headcanonsandmore · 2 days ago
Dan Lewis, to Yasmin Khan:
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Dan Lewis, to the Thirteenth Doctor:
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gallifreyan-cryptid · 2 days ago
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Let them run together whilst holding hands
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evviejo · 2 days ago
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thirteen x yaz in the ghost monument
‘you can be honest with me. are we gonna die?’ ‘one day, yes. it comes to us all. but not right now. not if i’ve got anything to do with it.’
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not-mandip · a day ago
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taylorhoenr1 · 2 days ago
I actually don’t get a single “confused about not being straight” vibe from Yaz.
Like I know we give her a hard time for pining over a hologram for three years and still somehow thinking it’s a Normal Platonic Friendship Thing to do, but you gotta remember
She was picked up by an alien with a time machine
who showed her everything she could dream of and
whom she has been idolising ever since.
Like of course the feelings she felt could be mistaken for adoration. Of course she didn’t realise she was in love. There is no manual for how to feel in a situation like that, and lord knows how she feels about the Doctor won’t be comparable to anything she’s felt before.
So the dawning realisation of her emotions after finding the Doctor again after the flux and 1901 is laced with panic, but I don’t think that’s because she’s a woman. To Yaz, the Doctor is, in decending order:
Yaz’ best friend and sort of her entire life, a life which she loves
an alien
a few shades shy of being a friggin deity
then she a woman
So there’s a whole lot to panic about and I don’t think Yaz has space left in her brain to even contemplate the ‘woman’ part.
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funderfulart · a day ago
Tumblr media
little human au 13 doodle :)
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nightmanatee · 2 days ago
revolution of the daleks really hits different now that we know that yaz has feelings for the doctor.
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greyscalegay · a day ago
with next ep having pirates in, im hoping yaz and the doc get into an argument about the doc always running off and both pick up swords and things get intense but yaz manages to pin the doc against something and lift her chin with her sword and whisper something like "i wanted more of the universe... but it keeps leaving me... you keep leaving" then dan in the background shouting "just kiss already!"
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thirteenastankova · a day ago
If thasmin do kiss sometime within the next 2 episodes that means Jodie and Mandip have already filmed it, and if so, I hope Jodie put on lip balm for Mandip's sake. That was Mandip's only request.
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sapphicsgalaxy · 2 days ago
say something before I go crazy now
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elllayelich · 2 days ago
just me thinking about the way thirteen’s breath hitches whilst looking at yaz under the light of the fireworks again
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thirteenangst · a day ago
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jodie whittaker as the doctor | revolution of the daleks
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ssaalexblake · 17 hours ago
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Hashtag Dan Lewis’ greatest wish
Reblog not Repost
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jurasspark · 2 days ago
the most relatable thing about doctor who is that no matter the gender, the doctor always loves women
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thegrandisland · 2 days ago
i KNOW that yaz canonically was in love with the doctor in s12 and possibly before that but the idea of john bishop(big lgbt ally) arriving on set, forming a thasmin alliance with mandip, and bullying the writers
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taylorhoenr1 · a day ago
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funderfulart · a day ago
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part 2. to the human au drawing i did yesterday. at this point it’s just an excuse to draw them in dark academia fashion .
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nightmanatee · a day ago
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i just noticed yaz patting 13`s spine at the fam`s hug
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thirteensfavoritetoy · a day ago
(scene: TARDIS corridor outside the Doctor's bedroom)
13 (from within): Oooh...mmm...oh...oh that's sooo good...
Dan (smiling as he walks past): Way to go Sheffield!
Yaz: Geez babe, it's only been three days since you last had custard creams.
13: Don't care luv...mmmm...
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anxietydead · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
It's always been them 💙💙
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