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#thanks i'm sad now
clairenatural · 7 months ago
cringe culture is dead and that includes cringing at ourselves. 14 year old me unironically yelled “allons-y” at school and you know what? it made me happy. and being happy is how i grew into who i am today. i would never bully a middle schooler for their interests now, so i’m not going to be mean to my middle school self. i love her and wish i could give her a hug and tell her that her portal t-shirts are cool
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kda-chat · 4 months ago
Blog Update
Hello, all. I have stopped queuing chats after the end of August. What does this mean?
I have maintained this blog for over two (maybe three) years, which has been a memorable experience. From the headcannons to the fanfics, I have loved every ups and downs this blog has given me. I have made life long friends (you know who you are) through this fandom and I appreciate every single one of you for tolerating my fuckery bullshit.
I am starting (already have, technically) a new chapter in my life. I have decided to let this blog settle down and, perhaps, it may be archived over time.
To note, the ending of the chat fic and the descent of this blog shortly after that is entirely coincidental. I did not planned for this to happen, it's just how my personal life landed.
After August, there will be no more chats. I may answer asks for the time being. There may be days when I don't answer because I'm busy but I'll try to keep this blog active as long as possible. But if it comes down to it, it will naturally die down and be archived.
I will still be active on social media. Yes, even on Tumblr but it'll be on my other accounts. Like you guys, I also want to spent my time scrolling through fanart and not think for two hours. I am actually more active on Twitter (@_kokoro_kirei_). I may not look like it but I am always on there a lot.
So I am still around after the end of this blog. Feel free to hmu and I will try to answer back [sorry to the unread messages I haven't opened...I try]
With that said, let me end it with this: I love K/DA and I always will. I will revive this blog from the dead if K/DA releases another album in five years. I love my wittle foxy, Ahri. I love my adorably badass ninja, Akali. I love my suucuhoe, Evelynn. I love my wifey my mom, Kai'sa. I love those darn extras. Kai'siv. BladeMaven. Akalynn. Ahri x being an independent AF Foxy BAUSSS. I love them all.
Thank you for making this fandom so fun for the past few years. I will never leave it but I want step down and enjoy myself.
Your fuckery,
Kokoro Kirei
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books-and-pumpkins · 7 months ago
Sometimes I remember that Kaz thinks of Inej as lovely and brave and better than anything he deserves and that he is twisted, crooked, wrong but that he's not so broken that be can't pull himself together into some semblance of a man for her, and that without meaning to he has begun to lean on her, to look for her and to need her near and that, your honor, is why I'm not a valuable member of society, because the Kanej feels are too strong.
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nobody-knose · 15 days ago
grading tally hall songs based on how well they hold up when your earbuds are broken and you can only hear the right channel:
taken for a ride: mostly it's just quieter and i constantly get the impression i'm missing out on stuff whether i am or not. bonus point allotted for missing out on joe's part at the end specifically. 6/10 banana man: i don't miss the vibrato. i do miss some of the harmonies. being able to hear the melodica & warbly guitar when they appear is nice. 4/10 mainly because i already dislike this song be born: the fact that right off the bat i can hear something different with the guitar is a marker of how well i know this song more than anything else. the jeremy kittel fiddle doesn't deserve to be this quiet & neither does zubin. 5/10 the bidding: the intro could be mistaken for that of the pingry ep. unfortunate. also, the guitar at the end is easier to hear. 7/10 because bora & ross aren't there. i miss them just apathy: at first the acoustic guitar's absence is very easy to miss and then the actual verses start and it's like. this is half of a song. 5/10 this is half of a song spring & a storm: i didn't want you whispering into my ear anyway, joe. i would like to know what you did with the little kids, joe. 8/10 ah these are some lovely peaceful rain sounds- oh god oh fuck the drums the whole world & you: this song is always perfect. wonky harmonies make it more perfect. 10/10. greener: i know for a fact this would be worse as the 2005 version but this isn't the 2005 version so it's pretty okay. 9/10 i don't know what to say haiku: to quote myself at an earlier date: rob’s lonely And alone & joe is stuck in the void again (but what else is new?). 6/10 literally every song is worse without zubin two wuv: this song is just different in most ways i can't call it bad or lacking it's just different. wonky, even. 9/10 honestly i wish it had more differences hidden in the sand: fuck dude that sand sure can hidden. 7/10 13: reminds me of a ytp but if a ytp had the budget for audio panning. 5/10 like 13 already doesn't have much to offer and you take away half of the only vocals? what's even the point good day: oh lord andrew your masterpiece has been ruined i'm so sorry. where are the sounds? the wonky shenanigans? 4/10 look how they massacred my boy ruler of everything: i know this song's audio channel shenanigans inside & out, but i don't even need to, really. 5/10 so it can match with 13 welcome to tally hall: this feels the most relevant place to say i know there'd be a lot more missing in the 2005 versions for all of these songs but that's too much tally hall for me to listen to in one day. 7/10 the glass breaking sound is gone - &: literally the entire keyboard part is gone. like it may have been a silly little organ synth but it was organ-ic enough in my heart. 5/10 wow a perfect split it's almost like it's 5/10ths good & 5/10ths evil. that'd be silly though no way it's real you & me: *starts listening* something is missing isn't it *fiddles with earbuds* ah yes the entirety of zubin sedghi. 7.8/10 too little bassist out in the twilight: huagh 1/10 the trap: zubin sedghi jumpscares are the only valid kind of jumpscare. 3/10 i mean objectively this is worse but it's also really funny like this. plus hasn't everyone been curious about listening to it like this at one point fate of the stars: (1st part) on one hand, you miss out on an entire arpeggio. big l. on the other hand, that guitar strumming fucks. (2nd part) it feels less cavernous. (3rd part) more guitar is not a fair trade for less harp. 3/10 if you're going to listen to fots then you ought to go all out sacred beast: the song that inspired me to do all this because while it is lacking in some ways, i think the stronger acoustic guitar gives it an interestingly different sound. 8/10 worth checking out a lady: conjures imagery of a universe where tally hall is more not-rock band musicians than rock band musicians. 10/10 this is kind of just a different song who you are: reminds me of live performances of this song. that's a good thing. 8/10 it's like. not that different man you: i forgot there's string instruments in this song. 9/10 andrew really moved past audio channel differences after 2005 huh misery fell: it's easy to not notice any differences till the chorus buildup but that doesn't mean there aren't any! 7/10 it's interesting to see my suspicions confirmed on this album having less audio channel shenanigans than mmmm never meant to know: i'm frantically hurrying from place to place searching for the guitar's counterpart but it's nowhere to be found it's gone 5/10 turn the lights off: like the only place it's notable anything's missing is that bridge/breakdown part & the periodic background chanting and even then it's not a big deal. i'm weirdly disappointed. 7/10 hymn for a scarecrow: if you don't think this song sounds terrible and incomplete without andrew on piano then get out of my house. 4/10 one shouldn't have to choose between the weeping guitar & cascading piano in the breakdown cannibal: i mean this is a zubin song. why not play the bass more than anything else. the acoustic guitar is still there kinda. 6/10 i'm grooving
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themisterhip · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Screw you Twitter for getting my hopes high :"c
Context: I saw on twitter that there was gonna be a Season 2 of GO... Neil deny it :"
(I feel u crowley, we both are clowns now) and yeah, this one is from the clown meme xD
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transelyan · 10 months ago
i know we’ve already talked at length about how like. most of the messages this show tried to have were undermined by how it wrote magic users, but. genuinely. sometimes the weird morals just drive me insane
#my post#merlin#like the whole thing with sophia in ep 7. that just made me kinda sad?#like. she lost her entire world because of her father's crime & THEN she finds out that she has to lose her father#& THEN her father dies.#& yes. she tried to kill arthur. but did she actually deserve to die?????? it's like there's absolutely no sympathy#for characters that attack the pendragons when it's just like. no. they have a point & even if they didn't#instant death isn't the only option?????? calm down please & thanks#like that one post that's like 'your family committed genocide but i said something rude so now i'm an enemy of the state'#idk man. i'll go back to posting pictures of hands in a bit#obviously this isn't about the massive villains that WOULD have killed everyone but more like. some of the minor villains#no there's no fair justice system for merlin to just. put them through. but i think it would've been interesting if they explored that more#like. magic users who do bad things but aren't Bad. give me more antiheroes#because like. idk. so many of the characters Have A Point but then the show turns around & makes them do something Very Evil#so they can be seen as irredeemable & be killed off without protest#no idea where i'm going with this but. yeah. i wish like. all of these characters had been kept alive because like!!#that dynamic would be so interesting!!#like that post i made a while ago about nimueh dying in s5 rather than s1. it was a short post but i think about it. ALL the time.#like. anti-pendragon characters who are vague allies of merlin or just enemies of morgana#who fight on merlin's side/help him DESPITE not actually supporting arthur. & then maybe they come around to arthur's rule#please my computer is at. 1% but. YEAH hudjisjdko i think about this stuff a lot
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People keep saying Roku fought the volcano for no reason, but if the volcano erupted it would've hurt the fire nation who was mostly islands at the time. They're fishing industry would have suffered and they probably would have had ash in their air too
Okay so I went and rewatched this scene and determined the following: 
This is probably an accurate statement, though it isn’t stated. Sozin said “Roku’s island was a hundred miles away, but I could still feel it rumbling and see the black plume of smoke.” It is likely that the volcano would have reached other islands. 
However, I think it is fair to call out Roku for: 
1. Not using waterbending the people from the island away from the volcano since they were the ones in immediate danger, but only had rowing boats to get away. 
2. Not using airbending to protect him and Sozin from the ash (he could have made a head bubble; he had the range) 
And as much as I love and appreciate Fang, he 100% had the ability to scoop up Roku from his death spot, but instead decided to die with them. He could have used his dragon strength to get him out of the way. 
Conclusion: Roku was justified in his decision to fight the volcano, but he could have been a little smarter about it.
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sohotthateveryonedied · 12 months ago
Which of the Batboys do you think would be mostly likely to find themselves in an abusive relationship? (I’m not a psychopath I just like angst ffhhddjjd)
hmmm, well i don’t think damian ever would because he’s such a headstrong person that he couldn’t really get abused if he tried? he takes no shit, plus he’s notoriously picky when it comes to people, so if he’s in a relationship in the first place it means he trusts this person a whole dang lot. 
same thing with duke, for the most part. he grew up in the narrows, so i’m sure he saw a lot of bad things go down and learned about all kinds of violence from a young age. he also had a mom who was a social worker and definitely drilled into him the signs of abuse and what to look out for, so he’d recognize abuse on sight and get out of the situation lickety-split.
i can’t really see jason getting abused, but then i thought about that scene in the three jokers #2 comic where he kissed barbara because he was hurt and emotionally vulnerable, so i think if you push the right buttons jason can be pretty easy to manipulate. if you dig at his insecurities enough, i think it would be pretty easy to get him to let his guard down and hurt him, and he would just tell himself that he deserves it.
as for tim, i think he's great at recognizing signs of abuse in everyone but himself. he could be hurt and manipulated by someone he trusts, and yeah right away he’d be like “this isn’t right and i deserve better,” but tim kind of lives in his own head to the point where he’ll eventually turn it around into “it was my fault and i deserved what happened.”
i think dick has the greatest chance of being abused in a relationship, mostly because it’s happened before already with tarantula. dick is so focused on pleasing others and making them happy that it would be child’s play to take advantage of that good nature and turn it into something ugly. he would accept any kind of treatment and convince himself that it’s okay because “they love me” and “it was my fault” and “i’m a superhero, i can handle it.”
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ask-the-dweets · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
What’s this? Your Tiny Elf is evolving!
Tumblr media
Congratulations! Your Tiny Elf evolved into Elf Dwight!
Tumblr media
And with that Elf is back to normal!! (mostly)
Thanks for the help Max! Even if he woulda turned back to normal in the end anyways. X3c
Now let’s hop straight into some December shenanigans shall we~
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sweaterkittensahoy · 7 months ago
Okay, but Bucky says, “I don’t know how to do this,” and Sam makes a snarky comment about Bucky not knowing how to use a modern appliance even after several youtube videos.
And then Buck just kisses Sam. Like, kisses the hell out of him. Out back of his family home as they repair the fishing net. AJ and Cass right there. 
And Bucky pulls away and looks like he might run, so Sam grabs him real fucking hard by both wrists so he can’t. 
Bucky: I...
Sam: Really? Really?! No warning?! You’re just gonna do this and make me seem smooth with no fucking warning?
AJ & Cass as a team: YOU’RE NOT SMOOTH.
Sam: go in the house, you jerks.
After the kids go, Sam and Bucky just stare at each other for a full minute. 
Bucky: I know I should never, ever trust rom coms, but I am really glad I was stupid enough this time. 
Sam: You were definitely stupid enough.
And then Sam kisses Buck.
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