, to my knowledge, and they look a lot like the cover of the Book of Mudora.
Tumblr media
Now, why Mudora? Why is it called Mudora?
It doesn’t mean anything in English. And it’s the same name it has in source Japanese.
ムドラの書 | Mudora no Sho
Which, I checked; also doesn’t mean anything different from English.
Here’s the thing. The Surface is nameless. We know it’s later called Hyrule, and that’s derived from Hylia; if it was named that before, Impa or Fi would have called it such. And it had to have had a name before the tragedy of war struck it down.
So, my theory is that Mudora is the name of the world before the Battle of Demise.
Tumblr media
When the demons broke free of the ground, Mudora must have been THRIVING. Automatons! Port cities! Dragon nobility, the Triforce itself being a well-known treasure! All of that lost in the destruction that followed.
Tumblr media
When Hylia sent humanity skyward, it was her last resort. Almost everyone had perished in the war.
Tumblr media
Demise even brags about that conquest.
But...that time also had a hero.
Tumblr media
Originally, I thought that this was a time loop; that the legends were about Link and Zelda, just post Gate-of-Time and passed down through legends. However...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
By the time you get there, Skyloft is long gone.
They wouldn’t have known about you.
So the first hero, the original hero, was the champion of Mudora. We don’t know what happened to them, but we know that, from Demise’s dialogue, the two never faced each other.
They may have lived a hundred years before Demise, for all we know.
But they existed.
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sk-lumen · 3 days ago
Hi Lumen, first off I apologize if this type of question has already been answered or if I am long-winded. How exactly does one go about changing and improving their life when starting from zero? I have had depression and ADHD since I was a kid and it (and, of course, myself) has kept me behind in life. Now that my symptoms are being treated…I’m unsure of how to go forward. I don’t really have any hobbies, skills, or goals. My apartment is a mess, I spend a lot of time on social media, and I have no structure in my day. I do want to change my life and level up if you will, but a lot of tips I see online are for people who already have a general structure or foundation in their life. I was hoping for some tips for those of us with none. How do you go about developing a routine, skills, hobbies, etc from zero? Thank you. 🤍
Hi darling,
First off, let me say how brave you are for being honest with yourself and making the conscious choice to turn things around!
I was in your shoes 2-3 years ago, before I started my glow up journey, so I can completely relate to the feeling of being lost, finding my life a chaos... and the only certainty I had was that I was absolutely determined to create a better life for myself.
For this reason, I curated a masterlist below for all the posts, articles and guides I've written either on tumblr or on my blog. My advice is right now start with tidying up your home, because a clean, organized home will inspire a clean, organized mental & emotional landscape. It starts there.
Then it's time for reading and research! You should focus on leveling up your mindset, for it will always be your foundation for everything else.
I've ordered each list in chronological order for one's glow up process, building in complexity and experience; and also highlighted the ones that will be most useful for someone starting from zero.
My 30-day mindset glow up challenge (tag)
How to develop a growth mindset
11 Keys to a successful mindset
Traits of successful entrepreneurs and CEOs
Prioritize your mental health in your 9-to-5 job with these strategies
Why you keep failing your yearly goals (and how to fix it)
Why you should stop associating productivity with self worth
Truths that have changed my life
Glowing up:
How to get (and keep) Your Life Together 101
Tips to get started on your journey of self development
Things I wish I knew at 21 (a letter to my past self)
What I wish I knew before starting my glow up journey
The healing power of morning rituals
How to be happy (you deserve the gift of happiness)
How to cultivate inner peace: daily practices
How to be a high value woman
Cheatcodes that will elevate your life
Selflove / Selfcare:
Things that encourage self-love in your journey of healing
The stages of living authentically
The art of being your authentic self
What happens when you embody your authentic self...
A manifesto of selflove
What happens when you practice self love daily...
Ways we self-sabotage & how to stop It
My journey of healing: how selflove & selfcare changed my life
It’s time for you to heal: a guided meditation
Essential selfcare habits for entrepreneurs
5 secrets to stay on top of your finances
Tips for smart shopping
How to be classy
My guide for classy nails
Tips to always look polished
Toxic vs. healing relationships
Things every woman should know about love
How to get over a break up: a guide for healing
Why the “ride or die” mentality Is self-sabotage
8 dating commandments of the high value woman
Red flags of low value men (LVM)
Green flags of the high value man (HVM)
High value: misconceptions, what it is and what it's not
High value dating: do’s and don’ts
5 things stopping you from high-value dating & how to overcome them
How to know you’ve found the one
As someone who had to learn these things the hard way, I hope sharing my experiences and advice proves as useful to others as it was for me. 💞✨
You can bookmark this list and go over it at your own pace, by your own rules. The point is to just start. Much luck darling! 🥂
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letmebegaytodd · 2 days ago
Cant wait to pay $9.99 for your premium bennyposting
oh i would never charge for any of my content, but especially bennyposting, premium content like that deserves to be free to the masses
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spaceman-earthgirl · 3 days ago
SuperCorp 11? From the prompt list? Thank you!
11. “Come on, open the door. Please.”
“Come on, open the door. Please.”
Kara ignores Alex’s call through the door, can barely hear her over the pounding of her own heart, the rush in her ears and the pain of knowing she couldn’t save everyone today. It’s happened before, and it’ll happen again, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less.
She’s slumped against the wall in the first room at the DEO she found that was empty, locked behind her so no one could follow. She needed some space, needed to be alone, needed to get away from the pitying looks agents kept sending her.
There’s another knock on the door, quieter this time, not long later. She knows Alex is just trying to help but she doesn’t need help now, she just wants to forget.
“Kara? Can I come in?” says a voice, quiet, and definitely not Alex.
Kara swallows, squeezes her eyes shut for a moment, more tears falling from her eyes, but she reaches out, fingers fumbling for the door handle. She unlocks the door, that’s all, arms retreating to wrap around her knees.
She feels like she’s trying to hold herself together.
It’s not working.
The door opens, light streaming in for a moment before it closes again, plunging them back into a semi darkness that Kara feels like she belongs in. It’s her fault, it’s her fault that those eight people died, it’s her fault that a young girl is now an orphan, reminding her too much of herself.
“Can I?”
Kara doesn’t even know what Lena’s asking but she nods anyway.
An arm wraps around Kara’s shoulder, light, but there, and the touch is so grounding, that she needs more of it.
Kara immediately leans into Lena, tangles her hands in expensive fabric, presses as close as she can. Lena’s arms tighten, she holds her close, fresh tears falling down Kara’s cheeks, soaking Lena’s shirt.
“It’s okay, I’ve got you,” Lena says, words pressed into the side of Kara’s head.
Kara focuses on Lena’s breathing, the sound of her heart beat. She breathes in the smell of her perfume and the sweet smell that’s distinctly Lena that’s underneath. She focuses on Lena’s fingers, drawing small patterns on her arm and the breath that puffs against her hair. It’s not enough to get rid of the pain, but it dulls it, makes it slightly more manageable, makes her realise she doesn’t have to do this alone.
She has Alex too, after this, she wants to give her sister a hug as well.
But for now, she just holds on to Lena, feels safe in her arms.
In time, they’ll stand from the floor, they’ll find Alex waiting outside, worried. She’ll hug Kara too.
After that, Lena will insist on going home with her, she’ll insist they get too many potstickers for dinner then she’ll claim it’s late and she doesn’t want to drive home so Kara will let her stay.
Kara will eventually fall asleep, wrapped in Lena’s arms, the sound of the heart beating beneath her ear enough to lull her to sleep.
And then when she wakes in the night, wakes up to images of blood and a crying little girl, Lena will be there too, Lena will always be there to help her through anyway, no matter what.
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jarchaeology · 5 days ago
Hi! No idea if you take submissions but here:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Behind the scenes of 5x13)
i’m not gonna turn down jarchaeological finds! thank you for these.
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marvelousescapism · 4 days ago
do you think steve ever just kinda kneels in front of bucky and just presses his face into buckys tummy and just lets bucky pet his hair and scratch his beard. like in the morning or something when they're in the kitchen or on their couch or whatever and steve just has to kinda mush himself into bucky. and bucky has to cling to steve and wrap himself around him with every available limb and they just Are together
Tumblr media
well yEAH I DO NOW
Like, Steve and Bucky are Cuddlers™ - physical affection is something they weren't allowed to indulge in back before the war, even behind the closed curtains of their shared apartment it felt like they were always looking over each other's shoulder to make sure no one would catch them in the act.
So now, in a future where they can hold hands on the street - where they can kiss in public and still be safe - they're making up for a hell of a lot of lost time.
Steve will wake up and Bucky isn't next to him, but he doesn't freak out like he would have done a couple of years back. Maybe there's a moment - just a half a second - of panic before he looks around at all the pictures hung up on the wall; pictures from their honeymoon, pictures of their friends pulling silly faces, a few paintings Steve himself made that Bucky was insistent they hung up in the bedroom... and everything feels right with the world again.
Some mornings when Bucky wakes up earlier than him, he'll starfish out and just enjoy the space of their big, comfy bed until Bucky comes back in with his coffee and a breakfast bagel Steve will inevitably steal a bite of.
But this morning doesn't feel like that kind of morning. No, this morning is one of those mornings where he just wants Bucky.
So he'll haul himself out of bed and traipse sleepily into the kitchen where he knows Bucky will be.
And that certainty? The certainty that he knows Bucky's still here, still safe, still alive and milling about their home like nothing bad ever happened to either them? That feeling's up there among the best feelings that Steve knows of.
Up there alongside how it feels to admire how drop-dead gorgeous Bucky looks in the morning light, his bed hair all tangled and tousled, stretching out his muscles as he waits for the coffee maker to do it's thing.
Steve's pretty sure Bucky hasn't noticed him yet, so he just stands there and marvels at how beautiful his husband is, half naked in nothing but those ridiculous Falcon-themed pyjama bottoms - part of a set that he never actually wears the top for. ("I gotta get rid of all the old stuff to make room for all my new Cap merch!" Sam had told him when he'd given them to Bucky on his birthday; "You oughtta be grateful, Barnes, this is practically vintage now! Like you!")
When Bucky turns and smiles at him, all dopey with sleep in his eyes, it has the same affect on Steve as seeing an adorable puppy dog yawn, or hearing a teeny tiny kitten purr; his brain just goes into cute cute squishy cute snuggle mode, and he skips right over to drape himself on top of Bucky. His arms warp loosely around him in a feeble, floppy hug, and he slooowly sinks down onto his knees, where he can nuzzle his face up against his Bucky's perfect, soft tummy.
There's a little bit of podge there now - not much, but enough that it's a little squidgy when Steve presses his face against it - and Steve adores that podge.
He adores it because it just goes to show how Bucky isn't straining his body anymore; he isn't running to the gym every other night to pulverize a punch bag until whatever nightmare he woke up from fades away, and he'll eat almost anything Steve puts on a plate in front of him these days, and isn't sick afterwards. Bucky's healthier than he's been in decades and Steve love love loves that little bitty bit of soft, squidgy belly that proves it.
Bucky just laughs and leans against the counter, petting his hair gently, fingers making his scalp tingle pleasantly.
"Well good morning to you too. You feelin' some type'a way this morning, babydoll?"
Steve just looks up at him, giving him the same doting smile with droopy, heavy-lidded eyes "Mmm... Feelin' in love with you."
And Bucky grins, raking his fingertips ever so gently down from his hair to his chin, scratching idly. "You big sap."
And they're just stuck like that for a while, Steve closing his eyes again as Bucky switches between making a fuss of his beard and his hair until Steve's just so blissed out he's practically falling asleep again snuggling up to Bucky's warm, soft tummy.
Of all the places he’s been in this wide, wide world (and they went to a lot of places on their honeymoon), Steve thinks this right here is possibly the best place on earth.
After a little while Bucky will grumble about needing his coffee and Steve will look up at him with pouty lips and big bug eyes, but he'll pull himself away and stand up. Only long enough for Bucky to turn around, though. As soon as he does, Steve will just flop back against Bucky and snuggle up to him from behind.
And, eventually, they wind up snuggled up on the sofa - Bucky laying back with Steve collapsed on top of him, his face smooshed into Bucky's neck, making happy little noises and kissing him every now and then. And Bucky will cuddle him right back - arms wrapped around his shoulders and tangling their legs together, because, while Steve's like a lead brick while they're cuddling, Bucky is a total octopus.
No bad guys to chase down, no bad guys to run away from, no plans, no nightmares - nothing.
Just the two of them, together, holding each other so close that they practically merge into one. Holding each other as tightly as they want for as long as they want, as morning sunshine pours in through the wide, open widows.
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commander-minkowski · 3 days ago
I really really love the way mental illness and supernatural horror are intertwined in harrow the ninth.
in fiction generally, this is something that needs to balance on a razor’s edge -- too far one way, and the mental illness becomes too conflated with the horror, giving rise to some unfortunate, and often dehumanizing, implications. or, and this is the safer and thus more common option, the mental illness and the horror are so compartmentalized from each other (so as the send the “right” message about mentally ill people to a neurotypical audience) that the story becomes flat and safe, and, frequently as a result of this safeness, boring.
in the case of harrow the ninth, the title character’s madness and the supernatural forces at work are like a parasite and its host -- feeding off each other in a tightly wound, toxic way. the result is not only a story that humanizes harrow a great deal without subjecting her to too much misery porn (!), but also a sensitive, accurate portrayal of what it’s like to be in the head of someone experiencing psychosis.
and this is why I find that debates about whether [x plot detail] was a result of harrow’s illness or wake’s revenant miss the mark a little. because, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter. harrow had subjective experiences that no one else around her could perceive, for reasons that no one, including herself, could understand, and it was confusing and complicated and left everyone, including the reader, feeling frustratingly ambivalent. that’s psychosis, baby!!
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matchalaatte · 3 days ago
SKSKSKKSKSKSKSK I LOVE YOUR ART SM! IT'S ALWAYS SO CUTE! Can I ask something? Making a Little MariChat fluff scene? My Poor MariChat heart is suffering ;-;
If you find this in your asks column, ILY SO MUCH! PLEASE KEEP MAKING SUCH PAWESOME ART!
THANK YOU OMGSJDJD🥺🥺🧎‍♀️💘 im sorry anon, im currently close for taking requests but i hope you look forward to any of my marichat work in the future! <333 ILY TOO THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE PAWESOME 🐾 (here's some marichat doodles i have lying around to make up for it🧎‍♀️💘)
Tumblr media
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