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The overall story is like this: 


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This is our main character:


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His best friend is this guy: 


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The best friend’s love interest is this person (but with a lot more dialogue): 


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And this is the first main villain: 


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And in Marvel-Has-This-Flip-Thingie-Every-Week-To-Let-You-Know-What’s-Coming-Out News: #avengers #marvel #ironman #avengersendgame #spiderman #mcu #captainamerica #thor #marvelcomics #endgame #tonystark #blackwidow #hulk #avengersinfinitywar #infinitywar #marvelstudios #tomholland #comics #robertdowneyjr #thanos #chrisevans #loki #captainmarvel #marveluniverse #steverogers #avengersassemble #peterparker #disney #marvelcinematicuniverse #GalaxyofComics (at Galaxy of Comics)

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After watching all MCU movies (some with rewatch), I noticed that Stephen is a pacifist besides his perchance for no-killing.
I think we all know that but I’ll show some examples.
In contrast with the first meeting of some the Avengers in the first movie when they fight.

1. Stephen first met Thor in Ragnarok. Instead of fighting, he took away Loki (he thought of Loki as a threat, despite that he didn’t resort to violence) and invited Thor to visit his Sanctum.
He also helped Thor to find Odin. He avoided fighting with Loki and threw a portal at them so they could meet their father.


2. He met Banner as he crashed through the roof of the Sanctum. He was still friendly with Banner and even lent him his clothes, listened to him, and helped him to find Tony.


3. We all remember how his first meeting with Tony go. A dramatic flair with opening a fiery portal in the middle of a Park (Central Park?) He invited Tony and even congratulated him for his upcoming wedding.


4. We also remember his first meeting with Peter Parker. He introduced himself and was so done when Peter mentioned about made-up name. But no confrontation.


5. His first meeting with the Guardians was when he was attacked. Self-defense is understandable but still no direct attack, just self defense. When Tony and the Guardians were arguing, Stephen did his homework quietly to look into the future.


6. Even his first meeting with Thanos was to sit down calmly and let Thanos did the slide presentation about genocide. Yes, it was a distraction but it was still Stephen who talked to Thanos instead of the others who would prefer direct attack.

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*at the final battle in endgame*

Thanos: I… am inevitable..

Tony: A big purple cunt that’s what you are!

Thanos: (I_I)

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