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#thanos memes

You ever just

Watch a series of videos in your history class only to realize after the first few that they’re narrarated by Josh Brolin

And you now have to live with the fact that you’re learning history from Thanos

And have to resist the urge to make Thanos jokes during the video from heere on out

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Thanos: I am inevitable- Groot: I am groot! Captain America: and I am Steve Rogers! Thanos: no, stop you guys don’t get it- Hawkeye: Hi, I’m Clint! Black Panther, from absolutely nowhere: I don’t care Thanos: GUYS THIS IS MY TIME TO SHINE- Spider-Man: Hi, I’m peter- peter Parker Hela, from helheim: I am Hela, the goddess of death. Thanos: I AM INEVITABLE- *raises hand to snap* Thanos: *snaps* Nothing: *happens* [pfft- xd] Tony: Nice to meet you inevitable, I’m DAD

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