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#that 70s show
assiraphales · a day ago
when I said I wanted a that 70s show update I meant I wanted to see eric and buddy morgan living happily together as “roommates” with a shelter dog they adopted, not eric and donna’s kids. but ok
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those70scomics · a day ago
Tumblr media
As Kitty prepares for Thanksgiving dinner, I want to say I’m thankful for all of you who have given me support during this tough year. 🤗 It is getting better now, but -- man -- since 2019, life has been quite a thing (and I’m not even talking about the pandemic 😅).
I’m also thankful for those of you who continue to read Those ‘70s Comics, my T7S fanfic and metas, and who create T7S content of your own. ❤️
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ymnfilter · 13 hours ago
i love your stories so much !!! i would love to read more about a jealous/ hurt hyde like in the context of "why did u sit on the couch when u can sit on my lap" sort of thing, like jackie not knowing how that affected him and then him telling her ya know
anonn!! that's a really freaking adorable ask aldajdaslkk. i hope this lil' ficlet is what you were hoping for:
Jackie's Real Estate (900~ words, 1/1 chapters, completed)
Hyde was a chill dude most of the time. He was the kind of the guy who went with the flow. He was aloof. Zen.
Except when it came to Jackie Burkhart apparently. That chick irritated the hell outta him. He couldn't believe she had tricked him into going ballroom dancing with her. When she had gushed about booking them a class last Friday, Hyde had been resolute. He had scoffed and told her plainly that hell would freeze over before he took part in any of her frou frou activities with her. And he’d been especially proud of himself when he’d resisted the big guns- the bambi eyes, baby talk and pout combo. That in and of itself had been a miracle.
But then she’d started playing dirty. Bringing up Fez and telling him that if he wouldn’t go with her, then she’ll just ask their foreign friend, who would no doubt jump at the opportunity to spend an afternoon dancing with his cocoa tanned goddess. And like hell Hyde was going to let that creep anywhere near his chick for that long without being there to keep an eye on him. Especially not in a couple like setting like slow dancing which perverts like him only used as an opportunity to feel chicks up. And dammit, Jackie knew it. Her face was so fucking smug as he scowled and agreed to go instead.
Her ‘thank you thank you thank you, puddin pop’s and soft ass kisses didn’t melt his anger one bit.
No sir.
And so he had been roped into spending the coming Saturday dancing in a stuffy ass room with stuffy ass people just to keep his girlfriend from getting molested by their pervert foreign friend. Didn’t mean he was going to go down easy. Hyde was pissed, and he’d made no show of hiding it. The guys were having a grand ol’ time mocking him, and Donna kept giving him disbelieving looks and teasing him about ‘being in luurve’, which, you know, he might deserve after his own numerous comments about the ‘scrawny neighbor boy’, but then again, doesn’t mean he was just going to take it.
And so, here he was, arms crossed and shades on, hiding in the basement and watching Little House on the Prairie alone while the rest of the gang played street ball on the driveway. Or well, at least, he was alone until the basement door opened and Jackie entered, throwing him a casual little ‘hey’ and calmly taking a seat on the couch.
For some reason, that pissed him off even more.
He scowled at her, no longer watching the tube, but Jackie’s attention was on the show as she was absently twirled a lock of hair around her finger.
He started tapping his foot.
Valiantly, Jackie kept her attention on the show for one more minute. She knew he was mad at her, and childishly, she was mad at him for being mad at her. Another moment passed before she sighed and turned to give him a deadpanned look, “What?”
That’s not where you usually sit.
Hyde didn’t say anything, but pointedly kept looking at her. His legs were splayed, thighs unoccupied and his back leant against the chair. He was in his prime ‘Jackie Burhart’s Personal Chair’ position. And she’d decided to sit on that lumpy stained couch instead.
The audacity.
“Seriously Steven, what?”
Hyde stood up, walked over to the tube, and shifted it. Angling it so that only he, sitting on the chair, could see it clearly. Then, walking back, he sat back down, taking his previous position.
Jackie scoffed. “Oh, that’s so mature.”
Hyde didn’t say anything. Jackie glared at him, then pointedly grabbed the abandoned Rolling Stones magazine from the coffee table and began flipping through it. Steven narrowed his eyes at it, then, lifting up a little, grabbed the magazine from her hand, sat back down, and began flipping through it himself.
“What is up with you?” she protested.
“I just want to read it.” he shrugged.
“You’re watching the TV!”
“I can do both at once.”
“No, you quite literally can’t, Steven.” Hyde didn’t answer, and Jackie crossed her arms, pouting. A moment passed. He looked at her discreetly from the top of her magazine. She looked like a riled up kitten. Fucking adorable.
“If you want to watch the tube, or read the magazine, you can just sit here and do it.” He offered nonchalantly.
“Where?” She asked bitchily.
Pointedly, he looked down at his lap. A moment passed before comprehension cleared the pissy look on her face.
“Is that what this is about?” She sounded exasperated. But she did walk over to sit on his lap. Hyde opened his arms, then brought one to circle her waist, the other holding the magazine so that the both of them could read it.
“I thought you were mad.” she said after a while, her posture languid and her voice soft, breaking the peaceful silence that had enveloped them. Hyde was good at that. Softening her. Almost just as good as he was at riling her up.
“I’m pissed.” he corrected. Then placed his chin on her shoulder, flipping another page of the Rolling Stones he’d placed on her lap. “You’re just a really comfortable chin rest.”
Jackie smiled softly, turned her head to place a kiss on his unruly curls.
“You’re so full of crap.” She told him sweetly.
“A really comfortable, really mouthy chin rest.”
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fantassticdrowse · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my favorite bedrooms from famous movies and tv shows
almost famous (2000) dir. Cameron Crowe
10 things I hate about you (1999) dir. Gil. Junger
ferris bueller’s day off (1984) dir. John Hughes
dark shadows (2012) dir. Tim Burton
confessions of a teenage drama queen (2004) dir. Sara Sugarman
booksmart (2019) dir. Olivia Wilde
freaky friday (2003) dir. Mark Waters
lady bird (2017) dir. Greta Gerwig
that 70’s show (1998- 2006) FOX
the princess diaries (2001) dir. Gary Marshall
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imposterogers · 5 months ago
actually my real villain origin story is that buddy morgan from that 70s show was supposed to be a series regular and a love interest for eric but the audience was too homophobic ❤️
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ymnfilter · 2 days ago
OD: Kelso's the first one through the door #4
In That ‘70s Show S04E06: The Relapse, Donna apologizes for making Eric think that they were together, and tells him that, in that moment, she just needed comfort, she would’ve slept with anybody. What if Eric wasn’t the first guy she saw?
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Donna was pacing her bedroom floor when the door opened, Kelso sauntering in with a big, dumb smile on his face,
“I know it can be a little frustrating going without it, Big D, but you don’t gotta shout on the phone just cause you want some Kelso Lovin’.”
Donna gritted her teeth and glared at him, “I didn’t call you here for that, you idiot. Jackie knows.”
Michael froze, his smile dropping, “About us?”
“About you.” Donna clarified, “She knows you’re cheating on her. Last night when I couldn’t find my panties and you thought you might have tossed them somewhere in the bushes at Mt Hump? They were in your van.”
“Crap.” Michael muttered, raked his hands through his hair, “crap, this is bad. She’s already going to be super mad. When I tell her it was you-”
“Woah, woah, woah!” Donna stopped him right there, “you can’t tell her it was me!”
Kelso narrowed his eyes at her, “You want me to lie to my girlfriend?”
Donna shot him an incredulous look, “Kelso, you’ve been lying to your girlfriend.”
“So what? I get caught and Jackie breaks up with me, but you get to get away scot free? How's that fair?”
“Fair? Kelso, you’ve been cheating on your girlfriend. I’ve been lying to my best friend. Nothing about this is fair. But Jackie expects you to cheat. She wasn’t even sad when she found out. Just really, really pissed. But, she trusts me. And I can’t break that trust.”
“Yeah well, guess what, Donna? You already broke that trust. Two weeks ago when you jumped me.”
Donna shot him a glare, “oh please, you weren’t exactly complaining.”
Kelso didn’t have a comeback for that, and for a moment, the two of them just glared at each other. Then Michael sighed, defeated, and took a seat on Donna’s bed. Donna hesitated for a moment, then joined him,
“I really do love her, you know?” Michael confessed, pouting sulkily, “I just don’t get why loving her means I can’t sleep with anyone else.”
Donna rolled her eyes, but already she could feel her agitation softening against his puppy dog eyes, “It’s called being faithful, Kelso.”
“Yeah well, if God wanted me to be faithful, he wouldn’t have made other chicks so hot.” Kelso muttered, “And he would’ve made it so that Jackie would want to do it with me all the time.” he thought about it for a second, then added, “And he would’ve given Jackie bigger boobs.”
Donna grimaced, “There were so many things wrong with that sentence, I don’t even know where to start.”
Kelso sighed again, then slumped back so that he was lying on her bed, his feet on the floor. He turned his head to look at her, “Hey, Donna?”
“Seeing as Jackie already knows I’m cheating, It wouldn’t be lying if we did it now, right?”
Donna rolled her eyes. It didn’t matter how hard she tried, she could never figure out what was going on inside his head, “She doesn’t know about me, you idiot. You want to have sex, go and find someone else.”
“Hey come on, Big D.” he nudged her thigh, gave her his signature panty-dropping smirk, “One more time for old times sake. Think of it as the last meal of a man on death row.”
Donna sighed, laid down next to him, turning her head to look at him, “Jackie’s not going to kill you, Kelso.”
“She might.” he pouted exaggeratedly, “This might be the last time you see me, big D.”
Donna snorted, swatted his chest, “Shut up, you goof.”
She didn’t know how it happened, or who leaned in first. She liked to think it was him. But one moment she was laughing at his goofy face, and the next moment they were kissing.
Kelso’s kisses were always a little wet, a little sloppy, and so different from Eric’s own methodical technique. He kissed without thought, with a little too much confidence, and Donna liked it. Not that she hadn’t liked kissing Eric. But Kelso was different. And maybe that was the appeal of it. Sleeping with Kelso never reminded her of Eric when almost everything else in her life did.
It was easy to lose track of time or place or events when you were being touched like she was.
Donna didn’t know that in the house next door, the Formans were getting impatient because she had promised to go to the Price Mart ball with Eric as a non-date but hadn’t yet arrived.
She didn’t know that her ex, getting both frustrated and worried about her hot and cold behavior and had decided to see for himself what was taking her so long.
She didn’t know that Bob when Eric arrived at the door and asked for Donna just told him to go on up because apparently Kelso was also there and the moron had told him that they were going to be working on a project.
She didn’t hear Eric’s footsteps up the stairs, down the hallway, the turn of the door knob neither of them had locked. All she knew was that Kelso was on top of her, her shirt was rucked up her breasts and halfway off her body, and suddenly, Eric was yelling.
“What in the actual hell?!”
Donna kicked Kelso off of her, and scrambled up her bed, pushing her shirt down. Kelso landed on the floor with an oomph, his pants around his ankles. Eric was livid, his cheeks glowing red and his eyes wild as he looked back and forth between the both of them,
“Oh my God!” He managed, then shook his head, “Oh Fuck!”
“Eric-” Donna tried. She could feel tears burning in the back of her eyes, “Eric, wait-”
“No, fuck that.” Eric turned to her, fists clenched and tight against his side, “you just- you don’t think, do you? Ever since we broke up, you’ve treated me like shit. I thought it was because you were hurting as much as I was, and though it hurt, I understood. But fuck, Donna. You just don’t think, do you? That’s Jackie’s boyfriend! Though, I guess that has never mattered much to you. And you,” Eric turned to Kelso, “Sleeping with my sister wasn’t bad enough, you went after Donna?” Kelso bowed his head, unable to meet Eric’s eyes, and Eric scoffed, “You gonna yell ‘burn’ now?” He mocked,
“Shut up!” Eric shook his head, gulped something painful, “God, I can’t even look at the two of you.”
Donna watched him turn around and leave. Jackie might not have been hurt by Kelso’s cheating, but even amidst all the rage, Donna saw the devastation in Eric’s. She hadn’t known it while it was happening, but by sleeping with Kelso- by continuing to sleep with Kelso, she had shut the door between Eric and her forever.
Eric was numb as he entered the basement. Jackie was there, a yearbook in her hand and a sharpie in another. She looked up when she saw him enter and gave him a sharp smile,
“Hey, wanna help me and Steven figure out who Michael is cheating on me with?”
Eric walked over to her as if on automatic. There were several girl’s pictures crossed off, while others had a circle or a question mark around them.
“What are you basing your judgement on?” he asked vacantly, mind still on the image he’d walked in on in Donna’s bedroom. Jackie pursed her lips,
“On the account that the panties I found in Michael’s van were ugly and huge.” Jackie muttered, scanning another row of pictures, “Whoever the girl is, she’s a giant and has bad taste.”
Jackie rolled her eyes, “Someone other than Donna, Eric. Donna wouldn’t-”Jackie paused. Looked up at him sharply, “what?”
“It’s Donna. I just saw them. Up in her room, her and Kelso-”
Jackie froze. Steven came down the stairs, two bottles of pop in his hands. He paused on the last step,
“I missed something again, didn’t I?”
“I saw Donna and Kelso doing it in her room.”
Hyde closed his eyes. Fuck. he sighed, then opening them, walked over and took a seat next to Jackie, passing her a drink.
“Did you know?” She asked him quietly.
“No.” he replied, then admitted, “I suspected. But this didn’t seem like the kind of thing to blurt out on a hunch.”
“Fuck.” Eric breathed, then took a sit across from the both of them on the coffee table, “Fuck.”
“I don’t know who I’m more angry at right now.” Jackie admitted, “Michael or Donna.”
“I’m fucking livid at the both of them.” Eric snorted, raking his fingers through his hair, then pulling at the roots, “Holy shit, I can’t get that image out of my head.”
Hyde grimaced sympathetically, then got up and walked over to the shower, grabbing a case of beer. “Coke ain’t gonna do shit.” he told them, tossing both of them a can and taking one for himself, “Tonight, we get sloshed.”
Jackie looked down at the warm can in her hand, then made a face, “I don’t drink beer.”
Hyde plopped back down next to her, and threw an arm around her shoulder, “Tonight, you do, doll.”
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joesleftskeleton · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wade Wilson has seen every episode of That 70s Show at least twice and Pete has no idea what he’s talking about
[click for better resolution]
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