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Monsters, Cures and Feelings

Bruce Banner x Reader!


Traveling from state to state hadn’t become a problem anymore, the only problem was staying hidden. While in New York they easily found me. It was no problem if you had someone that knew Gamma radiation like the back of their hand. I quickly slipped into the sewers, climbing out a few days later and headed south. Running into a few people that decided to help me. Then just like clockwork, they found me. And this time they were prepared.

His name was Bruce Banner, otherwise known as the Hulk. He helped the other Avengers defeat Loki and his army. I didn’t really care since I was on the run. Fury was busy with a Demi-God. Banner knee me from years ago. We both worked together for a while. Up until the accident. It happened again, weeks later; only it wasn’t only Gamma radiation. But also some odd green substance. Whatever it was turned me into a freak of nature. My eyes turned a dark envy green, changing colors only sometimes. Banner remembered who I was, he don’t know how it happened though.

I was toying around in my lab when it happened-I died. And then came back. It was horrible. All I was trying to do was find a cure for Banner. All I really did was curse myself. Tony found it ironic that Bruce and I knew each other. Steve kind of just avoided me-our relationship was awkward. Thor and I were good friends, almost like brother and sister. Clint and Tony were the same.

“It’s ironic, isn’t it,” Tony said, watching the contents in his glass slosh over the sides, “You both were in a tragic accident.” Steve, who sat across from Stark, gazed up from the shining floor. I shifted in my seat resting my head upon my palm.

“I was trying to find a cure…” I mumbled, “I didn’t want to turn myself into a monster.” Thor sympathetically patted my shoulder.

“Maiden (Y/N), you are not a monster. You are the complete opposite.” Thor smile warmly taking a seat beside me. I forced a smile upon my face watching the doorway. At any moment he would walk in.

“I was just trying to find a cure….” My voice faded into a whisper-the Demi-God beside me curiously played with a strand of my (h/c) hair.

“Find a cure? For whom exactly?” Steve asked, all eyes were glued to me. A sigh left my lips as I began fiddling with my fingers.

“For Bruce……so he could be normal again.” Tony tipped the glass cup back.

“Well it would’ve worked if you knew what you were doing,” The billionaire took another swig of his drink. I frowned, why does Tony always think I don’t know what I’m doing? Whenever I’m in the lab he treats me like I’m a stupid person. Saying don’t touch this, don’t touch that.

“I’m not stupid Stark, I knew what I was doing. It was just an accident.” I spat back at him.

“Hey, hey. I was just kidding, you’re not stupid.” He only said that because he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Knowing Tony he would’ve finished that sentence if Bruce hadn’t strolled in. “Brucey, I think (Y/N) he-” Thor punched his friend lightly in the arm. Bruce slowly approached me, he had heard everything.

“This happened because of me?” Bruce asked, his eyes full of concern.

“No! I was…I was just trying to help you. I don’t like seeing you avoid everyone. I don’t like seeing you avoid me.” I grabbed his wrist stopping him from walking any further, “It’s not your fault, it was mine. It was me being selfish.”

“That’s not being selfish, it’s called being in love.” Tony interjected. Bruce smiled, leading me towards the nearest exit. “LoveBirds!!!!!” The Billionaire yelled.


Originally posted by sgwbeag

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Loki x FrostGiant!ReaderChild

Just some cute fluff below!

Several years passed, I turned 11. Just like any other 11 year old I ventured out to the play ground to swing. Kicking my legs restlessly–my mother always said I had too much energy. Like a rabbit. Gray clouds formed in the sky, circling around the school as if they were waiting for the right time to make it rain. I sighed, “You seem rather annoyed, child.” A smooth voice spoke up from behind causing me to jump off the swing. Immediately turning around, a growl climbed up my throat but I hadn’t let it escape. “Relax, I mean no harm.”

I didn’t know that, I didn’t know if I should trust that. Being taught everyone could hurt you was a very hard time in the real world. “I’m not annoyed. It gets boring around here, not having friends stink. No one likes me because I’m weird.” The man was tall, thin, long black hair, on his right cheek was a small cut. He seemed off, something about him seemed ‘not human’. With no word said he reached out grabbing ahold of the swing, glancing down at it, motioning for me to sit. As I did he began to push me, gently.

“You are weird? I see nothing off about you, child. You seem to be overreacting, much like most humans do.” The man spoke up, continuing to push me. I kicked my legs listening to his words, a frown appearing on my lips, grabbing onto the chain I jumped off mid air. Landing on my feet I crossed my arms gazing up at him. He raised a brow in interest.

“That’s not true! My step father says I’m weird! He says I’m a freak.” With a loud 'humph’ I plopped down on my butt in the dirt, grumbling to myself. The man sighed rolling his eyes making his way over to me, kneeling down. “He says I don’t belong here, I should be locked up like they did to my real mama!”

That perked an interest to the god, tilting his head rubbing my back he smiled, “What could you mean by that, child? Your mother is at home, correct?”

Shaking my head violently I shot my gaze up to meet his piercing eyes, “No, no. She’s not my real Mama. She’s my fake mama. My real mama was…the bad men took her away in a cage when I was small…” I trailed off, “She’s not a freak!” Snapping I yanked away from the trickster, climbing to my feet clenching my jaw. As I stared at the tall male his eyes seemed to grow wide in surprise/shock or maybe fear, no, it wasn’t fear. He didn’t seem like the type to get afraid easily, not like my classmates.

The man cleared his throat, “Child, what’s your name?” His hand rested upon my shoulder in a comforting sort of way, only to me I wanted to shake it off.

I huffed, “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”

He sighed mumbling something to himself before responding, “Fine, I’ll tell you my name if you tell me yours. My name is Loki.” My eyes glistened growing wide.

“The Loki? The one who—” I was nearly bouncing with excitement gazing up at the male with such happiness.

“Yes, that Loki. That’s me. Now, tell me your name, Child.” Clearly he was losing his patience but I couldn’t notice, I never noticed when someone was growing impatient with me.

“My name is [Y/N],” I said cheerfully, climbing to my feet. “And I’m special.” Loki smiled (forcefully?), rubbing my shoulder guiding me closer to him.

“I’d say you are very special. Tell me, can you do that thing again with your eyes?”

I stopped, tilting my head to the side gazing up at him in such confusion. What thing with my eyes? Did he mean the thing my mum did? My real mom did. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea, my mom used to do it. But people got hurt.”

Loki rubbed the middle of my back smiling softly, kneeling down to meet eye level, “I’ll make sure you won’t hurt anyone. Show me.”

Nodding gently I closed my eyes gripping onto my loose shirt, as I opened my eyes I looked up at the god. Loki seemed happy enough, to me I had no idea why he was so happy. Or excited so it seemed.

Loki stared into the little child’s dark red eyes. Oh how did Odin miss this? A frost giant child walking among earth. A frost giant was living on earth. How did Heimdall miss this? “I know what you are, [Y/N].”

My heart skipped a few beats, would I finally get some answers? Some solid answers? “Really? What am—” Then Loki’s eyes changed, his skin turning a cold blue color. Shocked I stepped back eyes growing wide, “Am I that? That…that's—”

“Monstrous?” Loki pipped up.

“So cool!” I grinned ear from ear grabbing ahold of Loki’s wrist, “What’s it called?”

Loki seemed confused and somewhat shocked at my response, he seemed to half expect me to think he was some monster. Most would if you looked like this. Most would run away and scream. But I did not.

“You are a Frost Giant, child.”


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H̸̯̭͇͙͚͖̣̼̘͐̽̈́̑͐̅͝O̴̫͖̳̮̲̦̮̮̪̻͗̓N̸̘̩͋̋͆͗͛͐̅̔̓͘̕E̶͎̤̣͍̹̟̔̾̎̆̽̋̓̇̀̆̎̾̕͠͠Y̵̡̥̪̲̘̞̼̆̈́̓́̔͌̄́͊͝ͅ,̶̛̥̣͚͙͕͚̘̲̭̼͈̯̙̄̉̇̊̉͊͂̀̋̈̒͝͠ͅ ̸̧̙̜̪̩͇̳̭̟̺̳̞͂͐̀̈́̔͋̈͐͜͝͝ͅI̶̡̢̹̗̞̥͖̻̜̹̜͕̜̜̝͆̃̒̌͒́͗̅̅'̸̢̻͓̹͗̌̽̅͠M̴̡̙͖̱̮͉̫̐̄̓̄́̈́̋͜ ̶̡̧̡̛̥͕̱̱̻̦̼̮͊̀̋͊̈͐͛Ḩ̴̨̝̞̻̬̭̜̬͚̞̤̬̭̉Ǫ̷̮̹͖̯̗̽̏͘M̵͎̯̝̑̒̏͂̀̿̑̀̌̅̀̽͂́̇E̸̺̮̜͖̓̾͊͝.̷̭̳̭̔͝..

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Shout out to all the essential workers


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