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By @the-fire-is-shooting-at-us

Summary: In one of the Sanctuary’s torture cells, a being was held. The Other tortured, experimented on and manipulated it, but he forgot one thing. Loki was also the god of fire…

        Being an Avenger, thought Tony, was a hell lot more complicated than he thought it would be. Not only do they have a fuckin’ Capital-G God, but he was also taking them off-world because a dude with super eyesight saw a threat that could kill them all off. He was already packing away, and was fangirling all the way outside. Ignoring the irritated looks Katniss was sending him, and looking at Thor expectantly. 

       The big guy was an interesting teammate, for sure. Apparently he had a brother, but he almost never talks about him. According to Jane foster, he’s still grieving. They met Thor after the incident of New Mexico, he popped up out of nowhere and said that his father sent him here to take the tesseract, because there was a threat after it. At that time they had already caught the threat (a weird freaky dude with yellow skin and four eyes) but were fighting off the army of creatures he brought with him. Needless to say, they became a team after that.

       By now the Avengers had all assembled onto Stark Tower’s roof, and Thor looked up to the sky and called out to heimdall.

“Heimdall! Open the bifrost!” And they had reached Asgard.

         The Midgardians were supposed to stay for a week, which would hopefully be enough time for them to discuss the threat and their war plans. Thor joyfully greeted the solemn gatekeeper (receiving a mere nod as response) and lead them to their horses. Most of them eyed the horses warily but soon they had ridden the horses and were off the palace. 

         Tony and Bruce were conversing in wonder, trying to study the footing ship around them. Steve was trying to commit every detail into memory; all so he can sketch later. Clint was giddily speeding up, trying to go faster than his fellow assassin friend, whom was staring back at him in amusement and trying to keep up her stony persona. Thor, prince of Asgard, was gently holding his girlfriend Jane foster in place watching her fondly as she rambled on about the power of the bifrost. When they reached the golden palace, they were taken to the throne room, where Odin, Thor’s father was waiting for them all.

         When Thor said his father might be a bit short with them (but only because he tires easily these days, my friends!) they didn’t expect to be looked at with condescending eyes, a sneer on his lip, and to be treated like his inferiors. Tony even claimed to hear him call them goats! Nevertheless they went through three days of that, enduring even the other Asgardians mocking them. The worst thing about this is that Thor didn’t even notice the way they were treated, not even when Jane complained that they weren’t taking her questions seriously. 

         They learned that their threat was a titan called Thanos, who was hell-bent on pleasing death (who was apparently a lady?) by collecting the infinity stones and killing half of all life everywhere. Odin looked frustrated all the time, blaming them for not having any extra information on Thanos! They tried finding out information on the stones, and they learnt that they have both the mind stone and the time stone on Earth, while Odin refused to tell them if he still had thebtesseract or if he had any of the other stones. On the forth day, they were all in the war-room arguing about how sufficient their security is. Steve was exasperatedly reasoning with the Allfather about how they might need support from Asgard when Frigga (who was agreeing to them) stood up, face pale, and said one sentence.

“There’s someone in Loki’s rooms.”

       They all raced out, even though Odin had glared at them (they had reasoned that if it was an attack, they should help) and followed Frigga and Thor towards a huge door next to Thor’s bedroom. Frigate pushed the door open, Thor raised his hammer, Steve and Clint took out their respective weapons and they all proceeded forward, until…

Thor let go of mjolnir as he stared in shock at the bloodied figure before him.


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Okay, but… what would happen if during the fight in Wakanda, one of the wizards (wONG) opened a portal where they opened the barrier so that all of the goblins that were trying to get in just ended up in a volcano or something and died????

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Diamond Select Toys On Sale This Week: Thanos, Wolverine, and Sub-Zero! #Wolverine #Marvel #XMen #MortalKombat

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This week, Diamond Select Toys is causing a tussle at your local comic shop! One-man Hulk-buster Thanos, mutant brawler Wolverine and Mortal Kombatant Sub-Zero will all ship, so contact your nearest store to check inventory or order through your favorite online retailer!

Legends in 3-D Movie Avengers Endgame Thanos ½-Scale Bust

A Diamond Select Toys release! This bust was inevitable! The…

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Josh Brolin shared some thoughts about his experience playing Thanos after Thanos were ranked as “The World’s Most Popular Movie Villain”:

“Already one of the great experiences of my career. Throw back black box theatre in the lower Eastside acting. All imagination. All classical conviction. @therussobrothers whispering inspirations from “Scarface” or “Apocalypse Now” in my ear. RDJ doing Kung Fu on my hand between takes. @zoesaldana showing me pictures of her children before I threw her off a cliff. Felt like theatre days. Golden. I’m so glad people enjoyed this. Win. Win. What a ride.”

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