#that Ji Woo’s lies hurt Seo Joon more than the truth ever would
pajindapat · 13 days ago
But it makes sense that the thing Ji Woo most admires about Seo Joon, the thing that gives him the bravery to be vulnerable about his own feelings and initiate that kiss, is non other than Seo Joon’s sheer, unfiltered honesty. It makes sense when all Ji Woo seems to do is lie, from “what happened between us… thinking about it disgusts me” to “it’s just that our attitudes are so different that we simply don’t fit together.” It makes sense that the first truth that Ji Woo utters to Seo Joon in 12 months is that it’s Seo Joon’s honesty that makes him unable to keep lying: “How are you so honest? How do I ignore you now?”
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