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Just like the beekeeper saying, “My body is a house of mirrors.”

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Were you named after someone?

Sort of, my middle name is after someone

When was the last time you cried?

Last night

Do you have kids?

Only my students, but I want children in the future

Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Yes, but mostly depends on who I am with. 

First thing you notice about someone?

Probably eyes

What is your eye color?


Scary movies or happy endings?

Neither, give me sad all day every day

Any special talents?

Not really

Where were you born?

North Carolina

What are your hobbies?

Binge watching tv shows, reading, painting, hiking, and listening to a lot of Christian music

Do you have any pets?

Two cats, Toph and Mom

How tall are you?

5′ 5″

What sports do you play/played?

I played softball

Favorite subject in school?


Dream job?

Living it as a teacher :)

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This isolation is something we all become acquainted with after the end of childhood. If we are lucky, we begin comfortably enough on this earth, in a state of close physical and emotional union with a devoted caregiver. We like naked on her skin, we can her her heartbeat, we can see the delight in her eyes as she watches us do nothing more accomplished than blow a saliva bubble- in other words, than merely exist. We can bang our spoon against the table and inspire uproarious laughter. Our fingers are tickled, and the fine hairs on our head are stroked, smelt and kissed. We don’t even have to speak. Our needs are carefully interpreted; the breast is there whenever we want it.

Then gradually comes the fall. The nipple is taken away..Our body either ceases to please or can no longer be casually displayed…The signs of others’ satisfaction in our existence declines, and their enthusiasm begins to be linked to our performance. It is what we do rather than what we are that is of interest to them…We grow into clumsy, heavy-footed, shameful, anxious creatures. We become adults, definitely expelled from paradise.


…deep inside, we never quite forget the needs with which we are born: to be accepted as we are, without regard to our deeds; to be loved through the medium of our body; to be enclosed in another’s arms; to occasion delight with the smell of our skin- all of these needs inspiring our relentless and passionately idealistic quest for someone to kiss and sleep with…

A kiss is pleasurable because of the sensory receptivity of our lips, but we shouldn’t overlook that a good deal of our excitement has nothing to do with the physical dimension of the act: it stems from the simple realization that someone else likes us quite a lot, a message that would enchant us even if it were delivered via another medium.

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