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#thanksgiving 2021
dismaidenart19 days ago
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Starting a countdown to Thanksgiving with a Friendsgiving drawing challenge! I will be posting OCs of other artists with various dishes everyday up to Thanksgiving! Starting it off with @rakeemspoon's OC Susan!
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dorothy1612 days ago
buffalobway聽馃 Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at American Buffalo. Congratulations to @darrencriss for his performance at the 95th annual Macy鈥檚 Thanksgiving Day Parade! See him on Broadway in American Buffalo starting March 22nd, 2022!
#HappyThanksgiving #macysparade #AmericanBuffalo
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teababe2718 days ago
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This #ReparationsFriday we have a goal to hit! We at Reparations Roundtable need to raise a quick $1K for a Black MaGe (marginalized gender: cis woman, trans, or nonbinary person)!!
Holiday time is coming, and already systems like utilities and landlords are causing extra barriers for Black folks to enjoy this time of year.
This is SO doable, and each of us working together doing our part gets it done. Reach out to your friends, family, and various networks! I also know some of us may be getting paid! Let鈥檚 get this done; many hands make light work!!
If you're angry about the Rittenhouse verdict, consider giving here. Will it change the verdict or undo all of racism? No. But it will be using your anger to help Black people in a tangible way.
I can also take Venmo (@amanda-darer) and Cashapp ($teababe27) - write November in the memo field
[Image description: Background is a row of pumpkins, ears of corn and candles that sits in a barn decorated with setting lights. A black semi transparent square with text overlaps the background. Text reads: Weekend goal: $1000. A Black MaGe needs $1K to be whole. This is a doable goal! Let's get them there. End of text.]
#BlackLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #ReparationsRoundtable #SolidarityNotCharity #DutyNotDonation #Holidays2021
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d-criss-newsa month ago
Macys: THIS JUST IN! Here鈥檚 the star-studded lineup for this year鈥檚 95th #MacysParade聽! Check out who鈥檚 joining the party!
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allaboutjmo12 days ago
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Tumblr media
馃摫鈥漈hankful 鉂わ笍 For her. For my family, my friends, my health, my life.鈥
馃摳 Gerardo鈥檚 instagram story
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capiolumen13 days ago
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Happy Thanksgiving 2021 Fall-Autumn Musings 2021 iPhoneXR Hipstamatic Photography Original Photographers Photographers On Tumblr Lowy Lens, Indio Film, No Flash
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I hope this week you're able to have a fantastic Thanksgiving even if
- you may have issues with your family
- you're dealing with health issues
- you're dealing with or recovering from an eating disorder
- you're stressed because of work, school, etc
- you can't be off to celebrate
Whatever the reason is, I hope you're able to enjoy it regardless
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